Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Gerald Weston: Should Young People Go To College or Trade School?

Gerald Weston is back presenting to us FIRM reasons on whether a young person attends a college, goes to a trade school, or ends up like him, living on the dole for the rest of your life off the tithes of other people. Sadly, it is just not the same world that Weston grew up" in.

Of course, in typical Living Church of God fashion, no article from the chief overseer can ever start without first mentioning gay sex and then peppering straight sex throughout the article.

In his June article University or Skilled Trade, Weston writes in the very first paragraph:
Our world is changing at lightning speed before our eyes. Australia was one of the last English-speaking nations to accept same-sex “marriage,” and since that acceptance on December 7, 2017, it has become one of the most aggressively “accepting” countries in the LGBTQ+ movement. The United States is experiencing a political transformation that was unimaginable even three years ago. Activists in both academia and the media shamelessly spawn social tsunamis, which increasingly affect all of us.
He then continues on to warn Living Church of God members that the world is filled with evil in the colleges their children will go to. Satan and his minions are ready to devour LCG kids and turn them into gay rights activists, liberals and delicate snowflakes.
How are our members to advise their teens and young adults about getting an education, in light of the war against godly values that has spread throughout much of academia? Universities are hotbeds of anti-God indoctrination, where naïve students become pawns in a grand, satanic scheme to transform our world into something very different from that which we embrace in the Church of God. Immorality of every sort is not only allowed but encouraged. What is a parent or young person to do?
LCG members must always keep in mind the sole purpose of their children. Young men are to get good jobs and provide for their families and women are to stay at home and be housewives and mothers.
Fundamentally, we must consider God’s design and the roles He has ordained for us. A young man is expected to one day provide for a wife and family, and a young woman is expected to grow into the role of homemaker, with the skills needed to uphold her husband and care for her children. The educational paths we choose should keep God’s loving design at the forefront of our minds.
Weston feels it is more encouraging to send young men to trade schools if they are more masculine and like to work with their hands.  They will end up making more money, for the church first and then for their families.
With that understanding firmly in place, wise judgment is the key to determining how to prepare for future roles in life. For example, not every school is the same. On both the pre-university and university levels, there are still schools that restrain bad behavior and encourage character development. They are becoming fewer, but they are out there. Also, what is good for one young person may not be good for another. There are high-paying skilled trade jobs available for the energetic young man who is more inclined to work with his hands and who excels in doing so, and this option often avoids generating a huge load of debt. Nevertheless, skilled trades require education, which is often gained from a trade school, an apprenticeship program, or a combination of the two. The more knowledgeable and skilled one is in a trade, the more sought after and better compensated he will be.
Then there are the other young men, those who are "all thumbs" and would starve if they had to do hard work in manual labor, like him.  They could go to school and be accountants, engineers, lawyers, or better yet, a COG leader!
Some young men are “all thumbs” and would starve if they tried to go down the skilled trades route, but they may make excellent engineers, accountants, and yes, even lawyers. The list of honorable careers that require a university education is long, but how does one gain such an education and avoid the destructive influences too often found in universities? Here are three suggestions.
LCG members should never allow their children to study to be geologists, paleontologists, scientists or politicians.  As we should remember, those fields are filled with EVILutionists and nasty gay feminist leftist snowflake liberals!
First, the choice of career is vital. There is a great deal of wisdom in sticking to practical disciplines based on absolutes. For example, engineers must work within dynamic laws. If they don’t, the plane will crash, the building will collapse, the electric circuits will fail. A real estate or corporate attorney will spend his time learning about the laws that govern his discipline. An accountant learns the language and workings of that profession. In other words, there are honorable professions that avoid politics and social engineering. Other disciplines—say, pursuits in history or language arts—may involve more subjective evaluations but can still provide practical skills in writing, research, and critical thinking, if handled carefully. Regrettably, however, many of the social sciences are rife with the very trends and abominable philosophies that are tearing civilization apart, and their “leading lights” are often those most passionately seeking, through societal reprogramming, to undermine even the most fundamental godly values. It is foolishness to think that surrounding our sons and daughters with influential educators, passionate about promoting such twisted philosophies, will have no impact on our children’s worldview and character. Options should be considered and evaluated with care.

