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False Prophet Thiel Is Still Shocked That The Living Church of God Ignores Him

Prophet Thiel writes about how the Living Church of God ignored his articles and papers he sent them.  They refused to join his version of the "final work."  He still apparently finds it shocking that he is ignored.

While I did submit a detailed paper to my former church related to this on December 14, 2012 (which they failed to directly respond to, despite oral statements to me of support previously) since at that time I had hoped they would wish to be part of the final phase...
False prophet Thiel feels that there will be an "ecumenical" rise in the worldly churches that will persecute the COGers instead of the Catholics being the persecutors.  The false prophet tried to talk Meredith into accepting this vital truth many times. Each time Meredith ignored him.

False prophet Thiel also believes he is the ONLY COG out there that is BOLDLY taking a stand and preaching out against sin in the nation, something the wimps in the rest of the COGs do not do or are afraid to do.

A bolder, yet truthful, willingness to “name names” and call out what is happening will need to happen than the official COG groups formed between 1986 and 2011 have done–and this would seem to have to be led by the Continuing Church of God. (I have emails from one or more LCG evangelists where they objected to doing parts of this themselves, as well as notes from a meeting where they told me, and one was Dr. Meredith, that they were afraid that I was could become too bold and that they did not want to take bold proclamation steps that could trigger the persecution that they teach is biblically prophesied.)

Prophet Thiel: Still Waiting For The GCG/LCG/WCG/UCG/COGWA/EnCOG/ECG to Move Over To The Dark Side

Prophet Thiel's bitterness towards Rod Meredith and the Living Church of God grows stronger each day.  Prophet Thiel writes how he had to tell Meredith that he and the LCG are no longer doing the work.

Perhaps I should mention that Dr. Meredith did send me an unusual email this week, and in my reply, I told him that "without changes, I do not believe that LCG can possibly be the group that God will use to complete the final phase of the work. I have totally committed myself to support the Philadelphian end time work of God, which is why, to a great degree because of steps you did and did not take, the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) had to be formed."

Maybe those in LCG should realize that God may not be giving that group as much favor anymore? LCG no longer truly leads God's work. Hopefully, possibly because of its fast today, some will be better able to reflect on that.
Then the prophet makes a comment that shows he just does not  truly get it.  He thinks that all the people in the hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups will eventually wake up and move over to the dark his side.  Doesn't he realize ludicrous it is to even write this? 


Doesn't the worlds biggest buffoon prophet realized that the hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups will NEVER join together to accomplish any mighty work  There are to many egos and big heads in the picture.  Just look at the ego of prophet Thiel!  He will not share the spotlight with anyone.  He wanted to do it with Rod Meredith and got swiftly rebuked.

We in the Continuing Church of God are boldly going forward with the work. We are leading the final phase of the work. Hopefully, more who were once part of GCG/LCG/WCG/UCG/COGWA/EnCOG/ECG, etc., as well as those who are newer seekers of the truth, will be like the Bereans and search to see that these things are so (Acts 17:10-12).

The Bereans would laugh at the Continuing Church of God!

Dennis Luker: Cancer Has Metastasized To Several Organs

The latest about Luker:
The doctors have run an extensive battery of tests to determine Denny’s health situation and we are now able to let you know what we are facing. Unfortunately, all indications are that he has a very aggressive form of cancer. The exact location, type and origin are not yet fully determined, but it has metastasized to several organs. Treatment options are still being explored.

Dave Pack Asks: Do You Hear The Pounding Hooves Just Over the Horizon?

Get ready to be amazed!  Be astounded at the magnificence of the knowledge brought forth.  Only the worlds most super-duper Church of God is capable do doing this.  Only a Church of God who has the worlds best web site and produces the most mind-boggling books ever can do this. Only a Church of God who has poached the best ministers the Church had to offer is able to do this.  Only the Restored Church of God can produce such stunning material!  Those pussy guys in LCG and PCG cant even compare to God's most  holy anointed end time apostle and his larger than life wanna-be significant Church.

