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Big Sandy Texas...COG myths from the farm


From Wonders of the A.C. Ranch a publication from Imperial Schools in educating the youth about the AC farm and the Bible.

I certainly hope those children did not heed the Bible to end strife as taught by the Church of God and Ambassador faculty. The use of the Bible by these "leaders" has created more strife in the Church of God than the persecuting Germans or the Beast power. We created our own strife that has totally decimated the COG to the pathetic state it is in today. None of those guys have made any effort to end all the silly strife in the COG!

Did you also know that when God supposedly created Texas that he specifically knew hundreds of thousands of years ago that Herbert Armstrong would come to Big Sandy and build a campus there? Even more amazing that same God knew that they would build a dam on the property to make a lake and buried in that exact spot clay and silt so they could make the dam? Forget about the glaciers and flooding that happened over hundreds of thousands of years in the region, that's geology and we can't have any of that. It's a miracle, I tell you! A miracle!

We loved to mock the Catholic church for its many myths when we have created our own multivolume collection of COG myths.

With God's laws, we always comply???????? 

LMAO! This is the Church of God we are speaking of. It has always been a pick and choose church that kept the things it wanted and forget about the rest.

Restored Church of God: Dr. James F. Pastor, Chief RCG Legal Counsel, and Rose Ann Pastor, Leaves David C. Pack’s Group


From an RCG source:

Dr. James F. Pastor, Chief RCG Legal Counsel, and Rose Ann Pastor, Leaves David C. Pack’s Group

As RCG passes part 290 in Dave Pack’s prophetic sermon series, reports are coming out almost weekly that increasingly more are abandoning ship. Several key people have left in recent weeks.

One notable recent departure is Dr. James F. Pastor, and his wife Rose Ann. Most recently, James served as the General Counsel & Director of Risk Management. Rose Ann filled the role of Campus Administrator at the nearly-defunct Ambassador Center. Prior to James having a fallout with Dave, Jim was also the Business Office manager, among other key roles. He also taught at “AC” (see inset photo).

Sadly, James and Rose Ann are perhaps some of the more professionally accomplished people to have been duped by Dave Pack. Jim is an author and an expert in his field ( and Rose Ann has two Master's degrees. Thankfully, they finally saw the deception of the man.

Other recent notable departures include Wayne and Dale Caudill of HQ, as well as Brent and Elizabeth Garrison, pastors of the Kentucky area.

All of these (and others) add to the mounting list of 140+ staff members (The 140 Ex-Employees of David C. Pack and the Restored Church of God) and scores of ministers who all stand as a testimony and witness...they have all had their scales fall off and now see the falsehood of David C. Pack.

The ship is sinking. It's not a matter of if, but when. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Sad News: Missing COG Member Found Deceased


The top notice was on various COG Facebook pages and the Ambassador Alumni site when they were looking for her after she did not arrive for church on Saturday.

From a reader:

So sad that this sweet woman had to die driving to Sabbath services in another state during inclement winter weather.


Brenda was the widow of Jim Ross in Tyler, TX.

Are PCG Members Too Dumb To Know Who To Invite To The NIght To Be Much Observed? The ministry thinks so!

Hiding from the death angel

The spiritual Gestapo agents in Edmond Oklahoma, at Gerald Flurry's command, have laid down the law on who is invited to The Night To Be Much Observed, a night of food and drink that was manufactured by Herbert Armstrong and not found in the Bible. (cue Bob Thiel meltdown right now...)

From Exit and Support Network:

For the days of Unleavened Bread, John Krueger, in a recent sermonette, decided to quote from an article by laughing Brian Davis in the Philadelphia News Nov/Dec 2010, “Who should Attend the Night To Be Much Observed?” Krueger quotes Davis [emp mine] as saying: “If individuals attend who would hinder this fellowship, or lackthis understanding, or in some cases could even be hostile to this type of fellowship, our observance would not be up to the standard that is pleasing to God. That is why it is imperative that we not only know how to observe this night, but also who should keep it with us.” 
In addition to wearing their very best clothing that night, paying careful attention to detail, and being “moderate in food and drink” (Note: We all remember far too many members getting high on alcohol this night and eating too much roasted lamb and rich desserts) here are the rules: 
Who should we invite to observe the night with us? 
1. Those in God’s inner circle
2. Members’ children who are sanctified
3. Those who attend church on a regular basis but have not yet been baptized but desire to be 
Who should not be attending?
1. Non-converted mates who do not attend services on a regular basis
2. Those in the outer court –the Laodiceans
3. Teens who have decided not to attend services

Herbert Armstrong never ever made such a command. If so-called unconverted spouses and non-attending children felt compelled to attend the meal they were invited.  And, what's with this Laodicean crap? This night meal is not a New Covenant command and is beyond the boundary of a minister telling people who can and cannot attend. Besides, nowhere in the entire Bible are Christians told to keep this night.

