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Crybaby Flurryites Having A Fit: PCG Cult Bans Employee's and Students From Facebook

I bumped this up because of the latest crybaby from Gerald Flurry's cult who is having a hissy-fit.  Aw, go have widdle Stevie burp you little guy!

 See his comments below.

Looks like Colonel Six-Pack does not take too kindly to his  employee's and students at his silly little college using Facebook and other Social Networking sites (Blogger, too!)

Philadelphia Church of God, known for it's uber-conservative Armstrongite teachings (pre-1986, of course) has always sought to deeply control it's members lives and relationships.

It was only a few short years ago that he demanded that all members server ties to family members who had left Armstrongism.  If you had dared leave the PCG for another COG you were deemed a heretic and a Satanic influence on PCG family members.  Fathers and mothers turned their backs on their children, grandparents on their grandchildren, husbands against wives, sisters against brothers.

Here is a post from The Journal Record about Six Pack Flurry's latest lunatic rantings:

Social media hellfire? Maybe, but hold the brimstone

"I will enter your soul via wi-fi and cause you to question your allegiance to cults!"
(This is a blog post and is the soul, I mean SOLE opinion of its author. Please do not confuse this with news. It is intended to be for entertainment purposes only. It may even be construed as satire and/or humor.)

The world of social media has been on FIRE for the past few years!
In fact, hellfire if you ask Edmond’s own fringe cult, Philadelphia Church of God.

According to their teachings (which also include cutting ties with family members who are not a part of the church and destroying recordings of sermons immediately after listening), social media is an evil influence that MUST be avoided.

Apart from the whole “freedom of thought and speech” thing, I can’t imagine why they would be opposed to social media. Still, Church CFO Andrew Locher seems very agitated by the Internet and it’s enabling ability to introduce children to the evil influences of anything that isn’t frothing forth from The Elders’ lips.

“Mr. Flurry (Gerald Flurry, leader of the church) has asked me to enforce a strict policy which restricts and forbids the use of social network sites on church owned equipment. That means you will not have access to social networks on the college network, or on the church’s network. If you use a church computer, or the church connection to the internet, you must cease using that equipment on those sites immediately. We will enforce this policy…
“If you are not careful, you could actually serve as a tool of Satan … to make it much easier for him to spread dissident material when you don’t protect the identity of God’s family. It’s that serious.”

Oh. Well, I stand corrected.

Dennis on "You Already Own One of These....Use It!"

You Already Own One of These....Use It!

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorAs a student,  member and then minister in WCG I always took my Bible, a fine margin writing pen and a highlighter to services. These were absolutely vital to one getting the very most out of the sermon.  I think I had one of these as well but used it very few times as I was too young and naive to know just how to turn it on and read the results.  Whenever it did go off, I was told it was a false signal and my detector must be defective. 

My BS detector went off a few times when I was younger but I felt guilty that it did. Once HWA said that Dinosaurs didn't reproduce because Satan couldn't and so neither could his creation.  BEEEEEEEP!   I had just read National Geographic in HWA office about the first discovered Dino eggs!  My friend asked if he just heard my BS detector go off.  "Ghastly days! yes, but I don't know where that came from. It won't happen again..."  I thought even having one could get you in big trouble so I begged him not to tell anyone that it went off. 

As years went on, my personal BS detector went off every darn time Gerald Waterhouse stopped to pump up the troops.  Once it went off while at dinner with GW and I got a swift kick under the table to turn it off!!!   A typical evening for me listening to GW tell us all about how it all was, is and will be with HWA and the Wonderful World Tomorrow...I could hardly hear what he said for all the beeping in my head!   I kept the volume setting on off, but I could feel the vibration when it went off!  Some of my friends in the audience looked at me sometimes when they wanted to see if it was vibrating in my head after something was said.  I evidently was not good at hiding the beep in my head to some who knew me better than perhaps I would have preferred at the time.

That BS meter went off many many more times as time went on and the winds of change swept across the plain truth. It eventually got so bad I could not even think without the constant beep of BS detection.

But now I am older and wiser and while annoying to hear the constant "beep" of this vital tool to proper and responsible living, I grew to appreciate all the future drama and trouble it eventually came to save me.

The beauty of it all is that you don't have to purchase one of these. You don't have to put it on your credit card or wait a couple weeks to get one in the mail. You already have one.  You have always had one. 

Just turn it on....and trust it enough to save yourself and your family further Pastor, Prophet and Apostle abuse. 

They come in various models but all detect the truth of the many grand pronouncements one has grown all to used to hearing from the grand and the glorious "God speaks to me not you," goofballs who see themselves spoken of in the scriptures. 

Here they are in action....

"A final thought: Circumstances forced me to research and come to much more fully understand the office of prophet than anyone else ­today. This extensive process has allowed me to teach you the truth of that ­office—from the Bible.."
David C Pack

"All of this has helped prepare—train—me to understand how my office will someday interact with the two final prophets Christ will select and train within this ­Church!"
David C Pack

"Let me repeat: I state without apology and with God’s authority that both of the Two Witnesses will be members of The Restored Church of God! There is no doubt! "
David C Pack

"The day of Pentecost, 2012, will prove to be most important to the return of Jesus Christ. As a prophet, God gives to me prophetic interpretation and additional prophecy not previously given in scripture. He does not do it all at one time, but in a “progressive” manner,"
Ronald Weinland

"So in many respects, my job as a prophet is simple, since I speak and write what God gives to me."
Ronald Weinland

"There are many people who simply “hate” such prophetic declarations because they hate God’s ways. The things written in 2008 – God’s Final Witness are not a matter of my own ideas or my ways, but they are from God to one of His prophets. Those who hate God also hate His prophets and perceive them, their actions, and their words as arrogance and pride."
Ron Weinland

Once you get the hang of it, show your friends where they can find their very own and how they work.  Start a "Beep of the Week" club and share your findings with friends.  No Church of God devotee should be without one if your belong to a Church where there is just one grand Apostle, Prophet or Watcher telling you how it all is and what you are expected to believe...  "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep,"   Uh oh....there's another one!

