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Living Church of God: "Is the Leading Light In the World..the Shining City on the Hill"

Poor Bob Thiel.  Living Church of God continues to stick it to him every time he turns around.  Thiel feels he is the one true church doing a mighty work.  However, LCG members see otherwise. Thiel thought that when he started his personality cult that many members from LCG would immediately jump ship to join him.  It never happened.  Both the corporate LCG and the membership turned their backs on him.  Theil has had to go to Africa in order to get some members that marginally look good to him.

Here are some comments from the LCG Facebook page where members lay it on the line as to what the general membership feel about the various COG splinter groups and who is doing the work.  The thread is built around the topic of  "Will the splintered COGs ever get back together before the return of Christ?"  Incidentally, this very same reason is why David C Pack was such an epic failure in October 2013, and why he will NEVER gain  a large number of LCG members.  LCG has proper church government and is doctrinally pure - at least in their eyes.

There is but one Church of God and it is the Living Church of God, though there are fellowships with the name of God's Church. However, it is the Living Church of God that is preaching with the increasing power of the Holy Spirit the whole Gospel of the soon-coming Kingdom of God and feeding the flock. - calling out for repentance and shouting out the Ezekiel warning to the Israelite Descended nations and to the world. It is the one that has God ordained and commanded governance and Biblically grounded doctrinal certainty. But, though it is the leading light in the world, it is not perfect because none who are part of it are perfect and are prone to human error - making mistakes as Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and Dr. Roderick C. Meredith have humbly confessed. The Church has a degree of the weaknesses of the eras mentioned in Revelation as do all of us imperfect people who are part of the Church of God. Yet we have a greater degree of the Philidephian spirit than elsewhere. And we still hold fast to the 18 truths God restored to the Church of God through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and have not strayed away by being led astray through having itching ears and going on wild goose chases doctrinally speaking. Mr. Armstrong strong advised the saints to focus on the " trunk of the tree " and Dr. Meredith constantly warns us to see the " Big Picture ". This we, through the servant leadership of those God has put in the leading roles of the Living Church of God have done and are doing. We are the lit lamps on the lampstands, the shining cities on the hill.

So will the various COG's every regroup as one unified body?  Apparently Bob Thiel, David C Pack and other COG leaders are "abominations."

I'm not writing about what the world thinks. I'm writing about what God thinks. To Him, divisions which He Himself is not responsible for - divisions which arise from people sowing discord among brethren through factions, heresies or any other work of the flesh - are abominations and that's why "splintered COGs" is very nearly an oxymoron (a self-contradiction). We cannot simultaneously be God's Church - that is, as a people (see below) - and a house divided against itself.

The author above is correct in that a house divided cannot stand. That is why the COG is rapidly in decline.  RCG, PCG, LCG, CCOG and the others are NOT experiencing growth in numbers.  A few thousand viewers to a web site or to a TV program do not result in huge number increases and the doorway to more money flowing.  All the COG's have no presence anymore in TV.  Ask the average person if they have ever seen a COG program or read one of their magazines and 99.999999% of the people will say no.  The current status of the entire church of God is once pathetic mess.

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God Is Speaking To Me In My Dreams And You Are NOT To Question That!

Bob Thiel is back today working over time to justify the various dreams he and others in his splinter cult have had.  He feels that these dreams are proof that he was destined to start another splinter group and that his god is specifically speaking to him and to none other.