God forbid if your child wants to take science courses!  Everything you need to know about EVILution and creationism has been written about in Church of God booklets.  COG ministers are the FINAL word in science.  Herbert Armstrong's writings and Garner Ted's Whale of Tale are the ultimate proof that EVILutionism wrong!
Second, carefully plan for the specific academic courses ahead and how to approach them. The first two years of a university education normally have general prerequisite classes, and these are not always directly related to one’s desired major. Some courses may deal with social engineering and attempt to break down biblical values. Science courses most often promote evolution, but this need not be a problem for the student who is well-grounded and who does some study on the subject. Our booklet, Evolution and Creation: What Both Sides Miss, is a good starting point, but there are many additional informative and helpful resources out there for anyone who wants to explore them. The greater problem is the indoctrination of students through a collection of classes designed to tear down biblical standards. This is why one must carefully investigate schools and the courses they require. By doing so, one may be able to minimize or avoid the worst influences of university life.
It is important to try and not let your child live on campus. If they do, the chances are high they will start breeding like rabbits, smoke pot and become hippies.

Finally, consider where your student will live and the pros and cons of that environment. The greatest challenge for young people on their own for the first time is campus life, which more often than not stands in direct opposition to the Christian life in many ways. This is why many of us in the ministry recommend that a young person live at home and attend a local or community college for, perhaps, the first two years. This decision can also save thousands of dollars.
At some point, a local institution may not suffice for the degree one is pursuing, and the last two or more years may require the student to attend university away from home. Certain decisions then need to be weighed carefully. Can the student live with a relative, Church member, or others who share your values? We must always remember to put God first and seek His ways above every other consideration. Is there a congregation nearby where your student can attend services and remain connected to the Church (Luke 14:26)? Is one required to live on campus as a student? There are reasons some schools require this. Just as our one-year Living Education program has this requirement in order to help us teach godly values, worldly universities use this requirement to indoctrinate young people into a radically different value system. Co-ed dorms, for example, increasingly mean co-ed bathrooms and shower areas. The Internet gives plenty of “what’s the big deal” advice on this, but one ought to ask the simple question, “Why?” What is it that they are promoting by breaking down natural barriers between unmarried people of the opposite sex? There is an agenda behind this.
It is much better to send your child to the greatest university on the face of the earth today, for at least a year, so they can do like of previous Living University seniors, breed like rabbits. Getting a Living Education rocks!
Does this mean a university education must be abandoned? Certainly not, but as I’ve pointed out, careful planning, wise choices of schools and courses, and considering where to live are all vital. One also needs to evaluate carefully one’s talents and aptitudes. University is not for everyone. The Apostle Paul and the prophet Daniel had formal educations, and it is evident that they were not without their challenges. Several apostles were fishermen with family businesses. Jesus Christ was a skilled carpenter. Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong chose to learn on his own, with mentoring by experienced advertising men, yet he went on to found three colleges of higher learning.
Too often, we think only in terms of “either/or.” A careful study of the Bible shows that this is not always the mind of Christ. Throughout the centuries, God has called individuals with a wide variety of talents, and He does the same today. The Church needs young men and women who are formally educated, but it also needs skilled tradesmen and entrepreneurs who run their own businesses. Consider all the facts, make wise choices, and always put God first.
While certainly not all of his points are bad, he far underestimates the young people of the church and how easily they can be influenced by liberals. Those young adults I have been around after they have completed university are thoughtful people concerned about their world and strive to make a difference in it. Not so much those trained in COG one room universities.

Read the article here.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know. Those of us in LCG are sick of hearing about sex in every article, sermon, and booklet. Premarital sex, hetero-sex, gay sex, transvestites, transgenders, you name it and we hear it, week after week. My kids do not need to go to college to learn about sex, they hear it at church!

Anonymous said...

"If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"

It's an oldie, I know, but before making any life decisions, all young people in the ACOGs should take a listen to Pink Floyd's "The Wall".

Anonymous said...

It’s always a culture war and 1 minute to midnight. I can hear the intro music to the telecast music cueing up.

