Friday, June 14, 2013

Dave Pack: I Love The Past! - Oh Wait, I Hate The Past!

Davey starts his weekly letter off by once again proclaiming that he is going to restore the "glory days" from the past.  All the brethren will dwell together in harmony, all bitterness, intrigue and malice will be eliminated as everyone becomes Stepford Members trying to relive the past.  Oh how glorious those days were.

In previous announcements, we covered the big elements of the “Church of God” landscape that will change in light of the Haggai prophecy. We saw reunification of God’s people will explode the size and scope of God’s Work and that brethren will be together for the Feast of Tabernacles, Sabbath services, socials, Spokesman/Graduate Clubs, youth camps, Ministerial Conferences, college and more. Obviously, these changes will be BIG, but in a sense not as big as those that must occur in the lives of individual Christians. YOU must be ready to give up doctrines, traditions, practices, policies and standards that you have unwittingly (or wittingly) absorbed.
Then, further down his latest screed, he calls all of those activities as spiritually blinding the members to what they should have been doing.

Be honest with yourself and acknowledge what God’s Church became for so many—and probably you—as it grew to the globe-girdling size that it reached. There was literally something for everyone, and something was almost always going on. As a result, enormous numbers stopped thinking about the need to pray, study, fast, meditate, exercise God’s Spirit—and copy Jesus Christ in building the perfect, holy, righteous character of God, en route to awesome rulership in God’s kingdom.

Instead, they focused on the next picnic, dance, potluck, basketball and other sporting tournaments, Y.O.U., Y.E.S. (youth programs), singles activity, fundraising project, senior citizen dinner, track meet, Spokesman Club Ladies’ Night, talent show, youth camp session, snow party, deacon/elder meeting, get-together, etc. (Yet Church Bible Studies were cancelled long before anyone felt the need to reduce any of the activities mentioned here.)

Typical of Armstrongism one never quit knows what is the  right thing to do.  One minute something is being praised by the Dear Leader and the next it is being claimed to be a tool of Satan.  No wonder people drank!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the last scribe or the one before, that he said everyone would be right back to doing all those things all over again? And isn't it now that he is saying doing those things gets people too involved? Or am I misreading this?

Anonymous said...

Come One! Come All!
Come worship the Greatest Worshiper of All Time!!
See Me! Hear Me! Feel Me! Think Me!
Be Me!, but you can't, but you should still try!

Joshua II

Byker Bob said...

Unity in classic WCG was a total illusion. It was a function not of God's Holy Spirit, but of Herbert W. Armstrong's horrendous anger and temper! So, reading between the lines, what Davey is telling us all is that he feels his temper and anger are equal to those of HWA! Anyone feel that they could receive spiritual guidance or mentoring in RCG?