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Leon Walker Says UCG CoE "...have treated us with disdain, hostility, indifference and abuse."

From: Leon Walker
Date: 12-10-10

On December 9, 2010 the Council of Elders sent out a letter addressed to the members of UCG entitled, “Efforts to Reconcile With the Latin American Ministry.” This document begins with a statement that the Council “continues to seek resolution of the situation in Latin America regarding former ministers and members.” This statement is absolutely untrue. All 15 of the ministers as well as the members in Latin America will confirm that no genuine effort has been made by the president or the Council to seek a resolution of the issues regarding Latin America. On the contrary, we can cite numerous examples of actions by the president and Council that have treated us with disdain, hostility, indifference and abuse.

The document then states that “numerous direct attempts have been made by the Council to meet with ministers and brethren in the region over the past six months.” Once again, this is completely untrue. There haven’t been any attempts, let alone “numerous” ones. And then the document adds, “Some efforts have achieved at least partial success.” Really? We in Latin America have seen no success at all.

Speaking of Mario Seiglie’s visits to Latin America, the document states that “Despite the fact that these ministers continued to receive a salary and support at the time from the United Church of God, an International Association, none of them would meet with Mr. Seiglie.” This statement also is totally untrue. First of all, only two ministers in Latin America received a salary directly from the U.S.—Leon Walker and Larry Roybal. However, their salaries were cut off on July 2. The other ministers received their salaries from their local income. None of them was salaried by the U.S. Even if one considers that their salaries indirectly came from the subsidies sent by the U.S. those subsidies were cut off on July 1. Therefore, none of the ministers was receiving a salary or any kind of support from the United Church of God, an International Association at all when Mario Seiglie was traveling to Latin America.

The document laments the fact that the ministry in Latin America did not wish to speak with Mario Seiglie. However, considering the aggressive and hostile manner that Mario displayed in Chile, as well as previous unpleasant experiences that the ministry have had with Mario it is little wonder that they did not wish to speak with him.

The document then states that “Mr. Walker continues to deny the fact that he has been replaced as director for UCGIA affiliated entities in the Latin American region.” However, the UCG Rules of Association (1-130 and 3-110) state clearly that areas outside of the U.S. will establish and maintain their own legal and administrative structure and they will administer and direct their own affairs. The legal boards and ministry in Latin America only recognize Leon Walker as their regional director—as is their right. Nowhere do the Rules of Association (nor the Constitution or Bylaws) give the president or the Council the authority to impose a legal or administrative structure in Latin America or elsewhere outside the U.S. where national councils/boards exist. Therefore, the supposed removal of Leon Walker as regional director is not recognized by the legal boards in Latin America and that removal, as well as the naming of Denny Luker as regional director, is simply illegal.

The document then states that last August the Council invited Mr. Walker to meet and try and find a basis for reconciliation. There was really no genuine attempt for reconciliation in that meeting. When Mr. Luker telephoned Mr. Walker and asked him to come to Cincinnati he made it perfectly clear that it was not for the purpose of finding a way to restore him as regional director. Initially Mr. Walker questioned why he should go to Cincinnati if there was no positive result to be achieved. Nevertheless, in the interest of cooperation he went in order to answer questions that the Council might have. However, nothing was achieved by the meeting. It was a complete waste of time and actually just a “photo op” so the Council could pretend that positive talks about reconciliation were taking place.

The document also states that it is Mr. Walker’s continued stance that he must be reinstated as regional director over Latin America. That is not true. It is the boards and ministry in Latin America that decides who (including Mr. Walker) is to be the regional director, or even if there is to be a regional director. That is their right and their choice according to UCG’s Rules of Association. Mr. Walker has made this point several times, including before the Council in August. This decision is not Mr. Walker’s—it rests with the boards and ministry.

Reference is then made to Mr. Luker’s letter of November 11 to the Latin American ministers. This letter was an ultimatum, demanding that the ministry choose either to recognize Mr. Luker as their regional director or Leon Walker as their regional director. The ministry did not respond to the letter since they had already made it clear in previous communications that they did not recognize the legality of removing Mr. Walker as regional director and the appointment of Mr. Luker as regional director, which was against their wishes and without consultation with them.

The document then states that phone calls were made to these ministers asking whether they wished to be affiliated with UCGIA or if they desired to support Mr. Walker. The document states that the ministers declared that they wished to be affiliated “with the emerging organization rather than UCGIA.” The ministers did not make such a statement, nor could they do so since an “emerging organization” simply does not exist. This statement is putting words into their mouths, which they did not say. Furthermore, the ministry and members in Latin America did not leave UCG nor have they formed another church organization. It is the Council which has disenfranchised the ministers and members, cutting off financial assistance, expelling ministers, removing all areas from UCG’s websites, etc.

Yet the document begins to conclude, “As demonstrated in this letter, the Council and administration have reached out repeatedly.” The letter demonstrates nothing of the sort. The Council’s efforts simply do not exist and the letter does not demonstrate that they existed.

Then the document states, “During the past six months the Council and the administration provided opportunities to those aligned with Leon Walker to make overtures to the Council and to the administration. Only one chose to do so.” There were rumors that the president and/or Council were going to invite Spanish pastors to come to Cincinnati for discussions. With the exception of one individual (Eduardo Hernandez) no other minister ever received a phone call or email message from the president or chairman of the Council inviting them to come to Cincinnati for discussions. Eduardo Hernandez did go to Cincinnati in September and he was assured that the other pastors would be invited to come after the Feast. However, no such invitation was made. Absolutely no overtures were made by the Council and/or administration to the Spanish ministry.

