Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ms. Anderson is NOT Happy!

A so-called "Ms Anderson" has replied to a post from this past April when COGWA was ripping apart the United Church of God through deceit, subterfuge and back-stabbing.  She was not happy with my description of COGWA and its "new focus" on ministry.

I wrote::

The 7th Day Sabbath Churches of God are reporting that COGWA has come up with a new internet domain that will be their "gospel" proclamation tool.  The name of it is really, really wrong!  All three of their chosen words depict everything they are not!

Clyde Kilough has announced “a website that will be devoted exclusively to delivering the gospel to the world …. we have settled on this as the domain name for our public proclamation website:

Life?  Hope??  Truth???

Are they serious?  Some of the most conniving men in the ministry of the COG today are part of this group where some of them have helped bring into being three different COG's while in previous church organization employ.  That shows an incredible amount of life, hope and truth!  NOT!

Life?  There is a sickening trail of destruction in the Churches of God in the lives of the membership. We have all seen Church of God "love" put into action over the decades we were all a part of it.  Forced divorces, rapes, stalkings, murders, suicides, child abuse, mental and spiritual abuse, and the list could go on and on.  In Armstrongism "love" tends to be a profanity.  A four letter word.

Hope?  How can there be hope in an organization that gives minimal lip services to the one person that offers them that hope? Where is the"hope" in a message that we were never good enough.  We were at fault for everything.  That were were vile filthy sinners. That God delays Jesus coming because COG members were/are too stupid to get it.

Truth??? Truth?  Really? That god of Armstrongism apparently was so incredibly impotent that he lost His own message for 1,900 years only to have it found in an outdated library in America? That He needs apostles and evangelists today? That talking about "a strong hand from someplace" is a hidden truth?

And they all wonder why there is no Church of God today making an impact.

Ignoring the above questions and observations about the REAL life in Armstrongism "she" writes:

Ms. Anderson said...

Dear author,

I don't know if you believe in God, but if you do, you need to understand that the intense bitterness that you hold for not only individuals, but entire church groups, is something that will put you in danger of the judgement.

Anger, bitterness, and hatred are of Satan, NOT God.

Do you want your hatred towards church groups to prevent you from entering the Kingdom of God?

Jesus said "Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do to one of the least of these, you did not do to Me.".

If He said that about things which these people didn't do to others, then what would He say about you and your hateful words?

Do you hate God? Do you hate Jesus?
I'm going to read between the lines a bit here, but it seems to me that "inasmuch as you [hated] one of the least of these, you [hated] Me."

Mat 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

You're calling us worse than fools, I'll tell you that.

I will pray for you, sir, because I think you are in danger of the judgement.


A second-generation "Armstrongian" and COGWA member.

UCG's Latest Creepy Video

"All of their "worldy" friends on FB are looking at the video and thinking, "WTF?"?

This latest video by United Church of God is downright creepy.  Do they expect the public to be impressed by a retro dude trying to look cool as he takes care of his vintage car in a well kept neighborhood?   Is UCG trying to bring back the nostalgia of the glory days of WCG when strife and division had not pried the church apart?  How many families had to travel to the Feast in that kind of car in the 60's and 70's because the parents were giving all their money to the  church and all they had to drive was an old used car like that?

I feel sorry for the little kids that have to listen to this drivel and the subtle brainwashing it is attempting to do.  There is nothing wrong with believing in a future time when the world will be at peace.  I think that's the hope and desire for the vast majority of humanity.  The problem lies in the teaching that this is something people are required to do in order to make God love them and maybe make them kings of some distant planet.  Kolob, perhaps?

One person on Facebook said that the voice of the creepy puppet reminds him of the voice of the pedophile on Family Guy.

