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Apostle Malm Health Crisis

Apostle Malm updates his health condition: 
As far as editing is concerned, please remember that I am in an advanced stage of diabetes with serious eye problems; I have no help on this effort and I am now reaching the point where I am almost too blind to do this work at all; and I do not get enough support to hire an editor or secretary. Those who complain should maybe think about helping out?
For everyone’s infomation I have just begun to take certain suplements that may help reduce the retinal bleeding and cornea swelling; hopefully improving my syesight; this will take several months if it works. The prayers of the brethren are much appreciated. james

While I wish him a speedy recovery, I wonder how much of what he is going through is because of negligence.  COG history proves that some people refuse to get proper medical health thinking that they can pray it away or an anointed cloth will do the trick.  I  hope this is not the case, but.....

Prophet Thiel: There Is A Planet Waiting Just For You!

Our galaxy is just one out of billions

Prophet Thiel, the official spokesperson for Living Church of God has this to say about current research that tells of billions of inhabitable planets.

What might be the purpose of all the planets in the universe?
Notice the following passage from Hebrews:
6 But one testified in a certain place, saying:  “What is man that You are mindful of him, Or the son of man that You take care of him?  7 You have made him a little lower than the angels; You have crowned him with glory and honor, And set him over the works of Your hands.  8 You have put all things in subjection under his feet.”
For in that He put all in subjection under him, He left nothing that is not put under him. But now we do not yet see all things put under him. 9 But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor, that He, by the grace of God, might taste death for everyone.
10 For it was fitting for Him, for whom are all things and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.  (Hebrews 2:6-10)
So, the entire universe was made for humankind, but is not yet under human subjection, but will be first under Jesus.  And then, later under humankind.
So, resurrected humans will at some time rule all the planets of the universe.

From those scriptures the Prophet deduces that you will be given a planet.  Wait, not YOU specifically, since most of you are heretics, but TRUE COG members down through the centuries.

Lest you fail to see that TRUE COG members will be ruling planets the Prophet adds this as further proof:

33 And He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there will be no end. (Luke 1:33)
6 For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  7 Of the increase of His government and peace There will be no end…(Isaiah 9:6-7)

Given Prophet Thiel's well thought out logic, I wonder if he considered the following, since he takes all scripture as literal.

Since scripture says there will be neither male nor female in the kingdom, how does he predict all these billions of galaxies will be inhabited?  Who is going to be produce all those kids?  Neither male nor female.....hum.

IF, and IF, we are being sent to rule over our own planet, will the familial structure be broken up?  What about your wife and her family?  Is she doomed to be separated from them because they have their own planet?  With whom does Scruffy the dog go with when he is resurrected? Will your kids be sent off to planets billions of miles away to rule over their own world?  Where will those inhabitants come from?

If, as LCG and other COG claim, the Temple of God will be established again in Jerusalem with its sacrifices in praise of God, how will the city accommodate hundreds of billions of people flocking to it on specific days? Even if one designated male from each of the billions of planets flew down to Jerusalem there still is too many people.  All those burning sacrifices from that many people would burn the City and Temple up!

Logic never seems to enter the picture in COG thought.

Friday, April 13, 2012

"I don't even care if you are listening anymore. If you refuse to obey God from now on, YOUR LIFE IS OVER."

One of my favorite crackpots in Armstrongism is based in Costa Rica.  His name is M John Allen and he runs the worlds best ministry called Destiny Worldwide and Destiny Central.  He feels he is a prophet called by God in this end time to warn the TRUE COG members scattered around the world.

Today he had a dire warning on Yahoo to all who refuse to listen to him:

But most of you REFUSE to listen or pay attention.....

so, if you won't listen and support this work, then God is going to leave
you with NOTHING. That is the ONLY reason He has spared this nation, but
the time for that is almost up.

Just look at these 4 FEET OF HAIL that has just fallen on Texas:\

I don't even care if you are listening anymore. If you refuse to obey God
from now on, YOUR LIFE IS OVER.

And I don't care if you don't like to hear this. Just go ahead and ignore
me and see what that gets you.

After spitting and snarling at the people who refuse to listen to him, he ends with this lovely little love note:

For those of you who ARE listening, I wish you all a fantastic last day of
ULB tomorrow.


John recently recovered from a severe case of gangrene that nearly killed him.  He claims to have conquered it at home.  Clearly, the endless bouts of high fever did something to his mind.

Dave Pack: Make Fun of US and YOU Attack God! Be Afraid! Very Afraid!

Davey Pack has this to say to all who make fun of him and his cult.
I fear—I truly FEAR—for those who so freely speak against the work of the Holy Spirit in The Restored Church of God. If only they could have the good sense of carnal Gamaliel in Acts 5:34-39, and stop attacking us “lest haply [they] be found even to fight against God.” We obey Christ’s Matthew 5:44 command to pray for those who do not fear God—who attack and speak evil of the work of God’s Spirit—and who are in more trouble than they know. Now read three verses later in Luke 11—verse 23—and ask where you fit into what Christ said. Who are you “WITH”?

Davey Pack's Restored Church of God Now Mightier Than Wikipedia

Restored Church of God: We are Bigger, Badder, Meaner and Prettier Than Wikipedia

Dale Schurter has finally reemerged from Dave Pack's reeducation camp where he has learned to think in accordance with Dave's will.  Eyes were anointed, again.  New ways of seeing things are now implemented.

Dale writes:

This extended visit has enabled us to again witness, and begin to participate in “hands on,” the dynamic work God is accomplishing here and around the world.

Brother Dale wants you to wake up and open your eyes to the fact that earthquakes have been happening around the world.  That is a sure indication that the end is here!  Never mind the fact that earthquakes have always happened, it's just that with the internet news travels instantaneously instead of being delayed for weeks.

Be very frightened! 

We can now vividly see the fulfillment of prophecy marching on, with the massive earthquakes of yesterday affecting nations on the shores of the entire Indian Ocean: “BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – Two massive earthquakes [measuring 8.6 and 8.2 on the Richter scale] triggered back-to-back tsunami warnings for Indonesia on Wednesday, sending panicked residents fleeing to high ground in cars and on the backs of motorcycles” (Associated Press).