The document concludes, “We cannot unethically overturn the Church’s governing documents and pretend they don’t exist in order to accommodate other organizations with different leaders under the same name.” What an incredible statement. This is in fact what the president and Council have done—they have unethically violated the church’s government documents (including the Rules of Association) by illegally removing Mr. Walker as regional director and by Mr. Luker illegally taking that position. Mr. Walker and the Latin American ministry have not violated the church’s documents, but the president and the Council have done so.

Once again, the Council has chosen to issue a document that attempts to describe the Council as righteous and just, while Mr. Walker especially and the Latin American ministry are portrayed as unethical and uncompromising. Sadly, the Council once again resorts to declarations that simply are untrue as well as distortions of the facts. Once again, the Council refuses to address the real issues that face the Church.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

110 UCG Elders Sign Letter Stating: "...we are left with no other conclusion than that...our differences are irreconcilable."

So far 110 UCG Elders and Ministers have signed an "Open Letter" to Dennis Luker.  There will be others that will sign soon too.  Many honestly do not see any chance of reconciliation and that a major split will be occurring within the next month or so.  Both sides of this issue are filled with greedy, self-serving men who are only out to make a name for themselves.  I have seen them in action and they truly are a sorry lot!  All of them! How many more lives will they need to destroy before church members wake up and leave?

An Open Letter to the President of the United Church of God, Dennis Luker

Dear President Luker,

This open letter is being sent to you as the chief executive officer of the United Church of God (UCG) from current pastors, former pastors and otherwise employed elders in good standing of the General Conference of Elders of the United Church of God, an International Association. We write with deep concern over the conduct of the current administration and the Council of Elders, a concern shared by numerous non salaried elders, many of whom would readily add their names to this letter.

We have supported the governmental system agreed upon in 1995 and this letter is a confirmation of working within that system. Our deepest hope is the complete healing and the effective continuation of the UCG.

The biblically mandated responsibilities of pastors and elders compel us to state our concerns, as do those duties specified in our governing documents, which do not permit us to allow the present situation to continue. As our Constitution states, “God has established the office of elder to provide care and oversight to the congregations. Thus, the General Conference of Elders is responsible to God to ensure that His people are served and their needs attended to” (Article We consider resolving these concerns to be the greatest need God’s people under our care face at this time.

No one doubts that the UCG is in a dire crisis. We believe that the steps necessary to resolve the crisis are in your hands and those of the Council. Over the last year there have been repeated attempts to bring genuine concerns to both you and the Council. We believe that those concerns have not been addressed in a way that is appropriate for the established leadership of the UCG—or any Church of God.

Your letter of November 4, 2010 attacks the ministry in general and contains a number of misleading and false accusations. Among them are attempts to link ministers and members who have sincere disagreements with the administration to a handful of people posting extreme or ungodly views on Internet sites. Less than two decades ago, most of us were accused of being divisive, rebellious and satanic in our previous association, and it deeply grieves us to find ourselves in a similar toxic environment in the UCG.

While there have been some improper comments made on Web sites, none of us have made or encouraged them and we do not condone them. And we will not join you or the Council in condemning ministers or members who respectfully ask questions, challenge wrong behavior or who simply post factual material.

Both Scripture and our historical origins have taught us that Christianity is a matter of individual conscience, conviction and action. Members have rightly been encouraged to think for themselves and that is exactly what many are doing (Philippians 2:12; 1 John 4:1). Those who have spoken out responsibly should not be accused of causing division. Nor should they be charged with unthinkingly following sowers of discord, when their conclusions are often based upon what they have witnessed personally.

At the heart of our immediate concern is a pattern of wrongly equating loyalty to God’s government with submission to human organizational authority and then labeling as disloyal or rebellious any who express concerns over leadership’s decisions and methods. Recent home office documents, letters and recorded sermons have repeatedly contained negative accusations about supposed plots to sabotage our governing documents, to start a new church and that there is a spirit of rebellion in our ministers. This barrage of accusation and inaccuracy is disheartening the members; it is wearing down the church and it is causing increasing frustration among the ministry and the membership.

Unknown to many members, the administration has engaged in punitive action against certain pastors, accusing them of disloyalty to Christ, when what they have done—conscientiously and respectfully—is voice disagreement with doctrinal statements that they deemed unsound. Or, they expressed concern over administrative decisions that these ministers believed to be outside the bounds of our governing documents or Christ-like management. This pattern of punitive behavior does not follow the biblical or organizational standards. Men have been accused of and/or punished for “disloyal behavior” on the word of a single witness or on mere rumor. In contrast, Scripture is explicit: “Do not receive an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses” (1 Timothy 5:19). Punishments have been administered at the highest level—suspension followed quickly by decredentialing, instead of our traditional and biblically mandated pastoral attitude of working with someone to address the issues at hand in an effort to resolve them and to retain every minister if at all possible.

This has rapidly accelerated to include several resignations by church pastors who felt they could no longer in good conscience work for the church. Others have been terminated by the administration, greatly increasing an environment of tension and uncertainty for the ministry and the membership.

