Saturday, April 15, 2017

Stephen Flurry, PCG "Dance Mom" gets in the "spirit" for Spring "Holy" Days

From a PCG source:

In classic dance mom style, pushy American parent Stephen Flurry gets into the spirit of the Days of Unleavened Bread by taking to Twitter to boast of his vicarious victory in Irish dancing by posting a tweet of his son Jude coming eighth place in a recent competition.   Stephen, “newly-revealed heir to the throne of England” Flurry posts the following:

I wonder how many of the rank and file PCG members would be able to reconcile an activity like this during what is supposed to be a week of humble reflection through removing human nature and the spirit of this world which Herbert W Armstrong summed up in the word Competition.  

In the same week when PCG completed the purchase of a private jet and now Stephen Flurry’s son takes part in a regional dance competition, you have to realistically wonder where the heir-apparent’s spiritual focus has really been.

If this was an ordinary PCG member they would be on the receiving end of severe correction from the ministry for having a wrong focus during this pivotal time.

Anyway now that Prince Stephen has his own private jet perhaps Jude will lift his game and come seventh next time….

1 Cor 13:4 (NKJV) Love … does not parade itself…

Dave Pack: Thanks to Trump our members can go back to work and give more money

Everything about Dave Packs always descends back to his favorite subject, money  All money in the world belongs to God.  Because Dave is God's "chosen one" it is therefore logical that all money in the world belongs to  Dave and if all the money in the world belongs to Dave then that means all tithe money in ALL the various Church of God's belongs to Dave.  With all of that tithe money coming in, the quicker he can build his auditorium and student center.  When he accomplishes this then his "jesus" can return and have a stage to speak from and a dining hall to have his meals prepared in.

Now that Trump has been elected all Americans will soon be getting high paying jobs and therefore his members will now get more money due to raises and bonuses.  That extra money will be willingly sent into Dave so he can build his superfantabulous compound in Wadsworth.

Now I’m excited, because, obviously, God’s people can go back to work, and we’re commanded to go to work. So it’s going to benefit the Work. Not only will new people pour into the Work, as I’m describing, but a lot of people who are here are going to start getting jobs, who are un- or under-employed, and wages will start to go up. Taxes will drop—that will all benefit God’s Work on top of the growth. So the Work should begin to boom…we already see it is, but boom in a greater way than it did before. Now again, it means more isolation, which also fits prophecy.
But the IRS has been targeting conservative organizations. Banks are going to start opening up and lending more. I talk to a lot of bankers. They have guns pointing at them from all directions. If property values go up, it will benefit God’s people around the world, but I wouldn’t be surprised if our appraisals soon reflect millions more dollars of value in this campus—which was a long-range goal I had and said so, many times—simply because a little time passes, not because we built anything else. Which means the Work can borrow more if need be…But if the value of the campus were not going up, then you couldn’t do that…

Friday, April 14, 2017

Dave Pack: Donald Trump is the Herod the Great of the 21st Century

Dave Pack continues is spiral decent down into madness.  Notice his description of Donald Trump below.  Regardless of whatever your stance is on Trump, Dave Pack proves he is certifiably nuts.  Dave's stance is in sharp contrast to the unordained and self-appointed foolish false prophet of the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god." Apostate Thiel claims Trump is the harbinger of the persecution.  Trump will supposedly stop Elisha Thiel from preaching his asinine message to the world.  Since neither of these buffoons vote, their opinions are worthless and irrelevant.

