Saturday, February 27, 2016

Glynn Washington weaves his childhood in the WCG into his stories on PBS

Glynn Washington has a highly successful radio program that is known around the country.  He weaves his story of growing up in Armstrongism into many of his broadcasts.

Glynn Washington adding diversity to radio one story at a time New York Amsterdam News

"On this night, Washington opens up about his childhood in Pasadena, Calif., which was spent in the now infamous Worldwide Church of God, headed by the apocalyptic radio evangelist Herbert W. Armstrong. Many, including Washington, called the church a cult.  
I don’t know how this is possible, with the sadness and seriousness that was woven throughout the story, but laughter erupted in the room. Here is this man telling us that when he was a 9-year-old, he was going to school and telling his best friend goodbye, sleeping in shoes and trying to get right with Jesus so that he wouldn’t perish in the rapture. He was surrounded by adults who were doing the same thing. His family was almost convinced to send their lifesavings to Armstrong, then pick up and leave their home to follow this self-proclaimed prophet to a “safe place” before God’s rapture came, and we were all laughing. This is a true story, but we can laugh because it’s a part of his life that he has come to terms with. Now he is sharing it with us, so that we can take from it what we need or want."

NPR’s Great Black Hope The Atlantic

"That was 1997, when This American Life, Glass’s public-radio show, was just two years old, and people were beginning to suspect that his style of curated storytelling might be radio’s next big thing. Now Washington, a proud student of Glass’s, is the next big thing. In its first three years, Snap Judgment, Washington’s fast-paced, music-heavy, ethnically variegated take on the public-radio story hour, has spread like left-end-of-the-dial kudzu. It is on 250 stations, reaching nine of the top 10 public-radio markets, and its podcast is downloaded more than half a million times a month. And while there has long been minority talent on public radio—a realm that includes National Public Radio and other producers of non-commercial radio, like American Public Media and Public Radio International—Washington is the first African American host to swing a big cultural stick, the first who seems likely to become a public-radio superstar on the order of Glass or Garrison Keillor."

"Many NPR hosts come from NPR-ish families. Not Washington. “I grew up in a cult,” he told me. His parents were members of the Worldwide Church of God, a sect founded by Herbert W. Armstrong, an apocalyptic radio evangelist based in Pasadena. Washington got out—a story he tells with an escapee’s pride—and went on to the University of Michigan and its law school. He studied in Japan, then worked for the State Department, then ended up directing a program at the University of California at Berkeley. Some of the best Snap Judgment segments are drawn from his own life, and you get the feeling he could carry several episodes a year by himself."

Greg Nice/PCG: Being Happy Is Pagan!

This is a comment from the thread on Greg Nice justifying shunning of family members.

Can this man truly be this stupid?

A couple years ago when Greg was at HQs for the birth of his grand baby, he graced us all with his presence and gave a sermonette. He spoke about "happiness" and how being happy is pagan! He said the origins of happy came from China and no where in the Bible is happiness mentioned and that we should never strive to be happy. I just remember staring at that doofus in absolute disbelief! 

His daughter in law almost died during childbirth and he was rambling on about how it wouldn't make any difference if she lived or died because all things work out for the good. 

He's a very callous man! 

But then, the PCG teaches us all to be callous and cold, it's all part of the grand Brotherly Love Plan!

Friday, February 26, 2016

From the First to the Last: The Destruction of the Church

This is the very first building that the church bought in Pasadena that held the offices and classrooms for the fledgling college.  This was the old Ambassador library building.  This was also the very first building to be demolished on the property.  It occurred at Feast time in 2012.

Then we move to 2016 and the demolition of the Hall of Administration.  This was the seat of the power that controlled the church and established doctrines.  It was also the seat of those that abused the members so terribly.  It's fitting that this is the last building to be demolished.  From the first to the last.  Its a fitting epitaph of the state of the Church of God today leading into Passover season.  
A pile of wrecked debris, unsalvageable.

Living Church of God: We Will Soon Be Banned! (Though not by this Banned...)

An LCG member contacted me about the constant fear mongering that Rod Meredith fills all of his sermons and articles with lately.  Members are getting sick of hearing it.  