Undoubtedly, the most damaging administrative action that was taken in plain view of the membership (as opposed to Council actions taken in executive session) was the wholesale removal of the Latin American members and ministers—approximately 10 percent of our entire church! The ensuing stream of paperwork from the home office has not mitigated the alarm or the bewilderment caused by the removal of loyal people from church membership for no justifiable biblical reason and by the severance—without warning—of the financial support that the UCG had promised to some of our poorest members in that part of the world. We should all imagine ourselves in their shoes.

Funding for the Latin American work and ministry was cut off on July 1, 2010. Yet most of the Latin American elders remained members of the GCE until November 30, 2010 when the Council decredentialed them. This adds to what we ministers and many of our lay members can only describe as inconsistent and bizarre.

Lengthy and differing explanations from the home office for these actions have left us unconvinced that the church leadership action was fair, decent, gracious—or even legitimate, whether according to biblical standards or the UCG Rules of Association.

What is seen as a conspicuously offensive error has only been compounded by the administration sending representatives throughout Latin America to convince members and elders to “join United” when they believed they already were part of the UCG. The glaringly obvious conflict of interest in your choice for the primary administrative representative in this matter is evident to thousands of UCG members, and seems to indicate a callous disregard for the clearly expressed objections of the Latin American brethren and ministry.

When 166 pastors and elders appealed to the leadership to bring the Latin American members and ministers back into our fold, the president and chairman of the COE acknowledged receipt of the appeal and said they would get back to the senders soon. That gave hope to the entire church (especially to the UCG in Latin America), only to have their trust dashed when the appeal was answered with a letter—not to the 166 ministers, but rather to the entire church membership. The response falsely accused the signers of being part of a rebellious conspiracy, a political caucus and an attempt to undermine our governing system. In contrast, many ministers and members understood the appeal for what it was: a sincere request for reconciliation with our brothers and sisters in Christ. The fact that no serious attempt at reconciliation has ever been made adds to the disillusionment.

The so-called “white papers” on the doctrines of fasting and Sabbath observance generated great concern about our doctrinal purity and integrity, without which the UCG cannot truly remain part of the Church of God. Valid questions from members and ministers alike have been met with ridicule, unproven and unreasonable assertions that “one or two people” are stirring everyone up and with repeated statements that questions about the papers are not worth answering. This demonstrates that the administration does not perceive the serious doctrinal errors within the papers. It further illustrates a troubling lack of respect for discerning pastors and members who have been dismayed by these papers.

The question currently in the minds of a growing number of elders and members is, “What do we do now?” You have said you are willing to talk. But in reality, the present administration and the Council have rebuffed or ignored specific requests to talk from individual ministers; from all of the 10 U.S. regional pastors at the time (including you, Mr. Luker), as well as several requests from approximately a dozen men, serving in the previous administration as well as on the Council of Elders.

The workable—and what we believe is biblical—pathway to proper functioning as a church has repeatedly been proposed to you and the Council privately and publicly. That is, an open (not executive session) face-to-face meeting between current and past leaders of the organization for the purpose of identifying and removing the obstructions that impede the function of the United Church of God.

Sad to say, every such proposal submitted to the Council has either been significantly altered, ignored or rebuffed, publicly or privately. Even you, Mr. Luker, proposed such a meeting to the Council, only to be denied. On the other hand, the method the administration and Council has chosen to deal with the situations previously mentioned is one of confrontation, seeking to impose control with no attempt to resolve the underlying issues.

If you and the Council deny the viability of meeting to discuss openly the issues that have divided the ministry and the current leadership, then we are left with no other conclusion than that you and the Council of Elders have already decided that our differences are irreconcilable.

Is that your conclusion? If so, what would you have us do?