Now, this particular president-elect, literally, is a builder. Arguably one of the greatest single builders the world has ever seen. He is the Herod the Great of the 21st century. He has employed more people…far, far, far and away—than all previous presidents put together—and probably tripled—and you could throw in the presidents, from the south, who were slave owners, if you want to call that employment. It wasn’t, it was slavery. So he understands how to build an economy.
When you think of eating and drinking, it’s the way he thinks. He sells his own steaks and wine. And of course, it means there has to be a good climate, because there is planting and reaping. But again, Christ almost, as it were, goes out of His way to describe powerful conditions in play in the economy that were not going to go that way if the fellow in there stayed—or if the woman who wanted to replace him and carry out his social legacy won.
Now, in the first 100 days, he has a whole series of things he wants to do. He has stated over and over again he’s going to do them, and all the people around him tell him he’s going to move big, bold and fast…And this is good for the Work in many ways…big—bold—and fast. He wants to take on Obamacare, which is great news for God’s people, but also for the economy.
You’ll see higher wages, and people, who are either un- or under-employed are going to find more jobs. He’s going to do some trade deals. Businesses are already reacting, because they know regulations are going to be suppressed. The IRS is going to get off of peoples’ backs. There’ll be enormous tax cuts. Seven categories for the average person will turn into three. Corporate taxes, at 35 percent, are going to crash to 15. They are among the highest in the world…
I’ll tell you in a minute why the promises he’s making—he’s going to keep, even though his enemies and the opposition in America is going to do EVERYTHING in their power to stop him. I think even the devil will try to stop him because he’s going to feed prophecy. Obviously, the danger for the brethren—all of you—is that you can begin to understand better why Christ said many will go to sleep. They’ll be unaware, or they’ll get, proverbially, spiritually, or even literally, drunken, because the world is going to go into a party-time the likes of which it has never seen.
When you have a mega-billion billionaire, whose name is splashed all over the world, he dwarfs the profile of any other president, probably, whose ever lived. These buildings all have his name. He’s “branded” like nobody’s business. He understands the world’s economy because he’s in it. He’s fearless because he’s walked into all kinds of banks and boardrooms, facing enemies, and every time, he takes them down…
He understands that lower taxes are going to drive the economy. He understands the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] is crushing the farmers, and it’s crushing ranchers in the west. Most of you don’t realize the EPA claims control—on this campus—everywhere there is a puddle after rain, literally, and until that puddle dries out, the EPA does not give up its sovereign control of places where water pools. That’s how bad it’s gotten. He’s going to sweep that aside like a wind pushing away leaves—and he will do it.


He lives in an environment that is so beautiful, he’ll be the only person to ever downsize into the White House. Think about it. He lives in a world of gold and silver and marble and crystal and magnificent rugs and quality materials—and people will identify with him…We’re not talking about an improvement in morality here, but there are a lot of people who’ve not had jobs…The last 50 years has seen it that way. 

How to Interpret Matthew's Passage About The Resurrection of Old Saints?

        "I have an open mind . I am willing to be convinced but I have no firm opinion on it."  Notice how the audience does not go crazy because their apologist is willing to say he has his doubts about the passage and everyone (except those not given to critical thinking) does.

Brethren, even through I am wrong you need to appreciate that I tried

This is how Dave Pack and Bob Thiel think:
I’ll just say this. If what I told you does not apply, I, nor any minister I have ever talked to, has the faintest idea what on Earth, Christ was talking about. We just don’t know, and it’s just there for some reason that not a single one of two thousand ministers could have ever known in the past. But you can appreciate that, in light of what I said, if I’m right, you can understand why no one would have ever had a clue what it was talking about. They had no chance to understand. That, not until you had lived through three years of doing what we did and noticed that Paul went three years, and then maybe there’s one more year to go…
This translates into:
Even though I do not know what I am talking about and even though I am 100% wrong, you must appreciate my trying. 
This is the sad state of thinking that pervades the church to this day.  No one holds their ministers accountable.  Various COG's never hold the obvious heretics like Pack, Malm, Flurry and Thiel  accountable for their lies.  "Oh, but they are our brethren, we cannot say anything bad about them."  When they do not hold self-appointed liars accountable, then they too end up being lairs.  Their inaction allows the hundreds of splinter groups to function today. It allows the sick deviate men to ruin member lives and they do not care.  That is what we have so many fools running COG's today. Just look at Thiel, Malm, Pack, Wienland, Cox and Flurry.  Can there be 6 more idiotic men in  the Church of God today?

