Saturday, October 16, 2010

LCG's Number One Chiropractor On The Tribulation

LCG Apologist extraordinaire, Chiropractor Bob is treading the same dangerous and silly waters his Master Spanky is treading.  Meredith has been making idiotic end time prophecies for decades.  Every single one of them has failed.  Chiropractor Bob's dates will be a failure too.

Barack Obama has a very difficult job, but probably will appear on the surface to be handling it, as the end (meaning the beginning of the Great Tribulation) is not likely to start before 2013 (as it cannot possibly start before 2012, per Daniel 9:27).

Embarrassed yet?

Friday, October 15, 2010

LCG Prophet Thomas Has The Perfect Remedy To Save Your Behind

LCG's latest prophet (since the abysmal failure of false prophet Spanky MerryDeath) has the perfect remedy on saving your life in the tribulation.

This is the one and only opportunity for the majority of Church of God members
to be selected to go to Jerusalem as a human Saint... Most of us (Not virgin)
have children, we had bowed or saluted a picture or a statue... and all of us
have not been true to God's Law... BUT: - adopting or purchasing a 12 year old
after the earthquake and First Wave Resurrection and teaching that child skills
and God's Law... We might then qualify as the owner to become the SEALED child's

And then once you have saved your self you get to do something really fun. You get to execute and cremate rebellious sinners!

It is difficult to understand why COG ministers are still looking for Two
Witnessws to appear today or soon... Or: how a minister might call himself,
herself or anyone living today - one of them...??? They do not do anything until
after Satan is released from the 1,000 year grave.

THAT number will be in the billions: being at least one sixth of the entire
millennium population...

200 Million Saint Gods will be taught how to control the new God Powers and
trained for an orderly return to the earth - first to execute and cremate about
2 billion criminals and then to heal and feed the about 2 billion survivours...
Giving each Saint God about 12 disciples each to nurture and teach the Kingdom
of God Gospel to; in this Jubilee Year...

Armstrongism is such a peaceful, grace filled religion..................................................


Somone sent this to me the other day.  I have no idea where it is from.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Debunking British Israelism

I received a news alert today to a web site that is filled with videos and mp3's of people debunking British Israelism.  Anyone with any roots to Armstrongism knows that this is the fundamental doctrine of the church.  Without this teaching Armstrongism fails horribly. Even their stance on keeping Jewish Holy days is tied directly into this doctrine.

You can listen to Herb rant on and on if you are in a desperate need of a Herb fix.  There are also links to white supremacists using this doctrine and others.

I remember the days sitting in summer camp at Orr MN where we had to memorize the twelve tribes and who Herb said they were in the modern world.  BI was used for decades in the church as a subtle form of racism to keep blacks and Hispanics out of church office leadership rolls.

You still see it in use today in the various splinter cults when their leaders rage on and on about blacks and Hispanics.

British Israelism

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Armstrongism's "Last Prophet" Speaks

If you thought Armstrongism couldn't get any stupider, along comes Thomas Gardner on the LCG Yahoo Group where he regularly posts his end time views.  I wonder how Spanky feels about being usurped by this guy?  Since every single one of Spankys prophecies have failed, I guess it is all up to Thomas now.

You would think that after all these years and the hundreds of failed prophecies of Armstrongite ministers these morons would learn to keep their mouths shut.  I am kind of glad these dingbats keep popping up.  It further discredits everything about Armstrongism.

I have copied his entire post with no additions or deletions.  Crazy is not even the word for it all!  If you are impressed you can buy his book on Amazon to line your birdcage with.

IF IT HAPPENS IN 2011: It will be like this: --- AND:
This is what the world has; to look forward to… according to bible Prophesy.

Monday April 18 – Passover Day – All quiet

Tuesday April 19 – Begin Unleavened Bread – meet like normal

Sunday April 24 – Wave Sheaf – First Wave Resurrection of 200 million Saints

Jesus was able to say goodbye but not be touched… two in a field – one taken the
other left…

Some almost a million will be missed and reported mysteriously missing of

humanity alive...

200 million requires choosing about 2 humans per hour for 6,000 years…

Monday April 25 – End Unleavened Bread and

The Start: of several billion unselected Angels and Demons attacking against the
freshly resurrected Saint Gods and falling dead like thousands of figs when the
tree is shaken… looking like rain: a meteorite shower causing even brave men to
hide in caves and fall-out shelters.