EXODUS 12:41-42the scripture the COGs use to establish this fabricated celebration, tells us the observance in question is to be solemn. The Passover is unarguably solemn, because of what occurred that night - the slaughter of a lamb, and thousands of firstborns, and even moreso because of what it foreshadowed - the death of the Savior. This tone of the COG Passover service seems much more in line with what verse 42 describes than the alleged Night to Be Much Observed. It doesn't appear that the Israelites celebrated their deliverance until Exodus 15, after Pharaoh's army was drowned in the sea. Humanly speaking, this makes sense to me. Would I have been pleased the morning after the Passover, to learn we were leaving? Absolutely. But I can see myself a little shell shocked. Grieved at the deaths of so many Egyptians. A little post traumatic stress disorder from the plagues. And then there was the matter of the Egyptian army pursuing them. All in all, I suspect the day after the Passover was not a big party for the children of Israel. 
And really, it's not exactly a reason to party for Christians today, either. The COGs tell us that this supposed Night to Be pictures Israel's deliverance from Egypt and our deliverance from sin through Christ's death. It is a night to prepare an elaborate meal, gather with brethren and rejoice. The tone of this tradition is tragically incongruent with what the evening allegedly marks. 
What do the COGs tell us we are celebrating? Christ's victory over sin, achieved by His death. Is the end result of the story something to celebrate? Absolutely. But is His actual death something to celebrate? I think not. Do you start planning an elaborate party when a close relative passes? "Hey guys, Aunt Edna is dead, would you please pass the prime rib? And did you SEE the dessert table?"
Should Christians Celebrate the "Night to Be Much Observed"?



Thursday, March 4, 2021

LCG Prepares To Sacrifice Jesus Again At The Local Masonic Lodge and/or School Gym

It is that time of year when the Churches of God focuses upon Passover. It is the one time of year that the focus is supposed to be entirely on the guy they call Christ or Jesus if they want to look cool to their members. The rest of the year, not so much.  

They look forward to the ritual symbolic killing of Jesus once again. Microphones will be brought forward so that when the matzo wafers are broken the sound of the breaking of the bread is amplified so that members sitting in the congregation are filled with guilt and remorse for their inability to remain sinless since the previous Passover.

Due to the previous sins in their lives since the last Passover, they have to kill Jesus all over again on the night of the COG version of the Passover. The problem is, as soon as they leave that gym or Masonic Lodge, Jesus seems to remain there for the rest of the year. 

The meaning of his life, the significance of the resurrection, which is way more mysterious and meaningful than the crucifixion, barely gets a peep the rest of the year. COG leaders shy away from resurrection stories because they don't want to seem too Protestant and Easterish. Justification is rarely discussed as it is more important to focus on following rules than being justified. Grace and unmerited pardon are not looked upon too freely either. In fact, as the year progresses, the church will, as usual, be more graceless than ever. The rules and new rules will be enforced as Jesus Christ gets shoved in the corner again where he will have to wait till Passover next year.

Prepare for the Spring Holy Days: In just a few weeks, we will be observing the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread. These annual Festivals are a memorial of the great sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for our sins and the sins of the world. They are also a reminder that we need to recognize and eliminate sin and inappropriate thoughts and actions from our lives so we can become more like our Father and elder brother Jesus Christ. For the Passover to be meaningful and profitable—and not just routine—we need to do our part to prepare for this important step in God’s Plan of Salvation. To put the Passover in proper perspective, it will be helpful to review the gospel accounts of the events that led up to the Passover, the crucifixion, and the resurrection. Placing our own period of self-examination within this biblical context can help us appreciate the tremendous significance of Jesus’ sacrifice. The Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread provide us with an annual opportunity to examine every aspect of our lives in the light of God’s instructions found in the Scriptures. Spending time every day in prayerful study and reflection, as we go through this Holy Day period, will help us grow to be more like our Savior Jesus Christ.
Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail

Dave Pack: [Ex-members] are people who sin a sin unto death. They start beating us, and giving up all the "laws of God" and go out and get drunk with drunks...But, they ain't all bad...