Dave Pack Editing Embarrassing Comments From Sermons

For several years now Dave Pack has been telling one tall tale after another.  His god is constantly giving him so many revelations that he cannot keep track of everything he is saying.  He has one superfantabulous revelation and reveals it to his members, then 3-4 weeks later he forgets what he had said  and contradicts himself.   Dave also has also had so many recent failed prophecies that he can't keep track of what them either.

Dave has been posting scores of sermons aimed at the back-sliding Church of God member in various congregations.  These sermons are supposed to be filled with the most astounding information ever available to human kind, then ten sermons later he changes it or deletes stuff.  He is now admitting that is what he does.

As we’re preparing all of these transcripts, one of the things we’re doing, brethren, is we’re cutting large swaths of it out wherever there was error and wherever there was any kind of exaggerated emphasis on me that could be offensive. I want all of that…I want to look like a mustard seed through the 49 or 50, 52 different parts of this. There are just some things I want to not say to everybody outside that they don’t need to hear. They don’t need to understand.
I want them to understand this terrible trial they’re going to go through, that they can escape it; how the Kingdom of God will come, and where their part in it is. They don’t need to hear all the error that we’ve had to walk out of through this long series. They don’t need to hear what my role is, or there are just certain things that don’t need to be in it. Partly, to make it shorter and less daunting for even the most serious Bible students, who might say, can I really read all that? The serious ones will and others won’t, and we may break out certain ones for the people who say I don’t want to read them all, and we give them a chance to read certain key ones. The three on the Man of Sin might be such a case—this one, and Part 31, and one other that came a little later.
So, in some of these parts of the series, I speculated, and some of that speculation is being cut out; some will be left in. But we’re going to speculate here. 

Of course this is all under the guise that strong meat should not be put forth so that unwashed masses have access to it.  They only are able to understand baby pablum.  Only "true" COG members have the mental capacity of understand the meatier side of things.

If Dave truly was a prophet of God then he would not care what people thought but would forcefully tell his story that he apparently believes in.  But he cannot do so.  He is embarrassed.  What is even worse is that his little league of man-boys in Wadsworth clap like happy seals at the moment Dave opens his mouth.  The never hold him accountable, even though some of them sitting there have to realize Dave is talking out his ass 99% of the time.


"Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour. And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?... And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves (after his resurrection,) and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many."
 (Matthew 27:45-53)
All these things happened at the same time and at the ninth hour in context. Never mind that no one ever mentions this event again. The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, writing during the second half of the first century AD, produced two major works: History of the Jewish War and Antiquities of the Jews. He says nothing about this most extraordinary occurrence. This one missed his attention big time so he reports nothing of this, and does not interview any of the "many" who must have been around for years after just itching to be asked about how it felt to be back.
Peter never mentions it in all his attempts to convince the masses that Jesus did rise, in fact, from the dead. Paul never mentions this event as proof of Jesus resurrection either and of course had died before any such tales were told. The early church seems to have overlooked it as well.  The fact that these risen saints must still be alive and now members in good standing of the early Church never seems to come up. You'd think they at least would get to be deacons and elders! I would hope they did not rise then die again real fast when they were no longer needed as a type of the general resurrection of the saints! One death is scary enough and the few who were not part of the many resurrected might be the lucky ones after all.
Everything in the Bible is so dramatic! The sun goes out for three hours and the earth shakes, renting rocks. And if the rocks rent, why did not most of Jerusalem, including the Temple fall down? High roof, pillars, big basins--all good candidates for renting and falling over. But, of this, no one records a thing, save for this one observation by Matthew. But back to the account.

