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When a Family Member "Marks" A Sibling, Does God Care?


Only in COGland do you hear someone "marking" a family member after apparently disfellowshipping them from their own church. Herbert did it to Ted. Now Samuel Kitchen has marked his own brother, which in the long run is nothing more than empty words that carry no weight either by man or by God. This is especially true since Samuel is not ordained and has no power. He is like Bob Thiel, self-appointed to a position that God has no part in. Herbert Armstrong would never approve of this situation.

I do not seek self glory. The Worldwide Church of God is the Church of God, with Jesus Christ as its Head. 
This work I've been involved with these last 19 years, is something I didn't choose. I was led and thrown into this work, and it's been about serving the people of God, and warning of spiritual dangers Christ has shown me, and to encourage you to Hold Fast and endure this great falling away, and to NOT develop a wrong attitude towards the ministry of Christ. 
Mr. Aaron Dean, is an ordained minister of the Worldwide Church of God. He is attending another church at the moment, but he is holding fast with what he knows. 
What I feel Jesus Christ is leading me to do, is direct your attention to the ministry of the Worldwide Church of God as they "come out of her" and return to the ministry of the Worldwide Church of God. 

Samuel is like Bob Thiel and Dave Pack. All of them are expecting COG ministers from hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups to suddenly see the light and return to the one true faith, in this case, the stolen entity that claims to be the Worldwide Church of God. The idea that the old WCG will be resurrected, in all of its filthy glory has been a long-held belief by many since HWA died. Some of the diehard faithful used to gather at his grave waiting for him to be resurrected on January 16 every year so he could restore the church and Ambassador College back to the glory days and complete a final work We have seen how well that has worked for Dave Pack and Bob Thiel. It is going to be no better for Samuel.

I am not an ordained man. I am a nobody. I'm not grabbing for power or position or money. And so that's why I focus on what God has built and what I feel Christ is doing. The ordained ministry is cut off unable to operate as the men of the Worldwide Church of God. 

Every minister in a splinter group lost their ordination status the second they apostatized from the mother church when they threw their self-righteous little hissy fits. That ordination was only valid in the WCG. It did not transfer over. Sadly, they had the example of their dear departed leader who left the Church of God 7th Day to start his own group and then immediately set about discrediting COG7. Splinter ministers did the exact same thing. Speaking ill of their mother church, its leaders, and of ministers leading other COG groups. They still do it to this very day.

So right now, we brethren, have the archived sermons and teachings materials of Christ's apostle and those who were with him at that time, to pastor us. 
But our work, will be stopped by the rising of the United States of Europe, the beast system coming out of Europe. It will be an attempt to destroy the ministerial function of the archives, in order to say there is no Worldwide Church of God. 

Ho hum. Same old broken record skipping in the exact same place. Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ron Wienland, Alton Billignsly, and many others all believe that their amazing works will be stopped. 

Mr. Dean, probably isn't very comfortable with me bringing his name up. But it's not up to him. And it's not up to me. But I will direct people to Christ's ministers, and ask for everyone to support them RETURNING to the Worldwide Church of God. 

Aaron Dean is not and will never lead some glorious restoration of a morally and spiritually bankrupt church that destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of people over 8 decades. 

So if I were to die brethren, support the men of the ministry as they return. I'm a nobody. I don't want the chief seat. 

Satan is apparently so pissed at Samuel right now that he is trying to strike him down. This is grandiose delusions just like Bob Thiel has. Actually, it is plain and simply a lie. 

I just had to publicly mark my twin brother, because of division he caused within the Church of God. That hurts me, because I felt we were united. This was not an attempt to grab control. 

I am sure his brother could care less as this carries absolutely no weight with God.  

So that's why I write this brethren. The ministry when restored, needs to be respected and honored. And no matter what happens to me, show them that honor as they return to God's Church. 

Samuel isn't a minister so the "marking" is invalid.

I'm not talking about Ron Stephens and his illegitimate Church, or any other. That's why I point to Aaron Dean. He is a man who was there with Mr. Armstrong and who it seems does not have another spirit that is hostile. He is just with another church, and so all I can do is prepare you all to support the ministry as they exit other groups, and as they get behind Aaron Dean. 

People in the COG are not going to follow Aaron Dean any more than they followed Bob Thiel.

I'm sorry Mr. Dean, of I am causing trouble for you, but this must be said. If I die in this fight, I want this battle to be not in vain, but for the edification of the Worldwide Church of God. 
This is not about me. It's about God's Church and God's Truth. 

How many times have we heard this since the Great Rebellion of 1996? Everyone has the "truth" and everyone is running the "one true church". All of these blabbering idiots have made a mockery of God's truths and especially of Christ, 

May God bless you men of the ministry and stir a fire under you all so that Christ may accomplish in you His Work. We brethren need you to be here. The final phase of God's Work and Church is coming speedily upon us. 
In Jesus Christ's name,
Samuel W Kitchen

It is time for the rotting corpse of the old Worldwide Church of God and its hundreds of harlot daughters to be buried. 

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Bob Thiel's African Members Would Rather Starve Than Accept Food From A Muslim Or Pentecostal


Many of the Great Bwana Bob Mzungu's followers in Africa are currently suffering from drought conditions and hunger. He has promised to send them money to help alleviate the situation.

