Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gerald Flurry Follows in HWA's Steps and Buys Gulfstream G450 Jet

Leave it to Gerald Flurry to imitate Herbert Armstrong in another endeavor.  Never one to come up with anything original, Flurry had to buy his own flying whorehouse so that he too can fly unencumbered by having to sit next to the unwashed masses on regular planes.  That is one of the excuses that the Philadelphia Church of God actually used when they tried to justify buying the plane.  Gerald Flurry, God's special chosen prophet/apostle, should not have to fly sitting next to dirty and uncouth passengers who might give him a cold or perhaps accost him for preaching utter nonsense.

Philadelphia Church of God is having money issues and yet the church buys a jet that sells for over $12,000,000.00 for a 2008  model and up to $43,000,000.00 for a brand new one. Average cost for a used jet is $16,000,000.00. It is considered one of the least economical jets out there when compared to others.

One thing is for certain, Flurry's grand kids will now be able to fly in luxury as they fly around the world to enter Irish Dance contests.  After all, this is the official dance of the Kingdom of God and who better to teach it than a Flurry family member.  Being an elite in the Church of God still has its rewards.

Original Price:  $38,000,000.00
Compared to the average cost for all Private aircraft, which is $496,400, the Gulfstream G450 costs:
  • $37,753,600 more expensive (a 7,606% premium)
Fuel Cost     per Nautical mile:  $6.072
Fuel cost per seat per nautical mile:   $75.90 
Compared to the average fuel costs for all Private aircraft, which are $0.58* per nautical mile and 23.79¢* per seat per nautical mile, the Gulfstream G450 costs:
  • $5.49 more expensive per nautical mile (a 947% premium)
  • 52.11¢ more expensive per seat per nautical mile (a 219% premium)
*Assumes a $6 cost per gallon of jet fuel
1 Nautical Mile = 1.15 Miles 

Once this was announced on Facebook, the happy-clappy seals starting giving their accolades to this miracle from god.

Monte Carlo Awesome news... prayers answered. 👍
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Matty Dodds God has blessed his people.
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Michelle Guenther My prayer 🙏 is for safe travels to teach of the coming kingdom of God
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Seema Stewart God is truly Blessing His Work in this Jeroboam end...GREAT NEWS.

Seema Stewart God is really speeding up things.....look out world...last pass...feeling excited...
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Andy LaMantia Shoulda gotten a bigger one to fly you all to the place of safety
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Danny Foreman Gulfstream like hwa had
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Ghay Catbagan Answered prayers....
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Fernando Antaneeta Wow good job.
This is the fruit of unity and it express the love of our creator God.
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Patrick Edenfield Bless you. I hope you carry on the Work like Mr. Armstrong did.
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John Furch Another major piece has been restored

Not everyone was as excited as the gullible ones

Jacob Israel Who among the world leaders have the PCG get in contact with so far?
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Arthur Blackwell What do you need a private jet for though?
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Ellie Rhoades Jesus's apostles were told to go spread the word and NOT to take anything with them. So what I can't understand is WHY the PCG and other entities can't give back or give to the poor NOT to mention EVERY preacher/minister etc has new cars and big houses
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JoshandCecelia Smith Wonder how many children could have been fed or widows could have been cared for or for that matter how my churches could have been built? I really don't believe Christ would have done that😔
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Karen Duncan Send all your money to it and I'm sure it will help build a building for your services.
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Karen Duncan Evidently you don't belong to Gods Church
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Byker Bob said...

This should be interesting to watch. In order to properly imitate someone, it's necessary to have resources equal to his. As we say in the machine game, there are really two costs involved: 1) The purchase price, and 2) The cost of ownership.

I'm certain that the Flurryites are deriving much assurance that this acquisition was God's will based on the positive comments from the members who put their names behind their posts. These comments may not have been fully informed comments, but that would not matter to Flurry or his cabinet.


Anonymous said...

This has to be extremely disappointing to god's only true prophet, Bob Thiel. How can Gerald Flurry, a false prophet, have a jet when God's true prophet and apostle cannot have one to fly to Africa! Poor sad Bob.

Anonymous said...

This is a squandering of members tithe money. And from a church of only 4000. No wonder they have to put up higher 'prison walls' with their increasingly stringent no contact rules.