Then again today, more earthquakes in places such as Mexico and the Oregon coast. This should bring to mind Jesus Christ’s words for our time: “…and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse (different) places” (Matt. 24:7).

Friends and brethren, it is high time we fully open our eyes, hearts and minds to the reality we ARE living in the last days. And, not only that, but especially that we are living at the very end of the entire Church age! Do we individually really GRASP this truth?
 Brother Dale writes:

Today’s apostle, Mr. David Pack, and The Restored Church of God continue to cry out very loudly over the airwaves, cyberspace, in print and in person: May God speed the day of the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

It's high time you opened your eyes! Dave speaks with AUTHORITY!  Or is it that Apostle Dave is crying out so much that he needs to start using Beano?

Then Brother Dale gets to the gist of the matter.  Either you follow Dave or damn yourself:

We each, individually, choose either to participate in this Work, or reject it!
 As with all things regarding Dave and crew, we are being constantly reminded that the Restored Church of God is the most incredible, largest, mightiest, biggest, and prettiest COG ever to grace this planet.  The earth trembles at the mightiness of Dave Pack and the RCG.  Even those pagans at Wikipedia are being brought to their knees in humility at the awesomeness of Dave

Finally, I leave you with some stunning statistics from RCG main website ( The True Origin of Easter booklet was downloaded an incredible 83,417 times during the week leading up to Easter, and was downloaded 35,316 times on Sunday alone! Certain search phrases put RCG’s booklet ahead of even Internet giant Wikipedia. For example, when someone types in “origin of Easter” in Google, the booklet has been in the number 1 search-results position!

Adding to the week’s amazing success is that free (organic) traffic increased substantially over 2011. Nearly 80 percent of visitors to our website during the week came at NO COST to God’s Work, in large part made possible by our extremely high Google search rankings.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Do You View Jesus?

ht: Gavin and Triangulations

Where does Armstrongism fit into this picture?  Since many do not belive much of what Jesus said, did, or the concepts he was trying to get across, where do they fall?

Van Robison: "Is The Bible---Mind Control?"

Is The Bible---Mind Control?

To be straight forward, the Bible is INK on PAPER.  That will offend many because they are led to believe that the Bible is the "word of God", infallible and inerrant and totally inspired by God.  None of us were living when whoever penned the many different parts of the Bible were penned.  We have no idea who really penned the various parts of the Bible, or who altered the writings purported to be "original."    Just because a particular book of the Bible has been assigned a name, does not mean that we really know that such a person really penned those words.    Studious researchers always think they know the answers, but we are thousands of years removed from the time and the language or languages of the time the Bible material was penned.

The Bible did not always exist.  It was compiled from the writings (and who knows how many times edited) of many sources.  Parts of it, if not all of it are said to be penned years after the fact.  Another words, it is said by some that many of the books of the Bible were actually penned much later than is commonly believed.  Humans will forever argue over Bible issues and most likely never know the absolute truth.  There is most likely no greater means to control human beings than through religion.  Invent religion, instill fear in people and cause the masses to submit and obey the rulers.  It is the oldest con game in human history.  Is the Bible then "mind control?"  What if it is and you don't know it?

One thing is for sure and that is that God Almighty/Jesus Christ has NEVER appeared to you or to me or to anyone in our day and age, in person, in a visible and physical form and communicated so much as one word.  Therefore God has NEVER told any of us individually what is and what is not TRUTH.    Of course we can read in INK on PAPER that some make the claim that God did in fact communicate with them, such as Noah, but how do we know that it really happened?  If we are totally truthful, we don't know.  We were not there and we are not witnesses in person that it was so.  We can be emotionally attached to the belief that God spoke to Noah, but just because we read it in INK on PAPER, does not make it automatically truthful.  What if it is a myth?

How do you as a Bible reader know whether you have been subjected to "mind control" as a result of the Bible?  In the New Testament you are led to believe that some character named Paul (formerly Saul), was so significant that the writings attributed to him, are totally inspired by God.  What if in fact this man named "Paul" was a fraud, not an "apostle" and in fact did not even write all the books, epistles or letters attributed to him?  If you read widely from many sources, you will in fact learn that many actually believe this is so.

How do you know that the books entitled "Peter" (First Epistle Of Peter) and Second Epistle of Peter were in fact penned by the UNEDUCATED fisherman called Peter, who was a disciple of Jesus, and not some other Peter of unknown origin?  And why would Peter (the fisherman) make the claim that the writings of some man called "Paul" were "scripture", as if inspired by God?  Perhaps there is actually much more that went on behind the scenes than most people will ever know.

Is there in fact a hidden agenda or more than one hidden agenda in the writings of the so called "Bible?"  What does control, power and free money for ever have to do with such sayings as "obey those who have the rule or
authority over you?"  What part does FEAR play in the role of control?  Are there ulterior motives behind much of the writings in the Bible?  How does anyone separate truth and fact from myth, fiction, fear-mongering and
out and out deception, in the name of God, Lord or Jesus Christ?  No one but the most simple minded of people would not ask questions and probe for answers to obvious and glaring issues of the Bible.

The difference between Jesus Christ and the fraud in the Bible, is that Jesus was pure in heart, came to make truth known, and had no ulterior motives.  On the other hand there have always been LYING SCRIBES, false prophets and deceivers who make the claim "thus saith the Lord", "God commanded" or "God inspired" or "God anointed" and so forth, when He did not.    Religion is man made.  LOVE is of God.

Van Robison

Undeniable PROOF That JC Will Return To Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After His Death

Here is a new moron that has predicted the year Christ will be returning.  Apparently this guy finished his new book on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles.  So who is this new prophet?  Prophet Gabriel.  Gabriel Ansley.

Gabriel was born December 25, 1970 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  At 12 years of age, in a certain church for the first time, he was picked out and told by a traveling prophet preaching there (who had never met him!) that his name was Gabriel, and that God had given him that name.  The prophet proceeded to tell him he would be like John the Baptist in the last days preparing the people to meet the Lord, for God would place him in a position one day to be able to influence multitudes of people!

