Sunday, March 7, 2021

Stupid Things Stephen Flurry Says

We are heading into the most important and sacred time of the year in the Church of God as it celebrates its version of the Passover. It is a time of would searching and even fasting to makes sure one is prepared to partake of the bread and wine. It is the one night of the year when COG members feel washed free of their sins. Sadly, it is only that one night, and for some, the sin starts as soon as they get angry at someone in the parking lot who won't let them out of a parking space or cuts them not the freeway. Damn ti! Now they have to wait till next year to be cleansed of their sins.

That's the merry-go-round that COG members are condemned to by lackluster ministers who refuse to follow Christ and preach about grace, justification, and spiritual rest, but instead spend their every breathing moment finding something wrong that members are doing or wrong in society. It is the eternal condemnation that no Passover service will ever cleanse away.

From Exit and Support Network (links in the letter lead to articles on the E&S site and not the Flurry cult):

March 6, 2021 
[The following were notes were sent to us by a PCG source and L. S. has added comments.]
SF in a recent sermon “Focus on the Lamb of God” (which did not focus on the Lamb of God but on sin and the Law), was filled with what I call lies. He also quoted from HWA many times. 
SF says, “Jesus had to be crucified because God won’t compromise with his Law.” Lie. Christ willingly shed his blood on Calvary and rose again in order to pay for the sins of the entire world. He was foreordained (chosen) to be the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. I Peter 1:20; Revelation 13:8. 
SF says, “The view [in the world] is that He [Jesus] did it all for us and that is a cop-out.” Lie. The truth is that He did do it all for us. Ephesians 1:7; II Corinthians 5:21, and many more Scriptures. This is the gospel of grace. 

Any Christian who understands grace understands this concept. It is finished. All of it!  

SF says, “What Christ went through is proof that God’s Law is active and valid and in force.” He added that Luke 24 says it. Lie. The Bible says no such thing. Jesus is telling His disciples in Luke 24 that Moses and all the prophets spoke of the things concerning Him—not the law. (See Luke 24:25-27) Read our articles: The Law of Moses and the Grace of God and Must We Keep the Law for Salvation? (many Q&A). 
SF says, “Jesus had to die because God won’t compromise with His Law.” Lie. Quoted HWA as saying it is false what “people in the world are saying that Jesus did these things for us because we can’t keep the law perfectly.” Quoted HWA as saying, “We have to keep the Law in order to be saved” and “God won’t receive you just as you are.” Lie. The Scriptures say “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” (II Corinthians 5:21) There are no works of the Law involved in salvation. It is a free gift. John 3:16. Read some of our articles in our section Law & Grace and especially many of Bob George‘s “A Closer Look” booklets. 
SF continually quoted words by HWA from his sermons and articles, which will always sound good and right until you exam them in the light of God’s Word. Read our article: Why Herbert Armstrong Could Not Have Been God’s True Apostle
SF says, “Young people have left PCG recently; they weren’t making the necessary changes they should have. In the end Satan overcame them.” Lie. Maybe these young people wanted out from under the burdens in PCG and to be able to make their own decisions. 
SF says, “If you don’t commit to a life of overcoming you will become calloused and drift away from God.” Lie. Victory comes by resting in Christ, not struggling. Go to our article: Must We Keep the Law for Salvation? and search for the word “overcome.” 
SF’s voice, the same as all top level PCG ministers I’ve heard gets very loud in the middle of this sermon. 
SF says,”We are living it first now and then will teach the whole world how to do it.” Lie. Members are not able to keep the Law perfectly so how can they teach the “whole world” in the future how to do it? 
When we focus on the Law it arouses sin, and causes sin to have more power. See Must We Keep the Law for Salvation? and click on the question “Can you explain more about the works of the Law and salvation?” 
This sermon will keep members in bondage to the Law not cause them to focus on “The Lamb of God” who took away the sin of the world. (John 1:29) –PCG source (additional comments by L. S.)

The law has become the god of the Church of God. The law trumps everything, even Jesus Christ. Nothing is more important or more necessary than keeping the law and following proper church government. Jesus be damned! Obey your pastor general or chief overseer, bow at the feet of Moses and keep all 613 laws, follow church government, and read Mystery of the Ages, and you too can be saved.

Oh Noes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! United Church of God Is Facing Persecution! What has this world come to?????????


The boys in Cincinnati are tearing a page out of professional martyr, Bwana Bob Thiel's strategy book. The big bad meanies out there are persecuting them because they dare to say stupid things at the wrong times. They believe that their incessant flapping of the arms, thrusting their big thick bibles in the air and screaming condemnation is preaching the gospel. It's not.