Anonymous said...

Pack has been one-upped again, Flurry beats him to everything, first that prophet, now the plane...

Anonymous said...

Yeah the members are all delighted to pay more money to maintain the plane so Flurry can travel around the world with lavish gifts to meet leaders. And the members are told to tighten their belts, reduce their costs of living, give more money to the church. I am sure Locher gave a sermon just before the purchase to ask for more money.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know the real cost flying to England (cost of plane, maintenance, pilot, airport fees, etc) versus cost as a passenger on a commercial airliner.

Anonymous said...

Now he is really going to milk the gullible few that still follow him dry. This has financial disaster written all over it. Don't forget that HWA had about 20 times as many tithe slaves supporting his extravagant spending as this HWA wonabe. What a clown!

DennisCDiehl said...

Dave Pack is gyrating and not in a good way...

Anonymous said...

Criminal action by Flurry.

Anonymous said...

Those leaders who formed the United Ass., the CogwAss., the Living group were all manmade groups made up of leaders who left their ministerial credentials behind when they left the WCG in Pasadena, CA. Who are these leaders? Why do they even have followers.

They all wanted to continue receiving a paycheck, and maybe hopefully retirement mammon, but a Jet too????????

One thing about HWA and Joe Tkach Senior, one example they set that none of these leaders follow is that neither one of them retired. Right or wrong, and/or a combo of right and wrong, they died striving to accomplish something.

Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Luke 16:13 No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Who do these professing blind leaders of confusion love the most? God or mammon?

By their fruits you know them.

And if God, then how much do these hirelings care for any of their people following them? They all fled from WCG Pasadena, CA, not as servants, but as hirelings leaving their credentials behind. They're not even ministers anymore......well, unless, they somehow magically anointed, or re-ordained, themselves. They certainly no longer serve the WCG organization they were credentialed to serve. So, why do they need the credentials of an organization they departed from? It was HWA's rule and JWT Senior's rule: you leave, you no longer are credentialed. And who do they now serve? SELF (James 4:5; Romans 10:3)!

Jesus Christ simply said: "The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep." John 10:13

How much do they really care?

Time is telling...


Glenn said...

This is great news for those who look forward to seeing Flurry fail. The airplane and its ongoing costs will be a huge financial drain on PCG activities. This is a giant step toward financial failure. I hope Flurry tries to buy his way in to see "world leaders" soon.

Anonymous said...

Might as well shop till you drop, little Gerald. After all, it is not your own money. It is all stolen.

You can us the airplane to carry out your “new commission” (your non-gospel “gospel”) of criticizing better splinter groups than your own, since you long ago did away with preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God (which HWA had taught was the very purpose of the church).

You can use the airplane to spread your anti-Elijah message of turning the hearts of the fathers against their children and the hearts of the children against their fathers. Your local PCG tyrants can replace your follower's abandoned family members with old PCG sex perverts.

You can use the airplane to make your getaway if your suckers ever wise up and come after you for impersonating a true prophet, and for your identity theft of claiming that you, rather than Jesus, are “That Prophet” of Deuteronomy 18:18-19.

Best of all, at long last a short little runt like you, Gerald, can finally get higher up than other people.

Anonymous said...

Oh darn! We aren't going to see him dragged from his seat on a United flight by police for not giving it up so flight employees can make it to their jobs in another city.

Maybe the darned thing will hit some bad weather and we'll be treated to the spectacle of wreckage as Flurry walks away from it with nary a scratch because he was salubricated, negating the effects of the unscheduled landing.

Hapless PCG members would probably have to pay the freight, seeing as how no one can get insurance for Acts of God.

Anonymous said...

“Gerald Flurry Follows in HWA's Steps and Buys Gulfstream G450 Jet”

This would seem to absolutely, conclusively, scientifically prove beyond the shred of a reasonable doubt that Gerald Flurry is the one true FALSE prophet, unless Dave Pack can squeeze more juice out of his turnips and buy an airplane too. Watch for Dave's “130 PROOFS!” that he needs an airplane too.

Anonymous said...

There must be many people reconsidering including Flurrys church in their wills.

nck said...