Dennis C. Diehl

Apostle Malm: Head Coverings Required For Women UPDATED

If you plan on attending apostle Malm's cult and are a woman, you need to be prepared to have your head covered while in prayer.

He writes today in his horrific review of Corinthians:

6 For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: If the woman’s hair were her covering; why should she be shorn for not covering her head with her hair?  If her hair is her covering, than her head is already covered so why should she be shorn?
And if the woman have no hair to cover her head: how can she then be shorn? Therefore if a woman refuse to cover her head in worship; she should have her head shorn. but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.
If she is ashamed to have her head shorn, then let her cover her head in worship and prayer.


I missed the following comment by the apostle.

I believe that ALL scripture is for US as Paul himself explains, and that it is absolutely appropriate for women to cover their heads during study and in  prayer or in a formal church service.

I know that in our ultra liberal and permissive society this is not a popular position; yet I will stand with Paul.  This is my position and is not open to argument, that having been covered thoroughly in the past.

Our salvation does not depend on whether we cover our heads, but our salvation IS dependent on our humility and teachableness before God.

So let it be said, so let it be done.

Samuel Martin With His Father's Experiences in the WCG With HWA.

Samuel Martin, the son of Ernest Martin who formally with the Worldwide Church of God. Samuel referred me to his link about his father's story about leaving the WCG.  It is included below.

Samuel is in Jerusalem with his own ministry where he is involved with working against family violence and child abuse by whipping/punishment.  Armstrongism has been rife with child abuse because of it's horrific policies on child "rearing."  Armstrongisms theory seemed to be that it was better to beat a child than to spare the rod.  This mostly is due to Garner Ted's horrific child rearing booklet and Rod Meredith's perverted child rearing stances in the past.

Samuel has the following web sites:
Samuel Martin Blog
Century One Foundation 



 Ernest L. Martin about his experiences in the WCCG with Mr. Armstrong and why he left...

 This is the testimony of my mother who is still alive about how she joined the church - In fact, my mother, Helen was well acquainted with the WWCG and Herbert. W. Armstrong before my father was. Note what she said about this:

“I became involved with the WCG of God in the summer of 1952 when I turned 16. My sister Joan and I began to study the Bible with some friends. We would go out every Saturday with a picnic lunch for our Bible studies. Our friend Dean Blackwell had been introduced to the WCG and was considering leaving Texas A&M to study theology at the Pasadena, California campus of Ambassador College. He told us about the World Tomorrow radio program and we started listening to Herbert W. Armstrong. HWA was the founder and leader of the WCG. Dean helped us in our study to understand the teachings of the WCG according to what they thought the Bible taught.

By the end of that summer, he had decided that he would go to AC. It was very excited as something that “rang true” for me. I truly believed that it was “God’s Church” on earth and I wanted to be a part of it. I believed that God was at work in my life. I also believed that HWA was a sincere Christian minister.
Our parents were good, salt of the earth people who taught us Christian principals, but they did not attend church. They taught us to love and respect others, not to lie, cheat or steal. We considered it a Christian home even though we were not religious.

I actually became interested in church before this time. When we moved from Oklahoma to Texas in the summer of ’45 I started to go to the Methodist Church with our neighbours. I think I needed more social contact than we had living in the country. I missed my school friends during the summer so I went to church to keep in touch and have more social contacts.

The Methodist Church did not have many social functions for young people so I went to other churches also. The local Baptist Church had lots of young peoples’ events so as I got older I attended those functions as well.

It was at the Baptist Church that we met Dean Blackwell and his family. He was engaged to my sister’s classmate. We became good friends and remained friends till now. Dean and his wife, Maxine have both passed away, but we are still in contact with his brothers, all of which became members of the WWCG.
I was baptized into the WWCG when I was 19. I was baptized by Raymond Cole. They taught you needed to be accountable and understand what it meant repent and join the church. That fall I entered AC.
Before the end of that first year, Ernest Martin had become interested in me. He was older, had finished two years of college and four years of the Air Force before he came to AC mid-semester in 1955.”
Comment - My mother knows a little bit about the history of the WWCG as you can plainly see from this statement

How did Ernest Martin learn about the WWCG? - Ernest was finishing his fourth year in the USAF and had spent the better part of 1953 in Greenland. During that time, he was quite isolated and it gave him a lot of time to study the Bible on his own and that isolation forced him to learn that he had to rely on himself to learn about the teachings of the Bible. In early 1954, he was on a furlough from the Air Force and he went home to visit his family in central California. He said: “At that time, one of my cousins introduced me to a subject that I had never heard before – British Israelism.” His cousin was quite good at explaining things and within a period of several hours, Ernest had come to believe that there must be something to this issue.

