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Dave Pack: Are You Unemployed? We Do Not Care, Send Us Some Money


From a reader:

A young man with a developmental disability who had previously attended Restored Church of God Services recently received a letter from that organization with four Holy Day Offering envelopes enclosed. The young man in question is very bright and intellectually curious, but he does not currently have a job or any other source of income. He lives with his parents and had expressed an interest (in times past) of attending RCG's Feast of Tabernacles, but no help was forthcoming for that purpose. Indeed, that organization has not offered any help in the direction of relieving this good person's situation/circumstances or for helping him to attend festivals which they teach that he is bound to observe.

I would say that it was just an honest mistake - an oversight on their part, but the young man did actually monitor* the services of a congregation near him! Moreover, RCG had placed his correct name and address on both the letter to him and the enclosed Offering envelopes! Hence, I'm thinking that it would stretch believability to suggest that they didn't know exactly what they were doing. Maybe they thought that the young man could squeeze some money out of parents, family or friends? Maybe they thought he had a little nest egg set aside? I don't know, and I frankly don't care. I do know, however, that it is downright reprehensible to squeeze a young man for money whom they should obviously be helping!

*monitor - not physically present but able to watch on video  

Dave Pack's New Public Relations Nightmare Unfolding In Wadsworth

RCG’s UnOpen House


In the 1999 comedy “Office Space," there is a scene in which the two Bobs discover that Milton is still employed, but the records say he was laid off five years prior. Instead of creating a confrontation by letting him know he is no longer an employee, they decide to stop sending him paychecks, and the problem will just work itself out naturally.”


That must be one of Dr. Tim Ranney’s favorite movies because he took the same approach this week. As the P.R. guy of The Restored Church of God, he dis-invited Dawn Blue of How It’s Done and me from the Restored Church of God UnOpen House by deleting our Eventbrite digital tickets the day of the event. Without a courtesy phone call to us. Without a direct email to us. Click shift-delete. “Wow, that could have been awkward,” he must have mused.


RCG was proud to announce its first open house in nine years since the Headquarters Campus was built in 2013. The timing of this event is interesting since they have made it a tradition of not engaging with the people of Wadsworth. Surely this is not a public relations stunt that would help stop their plummeting reputation.


The RCG UnOpen House was held at 4pm on Thursday, September 8.


Whopper Alert Near The End


As members of the Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce, we received the email invitation from RCG. Dawn Blue registered me and four others with our full names and contact information on August 18. This was no stealth incursion.


The automated system generated PDF tickets and sent them via email.

Dawn and I had many discussions about this event over the next three weeks. We were not going to confront anyone. We were not going to cause a scene. We were not going to quiz David C. Pack about his new $500,000 trimmed lawn. Nope. We only wanted to watch and listen.


I prepped her in advance, "If RCG reaches out to you regarding our intent, just tell them, 'We will be as harmless as doves.' That is Bible-speak, and they will understand."


Dawn wanted to take the tour because her curiosity was killing her. Trust me, the HQ Campus is beautiful. The Hall of Administration (plenty of empty space). The Media Center Studio (retired). The Grand Garden. The lakes. The barn and horses. The landscaping is exceptional…and I do not say that facetiously. I enjoyed my time walking the Campus while I was employed there.


Dawn Blue and I would have done nothing to bring dishonor to the Chamber of Commerce or our fellow members. If we had “acted up” at the event, we would have been seen as “the bad guys” after all and brought shame to the Wadsworth community.


As time rolled toward the September 8 event, I wondered if we would get a phone call to find out why we wanted to go. Perhaps an email once they saw our names on the guest list. But instead, nothing.


Dawn and I attended the Chamber of Commerce luncheon one week before the UnOpen House. Dr. Tim Ranney and Edward L. Winkfield were there. I even said hello to Dr. Ranney on his way to the coffee. Ed and I never made eye contact. At this point, they knew we were Chamber members if they did not before.


Surely we would get a rejection now. But more silence and inaction from RCG.


Then I wondered, are they so incompetent that nobody checked the names on the guest list? Or perhaps they are having week-long meetings to discuss what to do by weighing the pros and cons of rejecting us.


