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Dave Pack: "unhinged," "losing it," and "deteriorating."

No More Tiers


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God cannot help himself sometimes. As the years wear on, he continues to be worn down by the unending Series. The shroud of restraint decays, allowing the brethren to catch glimpses of what their Pastor General is like behind the curtain.


While working at Headquarters, I recognized his comfort tiers with letting people see his true face. The more conversations I had with former ministers and employees, the more this tier system was supported.


The posthumously granted William H. Behrer recordings gave a real-time snapshot at the most intimate level. The first article revealed how David C. Pack wanted Bill to lie to a member to apply pressure to get money (Common). The second article covered Dave’s unrealistic demands on the History Channel. None of which he received, but he did the show anyway. In the recording for the third article, Dave mused if the RCG ministers were incompetent. This shined a documented light on Tier 1.

There are worse stories out there. Ask Ryan Denee.


Tier 1 – Inner circle confidants

Tier 2 – Headquarters ministers

Tier 3 – Headquarters employees

Tier 4 – Field ministers

Tier 5 – Headquarters congregation

Tier 6 – Church brethren

Tier 7 – Public*


Since departing from RCG, I have had long conversations, including story-swaps with at least eight former ministers and all three of Dave’s adult children. Some of those people I now consider friends.


Though I do not share their details publicly because it is up to them to decide if their information should be released, every person had a similar theme regarding David C. Pack.


Who you see on the screen is not the man he is when the door is closed. Universal. Across the board. David C. Pack used to be very aware of his surroundings and adjusted his behavior to the audience witnessing him.


But not anymore.


Universally, across the board, those folks agree the last twelve months have revealed a change in Dave’s ability to restrain himself. Some phrases I heard stuck with me, "unhinged," "losing it," and "deteriorating."



Tiers used to separate Dave’s levels of honesty.


What he would say to Tier 1 Confidants is not something he would repeat to all Tier 2 HQ Ministers, especially if he was talking things through, scheming, or committing character assassination.


Tier 2 would hear information not to be shared with Tier 3 HQ Staff unless it was Campus or church-development related. The Headquarters ministers enjoy endless hours-long ministerial Bible studies that blow up schedules and melt brains. If you did not tow the company line in there, you got sniped. The most shocking discussion that two men corroborated independently was when Dave asked, "Is Jesus Christ God?"


Tier 3 HQ Staff would hear things only because of proximity to Dave that would not get to Tier 4 Field Ministers. Field ministers would sometimes learn something at the same time as Tier 6 Brethren. The staff would receive mini-sermons once in a while before lunch. The Staff Meetings had some interesting eyes-only nuggets, especially after a minister left or was fired.


Tier 4 Field Ministers would get information formally filtered through Church Administration or their Headquarters contact. A field minister is an obviously “adopted child” in the organization. As long as they repeat the pre-packaged script when uncomfortable questions arise and keep the tithes flowing, they are labeled “faithful” by their benevolent benefactors.


Tier 5 HQ Congregation would hear things at the lectern that were later edited out by MPS before they reached Tier 6 Brethren. Edges of the blade were selectively dulled before it reached the wider audience. The local congregation was also privileged to encounter conversations with the Pastor General in the hallway while everyone enjoyed a coffee. This was especially popular after a message when singing praises to Dave was involved.


Tier 6 Brethren used to receive the sanitized versions of the sermons. For a while, they even received extra content recorded after the fact and spliced in that Monday. Back in the days of the Feast of Tabernacles Hand-Shaking Line, this is when the ordinary people were allowed to meet Caesar, kiss his ring, and enjoy a momentary thrill.


Unless things have changed, they stopped doing that in 2020.


Tier 7 Public is non-existent. The last new The World to Come episode was released over five years ago, in December 2017. The others posted since were re-edited re-releases. The Media Center Studio is now a Museum of Church History, most utilized when bankers come by for a tour.


*The caveat to this is the sporadic Brethren/Co-Worker Letters distributed to those who are not members yet have given RCG money. In this case, Tier 6 Brethren get content that is removed so the Tier 7 Public does not become alarmed because Jesus Christ is set to return next week.

