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Dave Pack: "Release Your Assets to God! Sell all as you are waiting for the Lord. Even if the Work has no time to use it. Won't change my salary. Won't build any more buildings."

The Grand Garden where Jesus will walk with Dave pondering his third coming.

Recall that at the Feast last year Dave proclaimed the church only had six months to go until Christ would return to Wadsworth. That was sermon part 144. He said then it was his last sermon. But of course, he hasn't stopped since. 

As the winter went on and the prophecy drew close, HQ ministers flattered their leader stating God had saved the best revelations for last. Reports are the congregants were required to stay up all night before Passover, awaiting Jesus. 

What happened? Nothing. Pack became a false prophet, again. 

He pushed his false prophecy off to Pentecost. But again, it failed.

Last Feast, in the same sermon, Dave implored his sheep "

"Release Your Assets to God! Sell all as you are waiting for the Lord. Even if the Work has no time to use it. Won't change my salary. Won't build any more buildings. But it'll help you! Probably won't help us. But it'll help you! God's looking at your heart."

But wait...bait and switch. Behold just unveiled Dave's puny grand garden. How much do you think this cost? $250,000? $500,000?

Sell all, brethren, even if the Work has no time to use it...

Dave and the ministry smiling and waving. Wonder what he is thinking? "We got all your money, brethren!! Can't wait to sell you the next version of my failed prophecy! Certainly, there are some more assets out there!"

From an anonymous source

Ministerial Idol

"I was really encouraged to come down and be a prophet by some dreams. So it's thanks to them that I'm here. I think the Church will think that my ministry is unique, and that I bring something new and different, sounds like maybe an Evangelist, or an Apostle, my specialty is anything that's Mayan or Catholic.... "

Good old Bob Thiel, what would we do without you!

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"What does the constant reinforcement of the idea that Satan is about to take over the entire to your mental health?"

Ever since the Internet emerged with accessibility for the general public, the downfall of the Church of God movement was set into motion.  What took decades to build up through radio, television and print, has been decimated by the instant accessibility of news and articles about Armstrongism.  More and more people are stepping up to the plate to tell their stories of growing up in the movement. Every time this happens, the diehard loyalists dig in their heels and come out spitting and snarling in anger labeling such people as "you were never converted" or that they have "turned their back on the truth restored through Herbert Armstrong", or that they have a reprobate mind that is indicative of the Laodiceans. Or, worse yet, label such people as committing the unpardonable sin.

There is a new blog up that is filled with wonderful insights of a woman who grew up in the church.

From the time that I have been able to talk, I have had to explain about the doctrine and beliefs that Herbert Armstrong both concocted and plagiarized to create The Worldwide Church of God and the effect that it has had on millions of people all over the world.
Honestly, I'm sick to death of it. 
But in the same way that someone with a very noticeable scar or missing limb must continue tell the story of their ordeal when they meet someone new who can't help but ask, so I am still explaining the false doctrines and sharing stories of rampant abuse, fraud, and neglect with people who are curious about the cult.
As much as I hate it and wish I could just "get past it somehow," I can't.
This is my baseline.
Coming to accept that truth was a difficult road to travel because I kept telling myself that there was some way I could "normalize" myself.
I so desperately wanted that to be possible, but you can't change the way that you were raised. The best you can hope for is to adapt and overcome. Our experiences make up our foundations and it's up to us to reinforce them with better building materials as we go along. But the original elements of the foundation will always be there, because you can't unbuild the house while you're living in it.
I was born into a cult and raised by a devotee of Herbert W Armstrong. Consequently, their teachings and beliefs are my default settings even if I no longer believe in, nor even approve of them in any way. Much like the Outlook Mail or Groove Music Player that you can't delete from Windows 10, so are the idiosyncrasies of the people who observe The Days Of Unleavened Bread, and know the the hymn"Blessed and Happy Is the Man" better than they know they know the song "Jingle Bells".
When Herbert Armstrong started his "Radio Church of God" back in 1933 he was a frustrated 41 year old "Ad Man" who couldn't stand the fact that his job consisted entirely of upselling the value of something he couldn't afford or someone in a better position than himself.
I think that is one of the main reasons he failed to make a profitable go of the advertising business and thus was forced to turn to the life of a con man trapped in his own con for the rest of his days. He could never conjure anything more important in his mind than his own ego and insatiable lust for "the finer things in life."
Herbert may not have had a brilliant intellect, but he did learn what the internet would come to call the, "one weird trick" of being successful.