Notice though how proud his representatives in Africa are of this following comment.

Another problem is that last season brethren did not harvest well because of cyclone
The encouraging news is that though the Muslims and Pentecostal churches are distributing food to their members every month but our members are not shaken to join them but are still following the true gospel

Sadly, the so-called "gospel" they think they are following as the truth is anything but the truth. 

The COG and its Waldensian Sabbath-Keeper Myths


by Ryan Caswell

Caswell Visuals

(Reposted with permission)

Another example of the Church of God’s misuse of historical information is found in the Living Church of God’s “God’s Church Through the Ages” book. Understand the quote we will see was used in literature by the Worldwide Church of God published decades earlier, who took it from the Seventh Day Adventists who published it almost 100 years before them. Each group uses the exact same quote, which was originally published in 1792. Since each of these groups is trying to prove Sabbath keeping as a necessity for salvation, they attempt to locate Sabbath keeping groups that extend back to the original 12 apostles. Thus they can establish their lineage and teachings linked up as an unbroken chain going back to the first century. 

One link in this historical chain is the Protestant group called the Waldenses. In Adventist literature, this group is called the “Sabbatati,” a supposed reference to those who keep the “Jewish Sabbath.” COG groups also credit them with keeping the Mosaic Laws and their resemblance to their movement in terms of doctrine and government.  

Examining “Sabbatati” and “Insabbatati” in Context

In LCG’s materials, this complicated passage (taken from the SDA’s) supposedly establishes the Waldenses in this way. Let's look at this passage and see if the Waldenses actually fit the mold of a Sabbath and Law keeping, group that resembles the Living or Worldwide Church of God. 

In the book “God’s Church Through the Ages” LCG states:

“What were some of the other doctrines taught by the Waldenses? Is there evidence that the early Waldenses were Sabbath-keepers? One of the names by which they were most anciently known was that of Sabbatati! In his 1873 work, History of the Sabbath, historian J. N. Andrews quotes from an earlier work by Swiss-Calvinist historian Goldastus written about 1600. Speaking of the Waldenses, Goldastus wrote, “Insabbatati [they were called] not because they were circumcised, but because they kept the Jewish Sabbath” (Andrews, p. 410). Andrews further refers to the testimony of Archbishop Ussher (1581–1656), who acknowledged “that many understood that they [the names Sabbatati or Insabbatati] were given to them [Waldenses] because they worshipped on the Jewish Sabbath” (p. 410). Clearly even noted Protestant scholars at the end of the Middle Ages were willing to acknowledge that many Waldenses had observed the seventh-day Sabbath.” (God’s Church Through the Ages, Chapter 3, heading: The Cathars and Waldenses)

First let’s understand what they are quoting here. The author of the LCG material claims J.N. Andrews is quoting Goldastus, that is incorrect. The J.N. Andrews’ book “History of the Sabbath,” is actually quoting another book by Robert Robinson, a baptist theologian who (converted to Unitarianism late in life) studied deeply into Christian baptism in the 1700’s. His book Ecclesiastical Researches, (which was published posthumously), listed a quote from Jacob Gretseri (written in latin) who was quoting Melchior Goldast (Goldastus). 

However when both LCG and Andrew’s references this, they fail to make that distinction. 

In addition, recognize that J.N. Andrews isn’t a historian as LCG claims, he is in fact an early Seventh Day Adventist prophet and preacher. He was a close confidant to Ellen G. White and established large swaths of Adventist prophetic interpretations. One of his main contributions was linking the United States of America to the two horned Beast of Revelation. He was the founder of Andrew’s University and followed White, supporting her false prophetic interpretations throughout her life. This isn’t to say that his historical work is flawed (however, much of it seems to be) but both of these individuals are verified false prophets, according to the Christian tradition, as their interpretations had to be re-explained once they failed. 

So when you are reading either the LCG or WCG literature, you are actually reading what was copied from SDA church history, not something from Herbert Armstrong or the WCG. Even though the Seventh Day Advetist’s are technically heterodox and not a cult, WCG uses these flawed explanations of an unbroken chain of Sabbath keeping churches that extend back to the original apostles, in order to substantiate their claim as the “One True Church.”

Examining the Seventh Day Adventist Claims

In order to better understand the terms “Insabbatati” and whether the Waldenses kept the Sabbath and held similar beliefs to WCG/LCG, we need to find J.N. Andrew’s work, the “History of the Sabbath, from the Seventh Day Adventists and begin tracing the sources to see if the book’s author provides any further information. The passage LCG references is on page 410. 

“But let us now see who they are that make these statements respecting the observance of the Sabbath by the Waldenses, that Robinson alludes to in this place. He quotes out of Gretser the words of the historian Goldastus as follows: "Insabbatati [they were called] not because they were circumcised, but because they kept the Jewish Sabbath."33” (History of the Sabbath, J.N. Andrews pp 410)

Here, Andrews reveals that the moniker “Insabbatati” comes from Robert Robinson’s work. This book, “Ecclesiastical Researches,” seems to be the source most Sabbath keepers use to prove that the Waldenses were Sabbath keepers. In his book, Robinson actually states there are 4 positions held by scholars regarding the title given to the Waldenses.