Let's all song together about "...riding me a bottle nose dolphin in the kingdom..." ...and meeting "famous men." Obviously famous women are too stupid to talk to. Besides, just who are these famous men?  COGers through history or real famous men through the ages of time?  Buddha?  Muhammad? Constantine? Charlemagne?  According to COG teaching these men won't be in the first 1,000 years of that kingdom anyway.  Only the resurrected saints and those remaining alive after the Catholic Church is through killing true believers and nuclear war is over will be in the kingdom.  Those famous dudes won
t be there but will pop up on the scene later on.

Obviously their marketing guru's think this series of videos is the next best thing to hot buttered biscuits.  But really, WHO is watching these videos other than UCGer's who are told to click the "Like" button as often as possible to give these videos a higher ranking.

My favorite comment was this: "All of their "worldy" friends on FB are looking at the video and thinking, "WTF?"?

Dale Schurter: When Will He Grow A Pair?

Dale Schurter has a long history being part of the Church of God.  He was looked upon by many as a guru on natural farming and other "green" activities before they were cool.  Others worshiped the man as a minister.  He could preach no wrong and his tapes were widely distributed.

Then Dale made the mind numbing switch over to the Restored Church of God claiming it was the ONLY COG on the face of the earth and in human history to be doing an earth shattering "work."

A reader sent in a little blurb to me today about Dale's latest chameleon changes.  Dale seems to have a reputation on changing colors to suit his latest endeavor.

Dave Pack has been having orgasmic fits over LCG's new teaching on the "wedding supper" and where it will be. Dave is spitting fire right now that LCG are apostates for teaching such a heresy.

The only problem is this so called "new teaching" is not new and was first brought to light by WCG pastor Harold Smith in 1981.  Smith started teaching that the "wedding feast" would be in heaven.  The interesting thing is that when Smith preached this one of the first to jump on the same band wagon was Dale Schurter.  Dale was a firm believer in this "new" teaching and taught it.

Jump ahead to 2012 and Dale is has joined up with his new guru Dave. Obviously Dale needs to be told what to believe, where to do it and how.  Hence, Mr. No Balls.

 Dave hates that teaching and says it is heresy.  Dale Schurter, in his typical ball-less fashion now has changed his beliefs and says it is wrong.  How many more times can this king of waffling change his mind?  When Dave kicks him out of RCG? When some other "new and improved" teacher comes along?

Why doesn't Dale get a pair and stand up for something and stick to it?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Fine Example On How The Church of God Regarded It's Members

Here is example of how the Worldwide Church of God treated it's members and how it lusted after money. 
This is a truly a disgusting story that was on Facebook this week. 

This is not the first time that the WCG did this to members and families of the deceased.  It was standard practice. There are many documented cases over the decades of the WCG suing family members to get money that the church believed they deserved. There are even instances of families left destitute because the WCG took all the money.

This is not something left to the old dusty bin of WCG history. It still goes on in every large splinter group out there today.  Beware of putting the COG in your will at the expense of your family!

My father was an elder for 30 some years with no pay. Dad died at age 62. Leaving my mother a widow. A church member who my parents took care of for years left my mother his money. WWC took my mother to court and got part of it. They then asked my mother and my brother for the rest of it. And My Brother FD who was an elder got up in front of the church and resigned and left the wwc church. My mother owned the church building that they were meeting in. Headquarters Pasadena [was] a bunch of crooks!

By the way the mans body wasn't even cold yet. The same day of his funeral the lawyers called my mother and I into a meeting. And across the table was you guessed it. [A]World Wide Church of God minister and headquarters on the phone guiding them all the way.

E. W. King: My Prophecy Has Come True

Yet again, we have another COG minister who claims prophetic insight into world events.  God apparently is speaking directly to him and not to any of the other COG leaders around the world.  EeeeeW King thinks he predicted the assassination of the U.S. Ambassador to Syria.

