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Crackpot Prophet Saves Prospective Member Home From Tornado By Friending Him On Facebook


The magical God of Armstrongism was busy the other day when he saved the home of a prospective member of the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god" just because Bobby friended him on Facebook. People died and appalling damage will reach into hundreds of millions of dollars, and Bob Thiel's prospective member home was saved all thanks to a click on Facebook. Woo hoo!

Oh, and these tornadoes are a sure proof of the end times.

Interestingly, I accepted a prospective COG member as a Facebook friend yesterday–shortly before a tornado hit his area. He sent me two messages:Lexa is literally 3-4 miles from our home. This is the cell that came through that area. My wife’s stepmom & half brothers live in Lexa in a mobile home & they stayed!! 
Our home is safe! My wife’s twin brother’s home is safe. We have zero hail damage at our property. Our chickens and pets all are fine. Thank you Father! . {My wife}’s stepmom & brothers are safe! Her family that lives just a mile north of us got dime & golf ball size hail. It busted out their car windows but it seems like everything passed just barely north of us! 
Yes, it is good to thank God (cf. Psalm 92:1) for protection. 
Jesus warned of a worse time to come (Matthew 24:21-22) and promised protection to the Philadelphian Christians for that period as He stated to them, “Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth” (Revelation 3:10; see also There is a Place of Safety for the Philadelphians. Why it May Be Near Petra). 
That said, does the Bible prophecy a time of major tornadoes? 
The answer looks to be yes.

Dave Pack: Jesus arrives April 12



David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God opted to initiate his self-curse three weeks earlier than necessary by moving the arrival of the Kingdom of God from April 22 [Iyar 1] up to April 12 [Abib 21].


Surely, nobody seriously doubted the inevitable arrival of “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 431).” David C. Pack fulfilled everyone’s expectations on Friday, March 31, 2023.


One important item on the agenda was to establish that Iyar 1 is now just another day. This completes the third parameter calling upon the death of David C. Pack, according to David C. Pack.


Flashback Part 421 – February 18, 2023

@ 59:41 But it cannot change the duration of the month. I will die before I believe otherwise.


Flashback Part 423 – February 25, 2023

@ 29:41 So, I wanna state one last time, unequivocally, and I’ll just absolutely die on this ground. This is the hill I die on. It is impossible that Abib does not close [Iyar 1] with the Day of the Lord. Impossible. It’s unbiblical.


Flashback Part 426 – March 4, 2023

@ 42:23 I know that the way has been prepared…and if we had to wait ten years, or until I died, no one will ever tell me we don’t have this exactly right.


So much for the fear of tempting God.


Part 431 also has the shortest shelf-life of any message in the 400s. He declared the Kingdom of Dave would arrive on April 1. This means that many in RCG will not have heard the message until after it has already failed. But have no fear because Part 432 is already on the schedule for today to update the update.


Despite this message being mostly skippable, there were a few key points worth noting for the non-note takers.


•  The Kingdom of Dave is “surely” on April Fool’s Day.

•  The Day of the Lord is now on Abib 21 instead of Iyar 1.

•  The 1335 moved again.



There are many moments throughout Part 431 where you can pause to wonder how mentally ill David C. Pack must be. He restates past statements. He rediscovers past rediscoveries. He reaffirms past reaffirmations. And declares it all as if this was the first time.


No ex-RCG member was caught off guard when Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread became the updated prophetic fixation. The only person in RCG who seemed shocked by this…was David C. Pack.


Part 431 – March 31, 2023

@ 00:02 Wow. Are we out of time? No. Are we close? Yes. The graph still holds. But, the picture (believe it or not, as late as it is) is actually better than what you have.


According to Dave, Jesus Christ not yet being here is always “better” than having Him already arrived. This is a tune he has been whistling for years. Why does this sound so familiar?


Flashback Part 424 – February 25, 2023

@ 17:25 …Iyar 1 is better, is better than Abib 1 for the Kingdom of God.


The only way this is “better” is because he says so. Hopefully, those in The Restored Church of God recognize this as a blatant lie. But, if they are willing to stick with him after Part 430, they will just about accept anything.



Dave “forgot” verses that point to a Passover and Unleavened Bread prophetic fulfillment. He was the only one in the audience to do so. That should be alarming because he circles around to Passover every year.