It was at that time that Ernest first heard Herbert W. Armstrong. He and his father were listening one night to XZLO, a radio station that Mr. Armstrong appeared on, and right near the end of the broadcast, Mr. Armstrong said: “You know, the people of the United States are related to the people of Israel and have their ancestors among those people in the Middle East. For more information, send for your booklet ‘The United States in Prophecy.’” Ernest then turned to his father and asked: “Dad, does this minister believe that we people here in the USA are related to Israel? His dad said: ‘I believe he does. At that point, I decided I would send for the booklet. That was my first contact with Mr. Armstrong.”
A Brief Background of the Director

The organization with which I was associated for about twenty years
was important in helping me to see what real Christianity was. They
claimed to be "the true church of God" on earth. The leaders were very
active in saying that they would change when shown to be wrong or when
new truths were disclosed. This was a notion that appealed to me very
much. I was fully aware that most religious organizations of the past
changed only when they broke away from another denomination, but they
were very reluctant to adjust their thinking once the "complete truth"
had been arrived at. [True enough, if absolute truth were within the
grasp of man, then once obtained, no more "growing" would be necessary.]
Unfortunately, the group that I was associated with claimed to be the
"Philadelphia Church" of Revelation Two. They made the identification
without the slightest proof to back it up (historically or biblically).
But let's face it, since the Philadelphia Church was one of the nicer of
the seven, the leaders picked that one as the church that represented
them. By doing so, they came to believe that the following descriptions
depicted them precisely: "[Thou] hast kept my word, and hast not denied
my name" (Rev. 3:8). This, to them, was a sure sign that all the
doctrines they were espousing must have been correct. This principle
helped me comprehend what real Christianity was, because it became
evident that their erroneous beliefs were truly what it wasn't. When one
feels his organization is "the true church," it stops growth in its

From 1955 to 1960 1 accepted the tenets of that "true church"
because I was told it was the "Philadelphia Church" of Revelation. By
1958 I was graduated from college, sent to England by the denomination
to head their London office, and in 1960 appointed as instructor of
Bible and History at their new English College. But in preparing for my
classes, it was necessary to study the Bible on my own. I came to see
in early 1960 that the theory that the seven churches of Revelation were
prophetic time periods, each describing seven eras of the Christian
Church was completely false. Indeed, it was very clear in the Bible that
all seven churches would exist at the same time in "the Day of the
Lord"just prior to, and leading up to, Christ's coming in the clouds
of heaven. [For an explanation of this, send for our Exposition 103.]
When the "Pastor General" came to England for the opening of college, I
had a chance to see him in my office. Since he had an hour's free time,
I became bold enough to tell him of this wonderful "new truth" that was
very clear from the Scripture. After hearing my explanation, he
summarily told me my view was not correct and that he was God's
representative for the revelation of new truth and that I had no
business operating in that field. He spoke with authority! As strange as
it may seem, in that 1960 meeting I accepted his "authoritative"
position over the plain teaching of the Bible. That was my first
mistake! I was to make many more!

The next doctrinal problem came in late 1961. For about a year I
had been doing research on the time for celebrating the Feast of
Pentecost. Yet the doctrine of the "true church" of which I was a
minister and educator, taught that Pentecost was on the wrong day. My
biblical, historical, and linguistic studies had shown that this belief
was wrong: Pentecost according to the Bible was on Sunday, not Monday. I
wrote a 93 page (legal sized) paper on the subject which rehearsed the
proper teaching on the matter. In accordance with normal procedure, I
submitted it to my iminediate superior in England for evaluation before
I sent it to the top authorities in Pasadena. He took about two weeks to
review the research and finally he told me that he could find nothing
wrong with the fundamental issues. In fact, he commended my research as
being at the highest academic level and that I would no doubt get a
feather in my cap for the new information. He advised me to send it to
the "Pastor General." This was done. But instead of a feather in my cap,
I got one somewhere else. [I say this now in humor, but it was very
serious business for me at the time.] In full conference with all the
recognized theologians, historians, and church administrators, the
"Pastor General" rejected the whole concept. Again I was told, with much
stronger emphasis than in 1960, that I had no business in "wasting a
year of my time" to research a subject with such a ridiculous
conclusion. I was informed that God had put only the "Pastor General"
into a position of authority for the determination of doctrine not me.
And again, I reluctantly accepted the appraisal because I firmly
believed (at that time) that he was indeed the only authority. [It is
most interesting that the same "Pastor General" has now changed his mind

and he accepts almost every one of my suggestions offered in that 1961
paper as being the will of Almighty God.] Still, at that time, I let men
rule in the matter when I full well knew that the Bible taught
oppositely on the subject. This confession is not very flattering to me,
but the truth needs to be told. I was then a follower of men completely
a follower of men, even in their grossest of errors! The main problem
was my acceptance of their organization as being "the true church of
God." The reason for mentioning this is to give some background on why
the Foundation has adopted the principle that the Bible is the only real
source for doctrine and that no man, or any group of men, has authority
to void the teachings of Holy Scripture. There is a true Church of God
but its headquarters is in heaven, and we do not need an organization of
men here on earth to substitute for it. In no way are we against
churches as places for fellowship and learning of the Bible, but to say
that the "true church of God" is located on earth and is in the hands of
men for adininistration, is contrary to the Word of God. [Send for our
article: The True Church Can Be Found for biblical proof of our

Then, in 1965 the authorities elevated me to the position of Dean of
Faculty at the English campus. It was then being confidently taught in
the denomination that in January, 1972 the whole of the "true church"
(that is, all the faithful ones) would be wafted away to the area of
Petra southeast of Jerusalem to be in a position of physical
protection from the Great Tribulation that would envelope the rest of
the world in that very year. They also taught that by 1975, Christ would
come back to earth. This teaching was based, not on biblical revelation,
but on certain nineteen year time cycles that were observable in the
heavens. It was believed that the early New Testament church had two
such nineteen year cycles in which to preach the Gospel before the
destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and that the last remnant of the
church [represented by our "true church of God"] would also have just
two such cycles. Since it was clear that official preaching by the
"Pastor General" started in January, 1934, and his first teaching to
Europe went out nineteen years later (1953), then it was taught that the
Gospel message from the church would cease in January, 1972. That's
when the Great Tribulation would begin but all faithful members would
flee to Petra at the end of the second nineteen year cycle (1972) just
as the early church fled to Pella in A.D. 69 exactly two nineteen year
cycles from the church's beginningin A.D. 31.