Even if you aren't great yourself, you can still rise above your peers as long as you can hide, or even destroy their potential.

So, how did he manage to do that?

The first step was to take away the idea of hope for the future of society. Because without a future, what use is potential?
In the late 1920s, while studying for his Nonexistent Pretend Theology degree at the Not Even A Recognized School of Any Kind, Portland Public library, Herbert Armstrong discovered a profound power that resides in the biblical narrative.

We don't know when it will happen, but probably sometime sooner rather than later, so y'all best get your shoes on and be ready to flee whenever you hear the trumpets.
Further down her posting is this gem of truth:

Herbert probably realized that the more strongly someone believed that The End Times were close at hand, the less they would care about preparing for their future financial security or reputation in the community.
A man who believes that Christ will return to Earth within the next 3 years has no motivation to spend 8 years getting a PhD. A family who thinks they will be going to a "place of safety" before the end of the decade, has no motivation to pay off a mortgage or save for a new car.
And why should someone not give most of their money to help "God's Apostle" spread the true gospel today? After all, in a few years all material possessions will all be worthless anyway, right?
I'm pretty sure that the ramifications of promoting this line of thinking never really crossed his mind.
But let me ask you this...
What does the constant reinforcement of the idea that Satan is about to take over the entire world and we are already surrounded by demons who are trying to separate us from our salvation do to your mental health?
Ripley invites your thoughts on what he has written.  See his blog here that also has other entries mentioning Armstrongism:   "What Did He Do That Was So Wrong?" (Part One)

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Roderick C Meredith Memorial Library Is Now Open! Woo Hoo!

Americans have been privileged to have access to numerous Presidential Libraries of past Presidents and now there is an even more spectacular library available to the world!

Welcome to the world's greatest library ever to be offered to the world and especially to the Church of God. Religious scholars will be flocked to examine this astounding library of the most sacred writings ever written!  You too can learn about gay sex, hetero sex, transvestites, boxing, Leona McNair, banishment to Hawaii, how to die in an LCG church service, how to remain sinless after baptism, and many more fun topics.
Roderick C Meredith Memorial Library
The mission of the University Library is to provide professional library and information sciences services to help meet the information needs of Living University students, faculty and staff and the Living Church of God international headquarters workforce by acquiring and providing access to materials in appropriate formats and in sufficient quantity, depth and diversity to support teaching, learning and basic research, and by preserving the textual tradition of the Living Church of God and its antecedent fellowships both in print and in electronic forms in an Archive and Special Collections Repository. 
To fulfill this mission the University Library endeavors:

  • To provide the facilities, services, and support in an aesthetically pleasing learning environment enabling students, faculty and staff access to adequate library collections as well as to other learning/information resources consistent with its educational, research and public service endeavors;
  • To serve the Living Church of God by preserving its textual tradition both in print and in electronic forms, for the current educational needs of faculty and students and for the future;
  • To address the library support needs of the Living Church of God international headquarters workforce;
  • To maintain a professional and/or paraprofessional staff sufficient to render point-of-use assistance, bibliographic instruction and personal reference services; and
  • To provide its patrons with a contemporary theology reference collection and services.
The foregoing requires the University Library:
  • To acquire and maintain adequate and appropriate print, non-print and electronic resources that support the University’s general education and specialized content courses leading to its certificate, diploma and degree programs;
  • To provide a comprehensive system of services designed to facilitate effective student study, research, and scholastic achievement;
  • To support teaching and instruction, strengthen faculty access to relevant materials in their fields of specialization and meet the information needs of the Living Church of God headquarters workforce;
  • To serve as an international depository, through its Archive and Special Collections Repository, for historical documents pertaining to the nearly 2,000-year history of the Churches of God;
  • To develop a special collection of the literature of the Living Church of God and its antecedent fellowships; and
  • To provide professional library and information sciences services in an aesthetically pleasing learning environment conducive to study and research, and which enables the University to fulfill its obligations to students, faculty, and staff relative to the overall institutional mission and purpose.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Elijah says it is IMPOSSIBLE to NOT believe him

We have seen Elijahs come and go in Armstrongism, with several small sad little men in the Church of God who proclaim they are such a person to this very day. But there is one Elijah who stands above the rest.  One man whom God has chosen to be the final witness to the world. Lest you think I am talking about the three latest self-appointed upstarts, Bob Thiel, James Malm, and Ron Weinland, you are sadly mistaken.  There is a greater man than all of these combined!

