Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blame it on the Adramelechs!

Adramelech became the President of the Senate of the demons. He is also the Chancellor of Hell and supervisor of Satan's wardrobe. Adramelech generally is depicted with a human torso and head, and the limbs of a mule or peacock.

Eric King is back with more wisdom for the world.  Between his UFO's sightings and mind manipulation he sits around his mountain top dreaming up new and weird theories on the realities of life.  Like all other Church of God splinter personality cults, King thinks he is the ONLY one delivering a "true" message.

King, in his on going quest to commune with alien spirits, has had it revealed to him that the "fallen angels" that Armstrong and others talked about are actual Adramelechs.  One has to wonder if the Adramelechs are the ones talking to Eric King considering how bat shit crazy he is these days.

It is possible that future spirits, those who have experienced a resurrection in the higher frequency time zone, may return to our time zone for a special purpose and mission. This all can only be operative and in accordance with Divine Intelligence and through those higher offices which exist. What we have called “the fallen spirits” or “fallen angels”; the Adramelechs exist in our time zone but are not allowed to change our future. They can indeed manipulate time but the majority of their ranks have taken on physical bodies which share in our current and immediate time frame. These of course are those “bad” extraterrestrials that are part of the Luciferian rebellion, which we have covered in papers such as “The Story of Our Planet”. ~

Most all spirits appearing like dead loved ones are not who you think they are. They are one of the Adramelechs trying to fool you into listening to them. Many of these so called “dead loved ones” begin to try and give messages to the living thus turning them away from Divine Intelligence to get the real answers to life’s questions. The Adramelechs have been in the business of getting people into “spiritism” or “New Ageism” type thought processes. Thus they tune many a deceived soul into the fallen mind channels. The SOCT student does not fall into these traps due to the fact that the SOCT student has accurate knowledge regarding these very important issues. ~ Introduction to Time

Is this the head of the Adramelech that Eric King is talking to?  It is now featured on his site next to his UFO information. Is this the one King is getting his "knowledge " from?  Did it come to King on one of its visits to his mountaintop? Adremelechs are sneaky things!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bob Thiel Pulls A Dave Pack and Says ALL COG's Must Soon Come Over To His Church In Order To Be Saved

Remember three years ago when Dave Pack started shouting from Wadsworth that certain Church of God leaders were soon to be struck down and all of their members would flood into Dave's cult?  Those were fun times.  Every one laughed and mocked Dave when it did not happen the first time, then doubled down and mocked even more when it failed the second time.  Now that the THIRD time has failed, Dave is hiding out with his high security protocols in his itty-bitty cult compound.

One would have thought that other COG "men" would have seen Pack's appalling mistake and used it as a lesson to NOT say or do the same thing.  Did any of them have sense to pay attention?  Not with Bob Thiel!!!!!

Today he writes:

Sadly, all the Laodicean groups (ALL COG'S) have compromised doctrinally. And unless they all (including Church of the Eternal God) do not change certain prophetic positions to align with those of the Continuing Church of God, it will eventually be clear to all who survive the start of the Great Tribulation that they should have made the move to "gather together" (Zephaniah 2:1-3; see Zephaniah: ‘Gather together’) with the CCOG before it was too late.

Dibar Apartian Now Being Used As Tool To Prop Up Thiel's Illegitimate Prophet Claims

Things must be getting pretty desperate for the self-appointed end time prophet Bob Thiel.  When Thiel apostatized from the Living Church of God and stabbed Rod Meredith and others in the back by forming a new splinter cult, Thiel thought lots of LCG members would flock to his side.  They did not.  He only has under a hundred here in the US and a couple hundred in Africa. Thiel's epic failure is on par with the epic failure of Dave Pack.  Both of these upstarts thought they were God's greatest gift to the church and tens of thousands of COG members would be flocking to their side with pockets overflowing with money. Its never happened.

For the last couple of years Thiel has been trumpeting Gaylyn Bonjour for doubling blessing him, the nightmarish dreams of some woman trying to prove he is the true prophet, and now he drags Dibar Apartian out from the grave to give himself more legitimacy.  It probably will not be long till he claims he was trained at the feet of Herbert Armstrong.