You are showing the little people that you are by claiming financial disaster. To my knowledge Flurry has even somewhat apologized for sending the donation letter that was publicized on banned. Only two weeks after it was sent it was redundant.

You people are showing that you have no knowledge whatsoever in how to run a scam and are grossly underestimating the professionality even cults seem to be able to recruit.


nck said...

It is so fitting that the plane was acquired around the night to be much observed.

This religion of death has entirely financed it by deaths, so it flies with the wings of an angel of death as living edifice to the religion of death.

If only pharaoh had known that "death" is a business model too. But noooo, that evil pharaoh was to preoccupied with the rising of the sun and the life that flows from it.


Unknown said...

Other than the time Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey colt, you do not see him so much as even getting around on an ox cart!

So much for Flurry setting the example as a Christ-Like servant! What an arrogant nobody Flurry is!

Anonymous said...

If you look at the two PCG Facebook posts, you won't see the negative comments that Gary screen-grabbed. Too much bad publicity? Too many difficult questions? Poof! They're gone.

Anonymous said...

This is Dave Pack.
I'm writing a members letter right now, telling them that I need a plane as well. 7.40 AM, it's 150, not 130 PROOFS that I need one. I will ask my members to persuade their parents and grandparents to give their wealth to me, telling them that it's a good investment. They will have treasure in heaven as a result. If persuasion doesn't work, I will instruct them to threaten to deny them access to their children, grandchildren and great grand children. Arm twisting can go a long way. My plane must be larger than Flurrys, proving that I'm the true end time Elijah.

Anonymous said...

HWA and J Tkach died on the job, but so did Stalin, Hitler and Mao. So what. They enjoyed the power, status and recognition. It's hardly a accomplishment not to retire if you are treated like the Queen of Sheba. Whether these mens credentials are recognized by God is hard for us to say. According to you, only Tkach Jr. ministers can bestow the holy spirit on new converts. How self serving for his church to make this claim. So Tkach and his minions are now the gatekeepers to eternal life, just like the Catholic church.

Anonymous said...

Wow just boggles my mind. They bough the jet way before releasing it as news to their followers. Was this their Passover focus, shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Is Crime a profession?

I guess to some posting here it is.

The sect leaders of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia should have a certificate up in their office for "Professional Criminal".

I'm not certain how someone can be certified as a Professional Criminal these days, except for those that are Corporate CEOs and elected officials -- with the judicious application to most 'journalists'.

Does someone have to take courses from a accredited institutions, certified by the State? Who is qualified to issue such certifications? Will it yield tax advantages? Are there business licenses which need to be purchased? What are the top ratings for Professional Criminal? Where can we find them if we need the services of a Professional Criminal? How are they rated? Can someone be disbarred from the Profession by being incompetent in crime, or inappropriate behavior such as occasionally doing something which is not immoral, illegal or unethical without some good explanation why they would conduct themselves in a such a manner unbefitting their profession by practicing charity or something (obviously, unselfishly without it being part of a scam)?

The questions are endless, but in this case, inquiring minds don't particularly want to know.

Anonymous said...

Now they can get to the families they intend to break up more quickly.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry has made it his mission to duplicate within PCG everything HWA did within WCG.

I hope he didn't convince Laura Flurry-Turgeon that she was the end-time Dorothy.

nck said...

Inquiring mind not wanting to know. The instances you describe only occur in the lower ranks of any organisation, where people are sincerely deceived. In the upper ranks , in my experience, people are sincerely delusional. Only one or two are really wacko. My professors served at the Tokyo war tribunal, but the Nuremberg trials proved the same. Unfortunately it is the very few Mansons that succeed in gathering larger followings that eventually organize themselves in dysfuntional structures.

Even Scientology now have "the original" hubbard groupies organize themselves in a reformed group claiming to hold fast to the original intent of "Hubbard the sincere", who was totally delusional himself in the first place.

And it goes for all incompetents in high places, being in politics or the corporates. Sincere but incompetent.


Anonymous said...

Having the original gulfstream jet for Herbert was a corrupt farce even with all the millions of dollars rolling in those days.
This flurry jet is a over expensive farce. Who is flurry going to visit ? Which world leader has ever heard of him?

Byker Bob said...

