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Spiders and Snakes

Narcissism and the Rise of Split/Splinter and Sliver Apostles

Until I was about 45, I never knew what a narcissist was , or at least had only vague ideas of what the mental state of one given to such actually meant.  In hind sight , and in my own WCG experience, I was surrounded by them and it should be obvious now after all these years of the rising Apostles, Prophets and Wanna Be's , the Worldwide Church of God, was infested with them waiting for the right time to rise to their perceptions of ministry and power.  I do recall a few times listening to the sermons or ideas of or having to react to members rage at what their local minister was doing to the local church or to them personally, and wondering whatever happened to "Let him who is greatest among you be your servant."?   I understand Ron Dart also noticed that and said as far as he was concerned that was the only scripture about Church Government that mattered. Yet it certainly has escaped the split/splinter and sliver types beyond comprehension.

We have all here on Banned heard the term and seen it defined but let's remind ourselves:

A 2012 book on power-hungry narcissists suggests that narcissists typically display most, and sometimes all, of the following traits:[7]

It is not just a male Apostle issue

Why those who still follow those who have risen to the top of the ash heap of the WCG , with all of their obvious inflated views of themselves , to the point of seeing themselves spoken of in the scriptures , remain blind to this psychological state of mind in their leaders is beyond me.  It seems the mind grows numb when the more outlandish and ridiculous the claims of the leader are repeated weekly from their bully pulpits.

They ARE wrong, wrong, wrong in their bold pronouncements , over and over and over again, and still the sheep are stuck in the pen hanging on every word.  It goes against the natural reaction of humans to quickly release or brush off a spider or a snake. Why not in these cases?  Is the message so strong and so threatening as to what will happen to YOU if you don't believe ME, the member goes brain dead and cannot think critically about what they are being told?  Are they afraid they will "not make it into the Kingdom"? or get fried like the errant Jews and non-RCG types?

How many times can one be bullied into selling homes, sending in retirement monies or giving property and resources to these wolves in wolves clothing?  Why do they quickly believe it when a man says, "And yes Brethren, I am an Apostle" as if just declaring it makes it so.  Not to mention getting "double portioned" under dubious circumstances.  And the many many more blatantly stupid and false statements these offshoot Apostles make that we are all very familiar with here at Banned.

If you are a lurking follower of Mr. David C Every Title in the Bible is ME, Gerald Just Leave Your Families Behind and Follow ME, Ron I Will Get It Right Someday, Bob We and ME at the Continuing Church of God , Rod I'm Not Kidding Fellows and Girls or any other human being who feels compelled to tell you how all of life, history and the Bible points to them, take a good read of the common and well known traits of the narcissists among us and those given to religious delusions about themselves and think it over long and hard.  Your own future mental health and that of your family and children are definitely at stake. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Ian Boyne, The Journal, Ambassador Watch and This Blog

The latest issue of The Journal is out and there is an article by Lonnie Hendricks (an occasional contributor here) concerning Ian Boyne venturing into the lions den of this blog and Ambassador Watch.

The post that Ian contributed to was this one: LCG Preaches The Godly Love Is The Most Important Quality the evolved into a discussion of the policy of the COG when it comes to disfellowshipping members, Ian had this to say:

The response of Anonymous 12:23 is a perfect example of my thesis that the elephant in the room is the Bible---at least if one is applying a conservative hermeneutic to it. The Bible clearly gives the ministry the right to excommunicate for doctrinal reasons.Does Anonymous disagree with that? Even liberal scholars would admit that ,while saying one might choose to ignore those passages in favor of a higher principle To say that Winnail was unloving simply he applied a tool which we all knew upon becoming members was a part of the church's toolbox is, respectfully, nonsense. All organizations have rules of association and dissociation.I don't know the particular case It might well have been an abusive disfellowshipment But to suggest the act itself is contrary to Doug Winnail's pronouncement of love is a non-sequitur.

