Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mark Armstrong, Now Living in Sodom and Gomorrah, Speaks Out Against "Queer Matrimony"

Ah, what would this world be without some minuscule, irrelevant Church of God splinter cult leader running off at the mouth about some perceived ill of society.  These so-called "men of God" feel that it is their god given right to say stupid things about the society around them.

Our latest "authority" is a man who has never come up with anything original in his life, has people write his messages and lives off the moldy remnants of his daddy, Garner Ted who died twelve years ago.  Looking at the Incontinent (Intercontinental) Church of God you will see Garner Ted's face on the main page with his relevant sermon of the day being featured.  Only after you wade through several pages of Armstrongite bullshit do you find out that Garner Ted is dead.

Like his dad, Mark feels that his opinion is relevant and worthwhile for people to take notice of.  This is a common mode of thinking of all COG leaders. Their opinions might hold some weight if these men were actually "godly" or ran churches that were spiritually,  ethically and morally pure.  The problem in these three areas is that not one single Church of God is ethically, spiritually or morally pure.  The COG's are filled with some of the most morally bankrupt men imaginable.  This is even more hypocritical considering the fact that every single one of these men and their churches claim to be the sole repository of God's knowledge on earth today.  They feel they are God's personal instruments of wit and wisdom.  We all have seen how well THAT has worked out over the last 80 some years!

A few morsels from Mark are:

"This is a week that will live in infamy. A majority on Supreme Court of the United States has officially flipped off God. They've held that their judgment supersedes His Law. However this monstrous miscarriage of jurisprudence plays out across our lives, there is no question that six of the justices just elevated their temporal authority above that of God."
"There appears to be no more remedy under the Constitution or in our judicial system to obey God in the face of those who would force the will of the sodomites upon us all. Certainly Christian ministers will have no protection for opting out of the performance of a queer matrimonial ceremony. They will face law-suits in Federal Court claiming discrimination and all kinds of pain and suffering on the part of the plaintiffs, they will be on the hook for civil damages at the least, and potentially punitive sanctions for having violated Federal Law."

Churches are not bound to marry anyone they don't want to.  However, if a couple goes to the Justice of the Peace then they MUST marry them.

Mark then goes on to whine about Obamacare, even though most of his church members take full advantage of it:

The high court committed another breach of justice by ruling against the clear language in the Obamacare law, and saved it by doing so! Words, no matter how incontrovertibly clear, can simply be ignored by "justices" determined to vote their socialist, fascist ideology, regardless of the facts before them. They should be impeached and disgraced. But the limp wrists in Congress don't have the fortitude and won't do it. God will. His word has plenty to say about unjust judges, and that's exactly what they are.

Mark admits that he and the rest of the Church of God leadership are IMPOTENT little men INCAPABLE of EVER taking a stand on anything.  They value their comfortable lifestyle and money-flow's more than speaking out the "truth" they claim to have complete ownership of.  Its obvious that Mark is a coward, Gerald Flurry is a coward, Dave Pack is a coward and Rod Meredith is a coward.  None of  these men have the balls to do anything.  If Mark and the leaders of the various COG's who feel they are Elijah's/apostle/prophets had the where-with-all then they would STAND up and proclaim their message no matter what.  Publishing their tripe in their own rags or Facebook pages is no warning at all.

What has happened this week opens up cracks in the foundation of the United States that may never be repaired. We keep waiting for someone to call them out, to speak the truth, to take them on. Someone with the position and power to go head to head. What we find is that there is no one who is in such a position. There simply is no higher office than the presidency and no judicial power above that of the Supreme Court. We can rebel against such government tyranny on a personal, and in our case on an organizational level, but we cannot force them to be honest or to honor the oath of office they so routinely violate.

One reader on a Facebook page made this comment about Mark and the other COG leaders spouting off right now:

The passage that condemns gays also condemns divorce, adultery, liars, and a whole lot more, but these self-righteous piss-asses can't see past the one item on a long list. How many of these "leaders" have had adulterous affairs? What ever they propose to do to gays, should be done to them as well...

