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Ron Weinland: A Church of God "Jonestown" in the Works?

There was a post on Face book yesterday about Ron Weinland and his latest message to his followers.

Just heard this morning that Ron Weinland has told all his followers that the end is here and if they have any money saved up they should spend it. I have a cousin who is spending two weeks in Hawaii, and a sister who is planning a trip there too.

Is Ron prepping his group for his upcoming imprisonment?  Or, does Weinerdude have something worse up his sleeve. It will only be a matter of time till Ron Weinland or some crazy splinter group leader flips out and hundreds will die.

Then there could be this scenario with Weinderdude.  It is almost a given he will be imprisoned for tax evasion.  With any luck they will imprison the Second Witness also.  I then can imagine Ron's next prophecy.  While he is  in prison, there will be a large earthquake that will free him and his co-conspirator wife from prison just like Paul and Silas.  Then they can finish their two witless witnesses work.

Van Robison on "The Battle For the Human Mind"

The Battle For the Human Mind

People are vocal because they want others to listen to what they have to say.  The Worldwide Church of God was vocal, as on radio, television and through its magazines, books and literature, because it wanted to influence as many as possible to accept their perspective.  A consequence of having followers is very often---tons of free money.  There is an on-going battle for the thought life of human beings.  It is like a mental tug-of-war.  Mormons struggle for the non-Mormon mind to come on board, as do the Jehovah Witnesses, splinter groups of the original Worldwide Church of God, Seventh Day Adventists, "Sacred Name" groups and all others.    Virtually every group wants your allegiance.  Why?  For those who believe in Jesus Christ, this is indeed strange, because Jesus taught that He alone is the source of LIGHT and TRUTH.  How then is being a disciple of a Worldwide Church of God splinter group, following Jesus?  Are church members really deceiving themselves about who they really follow?

Allegiance to a man, a "pastor" a church group or denomination is not one and the same as allegiance to Jesus Christ.  Many think they are following Jesus, but in reality they are mental slaves to the pastor of the church they go to.    Going to church has absolutely nothing to do with following Jesus.  Many refer to the teachings of Paul or the teachings attributed to Paul falsely and think that Paul was Jesus Christ in the flesh.  He was an impostor who NEVER knew Jesus Christ and yet millions look to this man, like tens of thousands looked to Herbert W. Armstrong during his lifetime.  "Christians" who are challenged about their beliefs are often highly offended, some are arrogant, some are silent and some are hateful in retort.

Few really examine the mountains of evidence that question the Bible.  As for example if EVERY CHURCH in the world would challenge their members by reading and studying such articles as is found at, which speaks about the Old Testament, at least the common people would be exposed to thoughts and thinking that they have never entertained before.  To automatically accept that the Bible is true history is a fallacy.  It should be doubted and in that doubt, dig deep and seek answers that one will NEVER hear from any pulpit of any church on earth.  Humans are biased and that is why anyone who is a "Christian" is NOT a good archaeologist.  Archaeology belongs to those who have no vested interest in the outcome of discovery.  Anyone with a vested interest can proclaim fictions that are not true and even produce fake artifacts to deceive the public.

LYING SCRIBES have been around for thousands of years and when the church world awakens from its stupor some day, it will be an embarrassment that so many believed myths on no other basis than they read it in "the Bible."  The Bible is largely myth.  Why then believe in Jesus Christ?  On my part, because He makes sense in teaching that you should LOVE others and NOT WAR, and that people should be humble and not haughty.  He taught that violence was NOT of God, but of men.  Why then did He mention names like Abraham, Noah, Moses and a few others?  Who knows?  That does not mean that He gave His stamp of approval to the barbarity we read in the Old Testament we read today, which is probably very different from anything Jesus ever read in some other language two thousand years ago.

Van Robison

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guide To Interpreting the Bible

The Journal: Platform For The Nut-jobs?

There is an online edition of the latest Journal that you can download as a pdf.  There is a lot of controversy still boiling around over the canon of the Bible, what belongs, what doesn't.  There is a long article about women speaking in church that has some really interesting points.

Most of it is just typical COG articles of interest. The thing that strikes me as kind of weird are the numerous paid advertisements from various COG ministers and members who write about some of the stupidest things.  The World Trade Center was an inside job, Illuminati silliness and more.  I also find it interesting that this kind of garbage makes it, yet Douglas had his article kicked back when he struck at the nerve of Armstrongism by debunking British Israelism.  That old apple cart can't be upset still, after 70 some years.

One crazy guy caught my attention so I thought I would check out his web site.  Below are just a few of the absurd things he preaches.  His name is Jan Young and below are just a few comments from a single days entry on March 10, 2012.  There are hundreds of other tidbits in that day's entry that are not even quoted here.  Conspiracy nut jobs will salivate at this morons web site.

The number 666 and All-Seeing-Eye are embedded in some movies and on TV. They are seen easily in plain sight, or slightly off the focus area, or only noticeable subconsciously.

There are 3 city-states: Vatican City (spiritual), “The City” in London (finance), and Washington DC (military, forces regime change)–the 3 parts of the All-Seeing-Eye triangle. Each with an Egyptian style obelisk for god Ra.

Just 6 months before 911 the (Larry) Silverstein Group bought the WTC for $3.2 billion, yet was to pay $200 million in renovations including asbestos removal. In court after 911 it was awarded billions so profited greatly. Larry increased insurance against terrorism weeks before 911. Marvin Bush, George’s brother, was head of security at WTC until just before 911–another coincidence?

Mostly non-ethnic Jews died in the Holocaust, not racially of Judah. Real Jews in Denmark and elsewhere escaped.
The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing created a 3.0 Richter scale signal, but only buried explosives could do that. Blasts above ground dissipate upward due to least resistance so there is little earth moving. The 3.0 corresponds to 100 tons of TNT (really a nuke blast?) buried deep under ground causing a crater, 60% of the blast going upwards. Not 2 tons of cheap fertilizer explosives. The blast collapsed or damaged 324 buildings.
Why else would Timothy McVeigh be indicted for WMD using a fertilizer bomb? A nuclear bomb produces an EMP frying all electronics in the area, and that happened.