I personally as a minister choose not to disfellowship for doctrinal disagreement I consider most of the doctrinal disagreements my congregants have to be inconsequential and even those which might be significant I don't disfellowship for because I have the pulpit to counter them I don't doubt my ability to do so. In my congregation I have a group of fellows who routinely on the sabbath discuss all kinds of doctrinal ideas and freely disagree with what is taught from the pulpit They pose no threat and they are going nowhere for they can find no better alternative and fully see the bankruptcy of orthodox Christianity. This another Jesus, another Gospel that Anonymous refers to seems to be coming from that foolish, reactionary view that any emphasis on Christ is Protestantism through the back door. The same obscurantist nonsense that caused Charles Bryce to leave Living. Some of the fanatics will leave Living to go elsewhere because of the small reforms taking place there which Chief Pharisee Malm deplores.But the ministry has the right to withdraw the hand of fellowship Look at the harsh, strident words Paul had for those teaching a different doctrine. While Armstrongism continues to accept the Bible as its rule book, you can continue to expect disfellowshipment In my view it ,is used far too frequently and carelessly and often is a mask for the theological incompetence of ministers Here in Jamaica I offer a platform for those who disagree and I use the pulpit to proclaim the tenets of Armstrongism so that the membership is firmly grounded in Biblical truth Yes, in my view Armstrongism represents Biblical truth I hold that provisionally and tentatively ,fully aware that I could well be proven wrong. I keep reading widely so if I am wrong,I will, hopefully, find out and then renounce Armstrongism. If there is any book anyone wants to recommend or any scholarly material which might prove useful in opening my eyes ,please recommend it And yes I have already read all the scandal-revealing books like Tangled Web, as well as those by Marion McNair, John Tuit, William Hinson --every single one written by every ex-member And ,yes ,every issue of Ambassador Report .Give me some intellectual arguments now.

But, please ,let's not talk foolishness about disfellowshipment automatically and necessarily indicating a lack of love Ian Boyne

Because I want people to freely comment, I rarely contribute to the conversations. I feel the people should have the ability to express what they need to say, though I will delete an occasional post from obviously nasty people.  What this has allowed is scores of LCG members and other COG members to find a place here that they can comment and express their frustration at the current state of affairs of their respective churches.

Ian and I did however have several email exchanges which were rather pleasant. I think he was surprised that I was not an atheist with a chip on my shoulder.  I also told him that if we ever sat down to talk about things that we would probably have more in common than he imagined.
It is quit obvious though that he and I both do not agree on some things.

I find his take on "reimagining Armstrongism" interesting, though I see no way imaginable that it could survive in the long run.  There are too many bodies scattered along the road over the last 80 some years to make preserving Armstrongism as a viable belief system.

Weather or Not and As God Tries to Get Your Attention....

Who Will Bob Thiel Divine Blame for Hurricane Matthew?

The Pope
Miami Dolphins
All the Other Continuing Churches of God
The Laodiceans


You Decide

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Why Is Living Church of God Embarrassed About Its Message? (Updated)

Rod Meredith and others love to proclaim they have a forceful message that is important to get out to the world.  They claim to be a bold witness for truth's lost to the world.  They and only they have the true words of God to call to task the evil world they live in.

From Rod Merdith warning about your gay neighbors, unisex bathrooms and rampaging Chinese/German/Muslim hoards,  to Jimmy Meredith preaching at the annual Christmas party, these great messages can no longer be heard online without giving LCG your name and getting a password so you can listen.

Gerald Weston has laid down more laws as he rises in power.  He and only he was will approve which messages the unwashed masses can listen to online.

Live broadcasts are no longer open for anyone to view.  
David Goods service for COGWA - which allows non-members to request a password to view live Sabbath and holy day services - has been discontinued by LCG. Only recorded sermons that have been authorized by Gerald Weston will now available.  
Roderick Meredith will of course decide if the livestrem service on Christmas Eve during the Family Weekend festival is to be open to everyone, as it was last year.  COG News
Any church that claims to be presenting a witness to the world does NOT hide their sermons and articles behind password protects. LCG needs to do this because Rod Meredith, Gerald Weston, Richard Ames and others says stupid things.