Whatever decision was made, it had to be a thumbs up or thumbs down by Caesar himself. No way Brad would make that call on his own. So, Dave knew we registered. I hoped he would see it as a test of wills and let me in just to see if I had the spine to show up.


Oh, I was going to show up, Dave. I had the PDF ticket on my phone.

Dawn was equally excited as I was. Two days before the event, we received an email reminder. Wow, they are really going to let this happen. Or will they act like cowards and cancel us at the last minute? Ha.


Here is how we learned about being dis-invited by the brave professionals at The Restored Church of God that day.·   RCG deletes our tickets from Eventbrite without informing us.

·   Dr. Tim Ranney calls the Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce to extend the courtesy of letting them know Dawn and I were no longer invited. I am a disgruntled employee.

·   This kind and thoughtful lady at the Chamber office exercises “brotherly love” by calling Dawn to “make sure she knew” that we were no longer invited. Dawn did not know. (If it was not for this caring lady taking time out of her busy day to do Dr. Ranney’s job, Dawn and I would have walked up to the front gate to attend. That would have been interesting.)

·   Dr. Tim Ranney tells the Chamber that an email was sent to Dawn and me. It was not. We never received any notification from Eventbrite, and he chose to not let us know directly. Instead, he lets the system "just work itself out naturally." Classy move.

·   Dawn calls me, and I confirm that I have no notifications. I went to the Eventbrite website, and my digital ticket was gone, and the event was no longer on my calendar.

·   I call RCG and leave Dr. Tim Ranney a voicemail message asking for clarification.essage asking for clarification.

Around 2pm, he called me back. I have never heard the man speak in such a curt tone. This was not the same man I had shared a smile with the week before. It made me wonder if Brad was sitting next to him to ensure he exuded strength and authority.

He explained an email went out to Dawn and me. I explained it did not.

All my questions were answered the same way, “We’re not going to get into that today.” 

“When can we get into it if it’s not today?”

“Not today. Let me be clear. I just don't want you to misunderstand. You’re not invited.”

The exchange was brief.

 "Marc, we're done talking. You wanted clarification, and I gave you that. I'm not going to give you any more information today. We're too busy to even start a discussion.”

Since I am very aware that Headquarters “monitors” everything I publish online, here are some open questions for Dr. Tim Ranney:

·  Why not ask me at the luncheon last week what our interest was?

·  Why not call Dawn to ask her if she would respectfully conduct herself?

·  Why not write to let me know there were concerns about me attending?

·  Why wait until the “last minute” to address this?

·  Why did you choose to not engage either one of us directly via email or phone call?

·  How are you not embarrassed to leave the responsibility of notifying us to the Chamber of Commerce?

·  How are you not ashamed of having someone else do your job?

·  Why tell the Chamber of Commerce that an email was sent to Dawn Blue and me when you did not bother to confirm that it was actually true?

Does anyone want to wager on the odds of me getting my answers? I am available via phone or email, Dr. Ranney.


By trying to stop the bleeding of one P.R. nightmare, RCG steps into another.

When God’s protection is just not enough, the Wadsworth P.D. are available.

Good grief, Charlie Brown.

After having the front gate closed for nine years and finally inviting some of the folks in the Wadsworth Community to come onto the Campus and experience the joys of a Christian Church, all guests were welcomed by an armed security guard.

I went shopping at the Giant Eagle across the street, and the first thing I saw as I pulled into the parking lot was a Wadsworth Police vehicle parked at the RCG front gate. My jaw dropped.

I am no public relations expert, but that makes for some awkward, piss-poor optics. And I just had to take a picture. I did not dare to come near the edge of the Giant Eagle property lest I be accused of stalking them or trespassing on the Campus.

Thanks to the wise discernment of RCG leadership, rumor has become a reality.

RCG does have armed security guarding the Campus.

How is that for a welcoming sight?

Perhaps some kook left a burning paper bag of poop on Dave’s doorstep the night before. Everyone was on high alert. 

Having a police officer guarding the front gate is more sound for repelling antichrists than holding a crucifix and garlic, shouting, "The power of Wadsworth compels you. The power of Wadsworth compels you.”