Part 431 – March 31, 2023

@ 05:24 You’re gonna take the Passover in the Kingdom of God.

@ 05:42 So, I want you for a moment to put out of your mind all idea that this is nine days later on Iyar. The Kingdom of God must come nine days before that, and there still has to be ten days of Tribulation before that. So, the Kingdom of God has to come on the 21st of Abib. Has to.


This is the part where his third self-curse applied because the Kingdom of God no longer hinges upon Iyar 1. Those concerned about the finality of “has to” should be reminded of the fluidity of that phrase, along with its companion, “impossible.”


Flashback Part 423 – February 25, 2023

@ 30:09 It is impossible that Iyar 1 is not the Day of the Lord. Impossible.


Flashback Part 394 – September 24, 2022

@ 37:20 So, you have to accept that we are piercing and waiting to the 1335, which, on God's authority, has to be Trumpets…


Flashback Part 403 – November 5, 2022

@ 20:47 Now, if that’s true…it means, quite literally, that the Day of the Lord has to come in the Christmas season. It has to. It’s impossible.


Flashback Part 410 – December 17, 2022

@ 1:39:15 The 1335 has to be the coming of Christ and the starting of the seven years.


Flashback Part 429 – March 15, 2023

@ 13:35 So, now we know we count back exactly seven days to when the Temple came. Which has to be Adar 25 [March 18]. There’s no arguing with that.


No matter how tall the stack of Bibles David C. Pack rests his hand to swear upon, his words mean nothing to him and should mean nothing to you.



Dave uses goofy logic to support his recycled Kingdom of God during Passover season. He is famous for his “all or nothing” line of thinking that even Dennis still shakes his head at.


Part 431 – March 31, 2023

@ 06:09 Or Christ is saying, “You can keep the Sabbath when you want. You can keep Pentecost, fit it in some time. Keep Tabernacles or Trumpets or Atonement or any other time you want.” Of course, the world does. Fact, they throw’em out and keep Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year’s, and so forth. But, by law, the symbols have to be taken sometime equated with the Passover.


Only because Dave was able to string together verses about Passover is he able to declare that an April Fool's fulfillment is impervious to disagreement. Right, Dave. That is precisely what Jesus Christ says in those verses if this weekend is a bust for you.


The man does not fear God.


@ 16:57 It’s impossible to argue with this unless you can change the Sabbath or Trumpets or Pentecost or other Holy Days, which you can’t.



Using his disconnected third-person perspective, Dave removes himself from the criticism of what he has already done. Pay careful attention to his word choices.

@ 21:59 There is no license to put Daniel's 3 ½ days in front of the 10. And I battled that tooth and nail until I broke a code, and I understood it's impossible. It’s unbiblical to do it. There’s just no license that the moad, moads, and half a moad are in front of the 10. Half a day is in front of the 10, and you will see that. Which means this has to happen tomorrow. Has to. We’ll come back to the impossibility that is attendant with that.


“There is no license” is what he took upon himself already. Unbiblical is what he taught already. He attacks an idea as though he did not just teach it. Wow.


Remember this "has to happen" today, April 1. See why these entire 66 minutes are so short-lived?



Forced to do another back-door prophetic shift, the 1335 of Daniel 12:12 HAD to move once Iyar 1 moved. Dave must be regretting how adamant he once was.


@ 30:42 So, guess when the 1335 was? The split second Adar arrived, the 1335 arrived.


The 1335 began on February 24. After 20 days, it was retroactively moved to February 25. After 35 days, it moved a second time to February 21. The counter on the homepage has been updated.


But how can this be when Dave was so full of himself?


Flashback Part 423 – February 25, 2023

@ 40:09 And it became a much bigger and important signal to me, personally, since I was the only one correctly waiting for it.


@ 41:00 I’ll give you this clue: I’m the only one (and I wouldn’t have unless God showed me) I’m the only one who knew when it was.


Apparently not. Part 431 is the second time David C. Pack proved how Daniel 12:12 was not written for him. And exposed a second time how incompetent his god is.


This is the perfect magic of invisible fulfillment. Biblical events that already occurred can be moved at will based on the words of a man. The brethren of The Restored Church of God trust in a man rather than God. They have their faith in a false human idol.