Behold the TRUE Elijah!  

Michael Noordhoek, aka. Zerubbabel

Get on your knees and beg him forgiveness for not believing in him!


REALITY is our Maker has continued to shorten the days of Him pouring out His hot indignation upon the scattered descendants of Israel by afflicting His 2nd Son of His Holy Anointing Oil in your stead.

REALITY is the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel has sent His end time Elijah to you in a manner that it is IMPOSSIBLE to NOT BELIEVE that He has sent me UNLESS; 1) You do not really “BELIEVE” His word and/or 2) you have failed to fear Him enough to look at all of the evidence that He has given to us in the testimony of His word in order to testify to “THE REALITY” that He has sent me to set you free from the captivity of mystery babylon.

REALITY is that which you have deemed to be failed prophecy has merely been YEHWEH my Elohiym “SHORTENING THE DAYS.”

REALITY is the Almighty, the Self-Existing ONE that inhabits eternity is NOT going to “SHORTEN THE DAYS” forever.

REALITY is “ONE THAT BELIEVES” His word “BELIEVES” that 3 ½ days from tonight (6/26) at 7:34 p.m. (Arizona time) will bring forth “THE END OF THE MOST HIGH SHORTENING THE DAYS.”

3 ½ days from tonight at 7:34 p.m. will be 7:34 a.m. on 6/30 on His servant satan’s calendar.
REALITY is this warning is YET AGAIN fall upon “UTTERLY DEAF” ears.

You are SOON going to “WAKE UP TO REALITY!!!”


SOBER UP or else die in your bitterly obstinate drunken stupor!!!

You have rejected our Maker’s warnings and we have now come to the time that He is going to cease from shortening the days.

You have two choices that you can choose from when He causes you to drink from this cup that you have brought upon yourselves;

1)  You can be humble before His faces and acknowledge your rebellion to Him and turn back to Him through that which He has restored and come and drink of His living waters.

2) You can choose to die in your rebellion to Him.

The choice is yours to make, CHOOSE LIFE so that you and your seed can live unto eternity!!!

Or else drink up and die in your bitterly obstinate drunken stupor!!!

This disgusting piece of human garbage is Michael Noordhoek, aka. Zerubbabel. A former Church of God member who has degenerated into a worthless mess of lies and deception just like Bob Thiel and James Malm are currently sinking into. 

 A self-serving man who stopped working and expects his few followers to fund him.  His wife and daughter live in an abject state of poverty in a one-room shack.  He also claimed he was going to father a holy child with his daughter.

Just more proof on what Armstrongims does to the mind of so many its followers. 

The Ultimate Coin Toss That Produced Jesus Also Established Church of God Government

Our favorite kitchen table Pharisee/prophet and one of the biggest lawbreakers in the Church of God, explains below how God and God had a conversation in the seventh heaven over which one of them would give their glory in order to come to earth and become this thing that would eventually be called Jesus.  James Malm has been getting his Pharisaical knickers into a snit over United Church of God's understanding of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He hates any idea that some of the COG's think differently than he does.  Everyone is too dumb to understand that HE is the FINAL authority on everything, just like Bwana Thiel thinks he is.