I remember looking out the window at LCG services and finding the view much more appealing then the imagery of the sermons.

Glad I’m out and wish you the best. I hope your kids don’t have to endure the fear mongering much longer.

Anonymous said...

There are high-paying skilled trade jobs available for the energetic young man who is more inclined to work with his hands and who excels in doing so, and this option often avoids generating a huge load of debt.

Weston seems not to be aware that, unlike most universities, many trade schools are typically run as for-profit enterprises, designed to extract from students the maximum amount of federal grants and loans possible. The horror stories are true regarding kids who spend four years at university and finish with a Women's Studies degree and $100,000 of student loan debt. However, they are equally true of many shady trade schools, which commonly saddle kids with $40,000 of debt for a year or two of study, and sometimes even more. Trade school is a great idea for many young people, but Weston made a big mistake not warning parents about predatory tuition even at those institutions.

Anonymous said...

Weston doesn't seem to realize that most community colleges are severely overloaded, and that it takes most community college students 3 years or more to get into the right classes to finish the "2 year" curriculum. Yes, a community college costs fewer dollars than most 4-year colleges, but it often costs an extra year or 2 of a student's life, unlike the 4-year institutions that are geared toward students completing their bachelors degrees in 4 years.

By contrast, kids who go to a decent public high school can often collect enough Advanced Placement credit, and sometimes even community college credit, that they finish 12th grade with nearly 2 years of college completed, putting them nearly 2 years ahead of their home-schooled counterparts.

Once again, an LCG minister vastly overestimates his value as an advisor while revealing how little he truly knows.

Anonymous said...

How times are changing! In LCG, it used to be that the best way to get away with smoking pot and having lots of sex was to hang out with the Presiding Evangelist's boys. Now kids have to go away to college for that!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on June 25, 2019 at 9:33 PM said...“It's an oldie, I know, but before making any life decisions, all young people in the ACOGs should take a listen to Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'.”

I knew someone who listened to Pink Floyd's stupid noise in the past. The results were very bad.

Tonto said...

WESTON WRITES: "A young man is expected to one day provide for a wife and family"

Then they should have a course, provide sermons, and have a booklet on...

"How to become an ELIJAH/APOSTLE and Starting your own Narcissistic Cult".

Problem solved!! ??

Anonymous said...

Why does Weston approve of Satan's attack on the family? Before the Industrial Revolution and the rise of modern crony capitalism, families were together most of the time, with the father working at or near his home where his boys could learn his trade or could take on other trades to support the family unit. However, if you listen to Weston and most other ACOG ministers, you would think that the Christian ideal is for a man to leave his family for 12 hours a day and leave them with no aunts, uncles, grandparents and other relatives who would have been around them the pre-Industrial Revolution environment.

Notice that Weston does not express approval (or even understanding) of the increasingly common cases where a well-educated wife may be the one best suited to work outside the home. In those cases, Weston would rather see both parents go into the workforce, rather than see a man stay at home with his children. Weston cares less about the health of children than he cares about Industrial Revolution gender roles, and he stupidly thinks that 19th century gender roles are Biblical, when in fact they are one of Satan's cruelest tricks to weaken families.

Anonymous said...

Weston is outdated. He is not the only one.
My advice as a 2nd generation old timer is to NEVER EVER follow their advice on College education. Research yourself, follow your gut instinct. Get professional careers advice. Do whatever you can.


I never did, and I thank God Almighty that I continued on my course and took no notice of ministry who have since left my life. This is especially true for women.

Gerald Westons come and go but qualifications don't.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ June 26, 2019 at 6:16 AM,

Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' is awesome.

Don't worry, it probably won't make you gay.

Byker Bob said...

The young people should be encouraged to find their particular “gift”, and to obtain the education which will enhance their abilities to share that gift or gifts. The Armstrong movement has a bad track record of ignoring aptitude tests and personal preferences, and creating square pegs for round holes, often to the church’s convenience but to the detriment of their young people. Certainly by this point in time, everyone sholud have gotten the point that the prophecies and their timelines are totally unreliable, and should not even be taken into consideration when young people are planning their lives and careers.