  1. Some of the leaders may have kept the Jewish Sabbath 

  2. They rejected the Catholic holidays (or Sabbaths)

  3. It was a derivative of the word “Sabot” or “Zabot,” which denotes a mark on a certain type of shoe that was worn by peasants. 

  4. It is the derivative of a Spanish word for someone who lives and travels in the mountains. 

“It would be endless to make a detail of accidental names: it is not necessary here; and it will be more proper to take them up as they fall in the way in other countries. The above are sufficient to convey a just notion of what is intended, which is, that to reason from a similar name to a similar faith is illogical. An example or two shall be added of such names as the fruitful geniuses if commentators have perplexed.

Some of those cheiftians were called “Sabbati, Sabbatati and Insabbatati, and more frequently, Insabbatati.” Led astray by found without attending to facts, one says they were so named from the hebrew word Sabbath, because they kept the Saturday for the Lord's Day (1). Another says they were so called because they rejected all the festivals, or Sabbaths in the low latin sense of the word. Which the Catholic Church religiously observed. (2) A third says and many with various alterations and additions have said after him, they were called so from sabot or zabot, a shoe because they distinguished themselves from other because by wearing shoes marked on the upper part with some peculiarity (3)….Several better reasons may be given for the name. The latin word “caput” a head was corrupted by the Spaniards into cabeca, and hence came “cabo,” a cape, a headland. They called these people “los incabats” and founded the word “enzabats,” meaning inhabitants of hills, mountaineers.” (Ecclesiastical Researches, Robert Robinson, pp303)

Returning to the source material, Robinson is clear that many of those who were led astray, not having the facts erroneously credit the Waldenses with keeping the Jewish Sabbath. He goes on to actually warn those who try to match a peoples name with their religious beliefs. (e.g.: Naming a group of people who are scattered in the mountains, across several countries with a tradition of which day they worship on.) He states that when it comes to the Waldenses, that is illogical and there have been many “accidental names” given to this group. 

Robinson goes on to write that the first 3 reasons he lists often trick scholars since they may seem likely but are not factually substantiated. From his research, the term “Insabbatati,” comes from the fact that this group of people inhabit the hills and mountains. 

On page 310, he sums it up best.

“That the people called Valdenses and Sabbatati originally inhabited this district is the most probably of all conjectures. This first a corruption of Caldenses, or the inhabitant about the hot wells, or Callenses the natives of the counties; and last from Sabadell one of the [local] towns.” (Ecclesiastical Researches, Robert Robinson, pp310)

However, when Andrews’ quotes Robinson, he summarily dismisses all his conclusions without giving reasoning. He claims that only the first two options could be supported and as expected, this conclusion supports the SDA position. At last he found a “Jewish Sabbath Keeping link” outside of the Catholic church in the middle ages. 

Dismissing Source Material

Perusing “History of the Sabbath,” it is clear that Andrews spends a significant amount of time trying to discredit Robinson’s conclusions in favor of his own. 

“Mr. Robinson gives the statements of three classes of writers respecting the meaning of these names, which were borne by the Waldenses. But he rejects them all, alleging that these persons were led to these conclusions by the apparent meaning of the words, and not by the facts...Mr. Robinson rejects these these three statements, and then gives his own judgment that they were so called because they lived in the mountains. These four views cover all that has been advanced relative to the meaning of these names. But Robinson's own explanation is purely fanciful, and seems to have been adopted by no other [Sabbath keeping] writer. He offers, however, conclusive reasons for rejecting the statement that they took their name from their shoes. [Examining the source information, Robinson details almost 10 pages of research on why option 4 is most plausible. Since that doesn’t support Andrews claims, he rejects it] There remain, therefore, only the first and second of these four statements, which are that they were called by these names because they kept the Saturday for the Lord's day, and because they did not keep the sabbaths of the papists.” (History of the Sabbath, J.N. Andrews pp 409-410)

Why Andrew’s rejects Robinson’s conclusions is never clear and he never addresses Robinson’s research on locations. He seems to dismiss it on the grounds that other Sabbath keeping writers don’t agree with Robinson. 

At the very least, Andrew’s is only willing to give his readers a partial quote from Robinson, removing the most salient material and keeping only the information that agrees with his own conclusions. 

It is also worth noting that Emilia Comba, a popular Waldenese pastor from the 1900’s, who is also widely quoted by the SDA’s and COG’s never mentions that the Waldenses keep the Sabbath, Holy days or other Mosaic Laws. He more closely aligns with Robinson’s conclusions and affirms the moniker of “Insabates,” was because of the “sabates (sandals) some wore in mountainous regions. While this isn’t Robinson’s conclusion, Comba identifies this name “Insabbatati” as a result of their clothing and not because this is a reference to the Jewish Sabbath. 

Consider the following quotes:

“The first name they are ambitious of, that of “Poor of Christ,” was not new, nor was that of “Brethren.” Catholics sometimes call them after the name of Waldo, their teacher; sometimes “Poor of Lyons,” or “Leonists,” to mark their origins; or again, Insabates, because of the “sabates” [sandals] they were in the habit of wearing.”