EeeeeW King writes:

It is interesting to note here the fact that I stated in my April 9th 2012 prophetic forecast the following:
“And last but not least I have stated that I believe that an attack on a world leader is coming soon. I do not have all the details about why I believe this, I just do. Egypt seems to be getting restless. Egypt would like to see Israel invaded. This world is like a giant storm floating in space. As we watch world events stay close to God. Pray often. Study the Bible often. Share with others as often as you can about the coming Kingdom of God.” (To read the whole prophecy forecast for 2012 click here)

Did you notice that I put it in the context of Egypt? Many have noticed that my prophecy forecasts have come true. People who have received my first book will note these statements and that I stated them way back when the book was published. I am not a prophet. However, I do know that God has given me clarity in regards to watching prophetic events. I still believe that (unfortunately) yet another assassination of a leading figure will soon occur. I do not take pleasure in these prophetic forecasts. I simply try and listen to God and honor Him in all that I do and say.

An ambassador represents a world leader; he or she is the speaker of the leader. The recent attack on the American ambassador was an act of war!

*To read more about my prophetic forecasts and their fulfillments click here.

   “Christian Reality…the spin stops here!”

The Rats Are Jumping Off Ron Weinland's Felonious Ship

Ever since Church of God Preaching the Kingdom pastor Ron Weinland was convicted in court a month or so ago he has had members leaving his sinking ship.  With members leaving, money goes out the door too.

Today, Dave Pack is gloating once again that he has scored more jumpers from Church of God Preaching the Kingdom.  These are men who care more about continuing to receive a paycheck than actually being men of integrity and speaking out against Ron and the rest of the fraudulent COG leaders who continue to fleece the flock.

A second former PKG leader—also in New Zealand—has become a member of The Restored Church of God. A number of former PKG members from that country have come with Restored, and we have heard from others in PKG, both in New Zealand and around the world, who are looking into RCG.

Obviously these men are not as important as they thought they were because Dave has not released their names.  Or, maybe they are being sent immediately to Dave's reeducation camp so that they don't make complete asses of themselves like Schurter, Gray, Zhorne and Wachuku did.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Churches of God: Truth In Advertising?

There is a great post on another blog that has an entry today about "Truth in Advertising for Churches.

We all know it.
It’s a fact we all live with.
The food that we see on all of the fast food advertisements never look like what’s lurking inside that cardboard box.
The following images present them side-by-side, thus showing the contrast between advertising and reality.
Let’s make sure our Church websites and media doesn’t do the same thing.

The posting ends with the comment below which describes most of the Churches of God.  The outward appearance in many cases is sharp and impressive, but once you are inculcated into the experience it's another story.  Appearances are deceiving.

There’s a fine-line between putting your best foot forward, and bearing false witness.

How many of  the COG's are bearing false witness?

Mormons Excited About UCG's Drift Towards LDS Teachings

World News Daily (red flags should go up immediately) has an article up about Jerold Aust interviewing Joe Kovacs for UCG's their Good News magazine on humans becoming god's.

Mormon Dialogue
Christian Author: God Is Having Offspring (For entire article click on link)
The author of the No. 1 inspirational book in America, “The Divine Secret,” claims God is having literal offspring, and the phrase “children of God” that fills the New Testament means exactly what it says.

Joe Kovacs, a Bible-believing Christian, was just interviewed by the Good News magazine, and was asked by reporter Jerold Aust, “Who are the children of God? What makes them so, or is this simply in-house religious talk?”

Kovacs responded, “If you just look at the natural world around us, you realize that everything reproduces. They have children or offspring after their own kind. I mean, the children of giraffes are giraffes. The children of cats are cats. And what are the children of God? You know people have to come to that conclusion: we’re not here for no good reason. The Bible calls us ‘the OFFSPRING of God.’ (Acts 17:29) It uses the word offspring.

