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Why Rod Meredith and Herbert Armstrong Treat/Treated Members With Such Disdain

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Those without structural visualization, including Herbert Armstrong, Garner Ted Armstrong, Roderick Meredith and a whole host of others, simply do not understand the universe or the world around them. They are linear abstract thinkers. They have no need of science. Their universe is magical — filled with all sorts of miraculous things which defy logic and science. There is a tenuous connection for them between cause and effect. This partly explains their lack of any concept of being a false prophet will lead to the lake of fire (with the caveat that the Bible is true). It makes no sense to them. They completely compartmentalize the consequences of their actions against the future in the universe and their world. They believe in potions (anointing oil), incantations and magic spells (prayer, fasting and prayer). They believe that the can change the world with the power of their mind (meditation). They can do the same things under the same conditions and positively expect wildly differing results. 
With Herbert Armstrong, there was an additional problem: His father had high structural visualization — he even, apparently, had a patent for a type of furnace. Ironically, it appears that Herbert worked for his father in a factory at one point in his youth. Understand though, Herbert Armstrong could never understand his father: It was problematic, because Herbert Armstrong lived in a universe quite different from his father. He could not visualize the things his father could; he could never do the things his father did. On the other hand, since his mother had no structural visualization, Herbert could certainly relate to her much better. 
Herbert Armstrong could never respect what he could not understand. He could not understand professionals, technicians and technologists with structural visualization. He devalued them. Their only worth to him was if he could use them and manipulate them so he could get what he wanted. This also contributed to his narcissism because he could never really relate to those farmers in the 1930s that became the backbone of his Radio Church of God. Later, in the 1970s, the image and perception of wealth attracted those without structural visualization into the Worldwide Church of God which aggravated the problems for those mechanics, farmers, technicians and technologists who entered into the WCG. Herbert trivialized them. He treated them with contempt. He saw them as lesser lights. The important people to him were those rich and famous who bolstered his image, both to others and to himself. He had to have photo ops with people who were just as deficient in talent as he was, but who had style and image over substance.
When Herbert Armstrong had his psychotic break and spent whole days in the Central Library in Portland, Oregon, he had found the writings of Greenberry George Rupert, which he found so compelling that he, through his magical thinking, believed that Jesus Christ was personally teaching him through the works of G. G. Rupert. He adopted them all in totality with no attribution, teaching them as his own — the tithing system, the feasts and… wait for it… British Israelism. Because he only understood magic and not science through his lack of structural visualization, he fell for British Israelism, hook, line and sinker. He would not have been able to understand DNA evidence, even as those today without structural visualization also cannot understand the DNA evidence, which utterly refutes British Israelism. It should also be seen that the other proofs that British Israelism is a kook idea would not have been understood as well. Archaeology debunks British Israelism, but because Herbert Armstrong and the Armstrongists don’t have structural visualization to understand archaeology, they are completely mystified as to why anyone would reject it. It’s because some of us have superior talent, that’s why. It doesn’t matter though, because who respects superior talent these days: It’s the rich, famous and well-connected that have the respect — it is those who possess style over substance and a lot of it. Smell nice, look good, sound right, and the world is yours. Well, not the world… society is yours. Society runs on magic not science, the same way Herbert Armstrong did. 
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Anonymous said...

"Why Rod Meredith and Herbert Armstrong Treat/Treated Members With Such Disdain"

Short answer: They're totally full of themselves (as many Christians are), and like to see themselves as better than those around them (as many Christians do).

Anonymous said...

My experiences with some of the ministers, can only be explained by class hatred or class inferiority. In their presence, I felt I was in a war zone, like an encounter with the schoolyard bully. They went to Ambassador College, but who ever failed to graduate. The low standard didn't boost their self respect or self esteem. It only gave them social polish. My belief then and now, is that I should be counselling them, rather than counselling me. As you point out, they don't understand how the real world works.

Anonymous said...


Very Sorry that's the only kind you've ever seen.