To any co-workers or donors who get this publication: You receive a sanitized version. FYI.



That long explanation laying out the Tiers has a purpose.


What David C. Pack used to say only to Tier 2 HQ Ministers is now shared with the Tier 6 Brethren. The self-awareness curtains have come down. The rants and hissy fits that only Tier 3 HQ Staff were subject to are now spittled on the entire church.


Part 400 – October 22, 2022


The very things MPS used to cut out of sermons are now free to fly to the broader audience.


Part 396 – October 1, 2022

Part 407 – November 30, 2022

Criticisms leveled at the church brethren now have nitromethane added to the fuel tank.

Part 430 – March 18, 2023

Over the past year, David C. Pack has learned who God works with and who will receive salvation. That is quite a leap in responsibilities for an apostle to determine. The Tier separating God and Dave has also been growing thin.



Why is this happening? The guy does not care anymore.


David C. Pack is exhausted by defeat and is weary with losing. The endless Series is a heavy load to bear. He has said so. No matter how many times he puts Bible verses together to create a perfect, crystal clear picture, it turns to ash just before the ruse-induced date he was sure was finally IT occurs.


All is not well. Things are off the tracks. Nothing is fine.


“How could it fail when all the ministers agreed?”

“How can this be wrong when the verses point to this being as certain as rain?”

“How could the chosen messenger misunderstand the most important message he would ever deliver?”


Because this is NOT his job. It is not David C. Pack’s job to unseal Daniel. It is not David C. Pack’s job to end the Mystery of God. It is not David C. Pack’s job to become the final Elijah That Prophet.


He will never succeed because he was never commissioned to take this on. Dave’s god is an incompetent lying trickster. The god Dave serves leaves him high and dry with his trousers around his ankles and pie on his face. The Spirit of Error runs the show at Headquarters now. But, the lawn sure looks nice.


David C. Pack and the brethren of The Restored Church of God are waiting for a bus that will never come. The route was changed, but they are unwilling to see the signposts all around them. They refuse to acknowledge the evidence flailing before their eyes and screaming in their ears.


David C. Pack is a fraud.



RCG is caught in a behavioral time loop. Dave sells a house to the brethren built on sand. It collapses, but the brethren still want to buy it. So, he builds another house on the same spot. It also collapses, but the brethren are determined to keep buying it. Gladly, Dave builds another in the same spot.


House built on sand. Collapse. House built on sand. Collapse. House built on sand. Collapse.


That is The Restored Church of God.


Even ants can figure out to move and build somewhere else.


Dave is either an idiot with a severe learning disability or the man is cursed. He is either stupid or compelled without awareness. Intelligence is not the core issue here.


His narcissistic ego forbids him from facing reality. Those who recognize what is happening in RCG and choose to stay are far worse off than those who are blissfully ignorant, embracing willful blindness.


May 5 will come and go despite David C. Pack shrugging it off as “not his job.” It is too late for that. He said the Kingdom of God would arrive on the Iyar 15. The counter ticks down.


As the Tiers of self-control continue to collapse into each other, the deterioration of David C. Pack will further escalate. Desperation and exasperation take a sledgehammer to his mental-verbal restraints.


There will come a day when the man's most wild and crazed thoughts will shoot out of his mouth directly to the entire church.


That will be the day we all understand there are no more tiers.


Marc Cebrian

See: No More Tiers

Bumbling Dave

A Study With Paper


David C. Pack unintentionally reveals moments of who and what he is from time to time.


During “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 437)” on April 23, 2023, what appeared to be a mild kerfuffle was actually a mini-character study with paper. Not on paper but incited by the topic of paper.


To fully appreciate the analysis, watch the 87-second video first.

This transcript is for those who can no longer stand the sound of his voice. If you watched the video, feel free to skip this.


