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7.5 Billion People Will Soon Hate Us BUT We CANNOT Be Stamped Out

Unstoppable Dave Pack will soon take his message to the entire world declaring that the kingdom is here!  Thousands will reposed and join Dave in his amazing work, but the rest of the world will be ticked off.  Dave's cult is BOOMING out and Dave warns that his message CANNOT be stamped out.
The Church of God—in any previous age—has never reached a point where it’s even been remotely close to…Including today, when we’re reaching millions…even remotely close to “hated of all nations.” When is that going to happen? Do you think the Restored Church of God is going to get big enough, by any trajectory of growth that I described at the beginning of this sermon…Do you see any possible way, brethren…I want you think about this…that we’re going to get big enough, the 7.5 billion people on Earth…Whatever it’ll be soon. It’s almost 7.4…call it 7.4 billion people—all the nations of the earth—are going to hate us, when the exact same message was preached by a much greater sized church…when there were only two-thirds as many people on Earth…under Mr. Armstrong…and everybody wasn’t hated? Come to grips with that.
Now, how is it that a small Church, reaching a much, much, much bigger world, is going to be hated by everybody; but under Mr. Armstrong a 125-, then 150‒160,000 people, on television everywhere—357 stations just in the United States—and there were a lot fewer people on Earth, there wasn’t much programming…I mean, millions and millions, hundreds of millions heard him—and all nations didn’t hate us. It has to be talking about a different time.
We have an infinitely smaller potential to be hated of all nations—no matter how big we get—an infinitely smaller potential to be hated of all nations, than the Work under Mr. Armstrong when they were not hated of all nations. This has to be talking about something bigger. The Kingdom is here and you can’t stop usWe’re everywherewitnessingBOOMING out—and the governments of the world, at war all over the world, CAN’T STAMP US OUT and yet, they will not accept Christ. But many will, and then the pressure will be so terrible, they’ll buckle under it, because we just won’t shut up and it’s the marvelous Work and wonder that…Some will be despisers, remember Habakkuk and Acts 13Isaiah 29:14, and so forth.

World Governments Will Soon Rise Up Against Me When I Enforce My Government While In Jerusalem

Dave has instituted the true form of government in Wadsworth, Ohio.  Once Jesus returns to Wadsworth, he and Dave will take that perfect government to Jerusalem where they will both reign in glory.  It will be the envy of the world. Due to that envy the world will rise up against Dave and his glorified members and wage war.  People all over the world will turn in family members who are part of Dave's crew as their governments start to fight Dave.  Persecution will reign over the late comers to the truth who have not been gloried to reign with Dave in Jerusalem.

Yes, it is a convoluted mess.

“Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and you shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake” (Matt. 24:9). That’s not happening today. We’re a gnat on an elephants’ back. Millions and millions know about us, but we’re not hated of all nations today.
But when we’re telling the world the government that is here is going to Jerusalem that’s going to be the ultimate upsetting of the apple cart, and we will be hated by a world that will not want God’s rule! Human nature wants freedom, which means freedom from God’s Law!! The freedoms that Americans talk about…They’ve disqualified themselves—and always have been—from having them, and God is going to take them all away. This “freedom-loving” country, the “freedom-loving” democracies of the west are going to end in slavery, because there’s only freedom inside God’s Law not outside it. So, we’re going to be announcing that, and people will hate it.
Imagine what the rulers of the world will think. And they’ll come and try to…They would stop us, unless they just couldn’t because Christ is here making sure they can’t…and the angelic realm that…it comes with Him, are making sure they can’t. They could persecute some of God’s people…I’ve read you Psalm 79; I’ve read you Daniel 11 and many other places there will be terrible persecution, and here’s more…
“Then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another” (vs. 10). Do you now understand—in light of Daniel 11, verses 30-31-32-33—the King of the North plagues the Church in Jerusalem; but other parts of the world, too, no doubt. And people get scared and they sell out, and they say, “That’s my mother. She’s in the church!”…“That’s my son!” This isn’t talking about the apostasy behind us. And they…Because Matthew 13 says persecution and tribulation arise, they are offended because of the word of the Kingdom. And some people pull what I call Peter’s act—“He’s one of them!” “No, I’m not. No, I’m not!”—and they deny Him.
So, there’s coming a time when Christ is going to find out who does and doesn’t deny Him after the Kingdom comes. Now, I’m not referring to us. Those of us who are the little flock, who are the administrators, who enter the joy of the Lord, who’ve experienced exceeding joy, who’ve been through the reckoning, who’ve taken the Kingdom. Remember, Daniel 7 doesn’t apply to us.
But for the thousands and then tens and hundreds of thousands of people, no doubt, who’ll be coming into the Church during this final confirming of the covenant with Israel and Judah…but all nations are there before Christ in Matthew 25. All of that happens and plays out and causes an ever bigger spotlight to come on us.