After all, what else could they do? Rely on God? Oh, come on. That sounds great from the lectern but let’s be reasonable.

Since I did not make it through the gate, I was unsure if there were x-ray machines inside the front door of the Hall of Administration. People are used to being frisked at the airport, so if a "minister" asked them to take off their shoes as they entered, it would be no surprise. 

Giant Eagle is a high-traffic area, and I knew someone in the community would post this on Facebook. My fellow neighbors did not disappoint.

See. Dawn Blue and I are not the only sources of discomfort for Dave and the enablers on the third floor. I greatly appreciate the people of Wadsworth who reach out unsolicited to provide information. The eyes and ears are everywhere. –

The last point speaks to RCG’s truthfulness as an organization. 

You cannot take Pastor General David C. Pack at his word. Not with the little things and certainly not with the big things.

Tonight at sunset is the beginning of Elul 15, when Jesus Christ is scheduled to return and give salvation to the members of RCG. According to Dave. I am also scheduled for the Lake of Fire, but if I am still here on Monday, you can paint me unsurprised.

RCG’s UnOpen House is a layered title.

Calling a private, public relations event ONLY for vendors and (some) members of the Chamber of Commerce an “open house” is another RCG distortion.

This event was NOT an open house. Is that just my opinion? Let us consult the dictionary.

open house (Merriam-Webster)

1: ready and usually informal hospitality or entertainment for all comers

2: a house or apartment open for inspection, especially by prospective buyers or tenants

open house (Bing / Google)

1: a place or situation in which all visitors are welcome

2: a day when members of the public are invited to visit a place or institution, especially one to which they do not normally have access.

So, the wicked antichrist serpent attacks The Restored Church of God with facts. Again.

Even the dictionary knows this stunt was not an “open house.” Why is it so challenging for a Christian Church to be truthful? Look at the leadership, and the answer “will just work itself out naturally.”




I wanted to go to the RCG UnOpen House to show David C. Pack that I am not afraid of him.

Having armed police at the front gate tells everyone that David C. Pack is afraid of me.


Even though false prophetic teachings and fear-driven manipulation are all serious topics, there is still room to have a little fun once in a while,

Revive is an iPhone application that lets you deep-fake still pictures with singing and talking. You can try it for free. Tears of joy shall flow forth.

Marc Cebrian

See: RCG’s UnOpen House

Samuel Martin Named Executive Director of the US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children.


Samuel Martin, son of the late Earnest Martin has been on a long-time quest of ending corporal punishment of children. Witnessing what he did in the church and around the world, he has written two books that have had wide acclaim on the subject. He has now taken on the role of Executive Director of the US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children.

Dear friends,

Warmest regards.

I pray that you are well at this time.

It is my honor to write you and ask you to join me in supporting this important campaign.

In April of this year, I began a new role with the US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children as the Executive Director.

Many of you will know of my long track record of work to end corporal punishment/spanking/smacking especially focused on those whose minds are the hardest to change: religious believers in spanking children.

Thankfully, by God's grace, my first book, which many of you will be aware of, Thy Rod and Thy Staff, They Comfort Me: Christians and the Spanking Controversy, which has been given away free of charge since 2011, has been downloaded by 1,000s of Christians and other people from around the world.

This book continues to be free and will remain free. You can get it on my own website - or here on the US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children's website -

Many of you know of my private activism against corporal punishment. My book has been used all over the world in places like South Africa, New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, Eswatini, the UK, Canada and the USA.

I have made this book available free because I wanted it to reach as many people with a message of peace, reconciliation, non-violence and healing. Thankfully, for many people who have read the book, it has been a blessing for them.

I am so grateful to anyone who has read the book and shared it with a loved one, a family member or a friend.

Now, I am asking for your help.

My activism against corporal punishment up until this point has been 100% voluntary. I have never been paid for the work that I have done promoting non violence in Christian homes. Over the last 35 years, I have worked in the world of non profit organizations to earn a living for my family. That continues to this day, but now I have taken the experience that I have learned in this work and am now bringing that experience into the work of the US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children.

I am very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and this is where you have a role in helping me.