History of the Waldenses of Italy: From Their Origin to the Reformation, Emilio Comba, pp250

“We shall now add a few more details about Waldensian customs. The early Waldenses as we have seen were distinguished by a particular costume. They wore a woollen tunic, a cloak and a particular kind of shoes. They cut the upper part of these latter, so as to recall the apostolic use of sandals and marked them with a sign resembling a shield on account of which they were called “Ensabates or Insabbatati.” They were like the Nazarenes in respect that they wore their beards and their hair long. A monk whose halting jests have been already noticed mocks at them in his own fashion He says They find it more convenient to cross the straps of their sandal than to crucify their members, they crown not their head but their shoes. That sign was however a cross in the days of the persecution.”

(History of the Waldenses of Italy: From Their Origin to the Reformation, Emilio Comba, pp277-278)

Waldenses Beliefs and Government

Several other striking differences between the Waldenses from the Church of God movement is in their orothodox protestant views. Both Robinson and Comba specifically note religious practices that were common to the Waldenses. “Christian liberty” or “grace” was a hallmark characteristic of their congregations. This stood out in sharp contrast to the Catholics belief in the necessity of works and rituals for salvation. The Waldenses also believed God was a Trinity, and in His triune nature. While LCG adheres to strict law keeping for salvation, the primitive Waldenses resembled baptists in their belief around divine grace. In addition, there was no clear governing hierarchy or clergy class among the Waldenses, with women freely teaching in their congregations. Added together all of these characteristics paint a very different picture from either LCG, the WCG or the SDA congregations.

“To be convinced of this, one has but to consult the scriptures. There we shall also find that the good are in the minority. If we desire to belong to that number, let us learn to invoke the aid of the Holy Trinity, love our neighbor, and turn a hopeful eye upon the blessings to come. Our salvation depends on that. (History of the Waldenses of Italy: From Their Origin to the Reformation, Emilio Comba, pp227)

The new law is superior to that of Moses; the Sermon on the mount is a testimony to that. Jesus having Himself been baptized for the salvation of men, conferred upon His Apostles the power of baptizing and instructing every creature in the law of the Gospel. To his power He added that of performing miracles and foretelling the future. (History of the Waldenses of Italy: From Their Origin to the Reformation, Emilio Comba, pp229)

“The distinguishing feature of the primitive Waldenses is the doctrine and practice of Christian Liberty. The orthodox positively affirms “they were not guilty of manichaeism, and other abominable heresies.”...”Yes, replies Limberch, “to say honestly what I think, of all the modern sects of Christians, the dutch baptists most resemble both the Albigenses and the Waldenses, but particularly the latter.” (Ecclesiastical Researches, Robert Robinson, pp311)

“It’s not clear that the ancient Waldenses had any clergy...They held the priesthood in abhorrence. They allowed women to teach and laughed at the distinction between clergy and laity. (Ecclesiastical Researches, Robert Robinson, pp313)

Waldenses--Establishing a Link to the Apostles?

As we have seen, both the SDA and COG movements rely on Comba’s book to establish the Waldenses and their supposed Sabbath/Law keeping as a crucial link for church history to bring them to the first century. Unfortunately, these groups don’t heed the fact that Comba himself specifically warns against trying to use history to prove the Waldenses have apostolic connections. Shockingly, in the preface to his book on Waldense history, Comba makes the following warning.

“There has been desire on the part of some to extend backward their early history; with this only as a result, that it has been crushed out of all shape. The historian has filled it full of fables and traditions picked up at hap-hazard; then, as if with trumpet-blast and clarion ring, its antiquity was blazoned forth. But, although the sound re-echoed far and wide, it could not dispel the thick cloud that overhung that people's origin and early days. Flatterers are more to be feared than assailants. The former would have it credited or imagined that the Waldenses are of a patriarchal age--of great duration; that they are apostolic in name and in fact, but barren withal; that they had an existence, but always in the cradle; that they did not live with all the word implies, but slept for three, seven, or even ten centuries! It is quite possible to conceive that such an uneventful existence--if such could be--might well have passed unnoticed; what we deny is that such an existence was possible. We shall examine facts, and after all if we find the antiquity of the Waldenses to be less far reaching than has been supposed, it is none the less grand and venerable...There is an idea with some, that its origin may be traced back to the very time of the first preaching of the Gospel; but it is important that this idea be disentangled from a confused mass of legends…We shall find the first authentic source appearing with Waldo, and the disciples whom tradition has called by his name. From that time onward, we shall follow the sinuous course of their followers' history down to the eve of the Reformation. (History of the Waldenses of Italy: From Their Origin to the Reformation, Emilio Comba, Preface)

Cherry Picking Facts

In addition, another source commonly used by the COG groups is William Jones' “The History of the Christian Church, from the Birth of Christ, to the XVII. Century” COG’s regularly use this historical source to prove their apostolic lineage but it is clear from Jones’ own writing that this is foolish and impossible.