The apostle/prophet/Chief Overseer/world's foremost Mayan authority and most accurate eschatologist writes:

Dibar Apartian died four years ago, on December 8, 2010.  For those unfamiliar with him, he had been an evangelist in the Church of God (COG) for decades.

He was born of Armenian parents and his family had to flee when he was quite young because of persecution from the Turks (known as the Armenian genocide).  He ended up in the French-speaking portion of Switzerland.  During World War II he worked for the US Embassy there and then later came to the USA.  In the USA, he met and married his wife Shirley.

Dibar Apartian lived into his mid-90s (there were debates about the year he was born and he himself did not seem to be certain as his early documents were lost). As many know, he was responsible for the French language work in the old Radio Church of God which became the old WCG, then he was in the old GCG, and then the Living Church of God. He also handled other aspects of Church Administration in and out of the USA for LCG.

For decades, he also taught French at the old Ambassador College (Pasadena, California campus).  He loved the French.  He loved the French language, he loved French food, and he loved the French people.

He might have loved all things French, but many of the French speaking Belgians and  French citizens did not like him and thought him to be a fraud.  This I heard first hand from people at a French Feast site one year.

Apostle/revelator Thiel then takes another jab at Rod Meredith.  Still bruised by Meredith's rejection of his apostleship, Thiel continue to lash out in many different ways.

After the apostasy in the old Worldwide Church of God, Dibar Apartian did not run immediately to Dr. Meredith and the new Global Church of God as he was unsure where to go. After a couple of years, he ended up with the Global Church of God mainly because of doctrinal issues he had in discussions with the emerging United Church of God.

Within a year or less of that, Dibar Apartian and I met.  We later counted each other as friends. We would spend time together when my family and I used to visit the Garden Grove congregation of the old Global Church of God in the mid to late 1990s.

Prior to the GCG split in 1998, Dibar Apartian expressed his opinion about various actions and decisions that the then presiding evangelist Roderick C. Meredith made.  He personally told me in late 1998, that he told Dr. Meredith if he ever did something like this again that he would not follow him into another organization.  This clarified, for me at least, some of his views of Dr. Meredith.
Now to cement his position as the end time apostle/prophet and chief pooper-scooper, Theil now writes that Apartian encouraged him to clever and deceptive on how he preached his message so as to not alert Meredith to what was going on.  Obviously Thiel FAILED dramatically in THAT department so much so that Meredith publicly rebuked him.

Dibar Apartian and I worked together on many matters, including when I was looking into a variety of allegations against the late Herbert W. Armstrong as well as the Elijah issue.

Dibar Apartian and I worked together on how to reach people better in the third world, including places like Nigeria. Neither of us cared for how the then LCG director of Church Administration handled some of those matters, and he made suggestions on how to work to support Matthew 24:14; 28:19-20 without getting some things stopped by that director (who was later removed from that position).

Apartian was Thiel's go-to guy for prophecy and then takes another direct swipe at Meredith:

He and I often discussed prophetic, historical, doctrinal, and administrative matters.

Many members in LCG were unaware that Dibar Apartian had issues with LCG’s Tomorrow’s World magazine.  He stated it lacked interest, depth, and relevance.  In 2007 and 2008, he pushed Dr. Meredith to agree to have articles in it from me as he told me that my articles were what LCG needed.  Dr. Meredith agreed, at least at that time.  I agreed, but under the proviso that LCG would first fix errors in its booklet on church history.  Although LCG, numerous times agreed to do that and told me numerous times that it was working on doing that, it never happened as various ones promised.  The reality is that one of the top people did not want the magazine changed and prevented the booklet changes as a reason to not have me submit articles.
Thiel also claims that Aprtian told him that it was his job to get the leaders of the COG's to change their ways.  Apartian saw no need to do this, so it is quit strange that Thiel now claims this is something that Apartian told him to do.

Dibar Apartian frequently used to urge me to try to get the other leaders in LCG to correct doctrinal, prophetic, and literature errors.  Although I tried to get him to do more of that himself, he always instructed me to not only do that, but to remind other leaders in Charlotte to keep their promises to fix errors, literature, etc.

Then Thiel's story gets stranger when he claims that Apartain got mad at him and stormed out, then apologized days later and said, "either you are the ONE or you are the biggest threat to the church."  Its too bad Apartian did not see then that Thiel was indeed a threat and was already in the stages of stepping out on his own.