To do work in the non profit world, we need resources to do our activities. These resources that the US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children is focusing on are the following:

1. individual supporters

2. private foundations

3. US governmental funds at the local, state and national level

The US Alliance the End the Hitting of Children up until this year has been quite small. Over the last four years, the organization has averaged about $20,000 per year in donations.

This means that our activities working to end corporal punishment have been limited. But that is about to change.

This is because today we have released our first campaign to raise money from individual supporters to move the organizations work forward.

These funds are going to help us secure other funds from institutional donors and from the US government.

Believe me, I have been working as a professional development worker for the last 20 years and my areas of expertise are in institutional fundraising and project development. I am bringing all of my experience to this work now to help develop this institution.

Now, we are moving forward in a way to really see the work of this important organization grow and flourish.

You have a role in seeing that that happens.

I am asking you to join me in supporting this organization.

I am not ask you to support me.

However, I am asking you to make a donation to this campaign and to say that you are with us.

Please, if you have benefitted from my book, please I am asking you to consider making a donation of any size to this campaign.

Please join me in supporting this work whose fruit is seeing family violence reduced and hopefully end.

Here is the link for the GOFUNDME site for this campaign -

GoFundMe: Help Stop #CorporalPunishment to Protect Children 

I am asking you to give generously to this campaign knowing that your donation is going to help us secure other funds and to see your support pooled together with others in support of this important work.

All donations are 100% tax deductible according to the relevant rules of the US government.

I have never asked anyone to donate to any effort that I can recollect. I am now asking you to do so asking that God will bless you for your generosity.

With most sincere thanks and appreciation,

Samuel Martin 

Executive Director

The US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children

18 Upper Main Street

Sharon CT 06069

Office Telephone: +1 860 387 4514




The Nose Knows: "I'm not saying I'm Elijah but..."

From 53:00 to 58:00..

  What does repeated nose touching mean in body language? 

(and throat clearing with water sipping)

Nose touching may mean a person is unconvinced, uncertain about a situation, or feeling anxious. 

(I advise against any attempt to watch this entire "sermon".  It could damage your mental health)

Touching the nose while speaking is considered a body language sign that someone wants to keep the information that’s being shared a secret. Some cultures also take the gesture as a warning not to believe what’s being said.

PCG on Churchill, Empire, and the Church of God Family Empire


The Philadelphia Church of God has reposted a long article that Gerald Flurry wrote in 2021 about the current quasi-savior/hero of the Philadelphia Church of God, Winston Churchill. The PCG has written more articles, preached more sermons, read more books, and mentioned Winston Churchill's name more in the last couple of years than they have Jesus Christ in the last several years. 

Now that Queen Elizabeth has died and Prince Charles is now King Charles III, COG false prophets and false leaders are whipping themselves into a British Israelite frenzy and see these events as a sure sign of the end times. Charles, as King, will soon hand over the throne to some imaginary creature that Armstorngism has created that they believe is coming back to sit on the Stone of Scone unless you are Gerald Flurry and his creature is coming back to sit on Herbert Armstrong's supposed prayer rock.

As usually with Flurrryoism, they take things to the extreme. They see Churchill's respect for the British Empire as a sure sign that there will be a Church of God family empire in the freakish Flurry kingdom to come. The PCG believes they will become gods and goddesses in the Family of God Empire where they will be teaching Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, King Charles, and everyone else the truth of Armstrongism.

As the true King of the God Family here on earth and to come, Gerald Flurry self-appointed himself to be the King here on earth preserving the truth once delivered. 

King Flurry writes:

The greatest empire this world has ever seen was the British Empire. It was the largest in history, and it was also the best. It was flawed, as all human governments have been. But in terms of what it did, not just for British subjects but for the world, no empire has come close to the British Empire.

God made that empire great. He did so through miracles, through laws based in part on His laws, and through men and women who loved and sacrificed and built Britain, hoping that they could make the whole world a better place for future generations. 
Winston S. Churchill was born as that empire approached its peak. As a young man, he threw himself into serving Britain, writing, fighting wars, and emerging as a political leader. When the empire experienced its sorest trial, a desperate nation turned to him for help. God used him to save Britain and Western civilization.