Real Christians serve. Real Christians are humble. Real Christians set a higher standard of behavior and treatment of their neighbors. Real Christians never view themselves as better than others. Pity. Because you've only seen the Arrogant Dictator type that "Play Church" you assume there can't be the Real Christians.

You probably have never seen the Real ones....With supposed pretenders like Rod, and Gerry and let's not forget Dave, its logical to conclude the Real Thing does not exist.

Anonymous said...

I luv Real Christians so so much!
Real Christians only do the great things that I think they should do.

Sometimes, Jesus recognizes people like Donald Trump are here to spread His Word, so He gives people like that special anointed status.

Jesus has been wonderful to us in giving us Donald Trump!
Praise God for The Donald!

Connie Schmidt said...

In HWAs autobiography in the 1967 edition, he confesses to a personal fault in the chapter "Million Dollar Clay Business".

In it he confesses that he can work very intensely for a few days, and then fell into what he called "slumps" where he accomplished very little. In another place in the autobiography, he tells of working about 5 days a month and then falling off, but claiming that what he accomplished in those 5 days was as valuable as most mens full months.

What this indicates to me , is the possibility that HWA was bi polar. He would have his "manic" times of high energy and the like, and then his periods of depression and regression. In many aspects, and with history as a guide, HWA definitely fits the profile of someone with a severe case of bipolar disorder.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Connie, others have concluded the same thing. Herbert Armstrong's 'conversion' was very likely a psychotic break -- he was depressed until baptism and then he suddenly went manic and understood everything in Scripture.

But, of course, he didn't -- he didn't understand anything about Scripture.

Note that in the Autobiography he also said that he had 'overcome' the problem.

And maybe he did.

Alcohol as self-medication.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. When a bunch of us were let go at the college, we were given free of charge the Human Engineering Laboratory tests. In my case, I scored 95% in structural visualization and mechanical and analytical skills. Abstract thinking leaves me cold and I scored very low in it. I think that contributed a great deal to my ability to almost immediately switch course and see through the delusion that held us all captive.

Anonymous said...

4:25 wrote:
Very interesting. When a bunch of us were let go at the college, we were given free of charge the Human Engineering Laboratory tests. In my case, I scored 95% in structural visualization and mechanical and analytical skills.
Should have become a auto mechanic.

Ed said...

I think that people like me that lack social talent and are more oriented toward mechanical and analytical talents and skills are better able to leave Armstrongism and never look back. I have noticed that people I know that "are" more socially talented either stay with Armstrongism or have trouble completely severing their ties to the religion of Armstrongism. There are exceptions of course because personality profiles are very complex and you can't fit everyone into a neat little category.

Anonymous said...

"Should have become a auto mechanic."

In many respects I was. I rebuilt two motors and installed a few already rebuilt plus doing nearly everything that needed doing on those older vehicles.

Connie Schmidt said...


As I understand it , at the time of HWAs first association with the COG7th Day, that church was a "dry church" and like their SDA cousins, did not allow for the use of alcohol, and in fact, just used grape juice at the Passover each year as well.

John Kiesz, a minister friend of HWA in the 1930s made reference to HWAs fondness for alcohol as one of the reasons for his ministerial credentials being pulled in 1938.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Connie, it seems clear that Herbert Armstrong was an alcoholic and the CoG7D of that period did not countenance drinking alcohol. Even today, the older CoG7D ministers are not comfortable with alcohol consumption.

Alcoholism for Herbert Armstrong was a driving force in his life. His arrogance in 'knowing' the teachings of G. G. Rupert made him superior and he wasn't about to allow CoG7D ministers interfere with his alcohol consumption. At the same time, he felt that because of his 'superior' knowledge (taught to him personally by Jesus), he should be in charge and the CoG7D ministers were inferior to him. He used British Israelism as an excuse to separate himself from them.

Herbert Armstrong was a typical alcoholic in his behavior, but he managed to hide it fairly well -- particularly from the membership. Studies of dysfunctional alcoholic families fairly well define the dysfunctional environment of the Worldwide Church of God, but on a larger scale.