JC with his peeps...sinners, prostitutes, tax collecters, and other unclean people

From an RCG source:

Part 290 - Friday February 26th

Everyone With Us Go First!

“And I'm trying to be ever more careful to not have opinions. I'm convinced that there are people who leave this church and they are saints, and at the same time, they were expelled from the church by God, Who said, "If they're here last, they're going first and they're not going first." So you and I have to be very careful that we don't assume we won't spend all eternity with those people.

That's a sobering, and a very wonderful thing to think about. I'm trying to be more careful than ever because it's easy to fall into, "They left us, they're gone." Well I guess you could begin to say, there are people who sin a sin unto death. They start beating us, and giving up all the "laws of God" and go out and get drunk with drunks. Then it doesn't look good for them, from what I see. But a lot of them don't do that.

Now, they may not go with another group, but they may go home and don't know what to do. Because after you've been here, and you're disenchanted here, for some reason, no other group works very well. And those people bounce, because they go in and they see all kinds of collapsed standards, all kinds of problems, all kinds of dress, all kinds of attitudes, all kinds of beliefs and too proud to come back. They'll often go home, say, "wow, it was, it was really bad. It's kind of like what I heard" and you, and I might say, well, "Why don't they come back?" And the answer is, They're not going first, but even if they go home and doesn't necessarily mean that they're still trying to tithe, they're going to go somewhere for the Feast or hold onto their beliefs, don't judge them. If you can wallow with hogs and whores and blow your inheritance and get eternal life, then we shouldn't give up on them, like the prodigal son I'll return to my father. And when he did that, he was in a real bad state.

So I thought it was, It would be encouraging to think of it from that perspective. There are people who are leaving and I see it differently now. If you're here at the end, meaning you heard all of this, you're "going first." Some may have been blessed at the 1335, they accepted all of that, others maybe have to sign on and understand more things and then they are, and there are others who just, they bolt. But that doesn't mean they bolted and dove into the Lake of Fire or into the furnace or they're going to be destroyed by, by the God who is a consuming fire. A fiery indignation, you know, all the verses. 
It may just mean, God said, I can't. I made a promise in the scriptures over and over. If they're here at the last, they made it through the whole long, difficult, wonderful, but sometimes painful process. They're "going first" end of story. So you cannot have anybody here at the end who's not going to go first, or it wasn't a true statement. Took me a long to figure that out, that everybody who goes out isnt a "mocker and a scoffer" who wants to run after their own lusts. Not everybody's the same. And again, I hope that I hope that is encouraging to understand. 
So truly "The Mystery of God" is unfolding. Maybe it's better to say the "Mystery of God is Truly Unfolding." It is partially at least about how these two awesome beings work together in all they do as they work with us.”

Comment: In order to soothe the remaining membership, Dave claims, those who left his church actually could still “make it” and wouldn’t be destroyed by his god. That said, if you become a mocker, scoffer, run after your own lusts (e.g. not give all your money up in “common”) “beat RCG,” leave the diminishing and corrupt Armstrongist movement, or get drunk (?) then you will be destroyed by his god. That said, you still need to be in Dave’s version of the “True Church” to be saved, so basically copying Catholic theology. 

Gerald Flurry: "The PCG has the New Throne of David and the New Stone of Destiny. That’s putting us in a pretty close proximity to God.” "


From Exit and Support Network

I had the “honor” to listen to Pt. 3 of his sermon “Where are We in Bible Prophecy?” and it was all I could stomach to listen to a few parts. He is getting crazier by the day. He focused on nothing but Tribulation, wrath, punishment, death, how many are going to die, how there won’t be many left, Germany is going to strike and kill, etc. I don’t know how members can sit there week after week and listen to this bull crap doom and gloom. 