Of course this takes the "worlds most foremost authority on biblical agriculture" to pull this off.  It seems Dale Schurter is in from the corn field!  Welcome back Dale!  Has Dave depleted your retirement fund and savings on his new building so you now have to resort to writing books again?  Beware Dale, Dave will take any money you raise from this book for himself.

A completed new book, Mounting Worldwide Crisis in Agriculture, by Dale L. Schurter, trumpets a truly dire warning of the severe damage that man has inflicted on Earth’s soil—the ultimate source of all food.

Sadly, everything in Armstrongism is a "dire warning."   Of course many will now want this book because Dale Schurter wrote it.  To some this man can do no wrong.  He has a reputation from Big Sandy as being a guru on agriculture.  People stood in awe of him as he walked by.  His books were second behind HWA's.

Its been several decades that the COG droned on about fertilizers and pesticides.  It's time to amp up the gears for major fear factor.  That is all Armstrongism cares about.  Scaring the shit out of people while doing NOTHING to alleviate that fear.

This absolutely fascinating and thoroughly researched and documented volume introduces and carefully explains the devastating cumulative worldwide effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. It exposes the truth behind Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), monoculture farming and other manmade techniques used, as well as revealing the sobering implications now confronting all nations. But the book also brings to light the wonderful good news of how our planet’s ecosystem can and will be renewed by God—not men.

 The the restored Church of God's PR Department kicks into full gear letting the other COG's know that they now have the "world's foremost authority of biblical agriculture" in it's employ.  Only a COG member can come up with this kind of hidden  knowledge in order to make the world tremble.  though all Schurter has done is repackage old news into a new book for Dave.

Mr. Schurter, the world’s foremost authority on biblical agriculture, has traveled to dozens of nations teaching sustainable husbandry based on God’s laws. As an ordained minister of The Restored Church of God, he directs the Agriculture Education and Research Institute (AERI), a program of the Church’s educational arm, Ambassador Center. He also served as Director of Agricultural Education, Research and Production at Ambassador College in Big Sandy, Texas, a liberal arts college founded by Worldwide Church of God Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong.

Fear, fear, fear! Famine and pestilence are galloping across the United States this very moment!  Do you hear the pounding hooves just over the horizon?  Fear, fear, fear!

Filled with many, many shocking facts, Mounting Worldwide Crisis in Agriculture conclusively PROVES that the Revelation 6 Black Horse of famine and Pale Horse of pestilence are BOTH galloping full-speed toward civilization. In fact, the book’s power will make you hear their pounding “hooves” just over the horizon.

I guess this is a good opportunity for Dave to focus his mind on something else bedsides his two sons deserting him and his "ministry."

Friday, March 1, 2013

Which Came First : Creation 6,000 Years Ago or Civilization 8,000 Years Earlier?

The Church of God has always insisted that humans started on the earth 4,000 years before Jesus with the Biblical creation story. Yet, here is a story that can cast doubt on that date. Göbekli Tepe a structure covering a broad area in Southeastern Turkey

This is a story about the structure  that is 8,000 years earlier that the creation story.  Armstrongists will immediately start clicking their tongues when they hear that this structure is dated by radio carbon dating.  GTA and the WCG went to great lengths to debunk radio carbon dating, without success, I might add.

50 Million Demons Are Flying Space Ships Around The Earth Right Now

More fun from my favorite Church of God moron, Neville Stevens.  One year ago this March Stevens hung up his prophetic shield to prepare his sword for the end times.  One year later not a thing has happened.  His blog is still up promoting his filth.

