Saturday, June 15, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God: Where The World Is Celebrated While Simultaneously It Destroys Lives Of Members

Does the Eroica Trio know what spiritual evil lurks in the mind of the man they are standing next to?

The following is from a comment in a blog entry below.  Its origin is from the Exit and Support website.

The Philadelphia Church of God has always been know for its sick treatment of members.  Culpepper had a horrible reputation when he was in Pasadena as a student, however he seems to have sunk to even lower depths of depravity.  Culpepper had a reputation of being a self-righteous pompous bastard and I see things have not changed.

The Philadelphia Church of God is slobbering all over it's performers and the "prestige" they bring to their mini-me auditorium. Yet, church members are treated with disdain by Flurry and the ministry.  Champagne, fine wines and expensive receptions hold greater priority than it does with families and the youth of the church.

From: Exit And Support Network

Letters From Those Impacted by Philadelphia Church of God

Cal Culpepper's Abuse of Minor Teens:

June 10, 2013

I personally know of three PCG families that were forced to give up their minor aged, unbaptized children under the direct orders of Cal Culpepper. The following info on his forcing people to give up their 15 and 16 year old teens is accurate because I spoke to these people first hand.

Case #1: This lady is from the Cincinnati/Dayton area. She is a widow and all her family left the PCG and her husband died around 10 years ago. Her granddaughter was being abused by her son and daughter in-law so she petitioned the courts for full custody. She got it and she got the girl out of the abusive environment. This happened around the time of the "Campbell/Culpepper square dance" (the time when Cal Culpepper was in charge, then Marvin Campbell, then Culpepper, etc.). So in that confusion, she was not questioned for getting custody. However, when Culpepper won the power struggle in the North East, he was much displeased with her doing that. Apparently, she was told that "the church does not approve of adoption." Also this young girl was in public school and getting good grades. However, she was going to school dances and such things with a "worldly boy." Culpepper disapproved of that. The girl had enough and stopped going to services. This woman got a call from Aaron Eagle disfellowshipping this girl and was told to "put her in the car and drive her to the Juvenile Center (forget the exact name of the facility) and drop her off." When she explained that she had full custody and was legally responsible for the child and could face criminal/civil charges, she was told by Aaron Eagle, "That is a chance you have to take--have faith." She was threatened with disfellowshipment if she did not comply.

Case #2: This couple was from another area (they asked me not to reveal the state). They had a 16 year old teen that did not want to go to services anymore. Apparently the child was getting "an attitude" and made some comments during the Feast of Tabernacles that were inappropriate. She was sent home from the Feast. They were told to get rid of the teen. They were forced under pain of suspension/disfellowshipment to take her to another state and drop her off at a relative's house and leave her. They were also instructed not to have any contact with her at all. No phone, email, letters. This was under the direction of Cal Culpepper. This couple were so afraid of being put out of "the church" that they followed Culpepper's directions to the letter.

Case #3: This concerns a member from Louisville, KY. This man was a loyal servant of the congregation. He went to all of the PCG activities. He did the garage sale for the building fund, was in Spokesman's Club, went to the cookouts, picnics, etc. He had joint custody of his 15 year old daughter. The girl was torn between her dad and mom. Cal Culpepper verbally abused the girl at a PCG activity in Ohio. The girl was then condemned by Culpepper and told to not come to services. The father was told not to have any contact with the girl (15 years old) at all. The man refused and was disfellowshipped.

There are many more cases like this but these three will suffice to give a picture of the unbiblical and illegal practice of abandoning your minor teens.

I heard in a recent sermon how the non-PCG performers who do the Concert Series at God's House [Armstrong Auditorium] gush and rave telling the HQ people how they were "treated like Kings" with fine dining and accommodations while they stayed at the Auditorium. I wonder if these people were told how minor age children were being tossed out in the street by orders from PCG ministry? Would they still be willing to perform for the PCG? --Anonymous PCG member


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone needs to grab Mr Culpepper by the throat, shove him up against the wall, get eye to eye with him and give him one warning about minding his own business or else.

Pick me, pick me....


Anonymous said...

The biblical book of Malachi, which is located at the very end of the Old Testament in Protestant Bibles, quotes God as saying this in its very last two sentences:

"See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse" (Malachi 4:5-6, NIV).

Instead of reading the three or four pages of the biblical book of Malachi, Gerald Flurry plagiarized the writings of Jules Dervaes, revised them half a dozen times over the years, and came up with about 150 pages of garbage that he called Malachi's Message, which he claimed was delivered by a mighty angel. In truth, it might have been "delivered" by a mighty fallen angel--also known as the Devil.

Gerald Flurry breaks up families with his "no contact" rule. He does the exact diametrical opposite of what a true man of God should be trying to do. While God promised to send someone in the power and spirit of Elijah, Satan tried to counteract this by sending his own servant Gerald Flurry as the ANTI-Elijah who should NOT have come.

Unknown said...

I, as the "POPE" of Cody Wyoming hereby order Mr. Culpepper to drop off and abandon both Mr. Flurry and Mr. Pack on the side of the road on Hwy 14 at the edge of my town.

They have both been delinquent, sassy, drinking, and disobedient. Their behavior has been out of control, intolerable and antisocial.

My hired hands here at the ranch have agreed to take these two delinquent "boys" and teach them a thing or two. Give me the whole summer, and I will return these two lads back to you as human beings, guaranteed.