I Now Possess The Knowledge Of The End Times Knowing That I Will Be Next To Herbert Armstrong As He Rules Judah

Only a Church of God member would make the claim that they possess all knowledge about everything when it comes to the Bible.  We have had these kind of disturbed men for 8 decades now in the church.  They continue to arise to this very day.

Dave Pack claims that he possesses the end time knowledge of knowing the continuation of the understanding that Herbert Armstrong supposedly had.  Dave of course has the final word on that understanding. Herb only understood it so far, but Dave has the final interpretation.  His god says so.

Dave is such an awesome dude that he will be standing beside zombie Herb who will rise out of his grave to become the ruler of the tribe of Judah.
Remember the end of Daniel 11? He goes and sets his palace in the Holy mountain; the glorious Holy mountain. Well, Chapter 9 is telling us more about this prince. So let me just conclude by saying, we still have a half of one week for Christ to go. He has to have a whole week—another, roughly, three and a half years, or so—to confirm the covenant. We’ve been in a holding pattern for 2,000 years. The 70 Weeks prophecy is sixty-nine-and-a-half-weeks complete.
And it got frozen in time until this horrible man with a small people that do great things—the seventh head—comes to Jerusalem, after he’s been to a lot of other places. He attacks Egypt; has, in his confederacy, the Saudi’s, the Turks, the Syrians and the Jordanians and the Lebanese, and so forth…We’ve explained all of that…and he arrives there, and he eventually is called to the North and the East, and he gets bad news. Remember? And he’s taken away and he dies “with hands”—swords kill him. So this is not the man of Chapter 8.
I’m taking extra time, brethren, because this extraordinary book was locked up for 26 centuries, until Mr. Armstrong began to explain it, and he went far enough that there would be plenty left—that knowledge could increase at the very end—as it is. And I just wanted to take time. I don’t know if anybody…and I used to teach the book of Daniel to every one of my pastorates, beginning in the ’70s…and I never took the detail I’m taking now—and I know nobody else ever could. They didn’t have the knowledge to do it—nor did I.
So I would just like you to understand…If you wonder why do I say the first phase of the Kingdom—where Christ announces His way, beginning as a sprout after coming to His Temple—that, that first phase looks like three-and-a-half years…Well, “Seventy weeks are determined upon your people and your holy city.” That’s why this one called Elijah goes to Jerusalem. That’s why he goes to the house of Israel—and all of us, together, in the early phase of the Kingdom with Mr. Armstrong, probably—PROBABLY—being the governor of Judah starting Day 1, may be there when some of these terrible things happen. I may be here. I don’t know how God will do that. Now this will all be pooh-pooh’d by people that just don’t believe it. It’s math to a cow. It’s pearls to swine…unless you have the Holy Spirit, then it’s easy to understand. 

My Truth Is So Amazing That For Unbelievers It Is Like Throwing It To Pigs

Oh, you scoffing unbelievers!  When Dave Pack speaks it is like casting beautiful pearls at dirty, filthy, unclean pigs who doubt him.
Now, a couple of other things. For those who don’t have the Holy Spirit…I don’t care how intelligent they are…Mr. Armstrong came up with the best analogy I’ve ever heard and that is, he said—you’re trying to teach higher math to a cow. You’ve got an upside-down Bible. And we have to recognize there are people in the congregations around the world—only a few, gladly. I’m happy about that. Virtually none anymore, but occasionally somebody will leave who will receive the scriptures in this long series…Part 38 now…like a cow would receive higher math.
They could be a minister. Mr. Armstrong found, and he said, “I’ve had the painful reality to come to realize that many rose to the rank of Evangelist and I ordained them and they were not converted”—and he said that before he saw what happened after his lifetime. So I’ve ordained people who were no more converted than a stump—or a turnip—or whatever you want to say…analogies I’ve used. Christ didn’t use the cow analogy. He said it this way…He said “Don’t cast pearls before swine.” Now…Mr. Armstrong wasn’t calling people cows. Christ was not calling people pigs, but to give the truth to someone who has no understanding is like giving it to a pig.
Now sometimes, the problem is…quoting Mr. Armstrong or Christ…the cows, or the pigs, get into the Church and then along comes awesome pearls and the pigs trample you. It wasn’t you out on a street trying to tell your relatives…or at home or on the job…of something, and casting pearls before swine. But what if the cows or the swine are sitting, if you will…I’m just using their words (you know, Mr. Armstrong and Christ)…are sitting in the congregation? I won’t know when I’m casting pearls to people who have no chance to understand them. I’m teaching trigonometry or calculus to cows, and so when they leave, you should understand that’s what happened. 

