Saturday, April 9, 2016

Does Dave Pack Have Six Fingers On His Hand?

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From a reader:

Dave wrote this almost 5 years ago and said fewer years than can be counted on one hand.  Maybe he has 6 fingers?  Guess he might need to explain, again, how his god has not shown up.  

Dave has been really quiet lately instead of his usual bombastic in-your-face prophecy belching.  After a string of EPIC failures, Dave is keeping his head least a little. He has also become rather sedate after loosing several HQ staff/ministers and a drop in income.  His vision of building his mini-me version of the Ambassador Auditorium is now on hold as members struggle to meet Dave's finanical demands.

Jokester God Plays Trick On James Malm

God, the eternal jokester play a cruel trick on the followers of James Malm tonight.  The Chief Pharisee has been predicting that the "new moon" would appear tonight in Jerusalem.  The Chief Pharisee was adamant that the new moon would be sighted on Friday:
April 7, 2016
New Year Update:   Update on the Barley in Jerusalem. This update is only referring to Jerusalem. About 40% is abib, and about 10%, or maybe a little less, has jumped all the way to being ripe in the last few days. With hot dry weather predicted for the rest of the week, there should be no problem for the majority of the barley to be abib by the sighting of the new moon on Friday.    
Since the Jerusalem barley is the last to ripen the entire harvest will be ready to be reaped after the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

April 8, 2016
Announcements:  The sighting of the new moon will be reported in a special post with extensive study material as soon as the moon’s light is sighted at Jerusalem; expected this evening.

Between looking for ripe barley on the roadside or neighborhood park to standing outside in the cold to be the first to catch sight of the slightest sliver of the moon rising, the legalists will go to any length to devalue the work of Jesus so that the law trumps.

God must have been having some fun tonight when thongs  did not go as planned for the Malmites.

NEW MOON UPDATE 13:15 EDT:   There is heavy haze over Jerusalem and a sighting of the new moon this evening is in doubt.  We will continue looking in hopes the haze will open up long enough for the moon’s first light to be seen.  As this is day 29 of the 13th month and no month may be longer than 30 days, if the new moon is not seen tonight then tomorrow night will begin the new moon by default.
Already having some fun with the legalists, God takes it even further.  He decides to send a dust storm to totally obscure the "new" moon.

The new moon would normally be easily seen this evening, however a dust storm covered the entire region and the first visible light of the new moon was NOT seen by anyone at Jerusalem or anywhere else in the region this evening. 
  God has power over the weather and atmospheric conditions and God could have caused conditions to remain normal and  allow the moon to be sighted, but God chose not to do so.  
Since this was the 29th day of the 13th month and no month can be longer than 30 days, sunset tomorrow evening will end the 30th day and a new month will automatically begin at sunset ending Saturday 9 April, 2016, and Sunday 10 April 2016 is the first day of the first month of the Biblical year.   
Because weather conditions do occasionally cause a delay in beginning new months after 29 day months, it is always very important to confirm by actual sightings, and it is also very important to schedule the expected day and the following day just in case the moon is not sighted as expected.   
Please note that this year the Feast of Trumpets is also after a 29 day month and should be booked for the expected day and also the following day just in case the moon light is not seen as expected. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

LCG HQ Hides From Members That Rod Meredith Was Hospitalized and Now Has To Use Wheelchair

From our LCG source:

LCG is trying to keep it under wraps but their elderly dictator spent a few nights in the hospital recently. He looks thinner, smaller and weaker as each week passes. RCM now needs to be pushed around in a wheelchair. 
Thankfully, he has an entourage of suck-ups doting over him so he hasn't had to go to one of those demon-filled nursing homes (yet). 
It seems the end is near for the Rod of God. 
It's sad that Rod Meredith literally spent decades with his nose in the Bible and he still doesn't get it. A more love-less, narcissistic, power hungry, greedy man would be hard to find. 
Maybe if we all pray for RCM, he will wake up and repent for all the mean, spiteful things he's done; for all the abuses of  power and all the lives he's ruined before he kicks the bucket.

Living Church of God Treading Water Because Members Are Not Sending In Enough Money

Rod Meredith has sent out a letter to his baptized LCG members shame/blaming them about the decline in LCG's revenue stream.  LCG members have been sending in less and less over the last couple of years as they witness the complete corruption in Charlotte and the financial abuse dished out by Lil Jimmy Meredith.  Whats the point in sending in hard earned money when the Charlotte crowd spend it on redecorating offices (multiple times), taking extravagant trips and watching it being dumped in to a fraudulent "university."  Add to this the rapidly declining health of Rod Meredith and you have the perfect storm starting to gather power.

My source from LCG writes:

Trouble in paradise?
It's really unfortunate that Rod Meredith can't draw the connection between his own horrible behavior and mistreatment of the members and the decline in LCG's income. I have seldom encountered someone with such a gross lack of personal insight. 
This letter is emailed to active members. It's different from the co-worker letters which are posted on their website. RCM really seems quite desperate.

Rod Meredith writes:

 Greetings from Charlotte, NC! Although I will be writing the monthly co-worker letter early next week, I wanted to especially write all of you brethren directly before the Passover. As Passover approaches, it is incumbent—as we all know—to genuinely “examine” ourselves to see whether Christ is in us and we are truly walking with God (2 Corinthians 13:5). Each one of us—as we grow older—need to face the fact that thousands of our former brethren have left the church—many of whom we thought were “faithful” members. Therefore, with terrible world events beginning to unfold and a genuine “testing time” just ahead, we really need to be sure that we are fully within God’s will and actually doing what Christ would do as He lives within us.   (i.e. God's will is that you give money)
 So I hope all of you will genuinely do this—and pray for one another, sincerely—and hope that each one of us draws truly close to God in the way we should before this Passover. Also, I hope all of you will try your best to “give generously” in the upcoming Holy Day offerings. As Mr. Armstrong used to tell us, God does not “expect us to give what we do not have.” But on the other hand, we should be as generous as we can as we realize the regular “daily income” is “dragging” at this time. So I ask all of you to think about this deeply and go “all out” to give as best you can so that God’s Work may move forward and not just tread water!