Marks few remaining members encourage him on with these wonderful remarks.  The same old smugness that has permeated Armstrongism is still alive and well!

"Keep up the the great work... The truth hurts those who have not been called by The Eternal. The Intercontinental Church of God proclaims that truth. I am reminded of our Savior's words in John 8:7 "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone." We all know that God's TRUE prophets have always been castigated, maligned and even killed down through the ages because those of this world didn't like what they said. "God's word is sharper than a two-edged sword"..... We know the "world" isn't being called now. They must play their little "evil" games.... Thank you for the updates every week.... Stay strong and God bless you all"
Ignoring the fact that Garner Ted was an adulterous whore monger, a man writes:
 "Welcome to the United States of Sodom and Gomorrah."
 Of course how can we leave Satan out of all of this?

"Score One more for Satan! Disgusting.."
 If Mark Armstrong, Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack and Rod Meredith were actually men who were deeply ethical, deeply spiritual and morally pure, then and only then would people sit up and take notice of them.  Since they rule over their own dens of sexual impurity, greed and avarice and have done NOTHING to stop it all, absolutely NO ONE cares what they think.

You can read his drivel here.

Friday, June 26, 2015

There Are No Gay Rainbows Over Charlotte Today!

What various COG leaders envision now happening...

Did you hear all that wailing and gnashing of teeth today around 12:00 noon eastern time?  That was Rod Meredith reacting to the Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage in the entire country.

 Rod Meredith reacting to the news....

Be prepared for a myriad of sermons and articles about the homo's and queers and how they have now brought about the final downfall of society.

This will not be limited to Rod Meredith though.  Gerald Flurry will soon start spouting his unique version of stupidity and then Dave Pack will do his version.  Dave Pack needs something to bring his name back into the limelight anyway.  After being publicly humiliated for three years in a row now  with failed prophecies, he will now have something to complain about  that takes the focus off of his miserably life.  I can't leave out God's most educated and important COG leader ever - Bob Thiel - who will soon start with his own malarkey.

Perhaps we will be blessed if one of these guys says he will do this:

Texas Pastor Rick Scarborough Is Willing To Be Burned To Death To Oppose Gay Marriage

or act like these morons:

Christian Couple Decides To Divorce If Gays Can Marry

It's no wonder people look upon Christians for being so hateful when idiots like these COG leaders and the morons above say dumb things like this.  But when legalism is the rule of life, what else should we expect?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

UCG Youth Camp Shirts - Yet More Embarrassment!

Can you imagine the horror that kids in United Church of God feel when they wear shirts like this!  They would not be caught dead wearing them in public.

Notice how UCG still CANNOT refer to Jesus in any manner what-so-ever.  That should be the focus of their youth camps, not law keeping.  But that will NEVER happen.

UCG sounds exactly like the Mormons.  They too cannot speak about their god unless they call it "Heavenly Father"  It is an absolutely IMPOSSIBILITY for ANYONE in UCG or anyone else in the entire world to be "like" heavenly father.

This is what UCG is referring to:

King James Bible
Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

Since UCG does not understand "grace' or "sanctification" it cannot ever achieve the
"perfection" it is seeking.  The law will never help them attain it.  Ignoring Jesus obviously has not helped them either.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Living Church of God and Rod McNair Go βαλλιστικός Over Greek Themed Party

On June 22 there was a comment on the LCG Collecting Facebook Screenshots of Members? thread describing how McNair and League demanded that several LCG members take down photo's they had put up on Facebook of a party they had attended.  It seems some LCG members had recently returned from Greece and decided to throw a Greek themed party.  In most of society this would not even ring any alarms or raise an eyebrow.  However.....we are talking about a Church of God now and things are NOT normal in most Churches of God, particularly in the Living Church of God.  Power and control must be maintained over the sheeple at all times.  They must never think outside the box or have fun without the permission of a minister!