Viet Nam war was for drugs of the Golden Triangle. US troops shipped home in body bags had drugs inside. Those alive became addicted and spread the habit in the US. Those in the military who protested were eliminated. War dissidents in the US were disrupted with ELF or microwaves used to make them crazy, slated for insane asylums and not believed.

Jonestown cult suicides were really CIA mind control victims with various mind control drugs evidenced by needle marks on the bodies, staged as suicides. Church of Satan founder LeVay worked for the CIA.

The logo for Time Warner Inc. is a variation on the Eye of Horus…Gradually, we’re are all being inducted into Satanism.”
“The Illuminati intermarry with other generational Satanists. It’s no coincidence that Chelsea Clinton married a Jewish investment banker, while Karenna Gore married the grandson of one.”

Freemasonry and the religion of most Jews is based on the Cabala, not the Bible. Copying the Skull and Bones Club, the Boule recruits top Blacks as civil rights activists to prepare to rule. Like other secret societies, they bond in sexual perversions.
Several people told of sexual abuses at Bohemian Grove for top male leaders, and that the ritual of a burned sacrifice of a real child does take place there, as many had suspected.

That top Freemasons sacrifice children 8 times a year on their high days, even tens of thousands of children. She gave details of their perversions, including bestiality. “She said 80-90% of the House of Representatives and 100% of the Senate belong to the Illuminati.”

 Freemasonry has Infiltrated the Boy Scouts. The OA was founded in 1915 by two 32° Masons and the rituals are patterned on Masonic rituals…These rituals–which include a blood covenant are being conferred upon innocent Boy Scouts…(This info) comes from a scout who has experienced demonic spiritual manifestations after his initiation into OA

 MI6 planted a nuclear bomb to cause the Dec. 26, 2004 Tsunami. “Indonesian Intelligences were duly warned and took action by taking out large insurance claims.”

Many Jewish prayers are said in Yiddish, as Bar Mitzvahs The young involved do not understand what they say and actually invoke demons in their rituals. Judaism is Lucifer worship. 

Armstrongism want its self to be taken seriously by the world as a legitimate church.  How can anyone with an intelligent brain ever claim they are when this is the kind of stuff that is passed off as truth in COG publications?

You can read this edition of The Journal here:  The Journal, Issue 148 - February 2012

(Updated 3/29/12) More UnChristian Behavior from Philadelphia Church of God

A former PCG member posted a comment on the following post dated January 7, 20120:

Gerald Flurry Declares Fast Because of Exodus of Members

Anonymous said...
The REAL PURPOSE of the fast was to make the PCG members feel GUILTY about not honoring their pledges, (that Gerald Flurry MADE them pledge in the first place),they made to the Auditorium building fund. THIS was the TRUE reason for the fast. I know this because I was IN the PCG. I was recently DISFELLOWSHIPPED by BRIAN DAVIS, for trying to defend myself after he and his brother-in-law, (Andrew Hessong), called me up trying to make me feel guilty and ACCUSING ME of ACCUSING PEOPLE! The REAL REASON FOR THE DISFELLOWSHIP: I am a single mom struggling to raise my son by myself, AND CAN'T HELP SUPPORT THE MINISTERS,THEIR WIVES, AND THEIR CHILDREN, AND EVERYONE ELSE AT "HEADQUARTERS". Brian Davis told me to LEAVE my husband in 2004. I did. This caused all kinds of problems for me and the PCG. The PCG ended up having to hire TWO ATTORNEYS for the church and myself. Then more recently I was told by Brian Davis' brother-in-law,(Andrew Hessong), to contact the Office of Attorney General to take my EX to court. My Ex was already paying me me child support on his own. When I took these ministers advice, he stopped giving me support.So between all this BAD ADVICE FROM PCG MINISTERS, I also get THROWN OUT OF THE PCG. IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY. THAT'S THE TRUTH!! THE END!!! March 24, 2012 9:26 PM


P.S.- This comment goes along with the last one I left-(me and my 13 year old son getting disfellowshipped by Brian Davis with his accomplice brother-in-law Andrew Hessong of the Philadelphia Church of God): I forgot to mention that Brian Davis tried to SECRETLY DISFELLOWSHIP ME in February 2006. He and a Mr. Reese Brown called me up, (SURPRISE ATTACK), after I OBEYED MR. BRIAN DAVIS, and had left my husband. I was in Washington State at this time. The conversation went like this: "Hello B...this is Brian Davis. I've got Mr. Reese Brown on the line also. ...Did you tell Mr. Brown you did NOT try to get an attorney before you left your husband?" Then I replied: "I told Mr. Reese Brown that I DID try to get an attorney before I left my husband, but the attorney told me that I COULD NOT FILE until we had settled our bankruptcy"...(later I found out she was only telling a half truth)...Then Brian Davis told me, "Well, B...I've prayed about this, and I've come to the conclusion, YOUR LYING, AND YOUR DISFELLOWSHIPPED, AND DON"T TELL ANYONE WE HAD THIS CONVERSATION!"

Very soon after this conversation, I got a call from the church's attorney, and he told me..."No, B...your not disfellowshipped. Mr. Flurry and others were sitting at the table about to disfellowship you, when Mr. Brown confessed to his part in this".

