Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ron "Weinerdude" Weinland Sentencing Delayed Again

Mike is reporting the following about Ron Weinland:

Yet More Time for Ron

(Click on link above for lots of information about Ron Weiinland and his recent court case which named him a FELON)
(at Covington)
Criminal Action No. 2: 11-70-DCR-001
*** *** *** ***
The Court has received the Presentence Report in this matter and notes that it contains lengthy objections by the parties. As a result, the sentencing hearing will take more time than previously allotted. Therefore, being sufficiently advised, it is hereby ORDERED that the sentencing hearing previously scheduled in this matter for Monday, October 29, 2012, shall be RESCHEDULED for Wednesday, November 14, 2012, beginning at the hour of 10:00 a.m., at the United States Courthouse in Covington, Kentucky.
This 19th day of October, 2012.
/s/ Danny C. Reeves
United States District Judge
So Ron gets to wear the ankle bracelet of humility for a couple of weeks longer while he watches cable TV in the basement of his mansion on the golf course.  The new sentencing date is exactly 4 years since the Seventh Seal was opened for the second time, and 6 years since he sent “2008 — God’s Final Witness” to the publisher.  Also 1 year and 4 days after being indicted.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Van Robison on: "Banned by HWA is a Lifeguard"

I never would have thought that a blog done in my spare time would become such a hit.  Close to half a million viewers since I started with over 1,100 hits a day.  All because I have fun making fun of the craziness we have all come out of.  You have to laugh at it all otherwise you become so disgusted that life becomes intolerable.

Van Robison wrote the following piece.  I had never thought much about what a positive impact this is having on people.  Much to the chagrin of a few idiot splinter group leaders out there. Hee Hee!

Banned by HWA is a Lifeguard

Banned by Herbert W. Armstrong is a lifeguard for church goers caught in the riptide of WCG splinter groups.   Riptides can pull the unsuspecting into the deep where the end result is almost always a sad result.  The few who are rescued by lifeguards are the only ones who live to tell what happened.  Spiritual riptides pull many into the deep, where there is little chance of survival.   Many church goers end their lives in the depths of spiritual and religious deception.

Beach goers in Southern California are there to have fun and enjoy the surf and sand.   Spiritual beach goers, think they are there because they have "truth", when in reality, they are so deceived, they have no clue that they are actually drowning in religious fraud.   The Worldwide Church of God was a RIPTIDE of deception, as are ALL splinter groups of the
WCG.   The "deep" in the spiritual ocean of fraud is full of sharks.   Church goers don't wear LIFE-JACKETS, they just plunge into the deep and think nothing will happen.

Quite often, those caught in the spiritual riptide of deception, refuse help or rescue, because they "think" they are "safe."   They really are not, they just don't realize that they are SHARK BAIT.


Is An Expose About Abuse in Armstrongism Soon to Hit Syndicated TV?

Here is an interesting bit of information that was sent to me today.  The person that sent it said it was off Facebook.  It is exciting to hear about this.  I hope this guy follows through with it.  As much as Oprah bothers me, she is an instant hit with millions of people and will make the cult of Armstrongism and it's abuses front page news.

With Andie Redwine's expose film "Paradise Recovered" based upon life in Armstrongism and cults, Armstrongism is now continually in the hot-seat.  This is in addition to the numerous morons that are splinter group leaders who continue to make fools of themselves and the Church of God.

Add to this all the blogs, web sites and books that continue to hold these groups accountable, they will be guaranteed to NEVER again gain a large following.

I love my Brother and have walked hand in hand with Him on his "Survivor Journey" (daily) for the past 34 years. His Girlfriend (a Doctor) is sickened ... collectivley.. they want to expose wcg in a huge way on a nationally syndicated network program. (I'm sure you may know which one). Its never been done before. Now that alot of "us kids" have the time, stamina, health, money, resources and drive to do so, with a view to assist folks "regain themselves" I applaud this effort.
This is my brother's initiative, with my blessing. I can tell you that a Sr. Producer is evaluating things and ...well se what happens.
My Brother is a unrelenting type of person who is driven by conviction. He maybe a voice. He, like me, trusts his Creator given instincts. Those instincts NEVER let him down, but a house fueled with wcg jet fuel did. I'm sooo happy that he is with us and all these years later, he has the intuition too reach out and let one hell of alot of folks know that its all going to be OK. OWN Network is the Production Company that has been approached. Fingers Crossed !! 