It has nothing to do with the "milk and meat" nonsense that the church has always used. Babes to the "truth" don't need milk sermons anymore than regular members need "meat" sermons. 

If prospective members actually knew what LCG preached they would run the other direction. After publicly being shamed by Meredith's sermon contributing to the Milwaukee murders, LCG knows it can't afford to the have sermons freely up online for the public to listen to.  

Boasting that your message is BOLD and a WITNESS TO THE WORLD is a lie when you hide behind firewalls. The gospel is free to anyone who wants to listen and cannot be thwarted by embarrassed men hiding behind passwords to protect their uninspiring, legalistic, and graceless messages. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ron Weinland: The Abhorrent Narcissistic Liar

Everything felon Ron Weinland has said over the last decade has been a complete lie.  Along with his money grubbing mentally ill second witness wife and his money laundering son and daughter, he is right now trotting around  Europe on the dime of his few remaining members.

Sadly Weinland is not unique to the sick men that the Church of God has produced over the last 80 some years.  Look at Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack, Bob Thiel, James Malm, Rod Meredith and all the other men leading COG's around the world.  They have all self-appointed themselves as arbitrators of Godly wisdom, of which they are all bankrupt in.

There is always the possibility that I am wrong.  That is reality.  I don’ believe it for a moment! (snicker) But, I’m not haughty and arrogant enough to believe that I am without capability of being wrong and deceived. And I have been and will continue to act upon what I believe to be true and not upon the “if’s” and possibilities of being wrong.  How can one function that way?
You know, one of things as well, what if Ron Weinland and what he says does not come to pass in April and what if these things don’t happen in 2008?  There is really a simple answer. I’m a false prophet.  I get tons of email.  I get email every day from people saying, “Well I guess in 2009, a lot of sarcasm comes out, I guess you will be saying this and saying that trying to explain to people.  No I’m done!  I will end being a minister.  I will end being a prophet.
We have one more Passover.  Possibly two more Feasts.  Depends on a period of six months to one year here and everything is going to come unloosed on this world.  Do you understand how close we are?
That’s why I’ve tried to say some things and in one respect it should be a little shocking to us. Like I said last Sabbath. I’ll not be your pastor in a little over two years from now. Because you won’t have ANY PASTOR!  (shouting) to lead, guide and direct you to teach you Sabbath by Sabbath, holy day to holy days.  Like I said from 2008, I’m not planning on hosting a Feast of Tabernacles.  I’m not going to rent a building.  I’m not going to sign a contract.
How’s that honor God? How does that please God and what kind of patience has he shown us. To know you only have two years left or less. Still come before God in Sabbath services
Its not a real comfortable spot to be in. Just to be real candid with all of you. To set everything on the line and say I will not be your pastor.  There will be about a two-year period after the book is published, after it’s out there. You won’t have any pastors. You won’t have the ability to do the things you are doing today.
You don't know where you are going to be because you are not going to have any control over it.  We are not going to have the freedom to get out there in the car and go where ewe want in that last 3 ½ years. You know just have the freedom of movement where you would like to be.  You will have people to report to.  They will be over you. Europe will be over us as far the nation is concerned here.  They are the ones to do the conquering, to set up and take control fi you will of government and any movement that happens. We will be here for their bidding and pleasing with whatever they want us to do.
We understand we are fast approaching a period of time, a 3 ½ year period where we will not be able to meet like this in a fine hotel and fellowship, having food and in halls like this and come together as God’s people to worship our God.
If you really believe that in a year and half from now this country is not going to be this country.
Like I said I feel sorry for young people because I can’t imagine having these kind of stresses upon you being told that there is basically a year left of perpetration for you, a year and half maximum and all you know what is gonna break loose, so to speak out here.  Maximum one year and half, that you have in your life.  That means you don’t have to worry about going to to college after that.  You don't have to worry about your job after that.  There’s a lot of things you wont have to worry about, but you will have other worries.  You can’t plan ahead anymore.
When I make a statement that there will be no president taking office in 2009, because that’s when they take office in January 2009, you know they can go in and maybe start some elections, we are already starting some now, oh you think that's a fun thing. Starting earlier and earlier all the time. People declaring presidency, you know. And I think No you are not going to take office!  I have to do that.
Please understand having special things happen to you, visions, dreams, other things of other natures, it did not come from God!  Use wisely the remaining time you have to seek God because when the 3 ½ years of final tribulation begins those freedoms will come to an end till the day Jesus Christ has returned.
Can you imagine when you are being preached to, when you are being spoken to by the God family Elohim, because that’s the next Feast of Tabernacles when Jesus Christ returns.  All of this earth
I know there has been some anxiousness, a little bit of anxiety on some people’s parts, when all the sudden, oh you know we have some more time and we could have had a Feast of tabernacles.  Well that as decided last Feast of tabernacles we would not have a normal feast of tabernacles.  There will be a Fest of Tabernacles every year from here on out.
There is coming the end time tribulation of massive destruction and war.  These things begin next year and are finished by the fall of 2011. 
There is coming a time here when you will not have the freedom to go and search the internet, you wont have the freedom to go and listen to sermons online, you are not going to have the freedoms and opportunities that you have right now.  Yu only have a few months left to do these things.
If by Pentecost that it is not powerfully clear and abundantly clear that there has been a great deal of destruction that will encompass a 1/3 of all plant life in the US and at least the clear results of this mingled with blood, the death of very much animal life and the beginning of death of human life, I WILL STIOP PREACHING!  Just so all the critics and everyone else out there will under stand, I AM TRUE TO MY WORD in these things.  If for all the critics, if by the end of July, and most likely by Pentecost, if nothing has caused death I will make it very clear I am a false prophet.  When we are told a third of all plant life will be destroyed, that is exactly what it means.
Is this really going to happen?  Is he really a prophet of God?  Is he really the end time witness?  YES, I AM! (shouting)

