Saturday, February 9, 2013


Poor Gerald Flurry!  He tries sooooooooooooo hard to be like his idol Herbert Armstrong but cannot carry it off.  He has turned his ministry and headquarters into a house of worship for HWA.  Even Jesus Christ is not as perfect as HWA was.  Jesus Christ was such an impotent man that he couldn't keep his message alive for 1,900 years.  The world finally needed Herb to resurrect the "truth" and save humanity.

Because of Herb, the world now knows they will be made into Gods and rule with rods of iron over fallen humanity.  The world will be trembling at our awesomeness and marvel at our buildings and colleges.  Invading armies will be so amazed by our colleges that they will not destroy the buildings  Our church HQ's will survive into the millennium as examples of God's divine presence upon earth during the age of the filthy pagans and atheists.

Gerald's worship of HWA is legendary.  Then Gerald went and committed a crime that has dogged him ever since.  Because he is/was a big time alcoholic he was arrested for public drunkenness and for trying to bribe a peace officer who was attempting to arrest him.  With a pile of beer cans outside his car door and an open container between his legs old Six Pack tried to slip a twenty to the officer to let him go.

His craziness does not end there.  In the last few years he has told his members that they should be ready to flee to Petra.  People packed bags, sold homes and farms to help Six Pack with his final push.  That final pushed ended up being a mult-million dollar useless concert hall that has almost driven the Philadelphia Church of God in to insolvency.

A recent concert was only able to garner 400 people to fill an 800 seat auditorium.  With a 20-30 thousand dollar performance fee, hotel, food and airfare for the performer, building utility costs, concert staff costs, etc. there is no way Six Pack's concert series is making money.

Six Pack has demanded that members shun family members, relatives and friends if they are not part of the Philadelphia Church of God.  Families have been broken and destroyed because of this.

Yet, Six Pack can’t see through his blinders and continues to run off at the mouth.  That stupid mouth has made him the butt of countless web sites and blogs.

Six Pack Flurry has recently named to the Encyclopedia of American Loons.  What a prestigious honor!!!!!

What brought Lord Six Pack such honor?  It seems Gerald wrote an article for his magazine where he trumpets these claims about American Colleges:

In his magazine Flurry writes an article in each issue detailing how America is falling apart because her youth do not follow his interpretation of God's values. This includes but is not limited to articles on how Universities undermine America's values: “American colleges and universities actually encourage people to indulge in SOME OF THE MOST REPUGNANT IMMORALITY IN THE HISTORY OF MAN! We lead the world to sexual immorality” (Flurry is a fan of random capitalization). Sexual interaction between consenting individuals at universities represent “SOME OF THE MOST IMMORAL ACTS IN HUMAN HISTORY”, right after the invention of science. In short, sex is the cause of the downfall of America.

Apparently, God was also responsible for the Haiti earthquake because the people there weren’t Christian enough – if you think of it, Flurry is actually a couple of notches more insane than Pat Robertson, though less influential. Oh, and Germany is ruled by the Nazis – that is, the old Nazis, since they survived WWII and are still running shop, apparently (visit the website here). He is really scared of Germany.

Flurry, like Pack, Weinland and Thiel all think they have some important message that the world needs to hear.  All any of these people have accomplished is making asses of themselves for the entire church and world to see.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Worlds Most Desperate to be Recognized Prophet Premiers New "Magazine"

Poor prophet Bob! "Continuing WHAT?" is a perfect description of his new personality cult.  So far he has not provided anything worthwhile to COG members or the world.

He premiered his new magazine this evening that is supposedly the flagship publication of the Continuing Church of God. The only problem with it is that every single article in it is a repost from his blog.  You will learn nothing new. 

At least he did not call it the Plain truth,  The Good News, or Tomorrow's World!

He claims his new magazine is about the Bible, news and prophecy.  All three areas are so blown out of proportion that it is laughable reading his stuff.  It's all legalistic BS.  News viewed through the lens of the legalistic BS, and prophecy interpreted through the proof-texting of the legalistic BS he promotes.