BUT Brian Davis HAS NEVER CONFESSED! He later told me, "B...I was just trying to get you MENTALLY PREPARED". He has been trying to find ways to get rid of me ever since,(THE BIG COVER-UP) because the church had to hire an attorney to defend the church's doctrines, so I was included. They paid for my divorce. Brian Davis really secretly hates me for this. My divorce went terrible. I now can pretty much assume it was because BRIAN DAVIS was slandering me to the attorney. I always wondered why the attorney RARELY would come to the phone or call me back when I had a question. Brian Davis had made other attempts to discourage me, hoping I would disappear and quit the church, BECAUSE OF THE MESS HE CAUSED. He loves to PROVOKE. This way he can tell everyone, "She talked bad to me". That's one of his favorite sayings. He ACCUSES others of what he does. Well, he finally achieved his goal on February 22, 2012... I'M OUT!...I never found that "open door".March 26, 2012 8:43 AM

Update  (3/27/12)

AND ANOTHER THING...About that "open door" policy? I've already written to Mr. Gerald Flurry. I didn't get a response. I kept hearing "horror stories" about other women getting disfellowshipped and still after YEARS, not being able to "GET BACK IN".

Now I ask you...IS THAT BIBLICAL? According to "THE CHURCH". Christ calls you into the Church...Where in the Bible does Christ say his ministers are suppose to use, abuse, slander, humiliate, intimidate,twist scripture, THROW OUT, all those innocent little "babes" in Christ, and REFUSE to have anything to do with them again?
Christ says in Luke 17:2...It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he be cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

Did I forget to mention...Brian Davis also SUSPENDED me while I was going through my divorce. I innocently sent him an e mail I had sent to my attorney. You see, the church was ready to stop paying the attorney/attorneys, after they cleared themselves,so everyone, (the attorney, Brian Davis, my local minister), were pressuring me to agree to pay my ex, child support, for my son, so the church could "wrap up this whole frivolous mess" My local minister told me several times..."B...The church isn't paying for your divorce anymore!"...B...The church isn't paying for your divorce anymore!" The funny thing is...I DIDN'T CAUSE THIS MESS AND I CERTAINLY DIDN'T ASK FOR THE CHURCH TO PAY FOR MY DIVORCE!!BRIAN DAVIS CAUSED ME AND MY KIDS TO GO THROUGH HELL!!...And that's what it was...My daughter ended up in Rusk State Hospital...suffering from post stress disorder...after what her "so called father" did to her...(which no one still wants to believe)...On one of my long journeys to visit her, while I was driving down the highway, low and behold, guess who called me? None other than BRIAN DAVIS. My mother was in the car with me, and since I was AFRAID OF WHAT BRIAN DAVIS WAS ABOUT TO SAY, and did not want my mother to hear the conversation, (as I was STILL trying to protect the church's reputation), I pulled my car over and got out,...(my hair blowing all over the place in my mouth, etc.)...This "so called" minister of God, could care less what I was going through...(and he dared not even ask)...All I remember about that UNEXPECTED CALL FROM BRIAN DAVIS, were these words..."B...You've made A LOT of mistakes in your life!"...What a "CHEERY" thing to say to me. I wanted to STRANGLE HIM by that time. That's a normal response, considering the circumstances. But I thought that he was "GOD'S MINISTER", and somehow MAYBE he was right... WRONG!!!...He was actually talking about HIMSELF...and still didn't know it. I've learned, people usually ACCUSE people of doing what THEY are guilty of. The purpose of the call was to DISCOURAGE ME and maybe I would GIVE UP and LEAVE THE CHURCH, so they wouldn't have to continue paying for my divorce and Brian Davis could say..."See...told you...she wasn't converted after all!"...BRIAN DAVIS' BIG COVER UP PLAN!!    March 27, 2012 9:04 AM        

Update March 27, 2012 9:06 AM

Back to the e mail I sent to "MR. BRIAN DAVIS"... Because my divorce was going so terrible and everyone was pressuring me to "just agree" to pay my ex child support to wrap things up...I sent this e mail to my attorney which basically said...No, I'm not listening to anyone...I'm THINKING FOR MYSELF THIS TIME, (using my critical thinking skills)...I am NOT going to sign the divorce papers and agree to pay my ex husband child support. After all...I left him because he was living and working in California, and he was running around with other women, and actually had a woman living with him...THIS IS WHY I TOOK MY SON AND LEFT IN THE FIRST PLACE!
I forwarded this e mail to Brian Davis ASSUMING he would be on my side...OH, NO,.. ANOTHER "MISTAKE IN MY LIFE"...Brian Davis took that one line..."I'm not listening to anyone"...and suspended me. I was told to read "God's Family Government", and an "anger management" paper, and fast and pray, etc. and call him back. It took months for him to accept that MY attitude was right, and FINALLY let me come back "in the church". He also told me to call my attorney and apologize TO HIM! I was so stupid,...I Did...I wonder what other "HOOPS" Brian Davis could have gotten me to jump through? The day I was FORMALLY ACCEPTED back into "the church", I could tell by my local minister's response...I don't believe he wanted me to come back...He walked off as Brian Davis was reluctantly welcoming me back. Could that ministers actions have been caused by BRIAN DAVIS SLANDERING ME!! Of course...I know this because after the local minister walked away...Brian Davis said to me, (while glancing back and forth between looking at his cell phone and the local minister)..."B...Mr. so and so is a fine minister...BUT...from now own, if you have something to talk about, don't talk to me" WHAT'S UP WITH THAT I ASKED...Even though I put it all together later and figured it out. Now If I would have followed Brian Davis' ORDERS, and never again talked to my local minister and just called up Brian Davis...THAT probably would have turned into a MAJOR FIASCO TOO!!...It's all crazy... March 27, 2012 9:06 AM