Yet Churchill also lived to see the British Empire enter its fatal decline. 
God is not against empires. In fact, He Himself is building an unparalleled empire—an empire that will eclipse the British Empire infinitely: the God Family Empire. 
God is building a family, and the emphasis is on family. But using the word “empire” expands our scope and the magnitude and majesty of our calling and our future.

Christians for over 2,000 years have understood the scope and magnitude of their calling rests securely in Jesus Christ and NOT in being gods and goddesses in some superduper god family to come where they will be ruling nations and teaching the world about Herbert Armstrong. Christ, after completing his job of bringing the kingdom into fruition will be without a job and will be sent off to Grover Beach where he will have a tough time convincing Beto Bob Thiel that he was not a prophet, while King Flurry and his merry band of gods and goddesses rule the world. I may be jesting a little here, but this is 90% of what Flurryism teaches.

Flurryism sees the coming Kingdom as a power structure that is an empire. Empire designates power and kingly positions, something that Flurry and his minions covet on a minute-by-minute basis.

The British Empire can teach us some outstanding lessons. Understanding more about Churchill and the empire he loved will help us understand and love the empire of God.

When God and Christ speak about the "kingdom to come" it is more about a "kindom" to come. A world filled with grace, mercy, and justice with no one lording themselves over others. A kindom where Christ himself sits down on a river bank and communes with people. COG leaders despise this kind of kindom to come. They need powerful positions in God's empire because they expect to be rulers, teachers, and gods and goddesses. Christ is going to spoil all of that for them and they can't stand that.

"What motivated Churchill? The British Empire!" 

"Britons like Churchill worked and sacrificed for something far greater than themselves. They believed not only in the glory of the empire but also what it had done for the world and what it could do for the future.

When everyone unites their efforts to support the high purpose of a civilizing empire, it can accomplish amazing things. 
You and I need this same motivating vision to do great deeds for the God Family Empire!" 
"The empire was central to Churchill’s whole life. Obviously he was human and made mistakes; I’m not trying to defend those. But he certainly was a great man for the British Empire.

Today, we are raising up the ruins of the God Family Empire. And we are the only people on Earth who really understand Winston Churchill’s thinking about empire because we have a dimension to add to it that Mr. Churchill needed. In fact, it’s a dimension this whole world needs!"

There is absolutely NOTHING that Flurry has that the world needs to hear. There is nothing that Lil'Stevie has to say that the world needs to hear. There is no "missing dimension" that the PCG has that anyone cares about, certainly not Jesus!

King Flurry goes on to write more glorifying the British Empire around the world so that's can write this about Herbert Armstrong establishing empire, with nary a word about Jesus.

The God Family Empire should be “the natural order of things” for us! We need to build that kind of attitude, where this Empire is just natural. Many of us have grown up with it! If we didn’t, then we need to study hard until we know it from beginning to end. We need to know all about the man who “restored all things” on Earth (Matthew 17:11). In a sense, we all must “grow up” in that empire Herbert W. Armstrong established. Really dig that history out and absorb it. As God says about the little book, we need to “eat it up” and digest it (Revelation 10:9), and absolutely know our Bibles. Mr. Armstrong studied the Bible like no man I’ve ever read about. He dug and made sure to prove everything he believed. And he was willing to risk everything in the process.

Churchill grew up with the empire and loved it, and he had good reason for loving it. He didn’t love it simply because it was powerful. He loved it for what it did, and the suffering it saved the world from. This had everythingto do with making him a great leader! 
His example shows how we must build this natural order of things and love the God Family Empire with more passion than he had for the British Empire.

Why is the lust for power in the Church of God used as such a strong motivator?

King Flurry continues describing this lust for power:

Anthony Froude wrote in Oceana, “A man … who is part of an institution, who has devoted himself to a cause or is a citizen of an imperial power—expands to the scope and fullness of the larger organism …. His thoughts are wider, his interests less selfish, his ambitions ampler and nobler. … A great nation makes great men; a small nation makes little men.” Likewise, a great church will make great men and women of all of us, too. It gets us away from selfishness. We can so easily become wrapped up in ourselves and fail to reach out as God wants us to! 
“True imperialism develops manhood,” Churchill said. That is politically incorrect, but true! An empire rooted in law and morality creates quality men and women! Churchill himself was a real man, and the empire made him a real leader, one of the greatest in the end time. The right kind of empire—true imperialism—builds real men and real leaders. 
This spirit of empire makes leaders stronger, and it turns followers into leaders.