Mirror Mirror On the Wall Which Church is the Fairest of All?

Mirror Mirror On the Wall Which Church is the Fairest of All?

Every WCG splinter group church thinks they are the fairest of all.    All splinter group heads of the WCG, are self-worshipers, considering themselves as spokespersons for God.    God/Jesus Christ has not appeared to any of these men, spoken with them or implied that they speak for God.   Every WCG splinter group pastor or group of elders speak for no one, other than their own private opinions and they most definitely DO NOT speak for God.

All these groups jockey for control of as many empty headed followers as they can muster.   

Mirror Mirror on the wall which splinter group is the fairest of all?   Is it:

*The Philadelphia Church of God?
*The Restored Church of God?
*The Living Church of God?
*The Intercontinental Church of God?
*The United Church of God?
*The Church of God's Faithful?
*The Independent Church of God?
*The Christian Biblical Church of God?
*The Church of God-PKG?
*The House of Yahweh?

*Or name your group?

No doubt the Mirror on the wall would say "NONE OF YOU SNAKES are the fairest of all."   The Fairest of all is Jesus Christ.

Van Robison

Thursday, October 18, 2012

E.W.King: Those That Criticize Me Manifest "Near Outward Insanity"

Little did I know that when I criticize EW King that it is a result of antisocial behavior!  Who knew!  Now that that's solved, let's get on with it....

EW writes:

Most anti-social types use broad generalities when they speak. They like to place large amounts of people in social classes. Most of the time they are victims of their own repressed anger. They dwell on “bad news” with no Biblical solution. Many who are anti-social like to create problems within the relationships that surround them. Many sadly do not have any friends. They may associate with another person who is usually involved in some sort of addiction.
Many who attack COGSR fall under this category. COGSR has helped Christians become more social by giving them true hope and understanding along with true and healthy new friends. Helping other people understand true Biblical doctrine is something that most anti-social people get extremely upset about. They seek for error and bad news in everything the true Christian says or does. The good news is that in most cases the anti-social person can change and become a better person. How? Through Jesus Christ and the understanding of the Kingdom of God!

The main issue here is just what is a "true" Christian?  A follower of Jesus or a follower of Herbert Armstrong?

Like any good loyal Armstrongite, EW says that the only "true" Christians are those that are part of his little group.

Those of us in the true church of Jesus Christ have been called “anti-social”. Now please understand this argument in light of the facts of Christian understanding. Just because true Christians do not participate in fallen apostate pagan holidays does not mean that true Christians are not social. What does it mean? It simply means that true Christians have a different value method. Christians can socialize with non-Christians, we do it every day. Christians keep more holidays [God’s feast days] than pagans keep pagan days. True Christians are social much with fellow Christians. We are very social.

Those in the Church of God are only "social" with others as long as all beliefs are held in common. Deviate one inch and you will quickly find yourself on the outside. Labels will start being thrown around that you are in a bad attitude, you have allowed Satan to influence you, and more.  "Social" behavior quickly turns into antisocial behavior with the stinging rebuke of the Bible  thrown into the mix.

The King proclaims that those with antisocial behavior got that way because they were sinners and had refused to deal with that sin.
As far as being social with non-Christians we have a challenge but we understand our challenge in light of God’s word. We have to be around non-believers every day. True Christians see their social environment as a learning experience, whether they are around Christians or non-Christians. A Christian can look around his or her environment and notice behaviors in others which manifest non-social behavior. They see that dishonesty and sin are the greatest results of one wanting to be non-social.
All antisocial behaviors involve factors of un-dealt with sin.

Then on top of that accusation, The King proclaims that persons who criticizes his group are on the verge of insanity! Damn, so that's been the problem all along! :-)

Those who wish to try and keep others down, those who wish to see all true Christians as an enemy, those who hate and hate and hate COGSR need the prayers of true Christians. These unfortunate types wish to make sure that their immediate family sees things the way they do. They sometimes go to great lengths to control the beliefs of their own family members. This can and most often involves them sharing anti-Christian literature, pamphlets and or movies with their family. The unfortunate behavior of the anti-social person is to keep others down for the belief in his or hers own survival. Sadly these types manifest near outward insanity. 

