Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Famine of the Word is HERE!!!!! Did A COG Leader Flee to Petra, Get Raptured, Hiding Out in a Sweat Lodge or Become a Professional Beatnik?

The famine of the word is here!  Gods most mighty servant E. W King no longer has a public ministry where he can witness to the WCG or to new comers.

After enduring the last two to three years of being mocked endlessly for his crazy beliefs it seems he has wandered off into the sunset with his sheep dog and horses.

His journey has been a mixed bag of cultish nonsense.  What he was before the Seventh Day Adventist Church I have no idea, but he thought he was a major voice in that church.  Then he became disillusioned that no one as listening to him so he because a Worldwide Church of God member.  If he though no one listened to him in the SDA church he had a LOT to learn about Armstrongism.  They too ignored him causing him to start his own web based church where he claimed to be the only leader holding on to the truth of Herbert Armstrong.  While doing that he also immersed himself in to Native American spiritual that sent him further overboard.  He even made a foray into being "A Modern Beatnik" where he "blows your mind" with "And the Wind Blows."

His blog where he boasted about his mind boggling prophetic powers now comes back with this:

His main church blog comes back with this:

If King really thinks he is that important and that his ministry is holding on to the truth then WHY has he abandoned the world around him?  Is he only letting in a select few of loyal followers?  If so then he has betrayed the world around him and is willing to let people suffer horrific deaths in the endtimes because he was an impotent unwilling man who cared more about his hurt feelings than he did about their salvation.


Byker Bob said...

Christian mentors will often counsel novices to step out if they feel that God has given them a gift, attempt to use that gift, and see if God blesses their effort. If there is measurable success, it could be said that God is using that individual as a human instrument, to accomplish some of His work. Stick with it; time will tell. If not, then step away and try to use your gifts in a different area or try a different approach.

We can say a lot of things about Eric King. However, if he has retreated because he is following the guidelines outlined in paragraph 1, that places him in a higher status of consciousness or spiritual awareness than certain others who whine and complain because great numbers of people do not acknowledge or support their so-called ministries (attempts at an Armstrongism franchise).

I wish Eric well in his next endeavor, provided that it is a secular effort. If it is a spiritual effort, at least lose the false precepts from the Armstrong catalogue.


Black Ops Mikey said...

In the last days there shall come a famine of sanity....

Connie Schmidt said...

Looks like King has migrated over to:

Which has a large selection of some of his "prophetic" sayings with King playing the guitar.

Personally I prefer BB King over EW King!

Anonymous said...

Who was ridiculing him beside the people on this blog? (and gary in particular).

OK, now with that success under your belts, go and ridicule the UCG and LCG out of existence. That's your next mission.

Then go after islam.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Islam is the stupidest religion ever, started by a child molester. You should have no problem there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:03. Why are you crying over this blog picking on one of the biggest idiots the church has ever produced? What are we supposed to do? Sit by and watch more lives destroyed but another dumbass splinter cult leader? The longer Armstrongism exist the sicker it gets. Go whine elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

"OK, now with that success under your belts, go and ridicule the UCG and LCG out of existence. That's your next mission.

A success? I'm not sure he went private because of this blog. Maybe so.

Let's just assume for a moment that it was in response to Banned!... Let's give credit where credit was due. We never could have done it without lots of help from E.W.!

old EXPCG hag said...

..."holding on to the truth?


Gerald Flurry claims he and his are the only church..."holding on to (the truth") as they were the ONLY ONES who went to court to fight for the rights to reprint and republish Herbert W. Armstrong's books and booklets.

...meaning Herbert W. Armstrong's teachings.

...meaning Herbert W. Armstrong's teachings Gerald Flurry has now changed and added to

...which is exactly why GF was disfellowshipped from the Worldwide Church of God in 1989 after he and John Amos disagreed with the changes after HWA's death and ACCUSED the WWCOG of editing HWA's book, "Mystery of the Ages", and which is now exactly what Gerald Flurry has done to the book.

...and "Prophesy Again" Rev. 10:11??

...even though Gerald wrote that HWA claimed he had already fulfilled that scripture.

So really Gerald Flurry's commission is to "Prophesy Again, AGAIN?"

I guess HWA WAS WRONG, even though Gerald Flurry always boasts..."HE WAS RIGHT!"

So what exactly do they, (meaning all these end-time prophets) mean "holding on to the truth??"

WHO'S TRUTH IS IT NOW?...that everyone has changed and added to HWA's supposed >TRUTH<?

What the hell is everyone talking about ...TRUTH?


Black Ops Mikey said...

Eric King is a failure at science and it's clear he doesn't have a grasp of the magical mystic arts which require precise charms, amulets, chants and potions made to more rigorous standards than the laws and codes of Social Security and IRS combined!

Why should anyone listen to him at all if he can't get either science or magic right.

OK, you like his guitar playing and his dog. Not my taste.

As for Islam, well, all we have to look at the fruit: Fruit of the Spirit or the works of the flesh (actually, the fruit is exactly the same as Armstrongism, just more expansive and global). At least they don't use science for Islam -- it's based on irrelevant, but consistent magic called Sharia Law. Nasty magic that stuff is....

Assistant Deacon said...

Calling Ewwwww King a COG leader is generous, indeed.

Byker Bob said...

Anybody in favor of the Hippie Biker Church of God? You get to spend your second tithe on a Harley, and the Feast of Tabernacles will be an annual motorcycle run and camp out. The nomad thingie portrays the Israelites wandering through the desert before entering the promised land.


Anonymous said...

"Anybody in favor of the Hippie Biker Church of God? You get to spend your second tithe on a Harley."

Is it ok if I haul my yurt on a trailer pulled by my paid-for Vulcan and spend my second tithe on other things like new tires?