Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Adultery Scandal of Continuing Church of God Pastor In Malawi - ExWife Shares


Who would have ever imagined the greatest Church of God in human history led by the greatest man God has ever used would soon turn into a cesspool of adultery, witchcraft, theft of money, and numerous other disgusting things, all of which, Chief Overseer Bob Thiel, claims are not true. Seriously people, how can this be true when this is God's greatest work ever?????

It has long been established by Seventh Day Adventists, other Sabbatarian groups, and other Christian missionaries in Africa that this kind of corruption is common due to the fact that the "rich" Americans are far far away, and have little to do with daily life. Some of these African groups (not all do this) feed a steady stream of positive uplifting stories to their American charity overseers who then readily dump more cash, seeds, food, animals, computers, books, etc into their laps thinking they are helping get a gospel out. This is exactly what we have said here since day one when Bob started waxing eloquently about his glorious ministry in Africa. It also should be understood that there are certainly plenty of sincere Christians in Africa who want to do what is right and faithfully follow God, even those in some of Bob's groups, but their foundation of learning is debased by heretical teachings and outright lies by the Chief Overseer that leads them astray.

When you hear the shocking story of the woman above you will be appalled that arrogant and prideful Bob Thiel will sit in his place of privilege and continue to make excuses and let Evans Ocheing cover these things up.

Ocheing told Bob Thiel that Radison Mulczowa was a "true Minister of God in good standing'". Bob in his prideful glory thought Great! here is another leader I can add to my roster and increase my numbers. Never once vetted the type of man he was allowing to lead his followers. According to Radison's wife Priscilla, he was a Sunday preacher before signing on to Bob's ministry. In Armstrongism, this is certainly a BIG no-no! While being a "Sunday" preacher he was caught in adultery and money fraud in the church he was in charge of. Priscilla was the first one to start attending Bob's church and was ordained a Deaconess. Then this happened:

....once Radson saw how many people were coming into CCOG, because of his wife Priscilla, he suddenly said he believes Dr Thiel (aka $$$$$) so naturally Evans ordained him a Deacon, then Pastor...

Another source had this to say

...Thiel just accepts Evangelist Evans Ocheing word that Radson Mulozowa is a true Minister of God in good standing, when in reality he's whoring after scores of Women and most likely underage women to satisfy his lusts. He goes around villages showing the nice care that Dr Thiel gave him, to attract poor women and teens that have children and are starving, to get them to perform sexual acts and he is a known Satanist, that sacrifices his blood to the Dark Forces and also is worse than an infidel as he doesn't even support his own children. This Guy has a pending investigation of the Malawian Government for abuses of women and children and abuse of church funds for his own greed

And then there is this:

Radson the Pervert had free range pickings on the local teens and woman that try to feed their families. I mean the daily wage of those women is 50 cents a day. Radson is making hundreds a month. A sex sickos paradise granted by Dr Bob Thiel.

Bob sure knows how to pick them! 

Priscilla Mulozowa and Forester Abraham from Malawi source material 


Anonymous said...

What an absolutly sad and disgusting situation!

Anonymous said...

Bob should be held liable

DW said...

Bob WILL be held liable, ultimately (and eternally). How many of us over the years, in all sincerity, have tried to warn Bob that he is preaching heresies, needs to stop with the prophet nonsense and should really STOP AND CONSIDER WHAT HE IS TEACHING AND CLAIMING! It is not just his own soul that is in peril, but those foolish enough to believe him. But, for whatever reason, this life and gaining more followers than the next guy is all they can see. Surely even Bob can read and grasp the many, many warnings God has given about those who falsely claim to speak for Him. Those who claim, "On God's authority...". Those who claim I had a dream, I had a dream. It does not end well.

Bob will never learn. His pride and arrogance are too big for his mind to see what everyone else can spot a mile off.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The best way for almost arrested for Sabbath keeping little Bobby Thiel to do damage control is to morph himself into Cartoon Bob! Cartoon Bob has more credibility than Bobby Thiel. According to Bobby Thiel, God opened the door of animation to the Continuing church of God. If true, It’s time for Bobby Thiel to walk boldly on faith through the open door of animation and create a cartoon to explain the scandal in the eyes of cartoon Bob! Richard

Anonymous said...

Lol. I can’t believe anyone actually watched those lame animations. I wonder how the cartoon would go? How would he portray Terry Nelson and Sasha Veljic? Lol that would be a funny cartoon for Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bob Thiel! Yeah, we know you read here! There is an old saying that you should be pondering at this junction: "What would Jesus do?"