Young Herbie at the rock

He said the Prayer Rock they are in possession of is “a symbol of Jesus Christ.” (A rock in the Bible is a symbol of Christ but not HWA’s prayer rock! As mentioned in the article Idolatry in the PCG, this rock is nothing but blatant idolatry!) 
Here are some other things he said: 
“Who are we that God would entrust us to deliver this message to this world and especially three nations of Israel and God’s Laodicean church most of all. The PCG has the New Throne of David and the New Stone of Destiny. That’s putting us in a pretty close proximity to God.” 
He was downright arrogant when he started criticizing Evangelicals and saying, “How much do those people who are following Trump–how much do they know about their Bible? You could almost say zero. They are getting further away from God all the time.” (Who is getting further from God? Isn’t it GF?) “We have to learn you can’t follow a puny little man [i. e., Trump]” (And who is following puny little Gerald Flurry??) “They don’t obey much of anything in the Bible. They don’t obey God and they don’t want to obey God. But they will follow Jeroboam [i. e., Trump] And that’s their great sin.” (What about those who are following GF? Isn’t that a great sin?) 
He raised his voice when he said, “God’s wrath is on this nation!” and “This is a strong message that we have to deliver to these people!”

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Dave Pack: It All Comes Down to “Common” and "if people just "give up everything" they're going to "make it." "

...and then, you too shall be saved FIRST!

From an RCG source:

It All Comes Down to “Common” 


“We're a church, unlike any others, who "sold all" and "gave it all up," others don't. That's the single chief reason we're "going first," because people who will do that, are going to do the other things God says. Not because He says "give me your money and I don't care what you do." People who will do that, all the warnings about love of money, your life doesn't consist of the abundance of things you possess, beware of covetousness, all those warnings, if people just "give up everything" they're going to "make it." Now, some can do that, and then fall backward and hopefully God can fit them in "second," if you will. We'll see how all of that works.” 


Comment: While money can be the root of all evil, there are many examples of biblical figures using money properly. There are many things that Christians are required to do, but “selling all” and giving it to your church hierarchy is not in the Bible. There is hope though, even if you gave everything to Dave, but still decided he is a false prophet, maybe god can still fit you in second, so that’s good news! 

Dave Pack: When this series is over you will receive Eternal Life


From an RCG source:

“Dumb Enough to Leave…” 


“But there's people who are dumb enough to leave now! Cause it's "taking too long." No matter how many times Mr. Pack says, "Be patient, Be patient." They don't care. It's "taking too long!" and they leave, they don't care. "I'll give it a little longer" and they do, or they don't, and maybe they'll give up and they quit. They don't keep the word of "my patience." And if He's [Father] coming with Christ, then you gotta be patient. You have need a patience. Eventually you reached this point where its just a little while, "yet a little while" and we'll receive the promise, which is eternal life. When this series is over.”

Comment: To be clear, there are two messages in this comment. The first is, Dave is the one telling his members that Christ will return on a particular date. He isn’t telling them to be patient, he is the one who is setting the expectation and then after it passes, he makes these claims of “just be patient.” This is called “gaslighting.” Secondly, he claims the members will receive eternal life, when the series is over. The latest expectation was that the series was finished this past Saturday, so, I guess it’s not finished yet?

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

COG False Prophet Upset Over WorldNetDaily Messianic Jewish Writer


I guess I should not be surprised that many COG leaders get their news off WorldNetDaily. It reinforces their paranoia about everything going wrong in the world around them. They need WND to support their endtime garbage scenarios. 

One predominant writer on the site is a Messianic Jew and regularly writes about the Jewish Holy Days tying them into Christianity. This delights some COG leaders as it is proof that others also recognize that the Jewish holy days are required for Christians, but not all of them. One person, in particular, is rather pissed that Mark Blitz has published a new book, Everything you need to know about Passover. Blitz's new book makes mincemeat of Almost-arrested, doubly blessed, Amos, Joshua, witless witness, Bwana Bob Thiel, the great savior to Africa and 299 Caucasians, and the prophet is not happy!

The Great Bwana, the worlds greatest theologian, and authority on the Bible writes:

While I am glad that Mark Biltz believes Christians should keep the biblical Holy Days, he is not one I have much theological confidence in. 

Neither does 99.99% of the Church of God in Bwana Bob. His theological mumbo-jumbo is an embarrassment to the true believers in the church. Never has a COG leader been so unqualified to be leading a COG than Bwana Bob. That is the reason he had to self-appoint himself as a COG leader as COG leaders were never going to and the membership certainly did not raise him up and support him. 

Regular readers of this page likely remember him, as I often denounced his position on blood moons, the solar eclipse of 2017, the ‘super blue blood moon’ of 2018 and 2019, and other matters. 
Mark Biltz has proven to be a false prophet.