"And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many."
 (Matthew 27:45-53)
So here we have Jesus on the cross, still alive and distressed that God has forsaken him. At this time it appears, or perhaps by implication, at the moment of his death, the graves of many of the "saints" open and they rise from the dead. Well not quite yet because it appears someone spotted a problem with this verse and added just a bit to make it doctrinally acceptable for future reads.
But first, what's with these people being "saints?" Aren't saints members in good standing of the Church and converted Christians? Jesus is not even dead yet, or just died! There is no church and certainly no saints unless just following Jesus around as a curious follower the past one or three years depending on which Gospel you read qualified one as a "saint." It is something you would ad to the story when the church was up and running decades later.

Some believe these may have been Old Testament "Saints" such as Adam and Eve, Moses, Isaiah, Abraham and other notables listed in Hebrews 11.  You'd at least think this would be noted and having these folk back might qualify them for some positions of leadership in the early church.  This reasoning merely reflects the fact that this story stretched the imaginations of even the early church fathers who also found this tale fantastical.
Secondly, it says that it was a resurrection of "many bodies of the saints." Many? What happened to "all." There could not have been too many to leave some behind! Can you imagine the conversations that must have followed in the weeks following this event?

"Hey, Shlomo is back! So, where is your Benjamin? Oh, really? Not one of the many huh? Sorry." Or...
"Hey Mary, my Sol, who you remember, died last year, says hi. So wasn't your husband one of the blind that Jesus healed, and died about the same time. What's he up to today?"
Anyway, it seems that only the many but not the all got raised. 
Next we have the problem of the graves being opened, but no one being allowed to come out of them until after Jesus personal resurrection. This is where being doctrinally correct comes in. Not correcting this would cause the same problem some have with Matthew's story of Herod killing all the babies endeavoring to get to the newborn Jesus.  It would seem that all those babies had to die for Jesus before he died for them, some reason.  
Matthew, or the editor who spotted this problem, could not have Jesus being preceded in resurrection, by any, much less, many of the "saints." This would be putting the cart before the horse. Jesus could not be the "first born of many brethren," if many of the brethren had already been up and running around from the dead while Jesus was either on the cross wondering why God had forsaken him, or newly dead and not yet resurrected himself. So the phrase, "after his resurrection" was inserted to make this a doctrinally correct event. Had that phrase, "after his resurrection," not been added, the story would be an unending source of doctrinal problems, as if it isn't now.
So here we have these graves opened, but the bodies just lying there, open to view,  bones mostly, not bodies anymore, even though it said bodies. If it was decaying bodies, then Zombies. Then, after Jesus rose, the bodies stood up and went home to see the family and friends. You'd think someone would have mentioned this later, but it didn't make much of an impression on anyone but Matthew it seems.
One other way this might have been was that the saints were brought back to life right when the graves opened, (how do they open I wonder?), but had to just lie there for three days and three nights until Jesus was back. Talk about boring and scary if you didn't know what was going on! You'd think, in either event, that the disciples, Joseph of Arimethea-- who buried Jesus, the women who brought spices to the tomb and everyone would have noticed all the opened graves and not of Jews or Romans, but of Saints!  Evidently no Romans noticed anything strange or at least did't record it. 
If the graves were opened for three days, would not word get out and the town get about the business of filling them in again? If they were fresh bodies, what a stink and if they were alive fresh bodies laying low for now, what a scare! I can imagine, as a kid of course, a small crowd around each open grave chatting with the saint, and the saint saying, "Help me, I can't move. Not knowing he had to lay there until Jesus was resurrected first. I can also imagine a small crowd hearing this plea, dispersing rather speedily.
Well, it's a great story that no one but Matthew seems to be aware of or use to further the Gospel. Knowing the writer of Matthew, it never happened. Matthew was great at over reaching and searching the scriptures to make a point about Jesus. Matthew could make an Old Testament story mean what it was never meant to mean. All of Matthew's "and thus it was fulfilled" accounts in the birth narratives of Jesus, where he goes back into the Old Testament to prove everything from Jesus virgin birth to it being predicted that he would be from Nazareth or return out of Egypt after Herod dies, are examples of this over reaching. No one else quite had this way of proving Jesus down pat as well as Matthew, whoever Matthew really was and may not be who you think. It would be a bit like me using portions of Lord of the Rings to show how Tolkien prophecied the rise of Donald Trump. .