Nineteen days of these dead angels falling to earth causing everyone hidden in

basements and shelters to be afraid to come out; will cause a lot of electrical,
communication, water supply and garbage collection failure… UNTIL: The
nineteenth day when satan is found, sliced in half and buried in the 1,000 year
sealed grave… Then people will begin to venture outside.

Six and a half billion people emerging from 19 days in hiding – thirsty, hungry,

cold, and still frightened will find empty grocery stores that have been smashed
into and cleaned out by unprepared people who got desperately hungry and thirsty
enough to make a mad dash to get anything…

It will take the next five months to get a few things organized in order to get

some electricity and other utility services turned back on… Meanwhile there are
a lot of terrorist people who have been waiting for just some unusual activity
like this as a sign for them to start their plan of action to reduce the number
of English speaking people they call infidels…

After the Fall Atonement (2011) there will have been enough terrorist activity

to make the world feel justified to carpet bomb the middle east and to spend the
next six years erasing the lives of suspected terrorists as far east as
Pakistan; south through the Holy Land and west into Africa --- With the military
leader voted "World Emperor" and he sets up his offices just outside of
Jerusalem in the new air-raid shelter being built there… right today.

The problem with any war and terrorist activity is that not only does the enemy

die – many soldiers and others defending themselves also die… Throughout the
seven years of Tribulation a third of the earth's population is prophesied to
die and be cremated on garbage dumps.

Some very obvious activity begins in the clouds of heaven as Atonement draws

near in the seventh year and it suddenly stops while Saint Gods single out and
seal for safety the 144,000 virgin teenage slaves and their 144,000 masters ---
that accomplished ---

God our Father continues to lead the 200 million into position around the world

and as sunset on the Day of Atonement in the Jerusalem area – [making it the Day
of Atonement the whole world over] – Jesus Christ has been bringing up the rear
guard and His company is assigned the Holy Land around Jerusalem area while the
rest of the 200 million have been stationed around the whole earth and oceans…
ready to return to help the innocent.

Claiming that the returning Jesus Christ is an invasion of extra-terrestrial

beings attacking from another planet in space: The Man of Lawlessness (Now voted
World Emperor) orders the attack just in time to be confronted by Jesus while
assuming to be safe in his impenetrable bomb shelter currently being built in
Jerusalem as looking at Christ standing before him he dies of fright before
being sliced in half and sent to be cremated on the local garbage dump…

The attack is simultaneous around the globe as humans try to kill the returning

Saint Gods and resulting in the death and cremation of a second third of earth's
population in a single hour…

Now a question: Who do you think is living in Jerusalem and the surrounding area

after the Man of Lawlessness the elected World Emperor with his military and
support staff move into the bomb shelter bunker and offices of the mayor ---
CRIMINALS right…???

When God the Father and Jesus Christ return: ---

What is going to happen to the mosques and other religious buildings filled with
statues and priests leading Sunday services and others in it for the money…???
What is going to happen to the statue of Liberty and other images throughout the

Just like the kings, queens, political leaders, military and the merchants

supplying support to the Emperor that have been cremated on garbage dumps in
their nearby cities – these monuments, buildings, statues and content will be
crushed and burned on the garbage dumps to show the surviving population that
every trace of these criminal liars is gone…

The 288,000 slave with master begin to arrive at Jerusalem… All the buildings

have been super cleansed by a spiritual fire that mopped up all the spilled
blood and left no trace that anyone had ever been there…. The Virgin former
slaves enter a training schedule for the next 50 years with their former masters
as servants and mentors for their future roll as administrators in the Universal
Kingdom of God some more than 1,150 years in the future…

2,400,000,000 human survivors divided by 200,000,000 Saint Gods of the family of

God means that each Saint God will have 12 disciples and the word of God will
indeed fill the whole world. These human survivors will have 9 years of this
direct contact with Christ's brothers and sisters in Saturday gatherings to be
fully informed when God offers the Covenant of Trumpets…

Today: being 2010 and the potential of 2011 being the potential of the First

Wave Resurrection of 200 million Saint Gods…

The Fall of 2018 becomes the earliest date for the return of Jesus Christ…

The Fall of 2027 becomes the earliest date for the Covenant of Trumpets and…

Astronomers predict a possible collision of a mountain size asteroid in 2028

with a mountain size trail of debris in a comet tail that could fall exploding
over the earth also… That parallels the Revelation description of a mountain
size meteor falling in an ocean causing the ocean waters to become thick like
blood of a dead man --- with a second exploding and falling in fragments in
areas outside of Jerusalem… polluting a third of all fresh water with wormwood.