Open offer.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Unknown said...

Looks like Flurry doesnt mind the female performers at his Edmond,OK stage to wear makeup , or to wear some fashionable dresses with a some cleavage showing,etc.

Let a PCG woman look a little bit fashionable and watch what will happen to her.

What a freaking hypocrite!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

James said...

Gerald's nasty church makes the church of Satan look inviting.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason, NO2, that you or others don't document this stuff, and crazy Pack's, and send it to the local media in their "headquarters" cities? If I were an editor or reporter in those towns, I'd be astonished to learn of their bizarre claims and practices. A cult is a cult is a cult, no matter how much they dress it up with fancy buildings, concerts and websites. Geez, what Culpepper is doing borders on criminal.

Byker Bob said...

There is a letter missing from Culpepper's name. It should be Cultpepper. A bit more accurate!

Regarding contacting the media about these abuses, the problem is that unless you have a group like the Westboro Baptist church that is constantly engaging in politically incorrect and outrageous behavior, the complaints to the media blow over, and the group goes back to business as usual. As an example, LCG recovered quite well from Wisconsin, despite all of the damaging evidence with which so many individuals came forward. Much of the media is overly cautious about going after a church group. It took years for the media to gain the courage to mount a full scale attack on Warren Jeff's. Still, some well placed letters to editors couldn't hurt.


Corky said...

Churches can believe and practice just about any kind of weird and crazy thing they want to and be protected by the freedom of religion right. If you choose to write letters to the editor of your local newspaper, and it happens to get printed, you will be the unhappy recipient of hatred from every church in town. You may even get your house painted with graffiti and your car trashed - maybe even get beat up by a gang of good ol' Christian boys. Just from personal experience, I'd say don't do it.

If you choose to write the editor anyway? Buy a gun and stand guard over your stuff and watch your back. I'm not saying that ALL Christians are hateful SOB's...but plenty of them are...and they can make things bad for you.

Anonymous said...

I just mean that it would be good to make them aware of the nonsense being spewed by the likes of Flurry and Pack. Not for expose articles, but to perhaps make editors and reporters think twice about doing glowing articles about Flurry's concerts or Pack's ribbon-cutting, which he's bound to have soon.

Anonymous said...

That's right Culpepper, keep pissing off the people in Ohio, then we'll see just how long the Flurry's can maintain their useless Oklahoma estate.

Come-on "Yous Guys" in Ohio, hand all of Culpepper's Hell right back to him, and then some! How many more of his super hyper-authoritarian and repetitive sermons can you endure?! Not to mention, the added insult of having to listen to his 20-something son's know-nothing redundant message.

Who are you not to be great? You, with the imagination of a brilliant child and the powers of an ancient god. Who are you to be ordinary? You, who can resend life, or raise the dead. Who are you to be anonymous? You, whose name should be spoken in reverent tones or in terrified whispers. Who are you to be afraid? You, who can serve as judge and jury while hoarding infinite lives. Greatness Awaits! Who are you to be a slave to the past? You who can travel time like the oceans and rewrite history with a single word. Who are you to deny greatness? If you would deny it to yourself, you deny it to the entire world.

Anonymous said...

Cal Culpepper better stop crapping on Ohio, with his southern Baptist bullshit, or else, all the remaining nut bars will head on over to the Twist & Shout in Wadsworth, just to piss off Flurry.

Anonymous said...

Is Flurry the worst false prophet, ever, or what? He could at least add a few false New Moon dates to the mix (see Malm).

It's almost like he's phoning it in these days.

Of all the years of his new revelation talk, I have yet to hear one new thing. He speaks of the Key of David, but has never given a clear definition.

It's a wonder that his people haven't all died from boredom.

NO2HWA said...

Anon on June 16, 2013 at 7:55 AM, wrote: "Is there a reason, NO2, that you or others don't document this stuff, and crazy Pack's, and send it to the local media in their "headquarters" cities? If I were an editor or reporter in those towns, I'd be astonished to learn of their bizarre claims and practices. A cult is a cult is a cult, no matter how much they dress it up with fancy buildings, concerts and websites. Geez, what Culpepper is doing borders on criminal."

For reasons we cant get into here, there are several state Attorney Generals looking into several of these Armstrongite splinter cults. There may be some interesting times ahead that we will all get to witness. We also know that we are checked out by several other attorneys looking into these sick men.

Redfox712 said...

HWA was a disastrous father.

HWA got mad at his eldest daughter, Beverly, when he saw her with too much makeup on, and that is why he banned female members wearing makeup.

HWA committed incest with Dorothy.

HWA forbade doctors to provide proper medical attention to his elder son, Richard, after he was severely injured in a car accident. He also cynically used this event to coerce his followers to give him even more money. He died soon afterwards.

HWA forbade doctors to provide proper medical attention to his wife, Loma, when she was sick and she died. He also cynically used this event to coerce his followers to give him even more money.

HWA scapegoated Garner Ted with all the problems WCG was experiencing and shunned him in 1978, causing a severe schism, and viciously demonized him the rest of his life and refused to reconcile with him.

HWA was a disaster as a father and family patriarch. He destroyed his family because he was so full of vanity.

Anonymous said...

Given HWA's actions which made him a bad father (incest and actions that killed his wife, son, and many church members) you'd think that splinter "churches" like the UCG would remove his portrait from their headquarters.

But, NO!
The brainwashed need someone to worship, and in this genre, it's HWA.