Over 25 years later and after many supernatural visitations and revelations from God that DAY has finally arrived; for the prophetic Word of the Lord came unto Gabriel in the year AD 2007.  Instructed by God to write down the message he had received, Gabriel quit his job and dutifully set out to complete the task.  Twenty months later, the book Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return To Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After The Year Of His Death is the result.  In stunning fulfillment of the traveling prophet's words above, Gabriel's message now calls out in the loving, yet earnest, spirit of the Baptist (like all true prophets of God) to REPENT of your sins before it is too late!

He has determined the year Christ is returning.  This date cannot be changes since it was established from the foundation of the world, even though he says "somewhere between...."  I wouldn't call that being really precise.  That's a pretty impotent God that could not figure out the exact day 6,000 years down the line.

Another idiot to mock.

Long story short, when the nation of Israel amazingly, against-all-odds, came back on the map again in AD 1948 (after almost 1,900 years of non-existence) the Fig Tree in Jesus’ parable above had put forth her leaves!  Thus, Jesus was declaring, “The generation of people that sees this happen will not pass (or all die) before my 2nd Coming occurs!”
So how long is this generation of people?  Are you ready for this?  The answer is contained in the SAME Psalm of Moses where God first revealed the prophetic length of a day in His master time plan:
“For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past … The days of our years are threescore years and ten (70 years); and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years (80 years), yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we FLY AWAY” (Psalms 90:4-10).
There you have it, folks … 80 years added to 1948 yields AD 2028!  THAT is the last possible year on our current Gregorian calendar that Jesus Christ could return to Earth and still fulfill the words of his parable above.  And isn’t it mind-blowing to realize 2,000 years earlier (from that future year) yields AD 28 on our current Gregorian calendar, which is a highly respected year among scholars for Christ’s death!  Friend, I cannot say it any louder or clearer … JESUS CHRIST IS COMING BACK TO EARTH VERY SOON!  And it will be somewhere between AD 2026 to AD 2028, with AD 2028 looking very likely—which means the final 7 year tribulation period will begin somewhere around AD 2021.
Friend, Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming cannot be hastened or delayed.  It is a set time!
God cannot and will not change His prophetic Biblical Word, and He will NEVER be found a liar.  Therefore, Jesus Christ will return to planet Earth during mankind’s 6,000th year! 

Gabe had a miraculous vision on the Sabbath, December 8, 2007, where God revealed the true meaning about the Bible:

"...on a Sabbath morning, Saturday December 8, 2007, the
Lord first revealed the true meaning of the Bible to me. Oh, but that was
not the end of it, for more revelations continued to happen. For months
it was like God sat down with me, wrapped his right arm around my
shoulders, and carefully explained the meaning behind every detail
of the ancient Bible stories. Friend, the ancient Bible stories are ALL
prophecy: God caused and controlled every detail in them to happen to
foretell the future!!! In due time, the entire purpose and significance of
the Bible was made clear to me. Knowing the true implications behind
the details, I voraciously reread the first 5 books of the Old Testament
and the whole Bible sprang to life! The verses literally leapt off the
pages with spiritual prophetic value! The Bible’s true significance is
flabbergasting, and I bowed on my knees in reverence to God many
times for what He was revealing to me.
Then, during February of 2008, God asked me to quit my
carpentry job to write a book on what He taught me.
 We have William Miller, Ellen G White, Herbert Armstrong, Gerald Waterhouse, Dean Blackwell, Rod Meredith, Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack, Ron Weinalnd, Harold Camping and now this dweddle brain.  Give it a rest guys!  Your predecessors have all been proven to be liars, so when will you learn your lesson?

Apostle Malm: It is Entirely Possible To Sinless In This Lifetime

Three absurd comments from the Apostate Apostle Malm today:

When persecution or trials come our way; we MUST trust and rely upon our Great God and GO FORWARD in HIS ways; not compromising no m,atter what the physical cost, that we may deliver ourselves in the resurrection to spirit at the end of the sixth day.

If we do not do so now, very many of us will soon  have to do so in the furnace of real affliction.  Indeed, who can say that if they sin today, they will not die tonight?  Our focus is always to be on the things of God and not on the things of this world.
So is the Apostate Apostle saying that if you deliberately eat a sausage egg muffin today that God is going to possibly kill you for it tonight?

An acolyte asks:

When you say, “completely remove all trace of sin,” what exactly do you mean, because that’s not really possible, is it?

The Apostle responds:

Certainly it Is possible, but it does take time to fully internalize the mind and nature of God. there will be a lifetime of very HARD WORK and DiLLIGENT EFFORT to learn and overcOme through using the spirit that God has given us. We MUST use the tools that God has given us and NOT try to do things by our own strength but by the power of God.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012



The pen is mightier than bullets is not an original thought, because many human beings have long realized this is true throughout history.  Exposure is one thing those in power hate.  Light penetrates the darkness.    Darkness hates the light of truth.  In the world of government, whistleblowers are now deemed "criminals."  Truth bearers are often targeted as "insane" human beings, "nut cases" and generally dismissed as rather stupid people.  Those who speak truth are often laughed at and scorned as if they are a little looney.  This is nothing new.  Jesus Christ often said "you have heard that it has been said" and would then proceed to speak "but I say unto you" and then He would speak a totally different concept about life.  For example Jesus said "you have heard that it has been said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I say unto you, turn the other cheek" and so forth.  So who was it that originally said "an eye for an eye?"  Apparently it was not God.

Those who wield power over others always and forever live in fear that they will lose their power.    Why is it that the president of the United States always has the motive to be reelected?  Men can speak volumes of words and they frequently do, but it is not what men say, but rather the fruit of their lives that speaks volumes.    If the words promote war and more war and more war and more war endlessly, does that not speak the truth of the heart of those in power?  Jesus taught "love your neighbor as you love yourself."  Going to church is nothing.  Living by love is everything.    The excuse for endless wars is often to demonize the ruler of the targeted nation, and the end result is the death and destruction of civilization and the theft of oil and resources of those demonized.    We are not all so gullible as to believe the "news" media and what they spew forth 24/7.  The agents of mass propaganda fool many, but not all.