A reader here wrote:

McNair and League personally approached me and told me to remove pics of church members (ministers included) from my Facebook page.

The pics were of families. There was nothing crazy or inappropriate going on in any of them. Just mothers and fathers with their kids enjoying fellowship on a Sunday night.

"What's wrong with that?" you might ask. Well I'll tell you.

The host and hostess of this get-together had just returned from a trip to Greece. The party was Greek-themed and the guests came dressed as Greeks (aka togas). Apparently wearing a toga means you are engaging in an Animal House type fraternity party with drunken mayhem and other lude and lascivious behavior which "paints the LCH headquarters in a negative light". I was told that even if nothing bad happened at the party, "it was better to avoid the appearance of evil" so I needed to take the pics down asap.

Many others were also told to take the pics down. Some did. Some refused.

LCG headquarters (especially Richard Ames) believes that costumes are evil and that God's people should have no part in them. I was told that the Pagans used to wear costumes/ masquerade so that they could have orgy sex with each others wives without their identities actually being known. From that, coupled with the ever-evil Halloween, a true Christian can deduce that costumes are bad. Interestingly, other LCG congregations can engage in costume parties without retaliation. But in Charlotte not so much.

In true LCG form, there are different rules for different people.

I only wish I could share the pics with all of you so that you could see how harmless they were. Maybe I can email them to the blog owner and he can post them?


This same reader responded today with these pictures and comments:

The pics are relevant in that they are perfectly harmless. No booze or sexy outfits. Just families and their kids in modest costumes. We were all asked to take the pics off our FB pages because HQ's felt they made them "look bad". We were told to "avoid the appearance of evil".

I don't know about you but I don't see anything "evil" or embarrassing in them.

Living Church of God: Does It Have Any Ministers Above Reproach?

Here are the guidelines that ministers in the Living Church of God should be following when they dish out punishments on rebellious LCG members..

Guidelines for Exercising Church Discipline and Authority  (Handout 3.4) pg. 3-12

To exercise ecclesiastical authority properly and effectively, a minister:

  • Must be ABOVE REPROACH in his personal conduct.
  • Must have INSPIRED the flock to follow the RIGHT WAY by means of his personal           EXAMPLE and PREACHING.
  • Must be FAIR in judgment and in NO way a RESPECTER of persons.
  • Must be CONSISTENT in the use of authority and BALANCED in frequency of its use.
  • Must ensure that the degree of severity is suited to the seriousness of the infraction of God’s           Laws (1 Corinthians 5:1-4).

Notice #2 above.  Is there really such a thing for a minister in the Church of God to be ABOVE REPROACH?   Especially when you read things like this:

Why was there such an epidemic of adultery at LCG headquarters in Charlotte in the first place? I can count 6 people that I have sat in church with for years, ALL OF WHOM WORKED FOR THE HEADQUARTERS CHURCH who are now known adulterers.

Four were disfellowshipped, one was marked, one still has her job and is in good standing with the church solely because of her husband's position (friendship with Meredith does have its kickbacks)

Doesn't it seem like a disproportionate number when so few work in that building? I have worked in many "worldly" offices and none of them have had such rampant sexual escapades!

I'm just curios to see if there are any theories out there as to why it happened.

Ripping It Down, Building It Up

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Banned by HWA Is Now On Facebook!

Banned by HWA is now on Facebook!  

Some of the postings on this blog will cross post from here but will also allow an entire new audience to post their comments.

Please Tell My PCG Children That I Love Them

Nathan Moffett

Elise Moffett

Gerald Flurry broke up my family.

Here is my son Nathan and my daughter Elise.

I haven't seen or talked to them in 3 years. 

They can't talk to my oldest daughter Carmen 
or her two children.

They won't talk to my youngest son Sterling. 
Dan Moffett