Update March 28

STILL ABOUT BRIAN DAVIS...Let me clarify some things. The reason I'M remaining anonymous is because I'm trying to expose Brian Davis. Brian Davis knows who I am. That's all that matters. Brian Davis would consider this as being a coward. NO, HE'S THE COWARD PICKING ON WOMEN IN THE CHURCH AND THROWING THEM OUT!! HE DISFELLOWSHIPPED ME THIS TIME BECAUSE I WOULDN'T OBEY HIM AND SHUT-UP WHEN I WAS JUST TRYING TO DEFEND MYSELF AND EXPOSE HIM TO THE OTHERS ON THE PHONE LINE AND OTHERS SECRETLY LISTENING TO THE PHONE CONVERSATION AT "HEADQUARTERS" THE LAST TIME HE DISFELLOWSHIPPED ME, (FEBRUARY 2010)...And besides that...I don't know if THIS DISFELLOWSHIP IS LEGITIMATE OR NOT...Because as I wrote earlier...Brian Davis tried to SECRETLY DISFELLOWSHIP ME February 2006, after he had told me to leave my husband...but later DENIED ALL BLAME, saying, "B...I was just trying to get you MENTALLY PREPARED". He told me in our last phone conversation from "Headquarters", that..." were confused and not in your right mind"...(oh, so I'm just a LUNATIC, (as I believe that's the way this SOCIOPATH thinks about all women)...So...He's telling me I didn't hear him say what I thought I heard him say??...What a LIAR! telling me,..."And don't tell anyone we had this conversation!"...yea, right!...THAT'S THE FIRST THING I TOLD THE CHURCH'S ATTORNEY WHEN HE HAD TO CALL ME BACK AND HIRE ATTORNEY'S FOR THE PCG AND ME!...NEXT SUBJECT...March 28, 2012, 7:46 AM


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The Weird Mind of Conservative Armstrongites

Why is it that the minds of Armstrongites are hooked on everything weird out here? 
Why are they filled with conspiracy theories, UFO's, mother ships, nephillim, and a myriad of other things.
You hear promotions from every nut jobs out there, but no talk about Jesus Christ.
Just look at the latest Journal and the weird things people write for it.
Jesus Christ is barely discussed, but rantings of mad men and lunatic preachers are.

Here is what one nutjob is promoting on Facebook in a COG group who think they are the best law keepers in the world. This is factual to them.

Apostle Malm: When The Pope Comes You Cannot Go Home To Get Your Coat!

Apostate apostle Malm is upset with that nasty pope today and says the minute you see his sorry ass in Jerusalem then you need to flee immediately.  You are not even allowed to go home and get your coat - even though you have 75 days left until the tribulation starts.  Apparently you are to go straight to the nearest tall peak and wait for the mother ship to hover over you and beam you up so you can be  flown over to Petra and be deposited. 

24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
This abomination is set up as pope in Rome and then goes to the Holy Place [the whole Mount is Holy] triggering the tribulation.
When the abomination [the final false prophet]  is set up in Rome, he has only a total of 1,335 days before he is destroyed, Dan 12; Rev 19:20.
1,335 minus 1,260 for the tribulation, leaves the start of the tribulation at 75 days after the final abomination is set up in the papacy in Rome.
When you see the abomination set up in Rome, and recognize him by his miracles and his call for a new Europe; then know that the tribulation is imminent and will begin when he goes to the Mount.
It is when this final false prophet is set up in Rome and then goes to the Holy Place about 75 days later; that the great tribulation will begin; immediately, at that time, so quickly that one should not even go home to fetch his coat!  This we have on the direct authority of Jesus Christ.

I wish all these false apostles would make their minds up.  One minute the tribulation begins when we are not allowed to buy or work on Sundays. Then next it is the bar-code on our foreheads. Or it's Muslim hordes rampaging through Europe. Or the Germans setting up concentration camps in the United States. And we can't forget disease, famine, pestilence, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, etc.  Fear, Fear, Fear, is the name of the game.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Compromising the Commandments Is Equivalent to Feeding Your Child "Poisen"

Don't you just love educated Apostles!  Apostate Malm is a great example on how legalism destroys the mind.

The Father and Christ are full of mercy and will quickly forgive the repentant, but THEY WILL NOT tolerate any sin; for sin destroys the people that they love so very much.
To illustrate the point:  Would a good parent feed his children a cup of arsenic each week?  Of course no, because that is a poison!  God expects elders to feed his flock of the good pasture of his word; and NOT the poison of  compromise with that Good Word!  To allow compromise with the commandments, is to feed the flock POISEN!  To teach tolerance for sin, teaches men to tolerate poison;  in God’s temple, his people.
The Apostate Apostle continues:

God’s Kingdom is not of this world.  We are IN the world, yet not OF the world.  As long as we are IN this world, we are to be subject to its authorities and powers; while still and always putting God FIRST.  And IF a law is made that requires us to break any of God’s commandments, we are to flee that nation and go to another city or nation, as our first choice.
Um, Herb and crew all teach that the Kingdom is coming to this world.  Christianity teaches that the kingdom is already breaking forth in believers.  They know that with God working in their lives that the kingdom is breaking forth in them and that they have no worries or fear about what is to come (unlike Armstrongites who live in houses of fear.)  Apparently Malm and crew are heading off to distant planets where they will be made kings and priests of their worlds where they will wreck havoc on sinners that will be sent to them for 1,000 years of correction by rods of iron. Talk about hell!

We have no business reaching out to the world, while we are full of sin inside ourselves and our organizations.  We need to clean up our own spiritual lives and get right with God.  We need to rekindle our passionate  zeal for God and his commandments; we need to get rid of those traditions not consistent with scripture; we need to start practicing what we preach, and to start setting a godly example instead of acting so shamefully. 

What a stupid excuse in not reaching out to the world!  Armstrongites will NEVER get rid of their sin by keeping the law.  They will NEVER be PERFECT keeping the law.  If you are a believer then you know that the commandments are irrelevant. Maybe that is why Malm and crew are such miserable, sad, and obsessively angry people.  No matter how much they try they just cannot get it right.  If they were believers, then they would know that it has all been taken care of, but they would rather slop around in the swill they were brought up in as they try to polish their dirty pearls around their necks.

Apostate Malm and crew would love to be able to walk by a beaten up black person, a gay person, a commandment breaker, etc., that is laying by the side of the road as they click their tongues in disgust.  Instead of reaching down and healing wounds they will walk on by with delight as they pretend to be perfect law keepers.  Can you imagine any of them taking out their wallets and getting a doctor or room for the person to heal in and then to provide for the long term care?  It will NEVER happen!  Malm won't do it.  Thiel won't do it. Pack, Flurry Meredith, Weinerdude and Hulme won't do it.

