Sunday, April 3, 2016

Living Church of God Uses World Vision Canada In Order To Make Itself Look Christian

Living Church of God is trying to use the name of a prominent Christian charitable organization as an attempt to legitimize its self as a Christian church.  For decades Meredith and the church has mocked "worldly" Christians as "so-called" and fake Christians.  Yet when the COG wants to make its self look legitimate, they will readily use other Christians to their advantage.

The question lies in why did not the facilities manager at World Vision check out the organization renting their space?  Just because it has the name "God" in its title does not make a legitimate Christian organization.  LCG's nonChristian behavior over the last couple of decades proves that.

March 28, 2016
Since membership is in decline in the HWA offshoots, I believe they are getting more desperate. World Vision (Canada) is allowing Living Church of God (Roderick Meredith) to use its headquarters for LCG's upcoming seminar. "Tomorrow's World" (produced by Living Church of God) will conduct their seminar on Saturday May 16th. Just think of those who will attend this seminar, thinking they are hearing Biblical truths, since this seminar is at World Vision.  Exit and Support

Another writer comments:

March 29, 2016
The previous letter is definitely right! LCG is hiding behind a legitimate religious organization. They will not admit it is an Armstrong cult. And unfortunately, there are Biblical illiterates who will think they are hearing "new truth." I will warn about this on my Facebook page, and it should reach quite a few, so I can give them a heads up on this. That was an HWA tactic from the get go! --Former member of WCG 

This is sure to send false prophet Bob Amos Thiel into a fit that LCG is cavorting with "so-called" Christians.


Byker Bob said...

LCG is betting on not getting caught or called on this. If and when they do, it's probably going to result in some bad P.R. for them. So, before the event is even held, they may have negated any possible results which could be favorable for them. One can only surmise that no masonic halls in the area were available.

And, yes, their former mascot is bound to have something to say about it.


Connie Schmidt said...

Money talks. Goes for Christian Radio, Television or in this case facilities.

LCG has the money, and World Vision has the space to rent. It is all quite a "Faustian" world.

Black Ops Mikey said...

This is confusing. Could someone clarify that the LCG is holding a seminar at World Vision on the Sabbath? I can't find anything about this on the World Vision Canada website.

Martha said...

Absolutely true, Mikey. It is May 14, not May 16, but it is true. Here is the registration link on LCG's web site.

I have contacted several people at World Vision, primarily in their media and marketing departments. Please do the same if you find this as outrageous as I do.

Contact information to directly share concerns with World Vision Canada can be found here:

If anybody happens to have contacts at Christianity Today or other Christian media outlets, it probably would be helpful to contact them, too. I am not sure I got the correct contacts at Christianity Today, but it can't hurt to let World Vision Canada to know others are hearing about the situation. While I would like to think that World Vision would act responsibly once informed about what is going on, I think it could only help for them to know others are looking over their shoulders, especially if losing money is involved.

Anonymous said...

I have watched 'worldly Christian' TV programs for many years now, and it's obvious that Herbie and friends 'stole' many of their tricks and lies. For instance, both demonize self love, ignore trade, and lord it over their flock. Sometimes the wording and body language in these Tele evangelist programs, is identical to what I've seen in the WCG sermons. These slivers, like the original WCG, use the shepherding and discipleship programs used in some protestant churches, though they don't label it as such. I know this since I just read a book on this topic. It was painful to read, since I experienced most of the described deceitful ploys in the WCG. Even Herbies famous 'they don't get it,' was a common left wing expression in the 1940s, according to a book I read last year. And the emphasis on 'unity' is a communist theme. The commies used it as a excuse to stomp on dissidents. Does this ring any bells? Herbie and friends only used the bible as a partial source. When they didn't like what the bible said, they went and 'stole' from Satans system.

Anonymous said...

"The commies used it as a excuse to stomp on dissidents."

you mean like blogs such as this do?

Martha said...

Absolutely true. Here is the registration link on LCG's web site. Although the date is May 14, not the 16th.

Martha said...

Absolutely true. Here is the registration link on LCG's web site. Although it is May 14, not 16th.

Anonymous said...

"I have watched 'worldly Christian' TV programs for many years now, and it's obvious that Herbie and friends 'stole' many of their tricks and lies. For instance, both demonize self love, ignore trade,..."

TradingGuy strikes again?!

Actually, since Herbie started his con game shtick on the 1930's, it's fair to say that many other Christians have copied from him since then.

PS: Tell us more about your fight against the "commies"-
This picture reminded me of you.

Good to know that Jesus is a "commie smasher", after all those negroid leftists falsely claimed He's all about the "least among us"!

Anonymous said...

If true, this is pretty brazen on the part of LCG. It's the sort of thing that even those "false" christians can tell is morally reprehensible behavior.

