Saturday, April 27, 2024

Restored Worldwide Church of God Splinters As Brothers Quibble And Start Separate "Ministry" Sites

When I was young in the church, the vision presented to us as members was that it was a strong unified church marching forward into the Kingdom. It was so beloved by God that nothing could ever tear it asunder. 

Then, the Great Apostasy happened in the 1990's and hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups split off in acts of rebellion.

One family, the Kitchens, has always stood in the breach, ready to take on the new mantle for the church. Sadly, that new shared mantle lasted only a short time. Strife and division reared their ugly heads and two brothers went in two different directions. 

From Facebook:

Perhaps what some was expected to do, was PRESERVE the Worldwide Church of God. But as we near 2003, we see that the ministry no longer desired to be the Worldwide Church of God. They found it easier to go and be someone else.
So they switched from being the Church or Congregation EXITING EGYPT, to the Church in the wilderness, and they became shepherds in the wilderness.
Those who SUPPORT their false narrative, will join with them in the wilderness and fall away into death.
Those who SUPPORT the message of the TWO WITNESSES, will go back to ORGANIZE with Moses, back into that place where they spied out the land of Canaan(Petra), and will cross over into the Promise Land or the Kingdom of God!
It is those who HOLD FAST to the truth(Rev. 3:11), that will endure the period of time of wandering in this spiritual wilderness!
And those HOLDING FAST will support and go with the TWO WITNESSES into the land of Promise!(Rev. 3:10; Rev. 12:14)
Now I would like to speak on something PERSONAL to me.
I am not saying this to indicate I am one of the two witnesses, nor that my brother is one of the two witnesses.
In 2022, I felt inspired to go on a trip to Jerusalem.
I asked God to provide the money I needed, and God did. I was traveling to Arizona to clean windows for some clients, and I asked God to ADD more clients that would covered the cost of a trip to Jerusalem. Within 15 minutes of that prayer, I had people calling me and I ended up with enough money for a plane ticket to Jerusalem.
Now, I had to schedule them FIRST before the rest of my customers, because the rest of the week had been scheduled. After I cleaned their windows, and was paid, I purchased a plan ticket to Tel-Aviv.
Then immediately after, ALL OTHER CUSTOMERS cancelled on me for various of reasons. Over $2,000 worth of revenue GONE.
I had to return back to Missouri, in emergency, because I had no more money to STAY and no reason to stay any longer. God had made A POINT. He wanted me to go to Jerusalem.
So I returned home(over 21 hours away) with nothing but a plane ticket to Tel-Aviv.
Now that was an answered prayer. And God seemed to HIGHLIGHT IT with the fact He caused everyone else to cancel.
A month or two later, my brother Timothy wanted to go with me, so he made a trip out to Arizona, and with the money he raised from my client's he purchased a ticket to Tel-Aviv.
Two elderly women from Canada, friend's of ours, and fellow sisters in Christ, wanted to come with us.
We all felt like time was short. Why did God open the doors for us to go to Jerusalem? It was NEVER a thought or option before this. SO we began to contemplate whether we should leave our homelands with the attitude of returning, or with the attitude of FORSAKING ALL and not looking back as Lot's wife did.
We chose to do the latter, and we desired to please God. So we left, with the foresight of perhaps NEVER RETURNING. We believed if we had to return, God would show us, but we didn't want to make the mistake of looking back as Lot's wife when they left Sodom and Gomorrah, and as the children of Israel desired to return to Egypt. We knew that was a wrong attitude to have.
So we all arrived in Tel-Aviv in September.
Now, prior to this, I left Tim to talk with our good friends in Canada, to determine housing arrangements in Jerusalem. We found out that our arrangements was a SCAM, and when we arrived in Jerusalem, we had to seek other arrangements elsewhere.
Now I have to point out that when my father died, Tim and I were TWO ADMINISTRATORS over this work. Tim was over the website "" and I was over the social media and publishing.
