Thursday, October 6, 2022

God Drops A Load On David C. Pack!

God Drops A Load On David C. Pack!


Setting a new low (and at the same time, hysterical) standard for “Pathetic Updates” in Member Services, Team Enablers at The Restored Church of God have all but admitted they are out of ideas. The Coffee Kid and the Meat Shield spent the day shrugging at one another. They are sorely in need of a massage.


It took three paragraphs to say, “Let’s do this again tomorrow because this morning was so awesome!”


Wait for it:


Friday, October 7 at 11:16am — The First Kingdom of God Arrives!



October 6, 2022


Brethren, for many reasons, the 10 days of Revelation 2:10 end IN the day of the Lord (meaning inside it). Recall the many events that happen “IN that day”—including completion of the saints who are “blameless IN the day of our Lord Jesus Christ” (I Cor. 1:8)—again meaning INSIDE this day, not at its start or end. While the fulfillment we await “tarries” (for two days after Atonement), we faithfully “wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not delay” (Hab. 2:3)!


In simple terms, 9 of the 10 days are before the Last Great Day, and the 10th day ends IN that day at “evening time” (meaning “dusk now” in the Hebrew). This was extremely hard to discern until God dropped a load of proof on us. The heavenly signs (6th seal) close the 10th day before God intervenes at evening to extend it, bringing “all the saints with Him” for what starts His wrath. We thought there were three days before the Feast and then the remaining seven preceded the Last Great Day. In fact there are two days before the Feast (one is a full Sabbath) and then the remaining eight complete the Last Great Day before God lengthens it.


The picture you already have is correct—except that timing was too early by one day. Now the first Kingdom arrives at the exact moment the Sabbath occurs (Jerusalem time)! Just recall Acts 1:6-7.


In Christ’s service,


David C. Pack



Ha ha ha ha ha.


Ha ha ha ha ha.


Ha ha ha ha ha.


Just when I thought David C. Pack teaching the members of RCG that God blinded him was hilarious enough, this golden brown nugget lands in everyone’s lap.


“This was extremely hard to discern until God dropped a load of proof on us.”


It is actually David C. Pack who drops a load on the members of The Restored Church of God. For seven years running. He is no longer content with only pissing against the wooden walls of the Hall of Administration Third Floor Executive Imaginarium, but today he took a squat right there on the boardroom table as the Coffee Kid fetched a shovel.


This is a perfect illustration of the quality of his work and the source of his inspiration. David C. Pack does not speak for the mind of God. He is not being led by God, and this prophecy series is an abomination.


“The picture you already have is correct—except that timing was too early by one day.”


The picture is correct…except. That is an old standby. Timing is everything when it comes to proving a true prophet from a false one. The moment he set a date was the moment he reached a point of no return. He can never stop now. And he can never be right.


Jesus Christ will not return tomorrow at the beginning of Sabbath Jerusalem time. He will not return tomorrow at the beginning of Sabbath Joseph time. He will not return any time David C. Pack declares it.


He admitted God removed his dunamis.

He admitted God blinded him.

He admitted God dropped a load on him today.


Man, what is in store for this guy next time?

Marc Cebrian

See: God Drops A Load On David C. Pack!

Dave Pack: The Road To Nowhere


Road To Nowhere


In less than one hour, David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God will fail again.


The First Kingdom of God will not arrive today, October 6, at 11:18am, as he declared Saturday.


October 1, 2022

@ 01:03 I could not have dreamed that there could be so much that would come so clear and become so easy, so fast, so close to the end. But that's what happened.


While he eats his lunch this afternoon, will he ponder that he did not learn so much, and it was not so clear and not so easy as he continues going way too fast, and we are not as close to the end?


No. He will pester “lesser ministers” with imaginings about “something we missed.” The enablers will circle the wagons and surround the false apostle with pillows because his ego bruises easily.


The next part of the series is coming because David C. Pack cannot be quiet for a year. He cannot stew in his own insignificance for that long. The idea of preaching the gospel to the world, updating the literature, or recording a new The World to Come is too frightening and offensive to consider. The show must go on.


While reflecting on what will not happen today, I kept hearing a song in my head. In 1991, Ozzy Osbourne released “Road to Nowhere.”


The wreckage of my past keeps haunting me

It just won't leave me alone

I still find it all a mystery

Could it be a dream?

The road to nowhere leads to me


The sad part is that David C. Pack leads the entire ministry and membership of The Restored Church of God to nowhere. Meanwhile, he is the center of that nowhere. They will continue to move in circles he created that all lead back to him.


Those lyrics were more eerily close to home than I remembered.


The Greatest Unending Story! is a wreckage. A wreckage of biblical fraud. A wreckage of prophetic nonsense. A wreckage of well-documented failure. A wreckage of people’s faith.


The past harasses David C. Pack. His own words condemn him. His own words expose him. Reminding everyone of what he said five days ago is framed as “the devil attacking the church.” There is no end to his volume of words, and they will not leave him alone.