But then, when were these "true" COG churches ever not bottom-feeders who can't seem to follow what they even preach is Jesus' example until they're compelled by legal enforcement? They not willing to EAT bottom-feeders as a mere symbolic gesture, but they're willing to BE bottom-feeders when it comes to the non-symbolic literal reality of their day-to-day behavior. Same thing goes for the symbolic "leaven" and the ritual days of U.B. Why bother with the symbolism and the rituals? It clearly does no practical good. They learn nothing from doing it. It changes them not one bit. All it does is make them feel self-satisfied that they can be "good" while continuing to do bad. Why they think their character is defined by their ritualized and symbolic acts, and their actual behavior doesn't even count is beyond me.

When I got serious about "working out my salvation with fear and trembling" as the bible says, I could no longer overlook this hypocrisy, and, unfortunately, I began to see that Armstrongism is made up nearly entirely of such double-think, double-speak, and hypocrisy, and that what I had formerly taken to be "true christianity" was in fact a modern form of the pharisaism that Jesus repeatedly condemned. Like it says in Mark 7:4, Armstrongists observe many traditions like "the washing of cups, pots, and bronze kettles" (sabbaths, holy days, tithing, food laws), and like Matthew 23:23-28 says, "having made the outside of the cup clean," they declare themselves to be righteous in deed as well, as though these rituals excused the fact they're still full of extortion, hypocrisy, and iniquity, "full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness." "Here's the tithe of my mint, anise, and cumin, now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to swallow a camel."

Martha said...

That's rich, Anonymous at 11:00.

Who on earth do you think are the "commie powers" in the analogy anonymous at 4:45 gave?

Martha said...

It would appear World Vision has allowed LCG to do this before, too:

I'm wondering if anyone warned them about this the first time. I am contacting the Christian Post and Christianity Today about this.

Anonymous said...

You are liar! God's Church would never be associating with World Vision!

Ralph said...

on April 4, 2016 at 9:57 PM
Anonymous wrote:

"You are liar!"

Or do you mean "I think you may be misinformed"?

Php 4:5 Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.(AKJ)


Anonymous said...

You are liar! God's Church would never be associating with World Vision!

It's totally awesome that you know exactly who/what God's Church is.

FYI, Jesus is giving a pop quiz later today about this and other relevant garbage.

So, become ye ready and make sure you gird your loins, because the garbage heap of Christianity you'll be running around on contains many sharp and jagged objects.

Anonymous said...

"I know this since I just read a book on this topic. It was painful to read, since I experienced most of the described deceitful ploys..."

What book? please share.

Martha said...

I just received this response from World Vision Canada:

"After receiving your inquiry, we investigated your issue further. In fact, the Worldwide Church of Tomorrow (founded by H W Armstrong) had a radical shift after Armstrong’s death and has become thoroughly evangelical and renamed their movement as Grace Communion International. This denomination is a member in good standing both with the National Association of Evangelicals (USA) and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Their president in Canada is Gary Moore. Here is their Canadian website: for your information.

Given this outcome, we do not have any concerns with their use of our facility.

Your thoughtfulness in alerting us is greatly valued, and we trust that this information will alleviate any distress you may have regarding this matter.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again."

Anonymous said...

Living Church of God and Grace Communion International are two separate beasts. Living has no ties to GCI and is a corrupt cult tied to Meredith. I think WV is a little confused.

Anonymous said...

The Living Church of God has absolutely nothing to do with GCI. I couldn't believe what what I was reading. I remember the Living Church of God mislead INSP Networks back in 2006. I received an email from Mr. John F. Roos, Senior Vice President of Marketing April 4, 2006 which he states "They
(LCOG/Tomorrow's World) admit that they came out of the world associated with Herbert W Armstrong". Of course they did, so has the other two-hundred plus splinter-groups. Let it be known that these groups want nothing to do with the "faith once delivered to the Saints" Dr Roderick C. Meredith still teaches and believe many of the unbiblical-- unorthodox teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong. Dr. Meredith's official statement of fundamental beliefs states "Our doctrines, practices, and traditions have their roots in the Worldwide Church of God under the leadership of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong" (p 1). In Restoring Apostolic Christianity, and Who Or What Is The Antichrist? are designed to make those who listen and read his material conclude that what World Vision, and the millions of other Christians recognize as Christianity is really a false religion foisted on the world by Satan and that true Christianity is to be found (ONLY) in the legalistic Armstrong teachings of Dr. Roderick C. Meredith and his Living Church of God. After sending Mr. John Roos a five page email, dated Monday, April 17, 2006, documenting Dr Meredith's attack's on Christianity, and his many Armstrong teachings, INSP Networks cancelled "Tomorrow's World" They also cancelled another Armstrong splinter-group's TV program, "Armor of God" produced by The Church of God International, founded by Herbert's son, Garner Ted Armstrong. No, The Living Church of God is not an Evangelical group, as World Vision states. Their teaching's are contrary to the Word of God.

Martha said...

Anonymous at 9:31, thank you very much for your comments. I hope you don't mind my including it under our post on this topic at As Bereans Did.

Wow. What you shared is amazing. I only hypothesized that maybe LCG used the WCG-GCI connection to pass themselves off as legitimate. I never knew they actually did it!

By the way, I heard from GCI's Canadian national director today. It's my understanding that he's now set the record straight on LCG with World Vision Canada. We'll see what happens.