By choosing to continue to sit in those chairs, they continue to reject the true God.



The bulk of this message is David C. Pack moving the prophetic couch all around the room, rearranging it perpetually. Why he bothers to spend the time to reconstruct the painful details and sequence of events based on an April 1 start for the Kingdom of Dave is a mystery.


Is he trying to convince the audience or himself?


The man sounds like a deranged lunatic spouting biblical nonsense. He goes on and on explaining how all the intricate events of the Bible shift from Iyar 1 to Abib 21. As an opposite of Part 430, Part 431 is mostly skim-worthy. Dave opens his mouth, flatulating brown noise that will be worthless by Monday.


This "eyes glaze over" message should inspire more participation in the Pencil’s Down, Don’t Write movement inside RCG.


What a colossal waste of time. A colossal waste for the Packian Triad of Fraud. A colossal waste for those at Headquarters. A colossal was for anyone in The Restored Church of God.


Part 431 – March 31, 2023

@ 56:16 We got this right. This is right. I couldn’t be more certain. This last 13 days was very, very helpful.


Insert chuckles and guffaws here.


Thus begins an impossible parade of impossibilities that will certainly be possible soon when nothing happens as Dave instructs.


@ 59:12 So, let me make some statements to you. And I wanna just be as emphatic, as bold as I possibly can be. Number one. It is impossible that the Kingdom of God does not come in Abib. You should surely see that. It is impossible that it does not come till the last day of Unleavened Bread. You should surely see that. It’s impossible. You’d have to break the Scriptures, just destroy them in many more places than I even read to you. It’s impossible. It's impossible that it comes in a year where the third day of Unleavened Bread is not a Sabbath. It's impossible.


@ 1:00:02 It is impossible (now for more than one reason) that the whole period is not 10 1/2 days.


@ 1:00:31 I’m gonna just say again. Impossible it’s not Abib. Impossible it’s not the end of Abib. The last day at the end of the day. It’s impossible that it can come in a year where you do not flee on day three, which has to be a Sabbath, just like AD 31. That happens again in 2026. And it’s impossible that the whole period is not 10 ½ days.



The Deathwish mentality is spreading in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium.


@ 1:00:56 As we concluded a couple days ago, one of the men I work with just said, “Mr. Pack, this time it’s really,” (using the proverbial) “this is do or die. This is it.”


Whether it was Jim or Andy invoking self-death upon failure of their own creation, if something happens, their wives will be just fine. Those ladies will not be single widows for long. Suitors will line the hallway for both of them.


@ 1:01:06 There no way out of it. Do or die.


Since nothing will do anything today or tomorrow, that leaves The Packian Triad of Fraud with only one option. That is some pretty morbid thinking.


@ 1:01:10 Or we wait three years. I can’t come back to you on Sunday or Monday or whenever I’d next speak and tell you that we could alter the things I’m saying here now. We wait three years.


This is both funny and outrageous. The man could not pass 24 hours without realizing he needed to keep talking. An announcement for Part 432 was sent to the brethren before I could finish listening to Part 431.



April 1, 2023


Greetings brethren, 


Please note Mr. Pack plans to deliver a brief live Bible Study after services today at 6:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).


For planning purposes, the live stream in Member Services will be opened a few minutes before the message starts. 


Where possible, congregations should plan to listen to the message as a Bible Study. However, this should not replace Sabbath services. 


For those unable to join live, the message will be available to watch afterward.


Warm regards,

Church Administration



@ 1:01:14 I can’t come back to you on Sunday or Monday or whenever I’d next speak and tell you that we could alter the things I’m saying here now.


He can come back even sooner than that. And why does that statement also sound familiar?


Flashback Part 422 – February 18, 2023

@ 35:33 I’m not a hypocrite. I can’t stand up here and undo what I said in the last message.


Out of his own mouth, David C. Pack is a hypocrite. He can and will stand up to undo or alter what he just said. He has done it before, and he will do it tonight. Part 432 will further expose that David C. Pack has no idea what he is talking about.


That should give a new perspective to the validity of his Part 431 wrap-up.


