Sunday, April 5, 2020

Why People Are Appaled At COG Leaders Insane Decisions About COVID-19

BREAKING- Wadsworth, Ohio: Restored Church of God Defies Social Distancing while Neighboring Giant Eagle Announces Covid-19 Positive Employee

Update:  This article broke in a local Wadsworth community list and in a matter of hours spread to numerous Facebook pages.  Now, over 19,500+ (and still counting) people have read this article. 

It has now made several regional Ohio Facebook pages, including The Akron Beacon Journal. Many do not expect the ABJ to do much about this story.  They were warned by many people several years ago about the issues with the Restored Church of God and the religion editor made the decision to not pursue it. 

With Dave Pack's "prophecy" last week that end times would hit by Saturday, April 4, this group has the potential to become deadly.  The lives of the employees and its members are a deep concern to many, including family members who have loved ones enslaved by the group.

In defiance of Governor Dewine's social distancing recommendations for church gatherings, Dave Pack has insisted his headquarters congregation gather to attend services and hear his sermons in person. This reckless behavior is fueled by the fact Dave is literally preaching that Jesus is going to return any day now, having named several (now failed) dates in recent months.  

Ohio Governor Dewine fielded a question this week about churches: “Any pastor who brings people together in close proximity to each other, a large group of people, is making a huge mistake. It is not a Christian thing to do. It is not in the Judeo-Christian tradition to hurt people.”

Today, April 4, more than 100 congregants attending Saturday services and were in very close proximity to each other. Their cars in the parking lot pictured here. 

Dave's own wife, who was a nurse prior to marrying Dave, stands by her man through all of this. This in the face of her professional training that would be screaming to not hold services. 

This happened two days after Giant Eagle (the neighboring supermarket) announced one of their employees tested positive ( Every RCG staff member shops there often.

Several days ago, this was sent out by the Headquarters ministry to the whole church: "Keep watching! Based on all we can “forecast,” another Sabbath this side of the Return of Christ, does not appear to be on the horizon. None of the ministers here at Headquarters can see it."

Obviously, that didn't happen. RCG is in a prophetic tailspin.

Dave putting his congregation in harm's way is no surprise. He's already tapped them out of their money, why not their very lives? Sickening, in the extreme.

From an RCG source

Crackpot COG Leader Tells His Followers ‘Get Ready: The World is About to Need You’ Thanks to COVID-19 Virus

Life is never dull in Church of God land as one idiot after another makes outlandish predictions on how vital they are in getting a message out to a hurting world. As if anyone would want these fools touching their lives.  Truly hurting people would NEVER turn to these narcissistic men and their groups. Real Christians never act like these guys and are doing far more to help their neighbors than any of them ever have and ever will.

The sick part is these fools are expecting people to join up with them, along with their money, to join their push to bring the end times into fruition.

‘Get Ready: The World is About to Need You’ 
According to a secular source, related to COVID-19, Matt Smith wrote, “We could have been better prepared.” He also went over many issues, including lockdowns, illness, and deaths that should be anticipated related to COVID-19. But he then said, “Get ready. The world is about to need you.” Are you willing to step up spiritually and support the Philadelphian work? Most end time Christians are prophesied not to do so. Do the words the Mordecai passed on to Queen Esther have meaning for you today? Could you have been called into the Kingdom of God for a time such as this? What are the plans that God might have for you? Are you one who may have been prophesied to “instruct many” in the end time? Are you watching and praying? Are you cold or lukewarm when it comes to God’s work? Are you mainly a hearer of the word of a doer? Dr. Thiel goes over these subjects.