Some of the things they pointed out are:

According to Rod Meredith, terrible times lie ahead for Living Church of God members.  Intense persecution and suffering is shortly around the corner. This persecution will be like none other in history and because LCG is the ONLY true church the earth those 7,000 people will soon be made to suffer.  Fear seems to permeate every one of Rod Meredith's articles now.

Rod Meredith writes:
It is obvious that mankind cannot solve the problems of human nature—vanity, jealousy, lust and greed. It seems the U.S. is destined to continue as the most visible target for cowardly terrorist attacks since it is now, almost by default, the enforcer of whatever world peace and stability there is. But what about spiritual Israel (cf. Galatians 6:16)—the true Church of God? Will we somehow escape all the madness and be “whisked off to safety” with nary a scratch or a bruise? 
No, indeed! 
Even apart from the true Church, professing Christians around the world are suffering increased persecution. News reports tell us of more and more horrifying instances of their being tortured, killed, raped or even sold into slavery in many non-Christian lands.
And now there is a movement in many European countries to crack down on virtually all religious groups that are not in the “mainstream.” These groups include Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and others. Clearly, as the Living Church of God gains worldwide recognition and prominence for doing the Work of God, we too will be restricted—maybe banned!—and eventually persecuted in many nations around the world.

Clearly, since the Living Church of God has NOT gained worldwide recognition and prominence, I wonder where this intense persecution is coming from?  For the last 60 some years it has been living in Rod Meredith's head, that is for sure.

Even though LCG now is on Apple TV, Roku and other streaming sites where it sits along side numerous other religious group streaming sites, it is still is a minor blip on the radar screen. People who stream movies and sports are not sitting there streaming Living Church of God videos. Fact.

Even as much as Rod Meredith hates this blog and warns his members to steer clear, nothing presented here is persecution, even though he counts it as persecution.
Although Christ’s zealous and faithful servants will be taken to a Place of Safety at the very end of this age (Luke 21:36; Revelation 12:14), Scripture makes it quite clear that we all will have trials, tests and at least some degree of real persecution before this deliverance. For God inspired the Apostle Paul to warn us, “Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:12–13).
The only people I see suffering REAL persecution are the REAL Christians in the middle east being killed for their beliefs.

12 Christians Brutally Executed By ISIS Refused to Renounce Name of Christ, Died Praying, Reciting Lord's Prayer 
Syria's beleaguered Christians 
Christians almost completely destroyed by ISIS fanatics in Syria, says Aleppo Archbishop

For a church that faces so much persecution it sure seems to finds time to dump more hard earned tithe money into its little so-called "university" for dorms, redecorating offices and buying expensive furniture to please Lil Jimmy's exquisite tastes. Since intense persecution is rapidly approaching I would think LCG would be funneling money into accounts where it could help its persecuted brethren around the world.  But no, sadly it's not.

UCG Meeting To Determine What It Is They Actually Are Supposed to Be Doing

A person would think that after 20 some years of claiming to be the only true church doing the work of God on the earth that the United Church of God knew exactly what it was they were supposed to be doing.   Apparently not.

UCG will be meeting in Cincinnati this coming week to examine their mission statement, which apparently not too many of them pay much attention to.

Robin Webber writes
The Council of Elders (CoE) of the United Church of God meets in Cincinnati from Feb. 29 to March 3. We are called together once again to ascertain and oversee how we might diligently fulfill the mission statement of the United Church of God “to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God, make disciples in all nations, and care for those disciples.” As followers of the Son of God we are to humbly yet boldly follow in His footsteps when He said, “I must be about My Father’s business” (Luke 2:49). He went on to further say in John 9:4“I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.”
Ever since UCG was started in back room shenanigans in the SOG Apartments in Pasadena, it has been trying to find its identity.  Even though we live in the 21st century and have new ways of communication and media, UCG still tries to emulate it's mother church.  The Worldwide Church of God's model was based upon Herbert Armstrong's early 20th century advertising techniques and how the church operated on the financial economic excess of the 1980's.  The WCG was truly an American made sect who failed to adjust to the peoples they tried to convert around the world.  Whether you were in Oklahoma,  France, South Africa, or South America, church members dressed, acted and did exactly the same things that the mother church in Pasadena did.