One fun fact about all the demonic spaceships flying around the earth right now was too good to pass up. This is a great example of an Armstrongite mind going off the deep end.  Kind of like what we see prophet Thiel doing right now

Satan and all his demons live on earth.  They travel around in their own space ships, which we call UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects).  By this means they have the power to fly through the air, hence the title of ‘rulers of the kingdom of the air’ (Eph 2:2).  It’s only in the last century that human beings have been able to fly in the air, and the aircraft of human beings are inferior in every way to that of the rulers of the heavenly realm.  Our technology is primitive in comparison.  We speak today of ‘stealth aircraft’ which are undetectable to radar.  The demons have craft which can be invisible to the human eye – and they can switch this capability on and off at will.  This is real stealth capability.  Nothing that humans have ever devised can match these UFO’s for speed either.  Also, their ability to hover noiselessly is way beyond the capability of human technology.  And neither is there any human device that can match them for acceleration.  These craft can accelerate out of sight in the blink of an eye.  The bodily stresses of such acceleration would kill a human being.  The creatures that fly these are decidedly not human beings, even though they’ve lived among us for six thousand years.  In fact, they were already exiled here before human beings were created!  Furthermore, they actually rule over this planet and its inhabitants.  In fact, all the human inhabitants of this earth belong to the devil and his demons – with the only exception being the Saints who belong to God. 

The spirit world has a vast arsenal of airborne craft, and in the final days before the end, they intend to make use of them – which is actually predicted in the Book of Revelation.  They intend to attack the huge dwelling-place where God lives – which is itself a huge space ship capable of housing millions of angels.  It also has a Temple and Altar where the Lord Christ serves and worships the Father (Heb 8:1-2).

The angels of God commute in spacecraft and so do demons.  Demons commute in these ‘UFO’s’ which so many people have seen, and likewise, so do the mighty angels of God.  It was one of God’s spacecrafts that guided the shepherds to the birthplace of Jesus at the time of His birth.  This is what the shepherds followed, and it stopped over the manger where Jesus and Mary were.  Sure they described it as a star; after all, how else would they describe it in those days?  Try following a real star to arrive at a certain destination.  All that would happen is you would travel due west, but you would never know when you reached your destination.  So what the shepherds actually saw was a bright shining light which was a flying vehicle and manned by an angel of God.

There are 50 million demons living on earth, and every one of them is a master of deception.


Apostle Malm: Jesus Made Good Pita Bread. That's Why He Had Followers

The apostle Malm is weighing in on the book of John right now adding his interpretation to scripture.  The apostle is also ticked right now that UCG is considering not requiring members to eat unleavened bread every single day of the DUB (as if any of them ever did anyway.)

Jesus feeds five thousand with five pita rounds and two fishes [probably Galilee fish which were very small somewhat like herring].
John 6:8 One of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, saith unto him, 6:9 There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many? 6:10 And Jesus said, Make the men sit down. Now there was much grass in the place. So the men sat down, in number about five thousand.
6:11 And Jesus took the loaves; and when he had given thanks, he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to them that were set down; and likewise of the fishes as much as they would. 6:12 When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.
6:13 Therefore they gathered them together, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, which remained over and above unto them that had eaten.
 The apostle Malm interprets the above this way:

The people desired him to be their king because they desired the gift of physical food from him.  Their eyes and minds were on the physical advantages and not on the doctrine that he taught.

Yet this physical demonstration was an allegory of how he would be the bread of Life to come and feed all nations with the unleavened bread of his doctrine; of the purity and total freedom from sin, of his very nature, and the nature of the Father and their teachings and commandments.

The eating of unleavened bread every day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread [ulb] pictures the elect internalizing the fullness of the purity from all sin, that is God the Father and Jesus Christ.  To question the eating of ulb every day of that Feast, is rebellion against the command of Christ to eat ulb for seven full days; for  such a question to be an issue with church leaders of decades service, is proof of  a complete lack of zeal for the word of God and the commandments of scripture.

The mind of an Armstrongite is a terrible thing to waste.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Apostle Says Dying Hair OK As Long As You Are Not After A Man

I am so glad we have prophets and apostles who have a direct channel to God so they can tell us what we can do and what we cannot do.  It make life so much easier.  It removes any responsibility from our shoulders.