Just as Bwana Bob has been proven to be a false prophet in the COG empire. The COG has never had such a pathetic slate of false prophets in its midst as it does in 2021. 

The words greatest theological continues with this:

So, why bring anything up about Mark Biltz now? 
Well, basically because of two reasons. 
First, some falsely believe that if someone promotes the Sabbath or the biblical Holy Days, they are credible leaders. That is simply not the case. So-called Messianic Jews like Mark Biltz misunderstand much about church history, doctrine, and prophecy. 

Well it that isn't the pot calling the kettle black! Whoah boy! Just because a false self-appointed COG leader like Bob claims to promote the Sabbath and holy days does not make him a credible COG leader. Since he is blatantly ignorant about New Covenant theology or anything about Jesus Christ, it stands to reason as to why Bwana Bob is so spiritually bankrupt and not credible. 

The second, however, is that Mark Biltz is correct that Christians should keep the Passover and biblical Holy Days, though I do not believe him to be an actual expert on those subjects.

Bwana Bob is not an expert on the Bible either, and most certainly is NOT an expert or even qualified to discuss the New Covenant and its theology. 

Dave Pack: And I have wrestled and wrestled and wrestled with this. And so have good men that I know."

From an RCG source:

“They Must Come Together!” 


“But you go to the end of Malachi 4, and it's kind of interesting. You have to assume something, I mean, so far we just looked at two additional verses. You have to assume that Christ's authority doesn't begin to the second kingdom, but you can't be forgiven if he's not here "out of the gate." You can't argue with those things that you just can't, or you have to remake the scriptures. And I have wrestled and wrestled and wrestled with this. And so have good men that I know. And remember, if you want to accuse us, I'm not saying you do "Nobody's ever understood it before! so if it's better, late than never is good enough for me!" Because nobody's ever understood that, nobody is waiting for the Father. They're all waiting for Christ. And every Saint I ever knew was waiting for Christ. And it's impossible just on what we discovered and I'm scratching the surface here. It's impossible to not have God here "out of the gate," if He already reigned, impossible! But it's impossible to have anybody reign with Him, If Christ wasn't here to judge them! So if he already reigned, He reigned alone, and everybody else just kept going to church. So you have to have them both, but exousia comes to Christ in the Second Kingdom!” 


Comment: Don’t worry about how Dave arrives at his conclusions, just remember that he claims the Father and Christ have to arrive together. It’s impossible to see it any other way...Later this year, when he changes his story again, ask “What happened to impossible?”

Dave Pack: "...I'm going to finish strong! And I want you to just be completely unable to get out of this, "this cell" I'm going to lock you in that God locked me in. "


From an RCG source:

“It’s the Days of my [Dave’s] Voice” 


“Because I know what the "Days of my Voice" are. The Kingdom HAS to come as the "Mystery Goes Away," but I'm going to cover all of this. I'm going to drive it home and drive it home. It's prophesied over and over again. And I'm going to finish strong! And I want you to just be completely unable to get out of this, "this cell" I'm going to lock you in that God locked me in. I opened by saying, you know, I had to first be convicted and I am convicted, but that's fine for me, but I want YOU to be convicted. I want you to feel good all over. We've got to answer. Okay. Is there a difference between the "world to come" and "the end of the world?" How about that? What about "lands" and "houses?" We've got to go back to a lot of different things here, and they're all neat and they're all fun and they're all just, wow, they're easy now…. 


...Now ask yourself, If God had made this plain wouldn't, the whole world have known his plan? He didn't want them to know it, He wanted it to be a "mystery," including even to his people, because at the very end of the age, a lot of them would be doing a lot of things, they shouldn't have been! They would have been watching, when He wanted to see what their attitude was, but he had this little "micro-flock" who would kind of get things ready in a very difficult time. Not in the Philadelphian era, I mean, five years before Mr. Armstrong died, I heard him say he wrote it and said it, in a sermon that 30,000 people had already left the church five years before he died. So there's nothing new under the sun. All kinds of people have left the church down through the ages. So if people stopped leaving the church here, you almost have to wonder what's wrong. So people, you know, people leave and that's the way it is, but more come than leave. And that's good. Unless you have an apostasy. It blows everything to pieces as happened in the first century, happened in the 20th, and no doubt other times. So that's very helpful.” 