Part 431 – March 31, 2023

@ 1:05:38 So, just think. You will see the new heavens, the new earth, the Father, and walk the streets of New Jerusalem, and meet the saints, and marry Christ in just something over eleven days. Again, I say, it will surely come. Or we have a long wait. Good day.


With the shadow of Part 432 already looming, the glory of Part 431 was short-lived.


Nothing will happen today. Nothing will happen tomorrow. Nothing will happen on April 12.


The brethren of The Restored Church of God are repeating a documented cycle of insanity they choose to continue with. Because God is not behind what David C. Pack teaches, no matter what electrifying knowledge is bestowed during Part 432, that will also be short-lived.


Marc Cebrian

See: Short Lived

Friday, March 31, 2023

Bob Thiel Lists Steps Of Repentance He Requires For You To Be In His Kingdom


The bullshit artist is back with another list of things that his followers must do to make it into the kingdom he imagines is coming. 

More things to DO. 

The Bible is clear that one must repent to be a Christian. And Christians must examine themselves and repent annually, but also be willing to confess their sins and repent whenever they are aware that they have sinned. 
Here isa listing of some scriptures about this repentance: 
Mark 1:14-15 Act 2:38 — we are commanded to repent, which means to change from our way to God’s way. 
Romans 2:4 Acts 11:18 — repentance must be granted by God, who calls according to His will. 
Romans 6: 23– the wages of sin is death. 
2 Corinthians 7:8-11 — sorrow that produces true repentance is far different than mere worldly sorrow. 
Matthew 7:21 Hebrews 5:9 — salvation requires obedience to God. Jeremiah 10:23 — we cannot obey God without His help. 
2 Peter 3:9, 18 — spiritual growth is a process and doesn’t happen all at once. 1 John 1:8-10 
Christians will still have issues they need to repent of and ask forgiveness for. 
Psalm 51 –repentance is often accompanied by deep emotion. 
The importance of repentance cannot be overemphasized. It is a first step toward salvation.

Bob conveniently wants to forget Jesus and the thief on the cross next to him. No long list of things to do. No deathbed confession. No annual day of repentance! 

It just irritates the hell out of these church leaders and the rabid legalists in the church that people do not need to jump through all of these hoops. 

They do not care much for the bible stories of the laborers in the field who all get paid the same amount whether they have toiled all day or do half an hour of work to get the same wage. 

They sure as hell do not like the fact the thief on the cross did not have to go through the rigamarole of Armstrongite mythology or Bobism to be saved. 

He wasn't baptized. 

He did not need a "deathbed" repentance.

He did not need an annual Passover service.

He did not need to read Mystery of the Ages. 

He did not need to be under church government.  

He did not even need to read the Bible. 

Even in all the agony he was in, his brain was able to fire and open his mind to something amazing happening next to him. He got it. He got something that Bob Thiel is totally incapable of understanding.

Resisting the Proud and Grace for the Humble: Apostle Pack Projects His Own Problem with Prophetic Baloney and Serial Failures


"So with God resisting you because of your pride, then you're gonna resist the truth, and no wonder you'll be confused, because God isn't working with you. 

It's that simple"

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bob Thiel's Self-Righteous Condemnation of Alexsandar 'Sasha' Veljic


Bob Thiel was not happy when Sashsa broke ties with him and started his own ministry to try and help the members he had abandoned after failing to correct wrongs in Africa, Serbia, and elsewhere.

Bob lashed out at Sasha and said his group was NOT a true church because they reject church government. Without proper church government, the church cannot be a true church. Bob ignores the fact that he rebelled against church government when he left WCG to go to the Global Church of God, then took his rebellious self-righteous attitude and joined up with Rod Meredith when he finally created the Living Church of God.

Rebellion is at the heart of Bob Thiel's so-called "ministry".

But, also notice how he quickly glossed over the witchcraft accusations coming from a people who are well versed in those kinds of actions in Africa. They certainly know more about it than Bob does.

Prophet Bob Claiming Intense Pre-Passover Persecution - Satan is Angry and is stirring up LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where would a good Church of God leader be without claiming Satan is angry around Passover and Feast of Tabernacles times? That is when persecution, at least what they think it is, seems to rear its ugly head to thwart the "work" of whichever COG leader there is mouthing off about it. Truly the modern-day COG movement is the most persecuted church on the face of the earth today. Forget the Iraqi and Indian Christians routinely slaughtered for their faith. They are just so-called "Christians". Only true Christians can be in Bob Thiel's little cult.