Respectfully submitted this 4th of December, 2010,

Signed by:
  1. Dan Anderson
  2. Dave Baker
  3. Neil Becker
  4. Andre van Belkum
  5. James (Bud) Beymer
  6. Gary Black
  7. Mike Blackwell
  8. Dempsey Bruton III
  9. Andy Burnett
  10. Arnold Burns
  11. Todd Carey
  12. Jeff Caudle
  13. Jim Chapman
  14. Tom Clark
  15. Martin Cole
  16. Dave DeHart
  17. Roy Demarest
  18. Thomas Diaz
  19. Glenn Doig
  20. Behrman Doucet
  21. Osmonde Douglas
  22. Kevin Epps
  23. Cory Erickson
  24. Don Erickson
  25. Dave Evans
  26. Eric Evans
  27. George Evans
  28. Steve Ferenchiak
  29. Herchial Fisher
  30. John Foster
  31. Jim Franks
  32. Alonzo Gjesvold
  33. Bruce Gore
  34. Larry Greider
  35. Jim Haeffele
  36. Arnold Hampton
  37. Mark Hampton
  38. Mike Hanisko
  39. Charles Haughee
  40. Alton Head
  41. Don Henson
  42. Bernard Hongerloot
  43. Doug Horchak
  44. Jim Hudson
  45. Michael Isaac
  46. David Jackson
  47. Bill Jahns
  48. Bill Johnson
  49. David Johnson
  50. Doug Johnson
  51. Ron Kelley
  52. Clyde Kilough
  53. Dick King
  54. Morgen Kriedemann
  55. William Kubon
  56. Dennis Kuhns
  57. Larry Lambert
  58. Ralph Levy
  59. Tony Levy
  60. Scott Lord
  61. Paul Luecke
  62. John Lusk
  63. Mike Machin
  64. Cecil Maranville
  65. Kingsley Mather
  66. David McCarble
  67. Gary McConnaughey
  68. Tom McCrady
  69. Melton McNeely
  70. George Meeker
  71. Joel Meeker
  72. Chris Moen
  73. Dave Myers
  74. Larry Neff
  75. Leroy Neff
  76. David Pavlik
  77. John Pentlin
  78. Bob Peoples
  79. John Perry
  80. Frank Pierce
  81. Richard Pinelli
  82. Maurice Ledet
  83. Richard Rand
  84. David Register
  85. Phillip Sandilands
  86. Floyd Satterwhite
  87. Greg Sargent
  88. John Seiver
  89. Tom Seltzer
  90. Jim Servidio
  91. Donald Shaw
  92. David Smith
  93. Neville Smith
  94. Jim Springer
  95. Blaney Sproul
  96. Paul Suckling
  97. Greg Swartz
  98. Britton Taylor
  99. Richard Thompson
  100. Dave Treybig
  101. Ken Treybig
  102. John Trotter
  103. Art Verschoor
  104. Tim Waddle
  105. Don Waterhouse
  106. Lyle Welty
  107. David West
  108. Roger West
  109. Jack Willoughby
  110. Mark Winner

De-Mystifying the Mysteries

In August 1985, Armstrong's final work, Mystery of the Ages, was published. He called it a "synopsis of the Bible in the most plain and understandable language." It was more or less a compendium of theological concepts as articulated by Armstrong. Including the notion that the bible was ‘a coded book’ to which he had been given the key.
In De-Mystifying the Mysteries we will be taking a look at the Herbert W. Armstrong vision of Worldwide Church of God, encompassing from the 1930’s until his death in 1986. De-Mystifying the Mysteries specifically will challenge Armstrong’s doctrines as presented in his last book, Mystery of the Ages, a book he proclaimed to be his life’s work and beliefs.
De-Mystifying the Mysteries will quote Armstrong directly, as well as some of his most trusted ministers and advisors and will refute Armstrong’s doctrines, using scripture and support it with historical documents, scientific documents, and writings from the men whom the Apostles ordained, writings Armstrong claimed were lost through the ages. When applicable, Hebrew documentation will be used as well, in order to show the Hebrew traditions in Old Testament times.
Last but not least, De-Mystifying the Mysteries will take a step back and use a little common sense and logic when compiling all the evidence against the doctrines of Herbert W. Armstrong and his Evangelists in the Worldwide Church of God.

Dibar Apartian Has Died

Another mighty oak has fallen. Our beloved friend and brother, Evangelist Dibar Krikor Apartian, has gone to a well-earned rest. Mr. Apartian lived to 94 years of age—24 years beyond King David who died “old and full of days” at age 70. The Eternal God used Mr. Apartian to raise up the Work of God in the French language and to oversee and guide that Work for many decades. Through his ministry in the French language, through his sermons and articles in English, and through his well-known personal love and graciousness, Mr. Apartian had a wonderful impact on the lives of many thousands of people around the world.—Roderick C. Meredith

While Apartian certainly was over the French speaking areas, he was not always the favorite HQ administrator.  The Belgians and many of the French did not care too much for him.  He was a French speaking Armenian and therefore not a true Francophile.

He was also known for not getting too wrapped up in the politics in Pasadena.  At least that was the impression he gave.

He is preceded in death by his son, who committed suicide.

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UCG Council: "...ministers are to be servants,..."

If UCG ministers are to be true servants then THEY will be the ones kneeling and washing the lowest members feet.  I truly wonder if any of them have to balls to do that! The problem with UCG leadership is that they still expect the members to serve them, to be loyal, to fund them, and to be at their beckon call.  The truth is it is the other way around.