In the world of cult religious groups such as the Worldwide Church of God and its many splinter groups, exposure to their corruption is considered "persecution."  Only the simple minded are fooled.  Those in power know that they must control the people through FEAR and unfortunately it works.  Like the Titanic, cults are sinking ships and the only ones to be saved are those in life boats.  The life boat is to exit being controlled and dominated by fake and false "pastors" and "elders" who have a pretense of representing God on earth.  They don't!  If you have a brain and you do, then its purpose is think for yourself and not bow to those who only want to control your thinking and devour your pocketbook.

Van Robison

New Books: Hey By George!

Book Summary

Out of the fertile farm fields of Blue Earth county in south central Minnesota emerge 47 unique stories. As unique as the man God created to write them. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you cry. 
Some will make you just plain wonder, but one thing is for sure, 
you will plainly see that our Triune God is certainly "By George!"

Book Summary

To some it was just a frog farm, but for one man it is the only home he has ever known! 
Follow this southern Minnesota farmer for 2 action-packed years as he works out “his salvation”
 the only way he knows how. Read on through tears and laughter and often times at the edge of your chair as these stories stretch your mind about our Triune God. 
You may never view Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the same old way! 
Whether he is by himself, or surrounded by those he knows, 
come and see the unique treasure that was found “By George!” 
The treasure is real! The place is real! 
It's in Section 23 of Lime Township in Blue Earth County, on the Northwest side of Wita Lake.

Book Summary

Laughter, Trials, Tears, and Joy are all part of our walk with the Triune God! Read on through another 3 years of farm life, and see how Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are viewed by George! Story after story is how this southern Minnesota farmer builds his monument to God of Uncut Stones!

Author Profile

Author Photo
George W Denn is a fifth generation farmer from Blue Earth County in south central Minnesota. 
He grows a variety of crops, but specializes in pumpkins for his main source of income. 
He is involved with several youth camps within the Grace Communion International Denomination. 
He is the Author of three books, Hey By George!, Hey By George! II  On the Northwest side of Wita Lake, and Hey By George! III Uncut Stones

Is Your Body Leaking The Holy Spirit? Dave Pack Thinks So

The insanity continues to flow from Dave Pack and crew. Pack claims you can have God's Holy Spirit but at the same time God is not allowing it to be "replenished."  I guess we need to pull up to HS tank and pump in some new Spirit every once in a while.

Then he goes on to say that if you leave the one and only TRUE Church of God (Packsim) the Holy Spirit slowly leaks out of you. 

QUESTION 8: How can one have God’s Spirit, but still be outside His true Church? (This is the first of four related questions and answers, each of which builds on the others.)  
The answer to this has already been covered via many of Mr. Armstrong’s quotes, so only a little more need be said. There are branches—individual Christians—that are cut off from Christ’s Church. From that point, His Spirit is dwindling in them, not being replenished. But these “branches” can still be grafted back into the Vine (explained throughout). The flow of God’s Spirit can begin again, and this is directly connected to anointing their eyes. 
Basic fact. All of God’s people, and certainly the ministry, understood in the past that any particular member could be disfellowshipped from the Church and then brought back into it. We all knew that one can be out of the Body of Christ, but return to it. No mystery here. Members can be in the Church (in Christ’s Body), leave or be put out of the Church—from membership—then come back into the Church, having never lost God’s Spirit. Of course, many never return and obviously God’s Spirit does slowly leave them. This process depended on how much of the Holy Spirit they had, and how much time passed while they were cut off, among other things.

This man obviously does not engage his full mental capacity when he writes this drivel.  Even worse, is his small clan of members who believe it as God inspired.

LCG: In Fear Mode Over Pope?

The Living Church of God made the following official announcement about Pope Benedict XVI this past Saturday.  Instead of preaching about Jesus Christ they seem to feel the Pope is more significant.

Will Pope Benedict XVI Resign? The Pope will turn 85 this month. His health issues and comments he has made in the past have some expecting his resignation. In early March, two different reports appeared in Italian newspapers (Il Foglio, March 10; and Libero, March 11), “…advancing the hypothesis that Benedict XVI might resign, in part for the sake of influencing the choice of his successor.” Proponents of the idea that the Pope might resign refer to comments he made in 2010 and to comments he made before becoming pope, that, “If a pope clearly realizes that he is no longer physically, psychologically, and spiritually capable of carrying out the duties of his office, then he has the right, and in some circumstances the obligation, to resign.” Opponents of the idea cite a lack of precedent, and also the “crisis in faith” that having an acting Pope and a “retired Pope” (both considered the “Vicar of Christ”), would create in the church (, September 25, 2011;, March 16, 2012). It has been said, “Leaders think in terms of years or decades, while popes think in terms of centuries.” The Vatican has long been influential in international politics and the papacy has been an important part of the enterprise. Bible prophecy reveals that a “world church” will play a major role in the formation and backing of the end-time European Beast power (see Revelation 17). Whether the current Pope resigns or not remains to be seen. However, we can rest assured that this intelligent Pope has carefully thought through the implications and impact of any decision he will make.

Instead of talking about what was accomplished on the cross at this time of year in LCG, they remain in fear mode. Fear keeps the captives captive and ever fearful of a German Pope who is aging.  A Pope who will make a visit to Jerusalem.  A Pope who will lead the unification of Easter and Western Catholicism who will then incite Germany and others to jump on planes and ships and head over to America to set up concentration camps filled with meat-hooks and ovens.  A Pope who will be taken over by Satan and be the official persecutor of TRUE COG members who weren't lucky enough to make it to Petra. Oh, did I mention the Germans?

Prophet Thiel: Large Hadron Collider a Tool of Europe to Attack US?

Robert Thiel, the Official Spokesperson of the Living Church of God, Rod Meredith's personal mouthpiece and self-appointed authority on the precise sequence of events related to end time prophecy, is concerned about the Europeans using their technology to destroy the United States.

Prophet Thiel has had a particular beef with their Large Hadron Collider.  It seems it is bigger than the one in the US and it will therefore be used for bigger experiments that will make the US look weak.  The Official Spokesperson for the Living Church of God also feels that the rise in European technology is a sure indication that they will soon attack and destroy the United States.

The LHC is a European, not American, project.  It is the largest physics project in the world.
Large physics projects tend to produce military weaponry. Now if the Large Hadron Collider does have military potential, which I have long indicated that it does, all should understand that it is likely that the Europeans and not the Americans will benefit from it:
As I am sure the US version is used first for US interests and then for other use.