Books: "I'm Perfect, You're Doomed" and "The Spanking Room"


Here are two great books about growing up in a legalistic cult.  Don't dismiss them because they are related to life in the Jehovah's Witnesses.  They believe much of the same end times garbage that Herbert Armstrong taught.  Remember that HWA copied a lot of WCG's beliefs from the JW's.  The same kind of "us vs. them" mentality is prevalent.  "Why worry about the world around you since they are all going to burn up in the lake of fire."  They had the same kind of abusive child rearing techniques.  The same absurd doctrines and crazier than hell church leaders are present in JW land as in Armstrongism. Cults are abusers, mentally,  spiritually and physically.

I'm Perfect, You're Doomed is the story of Kyria Abrahams's coming-of-age as a Jehovah's Witness -- a doorbell-ringing "Pioneer of the Lord." Her childhood was haunted by the knowledge that her neighbors and schoolmates were doomed to die in an imminent fiery apocalypse; that Smurfs were evil; that just about anything you could buy at a yard sale was infested by demons; and that Ouija boards -- even if they were manufactured by Parker Brothers -- were portals to hell. Never mind how popular you are when you hand out the Watchtower instead of candy at Halloween.
 When Abrahams turned eighteen, things got even stranger. That's when she found herself married to a man she didn't love, with adultery her only way out. "Disfellowshipped" and exiled from the only world she'd ever known, Abrahams realized that the only people who could save her were the very sinners she had prayed would be smitten by God's wrath.

Raucously funny, deeply unsettling, and written with scorching wit and deep compassion, I'm Perfect, You're Doomed explores the ironic absurdity of growing up believing that nothing matters because everything's about to be destroyed.

I had stopped vomiting, but still shook and sobbed. Mom returned to the room to sit on the edge of my bed. Again she asked, "Billy what's wrong?"
"That was my bus route," I whispered when I could get words out. "What if someone I knew came to the door?"
"They'd find out I was a Jehovah's Witness."
Mom's hand met the side of my head in a flash of brilliant white light and an explosion of pain. I collapsed onto the mattress while she flailed at me, her rage-clenched fists thudding into my eight-year-old body.
"How dare you?" she shrieked. "You awful, rotten child! How dare you be ashamed of Jehovah? I hate you! I hate you!"
The Spanking Room is the true story of a young boy's upbringing, and how the unorthodox doctrines of the Watchtower Society encourage violence against its most helpless members-the children.
Whether you are looking for specific answers or an overall understanding of Jehovah's Witness beliefs and practices, The Spanking Room delivers in a straightforward, compelling manner. Journey with little Billy Coburn as he grows up in the Watchtower Society, learn what Jehovah's Witnesses believe about God, and experience the inner workings of the Kingdom Hall through a child's-eye view. If you or someone you love is a Jehovah's Witness, this book is for you.

"The Last Great Day" Free Ebook Promo

Here's your chance to get a free copy of Benjamin Grant Mitchell's great book on growing up in Armstrongism. You will laughed a shared experiences and be shocked at some appalling COG behavior.  It is well worth the read, specially when it is free for a few days!  

Another Harlot Daughter In The Works?

While some have gotten tired of the references to James Malm, I think we had better pay attention to his aspirations.  This guy is so rabidly to the right in Armstrongism that he has gathered a small following.  He admits that his goal is 1,000 people by the end of the year.  He claims to have no aspirations to be preacher, but to remain as the Apostle - the messenger.  Malm is no fly by night potential splinter cult leader.  He is going after the disillusioned COG members from all the various splinter cults. These groups and individuals are looking for a strong voice that appeals to their interpretations of Armstrongism. Hence this comment:

There are also many smaller independent groups and many independent individuals standing alone.

All of the comments bellow have been made by Apostate Apostle Malm:

This is a very strong message on the apostasy that has been taking place since the mid 1960′s.

I am a person who has been granted some insight into the situation and who has seen the evil approaching.  I have cried out a warning out of love for my God and his children.  I know my strengths and my limitations.  I am not qualified as an elder to shepherd a congregation, to council with people and to lead them on a one on one basis.  My strength is to give a warning, to cry out, to call to repentance, to restore that which was lost; and to reveal that which has been hidden.

If I were a member of any one group I should be ignored by the others.  I must remain above involvement in any separate group so that I may call out to all peoples and groups.

I am NOT trying to start any organization.  I do believe that we are at a transitional phase when God is separating out his faithful, who do have, or will seek a zeal for him and his commandments; to remove them, to sift them OUT from the lax and lukewarm Laodiceans. (this is the same thing that Spanky Meredith said before he started Global Church of God. Through other men who did all the work, which allowed Meredith to step in without getting his hands dirty.  This is the exact same thing Malm is doing.  He is influencing various men to put his words into action. They do the dirty work, the Apostle steps in untarnished by the shenanigans)

At this time you can see that BOTH UCG and COGWA are peopled by brethren who have had far more freedom of study and thought than any of the pother major COG groups.  That situation is now changing and those who choose to turn to God in zeal are being placed in a position where they will have to make a decision when the full fruits of these two groups mature.
As I have said many times I do not expect the fruits of these groups to mature before the fall Feast.  It is at that time that COGWA will have its leadership in place on a permanent basis; and it will take that long for the new UCG agenda to become clear.  Only at or after the fall feast will everything become clear.

