Is God Mean?

Some preachers seem to think God is always in a state of anger.  They teach that God uses bad weather (tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, etc.) to punish people for their sins.  Just one problem with this nonsense type of reasoning.  If God really did use bad weather to punish human
beings, then why oh why does the bad weather often happen to good people, while not impacting the ones who are responsible for vast evils in life on earth?  Ever wonder why God does not target specific individuals for doing bad things like killing others in war, paid assassins, sadistic enforcers and those who pass legislation that hurts millions of human beings for the benefit of special interest groups (such as the medical establishment, the banking industry and so forth)?  Oh yes there is evil in this world and most often it is the innocent who suffer at the hands of those with no conscience.

Wonder why God did not send a whirlwind (tornado) down on those who were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?  Instead tornadoes frequently hit housing areas of totally innocent human beings, as do hurricanes and earthquakes.  Well, it is more than obvious that God actually does not use weather to punish people, anymore than any loving parent would do such things to their own children.  Come on you preachers who teach that God is a monster just waiting to punish.

Perhaps if cult preachers got their heads out of the bible and started using common sense and reason, they would be able to think these things through.  Fear-mongering never ceases from the pulpits of many churches.  If you believe some of these preachers, then you have to think that God is a very bad parent who relishes judgment and punishment instead of love and mercy.  Thank God that such preachers are not God, because they would be the worst parents in the universe, always ready to pounce on the heads of the helpless, the innocent and those with human nature.  There is a vast difference between most human beings and the psychos with no conscience, ruling the world and who live to destroy what is right and good.

For God to send tornadoes upon the innocent is pure nonsense and no doubt many of those destroyed in bad weather are in fact Christians or good people no different than anyone else.  They don't deserve the wrath of God. Anyone going to a church where the preacher teaches that God is a monster, should exit immediately, because Christ is not present in that preacher.  Christ taught love and mercy and humility, where cult-preachers thrive on instilling fear in people.

God is not mean, but many preachers are.

Van Robison