Part 437 – April 23, 2023

@ 10:11 "And behold, in this horn, there were eyes, like the eyes of man and the mouth speaking great things." Now, I had this marked upstairs, but I have the wrong document here. I didn't get the correct document. So, my eyes are gonna hafta work on this a little bit harder. I had all kinds of caps and stuff. So, "I beheld till the thrones were cast down and the Ancient of Days did sit whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head was like the pure wool. His throne and fiery flame and wheels as burning fire." So, here is this horn in verse eight, who seems to be here before God comes with judgment. And I'm gonna ask one of the men to go upstairs and get that other document because there's other stuff on here that I really do need. Now I work with a lot of paper. Please forgive them. They do the best they can. And it is just it's a challenge. There's just mountains and reams of documents and research we deal with. And I will say this, they sent me down here with a document I'm not supposed to have. So in their mind, they probably helped out. And it's a big document, and I covered it on Thursday. Except they expanded it because they're profitable servants. But I'm actually not covering it today.


This incident reminded me of the torture those around Dave have suffered over the years. The seething darkness just below the surface bubbles up with accusatory jabs and bitter, condescending critiques disguised as humor.


At times like this, I feel sorry for Jim Habboush and Andrew Holcombe all over again. I personally like those guys despite my pure disgust for the doctrines they invent. After they leave RCG, both will need therapy to work through the mental and emotional trauma their proximity subjects them to.


That is not a joke, nor do I say it flippantly. Working closely with David C. Pack damages people.



Regardless of how “light” this may appear, there was hell to pay upstairs if history is our guide. The greatest sin you can ever commit in The Restored Church of God is to inconvenience Mr. Pack.


Over the years, I have watched Dave throw people under the bus from the front of the room. The mangled bodies crushed under the tires create a cushion between blame and himself. Nobody is safe when a thorn in the flesh has a name attached to it, whether it is a family member or a high-ranking minister. Under the right circumstances, anyone can become public meat for the grinder.


Be sure to ask Ryan Denee if he forgot about the time(s) it was his turn.


During Part 437, Dave's two assistants did him raw, and he could not let it go quietly.



@ 10:17 Now, I had this marked upstairs, but I have the wrong document here. I didn't get the correct document.


He did not receive it. He was supposed to, but someone on his team let him down.


In this case, I give Jim and Andy the full benefit of the doubt. Those guys are so determined to do things right and are such Nervous Nellies about making sure their apostle is well-attended, I would bet them $20 that they gave Dave the sheet, but he forgot to bring it with him.


I stand beside Jim and Andy on this one because I have witnessed similar instances where Dave was entirely to blame after he blamed someone else.


But the point is, the knee-jerk reaction of the Pastor General is to blame someone else. As is his custom.


A good friend of mine told me the story of how he placed a piece of paper in Dave's hand. But a few days later, in a meeting, Dave called him out in front of others for never providing what he requested. My friend tried to set the record straight before witnesses but soon learned a bitter Headquarters lesson.


The lesson was: the boss is always right even when facts and reality prove the opposite.



@ 10:23 So, my eyes are gonna hafta work on this a little bit harder. I had all kinds of caps and stuff.


Meaning: Your incompetence makes me exert more effort, fellas. Woe is me.


@ 10:54 And I'm gonna ask one of the men to go upstairs and get that other document because there's other stuff on here that I really do need. Now I work with a lot of paper. Please forgive them. They do the best they can.


This may sound like Dave is defending them, but he is the one leveling judgment that will require forgiveness. His later comments prove it was already on his mind.


The best they can do is not good enough for the apostle. Both men failed him even though they tried really hard.


Neither one of those guys are slackers. He could not find better men to serve him. But their best was still a disappointment. He will put a bow on that in seconds.


@ 11:10 And it is just it's a challenge. There's just mountains and reams of documents and research we deal with.


This further excusing feels like Dave insulating himself rather than them. Maybe he realized he had left the document curled behind the urinal handle. Or it was still under his coffee mug in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium.


Call me, guys. Dr. Ranney has my number.



This is where the rubber meets the road. This is the real heart of the matter and why it is worthy of an article.


@ 11:17 And I will say this, they sent me down here with a document I'm not supposed to have.


Here is the bow wrapped in forgiveness.


Dave volunteers an entirely unnecessary comment to throw salt in the wound. He went out of his way to further inflame the situation by publicly pointing out YET ANOTHER flaw in his assistants’ execution.


They really botched things when they forgot to give him a vital document but also plagued him further with one he did not want.