Then the Official Mouthpiece on prophecy for the Living Church of God has this specific prophecy:

So, whatever technologies are spun-off from this highly important science project are expected to primarily benefit the Europeans and not the Americans.

The understanding of the Living Church of God that the Europeans will be able to attack and takeover the United States and its Anglo-descended allies (cf. Isaiah 10:5-11; Daniel 11:39) is correct and will come to pass. And it still appears, to me at least, possible that the past and likely future successes of the CERN LHC may assist in the fulfillment of those prophecies.

You would think with all the degrees and certificates that the Official Mouthpiece of the Living Church of God brags about that he would use that education to make wiser judgements and stop uttering such ridiculous false prophecies.

The Temple of God Is NOT In Jerusalem But In.......

I bet all of you back sliding cretins out there that have forsaken God's truth never realized that the Temple that is described in Revelation was not in Jerusalem but in Pasadena!  Click on the following picture for that shocking TRUTH!

I don't know who the crackpot is that runs that site but it is already out of date because of his failed prophetic utterances.  August 2010 has come and gone and nothing has happened.  Another failed prophet not worth following.

Check out there very end of his "front" page for the picture of his "granny" with an angel floating in the air whispering in her ear.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dan Cafeo: No Movies, TV's, Video Games, in World Tomorrow

A few words of wisdom from Dan Cafeo of the Church of God In Training:

Look at what happened to the United States during the “roaring 20’s” following World War 1. Excess gave rise to immorality. Lavish parties and cabarets. Short skirts and heavy drinking. Then what happened? The Great Depression and “dust bowl” brought on by severe drought. This national experience was felt by everyone, even the wealthy.

The man is built differently. His muscles are bulky and larger to bare the physical burden of working the ground and constructing things. The female is more delicate and gentle, with greater compassion for raising children. The man has a greater capacity to focus on accomplishing a singular task. The woman has a greater capacity to multitask and care for energetic, young children. The man works primarily outside, the woman works primarily inside. The man is rugged and rough, laboring in the heat of the sun, while the woman is protected from the elements, therefore soft and fair. And these two attributes were designed to be attractive to each other. Women are attracted to ambitious, hard working, rugged, masculine men. Men are attracted to virtuous, discreet, gentle, delicate women. Like two magnets drawn to each other.

There will be NO movies, TV shows or video games in God’s Kingdom to come. Human beings were designed to be creative, inventive and productive—not mindless, idle “zombies,” hypnotized by entertainment.

Children fighting over toys are like murdering dictators:

Satan’s way is the way of get—be it a child who takes another child’s toy or a ruthless dictator who murders whole populations without a conscience.

Andie Redwine: "I Was Born and Raised in a Doomsday Cult"

Check out Andie Redwine's blog  Dear God, What Now? about life in the church.

One of my earliest memories is sitting on a blanket in a room filled with folding chairs, looking up at panty-hosed legs, playing with Fisher Price Little People, and listening to Herbert Armstrong’s voice. 

“And this gospel of the Kingdom SHALL BE PREACHED,” he’d scream while pounding a desk “in ALL the world for a witness unto ALL nations and then shall the end come.”

Now Herbert Armstrong wasn’t in the room.  But his Voice was.  He was on a cassette tape playing at the front of the assembly.  But there was a microphone.  A man would get up and talk, and then he would sit down.  And then the Voice.

I wasn’t aware of the cassette tape.  I believed that God was standing in front of that microphone.  Everyone was taking notes and staring straight ahead.  It had to be the Voice of God.

Unbeknownst to me and my family in this pre-Internet age, Herbert Armstrong was in quite a bit of trouble at his headquarters in Pasadena, California.  The state had placed God’s true church into receivership, and Herbert had left the state, and later?  The country. 

It turns out when you get a quarter of a million people to give you nearly 30% of their pre-tax income, you do pretty well financially, but it might be difficult to call yourself a non-profit corporation.

A lot of people close to the Headquarters of the Worldwide Church of God saw the corruption and gave up.
But we didn’t.  We were told that we were being persecuted, that it was all coming to pass the way Herbert Armstrong said it would.

And we became more committed, if such a thing is possible.

Some After Easter Fun With The Silent Monks

Are You Having Intercourse With The World?

Dan Cafeo, of the Church of God In Training splinter cult, thinks that when you educate yourself by higher education or by reading books by non converted COG members you are fornicating with the world.  Looking around my den right now with it's bookshelves filled with hundreds and hundreds of books, I must have been a busy guy!  I do have to say it has been quit pleasurable! Delightful too!

Another reason that false doctrines are spreading in the Church of God is because of intellectualism—which is a mind-eroding cancer! I’ve seen “ministers” walk up to the pulpit with a stack of books and commentaries, in an attempt to show how “learned” and “scholarly” they are. Yet they had no understanding whatsoever. These books and commentaries have no place in the true Church of God. Reading and preaching from them constitutes having intercourse with the world! God gave us books—contained in the Bible—and we don’t need any other!
All of this worldly intercourse has blinded them from understanding what love is. And how great God is.

Say what????????  The images that come to mind that I could use here to mock this moron would surely offend some, so I won't.

Besides being pissed off at books this guy is also pissed off at Richard Ames from Living Church of God.

Now, this letter was inspired by a terrible, false doctrine being taught by an evangelist in one of the larger church groups, Mr. Richard Ames. He is teaching that “God’s love is unconditional.” This is totally false! Nowhere does the bible teach that God’s love is unconditional. If you can find it (and you’re not just “reading into it”) then contact me, I want to know.

There is a lot of what Richard Ames preaches that I feel is not right, but if he is actually saying this then he has scored some points.

So how does this guy PROVE that Ames is wrong?  By showing how God kicked Satan's butt out of heaven:

If you believe that God’s love is unconditional, then consider this: what happened when Lucifer—the epitome of God’s creation—decided to rebel? This bright, beautiful, created being decided to attempt a hostile takeover in heaven, but what happened? God kicked him out of heaven so fast, that Christ said it was like lightning! (Luke 10:18) How long did it take for God to kick him out? Did God give him a “time out” in the corner, like so many parents do today? No, He dispatched Michael to immediately cast Lucifer (Satan) out of heaven and down to earth! (Rev 12:7-9). 

