Friday, June 20, 2014

Imprisoned COG Felon Ron Weinland Plans On Gathering 63,000 COGers Back Together

The Official Beer of Armstrongism

Its amazing the idiots that Armstrongism has created over the decades.  The mere fact that some people still follow Wienland shows how people willingly allow themselves to be duped.

I honestly don't know how Weinland plans on pulling this off since David C Pack has declared that over 100,000 exCOG and current COG members will soon be flocking to him.  Thiel claims he has the ONLY true church and expects many to come to him, too.  These guys obviously never got the memo: "It Isn't Happen'n"

Fellowship and the 63,000
There are yet two primary areas of concern and importance that need to be addressed about fellowship as this subject of true fellowship is brought to a close.

The first area involves the eventual awakening and gathering of the 63,000 who were once part of the Worldwide Church of God although, we don’t know exactly who will be chosen to be part of that group.

So how do you judge whether or not you have any fellowship with them? First, no one should seek out such individuals. If there is any purpose in their coming into contact with you, then God will see to it – He will work it out. If any such individual contacts you or you come across them in some chance manner, then there are certain criteria for judgment.

If the conversation is one of friendship based upon the past, then fellowship may certainly be good, but always understand that it will only be on a physical plane until they are fully awakened by God. They should be treated with a spirit of acceptance and genuine kindness, with the inner hope of their potentially becoming one who is part of this great group, being soon awakened just as we were.

However, if they were a minister (ordained) in the past, they should be acknowledged with kindness, but not with any purpose of continuing fellowship. They should be considered as those disfellowshipped, as they largely have a judgment upon them as spoken of in the Thunders.

In addition, one last area for judgment where some would also be seen as disfellowshipped is if an individual is against the Church of God – PKG, and also if they are teaching and pushing their own ideas or that of some other group.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Been tried before.

Hint: It doesn't work.

Byker Bob said...

It's over. Ron, Dave, and all the rest of those who covet the HWA mantle are actually either losing ground, enjoying statistically negligible growth, or blatantly lying with their statistics.

They have had over 40 years for the prophecies on which the Armstrong movement was based to kick in. Personality, charisma, and all of the money in the world are inconsequential when the core teachings such as British Israelism, an unbroken history of the so-called churches of God, and the alleged sanctity of HWA as an Apostle have all been shown to be inaccurate, lying testimony, unreliable to support any kind of dynamic or expansive ministry, convincing on any scale.

There will be no gathering. It's a Gamaliel thing that these guys just can't understand!


Connie Schmidt said...

Pack and Weinland should start the ball rolling by MERGING their two cults as an example to others!

Ed said...

Armstrongism will continue to split into tiny groups and fade away with-in a few decades. Groups like UCG,LCG,PCG and RCG will eventualy be a thing of the past with only a few livingroom groups remaining.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Pack and Weinland should start the ball rolling by MERGING their two cults as an example to others!

Connie, that's hilarious!

I can tell you though, based on my cat's cult leader experience, reconciliation and merging just isn't going to happen. And those two have bigger egos than my cat had!

Anonymous said...

Stone Brewing Co.'s "Arrogant Bastard" should also get honorable mention...

old EXPCG hag said...

Oh Brother.

Corky said...

"Who was Humpty Dumpty?" Well, it was the RCC before the protestant reformation. It will never be put together again.

It's the same with the Armstrong empire, it will never be put together again - it's a Gamaliel thing that these guys just can't understand!

(Actually, BB, the "church" came apart at the seams by the beginning of the second century. There were dozens of differing warring sects in the second century that were finally forced to be united under one flag by the pagan emperor, Constantine, in the fourth century).

Anonymous said...

If God is behind any of these Armstrongite groups why are none of them growing. They continue to split and loose more members then they gain year after year. Sure you can quote scripture that says "MY flock is small" but can you quote scriptures that say "My flock is shrinking" Is a shrinking flock a sign that God is working powerfully in any group?