Churchill, Emmert wrote, considered “the fostering of civilization as the highest purpose of empire,” and believed “that empire civilizes both the ruled and their rulers.” That is infinitely truer of the God Family Empire! It civilizes us! It makes both the rulers and the ruled more spiritual! The whole Family grows spiritual because it is ruled by the Father and the Son. Empire does that.

This is the Father’s Empire! And we are to become perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48). The more we comprehend this Empire, the wider will be our thoughts and the less selfish our interests. Our ambitions will be ampler and nobler if we fill our lives with this Family Empire and make it the natural order of things. We will become real leaders!

King Flurry imagines his church, and his alone, as soon-coming great teachers of LAW. Rules, regulations, and commands will be the rule of the day. Once Jesus is in Gover Beach, he will not be around to dispense any grace, justice, and mercy to his people. King Gerald has other plans. Whip out that rod of iron and subject people to the Empire of God! Gerald Is King! Obey his commands!

The God Family Empire has a message of law. This Church is delivering a message around the globe that’s going to straighten out all the problems in this world forever! That is quite an empire!

Sounds more like hell on earth if any COG member is ruling! 

Did you know that Herbert Armstrong's book The Missing Dimension in Sex will be used in the soon-coming empire to teach people the truth about sex? That book, as bad as it was, sits right up there next to Mystery of the Ages as the main cross-over books into the Kingdom of God where they will be placed in the New Jerusalem right next to the Bible.

We need to speak to the world about why marriage and why family. For example, our book The Missing Dimension in Sex can straighten out warped thinking and correct the evil being taught in Israel today. That wonderful book Mr. Armstrong wrote was right out of the mind of God.

Even beyond that, we need to show people through our personal examples and in our families how to live a life of hope forever! That is serving as an empire with the very truth of God. That is the positive purpose of an empire!

Holy Hanna! Can you imagine a COG leader and COG families using their personal examples of what families in the empire to come should be like? Will parents be encouraged to take their children to the Jerusalem mall and drop them off so that staff can take care of them? COG family values ROCK!

King Flurry goes on to tell his dwindling faithful that their calling into power in the empire is their top priority. Following Jesus is NOT part of the equation. Worshipping empire is.

Our calling demands unwavering support and dedication to the God Family Empire. Jesus Christ said, You may have to give up your physical family, but you’d better be willing to die for your spiritual family! This calling may require sacrificing your own life (Luke 14:26). At baptism, we agreed to those terms. So many great men and women of God have had to sacrifice their lives for this.

We must view the God Family Empire the way Churchill saw the British Empire. God wants to expand our ambitions and make them of the right kind. We need to love this Empire so much that if someone were to tell us to give it up—even with the threat of being thrown into a fiery furnace—we would refuse without a moment’s hesitation!

King FLurry says his followers need to be ready to die for this empire to come. Don't worry about dying standing up for Jesus, that's too wishy-washy for further gods and goddesses. Dying for power and law is more important. 

We really need to love this Family of God Empire—to the point of being willing to die for it if we must! We need an exalted love for this wonderful Family Empire that God is building, and build that vision within our minds!

King Flurry complains about how 95% of the COG lost their lust for power to part of the empire to come: 

Look at the Church of God. If you are merely a little church here in Edmond, Oklahoma, or a little church in Eugene, Oregon, then if you turn inward, you will go nowhere. People who think like that have little minds. That’s not the way God thinks!

Ninety-five percent of God’s people have lost God’s vision of empire and have degenerated into selfishness. They are squabbling about government and struggling to keep their churches intact, but they are doomed to fail. Lose the God Family Empire vision and the government of God, and you won’t amount to any kind of success.

Here is the only place Jesus is mentioned in this incredibly long article by King Flurry:

Churchill will be among the billions whom God resurrects in the Great White Throne Judgment. Under Christ the King, the God Family Empire will teach Churchill about the throne of David and add that dimension to his knowledge. I have a feeling he will come to see that his life was not a failure at all. But it could have been far more successful had he known about David’s throne and how Jesus Christ would return to rule from that throne!