Where was the “unconditional love”? Did God say, “I’ll love you unconditionally, Lucifer, no matter what you do.”? NO! He said, essentially, KICK HIM STRAIGHT OUT OF HERE! 

Can you find “unconditional love” anywhere in the bible regarding that event? I don’t think so

Satan always seems to be the gold standard for proof-texting in Armstrongism.  He is surely one powerful dude, while Jesus Christ and God are impotent because they lost their gospel for 1,900 years.

Richard Ames has also sinned in another area that has ticked off this guy:

I’ve also heard false teaching regarding our prayers. This same evangelist is teaching that we ought to pray for the world, namely world leaders and heads of state. He tried to use Matthew 5:43-48, where Christ commanded us to pray for those who hate, persecute and use us. But this command clearly refers to individuals who persecute us directly on a personal level, not some distant stranger in a high office. 

Brethren, God is the one who is orchestrating His plan on earth. He is the conductor. We are instructed to submit and honor those in authority in this world, because God has placed them in their office of responsibility. (1 Pet 2:13-25). But the Bible does not instruct us anywhere to pray for world leaders. Furthermore, Christ Himself said that He did not pray for the world, but only for those whom God has called (John 17:9). He set the example.

Words fail me.

Apostate Apostle Still Predicting Tribulation By End Of This Year

Apostate apostle Malm is again predicting that the current pope may die and be replaced by another who will the final false propeht who brings about the tribulation.  If you have any fantasy trips abroad you had better do it within the next few months because by the end of the year you will be up the creek without a paddle.

When the final false prophet is set up, he will have a maximum of 1,335 days;  Therefore if he is set up in the autumn we will know that the resurrection will be in the spring; and if he is set up in the spring we shall know that I am wrong and the resurrection shall take place in the fall.
While it is not certain; it is highly likely that this abomination will be set up later this year and that the tribulation will begin towards the end of this year.

This is how the Apostate apostle sees it happening:

The Pope is now finalizing plans for a tour of the Middle East this fall. 
The announcement of the first city has now been made and other cities are to be announced soon. 
I point out that if this pope should die before then:   These things are big events and the trip would not be cancelled;  only temporarily delayed for a couple of months.
VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict will visit Lebanon for three days in September at the invitation of religious leaders and the Lebanese government, the Vatican said on Sunday.
A brief statement said the trip, the pope’s second this year, will take place on Sept. 14-16.
These threads are beginning to converge on a regional war very soon; and a possible Papal visit to the Holy Place near the end Nov, beginning of Dec.  IF this present schedule is slightly delayed.

Are You Twisted, Bitter and Without Backbone?

Every once in a while I get an angry reader who claims to know exactly what God is thinking. 

Anonymous said....Man, you are all sick. You will not blab your mouth of the way you do when you face God in the Judgement, and see Mr. Armstrong in the Kingdom of God. If I were you pray that you do not die to night---It will be to late to repent of your bitter and twisted attitudes and hearts.

You are all to twisted and bitter because you did not have the backbone to stick it out or endure. You could not see beyond your own sick ideas because you have already given in to your father the Devil, just like Judas. Pray to God for mercy and to forgive you.

"...stick it out and endure..."???????   Endure what?

Thousands of more lives ruined by disgusting splinter cult leaders?  Endure more deaths from lack of medical care?  Endure so that more people can commit suicide because they have been  made to feel like worthless human slime?  Endure so that more families can be destroyed by Flurry and Pack?  Endure so that this generation of COG youth does not go on for higher education because Satan is coming to destroy it all?  Endure so people can go out and sell all their belongings and give it to deviant bastards for the "final push?"

No thanks!  The Churches of God have a proven track record of offering humanity nothing of value.  When you can't follow the name of the person you claim to be followers of, what is the point?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Is Satan Beaming Bad Attitudes Into People Who Question LCG?

With the dawn of the Internet the Churches of God can no longer control the flow of information about church issues.  The Internet has been a great thorn in the side of the COG.  It is what contributed to the rapid dissolution of the WCG when all the changes were coming down the line.  Information flowed too freely and too fast for anyone in "power" to control it.

It's now over twenty years later and the COG's are still trying to control information.  Take a look at Doug Winnail and his belief that Satan is behind anyone that dares questions LCG leadership, doctrines or beliefs.  Even though they don't believe it a lot of what Jesus said and did, they sure love to trumpet out his name when it is needed to be used as a weapon.  Armstrongism is all about the fear factor.

Satan’s Subtle Devices: The Days of Unleavened Bread are a time for self-examination—to carefully examine the motives in our own heart (1 Corinthians 11:29-32). Are we truly motivated by God’s Spirit or by the attitudes of this world? Unfortunately, after months or many years in the Church of God, we can still be snared by Satan’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11; Ephesians 6:11)—without even realizing what is happening. Satan—who is the accuser of the brethren and the source of doubts, divisions and rebellion against authority—can cleverly beam ideas and attitudes into our minds (Ephesians 2:2) that stir us to criticize, complain, and question decisions, actions and policies of those around us and over us in the Body of Christ. When we see that Satan tempted Christ (Matthew 4:1-10) and then stirred Peter to sharply rebuke Christ (Matthew 16:22-23), we should realize that we are not immune to Satan’s devices. Jesus said that anyone who criticizes, pours contempt on, or harbors anger against others is actually guilty of spiritual murder (Matthew 5:21-22). At this time of year, we need to ask ourselves if we have the mind and humility of Jesus Christ to esteem others better than ourselves (Philippians 2:1-8). If we accuse, criticize and spread doubt and division among others, we have been snared by a device of the “accuser of our brethren” (Revelation 12:10). Let’s all strive to be real Philadelphia Christians who show love and promote peace and cooperation with others in the Church of God. That is what God is looking for in us at this time (James 3:17-18).

Have a profitable Sabbath and Spring Holy Day season,
Douglas S. Winnail

Dennis on Dave Pack's - "Should Accusers Be Accused?"

Should Answerers Be Accused?

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert Author

I have endeavored to read through "Should Accusers be Answered?"  by DCP.   What he seems not to realize is that Billy Graham, TBN, Benny Hinn and the Pope could all write the very same thing using all the very same scriptures. 