But we did have an incident where he got quite angry with me. It was related to something that started on October 3, 2008 when Dr. Roderick C. Meredith (Presiding Evangelist of the Living Church of God) called me and said to me, “God may consider you to be a prophet.” Dr . Meredith and I discussed this in depth as Dr. Meredith was the one who brought the topic up.

Later that month, my family and I went to the Feast of Tabernacles in Evian, France.  The conversation with Dr. Meredith weighed on my mind, so I asked Dibar Apartian (who was the Feast site coordinator) and Dr. Jeff Fall (who was my pastor, who also attended there that year) to meet with me before services one morning.  I told both of them about the conversation with Dr. Meredith.

Upon hearing this, Dibar Apartian got upset.  He told me that Dr. Meredith did not say such a thing and I assured him that he had.  His emotions got the best of him and he walked out of the meeting and I completed it by discussing what happened in more depth with Dr. Fall.

A couple of days later, after Dibar Apartian calmed down, he came up to me and said that I was either “the one” or the “biggest threat to the church.”
Its too bad that Apartian did not wake up at that point and see how weird Thiel was becoming.

Next, Thiel uses Apartian specifically to reinforce the idea that Thiel is a prophet.

We continued to speak over the telephone.  I would bring up issues and Dibar Apartian continued to press me to bring the subjects up to other leaders in Charlotte.  So, I did.  He told me that I needed to remind those in Charlotte about errors they were making and truths that they were not teaching, so I did.

In the Summer of 2009, Dibar Apartian told me, in quite a positive tone, that Dr. Meredith had been stating in meetings that “Bob Thiel may be a prophet.”  He seemed very excited.  I reminded him that I had told him that in October 2008, and he said yes he knew, but essentially the forthright way Dr. Meredith brought it up struck him in a very positive way.

Anyway, we continued to work together and I would bounce doctrinal, historical, and prophetic issues off of him and as far as I recall, he always agreed with what I was advocating.  He kept telling me to remind Dr. Meredith and others of issues there, despite the fact that they often would not resolve matters.

In the late Summer of 2010, I asked Dibar Apartian if he still thought I was “the greatest threat to the church or ‘the one.’ “  He said I was not the threat and said that he would try to talk to Dr. Meredith about my prophetic role, but it is not clear how, or even if, he did before he died later that year. But what was appeared clear was that Dibar Apartian believed then that God had a top/prophetic role for me.
Like Joseph Smith and Herbert Armstrong, Thiel claims that most are trying to discount his stories, but he wants us all to know it is TRUE!  Smith found the Golden Plates and Armstrong restored some "gospel" that his god was to impotent to preserve for 1,900 years. Its now Thiel's job to take the TRUE Philadelphians to Petra.
Some have attempted to discount and discredit what happened between Dibar Apartian and myself, but what is reported here is true.  There should be several in Charlotte who at least used to know this, as well as one or more LCG ministers not in Charlotte who did.
Theil then blabbers on about how Apartian knew Meredith was wrong and the LCG had issues:

Some time ago, LCG ceased to have the ‘Philadelphia mantle‘ (proper leadership authority for the true and faithful church).  It seems that Dibar Apartian realized this would happen, though even today, most within LCG (including those who know about the integrity and other issues) do not wish to take the biblically appropriate steps about that.
Using Apartian as an authority to "legitimize" one's prophet hood shows an incredible lack of wisdom. Apartian was no more a Bible scholar than Thiel is.  A person can preach canned sermons and quote HWA speak all you want and it still does not make on an authority on the Bible. 99.99% of the ministers in the COG have no real theological education,, understand of church history or any knowledge of end time events.  All any of them have accomplished is to present to the world and the COG at large how incredibly ridiculous they have all become.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

God's Third Most Important Prophet Selling Her Condo

Who would have though that one of God's most important prophets would need to sell her condo before the end times happen?  Audra Weinland/Van Horne has her condo up for sale.

Mike, over at Don't Drink the Flavor Aid Served By False Prophets has this up:

Audra_entranceBy August of 2013, Chris and Audra were divorced.  Audra quickly recovered from the breakup, reportedly dating even before the ink was placed on the divorce decree and by February of this year was married to Edwin Van Horne.  Since Edwin lives in the Netherlands and reportedly has stable employment, the Van Horne’s live there and Audra comes to the States occasionally to show the flag and be ordained to higher rank in the visiting room at a Federal Correctional Institution.