I Have Invited More People To Church In 35 Years Than Any Other Minister Ever Has

God's right hand man is the most superfantabulous creation that has ever existed  in human history. Has there ever been a man who is as awesome as Dave Pack?

Super Dave is claiming that all of the churches he has ever been a minister in have grown phenomenally. No other minister has ever been able to do this.  No other man has been able to enrapture the membership as he has.

Dave fails to tell his ministers and members the trail of destruction he has left in every single one of his church areas!  Broken marriages, suicides and much more.

I invited more people to services in about 30 years, maybe 35 years, than anybody I ever knew. I visited them and my churches grew faster, and 95 percent of the time…I don’t think I’ve ever told our ministers this…95 percent of thousands of people that I visited…of those I invited, which were somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of all of those I ever visited…perspective members…95 percent I invited on the first visit and of that number about 90 percent came. Some few didn’t come, but they were ready to come, and of the number that came, probably about 90 percent of those stayed because of the things we did in the congregations to make them feel welcome……

What Many Feel Like Trapped In The Splinter Groups

Friday, February 17, 2017

Philadelphia Church of God Knows The Exact Date Satan And His Demons Started Working Overtime

Good old Gerald Flurry and his crew of delusional false prophets are making claims that Satan and his demons are running rampant through the United States.  A major war is going on.  Guess when all of this activity started? Satan and has demons had apparently been restrained by God so they could not do any of their nefarious deeds.  That all came to a crashing end when Herbert Armstrong died in 1986.  The very moment Herb took his last breath Satan and his demons were unleashed upon the world to wreck havoc.  They've obviously been working over time in Arroyo Grande.

In America Under Attack, Mr. Flurry even identifies a SPECIFIC DATE on which Satan and his demons began to intensify their presence and activity on Earth. It occurred, for reasons you can study in detail yourself, on Jan. 16, 1986. It’s incredible, but evidence—interviews, surveys, statements from key authorities—actually shows a noticeable uptick in demonic activity since this date. The International Association of Exorcists, for example, was founded in 1990, after a noticeable rise in the need for exorcisms. One of the Catholic Church’s leading exorcists explained that from 1985 to 2000 the number of church-appointed exorcists in Italy went from 20 to 300.  The Truth Behind the Rise in Demon-Influenced Activity

Breaking: Rod Meredith Cancer Diagnosis: Terminal

From an LCG source:

After receiving a diagnosis that his cancer is terminal, Mr. Meredith gathered his family and friends around him at his home where he announced that due to his age and state of diagnosis he was not going to seek extensive treatment for the cancer but would rely on God to heal him.  Many in LCG are expecting a miraculous healing so that the church can be a final witness to the world.  With that healing members from other Church of God's will finally realize that LCG is the real true Church and will commit to an amazing end time push.

The chances of a divine healing are pretty close to zero for Rod Meredith.  This would be a good time to do some serious evaluating of the life he has led over the decades and ask for forgiveness of those he has hurt.

As one reader here said recently:

Maybe now that RCM is on his death bed he will start making some calls. Here are a few suggestions:
Dorothy Leona McNair and apologize for all the lies he told about her
All the men and women he forced to divorce their 2nd spouses in his Nazi-like divorce and remarriage tirade.
All the children who's lives were ruined from Rod's D&R policies
All the people he suckered into getting second mortgages on their homes to finance the Global Church of God who Rod subsequently STOLE from when he split Global into Living and literally FORGED checks when he pillaged the GCG coffers. 
All the people who could have been cured, or at least had their pain eased, with medical intervention that Rod shamed into not seeking medical treatment by telling them that doing so was a sure sign that the lacked faith. I know of one family who's child died of pneumonia because Rod told them to pray and have faith.
The African-American brethren who he has said so many offensive things about I have lost count. Not the least of which is his belief that when the trumpet sounds, whites will rise before blacks.
All the children he has scarred for life with his disgusting homophobic sermon rants about male-on-male sex.
All the people Rod has slandered over the years including Bob Thiel (say what you want about him but it doesn't negate the fact that RCM lied about him repeatedly), Charles Bryce and the Scarborough's to name a few.
I'm sure there are a few more calls Spanky needs to get in before he takes a dirt nap but this list would be a start.

