Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dave Pack: Rod Meredith Is A Destructive Divisive Liar

Dave has no love lost for Rod Meredith.  According to Davey, Meredith is one of the three COG leaders that he is preidicting will die this fall.  When they die all of the members in their groups will miraculously all come over to Davey's side.  Their money will come with  them and glory will return to earth as god's greatest man is worshiped and adored.

The Restored Church of God and I have repeatedly been the target of incredible false accusations. Destructive, divisive liars have repeatedly sought to destroy us. They will try again—and again—and again—to do this. You must beware of such people. While perhaps the worst, Rod Meredith is just one.


Byker Bob said...

Kettle, meet pot!


Anonymous said...

I'm still mad at the destructive and divisive cows that caused the UCG to split in half, LOL!

Assistant Deacon said...

These guys are all right. They're all liars. None of them can be trusted. They all said so.

We can be grateful they cleared that up.