Living Church of God Sick Of Losing Tithe Money to Fraudsters

Living Church of God just cannot seem to keep trouble away from its doorstep.   Apparently LCG members are receiving emails and contacts on Facebook for donations and some gullible church members are sending these people money.  A lot of it is coming from Africa and other poor countries.  They see dumb white Americans as a money source, much like what is happening to Almost Arrested Elisha Amos Elijah Joshua Thiel. He is a money stream for people who will jump on to other groups when the money stops.

LCG needs to prevent this as it cuts into their money stream.

Requests for Money via E-mail and Social Media—Must Read From time to time, brethren are contacted via e-mail or social media (including Facebook) by individuals claiming to be part of the Church, often overseas, asking for financial help. If you receive such a request, please exercise extreme caution, as most such messages are scams sent by people trying to get money under false pretenses. You would be wise not to send money based on e-mail or social media contact. And remember, the person contacting you may be impersonating someone you know. Please respond by referring any such contact to that person’s local Living Church of God pastor (or Headquarters if you don’t know who their pastor is).  If there is a genuine need, their pastor will be in a better position to address it.

Living Church of God: Gerald Weston admits that LCG members don't understand what they are supposed to believe

As usual the leadership of the Living Church of God is blaming members for the drop in attendance (i.e income) during Holy Days that fall on week days.  It seems that the church has been unable to get its message clearly across to the Laodicean members in it's midst.   Weston blames it on so many of them being new to the faith.   They apparently are too dumb to understand the reasons why they should be attending instead of going to work or to school.

Even worse though is the fact that many "old time" members are doing the same thing! Heathens!  James Malm will NOT be happy! Where is the ZEAL????????

Could it be that they are all sick of being yelled at?  Could it be that they are sick of every single sermon that Meredith preaches has to denigrate gays, women and other Christians?  Could it be they are sick of the endless drivel about jackbooted Germans and rampaging Muslims in every single sermon, article, tv show and tweet?

The ministry of the Living Church of God has spent decades trying to scare people into believing their baloney.  Fear no longer seems to have a stranglehold on members as it did in years gone by.