So what to do about the condo?  Around a month ago, it went on the market.  Below is a clip of the realtor information.  Not listed among the selling points is that it is owned by the 3rd ranking prophet of God.  It does mention a short sale.  If what Audra paid matches the $140,000 tax valuation, she’s going to have to come up with some money to be able to sell it at the asking price of $125,000.  Too bad Audra’s prophecy skills don’t cover the decline in the real estate market.

Click here for more specifics about the Third Prophet's condo.

UCG: God's Most Favored Church of God Averages No More Than 20-30 Members In Attendance Each Week

God's most favorite Church of God ever has admitted it's not as favored as they would like it to be.  They continue to give the impression each week that they are the most unified and most awesome Church of God ever to exist, yet underneath that dirty facade is a crumbling superstructure that's aging and falling apart.

Roy Holladay from the United Church of God reports in the Nov 4th member news that the church is struggling to find members to ordain as leaders in its church.  

We in the home office administration would like to share with you some of our manpower plans for serving our nearly 200 congregations and Bible study groups in the United States. Several of our full-time pastors will be retiring in the next several years after many decades of faithful service. However, the work of leading and shepherding those congregations must continue and we are asking God to show whom He may be calling to serve in the pastoral ministry of His Church. It’s a very important role. One of UCG’s goals from inception has been to give each congregation a live speaker and not become merely a video or Internet church of God.
As you may know, many of our congregations are quite small, often with no more than 20 or 30 in attendance each Sabbath. Our current model has been to give our full-time pastors two, three or four of these smaller churches that may add up to a total attendance of 80-100. But this approach has significant drawbacks. The pastor may not be able to visit any single congregation more than once or twice a month. His travel incurs a great amount of mileage costs and takes a physical toll on the elder and his wife. We believe there are other ways to consistently and effectively serve our brethren in these small, widely scattered congregations.

What we have been doing in some areas, where there is a smaller congregation, is to find a qualified man who is already gainfully employed (or retired), who could be appointed as that congregation’s pastor at a part-time salary or volunteer basis. Before assuming the pastor’s position, he will need to be mentored and have online instruction in pastoral care to equip him with the tools and knowledge for this service. As you know, there is a lot more to pastoring than just speaking or visiting brethren. He would also have access to a mentoring pastor, who would be familiar with his area and would be available to advise and make occasional visits.

A part-time pastor serving only one congregation has the following advantages:

• The pastor and his wife will have only one congregation to serve each Sabbath. They will have more quality time with the brethren, knowing that they do not have to leave quickly after services and drive many miles to another church service.
• The pastor and his wife will be in his congregation the vast majority of Sabbaths, which is not possible for full-time pastors serving three or four churches.
• There will be lower mileage reimbursement costs for distances traveled, which will enable us to be wiser stewards of the money that God provides to care for our members.
• The pastor and wife can develop closer relationships with the brethren because they live in the same geographical area.
• The pastor would not necessarily need to forsake his chosen career.

Dave Pack Isolates Himself On His Compound

See Dave's slide show of his itty-bitty campus here.

Its now going on well over two years since Dave Pack uttered his absurd prophecy that three Church of God leaders would be struck down by his god and all of their members would come running in ecstasy to Dave's "church."  Two years ago when it failed the first time around Dave went silent.  When it failed to happen AGAIN in 2014 at the Feast of Tabernacles Dave circled the wagons with The Sixteen and came up with a way of keeping the riff-raff out of his cult compound. 

Now Dave has resorted to installing gates on his compound's driveway.  He has to keep his dwindling flock isolated from the pagan filthy sinners of the world and ex-members.  Its amazing how exclusionary Armstrongite cult leaders are yet the man they claim to follow was never exclusionary.  He dined with sinners, prostitutes, and the undesirables of the world.  God forbid if any citizens of Wadsworth drive on to the property or particularly ex-church members.

I imagine the citizens of Wadsworth are pleased with the gates.  It keeps the Pharisees and hypocrites locked up in their fish bowl so the public can can stand in the big box store across the street and make fun of the Packites.