By 2029 The world will be experiencing life on this planet with all green grass

burned, a third of the trees burned, ocean water the area similar in size to the
Pacific ocean like coagulated blood with a third of the ships and crew dead
along with all sea life where the ocean is affected… Along with that; a third of
all fresh water will be polluted with wormwood… The burning meteor plunging into
the ocean will cause a tidal wave that will wash away the coastland buildings
and anyone foolish enough to not seek higher ground and many islands will be

Then a third of the day will be darkened and a third of the night will be

without stars and without moonlight as well…

These conditions will be experienced in every area where the population refuses

to adopt the suggested way of life that is outlined in what we call the TEN
Commandments… Those living in the area around Jerusalem will be people who are
striving to live by the rules and they will not be affected by these conditions…
BUT: - Anyone charging too much for exported food and water will be sent away to
live in the troubled area with those who are desperate to have these.

Thomas, Last Prophet - Sept 11th study

Armstrongism Had Resurrections....Up Until the Pagan 70's

I bet none of you knew that there were WCG/RCG members who had died in the 40's-50's-60's that God had resurrected!!!!! Are they still walking the earth today???????

I don't know where this crackpot got that 'information', but here it is, in all it's glory:
OriginalWCG Yahoo board.

What doctrinal changes do we have to reject in order to get back to the truths once delivered by our Savior to His Called out ones through Herbert W. Armstrong? Those who were in the church in the 60's and before, saw miracles, healings, demons dealt with, even resurrections from death. These signs became rare once we entered the 70's. Was God the author of all changes, or did our enemy influence the church much earlier than any of us comprehended at the time?

Nope, they aren't here!  So it must be true!

The mythology that permeates Armstrongism is just amazing. We always mocked those that had myths as part of their traditions, yet we were consumed by our own myths and legends. One of the most perverse myths that always irritated me was the myth that HWA was resurrected in Tuscon so he could reform the church. It was disgusting to see how people bought into it.

And who can forget the fools that still wait for HWA to be resurrected every January of the date of his death.  They used to hold vigil at his grave at Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Appaling Story of Abuse in the Church

Ambassador Reports Blog has an appalling story up of abuse in the WCG Duluth MN church.

This is just an excerpt.  Read the entire story here Diane's Story

If Mr. William D. Gordon is still alive, I hope his life has been hell on earth.  I hope every single day this man lives with the guilt of what he did to me and my mother.  I hope there is a hell that he will go to, but moreover,  I hope his hell lives with him every day he is alive.  I despise him, and I despise his wife, Helen, for doing NOTHING to stop the abuse of myself and my mother.  I loved Helen, and she did NOTHING but teach me to iron linen napkins while her husband, a servant of Satan to my mind, got  to counsel my dad on how to hit his wife more to make her submit.  I hate them both.    I have no pity for any suffering of theirs.   None.  Good people of God would have done something, ANYTHING.  They would have admitted that God does not condone spousal abuse. Good people of God would have called the police and had my dad arrested.  Good people, good ministers of GOD would have taught my dad that God does NOT condone abuse and that my mother does NOT have to submit to what is unGodly. They would have examined their hearts and repented. Instead, they COVERED up the abuse of my mother and God knows how many other women in the Duluth congregation.   They conspired to COVER up abuse, knowingly, willingly and with full consent.  That is unforgivable.   Ministers have a duty to the people in their congregation, to help them, not hurt them.  I don't even know why Gordon became a minister. I think he was unduly influenced by the "tent revival" preachers of his day, the power they seemed to have. I do not think for a minute that William Gordon ever wanted to sincerely serve anybody.  That man does not know the meaning of the word "service." 

Kevin Dean: Detectives Looking For Possible Material Witnesses

The Painful Truth has the following on their web site today:

Information Wanted
on this Man
Type in DEAN KEVIN OWEN then select one of the booking tabs on the right.
On the next page click on the
Serial #
If you have any information, please contact the Painful Truth.

The Painful Truth would like to make contact with the following people:
1) James Randolph
2) Diane (Amys) Yoder
If you know these folks or have a email address for them, please have them contact the Painful Truth or Det. Samuel Miller at:

Dibar Apartian Seriously ILL

Long time 'evangelist' in WCG and later in a splinter group is seriously ill.  The outlook is bleak according to other reports.  Apartian was put over the French department decades ago.  This caused huge issues in various European countries that were French speaking.  Apartian was from French Arab stock and was not a true Frenchman for them.  Sadly, his son Philip committed suicide on their front lawn in 1983.