Thiel feels that since this is the end time his god is now speaking through dreams:
While this may not seem to be a massive ‘earth-shattering’ dream, it is yet additional confirmation that God has used dreams/visions to communicate to at least three individuals who all later became part of the Continuing Church of God.  Dreams and visions are something that God intended to use during the end times (cf. Acts 2:17-18; Joel 2:28-29).  Elijah apparently once thought that God would be in something dramatic, but then only was in “a still small voice” (1 Kings 19:11-13).
Thiel and a woman had the first two dreams and the third was by a black man from Africa.
Yet, in addition to various facts, the three dreams (including prior ones from myself and from Fesilafai Leaana) look like God was planning on making it more plain for true Philadelphians (who are in various organizations/fellowships) to see that the mantle location had truly changed. The Philadelphian mantle is with the Continuing Church of God.
Thiel is also still attempting to use Gaylon Bonjours "double anointing" as proof that he is set apart.  Sadly, 99.9999999999999999% of humanity and COG members fail to see that Thiel is a prophet and the rightful heir to the legacy of Herbert Armstrong.
The two confirmations of my anointing, plus the three confirmations on the Continuing Church of God coming from dreams were fulfilled have happened. Plus, we teach the truths from the Bible and biblical prophecy. The witness is there for those who are willing to see it. Those who do not know what to do should pray about it.
Thiel is highly disappointed that people do not believe him.  He even quotes scripture believing that it applies to his situation.  According to Thiel if you are a REAL Christian then you would believe and know that he is without error.
I believe that they are partial confirmations that the Continuing Church of God was to lead (two dreams happened prior to CCOG’s formation), and now is leading, the final phase of the work. The truths that we teach should be accepted as the other proof:
45 But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me. (John 8:45)
Believe the truth, at least for the truth’s sake. Christians are to believe and know the truth (1 Timothy 4:3). The truth sets Christians free (John 8:32) from all types of error (including Laodicean ones, cf. Revelation 3:14-22).
Then to further shame the nonbelievers Thiel uses more scripture to prove that he has three witnesses  to prove he is the one true COG leader and that NO ONE should be questioning him
Although some have chosen not to believe all the facts about how and why the Continuing Church of God began, recall that the Bible teaches:
16 ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.’ (Matthew 18:16)
19 Do not receive an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses. (1 Timothy 5:19)
Of course, since Gaylyn Bonjour always freely stated that he did the ‘double-portion’ anointing on me which I reported, there long had been two witnesses to that.
Thiel then closes with the following where he has to point out that the world is filled with nonbelievers who will always question.
Of course, some will discount dreams and their confirmation as proper proof of anything they do not wish to believe.

Of course, some will discount dreams and their confirmation as proper proof of anything they do not wish to believe. Many want more dramatic signs (Matthew 12:38; 1 Kings 19:11-12), but God does not always do it that way (Matthew 12:39-42; 1 Kings 19:12-14).

Can you believe?
The problem with Armstrongism and its false theology is that its members are not capable of discernment.  Members have been so conditioned over the decades to never question. If you do you are turning your mind over to Satan and the possibility of committing the unpardonable sin.  Just look at Theil's admonitions above.  Questioning is NOT an option.  Discernment is not allowed.  

Ron Weinland Lashes Out At "Active" Antichrists

I am delighted to be placed in this category by the imprisoned COG felon Ron Weinland, or as he is known elsewhere Conland Swineland and Weinerdude.

Those Against God

The other area of concern and importance to be addressed here at this conclusion on true fellowship is one that carries the strongest warning and precaution of all. This concerns those who are actively engaged in a pursuit to hurt God’s Church, the Church of God – PKG. Such people fit into one of the most heinous groups of all. This is a great betrayal to God as many of these experienced being mercifully awakened from a spiritual stupor and given far greater truth than when they were first called, yet they have turned against all those truths and against God’s Church as they live as “active” antichrists. 

These are those who after disfellowshipment do not simply “get on with their lives.” They do not simply leave behind that which they say they no longer are in agreement with. Instead, they become consumed with evil thoughts, hatred, disdain, and even torment concerning the activities of God’s Church (of His people). 

Since God and truth do not dwell in the Church of God Preaching the Kingdom, it is especially fun picking the bones off the rotting carcass of Weinerdudes cult.

These are those who feed upon God’s Church and who as vultures seek to pick at anything they can tear away in order to consume in a perverted, foul, and stinking manner. “For where ever the carcass (Gk.- corpse or body, as they see it) is, there will the birds of prey (as vultures) be gathered together” (Mat. 24:28). Such seek to perversely “feed” upon anything they can in order to pass it along to others in a twisted, slanderous, and negative manner. Through such actions and practice, these have unwittingly joined together to give support to the great slanderer and accuser of the brethren.

Imprisoned COG Felon Ron Weinland Plans On Gathering 63,000 COGers Back Together

The Official Beer of Armstrongism

Its amazing the idiots that Armstrongism has created over the decades.  The mere fact that some people still follow Wienland shows how people willingly allow themselves to be duped.