King Flurry's "christ" is one of power and not one filled with grace and mercy.  COG leaders despise grace and mercy.

King Flurry also mentions his other hero of the Church of God, William Shakespeare:

And now we have the very throne of God in this Church! And we are going to be kings and priests in the God Family Empire! We need to be thinking like Shakespeare, where a single country is too small for us. God wants us to think “beyond the borders of Israel.” That is the way God thinks. Our Empire is the whole world and beyond!

Think like Shakespeare, absolutely, but heaven forbid if you think like wishy-washy effeminate Jesus. If you HAVE TO mention the dude at least call him CHRIST (the super masculine he-man god that effeminate COG leaders need to look up to).

Build your love and passion for the God Family Empire!

If you feel inclined, check out the long article to see how many times Jesus is mentioned. You can do it on one hand, even if you have two amputated fingers. 

Friday, September 9, 2022

Crackpot Prophet Comes Out!

Our very own self-appointed prophet to the Church of God has finally come out of the closet! Well, not THAT closet, but the Elijah closet.

God's greatest gift to the Church of God and humanity is the Great Beto Bwana to Africa and 199 Caucasians was perturbed yesterday that Gerald Flurry claimed that Herbert Armstrong was the end time Elijah who took the gospel to the world.

This got the self-righteous prophet's homeopathic underwear into a major organic twist! How dare Flurry claim HWA was Elijah when I, Beto Bob am the Elijah foretold to come! How dare he! Seriously, how dare he!!

Beto Bob writes:

Herbert W. Armstrong did restore various doctrinal truths to the COG, but Herbert W. Armstrong did not restore all things–though he did claim to restore at least 18. But, according to the Bible, could Herbert W. Armstrong have been the Elijah to come (Matthew 17)?

Let’s start with Malachi 4:5-6, but as shown in the Jewish Publication Society translation:

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet

Before the coming Of the great and terrible day of the LORD.
And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children,
And the heart of the children to their fathers;
Lest I come and smite the land with utter destruction.

Notice that the Elijah is to come just before the great and terrible day of the LORD, and if he did not come, utter destruction would occur.

Herbert W. Armstrong died in January 16, 1986.

I imagine you already see where this is going. HWA is dead and the church is still here and the world is in a horrible mess and needs to be warned by someone. Hum, I wonder who that could be???? 

Did you know that even Herbert Armstrong foretold of a certain Elijah to come:

The “very end” of the Church age was not over 35 years ago! The 6000 years has NOT yet been fulfilled. Since the “very end of the Church age” has not happened, and Herbert W. Armstrong died decades ago, his writings support that there must be another Elijah. And he was referring to an individual in the Mystery of the Ages.

And, to back up that claim Beto Bob trots out less than credible Dibar Apartian as an authority on Elijah's.  Beto even drags Aaron Dean into the mix where he claimed an Elijah was yet to come.

That being said, sometimes Herbert W. Armstrong did think that he may have fulfilled the Elijah role, but he told the late Dibar Apartian (who told me) that he was NOT the Elijah. Dibar Apartian did not believe that Herbert W. Armstrong was the Elijah when we discussed this several times and he agreed with me about this. Furthermore, essentially on his deathbed, Herbert W. Armstrongadmitted to his closest aide, Aaron Dean (who told me this multiple times) that there could be an Elijah to come after he died. 
Combining what Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in The Mystery of the Ages and the length of time since his death demonstrates that Herbert W. Armstrong could not have been the final prophesied Elijah.

 Beto continues

Since the Bible does teach that there will be an ‘Elijah’ who is alive right before Jesus returns (Malachi 4:5-6), thus it is not possible that Herbert W. Armstrong was the prophesied final Elijah.
Now, presuming Jesus will return within the next couple of decades, then that ‘Elijah’ would need to be alive now. And he would be part of the church that places the highest priority on the truth.
Yet, most Christians seemingly refuse to accept that.