The Bible goes to great lengths to admonish defending the faith, but then gives way too much leeway to everyone to struggle with just what that faith is.  It's a document demanding compliance but  short on explaining compliance to what?  "Keeping the Commandments," always leads to which ones?

DCP goes on to impute the only acceptable motives to those who observe and listen to the words of those who claim to know the mind of God personally. 

"Obviously, these “journalists” are not dirtmongers in their own eyes. They see themselves as merely performing an “information service.” But they function much like the National Enquirer, The Star or other supermarket tabloids, so popular today. The difference is that they do this on behalf of the many splinters, assuring themselves that God is pleased with their efforts. Actually, these “journalists” directly serve the “god of this world,” who loves gossip, talebearing, slander, bad news, discord, division and every other form of human disagreement. While God hates these things, the devil and human nature feast on them. But try to tell them God hates what they are doing."

No,  you hate what they doing. Could we not also say,  "Obviously, these ministers are not Biblically inaccurate in their own eyes.  They see themselves as called by God Almighty specifically and obviously.  But they function much like the Trinity Broadcasting Network.  The difference is that they do this on behalf of themselves assuring themselves that God is pleased with their efforts.  Actually , these "ministers" directly serve their own beautiful minds,   who love to preach to the exclusion of others, connect scriptures that aren't connectable and give them meanings they never meant, Good News that is not good, demand for loyalty and compliance to 'that man" and every other form of human reasoning using as many scriptures as can be assembled to weave their tale.  While they think God hates the noticer and ministerial specialness and seeing themselves specifically spoken of in the Bible, they can't comprehend they are not really educated enough on Bible origins and history to take so much time and life energy from those they dazzle."

DCP goes on to speculate "what if"  there was the Internet during the days of the early Church?

For example, "

"The apostle Paul reported in II Timothy 4:14 that he was attacked by Alexander the coppersmith “who did him much evil.” (We will look at this reference later in the book in another context.) Of course, Paul offers no details beyond this statement about the specifics of what happened. But let’s ask: What if Alexander had been able to post his side of the story on the Internet at the time? How many brethren then would have felt they needed to read “Alexander’s side” of the matter before they could support an apostle? More important for us, how many among God’s people today would resist the tendency to study this evil man’s mind because it was still “archived on the net”?"

Using this example of every person in the NT who questioned the Apostle Paul, resisted him, left him  or simply did not like the man, DCP simply cannot understand why Church members would want to know what's up with that?  This approach certainly gives those who expect to be taken as true in all they say a pretty free reign over the lives of others without accountability.  DCP is right that Paul is long telling us WHO gave him a hard time and did not take everything he said as true but very short on telling us WHAT the disagreement was.  The Apostle Paul laments that "all in Asia have forsaken me," but can't seem to come up with explaining just why they ALL did that.  ALL is a lot of people!  In the Ephesian letter to the Church in Revelation, the Jesus figure praises them for challenging those who "say they are Apostles and are not.'  Personally I believe at this point that Apostle was Paul who the Ephesians rejected and is the "All those in Asia" he was referring to.

Paul tells us he knew a man 14 years ago who went into the Third Heaven (It was him obviously) but could not report on what he saw.  DCP likes this approach at times.  "I have amazing information, but can't tell you right now."  The need is to say one has secret or amazing info to impress or lead along, but not telling what it is keeps the suspense up for a bit.  If the Apostle Paul had an out of body or mind experience, how about he just share it and let us decide if maybe he needed meds and not a following?  Paul even bragged how he withstood Peter to his face, but once again, does not quite tell us what Peter's problem with him was.  I suspect Peter realized Paul was not about to go along with what he said he'd go along with in Acts 15 and the food on the table was not so much unclean as obviously offered to idols.  Paul goes to great lengths in I Corinthians to tell the Church that "WE know the idol is nothing, but in all men (Peter, James and John) is not that knowledge..."  Typically the duplistic and "just what do you really believe?" when around various people Paul.  (Being all things to all men must make one wonder sometimes just what do you believe?)

Simply put,,,, and would be strictly taboo.   Actually, great humor Dave!  If we don't need their dotcom observations and views, why  I prefer dotcalm myself. But in the world of "True Religion" and "True Churches"  that just doesn't work well. 

DCP continues...

"Many are simply no longer willing to let Christ rule His Church, stating about themselves that “I am not into ‘control’ anymore.” Each person wants to be his own lord—“his own man”—with a “nobody’s telling ME what to do” attitude. When things go wrong, most (ministers and laymembers) lash out because they will not any longer be ruled. They come to their own decisions—their own judgments—on almost everything to do with the Church and Work. As a result, the “hatred, betrayal and offense” (Matt. 24:10) that Christ prophesied would appear in the Church prior to His Return arrived, and in the worst way. It has allowed most to easily justify the “every man for himself” approach to governing the Church. Now, the tail largely wags the dog."

And this true.  It's how clear thinking and critical thinkers think!  We all know the phrase "let Christ rule his Church," really means "Let ME make the decisions."  We're not stupid.  "Each person wants to be his own man," really means "Leave that to me..."  I want to be my own man.  Being persuaded in one's own mind is evidently off the table.  Coming to one's own decisions, judgements and such is ok.  Kinda of a prove all things from what I tell. And we all know that once you say, "Now the tail largely wags the dog,' means you are the tail and stay on your end while I am the brains of the dog. Again, we're not unaware of what these statements really mean. 

Every dig in the NT by the Apostle Paul was a human reaction to the reality he created with his views and personal way of presenting it. One might claim it is the same way God reacts, but that is simply not true. That is an apologetic for human behaviors.   We're simply quoting as if from God, the ever used concepts that keep the powers that be , the powers that will remain to be.

Of course there has to be organization in organizations but voting with one's suggestions for a better way to think, act or be or voting with one's feet is not one of the Devil's greatest tools.  It's what humans who respect their own views and ability to think things through do.