February 16, 2017 at 6:07 AM

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Gerald Flurry Tells Members To Be Ready To Be Deported While He Prepares To Buy A New 11 Million Dollar Jet

One of the sickest Church of God's to emerge from the Worldwide Church God has to be the Philadelphia Church of God.  From deliberately destroying marriages and families to leading members into suicide, the PCG has been a major cesspool of degenerate teachings made be equally degenerate men.

For many years Gerald Flurry has been telling his members that they are close to being ready to flee and to prepare themselves.  Preparation meant cashing in money, selling homes, closing retirement accounts and doing as much fundraising as possible, so Gerald can gather the flock together to head off to Petra where he will join ranks with Almost-arrested Bob Thiel.

Fear has always been the major factor in the PCG.  Keep the members afraid and they remain compliant.

Now Six Pack Flurry is telling his members that they are soon to flee, though this time they need to be prepare to be deported by Donald Trump.  Apparently Trump does not like Flurry and crew and the idiotic satanic message they preach.  Flurry, like Bob Thiel and Dave Pack, believes he is the only rightful heir of Herbert Armstrong's teachings. therefore he needed to build a campus, a mini-me auditorium, plagiarize HWA's writings, buy HWA's belongings and artifacts, all while pretending to preach a message that the world will hate the PCG for.

With any luck Trump might actually deport them, but instead of sending them off to Jordan he will place them in rockets and send them into outer space where they can do no more damage.  This is what Herb used to think might happen to some of us.  Let Trump fulfill that prophecy!
February 13, 2017
This last Sabbath Gerald Flurry said that Trump is going to deport the members of the PCG from the United States. This is when they will be going to the place of safety. This is only one more way for GF to squeeze more money from the members. When it doesn’t happen, it will be forgotten.--F. S.

Unfortunately, all of this sounds "normal" to most Church of God members.  We have heard it for 60 some years now.

The difference this time is that Flurry is preparing his members to flee while his is getting ready to take out a huge load from the banks, knowing he wont be around to pay them back, to buy his own private jet.  He has been looking into this for well over  a year now, checking out various models of aircraft.  Flurry imagines himself as the new Herbert Armstrong, flittering around the world telling world leaders about the true gospel message about a "a strong hand from someplace."  While members struggle and suffer, Flurry is buying a jet, building dance halls for his grand kids, financing epic old covenant musical dramas, cavorting with pagan artists and musicians while gay ballet dancers have fun in "God's House" dressing rooms.

Flurry is telling his members in his latest member letter that it is time for the PCG to go before Kings and world rulers with his message.  Lavish gifts will be bought in order to buy his way into audiences with royalty and rulers.

Flurry is preparing to spend between $9-11,000,000.00 for his new jet.  Add to this the need to have a hanger to store the plane in, yearly maintenance fees, hundreds of thousands of dollars on fuel, airport fees arriving and departing, pilot and staff fees, and much much more. Then Flurry will have to have the plane refitted with gold water faucets and door handles just like HWA did.  He will not have female stewardess in order to prevent any sexual improprieties with the heir apparent Lil'Stevie as he flies off tot he UK.  This will give his closeted gay HQ employees a new opportunity take advantage of the mile high club.  Some things never change in the Church of God!

Brethren, you MUST believe that God is directly behind this decision!  Flurry says so!  His god has directed him to buy " aircraft to fulfill the needs of this Work." Flurry is dreaming just like Joshua Bob Thiel.  Both of these men create these wild scenarios in their narcissistic, god haunted, little minds.  God is no more a part of need to buy a jet than he is in needing to start a new splinter group with Elijah Thiel.

God is not pleased.

Living Church of God Declares Another Fast

Will God listen to LCG brass for calling another fast?  Apparently time is short once again, and Weston and friends feel that they need to make the brethren afflict themselves in order for the big boys to do a "great work" in these horrific, vile and dangerous end times.  Apparently the big boys in Charlotte have been weak in the "correct motivation" department and they expect the brethren to afflict themselves so they can do a mighty work.