Flash forward to 2016 and look at UCG today.  It cannot relate to the citizens in it's own city, state or country.  It's magazines no longer draw members or coworkers in. It has had a string of epic failures in personal appearance campaigns, outrageously expensive billboard campaigns and public "Bible studies."

UCG is out of touch with the concerns of the people around them and of the world.  It cannot relate to African Americans or Latin Americans who make up a broad swath of American society today.  UCG  is still a white man's church that is run by American white men who promote subtle racist beliefs though Anglo Israelism specialness  It's no wonder that in 2016 they have to continually meet to determine just what it is they are supposed to be doing.

Where is the humility in the UCG power structure?  Where are the serving servants who get down other knees and wash the feet of the homeless or immigrants that does their landscaping?  Where are the humble men in the UCG?  These are men who are going to be god's one day, don't forget!

These two fundamental scriptures keep us in alignment with our purpose for meeting, and reminds all of us of the spiritual fervency needed now more than ever as we plainly see the ever-encroaching darkness of this age of man that confronts God’s desire for all humanity. What is “our Father’s business”? What has He granted us to understand by His grace? How does Scripture inform us what to believe and therefore what to do whether as members of a council or individual members within the Body of Christ? What spiritual principles guide the Council of Elders as we strive to determine with God’s guidance: 1) How to share precious spiritual truth and understanding both to the world and those in our midst, 2) How to best utilize the gifts and talents of the precious resource of our membership and ministry throughout the world, and 3) How to wisely utilize the faithful donations of our members and coworkers to this end to bear spiritual fruit?

Ah yes, the world is coming to an end and we have a message of hope to bring to the world, but first we need to tell you about all the death, doom and gloom that will befall you if you ignore us.

How has scripture informed the United Church of God when it ignores or puts Jesus on the back room as an inconvenient awkward relative they want to keep out of sight?  Much like that they do with their beliefs on their website, conveniently hidden from view.

After a list of things that UCG claim to believe in (but doesn't practice), Webber has this this comment:

This is “our Father’s business” and what we will discuss in preparing Strategic and Operation Plans and Budget touching on all these spiritual needs for the GCE’s consideration in May. These guiding principles touch all that we will do and decide next week in regards to reviewing doctrines and teachings and wisely placing them under the light of Scripture; producing and promoting evangelistic tools such as the Beyond Today magazine and program, our Internet home page, and public appearance programs so that God’s ageless truths and values might become personally relevant to today’s audience; assuring that our congregations on all six inhabitable continents have pastoral care; and focusing on the needs of our youth to learn God’s ways and to create and maintain meaningful bonding programs for them that will stitch the Church together in the years to come. 

Twenty years down the line and a few years after a major church break off, UCG is reviewing doctrines to change.  One must not forget that all of these men in charge UCG were the very same men who disfellowhippeed and rebuked WCG members during the doctrinal changes when members disagreed.  These very same men were enforcers of Tkach's reforms until it was obvious that the gravy train they were on was going to be soon be brought to an end.  Money was too important to them.  They could not step out in faith from the very first as they planned a new church, but instead had to connive and plan for months and moths while still on WCG payroll.  Even today these very same men, after one epic church failure after another, still stay in power as UCG dwindles slowly down, refusing to do what is right.

Browsing through their magazines, web site and booklets a person has to look really hard to find anything specifically on Jesus Christ.  That inconvenient dude is usually only invoked in the last few paragraphs of any article as an afterthought...IF...he is mentioned at all.  Its only Hebrew scripture  heroes and prophets who get the headline articles.  Its Hebrew scripture personalities that make the magazines articles and web site stories.  Jesus be damned when Abraham, Issac and David can be invoked!

Perhaps the UCG leadership should focus entirely upon on Jesus for week and see what they might discover.

You can read UCG's "mission" here:  Robin Webber Letter

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Greg Nice Admits Philadelphia Church of God Doesn't Play Nice...God Told Them Not To

Ever since Gerald Flurry dreamed up his "no contact" policy as a method of controlling Philadelphia Church of God members he has had to be on the defensive.  As he struggles to find scripture to back up his insane rants he also has to deal with the backlash from PCG members and ex members.