AR 24 1983
We are sorry to report the suicide-death of Phillip Apartian, son of Evangelist Dibar Apartian, the head of the WCG's French-language operations. Phillip killed himself on the front lawn of a Pasadena home March 31 after apparently calling the police. As the police arrived on the scene, he shot himself in the chest with a 12-gauge shotgun. Friends say the nineteen-year-old had been suffering from depression.
News this week about Apartian's failing health.
Hello dear family,
    I spoke to Shirley Apartian this evening and want to pass on the news about Dibar's health decline while he was in Martinique for the Feast.  Shirley was unable to go with him, so his secretary and her mother went to help him, as he has many health issues. 
    At the last of the Feast he went on a fishing trip with the feastgoers and got very cold.  He was never able to get warn after that.  Two days later they left, but had a layover in San Juan.  There he began to vomit, was shaking with cold, and passed out at the airport,  They took him to a hospital and he was put onto a cot hooked up to monitors and basically left uncovered and freezing.
    Shirley was called and went down there but was swamped by all sorts of red tape  (She says they did not want to let him go, as they smelled money!)  Anyway, She finally got him released and hired a stretcher airplane to bring him home.
    He is now in hospital in Charlotte, I guess,  with pneumonia, heart fibrillation, congestive heart failure , prostatitus, and who knows what else.  She says he is so HAPPY to be back home here, and appreciates that he can see friends and family.  They plan to put in a heart  defibrillator--can't remember the name-- you know what it is.  but he is in dire trouble and your prayers for them all would be appreciated.
    They are giving antibiotics, of course, but at his age, he might not pull out of this.  Doctors call pneumonia "The old person's friend."   
    Well, he has had a long life of service to God's people, and  he says he is ready to go,  Life is very hard for him right now due to weakness and prostate trouble.  Our prayer is that God will not let him linger in misery but will give him whichever rest is God's will.

Sabbatharians: COG Cult - Arrests and Suicide - The Dugan's

One Sabbatharian group that has been in the news a couple of years ago is located in Clarkson, Kentucky. These‘Sabbatharians’ were led by Richard and Laura Dugan. They called their community, ‘Levita Township.’ Religion News Blog

They are/were staunch believers in the doctrines of the old Worldwide Church of God.  The very same doctrines Meredith and Flurry screech on and on about keeping faithfully.  We have already seen killings in Living Church of God (Meredith) because of the church teachings.  How long until someone in Philadelphia Church of God snaps and more 'believers' are killed?
They told me that they were at one time affiliated with the WCG, but broke away in the 1980’s to practice their own doctrines when HWA was beginning to be discredited from within and without. They opted for a stricter approach to spiritual matters than the WCG was espousing at that time–mainly Old Testament rituals and rules, which were scrupulously followed.
The book The United States and Britain In Prophecy was a constant source for their justification in the plans and operations of the “Township.” HWA was regarded as “A prophet like unto Jeremiah” by the congregation. He was quoted daily, and any occurrence that came close to fulfilling a prophecy of his, his name would be trumpeted around, saying that wasn’t it wonderful that God had chosen such a great and wise man to be His prophet? (paraphrased)
I had been a borderline Christian before moving to their “Township,” called by them “La Vita,” in 2005. As I was a “city boy,” I had to learn the ways of working on a farm with a spread of 400 acres. I was informed of the rules governing the community, about how work had to cease at sundown on Friday and could not commence until Sunday, how the community as a whole had to celebrate the various feasts from the Old Testament, and so on.
Then it was explained that all of the so-called “holidays” that I had celebrated in the past were pagan, and I could no longer participate in them. They told me that if I visited my relatives on a Sunday, that I was engaging in a pagan ritual, because they believed Saturday was the Sabbath. The same with Christmas or Easter, Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve–all were considered “pagan, sinful, and evil.”
I was told that the leader, a man named Richard Dugan, was a “prophet of God,” and that it was the congregation’s duty to serve him in whatever way he saw fit. As proof of his exalted status, he had two wives, both living with him. There were a few in the congregation that called Richard “Sire” in reference of the claim that he was to be the king whom Christ Himself would appoint, “Who would administer justice in the name of the Lord.”
There was another thing that concerned me, and that was the opposition they expressed toward any state or federal agency. They even said that because Kentucky is a commonwealth, that the state police are not legally police.
- Source: I Got Out While There Was Time Kevin, Exit & Support Network

These cult leaders had numerous run in's with the police.  Both were arrested.  Richard Dugan later committed suicide.