One factor that has become painfully obvious is that while HWA generally shared his theology with the ministry, there is certain critical business and marketing information that he obviously held close to his vest. During HWA's lifetime, many of the current ACOG leaders were in lower mid-management positions, and would have had zero "need to know" for much of this, and would not have been close enough to him to pick it up by osmosis. We can know that this is the case with Rod Meredith, and that being the case, the information would most definitely not have filtered down to Gerald Flurry, or David Pack. Bob Thiel, or James Malm? Forget about it! Not even remotely possible.

Plus, none of the current crop has their own version of a Stan Rader, who was HWA's confidante and advisor. Rader knew many of the business secrets, and was familiar with all of the international dealings, but was weak on much of the theological minutiae.

Bottom line is that nobody is even up to speed on all of HWA's antiquated business formulae, let alone the updated techniques which would ensure a similar level of success today. This jet thingy with Flurry could cause a terminal crisis during its first year of operation, especially if a recession were to hit.

One could only hope that the other "leaders" attempt to keep up with Flurry before they have sufficient time to observe the financial effects Gulfstream ownership has on PCG.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, now Gerald has Gulfstream, the same kind Jesus used to fly around in. Not!

nck said...


The original GII was privy to High Diplomacy. Just for starters, get yourself access to the Japanese State department minutes on Japanese - Israeli relations late sixties early seventies.

Or read up on Japanese business practices. Hint. One hardly ever deals with the dmu, but through relations like "sons". Hierarchy within Japanese society is established through occassional display of who your "group" is connected to.

To be connected to the group that returns Okinawa is definitely a booster in the Japanese system, where the "elected" body just serves as a front or facade to hide the true power structure.


Anonymous said...

So much for being flown places by angels.

Not that boozing alcoholic cult leaders actually believe in angels.

Anonymous said...

Now that creep can fly Paula Malone to the vacant useless campus in England and let her screech like the devil with a hot poker up her butt before another empty audience.

Anonymous said...

If Gerald continues to fly by the seat of his theological pants, making shit up as he goes with no basis in facts, like Pack and Thiel, and agrees to fly his Corporate Church Chump Jet only at night, he can be the number one fly by night Apostle in all of COGdom! Can't ya just feel Dave gyrating in rage from here?

Unknown said...


"Why Does God Need A Spaceship?" ...

or for that matter , a jet??

Michael said...

Why is it that with spiritual leaders, always, always, always, the moment they get large amounts of income coming their way, their mind immediately starts working on how to plushen up their own standard of living?

Private jet purchase, what a pathetic transparently self-aggrandizing move. Though totally expected.

Anonymous said...

Ezekiel 34:2

Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves!
should not the shepherds feed the flocks?

nck said...


It depends on how one defines Jesus. In the seventies and eighties this particular brand was associated whith the supreme power of the Gods. The unseen hand that rules the world.

Unfortunately today it is has become fodder for flying orange suits to Moroccan or Polish torture prisons to waterboard for the same empire.


Anonymous said...

The slivers beat down their members by treating them like dirt, while exalting themselves with titles and expensive toys.

Anonymous said...

Nice plane. I bet they have members who can't afford to get their teeth fixed.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:14am when did they purchase it? By the way I am sure the sermons during 1st dulb were about giving more money to the work so they can travel the world to warn leaders.

Sweetblood777 said...

What these poor misguided folks don't realize is that the plane was leased/purchased in order for Flurry to flee just before the United States is attacked. Guess what folks. You all are not on the passenger list.

Only Flurry and his closest friends/family will get to escape. I wonder how you all are going to feel when you see him take off leaving your butt behind.

Anonymous said...

So S. Flurry posted a tweet this morning that Jude Flurry's team came in 1st at Feis World's 2017 and he came in eight individually and Isaac who I think is Brad Macdonald's son came in 10th. I wonder if they used the new plane to travel to these dance competitions.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Flurry with a jet? How do you spell Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy code? - Philadelphia Church of God!

I agree with others - why does Flrry need a jet, and what world leader gives a rats ass about what he has to say. And how is he going to obtain an audience? He doesn't have a Stan Rader and the cash flow to buy an audience with a world leader like HWA did.