“God is having offspring. And countless times, you will see the phrase ‘children of God’ or ‘sons of God’ in the Bible. In fact, in the famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.’ Paul says in Romans 8:14, ‘For as many are as led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.’ I show you many more verses in ‘The Divine Secret’ but over and over again, the Bible calls us ‘sons of God,’ ‘children of God.’ He (God) says ‘I will be your Father and you will be my sons and daughters,’ (2 Corinthians 6:18), so Jesus is not the only son of God. He’s the only begotten Son of God from the way He came into the Earth, but God wants all of us to be sons of God and children of God.”
Aust noted, “The thing that struck me when I read that again, this could seem a rather bold statement for your readers to consider: How can infallible, puny human beings who need nourishment, who need sleep, how can they even be considered to be equal with angels eventually, or be angels, let alone to be born into the divinity of God, to be divine?”

Where the Worldwide Church of God abandoned this teaching years ago, UCG seems to be moving closer and closer to LDS doctrine. Mormons are happy that UCG is moving towards "the truth."  Ah, there it is, that favorite catch word that disenfranchises most of humanity.  Only certain people  have the "truth" and the rest of the dumb schmucks in the world are lost.

LDS responses to the article include:

Sounds almost straight from an LDS manual.  

A lot of Evangelicals are coming around to understanding the TRUTH. 

I increasingly find evangelicals behavior towards the LDS like the French do towards Americans.  They continue to ask "How can we be more like them without being them?"  

One wise person noted:

It appears that the author, Joe Kovac has been influenced by Herbert W. Armstrong or the teachings of the Church of God, which would make since given his statements. Not an evangelical.
Then another person obliviously chimes in

It's always good to hear of other Christians making progress on Biblical interpretation whatever their faults may be. 

Flurry Cult Archeology Dig

Gerald Flurry has sent several of his "college" student over to Israel to work in an archeological dig.  Flurry is doing this because HWA did this and because he cannot come up with an original idea on how to run a chruch. college or foundation.  Imitating and plagerizing others is his only method of operation.

A popular blog about the Holy Land arcehology digs has brought to the public's attention the cult atributes of Flurry's group and it's ties to Armstrognism.

Herbert W. Armstrong’s Influence Stretched Deep in Israel (1967-1986)

, ,  

A little-known fact about Benjamin Mazar’s Ophel excavations is that they were partially funded by cult leader* Herbert W. Armstrong. A less known fact is how deep Armstrong’s influence, financial and otherwise, extended in Israel, or how deep it even into Israel today, over two decades after Armstrong’s death.
*The group he founded fits at least twelve of this list’s fifteen characteristics of a cult.

Ex-COG Street Musician Says: “The paradigm stopped working for me.”

Accordion player Terri Conti performs on Church Street. / JOHN BRIGGS/FREE PRESS

Her travels have been extensive. She was born on Long Island, moved early to Succasunna, N.J., 
and went to college in California at the Worldwide Church of God’s Ambassador College. 
(She has long since left that group: “The paradigm stopped working for me.”)

Here is an interesting story about an ex-WCG member who left the church and is now a street musician who is in the process of memorizing 1,000 songs for the accordion.

Imagine living a life doing the things you want to do without a minister telling you what you SHOULD be doing.  That is a truly unique concept missing from Armstrongism.

Van Robison on "Does Any Splinter Group of the WCG Have Truth?

"Does Any Splinter Group of the WCG Have Truth?

Of course they all proclaim they have truth, but the reality is that NONE of them do.  Those who lead all these groups are either self-deceived or else they are in it for the $cash.  The song and dance is that you must
"keep the Sabbath" and annual "Holy" days, along with tithing or else you are among the deceived.  Well, if you are snared by one of these groups, do you live in fear?  Do you really think that God is out to "get you" if
you do not sacrifice your life to one of these groups and whoever pretends he represents God?

Oh what a fraud!  FEAR is the great reason so many are taken captive.  Strange indeed since Jesus came to set the captives free.  Every splinter group of the WCG takes captives and makes those captive think and believe that they speak for God.  Pure hogwash!  NO splinter group  leader or group of leaders speaks for God.  It is exasperating to try to convince childish adult minds that they are being used and abused for no other reason than $money.