@ 06:18 That is astonishing blindness.

@ 58:58 It’s the start of the 12th [of Tishrei], Jerusalem time. About 11:20 this Thursday morning. That's just math. It's not me saying anything. It's just math. I can count to 10.


He believes he has been charged by God to end the “Mystery of God” of Revelation 10:7, which means he is the seventh angel. Filled with medical-grade delusion, he does not understand that he will never understand.


Bible prophecy will forever remain a mystery to him. What God wants will be a mystery to him. Why he perpetually fails is a mystery to him. The reason behind God striking him with blindness and removing all dunamis from him will be a present-progressive mystery.


But the answer is painfully clear: God is not guiding him. The Restored Church of Another god is led by a Pastor General and Professional Blasphemer who makes merchandise of the brethren. Darkness has captured the corporate sheepfold.


Today, the brethren inside RCG will have to wrestle with this. More clarity will come to prove things are still right on track. When physical reality clashes with mental reality, the human mind has an astonishing way of compensating. Keep checking Member Services for a critical "Pathetic Update."


@ 1:49:15 All you gotta do is sit there and shut up and learn.


Quit calling your local "minister" with vexing questions. He does not have the answers. This is how David C. Pack sees you; you better stay this way.

The man lives in a dream where he is identified throughout the Bible. Let the words of David C. Pack destroy David C. Pack. 


The attacks in this book are undeniably sound and ferocious. He has become the very creature he once warned everyone about.


Ponder this and stand in awe. God has a brilliance that cannot be fathomed.


The road to nowhere leads to me


The Restored Church of Another god is being led on the road to nowhere with a false apostle at the center of attention. All this road does is lead back to David C. Pack.


The seven years of circling have weakened the brethren, not built them up. The seven years of circling have drained the brethren, not filled them up. The seven years of circling have consumed the brethren, not fed them. God have mercy!


Watch the clock at 11:18am today to see what happens.


Spoiler Alert: David C. Pack will fail.


The frantic spin will follow.

Marc Cebrian

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

LCG, Star Wars And Rebels


I'll just leave this here.....seems like another subtle tactic to shut up any questioning. Rod Meredith was a rebel when he left 2 different church organizations to form LCG, but that doesn't count.

We in God’s Church strive to think biblically about any given topic—to keep our brains turned on and “tuned in” to what the Bible has to say. But what about entertainment?

Entertainment is usually designed to help us stop thinking. When I consider some of the entertainment I enjoy, I know that part of the reason I enjoy it is because it’s not mentally taxing. There’s a danger in this, as you might expect: When we stop thinking, we are still taking in information. For example, Star Wars is my favorite film franchise—but can I just turn my brain off and mindlessly take it in?

There were a few items I realized I needed to filter out of my mindset after being raised on Star Wars. First, it sugarcoats war. Most PG or PG-13 movies do this—characters just scream and fall over when they die, and good guys can mow down legions of bad guys, rarely getting hurt themselves. As a result, I grew up thinking that even though war sounded bad, it was probably something I could survive. I was thankfully able to grow out of that mindset as I got a better idea of what war is really like. Needless to say, God never sugarcoats war, and He is looking forward to doing away with it entirely (Matthew 5:9Isaiah 2:2–4).

Secondly, Star Wars usually makes its bad guys faceless; stormtroopers are just evil and deserve to be shot for their crimes against the galaxy. In some ways, it’s no different from stories that employ orcs or killer robots—enemies that neither give nor deserve mercy. But when we apply that thinking to human beings, it takes us to places in our history like the Holocaust and other instances of genocide. We have to keep in mind that every human being is created in God’s image and that God’s master plan includes resurrection for all who have died. When God resurrects Nazis (see Matthew 12:41), do we think we’ll just gun them back down? Or, are we called to learn how to help them repent of their evil deeds? Some of the Nazis were literally called stormtroopers—and, despite all their evil in this age, they were still human beings made in God’s image and will have their opportunity to repent.

One more lesson, though there are surely others: In Star Wars, the rebels are the good guys. The rebels are not the good guys in the Bible—they include Korah, Absalom, Nimrod, and Satan himself. A quick word study will show that the vast majority of biblical references to rebelrebelsrebellion, and rebellious refer to the Israelites’ attitudes and actions toward God and His ways! While there are times when we cannot obey men because of our greater responsibility to God (Acts 5:29), it’s clear that we should be trying to obey humanly constituted government as much as possible. David is a great example of someone who stuck to this—he had every reason to rebel against King Saul, but he waited for God to handle the situation. It’s a big topic, but the main point is that the Bible tells us to try as hard as possible to be obedient, while Star Wars celebrates the mindset of rebellion.

And, for all that, I still like Star Wars. But I try to remind myself to never turn off a biblical mindset. We have to make sure we use the Bible to filter the world and its entertainment, or the world will quickly start to influence us more than the Bible does. Don’t let the world slip in subtle messages through movies and other entertainment—keep your brain turned on.  Mark Sandor.  Thinking Biblically About Entertainment

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Oh Noes!!!! Great Britain Had Better Watch Out! The Germans Are Coming!!!!!!!!!