My job was to HIGHLIGHT and RAISE AWARENESS of what Christ taught through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God. So I created publications, and articles, and videos and more, on social media, to point people to the Archives, so they could know what Christ had faithfully taught His Church! Tim's job was to have the archives ready, and assist with further directing people to where Mr. Armstrong taught these things.
Since our housing was not available in Jerusalem, through means uncontrollable to us, we ended up in Wadi Mussa, Jordan. This was where God placed HIS NAME for us to keep the Fall Feasts of the Lord.
Now there arose a question of WHO WAS TO BE IN CHARGE, of our group of 4. I was intent on showing we were TWO ADMINISTRATORS, with different departments where we should be COOPERATING with each other.
But as Mr. Armstrong said time and time again, The Bible says Two cannot walk together unless they be agreed, and two cannot walk together, Mr. Armstrong noted, unless one is the BOSS.
So we had this disagreement.
Now, I hope we both can agree, that we personally desire to please God. We all made mistakes, and erred. So i hold blame on myself for what happened, and I have repented.
So we left Jordan, divided. One Administrator going one way, and the other another way.
I know I desired to please God. I know Tim desired to please God. But we had to learn a lesson about ourselves, and about our enemy Satan the Devil.
And I hope we can be faithful in our witness of those events and PUT FAR FROM US any false testimony and false report.
We incidentally, stayed right where the children of Israel camped, when they spied out the land of Canaan.
We stayed there for around 40 days.
Now when we ARRIVED in Jerusalem, I announced that the Worldwide Church of God was alive, and was meeting in Jerusalem to keep the feasts of the Lord!
Later, we found in Jeremiah 6:1, "O ye children of Benjamin, gather yourselves to flee out of the midst of Jerusalem..."
This was not the time Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:15-16, which says "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:"
Jeremiah 6 deals with a WARNING WORK.
So we gathered in Jerusalem, but we had to flee to Petra.
Now, God placed His name there in Petra. We did not PLAN to keep the Feasts of the Lord there in Petra. We had plans to keep them in Jerusalem! But God worked it out where we had to FLEE from Jerusalem, after gathering there.
We began to think on the scriptures concerning God's Church entering into "her place"(Rev. 12:14). Never before had we considered of going to Petra at THIS TIME, where it was clear God wanted to show us where HIS NAME was placed.
And with 4 of us, gathering there, it was made clear that TWO OR MORE gathered in Christ's name, and therefore God was there and placed His name there!
Now, became the test of WHETHER we put God first, as ADMINISTRATORS. I think that was the reason Tim and I were brought there. To test US and our attitudes.
I am not here to speak about our sins or problems, because we are STILL EXAMINING our hearts, whether we are putting God first, and doing what is pleasing in HIS SIGHT, and NAVIGATING where we have been placed and the job we have been given to do.
I often write, thinking out loud, about what God has ME TO DO. And I often think, if I am to do something, what authority do i have and by what authority to i work this work I am in?
I would much rather support someone. I do not desire a chief seat.
But I have been involved with a work of WARNING God's people, for many many years now. I didn't plan or seek this out. I was thrown into it. And the fruits have made themselves evident.
Now my brother and I may not seem to be in agreement. I know he has made comments that HE IS NOT in agreement with me. I do not know exactly with what he is in disagreement. But I know how he was raised, and if he seeks to do God's will, and I seek to do God's will, this disagreement with disappear. We just have to look to Christ to fix any division, Satan has caused.
I love my brother. I know he loves me. And I know we both love God.
I had recently purchased the "wwcg-archives" from a hosting company. Tim seemed to have trouble with that hosting company, and was forced by necessity to start
By my purchase, I do not wish to point people away from the archives. My intent was solely to PRESERVE it from outsiders taking it. I have no attached it to, which is serving the Church in providing regular Bible Studies and Church services, and showing that the Worldwide Church of God is still alive.