"Did Matthew 18:15 require an apostle of Christ to sit throughout his ministry—for 55 years—hoping not to offend what would be several people in Denver, Dallas, Dubuque, or Detroit, because this “lynch mob” might have removed him if he had? When thought of this way, it makes even considering the idea ludicrous.
The passage instructs, “Go to your brother,” not “Go to your minister.” This is not because ministers are above the law, nor does it mean that you could not talk to your minister if you did not understand one of his actions or decisions. It is because a true minister cannot be removed by any except God Himself, usually through His faithful senior ministers. Even then, of course, they must have right reasons for doing this! (This becomes its own great reason why God’s people must go in search of the government of God and not stop their pursuit until they find it.)"

This is truly false reasoning and actually not the example we see in the NT.  Evidently the Ephesian Church in Revelation outed and ousted false Apostles.  Someone said,  "I am an Apostle."  The Ephesians said, "No you are not."  and Jesus said, "Well done."  Whoever this was probably went out and wrote something like, "Should Accusers Be Answered?" to the Ephesus in Asia Minor but to no avail.

"The passage instructs "go to your brother, not Go to your minister."  Oi. I can see why one of the titles in RCG is not "Brother" for the ministry.   That's kinda like saying , the passage says "Prove all things, not prove all the things I say."   Of course the idea that only God can remove such a one is pure theatre.  Saying it is "usually" through "faithful senior ministers, " is just plain silly as Dave knows he decides who is both senior and faithful.  That tail wagging the Dog thing. Does RCG have any senior  ministers?  Do they ever give sermons?  Could we see a portfolio of RCG ministers so we can pray for them as Mr. Armstrong provided? Maybe that comes after one purchases a Gulfstream II  because travel with the common folk is just too difficult. Ok, we can wait on that a bit longer.


"However, RCG is not for everyone. We exist for those who believe and understand that God has one government ruling His undivided Church. Those who want to criticize, evaluate, accuse, “have a say in how things should be run” or to withhold God’s tithes until things go “more to their liking” will be happier elsewhere. While God’s way is never a dictatorship, neither is it confusion."

Boy, that's the truth!  "While God's way is never a dictatorship, neither is it confusion."  Translation:  "God's way is plainly a dictatorship and to keep it from being confusing, only I run the show."  If DCP can imply that people leave because of Satan, being unconverted and evil sinners and not because they are thinking critically, asking questions and expecting to have a bit of say in what can easily get out of control when decided by just one man, I can offer translations of his concepts. It's too bad so many COG's are lead by demand and not by cooperation. I guess UCG has proven that doesn't work either.  I have learned where two or three are gathered together, one runs the show, one listens and one cleans up and brings the watermelon to the church picnic.


"Again, the official position of The Restored Church of God is to not answer accusers! I have learned—and this is its own interesting point—that those who love the truth do not require or even want me to explain myself. Remember, those always demanding the “inside story” are rarely satisfied with answers anyway, because their focus is all wrong. They ignore that we teach the full truth of God and are doing His Work with real force and power.

So, we let God answer our accusers while we “turn the other cheek.” Although I would love to occasionally write an answer of explanation, I have learned to withhold myself. As explained, and I repeat this for emphasis, when I did this in the past, I could never see what good was accomplished. While I may have felt better personally, it rarely changed anyone’s mind."

Evidently this has not really been learned or it's going to be unlearned. God must not have been clear on this concept in all cases.  However if not answering has now become a grand announcement that answers were about to come big time, then why can't we see that God's inspiration is not exactly set in stone?  Just sayin'. And if I was one who suggested that someone does answer their accusers and got put down for it using the scripture and the non-dictatorial nature of God but now seems to have been right after all...what's with that?  The dog decided to take the advice of the tail after all.  I'm not such a bad just the tail after all, it would seem.

Personally, the "turn the other cheek," "if made to walk one mile, walk two," and "If someone takes your coat," were short term teachings of a man and then expectant church knowing "it won't be long now."  Many such sayings are not life courses but short term admonitions that have long since expired and should be taken off the shelf.  Jesus never expected time to go on after him or the Romans to win.

And finally, the point being made...

"Keep it simple, brethren: The real reason a person leaves the Church—lay member or minister—is that he simply does not love the full truth (II Thes. 2:10). It is no more complicated than that! However, the one who leaves will never admit this, so he must create an “exit theology” in order to (1) soothe his own conscience and (2) portray himself instead as a “grassroots crusader” for God.

If such men cared so much about doctrine, then why did they speak up in this manner, with false accusations and scathing attacks? Why did they not “quit themselves like men” and talk to a Headquarters minister face-to-face when they had the opportunity? Why do they lack the courage to openly state they disagree with Mr. Armstrong, both in doctrine and in approach to doing the Work? This fits well with the tactics of their new “Presiding Evangelist.”

I personally get weary of being told what my motives are for ever learning and never being able to settle on one grand follow me truth. Seekers don't have "tactics," they have a desire to know truth and not be conned into anything less than truth.  I lost my faith in the story, the naive history, the inerrancy, the motives and the clarity of the Book.  The grand leadership, including Herbert Armstrong as present in form and actions of those that followed him simply destroyed my naivete' on things religious and run buy guys.  Now DCP is saying why did you not speak up like a man? never worked that way.  People were speaking up in all the ways you hate and because humans like you don't listen to the input of others, we have to go away. Herbert Armstrong was not a man given to advice or observations that didn't coincide with his own habit of getting used to having his own ways.  Such are many of the COG lone gunmen.  Everything in me wants to offer a quote or two up from someone close and deep within the experience of RCG to make this point, but I won't do it.  I promised I would not do it ever.  People are screaming at you to join the real human race and the real need for people to have positive hopes and dreams and kind loving leadership if that is what some want you to be to them. The day of the dictator and one man show anywhere on this planet is passing quickly.  I expect it will not go easily.

I will always be personally fascinated with the Bible, it's origins and the impact it has had on the lives of people. I , like many, no longer can abide being told by others what I can examine for myself and examine much more accurately than ever before because good old knowledge has indeed increased since I went to school.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

So, please don't accuse me or everyone else when we simply wish to have better answers to really important issues that really effect the quality of life now, much less in the future. When a man sets himself anywhere on this planet as only responsible and accountable to an invisible and actually non-present deity and not the observations of those one actually affect by their beliefs about themselves , that is troubling and very dangerous. Divining the will of this deity without accountability is insane.  History has already taught those with eyes to see that lesson.