Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dave Pack: Thanks to Trump our members can go back to work and give more money

Everything about Dave Packs always descends back to his favorite subject, money  All money in the world belongs to God.  Because Dave is God's "chosen one" it is therefore logical that all money in the world belongs to  Dave and if all the money in the world belongs to Dave then that means all tithe money in ALL the various Church of God's belongs to Dave.  With all of that tithe money coming in, the quicker he can build his auditorium and student center.  When he accomplishes this then his "jesus" can return and have a stage to speak from and a dining hall to have his meals prepared in.

Now that Trump has been elected all Americans will soon be getting high paying jobs and therefore his members will now get more money due to raises and bonuses.  That extra money will be willingly sent into Dave so he can build his superfantabulous compound in Wadsworth.

Now I’m excited, because, obviously, God’s people can go back to work, and we’re commanded to go to work. So it’s going to benefit the Work. Not only will new people pour into the Work, as I’m describing, but a lot of people who are here are going to start getting jobs, who are un- or under-employed, and wages will start to go up. Taxes will drop—that will all benefit God’s Work on top of the growth. So the Work should begin to boom…we already see it is, but boom in a greater way than it did before. Now again, it means more isolation, which also fits prophecy.
But the IRS has been targeting conservative organizations. Banks are going to start opening up and lending more. I talk to a lot of bankers. They have guns pointing at them from all directions. If property values go up, it will benefit God’s people around the world, but I wouldn’t be surprised if our appraisals soon reflect millions more dollars of value in this campus—which was a long-range goal I had and said so, many times—simply because a little time passes, not because we built anything else. Which means the Work can borrow more if need be…But if the value of the campus were not going up, then you couldn’t do that…


Hoss said...

If property values go up, it will benefit God’s people around the world

So the campus will be worth more so Dave can borrow more money? Or those members who still own their homes will be pressured to sell and have more money to give to Dave? Or both?

Byker Bob said...

The flaw with Pack's logic is that it's usually hard and fearful times that draw people into radical life changes, such as joining a cult. Armstrongism has always played best when juxtaposed against insecurity.


Anonymous said...

The love of money is the root to all evil. Pack is the most obvious, but many more across the smorgasbord of the Churches of God are exactly the same as pack but conceal it better.

Sweetblood777 said...

No wonder why the cogs are clapping their hands due to Trump's election.

They all are looking to make tons of money - this would explain PCGs purchase of that aircraft. The monies going to come in, so why worry about it.

In my mind, they are going to be in for a big surprise.

Sweetblood777 said...

This man makes me sick. It is so obvious that money is what is ALWAYS on Dave's mind.

I do hope that he goes out and borrows and borrows, maybe buying an aircraft like PCG just did, can't be out done, right?

Yes Dave, all that money is heading your way, so go and borrow and spend. Who knows, you can even build a bigger and nicer house and move into it yourself.

Once you have borrowed to the hilt, prepare for further blessings, NOT!

Then everyone would say, Who is that old man wearing the rags, I've never seen him before? Why that is the famous Dave Pack. He made his money conning people and robbing the poor and aged of their hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

People confuse Trump with Reagan. Reagan boosted the economy by going massively into debt. Today America is broke and drowning in debt. Trump cannot replicate Reagan cause the money simply isn't there. There will be no economic recovery, no new good paying jobs etc. Trump can't negate the consequences of decades of fiscal recklessness. He's not a magician.

Anonymous said...

President Trump plans to cut corporate taxes, but raise import taxes to 20% to 35%. This would drastically raise the price of your automobile, food, clothes, cell phones, computers, oil. etc. Canada is a foreign country. I bet the average church member will have less money to give.

Sweetblood777 said...

Good insight on Trump.

Trump is the golden calf. Trump loves gold. His plane, buildings, and even is hair is gold in color. People have fell in love with this golden calf, expecting for that golden touch to enhance their lives. Even many cog leaders have jumped on the golden wagon, looking forward to increased riches, so that they could go out and spend, spend.

Like fools that put their trust in fools gold, they are going to have a disheartening crash. Debt and its false rewards is the snare that Yahweh has set up that is going to affect us all, some in a small way, others will lose everything, because they have loved money over truth and the love they should have had for their Creator.

You shall love Yahweh your Elohim with all your heart, soul, and mind.