The only trouble was, I now had plain historical information found
in the writings of Josephus, that the early church fled to Pella in A.D.
66, not as we were teaching in A.D. 69. I once again submitted the
historical material to the same superior in England. He was impressed.
He told me that this information needed to get to the "Pastor
General." Strangely, it took almost two years for the top man to even be
aware of the problem. There was always something more important to
discuss with him when he came to England than these prophetical matters.
Indeed, after many attempts to get a hearing on the topic, I was
finally assured that the next time the "Pastor General" came to England
that the subject would definitely be taken up. He was to come over in
two weeks. But, in the meantime a great sociological disturbance
occurred in the two colleges in America that became more important to
solve so that the English campus would not be infiltrated with the
"leaven of sinfulness" that had come into both American campuses.
Matters concerning this great disturbance took up the whole time of the
"Pastor General" while he was in England on that trip. No time was
allotted for prophetical matters concerning the fleeing of the church to
Petra. Other things were more crucial. And what was the important
sociological disturbance? It was whether the college girls should be
allowed to wear their skirt lengths at the middle of the knee or, as the
risque ones in America were doing, an inch above the knee!

 In all fairness, however, it must be mentioned that we finally got
around to discussing the important prophetical and chronological
problems. When? It was in December, 1971 just one week before we were
all supposed to be transported on eagles wings to Petra. [The meeting
had been called because most of the "authorities" now knew that some
other explanation for the nineteen year time cycles had to be invented
so that the people would not think we had made an error.] Actually,
because I showed the utter fallacy of the so-called prophetic nineteen
year time cycles at that time, and countered the "Pastor General" with
his erroneous teachings, I almost got fired indeed, I almost quit. Had
it not been for a dear friend who persuaded me otherwise, my wife and I
would have left the organization back at that time. [They finally
assigned two evangelists to talk some sense into me. One of them
suggested that I not read the Bible (except parts of the Psalms) for ten
years. He later lowered the restriction to five years if I kept on good
behavior. What nonsense!]

Strangely., the "authorities" still looked on me with some esteem
even after the 1971 confrontation. In the Summer of 1972 I was appointed
to the position of Chairman of the Department of Theology at the
headquarters campus. I was told about this new appointment while I was
on my regular Summer responsibilities at the archaeological excavation
at Jerusalem. [From 1969 to 1973 I was at Jerusalem and in charge of the
college students from our three campuses. It was these times when away
from the environment of "headquarters" that I had time for much research
into biblical matters.]

Then, in the Summer of 1973, we received word in Jerusalem that the
majority of the theological classes which were primarily arranged by me
and my immediate superior to accommodate an academic accrediting
committee, had been changed. This was done without consulting me and I
was the Chairman of the Department of Theology. I informed my
immediate superior that he had six weeks to get those classes restored,
as he and I had worked out, or I was resigning my position. To make a
long story short, the authorities were too busy to do this, so I
resigned from my job with the college.

There was no intention on my part of starting anything like the
Foundation at the time or, it was so utterly remote in my mind that
the thought was practically non-existent. Once out of the organization.
I obtained work with the International Exchange School which was
responsible for sending students abroad on study programs for the
Summer. The Bible says that one should work to support his family or
else he is worse than an infidel (I Tim. 5:8). I secured this job. For
all I know I would still be working for the firm today (or something
similar) had not an incident changed the whole course of my career. That
event was the resignation of my wife and me from membership in that
"true church." We did so in late January of 1974. The knowledge of this
spread throughout the United States and to England. Near the same time
several ministers in the church left the organization along with many
members. All of a sudden letters began to come to my home asking me
doctrinal questions most of the questions dealt with matters concerning
the "true church." I was deluged with telephone calls. On one Friday
alone, I started answering the telephone about 8 A.M. and there was a
constant series of calls that lasted almost till midnight. The people
were concerned about the questions of tithing, marriage and divorce,
healing, the law, holy days, the sabbath, clean and unclean meats, etc.,
etc. And this is where the problems arose.

Here I was trying to hold down a job that required more than forty
hours a week to accomplish and I was being barraged with queries from
all over the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc., about
biblical matters concerning the doctrines of the "true church." Some of
them were pitiful cases: accounts of homes broken up, children suffering
great afflictions for lack of proper medical attention, people having
been reduced to poverty because of giving almost all their money to the
church, etc. For the first time I began to realize how traumatic the
situation had become to many of the members. It became evident that the
doctrinal issues which many of us academic men had been discussing in
"doctrinal committees" were no longer mere intellectual discussions
that exercised or titillated the mind NOW it was different. People's
lives were at stake! This is not an overdramatic statement, it was
actual fact! All of a sudden doctrine became important, not because of
what it was, but what it was doing to people. And it wasn't the true
doctrines of the Bible that were the problem, but men's
misinterpretations of them.

After resigning from my former denomination, I thought seriously of
having a simple "Bible class" once a week with a small number of my
friends, but the fact that so many letters were coming in for answers
and I was being deluged with telephone calls, it was felt that a larger
organization could be started to handle them. It was then that we
founded the Foundation for Biblical Research. Our first board members
were Ken Storey, Gary Arvidson, and myself. The board now consists of
Vic Orn, John Cheetham, Gary Reid, Ken Fischer, and myself. All of us
who have been connected with the Foundation in an executive way are
friends and we all respect one another very much. We all saw the need to
help our friends and loved ones with some real biblical teaching for a
change! Some who helped us at the start have branched out into other
jobs, but I think we are all satisfied with our association with the
FBR and the help we all have given.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Apostle Malm Baptizing Tour

The apostle has announced that a baptizing tour is underway and that if any of you heretics need to get baptized to let him know. So if you live in the Southeastern US you are in luck!