A Malmite acolyte asks:

Is it a form of lying to colour grey hair? Thanks.

The apostle answers:

That depends on the intent. If the intent is to deceive, then it is a falsehood; however if the intent is to be presentable and you are honest and admit to dying when asked, there is no problem. An example would be a woman prematurely grey who looks incongruous beside a younger looking husband.

Since dying hair is a very common practice today, and most people would not care or be concerned about hair dye, dying hair deceives no one anyway.

I have no problem with it. If you dye your hair and lie about age to land a job or a man; that is lying and wrong. James

Dennis Luker Hospitalized

From Denny and LeeAnn Luker:

We are grateful for all the words of encouragement we’ve received since Denny announced his decision not to seek a second term as Church president.

Since then, you may have heard that Denny’s health has been a matter of concern. To bring you up to date, he is currently in the hospital having tests run to see why he has not been feeling well. When we have more information to bring, we will be sure to let you know. Sorry, but we are unable to have visitors, answer phone calls and e-mails just yet.

While we desire to spend many more years together as husband and wife, ultimately our health and future is in God’s hands. If that includes healing, we would be grateful. However, our spiritual health and relationship with our Father and Jesus Christ is of most importance. May we all stay close to God as we work through our physical trials and health concerns. We appreciate your prayers.

Dennis Says: "Forget All the COG Drama...How Are YOU Doing?"

Forget All the COG Drama...
How Are YOU Doing?

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorIf it is one thing I recognize in myself it is the rather profound effect being both member an minister in the WCG has had on me.  I discovered WCG at 14, believing it to be a better alternative, more Biblically accurate and honest about the contents of the Bible than the Presbyterian box I was born into.  In hind sight, I was a weird kid.  Always wanting to know "why" and always intrigued with the Bible.  I still am and give up on that ever changing. 

It is now 14 years after being out of the WCG loop.  I have written about it, spoken about it, debated about it and had regrets about the whole experience.  I also recognize the good things that came from up as in family and some few remaining friends.  Very few however. 

This experience has pushed me relentless to know what it was I was not taught.  Where did the Bible really come from?  Who really wrote it and why?  Why does it contradict itself and why do people say it does not.  Which parts are myth and which parts historical?  Is it for us or was it for them?   All incredibly fascinating topics to me and I feel that , at least for me, I have done my homework and am currently satisfied with my present truth.  I am not so bold as to think I know how it all is, but the journey is more inspiring than finding anything which I suppose would only launce me on another journey. 

I have lost relationships, found them and lost them again.  I'm not an easy person to live around I suppose at times.  I have done the depressed thing, the anxious thing, the confused thing and the angry thing.  I think there must be more things to be and do but they don't come to mind at the moment. 

I know I don't share these emotional views alone.  Those of you here on this site know in down to your toes how this experience has affected you and I imagine it is not all that different from how it has affected me. 

But when it is all said and done.  When all the sarcasm and anger, when all the rancor and scoffing is are YOU doing?   I have three former minister friends who ended their lives over  the confusion in WCG and "the changes."  I have minister friends who sank into alcoholism trying to blot out the pain of their good youthful intentions gone so bad.  I know people who would like the simple pleasure without the penalty of handing some people their teeth in a bag.  I probably have a few that would like to do the same to me.  Reckless change and human stupidity as seen, in my view, among the WCG "leadership" is painful and hard to forget when it impacts on you long after it occurs. 

At my mom's memorial service last week in Rochester, NY, I couldn't sing the hymns chosen and my sisters noticed it big time.  On the other hand, I sobbed quietly when they sang "How Great Thou Art" because that is a favorite and one that I had always hoped was so.  "When Christ shall shouts of acclamation...I scarce can take it in..."  did me in.  I am not oblivious to the duality of hope and knowledge or myth and reality.  My mind knows I am a hairless ape of the genus homo and my heart wants to be a spirit trapped in a limited five sensed, carbon based wet suit...for now. 