Little did I know that because I make fun of EW and the other crazies in Armstrongism that I am also into Buddhism, reincarnation, ghost stories, new age teachings and fortune telling.

Many anti-social types like to attack what they see as “those poor lost fundamentalists” by delving into the New Age teachings. Their attacks on Christianity involve doctrines of reincarnation, Buddha, ghost stories and fortunetelling. The list goes on.
  “Christian Reality…the spin stops here!”

James Malm On Repenting Quickly If You See A Sabbath Breaker

If you happen to walk up to your Elder at church this week with a question and he says,  "Let's go to lunch and talk about this" rebuke him immediately!  Otherwise you will be lead into damnation!

Any man who tells you to compromise with zeal for God and his commandments is a FALSE TEACHER who is leading you to damnation! If you are disciplined by an elder for your zeal for God’s commandments, know this:  You shall BOTH face a greater judge who shall save the zealous and destroy the son of wickedness who persecutes the zealous, unless he repents.

The COG elders who will NOT keep his commandments as he has instructed; when you see a Sabbath breaker and consented to his actions by partaking with him:  Repent quickly lest you be torn and destroyed!

Dave Pack: "My Life and Ministry—Rumors and Lies vs. Facts and Truth"

NOTE:  This is looooong, because Dave's article is about ten times this length  It takes a lot of words to talk about oneself as the greatest human being to have ever lived, right after Jesus Christ.

Poor Dave Pack.  He is trying so hard to be recognized as the foremost leader in Armstrongism and no one pays him much attention.  Poor guy!  Well, Dave is trying to fix that.  He wants you to know who the REAL Dave is.

Even though he has the worlds most incredible web site, produces mind boggling booklets that no other COG can come close to imitating, he still can't impress people into following him.  Even after stealing several United Church of God's old worn out ministers, he still cannot gather a large following.  Rod Meredith and Gerald Flurry have 3-4 times the number Dave does.

Dave wants to lay to rest all the rumors, blog posts, and lies that have swirled around his lofty presence.

So to do that he has written ANOTHER article about himself.  Oh the joy.

He wants you to know he has written the most most significant letter ever written by a Church of God minister.  Apparently this ranks right up there with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Mr. Pack has prepared an extraordinary article, unlike anything he has ever written. It addresses longstanding rumors and lies about his business, inheritance, supposed “wealth,” home, office, teachings, early ministry, personal relationship with Mr. Armstrong, his first wife’s role, her relationship with the Armstrongs, rewriting Mr. Armstrong’s literature, and many other specific charges that have been leveled at him.
All the big bad meanies in the various COG's have maligned Dave's angelic character causing people to not jump ship and join him in his earth shattering ministry!  Shocking, I know!
Many today are literally still trapped in the WCG splinters and slivers by endless falsehoods about Mr. Pack. These are spread by their leaders and pastors. Long troubled where they are by false doctrine, altered traditions, lax policies, worsening conduct, minimal productivity and generally bad fruit—many are naturally very unhappy. We hear from them daily.

Able to see the very different fruit of The Restored Church of God—uncompromising truth, immense Work, beautiful Headquarters (and building program), enormous array of books, booklets, articles and magazines, Ambassador Center, powerful media reach, state-of-the-art websites, national television, rapid worldwide growth in ministers and members, exploding income, programs for youth of all ages and emphasis on quality in everything—thousands are more than intrigued. Tragically, blatant falsehoods about Mr. Pack have prevented many from taking action.

Yes, now with 1012 members it is a truly powerful ministry.  The world has never seen such a stupendous ministry as the Restored Church of God.  Bow down at it's magnificence! Kneel at it's awesomeness!

Dave writes:

Do You Know “David Pack”?

My Life and Ministry—Rumors and Lies vs. Facts and Truth

Like some of you, I have been the target of obvious lies—and in my case for many years. The time has come to expose them, and to be open about many personal matters that can no longer be left unaddressed. Answering many questions, this article speaks plainly. Too much is at stake for God’s people for me to remain silent any longer.

Dave wants you to know that this article that he wrote about himself is so magnificent you will be unable to stop reading it!  