How do I know that NO splinter group of the WCG has truth?  Simple:  because Jesus Christ IS NOT the founder of man-made churches that feign that they represent Christ.  No physical church group on earth, among the many thousands of groups speak for Jesus Christ or for truth;  they speak for themselves---pure and simple.  Money, money, money, that is what church is all about.  Think it is not true?  If you feel compelled, why not meet for free at the local park, down by the river, at the flower garden or at the farm?  And while you are at it, why not allow EVERYONE to share what they think and want to say, instead of the "pastor", who thinks he has the only "right" to speak?

Don't we all have a song in our heart?  In the churches, whatever is in your heart is never heard, because the extremely vain and selfish preacher, only wants to hear his own voice, not you.

Van Robison

Dennis on: What is Ron Weinland Getting At?

What is Ron Weinland Getting At?

Note: Saturday, September 15, 2012.  Still listening. Quite amazing.  Ron is describing himself but seems about to dis-member  someone for "desiring to be teachers of the law..."  "They want to teach what they believe is right..."  Fascinating....stay tuned...  Someone's ass is grass I think...and it doesn't appear to be Ron's.  He is still beating around the bush... Starting to smell like an ordained man...Here it comes......

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorFor the last four weeks, Ron Weinland has been babbling on and on about "going to your brother."  Four weeks!!!  With the world plunging into chaos financially, militarily and emotionally, Ron, the Witness of all Humanity, can only concentrate on going to your brother when you have a problem with them.  He is lost in many being offended, betrayed, hating one another and the rise of false prophets.  Four sermons!   What's going on with this man?
I can't speak for Ron Weinland.  I can't even figure out what he is getting at half of the time in his sermons, much less understand why he feels he has to talk for hours and hours about "going to your brother."
Personally, I think he is simply preparing the Church for his upcoming sentence for fraud and tax evasion.  However, he also seems like he is having to react to someone who is resisting him now after his conviction
Seems like a no brainer to me but Ron has not ONCE mentioned his conviction in a sermon since it came down on him.  Obviously, there is NO ONE in his current congregation willing to stand up and ask him what's going on.  He is turning his selfish, greedy, ignorant and materialistic ministry that supplied him with all the physical perks anyone could wish for, into a New Testament example of persecution.  His congregations must be brain dead.
Ron talks of those who do things they should not do.  He speaks of things that are wrong and that everyone makes mistakes.  He talks about how others can stumble over the offense caused by others in the church.  He has to be talking about himself and simply cannot admit it.  The man simply needs to put all HIS cards and HIS getting caught doing what no one is allowed to do with the money of others, much less in Church and apologize.  He , like so many before him, seem to have zero capacity to say, "I apologize,"  "I was wrong,"  "Please forgive me."
He is today speaking of having the freedom to do what one wants but that sometimes the weak get offended.  Really?  Is that how he feels about his crimes and misappropriation of the hard earned money of those who gave to preach a Gospel? 
Ron is trying to retreat to the position of the innocent.  At least in my opinion.  No one gives eight hours of sermons on such a topic after a personal conviction for mispending everyone's money on himself and family and not be talking about himself.  He appears to want to be forgiven, but is going around the barn of the New Testament and topics totally unrelated to his offenses to get there. 
Saying, "I am so sorry,"  "I was wrong,"  "I don't know what I was thinking," "Please forgive me,"  "I am getting some help and counseling," is NOT something I ever heard much at all , if at all, in WCG or any of their splits, splinters and slivers. 
GTA never apologized for anything to anyone I can remember.  If he had, it might have gone differently.  HWA certainly never apologized for his own arrogance or misunderstanding of himself.  Gerald Waterhouse never uttered the words, "I meant well, but I missed big time..."  The Tkaches certainly NEVER  apologized for tearing the soul out a mostly sincere body of believers and throwing it under the bus.  The Tkaches should have left WCG and taken their Imperial School cronies with them, but pulled off a coup in that everyone but them had to leave.  Pretty darn amazing miracle Jesus worked there!
At any rate, this does not need to be long.  Ron Weinland is once again proving that saying one is sorry and apologetic over stupid things done to the harm and at the expense of others simply is not something the man can face.  Forget the Bible Ron.  The Bible does not hold the key to your problem nor an explanation of how your left over members need to view you. 
If someone in your church is offended and moves on, they aren't necessarily falling away or going going astray.  You offended them! 
Next week Ron...get up at your church and go where no man in the COG has ever gone before.  Read this...
"Brethren..I was wrong and I believe you have read enough about my mistakes to not force me to repeat them here.  I will if I need to.  But I apologize for my mistakes. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you."
Then sit down Ron.  Let someone else give the sermon.  Take a break. Show them you're not just another one man show doing all he can to retain power, control and the impression you know what you are talking with every time you open your mouth. 
Stop using the word  "you," and change it to "I" on these topics. 
Congregants...Ron says you are all called to something special.  I can't speak for that but I think  you are being called to apply the New Testament scriptures in ways that they were never meant to be applied on topics that are not yours to face. 
In the world of psychology and how the mind works when faced with personal shortcomings, this is called projection.  Ron is projecting his issues on you.  He reads I Corinthians about fornication in the church and hiding it as if it was YOU that was the problem.  He is projecting all this on you.  It is not about you. 
He says YOU are tolerating things in the body that you should not tolerate. On this he is correct.  I do not know if he has others things in the congregation in mind during this long drawn out series on a minor topic but he may be both deflecting and projecting his own stuff. 
We'll see I guess....
Dennis C. Diehl