But back to the question.  How are YOU doing?

Are you stuck?  I was/am stuck depending on the topic.  Stuck is ok if it is stuck and not a permanent position to be in.  Stuck in bitter or stuck in angry is not going to serve you or me very well.  It will shorten your life and cloud your progress.  This is why I refer to my own life as just a story that could have gone so many different ways.  It just happened to go the WCG way.  Had I not missed that flight from LA to Salt Lake to Boise on June 6th, 1971, it would have been a different story.  

Some symptoms of stuckness is our repeating the same lines and comments over and over.  I do it and so do most of you.  It is because we think we have not been heard or understood, so we say it again.  But we have been heard and it is understood so being stuck in it is not helpful to your own growth and life.  Admitting you might be stuck is the key to getting unstuck.

I'll stay to be helpful to those progressing in their journey, but I can't stay to just be stuck.

How's your anger level?  I have a boat load of anger but in time you come to see that the people you are angry with are probably out to dinner not thinking one bit about you.  I have little use for certain WCG administrators and fake theologians and they know it, but it will not change them and only hurts me, as far as I can tell.  The Reconciliation Dept at WCG told me they wished me well and would pray for me.  Gee thanks guys.  Best example of "be warmed and be filled" I have ever heard.  However, I can not change them.  I can only change me.  Anger serves a purpose, but not for very long and I find it is simply my pain body, believe in the concept or not, wanting to feed and make me miserable for a time until it is happy again. 

Have you learned to think for yourself?  Hope so.  Churches like Dave Pack's Restored Church of God, or Flurry's Philadelphia Church of God or Weinland's Pre-Packaged Church of God can thrive in an environment of people who don't think for themselves.  They exist because people don't and won't think for themselves.  They thrive because their followers truly are followers.  Few churches can survive the light of day when it has members who insist on thinking for themselves and coming to their own conclusions about all things theological.  I have said before I personally don't think "all speaking the same thing," is possible in reality, but it is a goal for organizational thinking and one that is needed to hold it all together.

Has this experience left you depressed  (unresolved anger that you feel you have no right to expressed, or the price of expressing is simply too high.)?  That demon has trailed me since some of the first WCG scandals unfolded.  I was and am a rather naive and idealistic soul so those crazy things, like the Receivership of days gone by, left me puzzled and addled.  Meds aren't the answer to depression.  Facing reality  and letting go is.  All suffering is some form of non-acceptance, as is all negativity.  Clinging to what we thing should be or fussing over what we think should not be is simply useless.   "It is what it is," is the truth.  Grow with it.

How about anxiety?  Whoa...I'm the expert here.  Laugh, scorn or mock all you want but having no support in older years from WCG , when they said not to be concerned about it, is my problem and not yours.  But it is real.  However, all I can do is accept reality and do the best I can.  Kodak still helps out my 97 year old dad but the wonderful world of religion has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth for those that lied about such matters.  It is not a surprise to me that the current WCG leadership,  well I guess I mean Grace Community...park their cars behind locked security gates at their office.  I imagine they sometimes look around as well before going to their cars.  You can't abuse and offend the spiritual life and hopes of tens of thousands and not expect a few to not wish you well.

I probably have had GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) all my life or at least it bloomed early in my WCG ministry.  How nuts it was to hope for relief by picking one of the most stress filled religious orga on the face of the earth!  lol.  (Head Slap!)

The cure, for me, and I would expect for those that still have this emotion as left over baggage from WCG is to simply learn the skill of letting go and accepting things as they are.  I don't know if there is meaning in all these experiences, but there is education.  It is Earth School at its finest. 

Some of Tolle that helps me.  He simply brings Buddhism to the Western mind. 

Some other more in the realm of science done well that helps.