This is an Internet effort at providing a message of warning and hope for all of God’s people first; and then to the world at large.
My agenda to to provide a message of warning for God’s people so that they will be awakened from their deep sleep and that those that have enough oil will be sifted out form the lax and the lukewarm so that they will not share in their correction.
My mission to to provide sufficient warning so that those who are lax and lukewarn will remember that warning. when they find themselves in the correction of tribulation; and that they may still find the gold of salvation in the trial by fire.
Right now several thousand people are visiting this Blog and the other sites regularly.  Those who have asked for Sabbath services are widely scattered worldwide and I cannot provide any solutions for you at this time.  The same thing is true about the Festivals.
I advise you to stay where you are until you are fully personally convinced that the fruits are such that you need to leave, or until you are no longer welcome.  I advise all to take the Sabbaths and as much other time as possible to open your Bibles and study thoroughly with an open mind. 
Don’t let anyone deceive you into believing that you must assemble with this or that group who are far from God; just because some friends or respected persons might be there!
This is an ongoing transitional phase at this time, as the faithful and the zealous are being separated OUT from the lax and lukewarm. 

I believe that most of those who are truly zealously faithful to God will come from independents and small groups; and out of UCG and COGWA when things come to a head. A small few may also come from LCG.

Right now there are several hundred people who would love to keep the Feast together with us; sadly they are scattered worldwide from Sweden to South Africa; from Australia to Missouri!  I just do not have the trusted people and resources to operate Feast sites at this time.

The warning to them is in the sense of sowing seed for the future when the conditions are better suited for that seed to germinate.  The Word of God needs humble soil to germinate.

At this time there are also a thousand or more who see much wrong and are hoping against all hope that things will improve and that I am wrong in my warnings. 

There is also now a group of several hundred who see many things much more clearly; and are strongly inclined to agree with me. 

At one time I said that only about 10 to 15% would ultimately be found to be real pillars.  I believe that was wishful thinking and I personally would be very pleasantly surprised if as many as one thousand from all groups and independents  would ultimately have the spiritual oil and strength to be real pillars  in the faith.

I have been sowing seed for four years as of 8 July, which was the date of  first publication [not of the launch of writing].  

I wanted to be very clear here that the pillars in this age are a very small number of people. The vast majority in the faith are Laodicean.

 I strongly recommend that everyone spend as much time as possible in intensive prayer and personal Bible study in preparation for the fall Feast.  It is at that time that the permanent leadership of  COGWA will be in place and that the new agenda of the UCG will be coming clearer.  Either at or after the Feast the agendas of these groups will be made known.

:Simply put: the time is not yet ripe for the removal of the pillars. (i.e., the time is not ready for the faithful followers of Malm to leave their churches.  They are to wait one more year)

Monday, March 26, 2012

E W King: Trying to Resurrect the Worldwide Church of God Name

E. W. King, the latest all knowing prophet for the Church of God has had a new vision that is directed to all the apostates in ALL the 600 some harlot daughters of the Worldwide Church of God.

For those of you caught up in the splinter and or “offshoot” groups of God’s true Church, “The Worldwide Church of God”, you are about to get a message that all the others in Laodicean, splinter, offshoot and divided groups do not want you to have!

King, has and some kind of dream, vision, nightmare, migraine or something, where he claims the the name The Worldwide Church of God is God-ordained because Herbert W Armstrong came up with it.  All the various splinter cults are in apostasy because they left the original TRUE church founded by Gods apostle who had named the Church, The Worldwide Church of God. This name is sacred and holy until which time in the future Jesus Christ gives it a new name (which King claims to know by divine revelation).

Now we have studied the fact that during the sixth church era, the Philadelphian, God chose an apostle to direct this organization. We must understand that this true restored church government cannot be changed! During the Philadelphian era God called His church, “The Worldwide Church of God”. This cannot be changed! Many “splinter”, offshoots, groups and corporations through men have tried to change this first important fact.  Apostasy began in the 70′s. It rose in 1978 and still continues today. The true Church is still “The Worldwide Church of God”. Some have tried to buy this name, some have tried to hijack this name…and most all have tried to change this name! This cannot be done!

Sadly, King is not allowed to use the name because GCI has locked up the name preventing any Armstrongite cults from ever using it again:

Unfortunately this title [The Worldwide Church of God] cannot be used in regards to a legal organization because it is still owned by the apostates. This does not prevent free Christians from using it as a title for what they truly believe.

 This name prevention is a Satanic conspiracy to thwart the True Church Remnant from using the name:

We must remember, if the first latter day apostle claimed that “The Worldwide Church of God” is the Philadelphia church, then it still is! This is why Satan tried his hardest to block anybody from legally using this title.
I bet Satan is really getting ticked at being blamed for everything that has happened in Armstrongism!  The guy never gets any relief!

According to King, there is a true remnant still in WCG who are the true church and not the people in various splinter cults headed up by heretics

Only those who have left the ONE true Church have become Laodicean and or cults. The Laodiceans have rejected the Philadelphia [Worldwide Church of God] apostle. Why would they listen to a new apostle? [as many splinter groups claim to have]
*Only the true apostle could have given authority for a name change! He did not!
IMPORTANT NOTE: I must also make this important point. Many who were in “The Worldwide Church of God” have not just left for Laodicea, unfortunately, many are now sitting in outright cults! Following false apostles and false prophets!
Since WCG does not officially exist any more, and since WCG changed it's name to Grace Communion International, how can he claim there are true believers left?  Plus, since he has called his small splinter cult, Church of God Speaking to the Remnant, where does he get off calling the other  leaders of other splinter cults apostates? (Which they really are, but his logic here does not compute)

All of this revealed knowledge cannot truly be understood until now!  God has opened E.W. Kings eyes to discover more hidden knowledge of God that heeds to be brought to light.