Who will be "first in line/first in time" to the United States Bankruptcy Court - Flurry or Dave Packatollah?

Gary, this would be a good side bar survey question.


Child of a PCGer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nck said...


I am somewhat reminded by your comment about that fatefull day that Trump was elected.

The powers that be decided to have the "Doomsday plane" fly over Denver for more than an hour to show the American people who is in charge.

After an hour it continued its mission to Tinker airforce base just outside OKC or Edmond if you will.

If your scenarios is true we will get the 911 scenario with empty skies and only two white stripes over Oklahoman airspace. The two last witnesses so to say.


Anonymous said...

11.41 AM
I have read and re read your comment, and I'm not sure what your point is. Are you for or against the plane purchase? Can you elaborate?

Child of a PCGer said...

2:05 I wrote a long post and deleted it by mistake. That was the shorthand version and reading it back it does sound a little muddled! Definitely against the plane purchase. I have a parent in PCG and it boggles the mind that they can't see right though these clowns. Now back to my comment. I was actually referring to the PCG facebook page and how a few critical comments actually made it through until they started in on HWA. We all know that's a no-no. They disabled the comments aftsr that.

Anonymous said...

Anon of April 13, 2017 at 10:35 AM,

You wrote that according to me, “…only Tkach Jr. ministers can bestow the holy spirit on new converts…”

That is not true! Where did you get that idea? Is it possible that individuals like Tkach Jr. and GTA were not used by God for anything?
I believe that HWA was God’s servant to the Philadelphian era, 6th Church mentioned in Revelation 3, of God’s Church.
I also believe that Tkach Sn. was God’s servant to the Laodiceans, 7th Church mentioned in Revelation 3, of God’s Church.
In other words, Joe Tkach Sn. was the Laodiceans’ first and last servant of God for that particular era or congregation of God’s Church. Philadelphians and Laodiceans are, for the most part, currently in a scattered condition all over the world.
Who is Tkach Jr.? There is no 8th Church mentioned in Revelation 2-3.
So, I disagree with your reference to Tkach Jr’s ministers bestowing the Holy Spirit on new converts. Besides, human beings, human ministers, don’t bestow God’s Spirit on anybody. God (John 6:44; John 14:17; Romans 8:29-30; Phil 1:6, 2:13, etc.) determines who and when somebody is to be given His Spirit and the measure of the fruits of that Spirit.
You mentioned HWA, J Tkach, Stalin, Hitler, Mao…and the queen of Sheba. Was sin (John 8:44; Eph 2:2; I John 3:8; James 4:5, etc.) in each of their lives? Is sin in your life? All were sinners, and now they are all dead men/woman. Wages of sin was paid with their deaths! And some day in the future you can add our names to theirs…and for the same reasons. We all get our noses rubbed in evil in one way or another, and to one degree to another we’re learning to hate evil. It’s just part of a process that started way back in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God can create evil (Isaiah 45:7); He did create that Tree for a reason. Adam came to know good and evil. Join the club! We’re all in the same boat, sort of speak.
Is there hope for anyone? Everyone, well, everyone except Satan (Ezekiel 28:19) and his angels, who are destined to be taken and destroyed, are given hope within this creation made subject to vanity. That wasn’t our choice.
Something is being worked out for human beings. Paul called it being reconciled:
“To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, NOT IMPUTING their TRESPASSES unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.” 2 Corinthians 5:19
Why not? After all, Jesus Christ was sent by the Father NOT to condemn this world, but to save it. Was that really true? Will that really eventually be a done deal for this world?
Time will tell…


Anonymous said...

Andrew Locher, PCG's Chief financial officer, gave a sermon about following God's ark and one of these ways is practicing God's financial laws. He went on to say that God's people must live within their means and that God's work always puts that into practice (insert buying a jet) and that members should not spend frivolously and that God will provide members needs. He talked about counting the costs of financial decisions and not live a lifestyle you cannot afford. He said members must prepare for hard times coming.

So basically he wants members to live meagerly whilst giving all their money to the church to buy planes, build dance schools, etc. Also they have an airplane fund and members can donate via credit card or paypal if they do not want to send cheques.

Henry Bemis said...

Is it a sin to hope the plane crashes or drops an engine?