I honestly don't know how Weinland plans on pulling this off since David C Pack has declared that over 100,000 exCOG and current COG members will soon be flocking to him.  Thiel claims he has the ONLY true church and expects many to come to him, too.  These guys obviously never got the memo: "It Isn't Happen'n"

Fellowship and the 63,000
There are yet two primary areas of concern and importance that need to be addressed about fellowship as this subject of true fellowship is brought to a close.

The first area involves the eventual awakening and gathering of the 63,000 who were once part of the Worldwide Church of God although, we don’t know exactly who will be chosen to be part of that group.

So how do you judge whether or not you have any fellowship with them? First, no one should seek out such individuals. If there is any purpose in their coming into contact with you, then God will see to it – He will work it out. If any such individual contacts you or you come across them in some chance manner, then there are certain criteria for judgment.

If the conversation is one of friendship based upon the past, then fellowship may certainly be good, but always understand that it will only be on a physical plane until they are fully awakened by God. They should be treated with a spirit of acceptance and genuine kindness, with the inner hope of their potentially becoming one who is part of this great group, being soon awakened just as we were.

However, if they were a minister (ordained) in the past, they should be acknowledged with kindness, but not with any purpose of continuing fellowship. They should be considered as those disfellowshipped, as they largely have a judgment upon them as spoken of in the Thunders.

In addition, one last area for judgment where some would also be seen as disfellowshipped is if an individual is against the Church of God – PKG, and also if they are teaching and pushing their own ideas or that of some other group.

The Famine of the Word Is Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rejoice and be glad!  The famine of the word is over! God's most highly favored prophet ever to live in human history is back.  He is back with a vengeance today with a list of prophecies that he claims has all come true.

Eric King is not like the failure that Herbert Armstrong was or that David C Pack currently is.  Gerald Flurry has nothing on this guy and cowers in Edmond with staggering embarrassment.  Why?

Because this is what King says about himself:

Eric W. King has been right not 99% of the time but 100%

People have been following our COGSR predictions for going on three years. Join us and learn the TRUTH. Below are more links to help you see that we are living in REALITY.

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The GREATEST and MOST EDUCATED Man of the 20th Century

The Philadelphia Church of "God" is back with a whale of tale!

According to those delusional folk over in Edmond Oklahoma, Herbert Armstrong was the GREATEST and MOST educated man to ever live in the 20th century.

One of the greatest and most educated men of the 20th century was Herbert W. Armstrong, founder of three liberal arts colleges and president of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation. During the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s, Mr. Armstrong traveled the world on public-speaking tours, speaking to and motivating thousands; he even had private audiences with kings, emperors and presidents of many nations!
HWA's "education" came from a public library when it comes to theology. Six months spent in a public library filled with late 19th century books does not make one highly educated in theology.  He also never went to college but did surround himself with other men he thought were "successful"

Surrounding ones self with other egotistical men to learn from is not an education in wisdom either.

Egotistical men do not allow themselves to be taught,because they already think they know all the answers.  That is why HWA created such division in the Church of God Seventh day when he broke off to start his own group.  They did not listen to his demands and he threw a hissy-fit, just like Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack, Rod Meredith, David Hulme, Dennis Luker and Bob Thiel did.

King James Was Not Loose In His Boots!!!!!

This made my day.  Well done!

Anonymous said..
How dare this site imply that King James was gay! The word didn't even mean that back in his times so how could he be "Gay"??? God would not choose a gay King to write down his own God breathed words and you should know better. And don't give me that "But God lives alone in heaven with no wife and with his single son" either! It's different in God's world. His relationships are not our relationships. And just because men have to marry Christ in the resurrection and women have to become sons of God is NO reason to go after Noble King James!!! Men marrying Jesus is not GAY! It's spiritual.

And NO. Just because Mary, as a 12 to 14 year old middle eastern girl was not married when God impregnated her, it is not FORNICATION either!!! God's thoughts are HIGHER than YOURS! And NO, it is not sex with a minor either!!!

And just because it says she was prego by the Holy Spirit who is a third person...just don't go there Mr. YOUR way SEEMS right to You, but you need to know where it is going to end.

God's ways are not YOUR ways Mr. Blogger and His thoughts are NOT YOUR thoughts!

King James was not Gay nor was he loose in the boots. He was God's chosen instrument to bring us all we need to know about relationships and proper living.

