Friday, June 14, 2013

Dave Pack: COG Members In Splinter Groups Are "Intoxicated" Followers of "Activity Addiction"

Still on a roll trying to relive the glory days he goes on telling how COG members today are spiritually blinded to the truth because they have "activity addiction."

Though these things were not wrong of themselves, collectively they became a huge distraction that blinded scores of thousands of people from God’s true purpose at work in their lives. This happened because, with so much of their time stolen, people had stopped practicing the Christian basics—meaning they stopped living God’s Word, never mind all of it (Matt. 4:4; Luke 4:4). Intoxicated with activities, they went off to sleep. They simply had forgotten the sole purpose for why they were born—that God had put them on Earth to build His character and to be born into His very Family!

While most would have said that such an astonishing “memory loss” could not happen, it did!

After the apostasy, like so many addicts, most brethren went to, and today continue with, organizations that could best feed their activity addiction—that could best continue the familiar feeling they enjoyed of still being “churched” as they once were. Obviously, the big splinters have been able to continue many of these things in a way the others can no longer experience. This is one of the biggest reasons that many will remain so reluctant to leave their big place to fellowship. No one wants to leave friends, family and the “good times” of fun, fellowship and an endless cornucopia of activities behind.
Its funny to watch Davey ridicule others for the "activity addiction" when he FORCED members to attend all kinds of church functions and meetings.  When he did not they got called on the carpet and treated like pond scum.

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Anonymous said...

In all of my COG years, I never had an "activity addiction".

When an activity like a simple Church Picnic is canceled at the last minute, merely due to a [PCG] minister not being able to attend (for whatever ungiven reason), then you know it's not about being in a real family.