I believe TOGETHER as the Worldwide Church of God, we will cross the RED SEA set before us! And so I emphasize ORGANIZATION with Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, looking to Jesus Christ our head. I also emphasize the PREPARATION of the return of the ministry.
When the ministry left the Worldwide Church of God, they became ministers of another church.
What occurred under Tkachism, was the PUSH away from assembling as the Worldwide Church of God.
The start of these C.O.G groups, is essentially a net used to keep people from assembling as the Worldwide Church of God. That name is often TARNISHED as a "previous association", and is used simultaneously with the label of APOSTASY, in order to show the necessity of these new groups and why you should stick with them.
What we see in these C.O.G groups are the membership of the Worldwide Church of God assembling under the ADMINISTRATORS who were appointed under the end time Moses, Herbert W. Armstrong. They are giving a false report against that ASSEMBLY that was under Mr. Armstrong, saying our foes are too great to overcome as that ASSEMBLY. The goal is TOO HARD TO REACH, they say, as that Assembly.
So God has allowed a period of time, where these ADMINISTRATORS who were in the Worldwide Church of God, to go away into the wilderness as shepherds, and those who BELIEVE THE FALSE REPORT are going with them.
What then is left, are TWO WITNESSES, whose testimony PRESERVES that Assembly back in Petra, and after this period of time in the wilderness(we are coming to a close of 40 years now) Christ is calling on us to ASSEMBLE AS WE WERE ASSEMBLED UNDER HERBERT W ARMSTRONG. The children of Israel, after 40 years, had to come right back to the same place they believed the false report, back to the TWO WITNESSES, who led them into the Kingdom of God.
Joshua, became the leader of the Two. Caleb, under him.
Now when you read the scripture in Numbers, where Joshua and the congregation walked over the Jordan, you see the TWO WITNESSES OF GOD, and the finishing journey of the Church walking into the Kingdom.
So I am looking towards the RESTORATION of the ministry to the Worldwide Church of God.
Aaron Dean, numerously enough, told me he would rather be a Caleb instead of a Joshua. Out of all the ministry, he was there with Mr. Armstrong, and is the last of the "ADMINISTRATORS" examined to be the next Pastor General of the Worldwide Church of God.
When he joined United Church of God, he left his ministry with the Worldwide Church of God. He is traveling with the ADMINISTRATORS who are leading in the wilderness. Perhaps His witness and Testimony is needed, to show how God led through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. He may be the one through whom God restores THE MINISTRY to the Worldwide Church of God.
I know I am not ordained. But I do speak with authority, knowing what God says in HIS WORD, and through His apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.
Although I am of the Tribe of Levi, the ministry of Jesus Christ is not based on GENEALOGY. It is based on ORDINATION.
Mr. Dean, has followed the Church of God into the wilderness. He has learned to be DEAN OF A COLLEGE. He was ORDAINED by Christ through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.
I believe the Place of FINAL TRAINING, will be likened to AMBASSADOR COLLEGE. A 3 1/2 year long time.
I do not believe that AMBASSADOR COLLEGE was for nothing. I believe that God will restore the ministry of the Worldwide Church of God, and REORGANIZE US SPIRITUALLY.
So I am emphasizing a RIGHT ATTITUDE towards the ministry, as they REPENT and come out of these groups.
I am also WARNING of any UNSOUND doctrine, and any departures from what Christ taught through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.
Christ gave SOUND DOCTRINE through Mr. Armstrong, anyone who departed from that is simply UNSOUND, and leading into insanity.
So last nights bible study, pointed out a great deal of information.
Not only is the Worldwide Church of God the ASSEMBLY that gathered under Mr. Armstrong, but we have been experiencing a period of time of WANDERING IN THE WILDERNESS because of FALSE REPORTS coming from Administrators who knew better.
God is simply proving a point.
Those who wish to LIE, will not enter into His Kingdom. They will FALL AWAY into death.
Our job, is to HOLD FAST, and to ENDURE the walk through this wilderness, until God leads us back to where HIS TWO WITNESSES TESTIMONY is BELIEVED and once again AS A GROUP TOGETHER we will enter the Kingdom of God.