Poor thing!  I kind of wish he would do something right, but so far no luck.

Misery Synod and Biblical Literalism To The Extreme

Those fine folk in the Missouri Synod did not take  kindly to one of their pastors praying along side Jews and Muslims at a prayer service for the Sandy Hook victims.  How dare he pray to God along side a Jew and a Muslim!  Their God is NOT the REAL God of the Missouri Synod!

This is not the first time that the Misery Synod has pulled this stunt.  They censored another Lutheran minister when he took part in a 9-11 Memorial service.  I am sure their Jesus is really impressed!

Pastor apologizes for praying alongside Muslims, Jews at Newtown vigil (via Raw Story )
A pastor in Connecticut has apologized for taking part in a vigil for the victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School because his church does not allow worshiping with other faiths. Rev. Rob Morris of Newtown’s Christ the King Lutheran Church offered a letter of apology after he was reprimanded…

Kevin Owen Dean Still A Fugitive For Aggravated Child Molestation

Kevin Owen Dean, 61 and owner of Imperial Medical in Cartersville, is wanted for "running out of the courtroom" during his trial on aggravated child molestation and 12 other charges, authorities say.

Kevin Owen Dean, once considered one of the elite in HWA's inner circle, is still on the run from charges of child molestation.  I find it kind of strange that he has not been captured.  I am sure there is always the chance he is overseas somewhere, but so far his trail has disappeared.

I also wonder how many COG members are covering for him?

Suspect: Kevin Owen Dean, 61

Cartersville Dispatch

  • Description: Caucasian man; 5-feet-11-inches tall and 175 pounds; brown hair and hazel eyes.
  • Last Known: Kennesaw, but Dean owns Imperial Medical, a business in Cartersville.
  • Accusations: Dean is wanted to stand trial on aggravated child molestation and 12 additional charges. Authorities say he avoided the first trial by "running from the courtroom," an offense for which the judge issued a bench warrant. Dean is out of jail on a $75,000 bond. 
Anyone with information on Dean's whereabouts should call  BCSO's dispatch, non-emergency line at 770-382-5050, option 7.
Cartersville-Bartow County Crime Stoppers accepts anonymous information on its tip line at 770-606-TIPS (8477). It gives cash rewards for tips the lead to an arrest in some cases.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dennis on "There's A Seeker Born Every Minute"

There's a Seeker Born Every Minute

"All I wanted, in the world, was to be a catholic priest. 
Live in a monastery, pray, serve God."
Joe Peshi-JFK

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorThose words, spoken as a line in a movie, left me sitting in the theatre with tears welling up in my eyes. Whoa..."where is this coming from?" I asked myself.  While I was not interested in being a Catholic Priest or living in a monastery, I knew what he meant so thus the tears.  I sat there thinking , "Yeah, that's all I wanted when I came into the Worldwide Church of God."  I as a weird kid and theology and all things God had a hold on me way back.  I used to listen to The Back to the Bible Hour on my transistor radio lying in bed at night.  I remember getting a little offended in college when some WCG Evangelist cracked that it was called that because they had their backs to the Bible.  I have since learned that even the Bible has its back to itself at times...

I was 14 when I heard my first Sabbath sermon in Boise, Idaho and it was on astronomy.  Whoa..a church that knew about astronomy.  My Presbyterian one didn't so much.  I was hooked and I devoured everything WCG had from age 14 to 18 and then went to College.  The rest is history as they say...

I was and always will be a "seeker."  