Since so many find Flurry's excuses to be  highly offensive  he has has to turn to one of his abettor's to do his dirty work.  That lackey ended up being Greg Nice who ultimately proves there is nothing nice about the guy at all!

Nice wrote the following article in July of 2010.  The PCG has reposted this in order to keep the grumbling members under control.  Must We Avoid Them?

Nice gets right to the point in the very first paragraph.  This should leave no doubt in any PCG members mind that Gerald's god is directly behind this teaching.

Some of God’s people outside and perhaps even inside the Philadelphia Church of God think that the pcg has established a policy regarding cutting off fellowship with members who leave the faith—those the Bible describes as Laodicean—even their own family members. Not having fellowship with Laodiceans is not a policy established by the pcg. What the pcg does is teach and obey the doctrine established by God. Because this is a doctrine of God, it is therefore a policy of the Church; that is, the Church follows God’s commands about restricting fellowship with people He has called and impregnated with His Holy Spirit and who then choose to walk contrary to their covenant with God.

The doctrines of the Church of God come directly from the Word of God. Not having fellowship with those who turn away from God is directly commanded from one end of the Bible to the other. The doctrine predates mankind and will continue into the Kingdom of God.

Why would any PCG member ever doubt Flurry again after reading this?  The very first two paragraphs are laden with fear tactics meant to enslave and subdue.


Philadelphia Church of God Tells Singles What They Can Talk About On Dates

If you thought the fun loving group ensconced in the middle of Oklahoma couldn't get any crazier, get a load of the latest talking points that Joel Hilliker has laid out for PCG single members who might think about going on a date and carrying on a conversation.

Apparently PCG singles are sex crazed nymphomaniacs who get sexually turned on by conversations and it has to STOP!  Conversations lead to emotions and emotions are a DANGEROUS things in the PCG.  We just CANNOT have that!
Conversation between a man and a woman is wonderful. The two can help each other in so many ways: develop their personality, sharpen their social skills, grow in compassion and empathy, broaden their perspective and so on. 
When a spark of romantic interest enters a relationship, this can also be wonderful. But it also complicates matters somewhat, and, handled poorly, can lead to problems. 
Why problems? Because emotion—though a tremendous blessing when guided and channeled properly—is not necessarily helpful. The wrong kind of conversation between a man and a woman stokes emotion, feeds infatuation, and clouds your ability to maintain wise objectivity.
Of course one of the old standbys that leads to sexual licentiousness is music.  This time its pop music.
Just listen to pop radio, and you know it is easy to say things that get the juices going: I love you! I can’t live without you! I would walk 500 miles just to be with you!
Apparently Celtic dance music with bouncing babes is OK, but no so with pop music and "walking 500 miles.  But that's another subject when it comes to PCG.

Lil' Joel continues on with this:
We are subtler about it, but we can still stir up emotions in ways that seem gratifying but turn out to be harmful. In some situations in God’s Church, men and women are saying things to one another aimed at getting something from the other rather than really showing outgoing concern. Remember, you must give account before God for every idle word! (Matthew 12:36).
So what is so bad with singles conversations that it warrants Lil' Joel interfering? What is this deadly trap that singles fall into when they talk to each other?

This is discussion about the two of you—about your developing relationship—about how much you enjoy your time together (I’m not talking about, “Thanks, I had fun”—I’m talking about a conversation about how much fun you have together, what wonderful companions you are for each other) about the possibility of you sharing a future—about whether you’re spending enough time together—or whether you wish you could spend more time together—or how someone else asked you out but you wish you could have gone with them—etc. ad nauseam. There are thousands of variations on this theme. Whatever it is, it’s a comment or discussion that puts focus on your friendship, or your relationship. 
I’m telling you, this is a trap. 
So what is this disgusting emotion that conversations like this cause?
Why have this conversation? Because you like the little hit of excitement it gives you. But the only purpose it serves is to stir up your emotions and to feed infatuation. Such discussion also tends to have a snowball effect. Once “us” becomes a topic of discussion—it can become a greedy monster. 
A little later Lil'Joel describes the consequences of such licentious conversations. Once you start talking like this there is no turning back.  The next step is breeding like rabbits in the John Amos Field House.
In a sense, a statement like that is a promise. Every step you take toward intimacy is a step you cannot untake. That statement took you closer to full intimacy. You devoted a little piece of yourself—and you probably took possession of a little piece of the other person too. Think about it: Either you’re going to end up marrying that person—or not. It is either going to lead to another step, and then another, toward marriage—or at some point you are going to have to painfully back away from it. But you cannot undo it.
So what is a poor PCG members opposed to discuss? Here are the conversations starters:

           Talk about God’s Work and God’s truth. 
What is his/her attitude toward serving: volunteering for jobs, joining Spokesman Club, driving an extra two hours to pick someone up or visit a shut-in? 
• How important is hospitality to him/her? 
• Does he/she prefer having a lot of people around, or spending more time in solitude? 
• How important is work to him/her? 
• How important is time management? How motivated is he/she to make productive use of free time? 
• How important is it to him/her to continue their education? 
• How much energy does he/she have? Does he/she always crave activity, or does he/she need a lot of down time? 
• What is his/her attitude toward money? Is he liberal or frugal? How important are quality possessions and a high standard of living to him/her? 
• How important is it to him/her to take care of his/her things? Is he/she a do-it-yourself-type person? 
• What priority does he/she put on proper diet and exercise? 
• What value does he/she put on friendship? What about loyalty? 
• How important is open communication and honesty to him/her? 
• Is he/she a positive, upbeat person? When trials hit, how important is it to him/her to react positively? To not complain? To have joy?

You can read the entire article by Lil' Joel here: Do NOT have this conversation with your date! 

Living Church of God members are not happy that church has wasted tithe money on more property for it's pretend "University"

This in from Charlotte:

LCG just completed the purchase 2 additional pieces of property in Charlotte for use as Living University dorms. Many LCG members are already annoyed at the vast amount of tithe payer money being hemorrhaged into LU. The brethren were already grumbling about the money being spent for accreditation This will surely send many of them over the top. The majority in LCG believe "freely you have been given, freely you must give" and are in disagreement with LCG charging members to be taught from LU classes. LCG brethren in large numbers believe that the primary mission of the church is to do "the work" which is to "preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God" NOT to bolster egos within the church with their efforts to re-create AC. Just think how much "preaching the gospel" could have been funded with money (over 1 million dollars easily) that Meredith and Winnail have spent on Living University.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Living Church of God: Rod McNair Waits For Lightening To Strike Him

From an LCG source:

Rod McNair wrote the following in this week's LCG Weekly Update:

We are to use language to give grace and life, as words that are “seasoned with salt” (Colossians 4:6).  We are to “be kind to one another, tenderhearted” (Ephesians 4:32), not quarrelsome.  Thank God we are learning a different way—a way that strengthens and builds up, that imparts “grace to the hearers” (Ephesians 4:29).  As we gather to worship God this Sabbath, let us make sure we are giving the gift of gracious language! Have a peaceful Sabbath,Rod McNair

What a load coming from a man who's renowned for tearing others down to exalt himself!  The depravity of Rod McNair's character is matched only by his evil master, Rod Mereidth.

McNair came to LCG HQ's around 2007 but he has quickly risen in power because old Spanky can really respect how well McNair uses his power to abuse the members. McNair has become Chief of the Gestapo and is willing to interrogate and accuse anyone who dare question ministerial authority, doctrinal upgrades and/or other "loose bricks". He's also the keeper of the not-so-secret member files wherein he keeps spy information on tithing records, Facebook posts, private Bible study attendance, and possible involvement with deemed "trouble makers" (aka people who aren't drinking enough Kool-Aid), etc. Nothing will earn Meredith's respect faster than a spy who isn't afraid to bully members into submission, even if that means bending the truth to serve his purpose.

I only hope McNair realizes how full of doo doo he is. It would really be pathetic if McNair believed in his heart that he was "kind and tenderhearted, not quarrelsome".

Although, self awareness is often grossly lacking in LCG ministry who feel they have been chosen by God to act as intercessors. Poor confused little men.