These give me perspective and somehow it helps to realize...that is make real, the fact that we are all a part of the one grand thing.  It works for me.  Perhaps not you.

Some say we choose our story before we arrive or are living this life to have experiences.  If so, I must have been drunk when I wrote the script before showing up!  lol.  But , it is what it is. 

So how are you doing?  For everyone that actually comments or writes on this site, I think a thousand merely observe.  That's fine.  I want to ask you how you are doing through all this?  Are you growing through?  Do you think more for yourself?  Are you rightfully less trusting of the one man show who wants you to follow and believe as they or he believes.  Can you think critically about the sermons you are presented with or the interpretations your minister puts on the Bible...which some would call spin?  Are you brave enough to question?  Can you look your pastor in the eye and say, "that's your opinion and we'll see."?    Can you see your church may actually live in a very small and unreal world that is not helping you as much as you think? 

It's a simple question.  With all that has transpired.  With all that has happened and all the drama.  With all the disappointment.  With all the emotions.   With all the various splinters and slivers that have arisen to claim ownership of the truth.  For all the pain this process has caused. With all you/we/us have been forced to face and admit...  How are you doing?

UCG Admits It Still Cannot Impress The World

Poor UCG.  Try as they might, they still cannot seem to make much of an impact in the world.  Even though they are now a streaming presence on Roku they still are an unknown church.  It seems that the Roku viewers tune out after the first 6 minutes or so.

From the Council of Elders report
The dedicated Roku Beyond Today (BT) channel went live on Jan. 29, and we’ve had 25,000 video views with an average of 6.19 minutes each. About 4,600 people have the Beyond Today channel installed on their Roku boxes. We’re finding that people are willing watch video on an internet connected television longer than they do on their computer or Internet browser.

More from the UCG Council of Elders report:

Mr. Eddington stated that the Church works every day preaching the gospel. He said that, as a job for us, outside of God and family, it is the most important thing we do. We have a disciplined staff and a systematic plan to deliver a stable and consistent effort to preach the gospel. There is no single defining action to get to the world but hard work and varied approaches, like radio, TV, and Internet.

The process can be likened to a giant concrete flywheel that is ever so hard to get turning, and yet with years of pushing it slowly gathers momentum—until eventually it turns powerfully, hard to even stop, with just a push every revolution. One day, by consistent work in preaching the gospel, we would hope to find ourselves catapulted onto the world stage—suddenly in the public eye as the Church of God makes a mark on religion.

UCG Finances Still Taking A Hit

FYI to any splinter groups that needs some HQ property.  UCG still is trying to sell the land boondoggle in Texas

Finances—Aaron Dean
As treasurer, Mr. Dean reported that the current income fiscal year to date   totals $11.5 million and expenses are at $11.9 million. Expenses have not come down as quickly as expected, as people are renewing their Good News subscriptions   at a higher rate than we anticipated—mostly in areas outside the U.S. However,   our financial situation is a lot better than what it was a few months ago.

We expect that gap to continue to narrow so that our expenses come in line.   We are putting together a balanced budget for our forthcoming meetings.

There has been no development on the sale of the Texas property. Financial reports at the GCE will have a slightly different layout, to be more easily   understood and will include projected cash flows.

Mr. Dean expressed his thanks to our employees for the financial hit they   had to bear to help balance the books, and thanked the members for the special offering, which is now in excess of $730,000.

The Laodicean Church of God

Here's a splinter group that I missed out on joining.  It is called the Laodicean Church of God.  It was started in 2001 by Jim and Peta McGinn

In 1999 they discovered "new" knowledge and attempted to educated the folks at United Church of God about it.  UCG did not listen, so in another tempter tantrum they set out to start their own group.  That is how easy it is in Armstrongism to start a splinter cult.  Gain some "knowledge," present it to your church leaders, get slapped for being so arrogant and then leave and start your own group.  That is a time tested way that the 600 some splinter cults of Armstrongism formed since Big Daddy did it to the COG7 in the 1940's.