Sometimes I get asked why I stayed so long in WCG.  First of all transitions are messy in my experience.  Secondly...I thought that was where I was supposed to be.  After all, I had prayed my heart out to end up where I could best be what I wanted to be, a pastor, and nothing stopped me from going to WCG/AC.  I snuck my college application out under my parka so my parents wouldn't catch me applying.  I had to be there and, while I wish someone had talked me out of it, I was not going to be talked out of it.    One other pressure, at least subconsciously was from something my dad said when I called him to tell him I was going into the ministry and being sent to Minneapolis after graduation.  He got kinda quiet on the phone and I asked him if he was alright?  He said, I'll send you a letter.  In that letter he told me he had forgotten all about a prayer he made before I was born and it hit him when I called.  He said he prayed that if I was to be a son  (I was on the way) , and healthy, "You can have him God."   You see my older brother and first born son to my dad was and is blind, deaf and cannot speak.  He has been institutionalized all his life. So dad made a Diehl, I mean a deal with God and when I called it kinda got to him.  Then it kinda got to me and staying in WCG even when painful and chaotic still seemed a God thing until it didn't.  I'm not sure if I let any Deity down, but I didn't want to let my dad down. 

But I, as most I knew in both the ministry and among the membership were seekers and it seemed more correct and Biblical and that was what we were seeking.  I have found that the most sincere become your worst enemy when they feel betrayed or hurt.  It is the most sincere, who feel betrayed and hurt,  who probably rail the most on this blog.  If I had to choose, I'd still choose a church more like the old WCG, more Jewish in background than gentile but I would not allow the writings of Paul to get in.  Paul took the early Jewish Christian Church , turned it inside out , including it's own scriptures, and made Abraham the father of uncircumcision if you can imagine that.  Nice trick but it evidently didn't fool the Peter, James and John characters in the NT.  I don't think it fooled the Ephesian Church  either in Revelation, but I spare you.  

I miss church but I don't miss sermons.  I don't feel all that safe these days but I can't un ring the bells I have rung.  You really can't go home again it seems.  I am still touched by the story of the Prodigal Son but I don't know anyone like the dad in that parable and I really don't even know where home is to go home to. 

But I, like many of you reading this, are seekers.  I want to know how spirituality works and how religion gets in the way.  I want to know the good science of archaeology, paleontology, astronomy and quantum physics.  Very amazing stuff.  I see where some feel the whole ball game is just a hologram and some force or creator seems to have put us in the game to learn.  It's like we actually are the SIMS.  I finally figured out that has to stand for simulations.  I like the implications of "If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to see it, does it make a sound?"  I always thought that was a cute joke of some kind I did not get.  Now I know the answer is literally "NO!  It does not make a sound.  It makes vibrations which if not heard by a brain do not translate into sound."  Excellent!   This means the world outside our heads is totally silent!  Ask me about light  and photons someday.... :)

But again...we're all seekers and it's not nice to sucker a sincere seeker, which of course we have all experienced with the Armstrong/Tkach phenomenon.  While in hind site, I had shit for brains...back then I knew I had found something more true than the box into which I was born.  And then, I got pushed out of that one too.  I had to be pushed because historically I tend to stick around way too long anyway. 

Lots of changes and change and I have never gotten along.  My dear mom of 95 is slipping away and doesn't know me anymore much and my dad is not far behind.  He's 97 and a man few men could ever be like .  I will miss them both as is normal I suspect when that time comes in life to move along.  Buddhism hits it on the head with impermanence and the suffering that clinging and grasping can cause a person.  Letting things be as they are is just good mental health for humans.  Others hit the nail on the head with "all negativity is just some form of non-acceptance." 

But I, as I expect of most of you as well, will always be a seeker.  There is one born every minute!

"All I wanted, in the world, was to be a catholic priest. 
Live in a monastery, pray, serve God."
Joe Peshi-JFK

Joe!  You Seeker punched me!

Thanks for listening...

Prophet Bob Thiel Latest Video Condemning the Abomination of Valentines Day

Doesn't the world’s greatest doubly blessed prophet have the eyes to see how BAAAAAAAAAD his videos are?  The sets, the huge lap top screen, the flailing hands, the glare off his glasses, the pathetic plywood speakers stand......the list could go on and on.  Can you imagine sitting there in his little congregation and staring at the back of a lap top the entire time? Where is the "Ambassador" quality?  Where are the standards that HWA set for him?