The GCE Keynote presentation this year was also on the same subject.  “The Compact:” Keynote Address at the 2019 General Conference of Elders by Bill Bradford.
Their comments about God have an appearance of being consistent with what has been taught for generations, after all even Herbert taught that is the past eons the two God Beings decided on a plan and then they decided which Being would take on each role.  Then at his physical birth Jesus became a Son and the Other became his Father. 
This has to have been the ultimate coin toss, that according to Malm, is being used by UCG to promote church authority, from the top down and how that organization unity unites members with God through the Holy Spirit.
However they are carrying this much further and attempting to slip in the idea that BOTH the Father and the Being who became the Son dealt with humanity before the birth of Christ.
They are using the unity of Jesus Christ with God the Father to push the idea that both the Father and Jesus worked with humanity through the Old Testament period, in order to promote organizational unity as being the same as unity with God.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Gerald Weston: Should Young People Go To College or Trade School?

Gerald Weston is back presenting to us FIRM reasons on whether a young person attends a college, goes to a trade school, or ends up like him, living on the dole for the rest of your life off the tithes of other people. Sadly, it is just not the same world that Weston grew up" in.

Of course, in typical Living Church of God fashion, no article from the chief overseer can ever start without first mentioning gay sex and then peppering straight sex throughout the article.

In his June article University or Skilled Trade, Weston writes in the very first paragraph:
Our world is changing at lightning speed before our eyes. Australia was one of the last English-speaking nations to accept same-sex “marriage,” and since that acceptance on December 7, 2017, it has become one of the most aggressively “accepting” countries in the LGBTQ+ movement. The United States is experiencing a political transformation that was unimaginable even three years ago. Activists in both academia and the media shamelessly spawn social tsunamis, which increasingly affect all of us.
He then continues on to warn Living Church of God members that the world is filled with evil in the colleges their children will go to. Satan and his minions are ready to devour LCG kids and turn them into gay rights activists, liberals and delicate snowflakes.
How are our members to advise their teens and young adults about getting an education, in light of the war against godly values that has spread throughout much of academia? Universities are hotbeds of anti-God indoctrination, where naïve students become pawns in a grand, satanic scheme to transform our world into something very different from that which we embrace in the Church of God. Immorality of every sort is not only allowed but encouraged. What is a parent or young person to do?
LCG members must always keep in mind the sole purpose of their children. Young men are to get good jobs and provide for their families and women are to stay at home and be housewives and mothers.
Fundamentally, we must consider God’s design and the roles He has ordained for us. A young man is expected to one day provide for a wife and family, and a young woman is expected to grow into the role of homemaker, with the skills needed to uphold her husband and care for her children. The educational paths we choose should keep God’s loving design at the forefront of our minds.
Weston feels it is more encouraging to send young men to trade schools if they are more masculine and like to work with their hands.  They will end up making more money, for the church first and then for their families.
With that understanding firmly in place, wise judgment is the key to determining how to prepare for future roles in life. For example, not every school is the same. On both the pre-university and university levels, there are still schools that restrain bad behavior and encourage character development. They are becoming fewer, but they are out there. Also, what is good for one young person may not be good for another. There are high-paying skilled trade jobs available for the energetic young man who is more inclined to work with his hands and who excels in doing so, and this option often avoids generating a huge load of debt. Nevertheless, skilled trades require education, which is often gained from a trade school, an apprenticeship program, or a combination of the two. The more knowledgeable and skilled one is in a trade, the more sought after and better compensated he will be.
Then there are the other young men, those who are "all thumbs" and would starve if they had to do hard work in manual labor, like him.  They could go to school and be accountants, engineers, lawyers, or better yet, a COG leader!
Some young men are “all thumbs” and would starve if they tried to go down the skilled trades route, but they may make excellent engineers, accountants, and yes, even lawyers. The list of honorable careers that require a university education is long, but how does one gain such an education and avoid the destructive influences too often found in universities? Here are three suggestions.
LCG members should never allow their children to study to be geologists, paleontologists, scientists or politicians.  As we should remember, those fields are filled with EVILutionists and nasty gay feminist leftist snowflake liberals!
First, the choice of career is vital. There is a great deal of wisdom in sticking to practical disciplines based on absolutes. For example, engineers must work within dynamic laws. If they don’t, the plane will crash, the building will collapse, the electric circuits will fail. A real estate or corporate attorney will spend his time learning about the laws that govern his discipline. An accountant learns the language and workings of that profession. In other words, there are honorable professions that avoid politics and social engineering. Other disciplines—say, pursuits in history or language arts—may involve more subjective evaluations but can still provide practical skills in writing, research, and critical thinking, if handled carefully. Regrettably, however, many of the social sciences are rife with the very trends and abominable philosophies that are tearing civilization apart, and their “leading lights” are often those most passionately seeking, through societal reprogramming, to undermine even the most fundamental godly values. It is foolishness to think that surrounding our sons and daughters with influential educators, passionate about promoting such twisted philosophies, will have no impact on our children’s worldview and character. Options should be considered and evaluated with care.