It is almost Feast time and our favorite crackpot prophet has to get off another warning to Great Britain that Germany will soon overtake them and put them all into captivity after it kills a lot of them. Troubling times, indeed!

Of course, in COGland, Germany has always been the Great Satan that will rise up and destroy the United States, England, Australia, New Zealand, and a few other countries that have a WHITE Anglo-Saxon heritage. 

Bwana Beto Bob always fails to mention that 17% of our population are of German heritage (49 million living in the U.S.). 

Beto will have a quick answer for that. 

Those 49 million Germans living in the U.S. are actually embedded assets that will turn on U.S. citizens when a secret code is delivered to all of them at the same time from South America where Hitler has been kept alive by Satan in Argentina. I mean, Herbert said so, so it HAS to be true!

One branch of them is already geared up to take over the astounding World Headquarters of the improperly named '"continuing" Church of "god"' in Grover Beach, CA. Now that the Pasadena campus has been desecrated, only the Grover Beach HQ will suffice as the governing location of all the concentration camps that will arise along the central coast.

The Bible looks to be pointing to the UK having at least some prosperity before a coming European Beast power takes it over:

23 “And in the latter time of their kingdom, When the transgressors have reached their fullness, A king shall arise, Having fierce features, Who understands sinister schemes. 24 His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; He shall destroy fearfully, And shall prosper and thrive; He shall destroy the mighty, and also the holy people. 25 “Through his cunning He shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule; And he shall exalt himself in his heart. He shall destroy many in their prosperity. (Daniel 8:23-25a)

Now for that to happen, Europe will have to reorganize (Revelation 17:12-13). And financial pressures will be a factor. Not getting regular payments from the UK to the EU coffers because of Brexit, plus having trade barriers with the UK, will be factors in harming the EU economy, for a time.

Brexit is hurting both the EU and UK, as are COVID and sanctions policies.

That said, the Bible shows that tThe USA and UK will be taken over by a German-dominated Europe (Isaiah 10:5-11)–so much so, that the world will marvel (cf. Revelation 13:1-4), but also prosper for a time from Europe (cf. Revelation 18).

And the UK, itself, will have financial problems off and on, before it is eliminated. 

Monday, October 3, 2022

Is Criticism of COG Leaders Wrong?

A recurring criticism of this blog (and all of the other blogs which are critical of the Armstrong Churches of God) is that the criticisms voiced here (and elsewhere) are evil and inappropriate. Banned by HWA recently highlighted a good example of this in a post titled You have been WARNED about this blog! The commentator noted: "The continuation of verbal attack and condemnation of the Church of God or any group for that matter, is biblically unsound, sinful and destructive." Never mind that the ACOGs continually criticize Roman Catholics, Protestants, and other faiths - they completely miss the irony inherent in this! More importantly, however, was this a valid criticism of our criticisms? Are such criticisms biblically unsound? Are they sinful and destructive? And, once again, if the answers to those questions are "yes," then what does that suggest about their own criticisms of other folks?

First, it should be noted that the founder of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth, was continually criticizing the religious leaders of his day! Hence, it is a bit of a stretch to suggest that the practice is not biblically sound. What kind of criticism did Christ level at the religious leaders of his day? He criticized their hypocrisy, inconsistency, emphasis/priorities, pride, leadership style (especially their tendency toward authoritarianism vs. leading by example), and their interpretations of the Torah and God's will (See Matthew 23 and Luke 11), Now that covers a whole lot of territory! Do you recognize any of those same themes/criticisms in the posts that have been critical of the ACOGs and their leadership?

Even so, it should be noted that Jesus NEVER personalized his criticisms of the religious leaders and practices of his day! The Gospels simply do not contain ANY instances where Jesus made derogatory remarks about the personal appearance, speaking, moral character, or educational backgrounds of the folks he criticized. In short, Christ's criticisms always focused on the teachings and examples of the people who were the targets of his remarks. To be clear, Christ's criticisms were NOT personal attacks, and the characterization of criticism as such is discredited by the way that Christ handled these situations. Moreover, as Scripture indicates that Christ lived a sinless life, we must also conclude that criticism of this nature cannot be inherently evil!

Finally, unlike the "Accuser of the brethren" (Satan the Devil) whom ACOG folks are so fond of comparing us to, most of our criticisms of these folks are motivated by a desire to correct destructive behaviors and teachings - NOT to spiritually destroy the target! In other words, we are attempting to point out heretical beliefs and practices for the purpose of helping others to avoid or escape them. Hence, I would suggest that the ACOGs and their leaders heed this admonition found in the book of Proverbs in assessing their reactions to our criticisms: "If you listen to constructive criticism, you will be at home among the wise. If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding. Fear of the LORD teaches wisdom; humility precedes honor." (Proverbs 15:31-33)

Lonnie Hendrix