E.W. King Predicting the Rise and Fall of the Human Race

God's greatest living prophet, E. W. King, has been claiming over the last few weeks that ALL of his prophetic predictions have been coming true.  Today he writes about the fall of the human race that he has predicted:

The Rise and Fall of the Human Race..........

We are witnessing the most exciting, strange and terrible time ever recorded on this planet as far as human experience is concerned. We have come a long way. We have come from very simple civilizations to the invention of machines, fuel run equipment, electrical mechanics and ultimately to computer technology. Our communication system is now a flash fast connection to all parts of the globe. Our weapons now have the capability to blow up this entire planet.

I predicted in 2011 & 2012:

“Also, I have warned about the increase in earthquakes and the solar flare activity that may be headed our way. And sadly, more terrorist attacks and shootings in the US. We are living in sad times.”

And sadly we have seen this come to pass in 2013 with great power. Even today as I write and put this article together there is an all out search for an ex-Los Angeles police officer who has gone on a shooting rage.

A nut job that goes on a killing spree is not a "proof" that humanity is falling apart.  The good far outweighs the bad.  It always has and will always so in our lifetimes.  The problem with Armstrongism and most fundamentalist groups is that they only see the "bad" in the world around them.  Their mindset is so conditioned to find filth and degradation that they cannot see beauty and harmony in the world around them.

EW goes on to write about the disgusting world he is only capable of seeing:

We have people explaining experiences that could have never been experienced even 50 years ago. People are able to experience space flight. People are able to travel faster than the speed of sound. People are able to view world events from a chair in their living room. While all this is happening we are witnessing our planet go through great changes. The weather patterns have changed, the ice caps are melting, and the earth is shifting and shaking. We can now understand all the changes that original Christianity has gone through as it goes deeper and deeper into apostasy.
We have seen nations rise and fall. We are witnessing the reconstruction of governments as continued revolutions unfold. We are experiencing wars, hunger and strife at global levels. We are witnessing the fact that true moral stability has and is going from bad to worse. We are witnessing this earth become extremely violent. Humans are killing millions of children by abortion and sporadic gun massacres. People are killing themselves. People are using and selling drugs, powerful drugs.
Governments are corrupt. We have nothing of value. Our money is based on the faith of a printed piece of paper and or small piece of worthless metal. Global pollution increases as we continue to pump more and more toxins into the atmosphere. Population grows and grows into a mass of uneducated people who only rely on human technology for survival.
When one walks down the street he watches thousands of people talking or texting on a small gadget. People with hypnotized eyes looking at monitors and televisions. People listening to music that preaches mans corruption and how to participate in it. Trash liters the streets. Cars pump out exhaust into the smoggy cities. People breathing in the toxins and eating the toxins. Young people jumping from one relationship to another. Single women and girls producing children with no father or family support. People buying lottery tickets hoping to get more money to support their addictions.
World leaders killing their own people to try and gain some sort of control in all the nonsense. Homeless people growing like flies. Lines of people at hospital emergency rooms crying for help. Humans with no proper priority to do anything. Eat, drink, party, for tomorrow we die.
This is our world. This is the world that man has produced.

EW King and other COG evangelists love to bash the world and point about all that they see wrong with it, yet not a single one ever gets off their lazy asses and does something about it.  The only one who has ever made an effort to do such is Vic Kubik and his "Lifenets."

Ones eyes only see what they want to see.  Biblical literalism causes people to search out and find things that they want to fit the narrow world they have set before them.  They can’t see the good that people do for each other or for the communities around them. They can’t see or help the homeless and the poor.  They don’t join work teams to rebuild broken down neighborhood homes or help clean up after natural disasters. They won't work in a soup kitchen or let a homeless person sit next to them in church.

These kind of people need to see evil and societal collapse around them.  To see such things validates their narrow mindset and makes them feel special in their understanding. Their mind set also tells them that their goad has predicted all of this and that they are not to interrupt their god’s plan for the world.  To do so might cause the delay of their Jesus "christ" in coming.  They need their god to come and  spank the world into submission.  It's up to their god to fix things in their millennium.