Friday, June 20, 2014

Ron Weinland Lashes Out At "Active" Antichrists

I am delighted to be placed in this category by the imprisoned COG felon Ron Weinland, or as he is known elsewhere Conland Swineland and Weinerdude.

Those Against God

The other area of concern and importance to be addressed here at this conclusion on true fellowship is one that carries the strongest warning and precaution of all. This concerns those who are actively engaged in a pursuit to hurt God’s Church, the Church of God – PKG. Such people fit into one of the most heinous groups of all. This is a great betrayal to God as many of these experienced being mercifully awakened from a spiritual stupor and given far greater truth than when they were first called, yet they have turned against all those truths and against God’s Church as they live as “active” antichrists. 

These are those who after disfellowshipment do not simply “get on with their lives.” They do not simply leave behind that which they say they no longer are in agreement with. Instead, they become consumed with evil thoughts, hatred, disdain, and even torment concerning the activities of God’s Church (of His people). 

Since God and truth do not dwell in the Church of God Preaching the Kingdom, it is especially fun picking the bones off the rotting carcass of Weinerdudes cult.

These are those who feed upon God’s Church and who as vultures seek to pick at anything they can tear away in order to consume in a perverted, foul, and stinking manner. “For where ever the carcass (Gk.- corpse or body, as they see it) is, there will the birds of prey (as vultures) be gathered together” (Mat. 24:28). Such seek to perversely “feed” upon anything they can in order to pass it along to others in a twisted, slanderous, and negative manner. Through such actions and practice, these have unwittingly joined together to give support to the great slanderer and accuser of the brethren.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Mikey is amused. It's just that false prophets generally are beneath disdain or contempt for Mikey. He doesn't take much notice of them. After his covert operations, people like Conald Swineland (Mikey invented the term) seem bland and mediocre by comparison.

Another problem is that I'm not an AntiChrist or against God. I fully support God in His Quest to kill false prophets. I always advise the false prophets to repent, but after that, it's going to be on their heads. It's not like they couldn't see what's coming.

As for those who "have unwittingly joined together to give support to the great slanderer and accuser of the brethren" statement, we can only assume that he is talking about his large fat derriere gossip slandering silent witness wife: And the PKG tithes she uses at Victoria's Secret don't do much to flatter her fatter figure -- maybe if she ditched the PKG tithe paid BMW and walked more (not to Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks either) she could shed some overweight in her head.

Ananias and Sapphira?

Ahab and Jezebel?

Maybe it doesn't matter.

Death is death.

Mikey has been on secret mission. He will be back early summer.

Byker Bob said...

Jeez, what a mischaracterization. I have never met Ron, have never attended his church, and have never met any of his members or ministers in person. So, I would have no reason to hate or persecute any of them. I have participated in some blogging with people who have realized that Ron is not what he has billed himself as being. They have shared some apparently damaging experiences which they suffered at Ron's hands, not the least of which was extreme disappointment and disruption in their lives which resulted from Ron being totally unreliable in his predictions of the tribulation and return of Jesus Christ.

The problem with these preachers is that they interpret the debunking of their teachings and false prophecies as persecution. There is nothing anti-Christ about exposing false prophecy. That is our duty! What is ant-Christ is being presumptuous and making the false prophecies in the first place. This is an obvious case of the accuser (Ron) being guilty of what he accuses others of doing. Actually, he's gone. Out of there. He destroyed himself by writing a check with his mouth that his tail could not cash. Now, he wants to indulge in name calling and fear mongering. But, alas. He is nothing!


Connie Schmidt said...

Weinland has it wrong. I am not "anti-Christ" , I am ANTI-CULT!

RSK said...

No one has to slander Weinland. His own commentary speaks for itself in its inanity.

Byker Bob said...

Those of us who hold these people accountable are living proof that they are not what they claim to be. They keep pronouncing their curses on us, and nothing ever happens, even if our normal everyday lives have a constant element of danger. In fact, in Weinland's case, the bad things are actually happening to him, instead. We're watching others spiral downward into insanity!

No, if these charlatans were truly of God, and had the witness of God behind them, the bears would have come out by now! So far as I know, the worst thing that happened was when "Electrolux" temporarily shut down a couple of sites.


old EXPCG hag said...

My letter to Ron the Con,
My son and I were slandered, abused, lied to, DECEIVED, while in the PCG. I was just an innocent babe in Christ,(as they call it),in the beginning.

I don't give one flip about your TWISTED JAIL BIRD'S way of thinking. You are a NUT and a LIAR and you are obviously CRAZY!!!

Why is it you and Gerald Flurry and all the rest FALSE PROPHETS cannot get along , if you claim to be speaking for God?? Why don't you join up with Gerald? Why don't Gerald join up with you? You two have many things in common, #1 You both have arrest records, #2 you are both false prophets (as EVERYONE is very clear of this by now)#3 You are both deceived, #4 you are both liars #5,6,7,8 and the list goes on and on.

God is NOT the author of confusion 1 Corinthians 14:33.

YOU are DECEIVED and being lead by the fallen angel SATAN!!

YOU are an Antichrist!

And hear is Eric King's has this message for you...

"And I don't blab any drab gab--I chatter hep patter!"