God forbid if your child wants to take science courses!  Everything you need to know about EVILution and creationism has been written about in Church of God booklets.  COG ministers are the FINAL word in science.  Herbert Armstrong's writings and Garner Ted's Whale of Tale are the ultimate proof that EVILutionism wrong!
Second, carefully plan for the specific academic courses ahead and how to approach them. The first two years of a university education normally have general prerequisite classes, and these are not always directly related to one’s desired major. Some courses may deal with social engineering and attempt to break down biblical values. Science courses most often promote evolution, but this need not be a problem for the student who is well-grounded and who does some study on the subject. Our booklet, Evolution and Creation: What Both Sides Miss, is a good starting point, but there are many additional informative and helpful resources out there for anyone who wants to explore them. The greater problem is the indoctrination of students through a collection of classes designed to tear down biblical standards. This is why one must carefully investigate schools and the courses they require. By doing so, one may be able to minimize or avoid the worst influences of university life.
It is important to try and not let your child live on campus. If they do, the chances are high they will start breeding like rabbits, smoke pot and become hippies.

Finally, consider where your student will live and the pros and cons of that environment. The greatest challenge for young people on their own for the first time is campus life, which more often than not stands in direct opposition to the Christian life in many ways. This is why many of us in the ministry recommend that a young person live at home and attend a local or community college for, perhaps, the first two years. This decision can also save thousands of dollars.
At some point, a local institution may not suffice for the degree one is pursuing, and the last two or more years may require the student to attend university away from home. Certain decisions then need to be weighed carefully. Can the student live with a relative, Church member, or others who share your values? We must always remember to put God first and seek His ways above every other consideration. Is there a congregation nearby where your student can attend services and remain connected to the Church (Luke 14:26)? Is one required to live on campus as a student? There are reasons some schools require this. Just as our one-year Living Education program has this requirement in order to help us teach godly values, worldly universities use this requirement to indoctrinate young people into a radically different value system. Co-ed dorms, for example, increasingly mean co-ed bathrooms and shower areas. The Internet gives plenty of “what’s the big deal” advice on this, but one ought to ask the simple question, “Why?” What is it that they are promoting by breaking down natural barriers between unmarried people of the opposite sex? There is an agenda behind this.
It is much better to send your child to the greatest university on the face of the earth today, for at least a year, so they can do like of previous Living University seniors, breed like rabbits. Getting a Living Education rocks!
Does this mean a university education must be abandoned? Certainly not, but as I’ve pointed out, careful planning, wise choices of schools and courses, and considering where to live are all vital. One also needs to evaluate carefully one’s talents and aptitudes. University is not for everyone. The Apostle Paul and the prophet Daniel had formal educations, and it is evident that they were not without their challenges. Several apostles were fishermen with family businesses. Jesus Christ was a skilled carpenter. Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong chose to learn on his own, with mentoring by experienced advertising men, yet he went on to found three colleges of higher learning.
Too often, we think only in terms of “either/or.” A careful study of the Bible shows that this is not always the mind of Christ. Throughout the centuries, God has called individuals with a wide variety of talents, and He does the same today. The Church needs young men and women who are formally educated, but it also needs skilled tradesmen and entrepreneurs who run their own businesses. Consider all the facts, make wise choices, and always put God first.
While certainly not all of his points are bad, he far underestimates the young people of the church and how easily they can be influenced by liberals. Those young adults I have been around after they have completed university are thoughtful people concerned about their world and strive to make a difference in it. Not so much those trained in COG one room universities.

Read the article here.

The Future Destiny of Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry's Campuses

Plaque on the former Ambassador College/Worldwide Church of God Headquarters
located by the Fowler Gardens (Lower Garden's) steps

Site of former Hall of Administration

Former Hall of Administration site.  Now apartments and condos with an architectural feature in reference to the old Hall of Ad.