For this article to help you, you must read it all. However, if you read very far into it, you may be unable to stop. Pulling no punches, what you read will forever change your view of what God expects.
Dave starts picking at the two big meanies that have made his life so incredibly miserable, Joe Tkach and Rod Meredith:

Rod Meredith’s and other leaders’ efforts against me today have paralleled and continued what Joe Tkach started when he and his team long ago began to systematically falsely accuse me, and eventually made me the first pastor fired in early 1993. I know the fault lay at the devil’s feet...
Dave is not too happy about the Internet and it's ability to bring down Armstrongism in such a rapid fashion as it did in the 1990's.  Today, the disintegration of Amstrongism is still happening because of the internet.

But there is one main difference between Mr. Armstrong’s time and today. Those people, and of course local “members,” could not take their story to the Internet. At best, they could poison only a few people around them who were foolish enough to listen to their angry, twisted “inventions” (Rom. 1:30).

I am skipping over lots of stuff that he whines about till I got to this quote where he seems to be comparing himself to Jesus Christ.  Poor Dave has been labeled all of these things just like Jesus Christ, yet he teaches only truth....just like Jesus Christ.  Dave, get down off the cross, someone else needs the wood.

Think about how many things a perfect, sinless Christ was accused of by people who must have appeared to be credible sources at the time. Consider once again: He was labeled a blasphemer, drunkard, traitor, bastard, heretic, demon-possessed, angry and abusive (when He overturned the tables of the moneychangers in the temple), Sabbath-breaker, ignorant, friend of publicans and sinners, and more. Yet He taught only truth—and was God!

Dave continues:
 Probably few remember or ever knew that Mr. Armstrong died with virtually no personal possessions he could call his own, other than a handful of suits, a watch, and a few other simple belongings, including almost nothing of worth. This man’s pattern of unbelievable sacrifice over virtually an entire lifetime was evident to all who knew him. Therefore, it should come as no real surprise how few possessions he had at the end of his life.
No "personal" possessions, yet living in a mansion filled with millions of dollars worth of art, silver, gold and antiques. But he didn't own it, yet used tithe money to buy for his own exclusive use.  Tell me what's wrong with this picture?  It's the same mindset that Ron Wienland used as he embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars of money for his own use.  Minister still do the same thing today.  They have their homes in "chruch ownership" yet it is furnished according to their specifications with tithe money.  Dave may not "own" his house but it is filled  with art, antiques, gold and silver bought at his command with tithe money.  I don't need to go into his house to see this, I know it as fact as ALL the various COG leaders have done the exact same thing.

God's greatest modern day martyr now writes:

And all of this is in addition to not receiving any of the following: health benefits, life insurance, a fleet car, a liberal expense account, or anything close to an annual full second tithe allotment given historically to all full-time ministers. I have not received any bonuses or any of the other things that virtually all regular field pastors received in the past, or what those in the splinters still receive (who now only have to work a relatively few hours a week caring for small numbers of people)—and I am the leader of The Restored Church of God. In addition, my salary was for a long time FAR below what all the splinter leaders are paid. I know! I have no life insurance, no social security waiting in the wings, and very little home equity remaining (if any)—and am no longer in my twenties or thirties (or even fifties), with lots of years left to “save for (any supposed) retirement.” Frankly, following Mr. Armstrong’s example, I plan to “retire” either directly into the kingdom of God or through death (sleep in Christ), whichever comes first.

Then he details how Rod Meredith has lied though his teeth about poor Dave and all of his millions:

A Large Inheritance?

Other facts need to be clarified. Many falsehoods have been spread about my first wife, my father’s supposed “wealth,” my inheritance, rewriting Mr. Armstrong’s literature, and whether I teach doctrines different from what he taught, as well as my relationship with Mr. Armstrong. There have been other charges not worthy of comment. The biggest point is that I have been under ferocious attack, from all quarters, with nearly endless lies—utter, complete fictions—told about me. (And I still am—as was Mr. Armstrong for a lifetime.)

Now for the barest facts regarding what I inherited from my father upon his death in October 1995. I have never written of it or until recently told anyone about it.

First, I received one tiny store (1,500 sq. ft. retail space)—not two or multiple stores, as some have claimed, and certainly not ones generating any kind of “wealth.” It was Rod Meredith who started the lie that “Dave Pack is a millionaire” and this story grew long legs. I chose never to address his deceit, believing God knew the truth. But in the end, many have been hurt by his lie.