For decades the leadership of the church, and especially the LCG leadership, has been filled with career boys who lived a high lifestyle with nice homes, great cars, even greater ministerial stipends and loads of other perks that the normal membership can only dream about.  The members suffer while the leadership indulges.  Just look back at Lil'Jimmy's escapades as he did and still does reconnaissance for festival sites.

God is NOT going to change any plans he has for the world just because Weston and friends think they can influence God to shower blessings upon them.  It has not worked in the past at any point in LCG's history, so why will it now?  The big boys want their followers to believe it does, but it never has.

February 09, 2017
By Gerald Weston
Greetings from Charlotte,
The March/April Tomorrow’s World has now gone to the printers and will be coming out shortly. This issue is expanded by four pages to make room for Dr. Meredith’s first installment on the Protestant Reformation. We hope all of you will read this eye-opening series as it is clearly one of the most important statements ever written on the subject. The semi-annual letter that went out in December continues to bring in responses. So far, we have more than 38,500 individual requests for the DVD “A Culture in Crisis.” As all of you long-time members know, we usually have at least one Church-wide fast during the year. The subject came up at one of our executive luncheons and Dr. Meredith immediately agreed that this is something we should do. Our time to finish this Work is limited and we can never finish the Work on our own strength. It behooves us to truly draw closer to God the Father and Jesus Christ. Heart-felt fasting with the correct motivation is the greatest tool we have for doing so. Therefore, we have set aside the Sabbath of March 18 for a Church-wide fast to draw closer to God as our world becomes more and more divided and storm clouds rise higher on the horizon. We will have more information regarding this subject in subsequent weeks.—GEW

What's All This Talk About Qualifying?

"Rod must know that he has failed to qualify for the kingdom. His mental state can't be pretty."

The New Testament makes it very clear that the Apostles , in particular , Paul , broke up marriages, told young couples not to marry unless they just needed to avoid fornication, not plan for anything but the soon coming Kingdom of God, stay single like him because he was the best example and that not all would die but rather be changed and avoid the whole messy experience of death.  Peter promoted the deaths of a young church couple for holding back the proceeds from a sale and used it to put great fear in the church. All of this was done, "to qualify for the Kingdom of God."

And when it all didn't work out as advertised, Paul said, 

"For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time for my departure is near. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing."
2 Timothy 4:6-7

As long as one obeys, prays, pays and stays in their particular split, splinter or sliver, this will be the near last words of every Church of God minister when the time comes for them personally.

This is what qualifies them right?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bob Thiel Has Himself "Re-anointed" In An Attempt To Make Himself Appear More Legitimate

If you thought things can't get any crazier in the improperly named "continuing" Church of God with Almost arrested, Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, end time witness, apostle, prophet, further martyr, "worldwide" Overseer Bob Thiel, then you are in for some more fun!

The "worldwide" Overseer has never been properly ordained in a Church of God by a COG minister.  After he self-appointed himself, he used the prayer of Gaylyn Bonjour in an attempt to make himself a "legitimate" minister and splinter cult leader.   It was and  still is all a fraud.

Now he has to make himself important in the eyes of his 1,997 African members.  Second Witness Thiel has had to make up all kinds rules and doctrines for his new little cult. Due to his lack of ordination he has had to create a new rule in order to legitimize himself.  He has instituted  the  "round robin" ordination.  He ordains one of his African flock and then they ordain him.  Neither ordination is legitimate, but that does not matter.  He even resorts to "re-ordaining" some others that had been ordained by legitimate COG ministers.

In spite of this false prophet Thiel still has no legitimacy.  Just because a mentally struggling man has a few bad nightmares and a minister prays a blessing on him does not make him a legitimate church leader, or a Christian for that matter.