“It may possibly strike some readers with surprise that no notice is taken, in the following pages, of a multiplicity of sects which arose, from time to time, in what is called the Christian world, and whose history occupies so very large space in the volumes of most of our modern writers on this subject...In tracing the kingdom of Christ in the world, I have paid no regard whatever to the long disputed subject of apostolical succession. I have, indeed, read much that has been written upon it by the Catholic writers on one side, and by Dr. Allix, Sir Samuel Morland, and several Protestants on the other; and I regret the labour that has been so fruitlessly expended by the latter, persuaded as I am that the postulatum is a mere fiction, and that the ground on which the Protestant writers have proceeded in contending for it, is altogether untenable. It is admitted, that the Most High has had his churches and people in every age, since the decease of the Apostles; but to attempt to trace a regular succession of ordained bishops in the Vallies of Piedmont, or any other country, is "labouring in the fire for very vanity," and seems to me to proceed upon mistaken views of the nature of the kingdom of Christ, and the sovereignty of God, in his operations in the earth, as they have respect to it. (“The History of the Christian Church, from the Birth of Christ, to the XVII. Century” - Jones, vol. 1; p. xvi)

In short, two of the most quoted resources used by the COG’s to establish the doctrinal lineage through the Waldenses (or any other small sect) is tantamount to ignoring the vast amount of knowledge which establishes the contrary view. There is no “unbroken chain” of either Sabbath or Law keepers that can be traced back to the original apostles. Those who try to force history to do so, end up twisting or ignoring centuries of research proving a contrary view.

Other WCG Conclusions on Sabbath Keeping

The Worldwide Church of God also produced other pieces on church history. One particular piece written by Dean Blackwell, The Plain Truth About the Waldenses which was his PhD thesis at Ambassador College (WCG’s unaccredited Bible school in Pasadena, CA), is one of the more detailed pieces of literature the church produced (even though it wasn’t circulated widely). While I am not refuting all his claims in this article, it’s helpful to keep these few points in mind.

  1. The bibliography of his “research paper” is a veritable “who’s who” of SDA theologians and prophets. Much of the information in his thesis paper is lifted verbatim from those materials. The historical inaccuracies have already been vetted in other places and most of what Blackwell brings is not “new” research, just “requoted” materials from the SDA’s.

  2. The Waldenses themselves refute claims that attempt to connect their organization to the early apostles and do not teach apostolic succession. In fact, that was one difference between them and the Catholic Church historically. While Catholics see their Popes extending back to the original 12, the Waldenses hold to no such belief.

  3. WCG ministers who compiled their fabricated church history have already been caught specifically removing vital information in their historical stories, to substantiate their positions.

In the final analysis of the LCG’s quote in “God’s Church Through the Ages,” we can see not only do they obfuscate where the information came from, they also misrepresent the research in the original material as did the Seventh Day Adventists. LCG cited research that was lifted from a false prophet in a heterodox Christian tradition (SDA’s) and I find it curious that Armstrongism, which is quite outspoken on being the “Only True Church,” relies on information from such a source. However in this case, they seem to do so with ease, since it supports their narrative. Robert Robinson’s research is taken out of context, by both by J.N. Andrews and the writers at LCG. They directly ignore Robinson’s warnings and instead, insert their own misdirected conclusions, making it seem like theirs is the only conclusion one could draw. 


The moniker “Insabbatai,” is used by LCG, WCG and the SDA’s to prove the Waldenses were Sabbath keepers, to establish an unbroken apostolic link back to the original apostles. The authors they quote, almost always refute this conclusion. Obviously, the COG writers don’t report this part of the research. My conclusion can only be that they are either deceptively twisting a historical reference, hoping no one examines the source material, or they never actually investigated it themselves outside of official church literature.

This is a powerful demonstration of how leaders in these groups who teach this can be deceived by the materials they openly profess to have “proven” and never thoroughly examined where their own history comes from.

For a more detailed examination of the SDA/WCG church history narrative, I recommend Bruce Renehim’s book “Daughter of Babylon.” His work is exhaustive and compiles a variety of other source materials disapproving the church history story told in the Church of God groups. In addition, Comba’s book referenced above is also very readable and paints a detailed picture of who the Waldenses are. 

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Crackpot Prophet Tries To Prove His Legtimacy Once Again And Fails


It has to be rough being the most ridiculed prophet of the Church of God. Being the newcomer on the block that is already overrun by countless other self-appointed false prophets, church leaders, and outright liars, it is a constant struggle to maintain legitimacy. Today in COGland prophets are a dime a dozen.

One thing they all have in common is that they love to trot out Herbert Armstrong as proof of their legitimacy. There was only one chosen leader, appointed by Herbert Armstrong himself thus invalidating every one of the current crop of church leaders.

The other thing most of them have in common is the myth of proper church government. Armstrongism has always been hierarchical with the power concentrated at the top by some self-appointed grand guru, chief overseer, apostle, prophet, or pastor general. They all imagine themselves as leaders of an army of followers marching forward militaristically like those in Onward Christian Soldiers. The problem the Church of God faces today with these blithering idiots is that NONE of them are men with masculine leadership skills. Some think the more bombastic they are the more they are in tune with god.

This all brings us today to our Great Bwana Bob Mzungu Thiel, a church leader so far down the totem pole that he is constantly covered in crap from all of these above him. The Great Bwana is like most of the other self-appointed COG leaders who know that God never appointed them. As hard as they try, they just can never gain the legitimacy they crave so narcissistically

It is even worse when you have self-appointed yourself after getting kicked out of your original church community. When that happens the black marks are already stacked against you. After Rod Meredith publicly humiliated the Great Bwana Bob he has never been able to get his foot in the door. That is why out of the thousands of Living Church of God members he has been unable to gather many followers.  They saw his hypocritical know-it-all attitude when he was amongst them and it disturbed the vast majority of them.