(The following letter was sent to the United Church of God ministry and membership by the Council of Elders and the President on December 7, 2010.]
Dec. 7, 2010
Dear Ministers and Members,
This letter to you is from the entire sitting Council of Elders and has also been signed by Dennis Luker as president of the United Church of God, representing the administration and ministerial team. We invite you to carefully read every word and pray earnestly about what we are writing to you today.
As we collectively write to you, we write in the prayerful, humble and confident knowledge that the Bible—the inspired Word of God—means what it says when we are told that Jesus Christ Himself is the living Head of the Church. That means that we must all—ministers and members alike—look to Jesus Christ for the power, the love and the direction that He will give His Church to know and fulfill God’s will. Sometimes we may be presented with things and events that we don’t totally understand at the moment, but nonetheless, we can and will be confident that “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28, emphasis added throughout). We must not allow the familiarity of this verse to dilute its meaning!
This morning, during the regularly scheduled meetings of the Council of Elders, Melvin Rhodes was presented with the resignations of three members of the Council: David Baker, Michael Blackwell and David Treybig. The Council resignations today followed on the resignation from the Council submitted last Friday by Jim Franks. All resignations were received in a civil and respectful manner. No resignations from the Council from these four men were solicited by other Council members and they were not anticipated.
In following the process established by the Church’s Constitution, Roy Holladay and Victor Kubik were installed as members of the Council of Elders. These two men, both of whom have previously served on the Council, were in line for service per the balloting of the General Conference of Elders last May. The current Council of 10 represents sufficient membership to continue the work and mission of the Church under our Bylaws, and that work will continue forward!
The process for the remaining two Council positions will be fulfilled according to our Bylaws, and you will receive due notice of that progress.
As the work and mission of the United Church of God continues forward, we as the current Council of Elders, together with Mr. Luker, want to emphasize the intensely earnest need for all of us to be in alignment with God’s will (Romans 12:1-2). We must surrender ourselves to that divine will in order for this Church—this group of called-out ones—to be healed of our differences, achieve reconciliation and forge together in unity. That is the goal, that is the objective, that is the focus of all of us. None of the Council members desires division or discord. Our belief and our focus is not whether any one person is “right” concerning any given issue, but what is the truth, how should we act on the truth and how can we—as the duly designated governing body over the United Church of God—humbly yield to and accomplish the very will of God!
Many unfortunate comments have been made about numerous issues both recently and over the past several months. For the record, as the current Council of Elders, we would like to briefly address three issues and make them clear.
One, the members in Latin America have not been cut off. No one on the Council has abandoned anyone. In fact, a fair portion of the Council meetings this week was devoted to understanding the current issues in Latin America, the facts, and how the Church can make progress and achieve unity. We acknowledge that some tough decisions have been made. These decisions have been made in accordance to the facts that we know and in conformity with both the bylaws of the Church and biblical teachings. The door is and will remain open to reconciliation both in Latin America and elsewhere. Reconciliation in God’s time remains our prayerful goal.
Two, no doctrines of the Church are being changed, subtly or overtly. No changes are being contemplated. Conversely, particularly given the unnecessary turmoil that has arisen in some quarters of the Church about the Sabbath, the Council is intensely focused on making clear what is expected in terms of Sabbath-keeping and the seventh day worship of God. We uphold the established doctrinal teaching of the United Church of God on the subject of the Sabbath and the Holy Days.
Three, we on the Council and in the administration believe that credentialed ministers serving within the United Church of God must fulfill their ministerial duties. That means that ministers are to be servants, providing for the spiritual needs of the precious members in their congregations. Ministers are to edify and build up (1 Thessalonians 5:11), not sow discord and uncertainty among God’s spiritual flock. Numerous avenues and opportunities are already available to ministers who would like to raise issues with us as Council members or those within the Church’s administration. It has been written before, but let us again make it plain here: we on the Council believe the biblical precept that “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17), but when things get so hot that the iron melts, no one is served. We on the Council—as we expect of ourselves—expect ministers to fulfill the biblical mandate to “be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12). According to the biblical requirements, we expect that ministers will “be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing all humility to all men” (Titus 3:1-2).
Those standards apply to all of us. The Bible tells us that we all fall short, that we are all imperfect. Yet we are instructed: “Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did” (1 John 2:6, NIV). That means we must learn how to live in love, just as Jesus taught. That means we all have much to overcome.
While we may be buffeted by trials of various type and circumstance in this current time, we know that Jesus said “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). As Jesus declared to His disciples, “In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).
Even in the midst of this trial, we can be confident that God is directly using these experiences—however unpleasant, exhausting and taxing—to mold and shape our character. That divinely refined character will last for all eternity. We must not fail at this task: “You shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:48).
Despite the current trials, we know from the Bible that the work of God, the work of the Church, indeed, theChurch itself will continue. As we know from Scripture and from history, we know that if we are yielded to God, seeking His will and how to learn how to love one another, He will use us to accomplish His will. We all need correction, and we must seek it to achieve this.
With God as our witness, we whose names appear below bear no ill will to any man. The Church of God will be here today, it will be here tomorrow and Christ will continue to prepare the saints for the Kingdom of God. While we may be a comparatively small church, a little flock, God is magnifying our voice and has set before us an open door to preach His gospel.
In conclusion, we on the Council prayerfully join with what the apostle Paul wrote under inspiration to the first century church at Ephesus: “I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know Him better” (Ephesians 1:17, NIV). Paul continues, “I pray also that the eyes of your heart [your innermost thoughts and understanding] may be enlightened in order that you may know…his incomparably great power for us who believe” (verse 18-19, NIV).
Thank you all for your prayerful support. Let us seek peace. Let us claim the promises of God and rejoice in the spiritual riches He makes available to all of us through our living Leader, Jesus Christ!
In Christ’s service,
The Council of Elders [Scott Ashley, Bob Berendt, Aaron Dean, William Eddington, Roy Holladay, Victor Kubik, Darris McNeely, Melvin Rhodes (chairman), Mario Seiglie and Robin Webber] and Dennis Luker (president)

Giese vs Kubik/Luker Smack Down Round 2

Kenneth Giese
December 1, 2010

Since my resignation from employment with the United Church of God on November 4, 2010, various UCG ministers and administrators have expressed their disappointment over my "refusal" to accept the offer of a transfer to the three-church circuit (Mobile, Geneva and Pensacola) currently covered by Harold Rhodes, a long-time pastor and close personal friend of mine. Harold is continuing his recovery from the ravages of a flesh-eating bacterial infection that kept him hospitalized and flat on his back for almost nine months. He has endured the pain of multiple skin grafts over that period of time and is currently continuing his long and arduous recovery.