A decent human being would have let that go. A man expressing outgoing love and concern would not bring it up. An empathetic person would hold his peace.


But not David C. Pack. If you wrong him, people will hear about it. As I am sure, they did after the message. Someone's backside got tanned after the elevator door closed.


@ 11:22 So, in their mind, they probably helped out.


Their help was an illusion. It was all in their mind and not reality. Dave is so good at recognizing that when the thoughts are in the heads of others.


This is like when a cat leaves a dead bird on your doorstep as a gift. The cat thinks it is helping you. You may be repulsed, but you can appreciate the sentiment.


Jim and Andy placed a dead bird beside Dave's Bible at the table. And he just had to say something about it because it is his nature.


@ 11:25 And it's a big document, and I covered it on Thursday.


The distracting document offending his eyes was worthless because it was old information and useless to him today.


@ 11:28 Except, they expanded it because they're profitable servants.


They wasted their time expanding something unessential.


@ 11:32 But I'm actually not covering it today.


When Dave prepares with his team, they do not know all of what Dave will cover. Even when Brad Schleifer is involved, he cannot say for sure what elements Dave will or will not teach when he goes to the front of the room.


Trust me, we tried.


Even if I checked in advance with Brad, Jim, and Andy that XYZ would be covered, Dave would step down without covering it. The man is a walking tornado. Unpredictable, chaotic, and destructive. The tornado goes where the tornado goes when it wants to go there. You can try to predict where it will touch down, but you just cannot know for sure. That is David C. Pack.


To double down on that $20 bet with Jim and Andy, I suspect they had that Kingdom document up there because it would support material he decided at the table to NOT cover. They probably discussed him covering that beforehand, but he made a non-verbal decision at the table and, in his mind, found it pointless after he sat down.


That means there was no way of knowing Dave would not refer to the irritating eyesore document. Yet, the way his mind works, he decided later he did not need it, but it was still their fault for providing it.


Or it was a simple “just in case” consideration that received a church-wide slap in the face.


There is a common Headquarters saying in regards to David C. Pack.


“Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.”


When available, there is sometimes the backup plan.


“Let Brad handle it.”



Much character study can be gleaned from brief moments when you slow down to examine them. Reading Between the Lines helps a bunch, but so does seeing the patterns and recognizing them for what they are.


This character study supports all the others regarding who and what David C. Pack is. That picture is crystal clear and never shifts.


Look at all you got to see just because of a piece of paper.

Marc Cebrian

See:A Study With Paper

United Church of God: We need an annual reminder about Jesus


UCG President Rick Shabi made a telling comment about Jesus the other day that indicates the sad state of affairs not only in UCG but in all COG's. He states they the church needs an annual reminder about him.

Jesus gets left on the back burner most of the time or is not even mentioned for weeks on end. Satan reigns supreme, the Kingdom of God follows close behind, and then the law. Jesus is usually relegated to the fourth string and left sitting on the sidelines till the next Passover as more important topics are discussed, like sex, hair lengths, church logos, proper dress, proper foods, and the law. Lots of law. Grace, mercy, sanctification, justification, not so much.

I hope that the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread were deeply meaningful and spiritually beneficial for you. We need the annual reminder God gives us each year of the salvation that comes only through Jesus Christ.

One thing Christians of the world understands is that they need Christ every day, not annually. But then, they are unconverted, so know no better.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Last Holdouts From The Worldwide Church of God Anticipate Being Martyrs


The fascination that so many in the church have about the old glory days of the Worldwide Church of God is fascinating. So many want to eagerly go back to the days when the church was supposedly pure and on track. The problem with that scenario is that most people outside Pasadena were only spoonfed the good parts through propaganda tools called The Envoy and the Good News. Early editions carried glorious pictures of a unified church eating together on holy days, enjoying wholesome music, and doing godly things, yet underneath that veneer, even in the 1950-1960s the church was a cesspool of corruption, sexual issues, backbiting, and other ungodly activities.