Comment: The “Mystery” he references is his “truth of prophecy,” in his series. For starters, the mystery/confusion only is getting worse in RCG and secondly, biblically, the “Mystery” was revealed to Christians 2,000 years ago (noted in Colossians 1:26-29, Ephesians 1:9-12, Ephesians 3:3-7) as salvation through the work of Christ which was going out to the Gentiles. Not sure how there is room for another mystery or why Dave’s mystery is greater than Christ’s? 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Dave Pack: HWA only had 10 or 15% of prophecy right, I have the complete knowledge

 Martha, Martha...

From an RCG source: 

“It’s just like a Picnic...” 


“So, this series in many ways is like "holding a picnic," In the Worldwide Church of God, we understood maybe 10% of what God was going to do. We had a lot of basics, right. Maybe you could say we understood 20%, but I would say it's closer to 10%, or 15%. Maybe now we're up to 90%, but I've found that it's the last, call it 10 or 15%, maybe you say 25%, that's more difficult. But people have WAY more than they ever had, when they were perfectly content. Only back then, nobody thought you should have more so they didn't even complain and say, "we're not having a picnic! why aren't we being told the rest of prophecy?" They thought they were. So everybody was at peace with 10 or 15%, it was great, ignorance was bliss. And they were ignorant, that they even were ignorant. Okay. So you start clearing away the debris and it takes years and as we get closer and closer, curiously, the "fussy kind of theological or prophetic "Martha-Martha" types," fussing over things they quit! They were perfectly content sometimes for 20, 30 or 50 years, to sit knowing practically nothing way, more than the Baptists, you know, or the Lutherans, but practically nothing compared to what we have now. Now this series was never going to answer everything we see through a glass darkly period!” 


Comment: The members who leave and call Dave out as being a false prophet are labeled as “a fussy theological and prophetic Martha, Martha type.” How does he view the MANY NT warnings about false prophets, false teachers, false apostles, etc…? Maybe they could start keeping Sabbath on Sunday. I wouldn’t worry about the fussy theological Martha, Martha types to get all bound up over that. I would love to tell HWA to his face, that he only had 10% of prophecy right, that would be hilarious.

PCG Joel Hilliker Has All The Answers On How To Be A Biblical Man.


Joel Hilliker has a funny little tidbit up on PCG's The Trumpet website about a new book he has written, Biblical Manhood: God-Given Roles For Men.

Joel writes:

What does it mean to be a man? In a society of same-sex “marriages” and transgender bathrooms, the answer to this question has never been more confusing. This generation has challenged, castigated and changed virtually everything that has defined manhood throughout human history. Biblical Manhood gets back to the basics.

Why would any man in the Church of God look towards their leadership for instructions on how to be a man, especially given how pathetic the leadership of the COG has been as examples of Biblical manhood? From adultery, wife swapping, pedophilia, stalking, sexual harassment, gay orgies, and much much more, WHY would anyone, particularly men look at the COG leadership and ministry as virtuous examples of masculine standards? Oh wait! those are examples of Biblical men! 

Since most of these guys cannot practice Biblical Christianity why should we expect them to be standard-bearers of Biblical manhood?

Hilliker  also says,

In a world of ambiguity, this book gives clarity. In a society overflowing with questions, this book supplies answers. It relies on the ultimate Source in pursuit of an enduring, reliable, rock-solid definition of what it means to be a man.


Why is it that self-appointed COG prophets and apostles and know-it-all always have to have the answer to everything? No one ever has a more perfect answer to societal "questions" than COG leaders. Considering how most of them reject a lot of what scripture says and redefine it to suit their mind-wanderings, why should we look to them for a "rock-solid" definition of what a man is?

Looking at certain COG leaders over the decades, particularly those in PCG and LCG, those that tooted the "true masculinity" horn were usually men with self-confidence and sexual identity issues. The more hyper-masculine they tried to appear, the sillier the character they created looked to everyone.

You too can recover your manhood by reading Hilliker's book here.

Gerald Flurry: I don't want to sound vain or proud, but...


From a comment on Exit & Support Network

A Love Letter For Banned


I guess I need to go on a spiritual retreat 
and cleanse myself of Armstrongism

I don't think someone appreciates the blog...

Why are you westing your time doing stupidities wasting your energy and effort running website abouth the followers of Armstrong You need to seek God follow his Prophecies Dan 12.4 To search scriptures multiplay increase knowledge and become Saved...You are in darkness as followers of Amstrong

Nadia Tomazic

Sure thing Nadia.