Here’s what we need to understand. A most disturbing trend has arisen: indiscriminate censorship of online information is underway, including censorship both by national governments and by the Internet companies themselves! 
While we in the Church of God fellowship still print and distribute thousands of physical Bible study guides, magazines, booklets and letters, we today conduct much of the Work in this online environment that is now being subjected to capricious censorship. 
One of these alarming acts of digital censorship is called “de-platforming.” U.S. and European governments have severely criticized and investigated the tech giants of the Internet, including Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and others for both allowing false, misleading, even harmful information to spread like wildfire and to indiscriminately collect and use data. 
These companies responded by independently censoring online information. Major figures have since been “de-platformed,” drawing criticism from world leaders in Europe and elsewhere. All companies, to one degree or another—and including the United Church of God—conduct major parts of their work online. 
Further, as has been established, these companies have also unilaterally censored or removed information that does not square with their political and social thought. 
This censorship has spread to disabling entire websites and social media platforms like Parler and individuals and organizations on Facebook and Twitter. Now, more and more people and organizations are silenced without warning. This includes churches who openly preach what the Bible says about certain sins. 
We have seen other evangelical organizations recently have messages “shadow-banned,” particularly on YouTube. The URL of the message remains online, but it is delisted so it cannot be found on search engines. Both being “de-platformed” and “shadow-banned” could happen to us. There are many who would want to silence our voice of “showing my people their sins” (Isaiah 58:1). 
Here in America, we have been blessed with the highest degree of protection for religious freedom in history, but it appears to be eroding rapidly. When I looked up a certain biblical phrase online in preparation for this column, I was advised by my browser that this was "content not suited for everyone”! 
In addition to Internet censorship, we are seeing new laws being considered in the United States and abroad that could have dramatic and far-reaching negative impacts on the Church of God fellowship.

And what is Kubik all in a twist over? He believes the state is going to turn UCG kids into transexuals.

Current federal legislation called the Equality Act is anything but that. If passed by the Senate and signed into law, it could deliver a stunning blow to religious freedom. 
Among other things, the Equality Act offers federal protection to those who would discard the biblical standards of man and woman, male and female. Under this potential law, so-called “gender identity” would be arbitrarily determined by individuals, not by physical genetics. It could throw all current standards into calumnious disarray. For example, boys who “identify” as girls could compete in women’s sports, despite physical differences. More ominously, men who “identify” as women would be legally free to use women's restrooms and other protected areas. This has already resulted in grievous harm. 
Further, some legislatures in Australia, Canada and elsewhere have adopted or are considering laws that legally prohibit any attempt to “deprogram” those who have artificially identified as a member of the opposite sex. Incredibly, in some instances, that ostensibly includes even praying for those individuals to recover! 
When people—even major figures—object, they are instantly subjected to vile derision and ad hominem attacks, which often follow a destructive pattern of “name, shame, cancel, repeat.”
I ask for your prayers that we as a spiritual fellowship be protected from this kind of legislation and societal trend that we may continue to do the work of the living God, and especially that our children be protected. Personal from the President

Not a single Church of God out there that is preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ is suffering any real persecution. Those that claim they are being persecuted, like Bob Thiel, LCG, and UCG, are preaching messages of condemnation. 

Woe is me, everything is wrong in the world and we have to be just as nasty as people in the world we delight in condemning. 

Those who are followers of Christ understand his message differently and don't spend every telecast, sermon, or copious amounts of time writing articles in vitriolic fits of condemnation. But since Thiel and the others are Christ deniers and instead Moses followers, they know nothing other than condemnation and damnation.


Saturday, March 6, 2021

Big Sandy Texas...COG myths from the farm


From Wonders of the A.C. Ranch a publication from Imperial Schools in educating the youth about the AC farm and the Bible.

I certainly hope those children did not heed the Bible to end strife as taught by the Church of God and Ambassador faculty. The use of the Bible by these "leaders" has created more strife in the Church of God than the persecuting Germans or the Beast power. We created our own strife that has totally decimated the COG to the pathetic state it is in today. None of those guys have made any effort to end all the silly strife in the COG!

Did you also know that when God supposedly created Texas that he specifically knew hundreds of thousands of years ago that Herbert Armstrong would come to Big Sandy and build a campus there? Even more amazing that same God knew that they would build a dam on the property to make a lake and buried in that exact spot clay and silt so they could make the dam? Forget about the glaciers and flooding that happened over hundreds of thousands of years in the region, that's geology and we can't have any of that. It's a miracle, I tell you! A miracle!

We loved to mock the Catholic church for its many myths when we have created our own multivolume collection of COG myths.

With God's laws, we always comply???????? 

LMAO! This is the Church of God we are speaking of. It has always been a pick and choose church that kept the things it wanted and forget about the rest.