Cancel my subscription

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I Cannot Understand WHY the COG's and LCG REFUSE To Acknowledge My Prophet Status! Blind Laodiceans! Oh, and John Carmack Is WRONG!

Recently John Carmack wrote an article on his blog about Herbert Armstrong being declared a false prophet.  Carmack attempts to prove that HWA could be no such thing because he never said he was a prophet.  Carmack says this about HWA:

You know, I think HWA believed with all of his heart that Christ would return in 1975.  After all, the math doesn’t lie, right?  His theory of time cycles certainly looked like a sure thing.  They probably seemed just as sure as how sure it seemed that Christ would return in the apostles’ lifetimes.

And yet, HWA never claimed to be a prophet.  When it was suggested that he was a prophet, he became very uncomfortable.  He rejected it, but, as the story goes, Herman Hoeh pushed the idea HWA was an apostle, and for better or worse that was accepted.  Whatever you may think, though, HWA rejected the title of prophet, and that is the bottom line.

Carmack then goes on to talk about Gerald Flurry and his self proclaimed prophet status:

It does not help, though, that one false “prophet” in his own right wants to proclaim HWA a prophet.  Why?  The answer is simple really: He himself wants to be a prophet, like so many other sad souls that have gone off and started their own following.

You see, the formula is to get people to focus on a man or an organization instead of Christ.  By cheering on reverence for another human, making them out to be more than they were, it become easier to transfer that adoration upon one’s self.

Gerald Flurry made up the lie that HWA was a prophet, so that now HWA is dead he could carry on the “mantle” of being a prophet himself.  By lying and saying he is receiving “new truth”, he justifies people going after him.
 Flurry has been pushing his prophet status for many years now.  He has hoodwinked his members into believing that so he can have supreme control over them.  He he says it then it must be form God.

Carmack then moves on to another COG "leader" who envisions himself  a prophet also.  This prophet has been rejected by almost all in the Church of God and most particularly by Rod Meredith and the Living Church of God.  This has created a bitter little man who cannot stop complaining and whining about it.

Bob Thiel is a little more subtle about his lies, although he recently stooped to Malm-like tactics and twisted some of COGWA’s teachings to seem like COGWA is confused about prophecy (
even failing to attribute a supposed quote, which is one of his common tactics) [edit: never mind, I found it.  Apparently, browser search wasn't working properly for me yesterday evening].  Of course, Thiel is a PhD, and they are usually arrogant enough to not believe they are wrong.  I’ve worked with a couple of them because of the field I’m in, and it is commonly enough to make you wish they would just go hang out in some ivory tower and leave people who want to do real work alone.

He is Philadelphian, for he himself has redefined the word (after all, he is a PhD) to mean what he wants it to mean, and he has glorified the concept of being with the correct, Philadelphian group.  While he was with LCG, that group was LCG.  Of course, now that he has planted the idea in people’s minds, it is easy enough to convince the foolish ones that lack discernment that the title of Philadelphian is now transferred to the group he has founded.

In another entry Carmack makes this comment where he says there is no need for prophets today.

As I was getting at, prophets tend to be sent only after a time of serious continual problems…
Will there be another?  Well, there is the Elijah to come, and only die-hard lunatics believe it was HWA.  Simply put, they are wrong and history has shown it.  HWA is dead.  Christ has not returned.  Period.  End of proof; all you have to do is open your eyes and your common sense.

Does this Elijah to come have to be one of the Two Witnesses?  No, there is no requirement for it.  Some believe he will be, but frankly I think the Two Witnesses are going to be rather busy.  Not only that, but when those in Jerusalem flee, who is going to be in charge of that group?  The Two Witnesses stay in Jerusalem!
Do we need a prophet now, today?  Apparently not, else God would have already sent one.  There isn’t one.  Period. …

That last comment has particularly perturbed Bob Thiel. Thiel has been working over time these past few years in attempting to "prove" he has great prophetic understanding.  He spent countless hours with Rod Meredith attempting to get his great knowledge across.  While Meredith stroked his back for a while he has now publicly rebuked Thiel in all aspects.

Thiel is not happy about that and also fails to understand why NO ONE in the Church of God pays any attention to him.

Thiel writes:

How can people like John Carmack insist there are no prophets now?  Haven’t their been continual problems in the COGs over the past couple of decades or so?