Since HWA died  36 years ago and the world is still continuing on and the Churches of God are shrinking in size, this obviously means there is still an Elijah to come! Even more obvious to everyone is that Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack, and most certainly Gerald Weston are not fulfilling the Elijah role, this can only leave one person for that and it has to be Ron Weinland Bob Thiel!

No other Church of God in the entire history of Christianity is doing a work as powerful as the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god" is. No one, particularly that pipsqueak Gerald Weston who made fun of Beto.

Beto writes:

We in the Continuing Church of God are regularly restoring more truth about church history, Jesus, the Bible, doctrine, and prophecy. And we have done this more (and in more languages), by far, than any other group in the 21st century (COG or otherwise for that matter). Plus we have restored important truth about why God created anything and His plan for each human.

Beto claims he and his cult were written about in the Bible to rise up in the end times.

Was that supposed to happen? 
Notice something that Daniel wrote:

4 “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” (Daniel 12:4) 
Consider also the admonition of the Apostle Peter:

18 … grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 3:18)

No other Church of God in this horrific time of the end is growing in grace and knowledge as much as the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god" is. Not even Dave Pack's endless visions by his god can measure up to the dreams and nightmares that come daily to Beto. New knowledge and truths are being revealed constantly to God's most mighty man who is the ONLY real follower of God leading a COG today.

Also consider that any who have already died are not relevant regarding all things to be restored just before the Day of the Lord–only one alive then (who would also be alive now) can possibly fulfill the Elijah role to increase knowledge and restore all things. It is not that others cannot add to knowledge, but what was to be restored in the end has to come from someone who is a real follower of God who is alive at the end. Growth of Christian knowledge did not end by January 16, 1986.

Beto then claims that since he is the only real follower of God left in the Church today that it is only natural that he will be one of the two witless witnesses, Laura Weinland being the second. She is the second witless witness because she can't be the first one as women cannot rule over men.

Consider also that the Bible indicates that it is likely that the ‘Elijah’ will be one of the two witnesses. 
Since Herbert Armstrong was not a prophet, Elijah was a prophet (1 Kings 18:36), the Elijah to come is to be a prophet (Malachi 4:5), and the two witnesses will be prophets, Herbert W. Armstrong was not the Elijah to come.

Beto also made a video where he hilariously tried to prove he is Elijah. I won't link to the video here, but he did say this about it, and as usual, it is all about him. No Jesus stuff, but endless Beto stuff.

21st Century Elijah 

Was John the Baptist the prophesied Elijah or at least a type of Elijah? Is there an Elijah to come? Have Sabbatarians been teaching this a long time? What were 18 truths that Herbert W. Armstrong said God had him restore? Was anything to be restored in the last days, consistent with Daniel 12:4 and Matthew 17:11? Was God supposed to restore dreams and prophets in the last days? Did the Worldwide Church of God teach such would happen again? Have we seen signs of Acts 2:17-18 in the Continuing Church of God? Is Bob Thiel the final Elijah or one of the two witnesses? Why or why not? Has there been the restoration of important truths in the CCOG? Is the CCOG at least setting the foundation for the 21st century Elijah? Dr. Thiel gives information relating to all of that in this sermon.

Since 99.99 % of the Church of God ignores Beto, he lashes out and calls everyone Laodiceans because they refuse to acknowledge him as the greatest COG leader ever to exist. As Laodiceans, they are doomed to suffer in the tribulation because they refuse to see how great he is.

Sadly, just as many would not hear Elijah’s nor John the Baptist’s messages, relatively few will pay much attention to the end time Elijah as well. 
That is not a surprise as most Christians in the end times were to be Laodicean, and Jesus warned the Laodiceans since they would not ‘get with the program,’ that they would be punished (Revelation 3:14-18). 
Of course, if you are willing to believe the truth and do what the Bible teaches, that does not have to include you.

It is appalling that here we are close to 2023 and we are still being subjected to all of these self-appointed liars and false prophets in our midst. Never has the church seen so many liars claiming visions and dreams from their gods as we are now. New revelations flow daily from these narcissistic men and we are expected to believe them. 

I can state as 100% FACT that Bob Thiel is NOT Elijah and will NOT be one of the two witnesses.