Monday, September 17, 2012

Religious Nuts

I get all kinds of email from wacko's out there in regards to items of interest from the various COG's.  Many obviously have severe mental health issues.  Others are prime examples of what black and white legalistic religiosity will do to people. They have all the answers and everyone else is wrong.  They are saved and the rest of humanity is damned. God speaks to or through them with some secret message that the world supposedly needs to hear..  The list could go on and on.

Over the weekend I received this from a guy who calls himself Junior Watchman.  His magical god is ready to dish out punishments upon all who disagree with him.  Anytime you see the word "Watchman" in the title of an Armstrongite you know that a few screws are loose. 70 years of modern COG history proves that.  How many hundreds of "watchman" have popped on to the scene since William Miller made an ass of himself?

Baby Watchman writes:

Is not the truth of Jesus Christ.
You ever been a victim of satanic ritual abuse and survived to tell about it?
You ever been introduced to the sons of the serpent who rule the world?

Most of what you say about ‘wacky conspiracy theories’ actually have much more truth about them than you realize, but alas, it’s expected because those who were never part of such things, speak on things they don’t even know from such a position.

Here’s some advise, either stop lying… or every dog has it’s day, not by my works, but by God’s own’s decress when you bear false witness.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bob Thiel Comments About Meredith's Concerns

Bob Thiel writes in Living Church of God News:

09/14/12 p.m. Dr. Meredith contacted me yesterday and listed some LCG concerns about about my book Barack Obama, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States. I provided him feedback related to those concerns, including part of how I feel that book helps tie into the final phase of the work. We both mentioned mutual prayers and the Feast of Tabernacles, and I conveyed my wishes that he would have a great Feast of Tabernacles.
There are a lot of recent false assertions and reports about me and LCG matters on the internet, so this may be a good time to address a few of them. For example, James Malm (a blogger, that seems to be starting to form his own group, long has had major issues with me, LCG, UCG, COGWA, etc.) posted the following:
This ongoing battle through the summer began to climax as the COGWA talks progressed and Bob published his book on President Obama.  After a number of calls from Charlotte on this new book as well as many communications on his disagreement with the new falling away teaching; and especially about his attitude, that he was straightening out Charlotte; Doug Winnail flew out to San Diego for two days of talks with Bob in August.
With the issues unresolved,  and there seems to be far more than only these matters, maybe LCG leadership finally got around to reading Bob’s other books?  More likely it is a power struggle over any potential agreement to cooperate with COGWA.
Rod Meredith wrote all congregations last Sabbath with a warning about believing anything written by Bob.
Now it appears that a choice to either obey and accept instructions from the leadership or be cast out has been given to Bob...
From what I can see, Bob Thiel is the leader of the anti cooperation with COGWA faction. 
The above assertions contain a lot of falsehoods, false conclusions, and/or false assumptions. Because others on the internet have picked up some of this, let me try to set out the facts about the above:

  1. According to Dr. Meredith, there have been no positive talks about any type of serious merger cooperation with COGWA (Dr. Meredith, without me even bringing this up, yesterday again declared that no merger type talks with COGWA, or UCG for that matter, are in the works). (More on this can be found in my post RCM: There are No Merger Talks with COGWA or UCG.)
  2. I, Bob Thiel, am not leading up any anti cooperation faction related to COGWA. Members and ministers in COGWA who wish to be part of LCG are welcome to contact Charlotte or other LCG ministers. I have never opposed that, but instead long encouraged that.
  3. There has been no "power struggle" related to me and LCG's dealings with COGWA.
  4. There was never one call from Charlotte (or anyone else in LCG) related to my "Obama" book until after I got the attachment (which had already been made public) to the Weekly Update late September 6, 2012. For James Malm to state that I received numerous calls from Charlotte about the book prior to 9/6/12 is totally false.
  5. Dr. Douglas Winnail came out here (and I am nowhere near San Diego) on August 26th and 27th to go over LCG literature concerns that I raised (and the focus was NOT the falling away matter, though that was discussed as well). He did not come out here to warn me about my books. Actually, on both days that he was here I brought up my upcoming "Obama" book and he raised no questions or concerns about it. Dr. Winnail proposed the trip long before he knew about the book and the focus was primarily on matters of church history, doctrine, prophecy, and literature. And I also discussed my views on the final phase of the work and he brought up some Charlotte views. There was no discussion of COGWA, or UCG for that matter, that I can recall.
  6. Dr. Meredith was not warning that people not to read my books or anything else. He simply wanted to make it clear, that despite the claims of others (not me) on the internet that I supposedly was LCG's "official spokesman" that I was not an employee of LCG and hence, did not officially speak for the organization. Not only is that true, that type of disclaimer has long been on the COGwriter home page. He advised people to check out what I write (cf. Acts 17:10-11), and I have always advocated that: Specifically, I have written, and it has been at the About COGwriter page for many years, Don't simply believe me Believe what the Bible really Teaches Believe the Truth Prove all things – Believe God!
  7. The suggestion that a "choice to either obey and accept instructions from the leadership or be cast out has been given to Bob" is not true. This did not happen nor did Dr. Meredith even hint of such to me yesterday either. Nor have I ever been accused of any type of disobedience that I am aware of by any LCG leader.
Perhaps I should mention that also on the internet, some have falsely suggested that a couple of the LCG commentaries in the past week or so were intended to be directed towards me personally. Dr. Meredith, without me bringing that subject up, apparently saw the same nonsense, and told me that this was not the case. And yes, I believe him about that. Dr. Meredith, himself, also took exception to claims that there was any "war" between the LCG evangelists and me.

Yesterday, I noticed that James Malm linked to my recent news article titled Persecution. He, and others who profess Christ, should read it (Christians are subject to persecution per 2 Timothy 3:12, etc. and false accusations per Matthew 5:11, etc.). And James Malm, and others who make false statements about me (and others), should consider what they are doing.
 So there you have it folks!  Straight from the mouth of the world's foremost authority on the end times and the church.  Everything is all sunshine, rainbows and lollipops in LCG right now.