Looking across Auditorium Lake bridge towards old Hall of Ad site.
Harvest Rock painted over the rich patina of the egrets in order to cover over the last vestige of Armstrong that they could.  They dumped salt in the lake to cast out the demons of Armstrongism and used anointing oil on all of the bridges, walkways, and landings around the outside of the auditorium to keep the demons away.  They also anointed each of the rooms inside, laid hands on the fixtures and walls to cast out the demons that resided there. 

Ambassador Auditorium, home of pentecostal Harvest Rock Church 
and Pasadena Symphony

Maranatha High School Student Center and offices. 
Marantha is a top tier Christian College Prep school

Maranatha High School Student Center
Former Ambassador College Student Center

Fowler Gardens, former lower gardens of Ambassador College.  
Home of graduation ceremonies, student dinners, receptions and weddings.

Baptismal pool in lower gardens

Steps leading up to former college library site which was the Fowler estate home.  
Now apartments and condos

Fowler Gardens balustrade with Student Center, Auditorium and Mt Wilson in the background 

Looking back from former library steps towards the football field of Maranatha High School. Ambassador College track was removed and surface extended to make a football field.

Bottom of the stream where Grove Street used to be.

Stream steps up the hill.  Many of the exotic trees Ambassador had planted 
are dead, dying or totally missing.

Former men's dorm Grove Terrace, now a state of the art classroom facility 
for Maranatha High School

Former 360 Dorm, now apartments renting out for $4,000+ a month. 
Each unit was extensively remodeled restoring them to their former glory after the college had stripped so much out of them. This is where Victor Kubik, Brian Orchard, and others dreamt up the United Church of God while still ministers and employees of the Worldwide Church of God

David Wynn Dove Fountain.  Apartment building background is on site of lawn in front of the old college library and Herbert Armstrong's private backyard.

Former 380 and 390 dorms.  Now high-end apartments.

Herbert Armstrong's mansion. Now offices for Dorn Platz and property manager of the site. The bottom corner was his TV room where watching Saturday afternoon Westerns and Laker's basketball was enjoyed.  Top right of the house is HWA's former office. 
Top left was his bedroom changing/closet area.

Looking towards HWA's mansion across what used to be a reflecting pool.  Now filled in with sand.

HWA's mansion.  His library was on the right, the first floor.  Now a conference room for Dorn Platz.
"Pink" guest bedroom was on the second floor, right.  The area to the right is now a parking lot for Dorn Platz.  The grass area was removed and the garage relocated into this area.

The apartment building where old carriage house of the Fowler estate was. 
The college used it as the library annex.

Mayfair, original student center and dorm for college in the first few years. Later was a women's dorm.  Extensive restoration work had to be done to restore it after previous work had been done to remove so much detail to make it a dorm.  Then, in the 1990's, a woman who thought she was an interior decorator stripped all of the unique wood in the large living room and hallway and whitewashed it.  Now a private home for a wealthy Pasadena businessman.  The garage for the house is to the left.

This condo complex sits on the site of the Mediterranean gardens that was located 
behind Terrace Villa.

Terrace Villa, former women's dorm.  This also had to be totally refurbished to restore it to its former glory.  Now being sold as a private residence. Presently looks empty and abandoned. 
Outside looks rather run down.

This condo complex sits on the site of the former Science Hall

This picture of the condo complex is on the site of the former Fine Arts Hall and garden area.  
Picture was taken on Green Street.

The driveway where old men's dorm Olcott was located.  Now provides vehicle access to the super high-end condo complex in from of Merritt Mansion and the former Loma D Armstrong Academic Center area.

Condos on site of former Fine Arts Hall area.

Merritt mansion, former Ambassador Hall.  Now being marketed as a private residence, with ZERO privacy!

Yes!  The Word of God is still there, blasting out a final warning to all of the heathen's now occupying the grounds!  Once the house is sold as a private residence this will disappear.  Hopefully!

Former location of Science Hall.  Now high-end condos.  Entrance to underground parking.