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   A baptising tour is being organized for the South East United States; anyone in that area who desires to be baptised should contact me for further information at 

For Apostle James "I am not starting a church" Malm to be doing this indicates he has more up his sleeve.  Soon we will see an organized church somewhere and then a Feast site.  Can you imagine what a miserable site he would have!

Dave Pack: I Know More About Prophets Than Anyone On Earth Today Which Leads Me To Teach You The Truth About The Only True Prophet - Me!

When pigs start flying we will know Dave Pack is worth listening to.

Dave Pack, God's greatest gift to humanity, wants you to know that through much prayer and Bible study he discovered that he is a TRUE Prophet of God.  Therefore, it is his duty to teach YOU that truth.

When pigs fly......

A final thought: Circumstances forced me to research and come to much more fully understand the office of prophet than anyone else ­today. This extensive process has allowed me to teach you the truth of that ­office—from the Bible and ­from what Mr. Armstrong taught. The result in part became the books I Will Send Elijah to Restore All Things and Is “That Prophet” Alive Today? – The Rise of False Prophets, as well as portions of The Government of God – Understanding Offices and Duties. Mr. Armstrong spoke often of how Christ had carefully trained him. All of this has helped prepare—train—me to understand how my office will someday interact with the two final prophets Christ will select and train within this ­Church!

So why is Dave blabbering on about this?  He wants you to know that since he is a prophet that he is also an apostle.  As an apostle the two witnesses will have to answer to him.

Think for a moment. During the period when the Worldwide Church of God was on track, none ever doubted that the Two Witnesses would come from inside it. No one thought for a second that they would come from any place outside where Christ was leading. No one ever speculated that they would come from Sardis, an era outside Philadelphia, let alone from any of the WCG’s many earlier little rebellious offshoots that had developed over time. Laodicea is in at least as bad and possibly worse shape than was Sardis when Mr. Armstrong ­left it. All of its groups are also in worse shape than the little offshoots of the liberal 1970s.
Yet, as we have seen, these two final prophets must also report to an apostle to be consistent with what the Bible reveals and Mr. Armstrong understood. This means that there must have been another apostle trained and sent at the end of the age, and that he must be in The Restored Church of ­God.

That is the case! This is a bold statement. Is it true? Make absolutely no mistake in this, regarding your personal responsibility to get the facts in this matter. It is for the reader to examine and determine the truth of ­this—­to see whether Christ has given the office of apostle, based on the fruits, or if I have taken this office and authority to myself. What are the facts, the evidence, the proofs of such an office? You should demand such. Scores of thousands of God’s people once professed to know an apostle when they saw one. What, if anything, has changed your thinking? (You are encouraged to examine the sermon series in the Splinter Explanation Packet titled “21st-Century Apostle,” as well as those explaining the Watchman and Messenger roles.)
Over the decades in the Worldwide Church of God literally hundreds of men (and a few women) have descended on Pasadena or the church claiming they were apostles, prophets, or one of the two witnesses.  Our latest morons to do this was Ron Weinland and his wife. But have no fear, Dave is here to complete that circle.  His church, and his church alone will pop out the two witless witnesses.  Oh happy day.......

Let me repeat: I state without apology and with God’s authority that both of the Two Witnesses will be members of The Restored Church of God! There is no doubt! (Again, the popular theory that one will be Philadelphian and one will be Laodicean is silly at best, ludicrous at worst. Amos 3:3 declares this much!) It cannot be known whether these men are in The Restored Church of God yet, but if not, they will have to come here, and must do this well before the Tribulation, and well before learning they have been selected by Christ for great responsibility. We saw that I Corinthians 12:27-28 makes absolutely clear that they will ­not—­actually cannot!—be given their offices when they are outside the Body of Christ!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ron Weinland: "God has given me prophetic interpretation and additional prophecy not mentioned in scriptures."

Epically embarrassed and ridiculed false prophet Ron Weinland has delivered another message to his followers justifying his latest epic failure in prophecy.  As we all well know, considering the track record in Armstrongism on how leaders justify failed utterances, Ron is seriously back peddling.  According to Ron, Jesus Christ did not return physically but is here prophetically.

The day of Pentecost, 2012, will prove to be most important to the return of Jesus Christ. As a prophet, God gives to me prophetic interpretation and additional prophecy not previously given in scripture. He does not do it all at one time, but in a “progressive” manner, as in a “building” process that involves a growing revelation of His will. That has been the case with how God has led His prophets throughout the ages. Because of this, that which has been spoken by the prophets has never been the “complete” and final revelation of a matter until it is God’s time to actually bring a prophecy to the actual moment of fulfillment—to be made manifest. This has always given critics and non-believers ample room to twist and mock what they do not understand in prophecy.

Apparently God was to stupid to give Ron all the information he needed before he made his prophetic utterances causing Ron to look like a fool.

So in many respects, my job as a prophet is simple, since I speak and write what God gives to me. As with prophets throughout time, I do not always understand what God has given until He reveals more. People expect that a prophet somehow knows everything. Read the stories of prophets and you will quickly learn that they did not “know” all that God had given to them. Jesus Christ was the only exception and even he did not tell all that he knew.

 Many do not believe in Church eras. Most all believe that the apostasy (a falling away from the truth) of 2 Thessalonians 2 has not happened, and they believe that the Pope is the “son of perdition.” They don’t grasp the most basic truth, that this is speaking of a person, Joseph Tkach, Sr., who was “set in authority” (Gk. usage of “set”) over the earthly ministry of the Church. Because this man turned against the truths of God and led the Church into this prophetic “falling away” of the Church, he became the “man of sin” and the “son of perdition” who betrayed the spiritual pastor of the Church, Jesus Christ. The actions of this man far outweighed the sin and description in God’s word concerning the first physical betrayal of Jesus Christ by Judas Iscariot. The spiritual betrayal by Joseph Tkach, Sr., was many times worse than the physical betrayal by Judas.