So off to visit friends in Jerusalem these saints went. But we have no names and no further accounts. We have no stories of happy reunions of the dead with the living. No one seems to write about this in any public records and no one ever after uses this event to further the proof of Jesus resurrection or the power of God. Actually, it never happened, and only the most uncritical thinker and die hard (pun intended :) literalist would dig this gravely strange story  as a real event in space and time (pun intended again:)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

COGWA On What True Prophets Should Be Like

The Church of God a Worldwide Association had an article out recently on the attributes of a true prophet.  Now that the Church of God feels it is getting close to the end times Herbert preached about, more and more of them are discussing prophets.  Part of that issue might also arose from the fact we have a myriad of fools in the COG who have self appointed themselves as God's end time mouthpiece.  From Wadsworth Ohio to Edmond Oklahoma, to Arroyo Grande California, the foolish shepherds are proclaiming their unholy attribute of prophethood.

COGWA listed these qualities of a prophet in the COG community:

Four tests to prove whether a prophet is true 

We need to carefully consider God’s Word—the Bible—in order to discern between false and true prophets. The Bible provides four tests to determine the genuineness of a prophet.

1. Does the conduct of the prophet reflect godly character?

2. Do the predictions of the prophet come true?
3. Are the words of the prophet consistent with Scripture?
4. Do the people benefit spiritually from the prophet’s ministry?

Do you know of any man in the Church of God that fits ANY of those criteria?  Certainly no COG minister, evangelists or church leader has any of those attributes...well, maybe except for one...

I will give you one guess as to WHO thinks he is the one and only true mouthpiece of God's prophetic word...

It is our very own Almost-arrested Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, Chief Overseer and the bitter disappointing "son" of Rod Meredith!  Who knew?????????  Shocking!  Right?

Here is what the glorious end time prophet had to say in regards to COGWA's list:

Although COGWA left out some criteria, even based upon the above criteria, there is one person in one of the COGs that meets all those criteria, and he is not part of COGWA, but physically heads up the (improperly named) Continuing Church of God (CCOG). 
Not only does apostate Thiel claim he is a true prophet, he also make sit know that the knows MORE that COGWA does when it come to prophethood.  The delusional self-appointed fool claims he has another import attribute that makes him a true prophet.  He dreams dreams!  It still boggles my mind that this man is still claiming a nightmare he had over some bad seafood make shim a prophet!

The Bible teaches:
6 “Hear now My words:
If there is a prophet among you,
I, the Lord, make Myself known to him in a vision;a
I speak to him in a dream. (Numbers 12:6)
I had at least two such dreams, and others had dreams, essentially concerning those about me 
So what is going to happen to those of us who who know Apostate Bob to be a false prophet and mock him regularly?   We will not receive a prophet's reward!

He says this:
Consider also that Jesus taught:
41 He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. (Matthew 10:41) 
Jesus is telling His followers that if a true prophet is out there, that they need to follow. Yet, in this Laodicean time (Revelation 3:14-18), most real Christians will not listen to what Jesus said on this and many other matters.
Apostate and self-appointed Thiel is NOT a prophet.  He never has been and will never be one.  No one in their right mind should be following this certified liar who self-appointed himself, gave himself all kinds of titles and preaches absurd sermons in front of crooked bookcases, file cabinets, doorways and sheer curtains.   Nor does thrusting your big Bible in the air make you a real minister.