Many today choose to be blissfully blind to that fact and eagerly want to restore it all. this is particularly true of the Kitchen family.  After appropriating the name Worldwide Church of God for their exclusive use, they claim to be the sole heir to the truth once restored. Just like Bob Thiel, the Kitchens have trouble gaining any followers for their group and are languishing in limbo. After an epic failed blunder to gather in Jerusalem last year for the Feast to await the Kingdom of God to be announced, they have suffered mightily with family and friends at odds with each other.

Notice what they have to say about how special they are in this "worldwide church of god" and how they will be the holdouts till the end. They anticipate being martyrs.

I'm afraid that among the modern descendants of Israel, the last hold-outs will be those of the Worldwide Church of God. It was those of the Church who defended and fought the battle to preserve the rights provided by the Constitution of the United States. The declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are world encompassing. The receivership tied the Worldwide Church of God directly to it.

So in order to bring down ISRAEL the Worldwide Church of God was to be brought down first , because not only were they a symbol of religious freedom by the end of the receivership, they are also the ones who will get on the megaphone and tell all the other children what's really going on. They don't want another Herbert W Armstrong to blab on the radio.

The Two witnesses are going to be their worst realized nightmare. They thought that bringing down the United States and the Britain commonwealth they would stop the Worldwide Church of God and religiously they would be unopposed. But God migrates His Church to the middle east, the Two Witnesses do their job, the Church is protected and with them the record of what the Devil wants destroyed! Israel. They want a new world order with no Israelite people. God's Church has set precedence. It also is tied directly to religious freedom in our day.

That's why different groups, which are children of the state, should dissolve and the people once again take up the identity of the Worldwide Church of God and show support to God's apostle. Having corporations for assistance is not wrong, but calling each other a different name is taking the people further away from the path which has been paved.

Until it's forced upon them, that is the choice we face. If we don't act now, tomorrow we will be forced to act. By then it will be too late. The only option would be to become martyrs and boost the ratings and validity for those who did act before the tribulation!

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Dave Pack: Brethren, It is my job to let you know I know stuff, but I dont need to tell you what I know because that's not my job


Prophecy Excuses


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God can squeeze a lot into 78 minutes. Just not the truth.


During “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 437)” on April 24, 2023, the audience was blown away when Judas returned to being the Man of Sin. The most substantial evidence supporting that God was working with Herbert W. Armstrong in the 1930s was dissolved. David C. Pack's job is to let the brethren know he knows stuff, but he will not tell the brethren the stuff he knows because that is not his job.


He is 99.9% sure about that.


Heads and horns and kings and beasts of Daniel 7 and Revelation 17 were the bulk of Part 437, but they were not all of it. After teasing the brethren with elements of the Man of Sin, the Seventh and Eighth Head, and flying Chaldeans, the launch pad spring was wound and ready to go.


While in the book of Habakkuk, David C. Pack felt compelled to get into the meat of his Bible study by making a tortured excuse for all the prophetic hiccups.

Part 437 – April 24, 2023

@ 05:45 Now, if that setup didn't intrigue you, then I guess I failed. But again, it’s the last thing that I am told to explain. So, I guess we’d have to stop and say, no matter how many times I or you or all of us thought and hoped that I had reached the end of the line until I explained somebody or a group led by an individual who precedes the first of three kingdoms of God, there was never any way that I had fulfilled that.


Boohoo. I could not fulfill prophecy until XYZ was explained. The concept of the messenger understanding what the message was and when he delivered it is out the window.

The "Ah shucks, I'm in this right beside you, brethren" attitude does not hold water. Dave digs into the Bible to find what he needs and exploits it to kick the can down the road. Seven years running.


During the Days of Unleavened Bread, He went out of his way to assign homework seven days in a row SO THAT prophecy could not-really be fulfilled. Thinking he was fulfilling a prophecy when he was not is an honest mistake. Maybe if it was the first time.


@ 06:15 I could read it and think about it. And even think and know that I had to do it and think that I had done it, but until I explained something that came before all three iterations of the Kingdom, which means I had to go back to and learn about and solidify one year. I could never fulfill that verse.


The idea the verse is not about him does not cross his mind, nor is that something he could read and think about. Human steam pushes forward to fulfill a Bible verse. Which is why he fails.


Prophecy occurs when and how God decides. We are the surfboards on the wave. Dave thinks he is the ocean.