More articles about: Sabbatharians:

What is the Levita Township and why did Richard Dugan commit suicide?

May 2, 2007
Reporter: Lauren Hanson

Not much is known about the small community of Levita Township, the compound that houses the members of the Sabbatarian church.
The church began in Louisville, Ky. Michael Boutte and his family joined the church when he was around eight-years-old.
He said his leader, Richard Dugan decided to commit suicide on May 1, 2007, after a grand jury indicted him for custodial interference and three counts of terroristic threatening related to a child welfare situation back in December 2006.
Boutte was arrested on May 1, after Dugan’s death. He said he was trying to protect his leader and the church’s way of life.
“The members of the Sabbatarian church have lived in the same spot in Grayson County for the last 13 years,” Boutte explained.
Residents of the community, Levita Township, live by their own code of conduct and they were led by Richard Dugan, the founder of the church until his recent suicide.
“The lord spoke to him in obtuse – well I wouldn’t say obtuse, but odd ways,” Boutte said.
They live without running water or electricity as generators provide heat. Members of this town say it’s not by choice because the town is so far from civilization that a substation would have to be built.
Led by Richard and Laura Dugan, this small sect has a focus on the End Times. It adheres to the doctrines of the old Worldwide Church of God.
Theologically, Sabbatharians (sometimes spelled ‘Sabbathian’) is a cult of Christianity. Sociologically the group has cult-like elements as well.
Some members work while others are disabled, so their way of life depends on one thing: sharing everything. They even put all of their earnings together.
“I go without electric, everybody goes without electric,” Boutte explained.
Members don’t celebrate Easter, Christmas, or birthdays.
“We stick by what’s in the Bible – the original holy days that the Israelites kept in Egypt,” Boutte explained.
Twenty-six-year-old Boutte said it’s their unconventional lifestyle that had social services on their property back in December.
Back in December WBKO reported the social worker was trying to take four children into custody after a referral of neglect was issued.
Boutte said Dugan was in foster homes when he was a child and he believes the appearance of a social worker set him off.
“I think it was eleven foster homes and three institutions …” Boutte said Dugan had resided in.
Yesterday, Dugan was indicted by a grand jury on charges of custodial interference and three counts of terroristic threatening and Boutte said that’s what drove Dugan to suicide.
“He wasn’t going to do any harm to anybody else, but it was the fact if they pushed him too much I knew that he was going to shoot himself. He promised they would not pull him out of the car alive,” Boutte explained.
Boutte said he and the other followers were arrested because they were simply trying to protect their leader.
“It looked as if they laid a rifle down in there – we figured sniper. So my mother and I sat on the hood, right in his direct line of sight, so he could not shoot Richard,” Boutte explained.

Religious sect leader commits suicide during police standoff

May 2, 2007
Reporter: Sarah Goebel

The quiet town of Leitchfield, Ky., went back to its normal state on May 2, 2007, after a three-hour standoff left one dead the day before.
Richard Dugan of Clarkson, Ky., is believed to be the leader of a religious group called the Levita Township.
Dugan was at the Grayson County Judicial Building yesterday facing charges on custodial interference and terroristic threatening. He was seated in his car in the health department parking lot across from the judicial building getting ready for court when an officer approached him.
Led by Richard and Laura Dugan, this small sect has a focus on the End Times. It adheres to the doctrines of the old Worldwide Church of God.
Theologically, Sabbatharians (sometimes spelled ‘Sabbathian’) is a cult of Christianity. Sociologically the group has cult-like elements as well.
Several of Dugan’s supporters were shielding him from the officers. Officers spent the next two hours trying to convince Dugan to turn himself in. The standoff ended when Dugan shot himself in the head.
Today, we spoke with several people in Leitchfield and they say they’ve never seen anything like this happen in their community.
“We didn’t know what to expect today. So far everything seems okay,” a Shell station worker said.
This is what a typical day in downtown Leitchfield looks like.
“… People in and out getting food and getting them out as quick as we can,” the station worker explained, but this was not the scene the day before.
This Shell station worker wouldn’t show her face on camera fearing retaliation from the Levita Township.
“They’ve been saying they’re going to come to Leitchfield and shoot random people. It’s got a lot of people scared,” the station worker said.
She said she doesn’t know much about this religious group, who many people in Leitchfield refer to as the bus people because they use to live in buses.
“They don’t live out here in Leitchfield. They live in the country somewhere I guess,” the station worker said.
She only knows that several of its members came to Leitchfield and disrupted their normally quiet work day.
“It was chaos,” the station worker said.
She said all of the parking lots downtown including Shell’s were full of people watching in shock.
“Anybody that saw the cops wanted to know what was going on so they just stopped,” the station worker said.
She even stood near a store window and watched as Richard Dugan killed himself.
“We seen the smoldering and we knew he shot himself. We knew the cops either shot him or he shot himself,” the station worker explained.
Five of Dugan’s supporters are in jail today, facing charges of disorderly conduct, hindering apprehension and resisting arrest. They’re scheduled to appear in court on May 3, 2007