Towards the end of silly screed he has some more Bible verses to quote that he claims talks about himself and his status as prophet:

In the (improperly named) Continuing Church of God:
19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:
20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.
21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. (2 Peter 1:19-21, KJV)
Apostate Their does NOT have the "sure word of prophecy,"  never has and never will.  No one in there right mind needs to heed the words of this delusional foolish false prophet.  There is no "light shining in a dark place" in the improperly named "continuing" Church of God.  Every single thing Apostate Thiel utters as "truth" is directly his OWN interpretation of how he WANTS things to be.
I can also state as a sure fact that the Holy Spirit is NOT using Elijah Thiel or inspiring him words to speak.  Even Rod Meredith saw through the delusional mental meltdown of Amos Thiel years ago and refused to acknowledge Elisha Thiel's self appointed prophethood.

What Apostate Thiel promotes is counterfeit Christianity.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gerald Flurry Follows in HWA's Steps and Buys Gulfstream G450 Jet

Leave it to Gerald Flurry to imitate Herbert Armstrong in another endeavor.  Never one to come up with anything original, Flurry had to buy his own flying whorehouse so that he too can fly unencumbered by having to sit next to the unwashed masses on regular planes.  That is one of the excuses that the Philadelphia Church of God actually used when they tried to justify buying the plane.  Gerald Flurry, God's special chosen prophet/apostle, should not have to fly sitting next to dirty and uncouth passengers who might give him a cold or perhaps accost him for preaching utter nonsense.

Philadelphia Church of God is having money issues and yet the church buys a jet that sells for over $12,000,000.00 for a 2008  model and up to $43,000,000.00 for a brand new one. Average cost for a used jet is $16,000,000.00. It is considered one of the least economical jets out there when compared to others.

One thing is for certain, Flurry's grand kids will now be able to fly in luxury as they fly around the world to enter Irish Dance contests.  After all, this is the official dance of the Kingdom of God and who better to teach it than a Flurry family member.  Being an elite in the Church of God still has its rewards.

Original Price:  $38,000,000.00
Compared to the average cost for all Private aircraft, which is $496,400, the Gulfstream G450 costs:
  • $37,753,600 more expensive (a 7,606% premium)
Fuel Cost     per Nautical mile:  $6.072
Fuel cost per seat per nautical mile:   $75.90 
Compared to the average fuel costs for all Private aircraft, which are $0.58* per nautical mile and 23.79¢* per seat per nautical mile, the Gulfstream G450 costs:
  • $5.49 more expensive per nautical mile (a 947% premium)
  • 52.11¢ more expensive per seat per nautical mile (a 219% premium)
*Assumes a $6 cost per gallon of jet fuel
1 Nautical Mile = 1.15 Miles 

Once this was announced on Facebook, the happy-clappy seals starting giving their accolades to this miracle from god.

Monte Carlo Awesome news... prayers answered. 👍
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Matty Dodds God has blessed his people.
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Michelle Guenther My prayer 🙏 is for safe travels to teach of the coming kingdom of God
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Seema Stewart God is truly Blessing His Work in this Jeroboam end...GREAT NEWS.

Seema Stewart God is really speeding up things.....look out world...last pass...feeling excited...
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Andy LaMantia Shoulda gotten a bigger one to fly you all to the place of safety
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Danny Foreman Gulfstream like hwa had
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Ghay Catbagan Answered prayers....
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Fernando Antaneeta Wow good job.
This is the fruit of unity and it express the love of our creator God.
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Patrick Edenfield Bless you. I hope you carry on the Work like Mr. Armstrong did.
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John Furch Another major piece has been restored

Not everyone was as excited as the gullible ones

Jacob Israel Who among the world leaders have the PCG get in contact with so far?
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Arthur Blackwell What do you need a private jet for though?
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Ellie Rhoades Jesus's apostles were told to go spread the word and NOT to take anything with them. So what I can't understand is WHY the PCG and other entities can't give back or give to the poor NOT to mention EVERY preacher/minister etc has new cars and big houses
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JoshandCecelia Smith Wonder how many children could have been fed or widows could have been cared for or for that matter how my churches could have been built? I really don't believe Christ would have done that😔
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Karen Duncan Send all your money to it and I'm sure it will help build a building for your services.
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Karen Duncan Evidently you don't belong to Gods Church
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