So this brings us to today when Bob released his weekend end letter to his rapidly dwindling flock. Satan is angry and persecuting Bob and his family!!!!!! Oh, noes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers in Christ: 
Greetings from Grover Beach, California. 
Some years there are more trials before Passover than others. 
For my family and the Continuing Church of God, this has been one of them. 
Recently, I dealt with many of the CCOG related matters in the sermon: Hierarchical Governance and Corruption. But some still have been “speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after themselves” (cf. Acts 20:30). 
Here is something from the Apostle Paul to consider:

15 To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled. 16 They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work. (Titus 1:15-16) 
There are many false witnesses (cf. Matthew 26:60) and there are lot of people who seem to prefer gossip to accepting facts (cf. Proverbs 26:16,22). 
Oddly, people claiming to be Christians even denounced the leadership of the Apostle John (3 John 9-10).

So of course, anyone who denounces Bob and his ineffective leadership is exactly like those in Apostle John's time. They are all liars and false witnesses. Pathetic! 

The claims coming out of Africa are not from one or two people with a grudge. It is multiple people in multiple countries and yet Bob turns a blind eye to it all. How could he ever claim to have been wrong? How humiliating for the one true prophet of the one true church to be wrong!

Bwana Bob pathetically believes he is just like the old Worldwide Church of God that was routinely "persecuted" by false accusations, rebellions people under the sway of Satan

The old Worldwide Church of God faced various members and former members rebelling against it and making claims against it and its leadership. Trials and being spoken against are a long-used Satanic tactic–however, faithful Christians should be aware of Satan’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11b).

As far as trials go, the Bible teaches:

12 Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you; (1 Peter 4:12) 
28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) 
2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. (James 1:2-4) 
Fiery trials, including accusations by detractors, have happened throughout the entire church age. 
That said, hopefully you are preparing for Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread striving for perfection consistent with what Jesus commanded (Matthew 5:48).

Bob is NOTHING like the old Worldwide Church of God. That church refused to ordain him and Herbert Armstrong would have kicked Bob out of the church so fast his head would still be spinning once Bob committed apostasy and rebelled against the church. 

Is Evans Ocheing - Bob Thiel's Successor?


Things just get weirder and weirder in the fantasyland of Bob Thie's so-called "church". This issue and other issues currently being posted here from African sources are issues that Bob has known about for at least 5 years. All this time he has been trying to hoodwink us and other Africans that his ministry is this glorious thing that is God's most perfect church in 2,000 years. Never have we seen a COG leader whose imagined sterling reputation unravel so fast as Bob and the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god" currently is.

The people of Africa will revolt big time if Evans is appointed to anything higher. Evans is as big a narcissist as Bob, so one can only imagine what kind of hell hole would emerge if Evans was really in charge!

Is Bob Thiel Unknowingly Funding A Gold Scheme In Africa Through His Evangelist?


More from Africa:

Also is interesting that Evans Ocheing in communication with Joy, said he was a business man running gold.

Evans Ocheing said to me years ago he used to be in the Gold Business, but it was to expensive to operate, I wonder now where he's getting the funds to operate, aka Bob Thiel is unknowingly funding him. Another SCANDLE, which I have evidence of. I told Dr Thiel about the Gold a couple of years ago, he never heard about it before, but will most likely deny I told him. More to come.

CCOG Evangelist Propositioning Hotel Workers


Another Hotel worker Evans Ocheing tried to proposition for sex, I told this to Bob Thiel, he completely dismissed this. 

The name of the woman propositioned was redacted so that she could not get fired.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Dave Pack's Coming April Fools Day Failure


April Fooled


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God waved the white flag of surrender on more than just Abib 1 last week. Proving it does not require 30 hours and 37 minutes to explain the arrival of the Kingdom to Israel, Team Fraud at RCG used only two paragraphs to shift the coming of God from March 22 to April 1.


See. God has a sense of humor and is a fan of irony. The current plan now begins at the cusp of April Fool’s Day.


A limp-wristed update Saturday night opted for riddles rather than the plain truth presented with power.