Weinerdude goes on to say that the only people who believe him are his loyal followers:

Who believes what I have said as God’s prophet and end-time apostle to God’s Church? It is only those who support and/or are part of the physical organization of the Church of God – PKG. May 27, 2012, stated as the day of Christ’s return, is looked upon by all others as foolishness and proof that I have been wrong and indeed evidence I am not a true prophet of God. These same people did not believe this before and now they have only become more emboldened in their own spirit of “correctness.”

Then he is a little ticked that people claim he is "spiritualizing" the coming of Jesus Christ

May 27th has come and gone, so how can I say this is still the day of Christ’s return? The answer is a matter of God’s revelation which is spiritual in nature, but having a definite physical outcome. It is prophetic. I did not know that when I stated this was the “day” of Christ’s coming. I viewed it in a physical manner until God revealed that it was spiritual. In the Pentecost sermon (given May 27th), it was clearly revealed that the job of the two witnesses had now come to an end. It ended at the end of the weekly Sabbath of the 26th, after the completion of the time God gave for their “witness” to be fulfilled, which was for a period of 1260 days.

That commission of that phase of God’s work is now complete, just as Herbert W. Armstrong’s commission (Mat. 24:14) became complete at the end of the era of Philadelphia after he died. Now that the job of two witnesses is complete, there is one final phase of God’s work to be accomplished before His Son literally returns as King of kings. Then how is it that one can say May 27th is the “day” of His coming and still be true? The answer is exciting and inspiring to those who believe God, and it is nonsense to those who do not believe God. It is just that simple!
Ron then goes on to say how his job as the Witness is over, his job as a prophet and apostle continues on. It is also time now for all the predictions he made in his book 2008 - God's Final Witness to be made manifest.  They will all come true just as Ron said they would:

Though my job is complete as one of God’s end-time witnesses, my job as a prophet and apostle continues. Those things written in 2008 – God’s Final Witness will now be made manifest to this world as a matter of God’s own direct work. The time of being a “witness” before God is complete, and as in the past 6,000 years, no one believes God save those few whom God has specifically called and given to “see” His words.

Ron warns that since his physical part it is over, it is now God's turn!  A warning to all his mockers.  God is now directing him personally with the words that flow from his mouth.

Now it is God’s turn—Gods “time”—to deal with a disbelieving world! God’s day has come and it is the day of Christ’s coming.

 Jesus Christ did not rerun physically but came "prophetically."  Say what?

The last of prophecy (final prophecy) that God has given in this 6,000 year period of time has been replicated in a work that God gave His two end-time witnesses to represent over the short period of 3 ½ years. The vast accumulation of end-time prophecy recorded throughout 6,000 years of history is magnified in the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness.

As God inspired what was recorded in this book, He also revealed the date He wanted the world to have that would be the time of His Son coming to earth as King of kings. It is a prophetic day that God gave. It was the day of Pentecost, 2012. But, we were not told by God that this was a prophetic day, so we prepared for a literal one-day event on a physical plane. May 27, 2012, has come and gone, but it is the prophetic day of Christ’s coming.

Ron goes on to ridicule those that mock him.  He is doing his "god's work" and not his own so be very clear in that!

People can chide, ridicule and condemn all they like, and I understand their frustration and disbelief. But I can only give what God has given to me. That is my job. For those who believe God, we follow where ever and how ever He leads. We continue to “move forward” in the “way” God is leading us.

Ron claims we are in the time just like Ezekiel lived in when people mocked and made fun of the prophets.

In Ezekiel, God declares that the time will come when people will no longer be able to say that what He has spoken through His prophets “has failed” or that it is “prolonged” (for a time yet future). This is exactly what has happened over the past few years, especially as time grew closer to May 27, 2012.

The Church that was scattered has indeed made many declarations concerning what is written in 2008 – God’s Final Witness, which is from God through one of His prophets. It has been readily repeated that “all that is written has failed.” There are Thunders and there are Trumpets that have not yet sounded. So the conclusion of others is that I am not a prophet and all prophecy has failed.
 Ron isn't a man of God so why would anyone fear mocking him?

Ron still assumes Jesus Christ came down to earth on May 27th:

The day of Pentecost (May 27, 2012) that the Church has just observed is the “day” of Christ’s coming, just as God said it would be. But this “day” is prophetic.
Remember in Armstrongism how a "day" can have multiple meanings.  A "day" can equal a literal 24 hour period of times or a year.  Weinerdude claims that since  Jesus Christ returned on May 27th the "day" is in reality a "prophetic year."  So Jesus Christ will be made manifest on Pentecost 2013.

This “Day of the Lord” is a prophetic day that has a duration of a full year in its fulfillment. It began on Pentecost of 2012 and it will end on Pentecost of 2013. God has revealed that May 27, 2012 was the “prophetic day” for the return of His Son as King of kings. It will take one year to become fulfilled.  This is as true as the prophecy of Christ being cut-off in the midst of the week, within three and one-half days from the beginning of his ministry. That three and one-half days lasted a full three and one-half years to become fulfilled.

Ron still has a beef with his critics.  We seem to really get under his thin skin.

There are many people who simply “hate” such prophetic declarations because they hate God’s ways. The things written in 2008 – God’s Final Witness are not a matter of my own ideas or my ways, but they are from God to one of His prophets. Those who hate God also hate His prophets and perceive them, their actions, and their words as arrogance and pride. I cannot help that and wish it were not so. Being on the receiving end of hate and mockery is not an enjoyable position to be in. However, I gladly accept all that God gives me to share in that works to glorify Him and His Son.