Before going to Nairobi, Pastor Evans Ochieng asked me to consider providing recognition of certain others who had previously been ordained.
So, I looked into this more.
Many do not realize that even though David was anointed king by Samuel, this was a private anointing (1 Samuel 9:27, 10:1; 16:9) and not accepted across Judea or Israel (despite the fact that God accepted it as He initiated it).
Saul actually tried to kill David at least twice after David had been anointed (1 Samuel 19:10-11, 20:33), and David decided that he had to flee for his life (1 Samuel 20:33-42).
Saul’s anointing was public and well known, but David’s apparently was not.
David was actually anointed king three times. The first via God through Samuel (1 Samuel 16:1-9), which was a fairly private affair.
The second time, years later and after Saul died, was by the men of Judah (2 Samuel 2:4). The third time was by the elders of Israel (2 Samuel 5:3).
So, we see a precedent where some have been anointed more than once for the same basic role, as well as being anointed by those of seemingly lessor positions.
With that in mind, the following were publicly re-anointed:
Rosemary Akinyi Ochieng, Deaconess
Samuel Ofusu Gyeabour, Overseer
Bob Thiel, Worldwide Overseer
We wanted all to realize that these individuals have been anointed and publicly recognized in their roles.
All the ordained and recognized were granted certificates of ordination and/or recognition. I signed all but one–mine, which was signed by Evans Ochieng Kisiengo and Samuel Ofosu Gyeabour (they had laid hands upon me for the public anointing).
No siree Bob!  No apostolic succession in your ordination!  No Sir!

Rod Meredith May Have Cancer

From LCG source:

Sent to ministers on Feb 14, 2017:

Dear Fellow Ministers: 
We want to keep you informed regarding Dr. Meredith’s health. He was taken to the hospital Thursday night after feeling exceptionally weak much of the day. He underwent several tests on Friday and was released and stayed home over the weekend and Monday. Early indications are that he has cancer, but he will be seeing a specialist today and perhaps undergo further tests, after which we expect to know more fully the nature of the problem. His mind is strong and he maintains a sense of humor, but he is weak and we expect that he will work from home this week. When we know more details we will pass them along and keep you informed. In the meantime, your prayers for Dr. Meredith are greatly appreciated. 
Gerald Weston

My Church Is Even Greater Than Dave Pack's Superfantabulous Restored Church of God!!!!!!!!

Leave it to Almost arrested, Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, second witness, worldwide overseer, doubly-blessed, dreamer of dreams and self appointed prophet/apostle of the best Church of God to ever exist in human history, Bob Thiel, to wallow in the cesspool of narcissism that many other COG leaders are always in.  Even with all of the bloviating by Dave Pack and his superfantabulous Restored Church God, Pack cannot compare to the super amazing doubly-blessed Bob Thiel.

There has been no other Church of God in the history of the entire world that is as amazing as Bob Thiel's improperly named "continuing" Church of God.

Notice what he has said in a recap his whirlwind African conference trip:

The Continuing Church of God is, and has been, the fastest growing Church of God in the 21st century. We have greatly exceeded the 30% growth per year blessing that the old Radio/Worldwide Church of God once had...
It is a well established fact that the 30% "growth" that Herb and others claimed over the decades was nothing more than a slick manipulation of data by corrupt men in Pasadena.  Manipulating figures was a full time job for some in accounting.  Even the Plain Truth subscription numbers were incorrect and misleading.  The old newsstand accounting procedures were a complete fraud, but that is another topic.

He also made a comment that during his conference he made sure that his followers all knew why his church was different from the heretical COG splinter groups.  In addition to smearing those groups with lies and false accusations, he also bad mouthed Protestants, Mormons and Catholics.  Dreamy Bob feels that he is the worlds foremost authority on the Catholic Church and other religious groups.  Rest assured, he is not!
I also provided doctrinal training and went over how the ContinuingChurch of God differed from various Sabbath-keeping groups such as the Seventh-day Adventists and the Church of God (Seventh Day), and various groups whose leaders were once part of the old Worldwide Church of God. We also explained some differences with Protestants, Mormons, the Eastern Orthodox, and the Catholics of Rome and answered various questions.
John the Baptist Bob also ordained several of his African followers.  Sadly the men believed that they were being ordained by the Worldwide Overseer who himself was ordained by hands that had been ordained by others in apostolic tradition.  He has not.  No ordination for Brother Bob!  He is self appointed!  Purely man made.  God is not involved in it. That of course leaves the ordination status of all of his devotees in question.