Former Sunken Gardens.  It is now a swimming pool for the condo complex. Elephant Ears fountain is still there but painted black.  The condos in this area sold out before each building was finished.  They sold for between $2,000,000 - $2,500,000 each.

Looking down the steps from Ambassador Hall towards the bottom of the stream.  The pristine gardening of the past is no longer being done. Cypress is very overgrown.

From in front of Ambassador Hall looking north towards where the old Television Studios used to be. More apartments.

Rolling lawns towards lower stream area.

The garden elements, gazebo and urn fountain, of the old Mediterranean Gardens behind Terrace Villa have been moved to the lawn area between Terrace Villa and Ambassador Hall.

Stream looking towards Mayfair dorm

Double click to enlarge.

These are all pictures that I took when Dennis Diehl came by for a visit.  This is the future destiny of the campuses that splinter group leaders Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry have built in THIER honor and in vain attempts to copy the former glory of Ambassador College.  From imitating building designs to imagining they have created world-class gardens that Jesus will return to and walk around on; they have instead created nothing more than dollar store imitations of what once was. Neither of these two men nor the leaders of ANY of the splinter groups will EVER come close to what was here on this campus nor will they EVER be able to preach and have a ministry like Herbert Armstrong did.  From Living Church of God, COGWA and on to United Church of God, these groups are nothing more than vain little men trying to hold on to the past and to maintain their steady stream of income. 
Money still continues to trump salvation.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Thatcher Meeting: Herbert Armstrong and Margaret Thatcher

Declassified files from the Margaret Thatcher foundation
 reveal the truth about the infamous Herbert Armstrong meeting with Margaret Thatcher: For Thatcher and the development of the Royal Opera House, it was all about securing money for the completion of the Opera House. For Armstrong, he bought his way into a meeting with the Prime Minister, and literally bought his name on a plaque on the foyer of the Opera House. But there were concerns from within. 

Concerns were expressed that Herbert Armstrong would "Misrepresent" the meeting to suggest the Prime Minister's support of "The Church and it's activities". Strong caution was advised, because "Armstrong had been trying hard to become identified as someone with contacts to the Royal Family and the Prime Minister". 

In one file, it was stated: 

"In Herbert Armstrong's mind, image seems to be all important. His desired association with the 'great and near-great', as he states it, seems to be principally for the purpose of improving his own image. And he is willing to pay well for just such association." 

It was also stated:

"The main purpose of the advertising appeared to be to gain respectability for himself." 

It was said that any meeting with Armstrong would be "Inappropriate". There were also concerns that Herbert Armstrong, "through his checkbook", is gaining access to people he "certainly should not meet."  Armstrong agreed to donate a considerable sum to the Royal Opera House fund for it's completion. 

Margaret Thatcher agreed to the meeting with Armstrong because of his donation. Armstrong only wanted "a few minutes" with the Prime Minister, if possible. Thatcher would meet with him to "thank him for his generosity to the Royal Opera House Development Appeal". 

When Armstrong was told that the "Plaque" in Herbert Armstrong's name had a qualifying donation of 100,000 pounds, he "increased the check to that amount, and raised the amount of the check to 185,000 pounds." The meeting with Margaret Thatcher was allowed because they had reason to believe Herbert Armstrong would be even more generous if he had the opportunity to meet her. 

The bottom line is, the Royal Opera House needed Herbert Armstrong's money to complete the Royal Opera House because it needed donations from the private sector. Herbert Armstrong needed recognition and a meeting with Margaret Thatcher, and his name on a plaque in the foyer. Both goals were accomplished at the expense of the Membership and co-workers of the Worldwide Church of God, under the guise to the membership of a Matthew 24 prophetic fulfillment. There was no time, nor was there any interest by Margaret Thatcher, of any gospel proclamation or any witness in fulfillment of the "gospel of the Kingdom of God" being preached or proclaimed to Margaret Thatcher or the British Government. This was all about money, ego, and self-gratification on the part of Armstrong. 

It was, as this blog has been saying, over and over again, all about the money, and on the part of the Church, a scam to it's well-meaning and well-intentioned members. 

Incidentally, The Thatcher files show the membership of the Worldwide Church of God in the United States in 1982 at 51,888, and internationally at 19,154.

submitted by SHT