None of God’s prophets and none of God’s people can prove to others what is true and from God. That is God’s job! He declares He will do that, and for people living at this end-time, He will do so throughout the prophetic “Day of the Lord” that will be fulfilled throughout the year from Pentecost to Pentecost. Now the Thunders of Revelation will become progressively louder and the Trumpets of Revelation will sound within this year. Only God can prove His own words to mankind. The First Trumpet began to sound on December 14, 2008, and now the rest are soon to follow.

Ron ends his missive with this warning that God is going to prove his words correct.  God is only going to deliver 63,000 people who were baptized before Joe Tkach took over the church.  Out of the billions in the world, these pre-1994 converts are the sole heirs to the kingdom that Ron's god is bring into place.

God says of the two-witnesses that He will make them to “stand” in the sight of others. God will prove the words and work He has given through them. This is true for the entirety of God’s Church, as the two-witnesses reflect God’s work through all His people at this end-time. He will make all His people to “stand” in the sight of all others in this world—in His time and in His own way.

God will make His words to “stand” in the sight of all living on this earth. God has a plan to deliver millions into His new age that is coming—into the millennial reign of His Son over all the earth. Over this prophetic “Day of the Lord,” God is also going to offer deliverance to 63,000 people who were baptized before the apostasy of 1994. However, this also means that throughout this “prophetic day” that God will shake His scattered Church throughout this following year by the death of 7,000 specifically named by Him who will not be allowed to live on into the Millennium.

God’s final day has now begun!

Yeah right.

Garner Ted Melodies "Consider the Lilies" and "Jerusalem" UPDATED

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Nothing makes one warm and fuzzy like listening to old recordings of Garner Ted sinning singing.  I remember hearing him sing when I was little at one of the Feast sites we went to.  Then after coming to Pasadena I got to see him sing all the time.  His last recording was made with the Young Ambassadors with him posing with his Model T on the mall in front of the Auditorium.  Soon after this Big Daddy kicked him out of the church at the instigation of Rod Meredith.

Ted certainly left a path of destruction with abusive teachings (child rearing) and false doctrines, but say what you will about GTA, he certainly lived life to the fullest.  He was a hunter, a gambler, smoked, drank, swore like the sailor he was, liked old cars, was a  licensed pilot, vain as could be and liked his women.  Compare that to the prissy, tight assed little men like Rod Meredith and Gerald Waterhouse.  Rod who claims to have never committed a major sin since baptism and closet case Gerald spouting thousands of lies and false prophecies.  It does not take much to see who was really the more authentic person of the three.

Listen to a 1958 recording of GTA sing "The Lilies of the Field" and screw up the intro to "Jerusalem"

GTA Sings "I Did It My Way"  Kind of his epitaph.

HWA Says Weinland and Pack Are Liars

It is fun every once in a while to see the worshipers of Herbert Armstrong post one of his comments that rips to sherds the spiritual deviates in the Weinland, Pack and Flurry's cults.  All three of these "men"  claim they are real prophets of God.

Here is what Herb said about these morons:

Mr. Armstrong said that there would be no prophets in the end time except for false ones.

And today these men are increasing. Everyone of them is a false prophet.
"So we read, in Acts 11:28 and 21:10-11, of the prophet Agabus. But today we have the COMPLETE Word of God, for our time, in the Bible. There are no such prophets. ”EXCEPT FALSE ONES."

(Herbert W. Armstrong Personal from the Editor, "The 19-Year Time Cycles -- What HAPPENED January 7--What My Commission IS! The Good News of Tomorrow's World, 2/72) (from Yahoo)

It must really be humiliating for these guys to have their idol mock them from the grave.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dennis on "Mom! He called me a bad name!"

"Mom!  He called me a bad name!"

You have to love the religiously human...
Titus 1:

12 Even one of their own prophets has said, “Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons.” 13 This testimony is true. Therefore, rebuke them sharply, so that they will be sound in the faith 14  and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of those who reject the truth.

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorPaul was demanding his followers  and the Cretan  brethren pay no attention to Jewish Myths and go with his newer more pagan ones. He was also saying they should only obey his COMMANDS.  In other words, it's Dave Pack telling the brethren not to follow the commands of Bob Thiel or Rod Meredith. (Did I put them in the wrong order?) It's Ron Weinland telling the brethren not to listen to Dave Pack.  It's Dave saying don't listen to Gerald Flurry.  Its Gerald saying...well we get the point.   

The Apostle Paul must have liked Epimenides, the 6th Century BC philosopher' at least for his proposing, contrary to  Cretan belief,  that Zeus was  immortal.  The lie of the Cretans was denying that Zeus was immortal and thus would fit Paul's assertion that Jesus was too.  He and Epimenides were telling the truth about God-Men as long as you did not think of Epimenides as a Cretan, who always lie...  Since Paul told us several times in his letters, "I lie not,"  we KNOW he can't be lying!

Epimenides wrote in his immortalize poem from which Paul quoted,

"They fashion a tomb for thee of high and holy one
The Cretans, always liars, evil beasts , idle bellies!
But thou art not dead, thou livest and abidest forever
For in thee (Zeus) we live and move and have our being"

Paul loved these Pagan quotes even though Dave Pack tells us he rejected his mother's pleas to read Plato, Aristotle and Socrates.  Dave also discounts Einstein because "he had wild hair," but I spare you. 

This , "Cretans are always liars, and this is true" concept that Paul had leads to a paradox which Mr. Epimenides may not have considered or even thought of.

Thomas Fowler  (1869) states the paradox as follows: "Epimenides  the Cretan says, 'that all the Cretans are liars,' but Epimenides is himself a Cretan; therefore he is himself a liar. But if he be a liar, what he says is untrue, and consequently the Cretans are veracious; but Epimenides is a Cretan, and therefore what he says is true; hence the Cretans are liars, Epimenides is himself a liar, and what he says is untrue. Thus we may go on alternately proving that Epimenides and the Cretans are truthful and untruthful."

