Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dave Pack: I Suffered Financially Just as HWA Did - My Kids Had To Wear Hand-me-downs!

Dave Pack, God's most miraculous man never to be conceived by immaculate conception, compares himself to Herbert Armstrong.  Davey wants you to know that he has suffered greatly at the hands of the church while he was a minister.  He bemoans the fact his kids had to wear hand-me-downs.

Oh boo hoo!  Probably 40-50% of the kids in the church had to wear hand-me-downs because  40-50% of their parents income was going out the door to fund the church. 

Probably few remember or ever knew that Mr. Armstrong died with virtually no personal possessions he could call his own, other than a handful of suits, a watch, and a few other simple belongings, including almost nothing of worth. This man’s pattern of unbelievable sacrifice over virtually an entire lifetime was evident to all who knew him. Therefore, it should come as no real surprise how few possessions he had at the end of his life. Nothing was EVER more important to Mr. Armstrong than God’s Work! Yet, his motives were continually questioned, and by those who could not possibly understand them.

But I do understand. My children also went without for years, in regard to clothing for instance, largely wearing hand-me-downs from older cousins because I was systematically underpaid by Joe Tkach all during their growing up years. Clothing needs—my children’s and their parents—is only the tip of this iceberg.
The entirety of our life savings (mine and my deceased wife’s) and virtually every extra dollar left in our budget month-to-month for years went to this Work, even to the point of taking out home equity loans (multiple times) to give more, when necessary, because our home kept appreciating in value until 2007.

FYI:  Tkach did not hate you. He knew you to be a charlatan that was destroying peoples lives and he put a stop to it.  Then you jumped ship to Global because you had no marketable skills and needed other people to fund your lifestyle. That's the Plain Truth!
More brief history. In March 1993, when I was the first pastor Joe Tkach fired and marked publicly on video (March 6 from Tampa, Florida), I had to act solely on faith. Again, I had been systematically underpaid for much of my ministry by a vindictive Joe Tkach who hated me in large part because of my relationship with Mr. Armstrong. I had no money in the bank—none—when Dean Blackwell came from Pasadena (weeping at my front door and carrying flowers) with a nearby pastor to take my car, computer and Church files. The result: my wife and I had no second car even to get groceries. We walked. Two weeks of severance pay (plus a few days of my unused vacation pay) had to last for several weeks until I could be paid by Global.

Poor Davey!  He couldn't go to Brooks Brothers and buy a $1,000.00 suit like he does now, or spend $500.00 on shoes.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Oh, boo hoo! The suffering of the underpaid Dave Pack!

What next? The claim that God brought Dave Pack down to severe poverty just like God did to HWA in the early 1930s in order to humble HWA and prepare him for fulfilling the Great Commission in the global end time Work of God?

Or, how about a divine healing
claim by Dave similar to the healing of GTA when he was very young?


Anonymous said...

hmmm, he was borrowing money so he could "give" it to the work????

that doesn't sound biblical at can one give what he doesn't have?

and when you have a company credit card and a million dollar expense account, you don't need any personal posessions...

businessmen do a similar thing today....all they own is in the company name, they own nothing that is a red herring Mr.Pack.

Byker Bob said...

This is so stereotypical, from the original script written years ago by HWA. It would actually be shocking if an Armstrongite minister ever came up with something either original or mainstream.

Making sacrifices, ie delayed gratification, is part of every successful person's life, and really isn't remarkable or even noteworthy. It's just part of the equation. Most of the ACOG ministers are impressed with, and do brag about what they allegedly gave up for God. Seems like a more spiritually enlightened approach would be to count sacrifice as one of the blessings, a thing held silently to oneself. Some would say that bragging like this makes you lose your reward. I guess that for Armstrongites, it's part of qualifying for your salvation.


Anonymous said...

Not "owning" anything and having every luxury known to man at your fingertips is a ridiculous concept.

If Dave collects 3rd Tithe it probably kills him to have to give it to anyone in need.

If Dave ever gets his Ramona moment or State of California experienence he'll also claim HWA as his example.

Anonymous said...

This is so stereotypical, and reminiscent of the stories that hokey Christian TV preachers tell- (like the preachers on Daystar and TBN Christian TV).

What's next?
That Pack had to wear short shorts 3 sizes too small because that's all he could find at the thrift shop?

And that upon his purchase, a "miracle group" of can-can girls appeared outside the thrift shop, singing "WHO WEARS SHORT SHORTS? DAVE WEARS SHORT SHORTS!" ?

Corky said...

Just like HWA - never worked a day in his life - always scheming how to con someone else out of their hard earned money like the street vendors hawking stolen merchandise and fake Rolex watches.

The whole bunch of them reminds me of dope dealers who get people addicted to their drugs and just sit back and rake in the cash.

I don't feel sorry for the addicts either - I broke the addiction and they can too. Nobody helped either, I had to walk that road all alone. No support groups existed that I knew of - only other dealers selling their own brand of the same drug.

Just gotta make the break, quit cold turkey - it's the drug that's bad, not just the brand.

Assistant Deacon said...

Of course, in his various autobiographical writings, he always talks about how, standing on conviction, he left the Worldwide Church of God.

So many versions of the story, so little time to figure out which one is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Is this his Friday Prophesy?

Can't wait to see how disappointing next week's prophecy will be after promising so much.

Byker Bob said...

Hey, it's Friday! Wonder what humble, self-effacing things Davey will be posting today!