This damaged track record is constantly niggling at him and that is why he constantly has to keep trying to prove his legitimacy. After all, it is all about him and not so much about Jesus.

Fortunately, even trotting out dead Herbert does not help their cause, particularly when they use church government as their basis for existence. Most people know for a fact that Herbert Armstrong would have kicked these little guys out of the church so fast their heads would be spinning 38 years later. But, yet they persist.

For some absurd reason, the Great Bwana Bob thinks that his little cult is the faith once delivered in the 1st century and that all of us should immediately acknowledge him as the true prophet and the one true church. It just irks him to high heaven that people mock him and do not respect the church government structure he believes he has in place that places him at the top and the rest of the church under his feet.

On May 7. he trots out several articles by Herbert on how we can lose our salvation by not following proper church government and not heading the appointed church leader and his wisdom. He starts off by using Herb's bellowing article, Some of You May Not Make It Into God’s Kingdom – Does It Mean YOU? as the basis of guilt-tripping backsliders and the rebellious people of the church into following him because proper church government DEMANDS they do.

Remember this crap?

Since Adam failed to resist Satan and to restore the GOVERNMENT OF GOD, none of Adam’s children could overcome Satan and qualify to replace Satan on that throne over all the earth and to RESTORE the government of God. So finally God sent His OWN Son, His only-begotten Son, to become human as well as divine. Jesus was GOD in human flesh — God as well as MAN. He was the ONLY human ever able to obey God’s great spiritual LAW perfectly, resist and conquer Satan and QUALIFY to RESTORE the GOVERNMENT OF GOD on earth!

More than that, He was able to set us an example of living THE WAY of God’s spiritual LAW, to die for us, paying for us the penalty of our sins, and to be resurrected by the FATHER, thus making our resurrection and immortal life possible — so that WE may become God’s CHILDREN in GOD’S FAMILY, and born GOD BEINGS. 
We together with God and with Christ shall form THE KINGDOM OF GOD, RULING ALL THE EARTH WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD. Satan then shall be banished.

And then there was this:

The KINGDOM is the divine FAMILY of God. If we cannot live as a FAMILY should live, according to God’s SPIRITUAL LAW, now, while in God’s Church, WE SIMPLY WON’T MAKE IT INTO God’s KINGDOM (which is His divine FAMILY!). 
Now PLEASE! PLEASE, dear brethren, HEED THIS! Many of you are NOT living the kind of FAMILY LIFE that is preparing you for God’s Kingdom. And if you DON’T repent, and reorder your whole FAMILY life, YOU SIMPLY WON’T MAKE IT INTO THE KINGDOM! I MEAN THAT! It is LIFE AND DEATH for ALL ETERNITY! 
We found at the summer SEP camp at Orr, Minn., that in many cases the children DO NOT EAT WITH THEIR PARENTS AT HOME! 
It is reported to me that many of you are LAX in child training and in teaching your little children! You ARE NEGLECTING YOUR FAMILY LIFE. And you may be NEGLECTING SO GREAT SALVATION. 
Listen to what God SAYS! “How shall we [we in the Church] escape, if we NEGLECT so great salvation?” (Heb. 2:3). 
… many of you are NEGLECTING your very salvation! 
God says to YOU: “For the time IS COME that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if… the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?” (l Pet. 4:17-18). (Good News, January 1981)

The Great Bwana then adds some more Herbism's to back himself up as the one legitimate COG leader:

Five years after the above was published Herbert W. Armstrong died. 
In the radio broadcast he did, titled End Time Falling Away, Herbert Armstrong taught that the New Testament shows there will be falling away related to the Church of God in Acts 20:28-29, as well as a massive turning aside towards fables for the world in 2 Timothy 4:3 (note, all oral quotes in this document are from my notes and may not always be verbatim but do accurately convey what he taught): 
Men to turn away from the truth … Acts 20:29 and 30 … Paul … wanted to meet with the leaders of the church … What church? The Church of God! … “For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.”

Imagine being so blinded by one's self-importance that the Great Bwana can't see this is talking about himself.

The Great Bwana then goes on to try and blame Tkach Sr and others for the miserable state of the church today. I hate to burst the Great Bwanas bubble but the church was already doomed decades before Tkach ever took over.

His successor was NOT faithful and led what was perhaps one of the largest ‘falling aways’ in the history of the Church of God. 
Thus, Herbert W. Armstrong was correct to warn people who thought they were Christians that they may not make it into the Kingdom of God.

He continues with this:

While the above seems to have other applications, the fact that two-thirds of those in the old WCG accepted total apostasy after the death of Herbert W. Armstrong, and about one-third did not, makes the possible application of the Tkach apostasy seem to fit. 
Nowadays, most remaining Christians do not accept proper church governance–even though Herbert W. Armstrong emphasized that a lot in his final years on Earth for Philadephian Christians.

The Great Bwana is leading up to why he and he alone is the one true church leader and why we would submit to his governance:

After Herbert W. Armstrong’s death, not only was there a falling away, it has become clear that the Laodicean era has been upon us. 
Sadly, most who did not fall away from Christianity have drifted into Laodiceanism.