It always seems to be about new understanding or knowledge that they discover.  God deliberately kept that knowledge hidden till they discovered it.  What a weak god they follow if that is how they think it operates.

They seem to be part of the "one god" crowd and say Jesus Christ is a created creature, but most important of all you must agree and acknowledge that Hebert Armstrong was a faithful servant of God.  Since when has ones salvation been dependent on acknowledging HWA?

To be a member of God’s flock you would have to agree that Mr. Armstrong was a faithful servant of God. 

The new knowledge of the Father is that He is the one true God and that He alone has existed for eternity.  There is ONE TRUE GOD.

The new knowledge of Christ is that He is the born Son of God before creation.
Christ has not existed forever He was born of the Father before anything else was created.

If the above new truths can be accepted then you are one of God’s flock.

Did you know that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers and that Lucifer is actually Jesus' son? 

Jesus Christ is a Morning star.

Rev 22:16  "I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star."

Lucifer is a Morning Star also. The correct translation for Lucifer is Morning Star. Morning Star, son of the Morning [Jesus Christ.] Lucifer is the son of Jesus Christ.
 About Jim and Peta McGinn
We began attending Worldwide Church of God in 1978.  In 1979 we were baptised and continued in Worldwide until 1995 when we joined United Church of God.

 We had always been interested in bible study and bible discussions amongst the members.

In 1999 my wife and I had been shown, by a member, plain scriptures that proved Jesus Christ was the born Son of God from the beginning, {prior to creation}.  Our friend had also showed us that God the Father and God the Word were on Mt. Horeb when the Father gave the Ten Commandments.

The implications of this knowledge were not immediately apparent.  After an in depth study into the Passover and the nature of God, I realised I was learning new knowledge, which had been hidden since the time of the Apostles.  As John 17 v 3 became clear, I realised God was revealing the knowledge of the truth, which is the true gospel of the Kingdom, the words of eternal life.  My wife joined in the study and we have believed, loved and obeyed this new truth as we have learned it.

This plain knowledge has been resisted fiercely by forums, and churches and individuals.

Toward the end of the year 2000, we had good understanding of what we now know was the knowledge of the truth.  The exodus from the Passover to the entering of the Promised Land was a direct type of our calling from carnality to eternal life.

The Philadelphian era, with Mr. Armstrong as the physical leader was not given this knowledge.  They had to hold fast to what they had, and were to be kept from the end time events.

We sent this new knowledge to the council of elders of the United Church of God, and the ministers in Australia, on the 1st January, 2001.  It was our desire that the United church would believe the bible and adjust their doctrines accordingly, and teach this plain new knowledge to the membership.  They rejected it out of hand, and after we had a discussion with our minister, and elders, we were asked not to attend church in April 2001. 

The Laodicean era of God's church began on the 1st January, 2001, when my wife and I acted positively to the new knowledge and with a correct heart and attitude we forwarded the precious treasures of new knowledge to the elders of the United Church of God. 

We had the understanding of the revealed knowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God from the beginning {before creation}.  This era has started as a mustard seed and will eventually fill the whole earth.  Jesus Christ, at the time of writing, is building His church with the end time knowledge.  Jesus Christ will decide when to add membership to His church.

My beloved husband Jim died on 27th March, 2011, this being 12 years after we first began to understand the knowledge of eternal life.  I will continue on with the work that the Holy One of Israel puts before me.  Our son Jesse McGinn is now studying with me and together we will continue this great work of God and His Son Jesus Christ. 

So many of the Armstrongite groups would make good Gnostic's. The Gnostics were all about possessing secret knowledge that the unenlightened could not understand.  There is so much newly revealed hidden knowledge out there that there certainly cannot be much left to find out.  600 some groups all with some secret revealed "new knowledge" that makes them more special than the other.