I virtually gave away the one store I received to my son in July 2000. It is the only store today, and both sons still work there. There has been no benefit coming to me now for many years, and very little before 2000. My dad was not wealthy, or even close to it. I did not even know his worth until after his death. His total estate was worth under the $600,000 federal taxable limit applicable in 1995 when he died. (And its “worth” passed a federal audit.) That amount was split 10 ways (three children, seven grandchildren)! I got my parents’ one store.

It has been said that I “inherited a large sum of money.” That’s utterly false. This has also been partially a result of Rod Meredith’s lie. I did not receive one dime—or one penny!—in cash. The store yielded some money through April 1997—18 months—until I began preparation to open a second store in January 1998—which never did well and virtually ended my “extra income” from May 1997 forward, now over 15 years ago. Realize that it took two-and-a-half years (until January 2010) before I could pay for any of my wife’s funeral expenses. These funds came from a very modest inheritance after my uncle’s death in early 2009.

The martyrdom gets worse. Now Joe Tkach is picking on him:

More brief history. In March 1993, when I was the first pastor Joe Tkach fired and marked publicly on video (March 6 from Tampa), I had to act solely on faith. I had been systematically underpaid for much of my ministry by a vindictive Joe Tkach who hated me in large part because of my relationship with Mr. Armstrong. I had no money in the bank—none—when Dean Blackwell came from Pasadena (weeping at my front door and carrying flowers) with a nearby pastor to take my car, computer and Church files. The result: my wife and I had no second car even to get groceries. We walked. Two weeks of severance pay (plus a few days of vacation pay) had to last for several weeks until I could be paid by Global.

Dave describes how his church is decimating the Living Church of God, United Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God and others.  They are coming in the hundreds from each of these groups.  COGWA does not escape this either. Hundreds are escaping from COGWA to join Dave's cult.  This doesn't even include the thousands coming in from the world! All the other COG's must feel humiliated by this.

While most of our growth is coming from the world, hundreds of people have come to us from LCG (the rate is speeding up), hundreds more from UCG, and more hundreds from PCG, plus from other smaller groups. Hundreds of former WCG brethren are coming with us after going home for years.
Dave then goes into detail on how he started ratting out the field ministry and how he had an intensely close personal relationship with Herbert. Herbert supposedly took all of Dave's calls and called Dave constantly.  Since Dave was/is the most important man on earth Herbert apparently needed his wise counsel.
It was through phone conversations and several personal visits that I slowly began to realize my relationship with Mr. Armstrong had changed. I had become an “advisor” from the field perspective. Mr. Armstrong expressed that he appreciated frankness and honesty, even when it meant respectfully disagreeing. He wanted that, and it stood in stark contrast to the usually sugarcoated, self-serving political anglings he so often experienced in Pasadena. Advisors there largely shielded him or told him what they thought he wanted to hear.

These are the facts! I did not come this far teaching the uncompromised truth to fabricate stories now. There were maybe one or two times through the years that Mr. Armstrong did not take my call—but I was instructed to call him back a little later. I would. He never once ended the call, meaning he never a single time said that he “had to go.” He called me a few times to read whole Co-worker Letters to me, and at least another time to read a short article I had suggested he write. He wanted my opinion on it.
Details of my relationship with Mr. Armstrong could continue—starting with how he knew me from 1967 simply because I was a well-known swimmer on campus. But also because I was 6’ 7” tall on a small campus. My marriage to his secretary served to solidify the relationship from 1971 forward. I later framed this in my mind as part of a crucial training under a special man toward an awesome responsibility at the end of the age.
Then another round of martyrdom sets in as Dave wants you to know what a sacrifice it was to rewrite all of Herbert's booklets.  Sorry, how soon I forget.  Dave said every single word in his books is his own and "...not one word came from any of HWA's books..."
In fact, for a three-and-a-half-year period, from December 2000 to the middle of 2004, neither of us ever stopped to eat lunch—not once!—and a late dinner came three or four times a week in a restaurant, often as late as 9 or 9:30 p.m.! (Also, we did not eat a single breakfast or a single lunch or dinner together—not one—at the table at home from 1999 until the months she was dying. There was no time.) That workload would probably kill any three men lacking the help of God so obviously given to us.
Messiah envy seems to be setting in again.