Saturday, March 25, 2023


Dear brethren, 


There is unanimity at Headquarters about the apparent time this will happen. Maybe that will comfort you. You might at least want to note that the 10th of Abib referenced in the last email is also a Sabbath.


Warm regards,


Church Administration



Even Dave was too disinterested to attach his name to it. Instead, the Meat Shields in CAD took one for the team. Those nameless, faceless "staff members" emailed God's people when the Kingdom to Israel "apparently" may arrive. Exactly as you would expect when you read the Scriptures.


Moving the dates for the return of Jesus Christ is no longer constrained by 3-tier chess-level strategy and precision. Checker pieces are flat, equal, and move in the same direction. The move is easy when there is no thought behind it.


The last two updates prove that 30-plus hours of noteworthy hot air and attention-straining details are entirely unnecessary because the same result can be accomplished in two short paragraphs.


RCG does not require the apostolic bloviating of David C. Pack, Pastor General, and Elijah That Prophet-Elect. They just need a competent typist who can hit “send” on an email.


Members had to resurrect the older update from their un-recycled trash folders in order to decipher the clue encoded in the Saturday update.


This is the cryptic Abib 10 quote referenced from the previous update.


Prophecy Update - Wednesday, March 22, 2023

 But the delay seemingly would not get out of early Abib, which involves many critical things. For instance, the Passover lamb is selected on the 10th­­­. To do this, Israel would already have to be back!


This is the most passive date shift of all the 400s. Using Abib 10 as a sideways suggestion exposes how befuddled those pacing in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium are this week.


This is a ploy to buy time while also establishing a plausible deniability umbrella. After nothing happens on Abib 10, Dave can trumpet how much he knew it would not happen and then get into the semantics of what was written. He never SAID it would happen on Abib 10 but suggested the brethren think about it.



The line, “There is unanimity at Headquarters…” pads the insulation by spreading the blame post-failure.


Is there ANYTHING the cowardly weaklings

at Headquarters won’t agree to?


Not one man at the table had doubts about Abib 10? Not one man raised his hand to object? Not one man went on the record opposing this desperate grab?


Remember the “unanimity” after Abib 10 fails. It means the lying spirit that has captured Headquarters has an “unanimity” hold on every hireling there. None can be trusted.


All of them lack wisdom. All of them are complacent. All of them possess corrupt judgment. All of them will be proven to be fools (again) by sundown, April 1. There is “unanimity” of failure at Headquarters.


On the Sabbath, give a special “April Fools!” salute to these compromised enablers:


Bradford Schleifer • Edward Winkfield • Ryan Denee • Jaco Viljoen

Carl Houk • Timothy Ranney • Kenneth Orel • Jim Habboush

Andrew Holcombe • Salasi Jezhi • Frank Lydick • Raymond Garb


The Kingdom of Dave arriving on April Fool’s Day is perfection. It aligns all the proofs, metrics, and math like nothing else could. There could not be a more suitable day for David C. Pack to turn invisible to the world. (Technically, he is invisible to the world already.)


David C. Pack is the ultimate April Fool pranking the members of The Restored Church of God who allow themselves to be fooled. And that is no joke.


Marc Cebrian

See: April Fooled


CCOG Pastor Tells Village Chief and Family "he can marry anyone he chooses"


Just when you think the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god" cannot get any worse in Africa, it does. Check this out:

Hi all in COG land, latest news on the ground is this: 
Radson has met with village chief and Priscilla was present and announced he can marry anyone he chooses; so Patricia Sambini has now moved in with him in the Migowi Hall, this is what upset his oldest son Victor today. Most likely he has been married for months now as I've told some of our members all ready. Not sure if this is his Cousin, but that would even make it worse. This is one of 4 or 5 women that Radson was involved with since before I left Malawi in October 2021. 
Most likely the spin on this in the Letter to the Brethren will be Radson is married now or has been for months since his Ex wife Priscilla divorced him last July 2022 for rampant Adultery and not supporting his Family. We shall see what Dr Thiel reveals here, but don't be surprised if you hear good ole boy Radson is married. Also Radson has called his 2 oldest children today for a night meeting in which most likely he has threatened them to recant their position, but not sure how he'll spin this. It's hard on them also because they love their father and still hope for him to change, but facts are facts. 
Evans Ocheing covered this whole mess up and just told Priscilla to forgive and forget, which she couldn't do anymore. Evans is an Adulterer also. Have all that evidence on him also which will be released soon. 
African culture dictates a man can cheat on his wife as long as he provides for his Family. Evans Ocheing never responded to my questions on if Priscilla could divorce Radson on Adultery as he repeated only God hates divorce. Well isn't that special, we have to put up with whoring Adulterous African Minister's because it's their Cultural Norms!!!! I think not. 
Brethren Obey God rather than men. Dr Thiel always told us He who does the work of God Deceitfully is CURSED! The Curses are coming, that's why I had to separate myself from the so called Loving Government of CCOG. Terry A Nelson

