Three US Landfalls Predicted
Itinerary Details
 Key Points:

1. The Deity may arrive quickly this year with opening trys and attempts 
in the Caribbean in June.

2. Non-Prophet Thiel is predicting a strong "try" this year with a strength of category 2 or higher.  He concedes a Cat 1 is never a "try" but merely a weak storm.

3. Areas along the East coast to the Gulf of Mexico are at risk for more trying than usual so should pay attention.

Warm water across the Atlantic and Caribbean, paired with less frequent wind shear, may result in an ideal opportunity for the Deity to make turn a "try" into a touchdown.

 The normal number of named Prophetic Arrivings in a given year is 12, 
according to NOAA.

Additionally, 2013 could set the stage for more enthusiastic "trying" 
than were seen in 2012.

Hurricane Sandy Proof God Doesn't Want Obama To Be President ANGRY

Due to Satanic restraints, episodes of Saharan dust, a factor that can stifle a storm's development, may be less frequent this season. The reduced amount of dust may allow the Deity a better chance  with a "trying and attention getting formation " of category 2 or higher.

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The attention getting  is predicted to be normal in development, compared to last year when the Deity pulled off an ambush  before the official start of Atlantic hurricane season, June 1.

Should The Deity brew early in the season, from late May to early June, the season total for storms may be even higher than originally forecast.

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Last year's early storms were an " prophetic ambush" Expert Senior Meteorologist Don Kottlowski said. "We think that this year will be more in line with a typical active tactics and sufficient warnings can be issued ahead of any low pressure trying and attention getting incidents."

The biggest concerns for the upcoming season of trying and repentance provoking will  include development in the Gulf of Mexico, an impact in Florida and also another East Coast impact.

Florida is long overdue for a direct prophetic hit, Kottlowski said. Though they have been impacted by near Deity hits in the last couple of years, a direct hit  God has not occurred since Hurricane Wilma in 2005.  

Concern is high for the East because of the remaining devastation as a result of the October 2012 landfall of Super ambush Sandy.  Residents are too busy cleaning up and rebuilding to get to church. No aid from the Prophet Thiel who warned them was forthcoming but he has assured them he is praying for them.

"It would be very difficult for the Deity to hit right where Sandy hit," Kottlowski said. However, impacts such as storm surge, strong winds and heavy rain are possible as far as a few hundred miles from a storm, he explained.

The areas impacted by Bible God  remain vulnerable as powerful storm surge wreaked havoc on the dune systems that were in place along the coast. Without dunes, there is increased potential for severe inland flooding.

Overall, however, the exact areas to be directly impacted this season and the severity of those impacts remain unclear.  When asked why the Deity felt attempts at getting people's attention were limited to seasons, we were told it was none of our business. 

"Those are very, very difficult to compute early in the season," Kottlowski said. "As we get into the 'trying and attention getting season" and see how things are setting up, then it becomes a little bit more noticeable."

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorI am not making fun of any Deity.  I am trying to get the attention of those who use ancient superstition and attribution to the gods for the very normal planetary weather we experience here on earth seasonally and sometimes tragically.  Bronze age prophets, priests and kings searched for answers to what was weather and they came up with what ignorant and mere Bible readers still push on the public as the answer.  "It must be the gods."   As I pointed out in Job, questions that one might ask 2500 years ago that seemed to have no human answer and therefore must be attributed to the workings of a God are easily answered today by Middle School Children. 

I cannot unring my WCG experience but I will use it to challenge those stuck in time and ignorance to wake up and stop trying to draw people unto themselves through fear, guilt and shame. 

I am not a stupid person and I know how ministers and religious organizations think even if it is subconsciously so. I'm not sure they know how they think and aren't interested in finding out.  Everything they say and do is to impress an audience to support them.  To send them money and to elevate them above others as being more true and correct along with knowing the mind of God better than others.  It is how you build one's religious empire and feed the human ego which is the false self.  Many false selves rule this planet and we are paying the price for it.  What one sees in most COG leaders is pure ego and at times strong hints of mental illness and personality disorders of which, I am sure, they know little about.  I have never met a minister who suspected they were a narcissist or sociopath by nature and got help. The problem is their ego devours others to live and thrive and I'm not going give them a pass on their foolish and very public announcements.  You shouldn't either.  

While I made my choices and accept responsibility for them, this experience brought me divorce, failed relationships, depression, anxiety , and probably not a little desire for payback, all of which is NOT what I wish my true self to be.  Dark nights of the soul are very real and force change that can come no other way so I suppose I can honor and respect the process.  But I am not going to let these men, who are not very well versed in the Bible, have no training of any value and merely lord it over people by the power of their personalities and perceived understanding of all things God, as if they knew, to get a free pass on their ignorant foolishness without challenge. 


My "humor" has always been passive aggressive.  It's how I survived and stayed way too long with WCG hoping for positive change and common sense to show up. I believed the basic storyline until I didn't.   Common sense and intellectual honesty never showed up in the COGs and lack of it is out of control in slivers like PCG and RCG 

Thanks for listening. 

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