Now he admits to killing his wife by overworking her. A loving husband would never have had worked his wife this hard knowing she was ill.
My first wife never complained a single time—not once!—and in some ways it could be said she virtually died at her post where she sat having typed over two million words ...
Dave is all about throwing around numbers to make himself look important. He claims to have written more words that Herb ever did.  Shall we get out the measuring tape to see who has the longest dick?
A helpful comparison, not said to brag but to clarify: Mr. Armstrong’s total life’s work (books and booklets) was 1,155,000 words (by a software word count). My books and booklets total over 2,900,000 words (approaching triple the number, and in a fraction of the time—with endless other duties swamping my days)! Incidentally, all of this becomes a big reason I had to virtually give away my store in 2000.
Dave is such an educated man that he has to write more than Herbert did because he has sooooooooooo much more to offer:
I had to write much more than Mr. Armstrong because there was a need for additional literature not needed during his time.
Dave wants everyone to know he is the COG's most compassionate minister and has never had to disfellowship people.  He just gently guides them out the door:

Incredibly, I have become a subject of legend in regard to something I almost never had to do! I very, very rarely had to disfellowship anyone. People who did not agree with the Church usually left on their own. A wise and skilled minister understands that people who do not belong—and we now know that scores of thousands never had God’s Spirit in the WCG—can be gently steered with a handshake back to the world where they do belong. I figured this out early on.

Dave was such a compassionate minister that the Rochester and Syracuse New York churches rapidly grew under his leadership.  I can't WAIT for the response to this be certain readers Come on, you know you want to respond!  :-)

I did not have to put many people out of the Church. During the 1970s, there were maybe half a dozen where this happened—and these were the “liberal years,” where thousands were leaving the Church worldwide. In the first half of the 1980s, after arriving in Buffalo, New York, I disfellowshipped an even smaller number. This was over a four year and seven month period. And that pastorate was in disastrous condition when I arrived, its previous pastor having just been himself disfellowshipped by Pasadena three days before I took over. The same condition was true of the Rochester and Syracuse congregations, because its pastor left the Church (June 25, 1977) the day he gave his final sermon—and the very same day I arrived. Over 300 people had left these three congregations over the previous three years. Yet in each case these pastorates quickly turned into the fastest growing congregations in the entire Church, worldwide. Church Administration, later renamed Ministerial Services, reported this to me time and again. I even got several visits from headquarters ministers (at least four I recall) asking me what it was that I was doing to achieve such growth. They wanted to know why my Bible Study attendance was routinely triple or quadruple the percentage of most other pastorates. Their goal was to apply principles that they could use with the rest of the WCG ministry.
Dave then graciously moves on to Akron where once again he starts the church growing rapidly!  Such and amazing man!  I bow at his awesomeness!
In the latter half of the 1980s, I was not in a position to put anyone out of the Church, because Joe Tkach had reduced me to an Associate Pastor and sent me to New York City. Once I became a pastor again, from February 2, 1990 to March 2, 1993 (when I was fired from the WCG), there were only two people who had to be disfellowshipped in Akron, Ohio. Two ladies who went with PCG left me no choice. This congregation again became the fastest growing congregation in the United States, even while the rest of the Church had begun to decline in attendance, with the highest attendance at the Feast of Tabernacles having been the year 1990 (151,601 attended the Feast that year). We all know what happened over the years that followed.
Dave goes on to discuss his other amazing qualities:
I was the pastor who developed the Plain Truth Newsstand Distribution Program into what it ultimately became. I did not originate the idea, but carefully structured it in a way that Pasadena could maximize its effectiveness...
Similarly, I saw that Youth Opportunities United (Y.O.U.)—the Church’s formal program to develop its teenagers—was starting with too late an age (13) to effectively shape young minds. I had three children (2, 7 and 9) at the time (1982), and saw the need to begin with children as young as five. So I developed a local program in Buffalo for 5 to 12-year-olds. It was tremendously successful (we had a children’s choir of 99, which we fit on the stage at one time), and involved a variety of sports, camping and fundraising ideas, plus Bible classes, to teach, unify and bond the children. Pasadena found out about it and asked me to write up what I was doing. I did—and the result was Youth Educational Services, or Y.E.S. as it came to be known. This is why God’s Church today does so much for its youth—more than all the other groups combined!
I wrote articles for The Good News magazine that did not get me a pay raise or a bonus.  

I held annual regional activities for singles, as well as certain annual sporting tournaments, which always involved hundreds of people. 