It has consistently been Harold's hope to return to serve those three congregations following his recovery. Several months ago, Victor Kubik assured Harold that any decision to retire or diminish his role in serving those three congregations would be his to make. In fact, Victor Kubik updated the entire ministry on Harold's condition in the most recent issue of The Ministerial Newsletter and Journal (November 24, 2010).

It should also be noted that Harold was completely unaware of his circuit being offered to me at the conclusion of Mr. Luker's and Mr. Kubik's recent visit to Sacramento (Sabbath, October 30th).

Here are two quotes from an e-mail message I received from Vic Kubik on Friday, November 5th (the day after I resigned from employment with UCG):

"Your characterization that we asked you to move because you didn't support the Council was not really accurate. Why would we ask you to go elsewhere if you were not supportive of us? Rather, the real reason is the continuously divided church after many visits with no end in sight. Our hope was that your taking another assignment, a fresh start to all, would be a solution. We did have the very needy circuit available in Alabama/Florida that has been without a pastor going on a year."

Please consider the following:

My concern over recent COE and administrative decisions and directives was well known to both Messrs. Luker and Kubik. However, I made a concerted effort to share my specific concerns privately with the COE and administration and NOT share them with my congregations. Essentially, I have the same question that Mr. Kubik posed in the above quote: Why would they ask me to go elsewhere if I was not supportive of them in the context of the total loyalty they appear to be demanding?

A "fresh start" was the solution arrived at by previous UCG administrators almost two and one-half years ago. After a year of sending in various pastors and administrators to solve the issues revolving around the previous pastor of the Reno and Sacramento congregations, Ministerial Services asked me to move here to resolve the situation

In my opinion, in the opinion of three out of four of the elders serving these congregations and in the opinion of over one-half of the Sacramento congregation, the conflict here could have been resolved had the current administration chosen to support me as pastor and hold the previous pastor accountable for his misconduct.

During their three-day visit to Sacramento, the current administration managed to accomplish the following: thoroughly discredit the former administration's efforts (of over four years) to resolve the issues present here, permanently divide these two congregations and leave at least one-half of the Sacramento congregation without a shepherd, endorse the inappropriate behavior of the former pastor and make it impossible for me to continue as the pastor of these two congregations.

Please ask yourself what you would have done, given these circumstances. To accept the proposed "transfer" was completely unacceptable as was the administration's handling of this entire situation. I chose to resign.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Video of Dedication of Dagon's Temple in Edmond

I hesitate posting this so as to not give them more hits to their web site, but this video is appalling.  Not only is this the largest monument of idolatry ever built in modern times, it it is creepy in it's blatant imitation of HWA and WCG.

I have always been fascinated why none of  the 700 some splinter cults could ever come up with anything original when it came to names of their churches, look of the booklets, names of magazines, fake colleges, picture posing's like HWA, etc.  Even his unaccredited 'college' is named after HWA.  The House of Idolatry is named after HWA.

Having worked in Pasadena for three decades I am very familiar with the Ambassador Auditorium.  No expense was spared.  Six Pack has done the same.  The front look of the building is a direct imitation of the Ambassador.  The seating colors are identical, carpet colors identical.

He bought one of the Ambassador's old Steinway's and the two baccarat candelabras.  He also bought the old "Dedicated to God" gold letters from the Ambassador.  These now adorn his walls.

His video is an close imitation of videos description of the Ambassador.

Six Pack traipsed through the woods in Oregon and hauled a dirty old rock back so he could worship it and bow down to it.  How more idolatrous can this cult get????????

Six Pack spent 20 million dollars on the House of Idolatry.  Nine million was financed and the rest was given by the membership.  So in essence the members were conned out of over eleven million dollars.  Eleven million dollars is a lot for a church that is made up of less than 5,000 members.  Ageing members at that! Incidentally, eleven million is what it cost to build the Ambassador.   Money that these older folk should have spent on their retirement instead of financing a monument to HWA and Six Pack.

Their video boasts that 1/6th of the church membership was present for the dedication.  Multiply that by six and you have a church membership of less that five thousand.

The creepiest part is towards the end when they bring in David Wynne to dedicate the swan fountain that Six Pack hauled up from the old Big Sandy campus.

When they start mentioning HWA's name the people in attendance start shouting, whistling and clapping like a bunch of happy seals.  Creepy is not even the word for it!

Watch it at your own risk.  It is 24 minutes long.
there are two other videos related to Dagon's temple on the above page

UCG's New Council Members

The controlling council of UCG is now in place

 (barring any more resignations)

Melvin Rhodes (chairman)
Scott Ashley
Bob Berendt 
Aaron Dean 
William Eddington 
Roy Holladay
Victor Kubik 
Darris McNeely  
Mario Seiglie 
Robin Webber

Get ready for the fur to start flying!

Six Pack Flurry's New Tithing Campaign Video

Three More UCG Resignations

The domino's keep falling!