No matter now Meredith and crew spin doctor this, the income of the LCG has dropped sharply.  Failed personal appearance campaigns that do not bring in money-gives,  financial abuse by HQ staff, nepotism that involves unqualified family members running the family business, horrendous public humiliation of church members, and a looming lawsuit because Meredith could not keep his vengeful  mouth shut.

Could this be the start of the exodus to Davie Pack?  Dave prophesied that his god was going to strike down LCG, UCG and PCG.  Is Dave's god pulling the strings right now?

Rod Meredith Names Gerald Weston As His Successor

Living Church of God members are reeling at the announcement that Gerald Weston has been named as Rod Meredith's successor.  Weston has a horrible reputation that has carried over from his days in the Worldwide Church of God.  Whether in WCG or LCG he has had a horrible reputation in regards to his mistreatment of members.  

With the rapidly advanced deterioration of Rod Meredith's health, the idea of Weston taking over has upset a lot of LCG members.  When Weston official takes on that mantle will be the start of an exodus of LCG members.  Bitter Bob Amos Elijah Elisha Thiel should not get his hopes up that LCG members will flock to him.  LCG members think Bitter Bob Amos is a complete moron.

Interesting days are ahead for LCG members.  The trail of bodies from his days in the WCG will now be littered with LCG members.

Rod Meredith sites the following in a letter to only this baptized in LCG.

April 6, 2016
One of the main reasons I wanted to write all of you members directly is that I want all of you to be fully aware and “on board” about the coming transfer of Mr. Gerald Weston here to Headquarters to become President and COO of this Work. I will remain as the Presiding Evangelist and human “head” of the Church as long as God gives me strength. But Mr. Weston will be in charge of running the physical day to day operations. Many of you know of Mr. Weston’s 47 years of service in God’s Church. He is not an “unknown quantity” as was a man who took over the Worldwide Church a number of years ago when thousands of brethren were asking us older ministers:  “Who is this man?” Mr. Weston has pastored churches all over the United States, pastored and served as Regional Pastor of the Kansas City area for 13 years, pastored the churches and directed the whole Work in Canada for 13 years, and is now effectively running the churches and Work in Britain, Europe and the Middle East. Also, as most of you know, Mr. Weston was ordained as an Evangelist of Jesus Christ several years ago. He has served faithfully as an Evangelist and key leader of the Church in this office alongside of Mr. Bruce Tyler, Dr. Douglas Winnail, Mr. Richard Ames and me. 
 In all these years, he has been tried and tested and has been constantly loyal to the Truth, to God’s leadership in this Work and to all the things that matter. I have talked to literally scores of ministers and brethren from all over and not one has ever raised a big “issue” with Mr. Weston! I want to share this with all of you—in case some of you feel that you do not know him as well as you would like. Thousands of you in the Midwestern areas have seen him over and over as he was your Regional Pastor coming out from Kansas City to visit churches in Joplin, Springfield, Wichita, Des Moines, etc. Many others of you from various parts of Louisiana, Texas, Michigan, North Carolina and certainly up in Canada will remember him as your own pastor who served faithfully—along with his faithful wife—for so many decades. He has always been a faithful and dedicated minister of Jesus Christ. 
 Also, Mr. Weston has very capably run our Youth Camps for about eleven years! He has a very good reputation among the young people—who deeply respect him. In addition, as you know, he has now made a number of very effective telecasts and is turning into one of our capable television presenters for the whole Work. Also, he authored the recent booklet we just sent out on “Easter.” So he is an extremely effective individual, overall. Most especially regarding my selection of him as the next President and COO of this Work, he has proved himself as a capable administrator. He is able to “get all the facts”—see through peoples “situations” and problems—and make a fair and just decision. He confronts problems and solves these problems in an equitable manner. His “fruits” along these lines have been outstanding—as many of his fellow ministers have seen and agree. For I have counseled with them about this over the last few years. 
Lest any of you think about not accepting Weston as your new leader, you had better think again.  Meredith has brought Jesus Christ into the equation.  In the name of Jeeeesuuuus, he has been appointed!
So it is after much prayer and Bible study and “multitude of counsel” that I have decided to select him and appoint him—in the name of Jesus Christ—as the next administrative leader over the Work here. I hope all of you will join me in being totally loyal to Mr. Weston in helping him, in supporting him and praying for him that God will guide and use him in every way. Please also pray fervently for Mrs. Weston in her responsibilities of helping him, encouraging him and giving him genuinely good advice as she has done over the years. Often, a woman is almost “half” of her husband’s ministry—as Mr. Armstrong explained to us so many times!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Booklet By Rod Meredith That A Few Rebellious Members Did Not Throw Out

Check out the "inside" story behind the early days of the church.  It's Rod Meredith at his bloviating finest worst.

This story was so secret that the church demanded that all the members destroy their copies.  Like good Christians should do, many did not.

The arrogance and superiority drips from Meredith's pen.

Read it here in Flip Book format:   The Inside Story of the World Tomorrow Broadcast 

Herb's office is the top right of the building and Ted's was top left.