We fundraised on behalf of the Work tens of thousands of dollars that could be sent to Pasadena,

A sermonette seminar that I gave in Syracuse in the spring of 1978 was developed into a very extensive handout, which found its way to Dean Blackwell in Pasadena. I learned that, for the next 15 years, it was used as a speech preparation tool at Ambassador College 
Jealousy soon entered the picture and Dave was picked on:
Most other ministers just never did any of these kinds of things, never mind on a regular basis. Sadly, all of these activities served an additional hidden purpose that I found myself up against: they caused a very real resentment from pastors around me who thought I was “horn-tooting” or “grandstanding” for Pasadena.
Joe Tkach and a couple men around him were able to actively nurture and use this resentment against me to their advantage. He literally ordered five pastors who lived nearby to “write me up” in late 1985, just before Mr. Armstrong died. Two of these men called me about six months later to confess what they and three others had done, and to relate how they were given “no choice.” These five men today have all completely left God’s Way. One stayed in the WCG. Another stayed there and had a complete nervous breakdown. Another became an alcoholic. Another one gave up all of the truth and went home…and so on.     

There is soooooooooooo much more that Dave has written. It's frying my brain to read it all.  If you dare, you can read it all here:   Do You Know David Pack?  You might need a barf bag by the time you get to the end. Be warned though if you call him a lair he has this to throw at you:

Our Headquarters makes no attempt to keep up with the speed of the Internet, emails, faxes and telephones, when used by malicious liars. YOU—personally—must “be strong in the power of [God’s] might” (Eph. 6:10), “standing against the wiles of the devil,” knowing YOU are “wrestling…against wicked spirits in high places” (vs. 11-12), as YOU “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil. 2:12).

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Geoff Neilson: Armstrongism's Other Failed Prophet

Armstrongism has the clear distinction of creating thousands of men and women who thought they had some prophetic insight to world events over the last 70 some years.  Every single one of them have been proven to be liars.  Yet they continue to blabber on with useless baloney as if their god cared.  Every single one of them fails to recognize the scripture that even if ONE of their prophecies failed, they are false prophets and are not to be followed.

Below is a small sampling of a huge prophetic timeline by Geoff Neilson, another in a long line of "deceivers of the brethren."  Neilsons prophecies are all based on his belief that Herbert Armstrong was God's greatest prophet. Even though there are well over 200 documented failed prophecies of Herbert Armstrong, these people still look to him as some inspired guru.

  • Exactly four 19-year Moon Cycles between the 7 Jan 1934 official start of the World Tomorrow broadcast, and this date.

1290 Day count in this scenario: or Abomination of Desolation occurs.
HWA Day 30484,
Endtime Day 33717
23 Feb 2010

1260 Day count: Tribulation theoretically starts
HWA Day 30514,
Endtime Day 33747
25 Mar 2010
10 Nisan 5770
Traditional day the Passover lamb was selected for slaughter.

8-9 Sep 2010
Endtime Day 33914-5
Feast of Trumpets
(starts the evening at the end of the 8th)
End of 3 Sun Cycles from HWA Day 1
(which started Trumpets 9 Sep 1926).  
Sep 9 starts the 4th Sun Cycle since Trumpets 1926.

29 Sep 2011
Endtime Day 34300
Exactly 70x70 weeks (inclusive to the day) from the Balfour Declaration to this Feast of Trumpets. 
       First day of the 22nd prophetic year since the start of the Gulf War on Day 23507.
Possible start of the Day of the LORD
HWA Day 31421
Endtime Day 34654
17 Sep 2012: Trumpets
(40 Hebrew Calendar years after Trumpets 1972).

1335 Days end (theoretically)
HWA Day 31774
Day 35007
Feast of Trumpets
5 Sep 2013
1 Tishri 5774
Possible time of the blowing of the 7th Trumpet,
heralding the arrival of the Messiah.

  • 5 days short of one 28-year Sun Cycle since HWA launched Mystery of The Ages, and 11 days less than a Sun Cycle after his last public sermon, on Trumpets 1985.
  • Exactly two 19-year Moon time cycles after Trumpets 1975, when the LORD delayed his coming.
  • 40 prophetic years (less 33 days) after Ambassador Auditorium was dedicated in 1974.
  • 40 Roman years (less 31 days) since the 1973 Day of Atonement War nearly defeated the State of Israel
  • 5001 weeks (inclusive) from the Balfour Declaration of 1917.