The watchman is the person God will use to restore the knowledge to the church and to warn the nation of Israel.   The end time church will also see Elijah, the two witnesses and the resurrection of King David, and the saints, the return of the Father and Jesus Christ. 

The membership of the Laodicean church will come out of the Philadelphian church.  The Laodicean era has far and away the best reward, but it will be far and away the hardest era to be in.  Some members will be deceived by the beast into instigating the abomination of desolation.  Self righteousness or lukewarmness will be a characteristic of this church.  As in all the church eras, there will be overcomers.

Each era of Gods church has had different knowledge and different rewards.  The Philadelphian era had to hold fast to what they learned.  Their reward is to be pillars in God's kingdom.  The genuine Philadelphians were to be kept from end time events.

With each era, old teaching from the previous era is loosed in heaven, and new knowledge is revealed and bound in heaven.  Scriptures that were right for one era have a different understanding for the next era.  We believed that “beginning” meant eternity when applied to the nature of Christ.  That teaching was correct for that time, but it is not correct now.

Since Jesus Christ has started building His church in 2001, the world has changed dramatically.  The English speaking nations are under constant threat of terrorist attack, and are gradually being alienated from the rest of the world.  Arab hatred is increasing, as God the Father stirs up the nations to punish Ephraim and Manasseh for their sins.  Homosexuality is rife in the English speaking countries.

What an exciting and dangerous time lies yet ahead for us in this last end time era of God's church.

UCG: Dennis Luker Announces He Will Not Accept A Second Presidential Term

February 27, 2013

Dear Fellow Ministers and All Brethren,

I am writing this personal letter to you to make you aware of an important decision that I have made in my life. My three-year term as president is nearing its end and the question has now become whether or not I should continue as president of the United Church of God, an International Association—if the Council of Elders so accepts.

The decision that I have come to, with advice and counsel from my wife and others is that I should not seek nor accept a second presidential term. Here is why. While it is not well-known outside of my family and some people here in Cincinnati, my health has taken a serious downturn in the last few months because of complications from an enlarged prostate gland. This is common among older men and for years I have privately struggled with this, doing my best   to maintain my health with proper nutrition, exercise and medical advice.

Most important of all, I have been anointed and put my faith and trust in God for healing. My healing and my life are in God’s Hands and I want His Will, not mine.

Serving as the president is a 24/7 job. At this time I do not have the energy or strength to fulfill the responsibilities of president of UCGIA for another three-year term—which would begin on July 1 of this year. I have discussed all this with the Council of Elders and they have accepted my decision to decline from seeking a second term as president. The Council was very gracious in accepting my decision and expressed much support, gratitude and encouragement.

When I was named president by the Council nearly three years ago, our Church was facing severe challenges. I am profoundly grateful that the living Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, has led us through the past crisis and has now blessed us with growing strength, stability and unity. The Council is already preparing to place into motion our systematic and thorough process of selecting another president. You will be hearing about this shortly from Robin Webber, chairman of the Council of Elders.

What are my plans from here? God willing, I do plan to complete my term, which ends on June 30. Afterwards, LeeAnn and I will return to our home in Seattle, Washington, and spend more time with our family. Our son lives in Portland, Oregon. Our daughter is in the Seattle area where we also have five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. So, we will be returning “home” to our family whom we have greatly missed.

If I am unable to complete my term, per the Church’s bylaws the chairman of the Council will serve as interim president until a new president is selected.

I will not be returning to pastor a church (I will be 76 years old), but I will continue to serve as an elder in every way possible. LeeAnn and I have served together in the ministry for 50 years this coming June. We will continue to serve God’s people to the best of our ability as long as God gives us health and strength.

I will close this personal letter with a heart-felt thank you for your incredible faith and dedication to God and His Church. Your love, prayers and support are very encouraging to all of us here at the home office in Cincinnati. LeeAnn and I send our love and gratitude to you all!

Sincerely, in Christ’s service,     

Dennis Luker