@ 06:33 Now, that's one of the most startling and inspiring things for me to realize. The days of my voice would not be ended. I would not have prepared the way, and Christ and the Father come quickly with their temper. With their Temple.


Another personally important revelation. Only those close to him would know if it was as inspiring as being the only person on earth to be correctly waiting for the 1335 of Daniel 12:12 to begin in February.


This is so startling to him because it shows he has not been “wrong” this whole time. If you reach a Level-12 understanding of Between the Lines, you can interpret what he really meant.


Until God was ready to bestow this information upon poor try-hard Dave, he would be held in a perpetual circling pattern until the prophetic runway was cleared for a landing.


David C. Pack could not fulfill prophecy until God gave him the thumbs up. After a seven-year stumble, that has finally happened with Part 437.


Do any of his excuses sound familiar? They should.


Flashback Part 429 – March 15, 2023

@ 1:24:24 It’s over. And it’s the greatest mystery (and in all honesty, brethren, and I’ve said this before), but this might be the greatest mystery of all. We were never gonna be done with this process until Mr. Pack got this straight.


Flashback Part 418 – February 9, 2023

@ 15:00 One of the greatest mysteries that the Bible contains, I'm gonna explain to you now, and you've never heard one word about it. And it’s its own statement (yet again) of how the Series could hardly be over until this was explained.


Flashback Part 388 – August 23, 2022

@ 04:57 If we’re waiting for Christ to bring the Kingdom of God, we should know it. And this Series wouldn't be over until that was suddenly figured out after, lo, these many years.


Flashback Part 226 – December 28, 2019

@ 1:17:12 We could almost say the Series would never be over until you heard at least this sermon.


Flashback Part 179 – June 12, 2019

@ 1:41:00 …are what God said to say to this man. And you know what? We weren't ready until this man said all those things, and he's doing it tonight.


That is enough. It is painful to watch Dave punch this other, more stupid guy wearing the glasses. No need to be a bully, dude. We get it. This is recycled content for the short-term memory crowd.



While traversing through Daniel and Revelation, Dave had to walk back a recent walk-back. This is another undoing from Part 437.


Part 437 – April 24, 2023

@ 1:04:49 “…and you shall have tribulation ten days.” There is no place in history that I can find (and I have dug); there is no place where there were any such ten days or ten years. Either one where that already happened. 


Dave reverted the ten days of Tribulation in Revelation 2 to prophetic future and NOT the past.


For those who gullibly trusted David C. Pack to correctly interpret the word of truth during Part 432 were again disappointed. The All-Believing Zealots accepted when he said those ten days were part of history. And they got hoodwinked. I wonder how many of them are keeping score.


Part 432 – April 1, 2023

@ 02:55 So, we faced a false choice, and I wanna explain that. The ten days are ten historic years, or ten prophetic days? Ten historic years, which is what the Church taught, and I believed for about 55 years or ten prophetic days? The answer is neither. It’s ten historic days.


How did he come to his conclusion when he April Fooled the brethren?


He made it up. He just decided to fabricate reality. This is the pitfall of “because I said so” theology.


David C. Pack presented this as a conclusively researched fact despite the research being inconclusive, revealing it was not fact. And yet, he taught it anyway.


This is the result when Dave does not disclose his sources. Because there are no sources. When you listen with your Between the Lines filter activated, he cites a source when he has one. He blows past it when he does not.


The lesson here: If you let David C. Pack talk long enough, he exposes himself as a liar.



There have been several jaw-dropping moments throughout "The Greatest Unending Story!" Series. They usually involve brutal attacks on the brethren or the people around him, but sometimes words fall from David C. Pack’s lips that prove a stunning blindness.


How he can read Deuteronomy 18:20-22 aloud without blushing, winking, or with uncomfortable hesitation is beyond me. Part 437 had one of those instances.


Extreme Irony Alert

Headquarters Edition

@ 45:48 “…I lay down My life for the sheep.” So, some shepherds have to be willing to die for others in this period. A lotta shepherds have not been what they should, and a lot of them are gonna be put to a test. A greater judgment, if you will, during this difficult period. And they may have to give their life for the sheep. I learned back thirty years ago there were men who gave safe sermons who would not die for the sheep. They would hold their job first until they were forced out, and there was enough money and tithes in groups they could go to, and they'd be fine. They gave safe sermons. Always safe sermons. Never stood up, and then they got axed. I'm an expert at getting axed. Twice.