Monday, October 11, 2010

Child Rearing Dilemma: Whether to Stone or Spank Rebellious Kiddies

Armstrongites always love to boast that they take the Bible literally.  The fact is they don't.  They lie when they say they do.  They pick and choose what they want to do when they want to do it.  One year it may mean one thing and the next it is ignored or fluffed off as not relevant.

GTA taught that beating kids was a good thing. Flurry and Meredith also want their members to spank their kids.  Meredith in particular, gets off on the spanking bit.  When he brags at a feast site several years a go about spanking his current wife, you know something is not quit right in that mind of his.

Today Six Pack Flurry has a post on his Philadelphia Trumpet web site about child discipline. After doing the typical Armstrongite proof-texting of using old testament angry go scenarios he makes the following comment:

"Follow God’s example. Be clear about the rules. Speak only once, and expect your children to obey. Pay attention—and when they deviate off course, don’t make excuses for them. Be consistent about applying the necessary discipline." (Armstrongism translation:  "Beat your child when it disobeys") Speak Only Once

Six Pack has also had this to say:

". . . We have always understood in the Church of God, in respect of correcting child behavior, that this means a light instrument which stings when applied but does no physical damage. Mrs. Armstrong used the table-tennis paddle as an example of an implement which will do no harm to a child when applied with care and in love. But even that should never be used till the infant is around two or three years of age. Light, stinging taps first with fingers on the backside of an infant, then, as the child grows, carefully, with the hand, should suffice till then."
"Lesson number one is, teach the child GOVERNMENT! That's where it starts. Who's boss around here? Up to the second or third month, the infant gets what he wants usually when he's good and ready to get it, by simply demanding it! But, comes the time he demands, doesn't get, and reacts angrily! Generally, parents should be able to determine an angry baby's cry. It's time for baby to learn that angry demands are not acceptable."
Royal Vision May/June 2000

ESN had this comment about Sx Packs child rearing techniques:

One former PCG member (12-20-03) described to the police authorities how some congregations in PCG have engaged in so called "screaming sessions" at children. This involves taking a child (who has misbehaved or presumably done something wrong), along with gathering a number of members together, and then sitting the child on a chair in the middle of the room and screaming and yelling at the child for a long period of time. Sometimes these sessions go on for so long that some of the adults have to take a break and then go back to continue it. This is a technique that abusive, totalistic groups have used and is very damaging to any child!

If old Six Pack had his way, his churchs' teachings for methods of child discipline would fall under the arms of the Reconstructionists/Dominionists.

Reconstructionists/Dominionist sincerely preach that stoning of children, gays, adulterers, fornicators, etc is the way to go.


Mercersburg Activist Insists Bible Mandates Execution

The Bible mandates death by stoning for rebellious teenagers, according to a Pennsylvania preacher and Religious Right activist.

The Rev. William O. Einwechter's article, "Stoning Disobedient Children," appeared in the January issue of Chalcedon Report, a monthly journal published by the Chalcedon Foundation in Vallecito, Calif.

In the article, Einwechter cites Deuteronomy 21:18-21, which advises parents to take "a stubborn and rebellious son" before city elders to be stoned to death if he will not change his ways.