Here are four foundational “KEYS” to understanding the Hidden Doctrine!
               Let us now look into the Hidden Doctrine of Mr. Armstrong!
The true Church of God recognizes the fact that the first latter day apostle [Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong] came in the “spirit” and “power” of Elijah to restore true Church government. Since this time true Church government has been restored! Also, the true gospel of the Kingdom has been pronounced since this time. The knowledge that had been taken away has been restored. God truly only has His one true Church. This cannot be changed!
God’s true church is called 12 times in the New Testament, the “Church of God”. Mr. Armstrong brought God’s church “worldwide”. It need not be called by any other name.  
Kings god is certainly an impotent god.  Apparently his god is too insecure in his creation to think they can not handle Gods own  revealed knowledge, so he therefor needs to hide it all from sight.  If that's the case it's no wonder the sheeple are so ignorant theologically.  If so, the humanity is basically screwed because God deems everyone too stupid to understand his words.  Every Armstrongite splinter cult leader out there claims to have some kind of revealed knowledge that no one else has  ever had. God supposedly speaks top and through them.Liars all!

Now many need to look very closely at this next fact to truly be able to begin to understand the “Hidden Doctrine” [Hidden Manna] of Mr. Armstrong! Remember, no other group claiming to be the true remnant of the Worldwide Church of God has this doctrine which is very clear!
Here is what you need to understand! Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong told the true “Worldwide Church of God” that he [Mr. Armstrong]  fulfilled this Zerubbabel office. The original “Worldwide Church of God” was finished in regards to restored Church government and in the fact that it was [is] the only true Philadelphia Church of God! This means that the original name of the Philadelphia church is, “The Worldwide Church of God”. If it isn’t, how many Philadelphia churches of God are there?

So what is the Philadelphia church of God? It is only the original Worldwide Church of God….nothing else!  Many false “christian” groups today teach that the original Worldwide Church of God is divided into “sects”, “groups”, and or “splinters”. 

King then goes into a lot of blabber about Tkach failing to preserve the truth which lead to people leaving to join apostate splinter groups and cults (his words).  All these folk were looking for churches that had new names.  Hence there are now over 600 of these splinter cults.  What these nincompoops failed to realize that the church does NOT have a new name and cannot till Jesus  Christ returns.  Then the church will be given a new name.  Till then, everyone sitting in a harlot daughter of the WCG is a heretic!

When Mr. Armstrong died many were looking for the TRUE CHURCH going by “new names”.  The fact is, the Church will not receive a “new name” until Christ returns! Splinter groups and offshoot movements appeared on the scene with many different “new names”. But Revelation 2:17 tells us that ONLY CHRIST CAN GIVE US THE NEW NAME! How does Jesus do this? He does this through His word! No other way.

So just what is that new name that Jesus Christ has revealed to King?

“And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all the kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name. Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God. Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate: but thou thou shalt be called Hephzibah, and thy land Beulah: for the Lord delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married.” [Isaiah 62:2-4] The Hebrew word here, Hephzibah means “my delight”. Why does the true “Worldwide Church of God” take on the character of “God’s Delight”? Because they stuck with the TRUTH! This is the third “KEY”.
Where ever the true Church dwells shall be “Beulah”, which means “the husband [God]” is with them! The true “Worldwide Church of God” will be Hephzibah, “God’s delight”! Now what you have just been taught is something that all the offshoot groups and splinter groups do not want you to know! Why? Because the offshoot groups seek glory for themselves and not God! They “know not the Scriptures”. Look at all the false names that they have given unto themselves.
 Then there is more hidden knowledge brought to light.  The true church will have its name engraved on a white stone.  So what is the white stone?

Now in Revelation 2:17 Jesus promised to give us the “new name” when the time is right. The Church will be given this new name at the Second Coming. This name describes a character trait of the one true “Worldwide Church of God”. Now in Revelation 2:17 Jesus promised to give His true Church more than one thing. He promised to give them a “white stone” with the “new name” on it. What is this white stone?

The Greek word for “stone” in Revelation 2:17 can mean “a verdict of acquittal”. This is awesome! This means that the true “Worldwide Church of God” will finally be set free from all the accusations of the apostates and the false offshoot groups! The true “Worldwide Church of God” will at last be set free from the heretics and their false accusations! You have just been given the TRUTH. This is part of the “hidden doctrine” that nobody wants you to know about.

At least I can had it to King for calling all the splinter cult leaders heretics. He has gotten that part right!

So what is King really getting at here?  What has been revealed to him that is to transpire?  Get your bags packed folks!  You are going home!

The truth of the first last day apostle is on the side of the Church he belonged to. Satan, like a roaring lion, has tried to tear God’s church up into pieces. The Church may have appeared to fall through all the confusion but it did not! What is the Church’s commission? It is always to bring the true Kingdom of God message to the whole world and in these last days, since the death of the first last day apostle, to call the misled out of Laodicea and back into the Worldwide Church of God..this is God’s “delight” [Hephzibah].

Can you imagine Flurry's cult or Pack's cult abandoning their new cult headquarters to return to the WCG!  Can you imagine the spitting and snarling that would take place!  Can you imagine Rod Meredith returning? Submitting again?  It well NEVER happen!

Mr. Armstrong used to use the phrase that we must “stick to the trunk of the tree”. The Philadelphia church is the trunk [Christ and His church]! It was identified by the first last day apostle as, “The Worldwide Church of God”. Many are trying to start a new “trunk” with a fake name. Mr. Armstrong, after the 1970′s apostasy, said that he was “getting the Church back on track”. He never said; “I am going to divide the ‘sheep’ from the ‘goats’ and give the Church a new name [start a new church].”
 Note this carefully: Any Church that sprung up after the Worldwide Church of God is a new church, which is to say, ‘Laodicean’ or ‘cult’. (emphasis mine)

If God’s church is “divided” Jesus’ house cannot stand! Jesus said that a house divided against itself shall not stand! [Mark 3:24-26] These offshoot groups demand that one believe that God’s church is today divided. That is blasphemy! This is the fourth and final “KEY”

So if all of you apostates and heretics out there are still confused, King wants you to contact him for further information.  He mocks the splinter cults for setting themselves up above others and yet he is doing it himself.  The stupid reasoning that makes up so much of Armstrongite thought is amazing!