Bob Thiel Calls Mulczowa Family and Deacons Liars


It did not take long for Bob to respond to the various videos from the Mulczowa family who spilled the beans on their adulterous family member.

I do not give a flying rat's ass what Bob thinks about me when he calls me all the things he says Paul said below, but to call Priscilla Mulczowa, her children, and two deacons as gossipers and liars is disgusting. Bob has sunk further than we ever imagined he would. It is like he wants us to believe that the entire family, the two deacons, and the woman who was lied to all sat down together and dreamed this all up. Not only that, he is essentially calling Sasha and Terry liars too. It's all rebellious people who refuse to submit to his authority. It's a church-government thing.

03/28/23 p.m. Various ones have been posting videos and other anti-CCOG materials online. Recently, I dealt with the related matters in the sermon: Hierarchical Governance and Corruption.

Beyond that, here is something from the Apostle Paul to consider:

15 To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled. 16 They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work. (Titus 1:15-16) 

There are many false witnesses (cf. Matthew 26:60) and there are lot of people who seem to prefer gossip to accepting facts (cf. Proverbs 26:16,22).

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Radison and his "cousin"...


Radison Mulozowa and his "cousin"

John Machemba Appeal to Bob Thiel - Then Fired


John Machemba another Deacon fired by Evans Ocheing 
for coming forward with the truth of Radson Mulozowa

Deacon Louis Wahela's Heartfelt Video To Bob Thiel That Was Ignored


Former Continuing Church of God Deacon Louis Wahela from Zomba

Evans Ocheing and Radson Fired him for coming forward with this video

Smash and discredit anybody willing to tell the truth

Continuing Church of God Pastor Deceived Me


Benjamin Radson Speaks - Youngest son


Benjamin, youngest son of Continuing Church of God pastor Radison.

Radison's Son Victor Tells Part Of His Story


Radsons oldest son- Victor Mulozowa

Favour Mulczowa Talks About Her Father, Radison


Favour, daughter of Continuing Church of God pastor Radison Mulczowa talks briefly about her father's affair and what has happened financially to her mother and family.

Adultery Scandal of Continuing Church of God Pastor In Malawi - ExWife Shares


Who would have ever imagined the greatest Church of God in human history led by the greatest man God has ever used would soon turn into a cesspool of adultery, witchcraft, theft of money, and numerous other disgusting things, all of which, Chief Overseer Bob Thiel, claims are not true. Seriously people, how can this be true when this is God's greatest work ever?????

It has long been established by Seventh Day Adventists, other Sabbatarian groups, and other Christian missionaries in Africa that this kind of corruption is common due to the fact that the "rich" Americans are far far away, and have little to do with daily life. Some of these African groups (not all do this) feed a steady stream of positive uplifting stories to their American charity overseers who then readily dump more cash, seeds, food, animals, computers, books, etc into their laps thinking they are helping get a gospel out. This is exactly what we have said here since day one when Bob started waxing eloquently about his glorious ministry in Africa. It also should be understood that there are certainly plenty of sincere Christians in Africa who want to do what is right and faithfully follow God, even those in some of Bob's groups, but their foundation of learning is debased by heretical teachings and outright lies by the Chief Overseer that leads them astray.

When you hear the shocking story of the woman above you will be appalled that arrogant and prideful Bob Thiel will sit in his place of privilege and continue to make excuses and let Evans Ocheing cover these things up.