Einwechter's viewpoint drew criticism from church-state separationists.
"Rev. Einwechter reminds us all of why we need a clear separation between religion and government," said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a Washington, D.C.-based watchdog group. "I doubt if most Americans think we should turn America into a fundamentalist Christian version of Iran."
Einwechter says the death penalty should be applied to "a grown son (and by extension to a daughter as well) who, for whatever reason, has rebelled against the authority of his parents and will not profit from any of their discipline nor obey their voice in any thing."
Writes Einwechter, "[T]he execution of the rebel in view is just, merciful, and preventive. Just, in that the transgressor deserves to die; merciful, in that his quick death prevents the destruction of the family, society, and others; preventive, in that it strikes fear in the heart of other would-be rebels and restrains them from taking a similar ruinous course."
The Chalcedon Report is the leading publication of the "Christian Reconstructionist" movement, the most extreme contingent of the Religious Right. Reconstructionists reject democracy and believe Christians should take "dominion" over American society. Under their version of "biblical law," the death penalty would be required for over a dozen offenses, including adultery, homosexuality, witchcraft and spreading "false" religions.
Although the movement's numbers are relatively small, its ideas have often filtered into other Religious Right groups.
Einwechter, a Mercersburg, Pa., resident, is vice-moderator of the Association of Free Reformed Churches. He also serves as vice president of the National Reform Association, a Pittsburgh-based group that advocates Christianity in government.

For decades we had some numbnuts in Pasadena who actually believed this type of 'child rearing'.  They looked forward to the day when the 'kingdom' would get here and they could do this.  It was going to be their job and the job of the church (OCG) to root out evil in the people.  The best way to root out evil was to kill the person.  God did it so why shouldn't they!

Meredithism and Six-Pack Flurryism get rather giddy when it comes to spanking.  They both seem to get off on corporal punishment.  Of course they get off on it because their little god they find in the Old Testament gets off on killing rebellious people. That's they god they identify with.

Here is The Brick Testament's version of the story:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dedicating the House of Herb, Crossword Puzzles and Piggies

Looking through one of Six Pack Flurry's web sites this evening geared towards the youth was a stomach turning event. More lives being destroyed!

Read the articles in the student newspaper about the dedication of the new monument to Herbert Armstrong.   

Once the audience of approximately 800 people was seated in the theater at 7 p.m., music instructor Mark Jenkins began the ceremony by leading the first performance of his Dedication Anthem and Fanfare, composed for the occasion. Mr. Turgeon and college president Stephen Flurry both briefly addressed the members, and Mrs. Paula Malone, backed by the dedication choir, sang House of Prayer with her husband, music department head Mr. Ryan Malone, leading the orchestra. Finally, Chancellor Gerald Flurry stepped up to the podium to deliver a short address and give the prayer of dedication. He spoke to those assembled about the purpose of the auditorium and said that this house for God would serve to bring harmony to the world.
Afterward, the choir and orchestra performed two pieces from Felix Mendelssohn’s Elijah, “Holy, Holy” and “And Then Shall Your Light,” to conclude the ceremony. Choir members and audience members alike were astonished by the difference between the dedication performances and earlier performances and practices. Senior Jordan Aldrich commented, “I think the choir sang more powerfully than we ever have before.” His sentiment was echoed by many other choir members, including freshman James Brandon, who said it was “overwhelming” and “incredibly inspiring” to be part of the choir.”
After the ceremony, the brethren were abuzz with fellowship and excitement about the house for God and the new stage of the work it signified. Sophomore Katherine Harmon was representative of the general mood when she said, “Probably the thing that affected me the most was when Mr. Flurry gave his dedication prayer...the fact that something like that is something that I could hear personally

Then there is the photo of students and faculty playing soccer.  Guess the names of the teams - wait for it - take a wild guess ------ Team Ephraim and Team Manasseh!  Ephriamites and Mannasites

SIBLING RIVALRY As faculty defenseman Mr. Brad Macdonald looks on, senior Steve Hercus puts a mighty Ephraimitish boot on the ball as Manassite forward Victor Vejil approaches. Team Manasseh won the contest 1-0.

Can Armstrongism get any stupider than this?   Oh wait ----- Yes, they can!  Check out the HWA Crossword Puzzles for a Sabbath afternoon.....

You too can break the Sabbath and do this interactive crossword puzzle.  Herb's Crossword Puzzle
See how much you worship all things Herb.

Or, for an extra added bonus you can read  The Truth About Pigs with this great illustration:  :-)

I think it is time hit the Honey Baked Ham store.  I am going to buy one in honor of Six Pack!  A ham sandwich and a cold beer - - as good as Armstrongism can get!