“The third time is the charm,” as the saying goes.


This moment perfectly described the hirelings at Headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio. The Restored Church of God is experiencing a difficult period RIGHT NOW.


A lot of shepherds have not been what they should be. Safe sermons. Never stood up. Greater judgment. Wow. David C. Pack is still capable of speaking the truth at times. Though, it is mostly unintentional.


Meet the men unwilling to lay down their lives for the sheep by giving safe sermons during this current test inside The Restored Church of God which will result in a greater judgment.


Bradford Schleifer • Edward Winkfield • Ryan Denee • Carl Houk

Jaco Viljoen • Kenneth Orel • Timothy Ranney • James Habboush

Andrew Holcombe • Salasi Jezhi • Frank Lydick • Raymond Garb


The clock is ticking. At some point, it will be "pencils down" for these guys. I would not trade places with any of them. The brethren need to get out while they still can.



Flashback Part 434 – April 10, 2023

@ 00:02 Well, much (maybe most) of everything we’ve learned and heard has been correct.


Two weeks later, Dave is already light-years past this understanding. Does that make the statement a lie or a mistake?


David C. Pack has been fraudulently claiming he has fulfilled prophecy and, during his own excuse, admits that was false. 


The enablers at Headquarters follow him along, holding pillows and vials of oil to keep their human idol calm and cozy. They have no idea what a disservice they commit against God’s people in God’s name.


When the Judgment Seat of Christ appears, what excuses will they make?

Marc Cebrian

See: Prophecy Excuses

LCG: Be humble like we the ministry are...


Doug Winnail lets the Living Church of God membership know that THEY need to start humbling themselves so they can become teachable - like the ministry already is. Cough, cough.

The Real Keys to Spiritual Success: Many believe the key to success is who you know. Yet, God’s instructions are very different. Jesus stressed the importance of humility and teachability when he said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit” and “Blessed are the meek” because they will inherit the Kingdom of God and reign on Earth with Jesus Christ (Mathew 5:3–5). God was able to use Moses because he was humble and teachable (Numbers 12:3). Jesus was exalted by God because He humbled Himself and followed God’s instructions (Philippians 2:8–11). Solomon understood that “before honor is humility (Proverbs 15:33). The Apostle James records, “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6–10). Peter writes that God will exalt those who are humble and can submit to one another (1 Peter 5:5–6). Isaiah summarizes what God is looking for in those He will reward; “But on this one will I look: on him who is poor [humble] and of a contrite spirit [willing to change, and who trembles at My word [a person who is teachable by God]” (Isaiah 66:1–2). These scriptures provide us with the real keys to spiritual growth and ultimate success.

Have a profitable Sabbath,
Douglas S. Winnail

For decades the key to success in the Worldwide Church of God, Global Church of God, and Living Church of God was dependent upon who you knew. It's odd that Winnail completely overlooks that, but then this is a COG, after all.

There is a lot of emphasis upon humility and humbleness made by Winnail above, one thing that has been totally lacking in COG leadership for decades, regardless of which group it is.  Rod Meredith was well known for not having a humble bone in his body, so much so that Herbert Armstrong sent him to Hawaii for the year to learn humility. It didn't work.

Also, when has the leadership of ANY Church of God ever submitted to the membership? Do you see Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, or Gerald Flurry doing that? Bob Thiel will not even listen to his elders when they bring instances of corruption to him. Gerald Weston certainly does not!

As for the "willing to change" part, there is no minister leading a church of God today that has ever been able to do that. Look at Bob Thiel, one of the most bullheaded narcissists the church has ever seen. Pack and Flurry certainly were not willing to change resulting in the mess they are in today.

Paying lip services to humility and being humble is something most Church of God leaders/ministers are really good at. It sounds good but to really do it is another thing indeed.


Why Do They Stay?: -- The Bamboozle


“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

Carl Sagan