All that aside, here we have Paul calling a whole nation of people liars and since he is not a Cretan (Well, not that kind), he gets to pronounce that indeed they are all liars, evil beasts and idle bellies and declare that "this is true."    

While the paradox of a Cretan saying all Cretans are liars, which would mean he was lying about Cretans being liars, the Old and  New Testaments are FULL of the religious bashing the religious for their views and lying too.  The Prophets made a living off bashing everyone but themselves.  Each group said the pens of the other were lying and the writers thus liars.  There must have been many pants on fire in the OT.

The Apostles often confronted each other and pointed out each other's faults in thinking. Paul bragged in Galatians about  how he "withstood Peter to his face."  Of course we don't have Peter's side of the confrontation, but I suspect we aren't talking about pork here.  I believe Peter now could see that Paul was not abiding by the Acts 15 injunctions about eating meat sacrificed to idols, by what was on the table. I bet Peter called Paul a liar and Paul called Peter a Cretan.   

The entire book of James is a repudiation of Paul's book of Romans.  "Show me your faith without works, and I will show you my faith by my works."  In short, James was calling Paul a doof and a liar for teaching against the teachings.  Paul taught against lots of teachings and other teachers "tried those who say they are Apostles and are not,"   and got an "A" from Revelation Jesus for doing so.  

The true ministers end up calling every one else, "twice dead," "raging waves of the sea,"  "foaming shame,"  and "whose God is the belly," to top it all off.   If this is the case then we must consider Burger King, McDonalds and all Buffets to be Churches in America.

Paul called people whited walls and Jesus called them whited grave stones.  Whited walls are different from whitened grave stones and tombs. The walls of Paul's mind were the ones made smooth so when men 'pisseth against the walls," they don't get as much splashback as when those bathhouse walls were rough.  When he called the High Priest one of these, he got his mouth slapped but apologized because he didn't know it was the High Priest. You only curse the lower classes. 

I guess one can criticize and make fun of the members but not the supreme leaders in the COGs. 
The Apostle Paul crows about "when cursed, we bless and curse not."   (I Cor 4:12) This held true only for so long as cursing others was not necessary.  Once it became necessary, he cursed them.  He cursed them for accepting any other Gospel besides the one he delivered to them and he hope they'd not only get circumcised, but cut off their private parts completely.  Nice!  
(Aside-I hear the guy at the zoo that circumcises the elephants doesn't get much pay for that dangerous work, but he does admit the tips are big...sorry:)

Matthew 5: 22 finds Jesus saying "But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire, " and then going on to curse the Pharisees as fools. (Matthew 23:17).  The apologetic is that Jesus meant not to call fellow believers fools but it was fine to call the unbelieving fools...fools.   I guess ALL those at the Sermon on the Mount were automatic believers and not a fool in the crowd.   It's like Dave Pack forbidding members to give to charity because he can better us their money and it says help if for  "...the least of these, MY BRETHREN," so that doesn't count those outside the group. 

The point is that when there are hundreds of versions of the one True Church , the Restored Church, The Living Church, the Packaged, I mean PKG Church, the Plain Truth, the Present Truth and the One Truth, you're going to get ministers and members bashing each other big time.  On top of that, some of the main players in the COG saga say and do such amazingly stupid things based on their view of scripture, it simply can't be helped. 

I NEVER met anyone who knew they were in the false church or any minister who thought he was a false prophet, priest, king, watcher, witness or lunatic, until it was apparent to all, and then they would  deny it and dig in.  The Apostle Paul set this form of denial as standard practice for ministers when he noted "all those in Asia have turned aside from me," and then went on to ask God not to hold against THEM.  It never occurred to Paul to wonder why they ALL forsook him, because he could not see he was any part of the problem.  The eye that sees can't see itself as we should understand. 

Reputation bashing is standard procedure between members and ministers, friends and foes when talking about their faith and church.  You bash others when you can't think of a logical way to disagree or think critically, but most of us don't do that anyway when the painbody erupts to feed.  We think more clearly and critically after it eats it's full and then goes back to sleep for a time until the next time.  I can write a dozen articles on what's really going on this or that story, scripture or Biblical teaching and get two or three comments.  Post something on stupid is as stupid does and all the pain bodies erupt and the comments soar.

It's just easier to play "yeah?  yeah!  Oh yeah? " than it is to have a good discussion on a new insight into what one misunderstood in the past.  Criticism is more fun than Critical thinking.

If you are truly seeking to understand what is true and honest , correct and more real, you don't get your information from a painbody while it is feeding.  But that's for another day...

All Christians criticize each other.  Those hurt and offended by the behaviors or teachings of others criticize those that do it.  Those that do it, criticize back for being criticized and to reestablish , in their own minds, that they are not teaching what is not so in reality.  Remember, NO one believes they believe the wrong things and most ministers don't believe in their most introspective moments they are teaching what is not true.  Their ignorance is a function of their education and not in the ability to read or be somewhat charismatic in their delivery.  

We all like to believe we are above the fray and as time passes the few can rise above it and let it all be what it was and is.  That is a skill and a gift from the universe if one ever gets there, "and there be few that be that find it," as they say.

Until then, even with all the injunctions to "bless and curse not," found in the Bible, written by those who can't do it themselves,  criticism is to be expected as part of the curriculum here at Earth School.  I guess the Cretans could have sued Paul for defamation of character but he'd just say he was quoting their own Cretan guru so go talk to him.  He could also make the point that since the original comment was a lie from a lying Cretan, Cretans are not really liars.  Awwww...never mind!

Dennis C. Diehl