The New Testament clearly lists prophets as an office and discusses them in many places.

John Carmack’s firm denial of the possible existence of any prophets now is evidence that he and others like him would not recognize a true prophet of God.  But his denial is similar to those of other groups such as LCG.

Theil feels that he knows what is wrong in the COG's and that he has the answer.  He points out at least 29 different things he sees wrong in the COG's.

Does the Church of God need any prophets now?
Well, if one looks at the disarray of various groups, personal and doctrinal compromises, the increase of Laodiceanism, and prophetic misunderstandings, the clear answer is yes.

As far as prophetic misunderstandings in various claimed COG groups that I have personally denounced...
  • Many COG groups  do not officially teach and/or do not believe in the idea of Church eras
  • Becasue many no longer preach a "gospelf of the kingdom" to the world, Thiel feels they " not have the Philadelphian work.  Only the Philadelphians are promised to be protected from the hour of trial that will com"
  • Many, if not most, COG groups do not realize that the Great Tribulation begins with the King of the North invading the USA. UK, and/or their Anglo-Saxon descended allies
  • Various COG groups (UCG, COGWA, COGaIC, RCG, and CGOM, come to immediate mind, but they are not the only ones) have so many areas of undefined prophecy that they will not know what certain events will mean.  (Of course PhD Propeht Bob is here to correct these wayward miscreants.)
  • Most COG groups fail to understand Habakkuk 2:2-8 and hence are not properly getting the warning out to the USA and UK  
  • Many COG groups have various ‘Elijah heresies.’  Because of this, they will not be able to recognize the final Elijah (Which translates in ME, since Thiel has slyinly been trying to prove he is Elijah)
  • Most groups that came out of groups once led by the late Garner Ted Armstrong (ICG, CGI, CEM, etc.) do not seem to teach that there is a physical place of safety, hence will not be inclined to flee towards one
  • At least on COG group (CG7) basically teaches that most of the events of Revelation have already taken place and no one needs to worry about coming persecution. (for the full list go here.)
Since Thiel is trying to get across to all his readers that HE and HE ALONE has the prophetic understanding, he attempts to drag Rod Meredith back into the fray again.  Thiel's extreme bitterness towards Meredith's rejection of him grows stronger day by day.

It should be noted that leaders once in the old WCG and now in the Living Church of God and/or the United Church of God confirmed to me personally that I was biblically correct on all the above points, despite the fact that their respective churches hold to several of the errors pointed out above
 Only HE has the right emphasis on what needs to be preached:

There are also more prophetic differences that other COG groups have from the Bible than shown in this post.  The reality is that without the right emphasis on the final phase of the work, holding the Bible in sufficiently high regard, and ignoring one anointed like Elisha, the COG groups that ignore prophetic warnings are doing so to their peril.
 Thiel continues on with his tooting of his own horn:

At there have long been articles on dozens of claimed COG groups explaining how they have deviated from Philadelphia era teachings.  And nearly all of those groups are Laodicean.  And the differences included not only areas of prophecy, but also other items of doctrine, church history, and biblical truth.

Additionally, God has allowed my articles on defining Philadelphia and Laodicea to have been published in places such as the Global Church News, Living Church News, and The Journal:News of the Churches of God. These articles were and remain a witness.
Theil ends his whining list by trying to prove that Rod Meredith said he was a prophet and that his group is the ONLY true Church of God in existence today.  Thiel is still trying to prove that his "double portion" of the Holy Spirit further legitimizes him.
At this moment, the only COG-group that possibly can understand when the Great Tribulation will begin, based upon the Bible and basically the later understandings of Herbert W. Armstrong and what all the COG groups teach, is the Continuing Church of God.  The Continuing Church of God is also the only group led by a person told by the longest surviving evangelist originally ordained by Herbert Armstrong that God may consider him a prophet (this occurred in 2008) and the only person known to have been anointed and prayed to be granted a ‘double-portion of God’s Spirit by a minister who told him that this was reminiscent of the passing of the mantle to the Prophet Elisha by the Prophet Elijah (cf. 2 Kings 2:9-13).

God has also confirmed the validity of the mantle being passed to dreams to at least three people, all of whom later became part of CCOG.  The witness is there for those with eyes to see.
Oh Bob, give it a rest.