David Treybig, Michael Blackwell and David Baker are the latest resignations from the UCG ministry

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sponsors of UCG Petition Refuse to Back Down to Melvin Rhodes Demands

5 December, 2010
Dear Mr. Rhodes,
This email is to acknowledge receipt of your request that we withdraw the “Petition for Resolution to the GCE.”
Your comments expressing opposition to our effort are certainly within your rights as an elder however your request  that we withdraw the petition from circulation among our fellow elders is clearly an attempt to claim power and/or authority the Council of Elders does not possess. Regarding your counsel’s opinion as to the legality of our petition please be advised we received the legal counsel of three attorneys prior to releasing the petition and resolution and we are confident both are in full compliance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the United Church of God which we believe you and your legal counsel are aware of as well.
Furthermore, we must express our deep disappointment with the harshness of the letter you sent to the entire ministry regarding the petition (its content and intent). Your comments totally misrepresent, mislead and mis-characterize it by questioning the authenticity of its authors; inferring illegitimacy as our being non-salaried elders; strongly suggesting clandestine methods of distribution; stating the petition calls for a “trial” of the majority of the Council of Elders not to mention your accusation of the Review Committee being composed of “men known to be critical of the present Council and Administration” as well as your description of a review “becoming more like an inquisition.” While these statements may reflect the Councils “opinion” of the matter, sharing them with the entirety of the ministry as a preemptive move by the Council to persuade elders to answer a matter before they hear it is not direction we feel an elder should be advised to follow (Proverbs 18:13). As you yourself acknowledged – all elders have yet to receive the petition for their individual consideration.
Regarding the petition, your communication to the elders also states, “members of the GCE should not support it.” May we remind you of the voluminous problems we have already experienced when efforts have been made to persuade elders in  “block voting”… a circumstance the Council has not only condemned but has disciplined others for at times they believe it has occurred.
  As sponsors, it is our sincere hope that the Council, the Administration and the whole GCE, in considering a response to the petition and resolution, will remember that there is no intent or attempt to accuse or malign anyone (which is why no specific names or actions were listed in the resolution). The intent is simply to carry out a good faith review of the actions of the present Council of Elders and Administration during a defined time period.  Considering the deep concerns that have been expressed by so many brethren and ministers over the last year or more, and in view of the deep divisions it has created in the Church, we feel such a review is warranted and very much needed.  Frankly, we wonder what any ethical, righteous groups or individuals would have to fear from such a review of meeting our established policies and procedures.  If there is nothing to fear or to hide then the very least that will be accomplished is to restore transparency and confidence within the Church amongst concerned brethren and ministry.
Consequently, the sponsors of the “Petition for Resolution to the GCE” hereby decline to withdraw the petition as requested.
Additionally, in view of the fact that as the Chairman, with a complete listing of all elders which you have utilized to inform all elders of your “opinion”, now, in an act of fairness, transparency, good faith and evidence of due respect for the General Conference of Elders, immediately utilize the same means to announce to our brothers our decision to continue forward with the petition and that each one may be advised of their Constitutional right to evaluate the petition and follow their conscience as God leads them.
Dave DeHart, Glenn Doig, Mike Machin, Frank Pierce

Ken Giese: "Wolf Sowing Discord?"

Dear Friends,
It is with great sadness and grave concern that I write to you all regarding the current crisis gripping the United Church of God. Clearly, we are a house divided against itself and in danger of disintegrating. We have been told that there is a rebellion in our midst, led by wolves who are causing division and seeking to draw brethren to themselves in an effort to “start their own church”. Our current leadership continues to accuse dedicated pastors with decades of faithful service and experience of leading an organized conspiracy, while at the same time, dismissing some 2,000 Latin American brethren and their pastors without due process, demonizing anyone who would question their authority and demanding the support of members and ministers alike despite their egregious misconduct. The income of the United Church of God is dropping precipitously, morale is sinking and we are about to lose what we have all worked together to build under Christ’s direction for fifteen years. Enough is enough.
 As many of you know, on November 4, 2010, I resigned from my responsibilities as an employed pastor of two UCG congregations (Reno, NV and Sacramento, CA) due to the fact that I could no longer in good conscience support the actions and decisions of the current Council of Elders majority or their appointed administrators. As I wrote to Dennis Luker and Victor Kubik, despite the fact that I resigned from employment, I wanted to retain my membership in the United Church of God as well as my status as a credentialed elder in UCG in hopes that the current Council of Elders and our administrators would accept responsibility for this debacle and seek reconciliation and peace rather than confrontation and war. Sadly, they have chosen the latter.
 As one who has been identified as a wolf who is sowing discord, I would like to set the record straight. The last thing I or any of my fellow elders want to do is leave the United Church of God and start another organization. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. We (some current COE members, former administrators, regional pastors, concerned elders and members) have been working diligently behind the scenes to bring the current Council of Elders majority and our administrators to the table for frank discussions on our current state of affairs as well as exploring methods and means whereby we could all work together to bring reconciliation and peace, but our efforts have been consistently rebuffed and ridiculed. We desperately want to remain a part of the United Church of God, but we are being falsely accused and forced out by those who have clearly disqualified themselves as our spiritual leaders.
 Therefore, I am calling upon the General Conference of Elders to step up and demand that the current Council of Elders and their appointed administrators be held accountable for bringing the United Church of God to the point of imminent disintegration. I encourage GCE members to fulfill their responsibility as the only “members” of the corporation – The United Church of God, an International Association. I encourage the GCE to call for a special meeting for the purpose of restructuring the organization with new leadership. Our current leaders have proven themselves incapable of correcting the problems that are clearly facing us all.
 Please do not let the cries of “foul” deter you from taking these appropriate and necessary steps. If these actions do not take place, the United Church of God has little chance of surviving intact.
 In light of my personal circumstances and the fact that roughly one-half of the Sacramento UCG congregation has stopped attending, I feel compelled to offer a place of refuge for myself as well as those members who feel they have been forced out of the United Church of God. At the same time, I would love to remain a member of UCG as well as a credentialed elder in UCG and work with the entire GCE in taking the necessary steps noted above, but I cannot in good conscience do so. Therefore, I hereby resign as a member of the United Church of God and as a member of the General Conference of Elders, effective immediately. This coming Sabbath, November 27th, I plan to meet with other brethren who no longer feel they can affiliate with the United Church of God. My purpose is not to start a church . . . I am attempting to provide a place of refuge in hopes that we can eventually return to fellowship in a healthy, vibrant and Godly United Church of God.
May God bless and guide us all in these difficult and challenging times.
Kenneth Giese