So far as being negatively impacted by changing cutural values goes, the role of the church should be in assisting members to understand those and to deal with them. You can’t just tell people that everything outside of the church is bad, and expect that to guide and prepare them for any sort of success. If you function with “the world” at all, eventually you will learn that there are many good, ethical people, and a certain amount of bad, unethical amoral people. It’s our individual responsibility as humans to make a conscious choice as to which side of that equation to be on.

Christians can impact the prevailing culture for good, without getting heavy about it. The example we can set without always criticising speaks very eloquently to others.


Anonymous said...

He apparently has no clue what goes on in his own church...the only place I actually came into contact with drugs, illicit sex, and such as a teenager was at his church camps back when he ran them ­čśé

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every time I read something Weston has written it reads like it is from the 1950's? This is probably why I despised him at summer camp. Thanks to Weston's summer camp leadership I got to smoke my first joint and have sex! Thanks, Gerald!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Gerald's rants on marijuana. As one who attends with LCG occasionally, do you think if Gerald knew that I bought 2100 shares of two Canadian penny marijuana stocks, that he'd bid me farewell?

If you're interested they were FSDDF (FSD Pharma) and OILS (Nextleaf Solutions)

Anonymous said...

Sorry gave the wrong ticker symbol for Nextleaf it's OILFF

Mogen David said...

Me thinks, Mr. Weston has forgotten the spiritual benefits of colon purges.

the Ocelot said...

Come down where I live Rabbits ate breeding everywhere here! What's up doc?

Anonymous said...

I have to attribute to the Living Church of God my journey into sex. After being bombarded by sexually stimulating stories, sermons and articles as I was growing up I became fascinated in what this sex thing was all about. I tried it with another church kid at summer camp and WOW!!!! I have never looked back since! I may not be breeding, but boy am I having fun!

Anonymous said...

I think some commenters are making things up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on June 26, 2019 at 10:01 AM said...“Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' is awesome. Don't worry, it probably won't make you gay.”

Are you sure it won't?

If you have been reading the newspaper lately in the light of Bible prophecy you might have noticed that everyone seems to be going LGBTQ crazy in these last days.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I was wondering how anyone would equate a David Gilmour guitar solo with homosexuality when suddenly I realised that we are in the presence of Armstrongites who know nothing of classic rock. Someone has obviously seen the band's name "Pink Floyd" and has assumed that Floyd is some flaming, proselytising gay person rather than a psychedelic band.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:51 AM, if you exposed some of these folks to the Butthole Surfers or Pansy Division I do believe their heads might explode!

Anonymous said...

8:51 Obviously those who think Pink Floyd music causes homosexuality must have brains that are Comfortably Numb.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen, this might turn you gay!

Anonymous said...

Lessons in great music!

Anonymous said...

I know Roger wrote it about Syd, but you can almost imagine HWA or any of the ACOG leaders as you listen to "Shine On, Crazy Diamond."

Anonymous said...

Die Oh Mond

SL said...

I don’t know where you live, but community colleges in my area are not overloaded at all, and inability to get the classes you need when you need them is a bigger issue at Universities than it is at community college. You are also mistaken in your reason for why students don’t graduate on time - some cannot attend full time because they must work to support a family, some don’t take their classes seriously, others take unnecessary classes because they’re interested in them, and some don’t plan their classes out to ensure that all prerequisite classes are taken first, and some cannot get the class they need in their last semester. These are all real issues. However, I recently wrote a paper on this, and there is an overwhelming number of US students that take an extra two years to graduate - so many that some people are arguing that a bachelors degree should be considered a six year degree! The number one reason is because both the Pell grant and educational institutions consider a student “full time” when taking 12 semester hours per semester. It is impossible to graduate on time assuming the traditional spring/fall semester format (Pell grant only pays towards two semester per academic year) with a 12 hour/semester course load! I recently began taking classes from my local community college, and will graduate 6 months early because I took more credit hours than my advisor recommended and I took summer courses. People need to be proactive with their planning and aggressive with their studies if they want their degree in a timely manner. And, by the way, I was homeschooled.