Ocheing told Bob Thiel that Radison Mulczowa was a "true Minister of God in good standing'". Bob in his prideful glory thought Great! here is another leader I can add to my roster and increase my numbers. Never once vetted the type of man he was allowing to lead his followers. According to Radison's wife Priscilla, he was a Sunday preacher before signing on to Bob's ministry. In Armstrongism, this is certainly a BIG no-no! While being a "Sunday" preacher he was caught in adultery and money fraud in the church he was in charge of. Priscilla was the first one to start attending Bob's church and was ordained a Deaconess. Then this happened:

....once Radson saw how many people were coming into CCOG, because of his wife Priscilla, he suddenly said he believes Dr Thiel (aka $$$$$) so naturally Evans ordained him a Deacon, then Pastor...

Another source had this to say

...Thiel just accepts Evangelist Evans Ocheing word that Radson Mulozowa is a true Minister of God in good standing, when in reality he's whoring after scores of Women and most likely underage women to satisfy his lusts. He goes around villages showing the nice care that Dr Thiel gave him, to attract poor women and teens that have children and are starving, to get them to perform sexual acts and he is a known Satanist, that sacrifices his blood to the Dark Forces and also is worse than an infidel as he doesn't even support his own children. This Guy has a pending investigation of the Malawian Government for abuses of women and children and abuse of church funds for his own greed

And then there is this:

Radson the Pervert had free range pickings on the local teens and woman that try to feed their families. I mean the daily wage of those women is 50 cents a day. Radson is making hundreds a month. A sex sickos paradise granted by Dr Bob Thiel.

Bob sure knows how to pick them! 

Priscilla Mulozowa and Forester Abraham from Malawi source material 

Monday, March 27, 2023

Bob Thiel's So-called Evangelist And His Dangerous Trip Into The Congo

In January 2023 the Greatest Church of God leader in human history Bob Thiel, who incidentally leads the fastest-growing and most influential Church of God to ever exist in 2,000 years, particularly in these perilous end times, sent a letter to his faithful about the dangerous conditions that his so-called evangelist Evans Ocheing has to work under in the Congo.

Hunger in Malawi and War in the Congo 
There are hunger issues in Malawi partially because the government there apparently failed to supply subsidized fertilizer to farmers. We provided some assistance before and have also done so this week. 
In other African news, there is fighting in parts of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kenya-based evangelist Evans Ochieng has been asked to go there and asked my advice under such circumstances. And I though some of you might be interested, so let me share basically what I suggested. 
My advice was to Evan Ochieng:Look up where the fighting is. 
See if he could enter the country and go where needs to without running into the fighting. 
Ask those in the Congo what they think is the safest way to do that. 
Pray and possibly fast about it. 
I also mentioned that Ezra faced a similar dilemma, but went forward on faith: 
21 Then I proclaimed a fast there at the river of Ahava, that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek from Him the right way for us and our little ones and all our possessions. 22 For I was ashamed to request of the king an escort of soldiers and horsemen to help us against the enemy on the road, because we had spoken to the king, saying, “The hand of our God is upon all those for good who seek Him, but His power and His wrath are against all those who forsake Him.” 23 So we fasted and entreated our God for this, and He answered our prayer. ( Ezra 8:21-23) 
And brought up that Jesus said: 
16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. 17 But beware of men … (Matthew 10:16-17) 
This means we are to take reasonable precautions, but still proceed if it makes sense.
Brethren, please put this matter in your prayers as Evans Ochieng may try to go to the Congo this month.  Letter to the Brethren: January 12, 2023

We have long said that the snow job that Bob Thiel tries to pass off about Africa is just that, a snow job. Bob will do anything in his narcissistic power to give the impression his group is so superfantabulous that it is the fastest-growing COG in human history. It's not, at least not anymore.

We are also supposed to be impressed that his so-called evangelists are performing DANGEROUS trips into the Congo and elsewhere. While I am sure there are certain parts of the Congo that are dangerous, the photos and video leaked below by one of Bob's Ndhiwa Congregation members tells another story.

Comments after video and photos are his, not mine. 

Evans Ocheing Dangerous Congo mission/ Dining in the most expensive Hotel

Big Bwana Evans Ocheing looking important to impress the Ladies that visit him in the Congo