Why is it that these little men have to always over compensate for their deficiencies?  Humility and humbleness never seems to be a virtue of any Church of God leader.  They always have the biggest, the best, the one with the REAL truth, or the one practicing true first century Christianity.  All of them have been proven to be liars, with one failed prophecy after another. They are promoters of legalistic mumbo-jumbo that even the Pharisees would not recognize.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dave Pack: A Demon Contacted Me Privately On YouTube

As Dave's mind spirals out of control, it is now envisioning emails sent to his private YouTube account as coming directly from Satan himself.
Ironically, the two men on either side of the Man of Sin will look more like the False Prophet than we always believed was the Man of Sin. Their function will be to validate him, as kind of his two witnesses, probably themselves doing powerful miracles. We’ll have to see how that is. We’ll have to see. Demons can do all kinds of things. It isn’t just Satan that has all power.
So I leave you to think about that, and an email that arrived, I believe, just today. And it was shared privately. This was intended…by a demon who wrote it…by a demon who obviously understands the things I just told you…and it was shared on a private channel sent to our YouTube account.
So here we go…This is a demon talking to the world in one of the most chilling ways…It will show you exactly how the Man of Sin is going to try to get in people’s heads; flip the narrative. So to all of you all over the world be warned. Here’s an awful lot of what it might look like. The email opens this way…
“It is because I love all of you that I now show you My mercy through these messages. The way is being prepared for the seeds to be sown and the son of Satan will soon be ready to embrace the new false church. My Church will suffer a period of terrible darkness…[This is a demon talking as though he’s Christ.]…and my crucifixion will be endured by every soul who remains loyal to me.
“My enemies will make sweeping and radical statements, demanding that everything which is insulting to My Holy Name be declared acceptable in the eyes of My Church. Very few of the clergy will fight against the desecration because of the sin of cowardice. But know this…[Says this demon, privately, on a channel to us that couldn’t be shared with anyone else. This is a demon directly reaching out to our minds—to us.]…If they partake in false sacrifices, false sacraments and false teachings, which they will then try to foist upon My loyal followers, I will declare them to be no longer fit to stand before Me [meaning “in the judgment”].
This demon is picturing himself as Christ, and you can see how he flips the narrative in a cunning way, trying to get people to resist what they should join, and join what they should resist. And finally, after all of the deception and the narrative and the flipping of the truth, the demon signs it, “Your Jesus.”
Very clever. Very demonic. Very dangerous—but it has an allure, because the idea in that email is to intimidate people into following him. Don’t be one of the dummies! One of the deceived that doesn’t come with me—says a demon who’s going to say he’s Christ—because that’s what the Man of Sin is going to say. He’s going to say, “I am God.” He’s not going to say, “I’m Satan.” He’s going to miracles by the power of Satan, but he’s going to say they’re of God 
There’s a hidden message in that email that I read from the demon…One of the things I’ve learned is when BIG things are coming, demons get active. They have no self-control. They start shooting their mouths off, because they have no character. And there’s more activity and chatter, and they’ll start to say things. It does not surprise me, at all, that we got that email. It should not surprise you. I hope it SOBERS you deeply, as you begin to understand how they’ll flip the narrative. And they’re so cunning…so clever…so intimidatingDon’t be left out…and so they suck you in and then you areleft out. That’s the way they think. 

Dave Pack: Three Demon Possesssed COG Ministers Will Come Singing "Amazing Grace"

Who knew that the man of perdition and his two sidekicks were singers!  Be on the lookout for a really good singer who is a minister in the COG.  He just might be the soon coming evil one.

As he and his two sidekicks arrive on the scene, the three of them will be singing Amazing Grace  as they will start to deceive the women in the church first and then the men.
These guys are, essentially…because they’re with the Man of Sin—lawlessness, wicked, evil—they’re going to come in singing “Amazing Grace,” handing everybody a license to sin. With one hand they’re holding a song book singing “Amazing Grace,” and yet they have the power of sorcerers because they are—they have to be. They’re wizards. They are demon-possessed and they hand people a license to sin. People, who aren’t overcoming their sins, strugglingbattling; starting with the women, who maybe can’t get over their sins. Men can’t either, but if you go to the woman, fool her, and just say, “Hey, you know, quit trying. You’re under grace. The Law is done away.”
The Devil hates the Law. That’s why it says, in II Peter when it describes these people, they turn people back who had escaped corruption, and they’re likened to people going back like sows to the mire and dogs to the vomit…which we’ve read so many times in all of this. He’s called the Man of Sin. He teaches God’s people to sin, but says, “I’m Jesus Christ,” and probably says, “Meet Moses on my left and Elijah on my right,” and a lot of people over there are waiting for Moses and Elijah. If you think this is all a coincidence, first of all, you have to explain away why your God says wizards are coming and it’s going to get furious. But I’ve got more to tell you…and there’s going to be persecution. We could have read on down right before “evil men and seducers” all will suffer persecution.