UCG Hit List of Ministers Removed From Office So Far In 2010 Updated 12/7

UCG Ministers who have resigned or been kicked out of UCG in the last year:

Mr. David Baker, December 2010, resigned Council of Elders
Mr. Michael Blackwell, December 2010 resigned Council of Elders
Mr. David Treybig, December 2010. resigned Council of Elders
Mr. Neil Hart, December 2010, resigned  12/4/10
Mr. Jim Franks, December 2010, resigned from the Council of Elders
Mr. Alfredo Arboleas, December 2010, removed from UCG ministry
Mr. Eleodoro Avila, December 2010, removed from UCG ministry 
Mr. Alberto Gonzalez, December 2010, removed from UCG ministry
Mr. Jaime Guiñez, December 2010, removed from UCG ministry 
Mr. Adan Langarica, December 2010, removed from UCG ministry 
Mr. Luis Mundo, December 2010, removed from UCG ministry 
Mr. Fermin Nain, December 2010, removed from UCG ministry 
Mr. Jaime Ortiz, December 2010, removed from UCG ministry 
Mr. Manuel Quijano, December 2010, removed from UCG ministry   
Mr. Pablo Dimakis, December 2010, resigned form UCG ministry
Mr. Ron Kelly, December 2010, removed from ministerial duties

Mr. Jonathan R. Pinelli, November 2010, resigned from UCG ministry
Mr. Paul Carter, November 2010, resigned from UCG ministry
Mr. Ken Giese, November 2010, resigned from UCG ministry
Mr. Tim Waddle, November 2010, removed as Associate Senior Pastor of East Africa
Mr. Tom Clark, November 2010, removed as Associate Senior Pastor of Ghana
Mr. Larry Salyer, November 2010, removed from UCG ministry
Mr. Edwardi Hernández, November 2010, resigned from UCG ministry
Mr. Ken Giese, November 2010, resigned as pastor
Mr. Larry Salyer, October 2010, relieved from ministerial duties
Mr. Paul Suckling, October 2010, relieved of his position as Senior Pastor of the United Kingdom

Regional Pastors removed: 
Bruce Gore, Lyle Welty, Mike Hanisko, Todd Carey, Jim Servidio, Jim Haeffle, Greg Sargent, Larry Grieder,  Larry Neff, Dennis Luker  

Mr. Graemme Marshall - August 2010 - resigned from UCG- Canada ministry
Mr. Hendren  - August 2010 - removed from ministry
Mr. Mendez - August 2010 - removed from ministry
Mr. Garcia - July 2010 - removed as Deacon
Mr. Lovelady - July 2010 - resigned as Treasurer / HR Director
Mr. Walker - June 2010 removed as Director of Spanish Work, removed from the ministry
Mr. Roybal - June 2010 - removed from UCG ministry
Mr. S Langarica - June 2010 - removed from UCG ministry
Mr. David Campbell - June 2010 - resigned from UCG-Canada ministry 

THE following were made in cognito by UCG brass.  Their ultimate fate is still unknown.

Mr. Alfredo Arboleas
Mr. Eleodoro Avila
Mr. Pablo Dimakis
Mr. Jaime Guiñez
Mr. Alberto Gonzalez
Mr. Adan Langarica
Mr. Luis Mundo
Mr. Fermin Nain
Mr. Jaime Ortiz
Mr. Manuel Quijano
Mr. Sanchez

These men while removed or resigned their position continue to be employed as paid elders

Johnson - May 2010 - not reconfirmed as Corporate Secretary
Horchak - May 2010 - position on the Ministerial Services team was eliminated when Victor Kubik came in as interim operations manager.
Thompson - May 2010 - position on the Ministerial Services team was eliminated when Victor Kubik came in as interim operations manager.
Register - May 2010 - resigned as Director of Educational Services, his position on the Ministerial Services team was eliminated when Victor Kubik came in as interim operations manager.
Kilough - April 2010 - asked to resign as President
Franks - April 2010 - asked to resign as Operations Manger of Ministerial services
Salyer - April 2010 - resigned as Operations Manager of Media
Kilough - July 2009 - resigned from CoE
Thompson - July 2009 - resigned from CoE
Foster - July 2009 - removed as Council Reporter