If you are going to believe the church-era nonsense then you would need to admit that the church was already Laodicean many decades earlier. There is nothing Philadelphian about the COG today. Brotherly love does not exist in the COG today, even in the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god".

In the end times, MOST true Christians will be Laodicean. It is not that the Laodiceans cannot enter the Kingdom of God, but they have issues that they need to change–and risk severe chastisement in this life if they do not repent. 
Do not remain Laodicean.

So what is a grievous sinning Laodicean to do? 

Why, join the one true Church of Bwana Bob! Woo Hoo! Petra here we come!

He continues by quoting some more Herbism's:

God has always, in dealing with humans, worked through ONE MAN at a time — one who believed God! Some in ancient Israel challenged this one-man leadership. Some, like-wise, have challenged it today! … In founding God’s Church, Jesus worked primarily through one man, Peter, even though He originally chose His 12 disciples. Few have ever noticed how Peter was the real leader. Jesus had told His disciples to go NOT to the gentiles, but to the “lost sheep of the House of Israel.” … Notice now PETER’S preeminence. Few have ever put all these scriptures together as I shall now do. This shows PETER was leader. … And, though there were other apostles, God worked primarily through ONE man –PETER! Has God changed? Or is He the SAME still today? … The Jerusalem conference (Acts 15) showed that PETER was predominant over even Paul, although Paul was the ONE MAN God worked through primarily in the ministry to gentiles. The CHURCH is GOD’S Church. (Armstrong, Herbert W. And NOW Christ Sets Church Back On Track Doctrinally. Good News, April 1979). 
Notice that Herbert Armstrong believed that God mainly worked through the leadership of one man at a time to lead various phases of the work. Scripture, shows for example, that the mantle passed from Elijah to Elisha (2 Kings 2:9-15). The ‘mantle’ would currently be with the person/group that truly functioned as the ‘pillar and ground of truth’ (1 Timothy 3:15). 
For fifty years in the second century, according to Herbert W. Armstrong, that man was Polycarp:

It is significant that after his release John trained Polycarp elder of Smyrna, a city near Ephesus in the province of Asia. … At neighboring Smyrna, Polycarp presided over the Church of God for half a century after John’s death. Polycarp stood up boldly for the truth while many fell away and began having fellowship with the Catholic bishops of Rome. History relates that following the example of Peter, Paul and John, Polycarp wrote many letters to congregations and individuals, though all these have perished, save one in an edited version. (Armstrong HW. The Church They Couldn’t Destroy. Good News, December 1981) 
For over 50 years in the 20th century, it was Herbert W. Armstrong. 
And in the 21st century, that one man is not in any of the independent or more structured Laodicean groups. 
Support the remnant of the Philadephian era and God’s work today. 
Do not delay (cf. Zephaniah 2:1-3).

The Great Bwana is a deceitful liar to claim he is that "one man". He is everything but that. No real Christian would ever follow such a deceitful little man, particularly one who says as many lies as he does. He and Dave Pack are just alike as they manipulate and deceive their followers. 

The more a COG leader shouts to us about how important they are and how they are God's highly chosen it should be a bright beacon to us all that these men are liars. If they have to continuously prove to us who they are then they are not the kind of person any of us needs to follow.

Stay away, Far away!


Crackpot Prophet: God Is Using Recent Tornados To Correct Disobedient Sinners


Just like clockwork when there is tragedy somewhere in the world, particularly in so-called "British Israelite" countries, whether it be fires, earthquakes, wars, and even tornados, the fraudulent false prophets or false mediums of Armstrongism come out of the woodwork spreading their ignorant biblical interpretations. Their god is an angry god and is so angry that it wants to wipe out most of humanity. These fraudulent mediums of Christianity preach nothing but slop that isn't even worthy of feeding the pigs with.

This brings us to our Great Bwana Bob Mzungu Thiel, the false medium of biblical interpretations. As everyone here in the States knows by now there have been several days of deadly and destructive tornados in the Midwest. For Church of God false prophets/diviners/mediums, this is a wet dream come true. It is a sure sign that their god is punishing the degenerate sinful people who refuse to heed their warnings or listen to their sermons.

The Great Bwana Mzungu Theil writes:

God teaches that because of disobedience He will scatter people and use a whirlwind:

8 Then the word of the Lord came to Zechariah, saying, 9 “Thus says the Lord of hosts:

‘Execute true justice,
Show mercy and compassion
Everyone to his brother.
10 Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless,
The alien or the poor.
Let none of you plan evil in his heart
Against his brother. 
11 But they refused to heed, shrugged their shoulders, and stopped their ears so that they could not hear. 12 Yes, they made their hearts like flint, refusing to hear the law and the words which the Lord of hosts had sent by His Spirit through the former prophets. Thus great wrath came from the Lord of hosts. 13 Therefore it happened, that just as He proclaimed and they would not hear, so they called out and I would not listen,” says the Lord of hosts. 14 “But I scattered them with a whirlwind among all the nations which they had not known. Thus the land became desolate after them, so that no one passed through or returned; for they made the pleasant land desolate.” (Zechariah 7:8-14) 
21 A cyclone sweeps them up — gone!
Not a trace of them left, not even a footprint.
22 Catastrophes relentlessly pursue them;
they run this way and that, but there’s no place to hide —
23 Pummeled by the weather,
blown to kingdom come by the storm.’
(Job 27:21-23, THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson.) 
12 Woe to the multitude of many people, like the multitude of the roaring sea: and the tumult of crowds, like the noise of many waters.
13 Nations shall make a noise like the noise of waters overflowing, but he shall rebuke him, and he shall flee far off: and he shall be carried away as the dust of the mountains before the wind, and as a whirlwind before a tempest.
14 In the time of the evening, behold there shall be trouble: the morning shall come, and he shall not be: this is the portion of them that have wasted us, and the lot of them that spoiled us. (Isaiah 17:12-14, DRB) 
The following is telling of a time when at least some of the descendents of Ephraim (currently dominating lands such as the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) will face a major destruction from a tornado:

15 Even though Ephraim ran wild,
the black sheep of the family.
“God’s tornado is on its way,
roaring out of the desert.
It will devastate the country,
leaving a trail of ruin and wreckage.
The cities will be gutted,
dear possessions gone for good.
16 Now Samaria has to face the charges
because she has rebelled against her God:
Her people will be killed, babies smashed on the rocks,
pregnant women ripped open.
(Hosea 13:15-16, THE MESSAGE)

If this is all true like the Great Bwana says, then he has to admit that God punished him recently due to his sinful nature and grievous disobedience when God sent a tornado to rip off the roof of his world headquarters and then drench everything inside with rain, including his phone system, thus disrupting the vital end-time work of the Great prophet. 

Self-appointed Church of God prophets/diviners/mediums tend to be the biggest sinners and liars of the church. It shouldn't shock us that much when we remember that the Great Bwana Bob Mzungu has practitioners of witchcraft in his African membership. 


CGI's Adrian Davis: "Satan has been studying them and waiting for an opportunity to strike."


Fruitiness That Remains: Adrian Davis

This past Sabbath, Canadian Church of God International Pastor Adrian Davis delivered a broadside to CGI’s leadership in Texas. For the first time in five years, he was able to speak in person to Bill Watson’s Medina congregation and cheer on his mentor. The sermon was titled Fruit That Remains, and guess who immediately posted it to their sermon archive on their website? That’s right, the Church of God International – the very folks he was castigating for criticizing his and Bill’s messaging! Talk about insanity and appeasement!

Adrian began his message by describing what some have called a “polycrisis” – the many existential threats currently facing humanity. He quoted one of the favorite scriptures of Armstrongists, Matthew 24, “a very familiar scripture to any of us who have been walking with Christ.” His point? That, being deceived is our (CGI’s) existential threat. He went on to say that if we don’t endure to the end, we won’t be saved. In other words, unless you continue in the doctrines and teachings that Bill and I have been feeding you, you won’t make it into God’s Kingdom!

Adrian then went on to make very clear which messaging he was talking about. He said: “There are going to be men, like Pastor Bill Watson, who do not buckle under pressure – who do not resort to political correctness to please the Globalists – that will teach truth and will teach the Gospel without apology and without cowardice.” He went on to tell his audience that it was their responsibility to discern that what he and Watson are teaching is true. Davis told them that this was a collaborative effort between teacher and student, and that they would have to do their part if they wanted to avoid getting caught up in “this sweeping Age of Deception.”

He went on to say that Christians like him and Bill have courage – that “we’re ok to be humiliated.” Davis noted that America has changed – there is a hostility toward Christ in our government and society. To underscore his point, he proceeded to quote a passage from the third chapter of Paul’s second epistle to Timothy: 

Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them. (II Timothy 3:12-14, NKJV) 

According to Pastor Davis, however, the deception is not confined to the outside world. He said that it is also inside the Church of God International (as evidenced by some of the brethren practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and getting those nasty vaccines).

According to him, Satan has been studying them and waiting for an opportunity to strike. Davis made very clear that he believes that a “wave of deception” is sweeping through our lands and the Church. He said that Satan was trying to take their focus off of Christ and his kingdom by focusing our attention on social justice. The good pastor then declared: “I’m embarrassed to see how easily brethren were just swept up in these Marxist ideologies at the same time claiming to follow Christ,” and “if we don’t want Christ, he doesn’t want us!” He went on to assert that “everything you see in the media is a lie.” According to Pastor Davis those vaccine mandates were part of the spirit of Antichrist, and he said: “I thank pastors like Bill Watson who didn’t buckle.”

He said that folks like him and Bill “had to sit in humiliation…because we love the truth.” Davis went on to say that the powers that be “want us to think were crazy.” “No,” he continued, “we’re the sane ones.” According to Pastor Davis, “the conspiracy theories turned out to be facts.” You see, for Adrian and Bill, Globalism is EVIL! He went on to imply that Christ’s sheep would continue to hear their messaging, because they were proclaiming Christ’s message (Although I don’t remember Jesus saying anything about Globalism, Marxism, vaccine mandates, or social distancing). At any rate, Adrian made it very clear that he and Bill would NOT be intimidated by those evil Globalists. He went on to assert: “We may be persecuted. We may be humiliated, but we have the truth!” Hmmmm, I’m not so sure about that!

Lonnie Hendrix