Dave Pack: Two Evil Women To Arise Before Two Witnesses

and women shall rule over them...the COG nightmare.

Close to the end of Dave's First Dominion of 1,000 years, two really evil women will rise up and cause some serious issues.
Then you have these two women. I could not understand why there are two women. We always said that’s the Catholics and the Protestants—the Catholics and the Protestants. How could you have those two women after the First Dominion? Well, once you understand the seventh resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire precedes Christ’s coming to Jerusalem; the king of the North, being the civil ruler, and the last pope, the spiritual ruler, alongside him—and they’re not the Beast and False Prophet—well, you still have the Catholics. In every sense, you have the Catholics, and you have these two women, right here, in the second half of chapter 5 being positioned to explode in the very near future.
That’s why, if you’re following the headlines out of Europe…I read, this morning, one writer said Europe is simply infuriated…Those were his words; not long before I came to services…infuriated at the Brits for what they did. And by the way, the only two candidates—the only two candidates—to lead the British Empire are both women. I’m not against women; but at the very end, as children are their oppressors and women will rule over them, all the other male candidates are out. Two relatively obscure women, one being the leader, a 59-year-old lady; they’re both conservatives. One of them is going to be the Prime Minister, since David Cameron, of course, resigned…and we may have a woman president here.
The time is close. Everything’s being positioned. We certainly…No one would disagree that Sodom and Gomorrah is here. Think of Isaiah 1, and many other places; but here these two incredibly evil women being positioned in this place called Shinar, which we always believed was probably Rome, but maybe Berlin, and of course, it will be a Rome-Berlin axis just like World War II—Hitler and Mussolini, and the Pope had signed a concordant with Hitler to kind of get out of the way and not condemn him, so that Hiller wouldn’t come and kill the Pope. That’s what whores do. They perform tricks. Hitler was perfectly happy to leave them alone, if they were perfectly happy to not fight the Nazi empire.

A Simple Reminder is In Order

If I Ever Go Off Into Strange or Weird Ideas...

 "I want to make a statement, if I became deceived, I will never tell you what I'm going to tell you now...I am telling you  if I go off into strange ideas,  misconduct, rebellion, you name it, don't follow me. I want to tell you that now, because if I start doing that I'm gonna try to get you to follow me! I'm gonna come to you and tell you it doesn't apply, it doesn't mean me, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's OK to follow me because ABCD and XY and Z. Do you understand what I'm saying? Listen to me now, when I tell you don't follow me if I go off into weird ideas, or if I get off into other things that are total absolutely unscriptural conduct,because if I do I'm gonna paint it with a different face and try to get you to follow me. Do you understand what I'm saying brethren? Please remember that, because I promise you that if I become deceived, I'll forget it, and I'll want you to forget it...And  I hope you'll remember it well enough to quote it right back to me...But I'll tell you what, I'm not going anywhere."
David C Pack
December 12, 1998

We all know what's coming....

Any experienced Worldwide Church of God refugee knows what the outcome of is going to be for , at least, Gerald Flurry's Philidelphia (Ha) Church of God, and Dave Pack's Restored (Ha) Church of God.

Gerald Flurry will prove once again , as did HWA/GTA/JWT that "The first generation founds it, the second generation maintains it and the third generation loses it.  However, with as harsh and evil as PCG is, it probably won't get past the second generation. Attrition will take  it's toll and it will go the way of all flesh.

Dave Pack will prove once again, as did HWA that the One Man Show ,fueled by the kind of personality disorder Dave expresses, is always doomed to fail for those who remain after the one man is gone. No one is going to be able or even want to keep up even the small influence RCG has had on Christianity.   NOTHING  that Dave Pack sees happening in his , now 62 rants,  on how he see's it all coming to pass will actually happen.  NOTHING.  


These convoluted,  ridiculous, proof texted, self centered and mistaken and misused views of scripture will all simply provide a painful look back at "what was I thinking?", or "I knew it!" for future reference as former RCG members struggle to Restore Credible Goals in their real lives with the time they have left to live it.  Dave will grow old and because he has alienated and disfellowshipped his  family, (because NO  ONE can long actually work with Dave) has no second generation to maintain for yet a little longer the Campus and goals of RCG.  It will simply crash when NOTHING that Dave says is the way it will all soon come to pass actually comes to pass and he gets more desperate for that which will never happen.  

The Handwriting is on the Wall