Please contact me. If you have articles to submit or other ideas that you think God is calling you to use please write to me. God’s people must stick together and work together. He commands us to. I offer free CD messages and my service to learning from and helping others. Please understand, I truly love God and His word. I love Jesus Christ [my Saviour] and the gift of the true Holy Spirit. It saddens me to see all of the confusion out there regarding His one true Church. I am sickened by all the evil websites that attack the TRUTH. I am sickened by the cults and false teachers. I can now only follow what God asks…keep the faith, fight the good fight. Will you join me? We are truly living in the Last Days.

You can read this entire missive here:  The Hidden Doctrine of Mr. Armstrong….Shocking Truth!

Dennis On: "You Know You've SOLD OUT When..."

As Apostle, Evangelist, Priest, Watcher, Witness, Member or Minister,

You Know You've SOLD OUT When...

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert Author

No one belongs to or works for any human organization or movement and follows the beliefs, perspectives and goals of those above them 100%.  We trade our loyalty to and idea or a goal for the security that "belonging" gives us.   Under all the suits, lies the basic human need to survive and thrive and make it skidding into home plate fat, sassy and happy.

I remember when a minister having an Elder that built M-1 Abrams Tanks for a living.  As a young minister, that struck me as an odd thing for an Elder but I think he just said he only worked there and in an office.  Since it was obvious he was not about to look for another line of work, it never came up much. (HQ in Pasadena once told me to tell a member to shut down his grocery store over Unleavened Bread, but when even knowing this Elder, never seemed to bring that up.  I told the member with the store to keep it open and UB was an at home thing.)

I'm ending a stint teaching at a "For Profit College" first because they are closing the program I teach but have left early giving up whatever severance they had to offer months from now because  such colleges, once you see it from the inside , are and educational rip off.  They put those least able to pay in the most debt you can imagine.  Actually it began to feel very much like my church pastor experience and I wasn't going to make the same, "if your head says yes and your stomach says no, the stomach is telling you the truth" mistake I made by staying too long in WCG.  I am going to make my decisions this time just for the sake of taking charge of them.

When I debated a former WCG higher up minister in Dallas a couple years ago, and after it was over, a minister went out of his way to tell me what I had to say was right on etc.  I said, "so you'll be teaching this next Sabbath?"  Got a polite smile and we both knew what that meant.

I can't tell you how many minister types I have met in this town through hospital work and such that , when we talk religion, have said  "I know that is right, we studied that in seminary.  But if I teach that, I'll lose my job."  This intellectual and belief sell out is very common among ministers who work for organizations that think they can tell everyone what one thing to believe.  People don't really work like that but they do stay put out of security needs.  Most do.  The topic that touches the most nerves among and educated clergy is that old, "just why did Paul never quote Jesus," issue.  They all know the answer and won't tell their members. Holiday origins come next as do the mysteries of the Trinity and the sheer awfulness of the Old Testament God and Father of Jesus.

Selling out is what one does to stay a part of an organized group of any kind.  You go by their rules, not yours.  You give lip service to ALL their beliefs no matter what your private perspectives are.  You say yes when you mean no and you sit down on the outside when you are really standing up on the inside.

So how does a minister know when he has sold out?

You may have sold out when:

1.  You have quietly studied and read truly well written and researched by credibly credentialed  books on biblical issues and history and what you now see does not match what you are supposed to see, but "oh well."

2.  When you still are telling people to trust God for healing and then trust God and your doctor without telling the brethren yourself.  Saying, "Well, this is just reparative surgery," as if that is different from removing a diseased tissue, comes to mind.

(I recall a kid asking me what's the difference between a root canal and taking your gall bladder out?  All I could think of was that in one , the opening is already there to get to the problem. We both laughed.)

3.  When you live way beyond the means of the vast majority of your members, being able to do so because they give you money for the church.

4.  When you tell someone in your care to do something you really don't care much about yourself but tell them to do it because if you don't, they will tell others and it might get back to those who control your income or future what you said.

5.  When you treat someone who did something one way and someone who is not as close a friend to you another when both did or are doing the same thing you think is inappropriate.

6.  When you stand up and read directives, missives, letters, actions,  to do's or to don'ts to your congregation that in your mind you keep hearing yourself say, "this is bullshit," and yet keep on reading.

7.  When you think you have invested way too much, way too long and paid way too high a price to be where you are now and simply can't step out of line on those issues that are meaningful or real to you but not your church because, "I will lose my retirement."   (I have heard, "I am hanging on to retirement," more times than you can imagine.)  Do I understand that?  Of course I do.  WCG and all US Churches don't have to either take Social Security out of ministerial pay if they can get you young boy to believe it is "not trusting God," and "we will take care of you," or pay any retirement if they don't want to.  I call it the " Jesus Performed a Miracle and We Have No Money to Give You,"  two shots to the head theory.  (That was a Ron Kelly quote to me personally)  Sorry, obviously this is still a personal issue  lol  #7 stirred up the pain body :)  (Breathe Dennis).

Members sell out too in various ways to stay a part of their respective Churches in the good graces of the minister.  It's what humans do to gain respect, place and power.  People do it at work all the time.

It is not easy being one's authentic self no matter what.  I have met some who do it with ease but that is not the way of most.  But it is way ahead of selling out.

All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was.  I accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory.  I was naïve.  I was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions which I, and only I, could answer.  It took me a long time and much painful boomeranging of my expectations to achieve a realization everyone else appears to have been born with:  that I am nobody but myself.  ~Ralph Ellison, "Battle Royal"

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.  ~William Shakespeare

He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.  ~Raymond Hull

Most people are other people.  Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.  ~Oscar Wilde, De Profundis, 1905

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.  ~Judy Garland

The great majority of us are required to live a life of constant duplicity.  Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike, and rejoice at what brings you nothing but misfortune.  ~Boris Pasternak

Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.  ~Homer   (Not Simpson:)

Amen.....Now brethren let's all take our hymnals , rise and sing..."We are not divided, all one body we, one in hope and doctrine, one in chariteeeeee."  like it's true!