...I have noticed a different trend over a number of years that when a Holy Day falls during the week, we consistently have a lower attendance than when one falls on the weekend.  This pattern is likely related to newer people who haven’t yet come to understand the importance of God’s annual Sabbaths, but some members have been around long enough to know better.  Paul tells us in Hebrews 11:6 that it is impossible to please God without faith. Let’s all step out in faith this Monday for the Feast of Trumpets and October 12 for the Day of Atonement.—GEW

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dave Pack ready to help his god burn Jews and ministers as his god attempts to bring strong winds to destroy other COG HQ's

An anonymous source sent me the following excerpts from a sermon of Dave Pack's. The more Dave speaks the further he sinks into mental health issues that are warping his mind with delusional thoughts that could potentially end in a dangerous situation. While he tries to present himself above reproach in the sermon he preaches by presenting himself as an apostle, his words have the potential to set off mentally ill members of his church into bringing his words into reality.

Dave's believes his god is getting ready to destroy the headquarters of the various splinter groups with a strong wind.

This sermon is very anti-Semitic and he talks a lot about his god burning the Jewish rabbi's and teachers around the world because they are  deniers of his god.

Some of what I picked up in the first 45 ,minutes of a 2 hour sermon are this:

Zech 11  Grace (Beauty) and Bands  nations of the west are about top throw Judah under the bus
Fire is about to devour people…ministers    Vs 2   all these trees will be brought down…the whole chapter is about god dealing with BAD ministers.
Vs 7   after ministers are slaughtered, Dave’s god is going to bring the flock (members of splinter groups) over to PC.
Dave hopes it will be this coming spring  as they gather together in “one accord” by Pentecost
Lots of reasons to watch the Bands (the brotherhood)   God will cut off three shepherds in one month.  God loathes them as they do him.  God binds the rest into bundles to be burned  Matt 13:30 in a furnace of fire
When god begins to work with the Jews in Jerusalem, scorners will be burnt to death by god.
I’m not a fire and bringstone preacher, breathren. But Christ talked over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over about how if you don't obey me am going to burn you.
Many church members do not believe that.  Dave says he say many ministers and members left in the 70’s because they believed in “universal salvation”   Dave says this makes an absolute mockery of he Bible.   He says if you feel this way then go be an atheist and don't worry about.   Go be Adolph Hitler, or Mother Teresa or whoever you want as it does not make a bit of difference. You will be saved anyway.
People just don’t believe that his god is going to burn people to death.
 Church has always believed lake of fire was the second death. Christ is going to burn people to death.  To say otherwise is to call him a liar.
 Can no more have the wicked in the first dominion than you can have the devil and his angels in it. Could not get anything done.  Cant even get anything done in the church if people can divide and disagree and blow things off.   Cant get any where if these people are in the church.  What are you to do with them?   They have to be removed.
For a long time I struggled to determine which was a literal fire and that which was symbolic 
God is going to burn them in a furnace.  Their ashes will be under OUR feet, otherwise God is a lair!
 I have come clearly to understand that the tares are taken out of the church, bundled, put under the foolish shepherd, wait a while as they wait for Christ’s kingdom to come.  They will be punished alter after Christ comes.  Leaders of the world will be put in chains and imprisoned.  You (RCG members) may be literally the ones who put them in prison and then lets them out.
God will kill the three Shepard’s.  I saw that in 2012 and I have never moved from that.
Two great awesome truths have been shown to us over the last three years. One is the unifying of the church to do this awesome, great marvelous work.  A resurrection of the dead is involved.  A worldwide earthquake is involved. Mass healing is involved.  Absolute unity.  400 groups will GO AWAY!  The whole world will see this.  They will come to us in two groups.  Some people will have to choose.  Hopefully they will choose the right one during this fire.  Then the foolish shepherd is destroyed and there is a cursing.  This Work starts with an ENORMOUS BANG! But it’s no the KOG yet. Because there is no way to bring the Kingdom till Christ fixes the rotten, Sodom like rulers of Judah who have been poisoning people since they killed Christ and the prophets before him and the apostles after him.
The same scorners are in Jerusalem today. Messianic Zionists, who if you get in the way of OUR temple and our country because we are God’s chosen people….they will slit your throat as fast as they will a Palestinians.
Those leaders have fanned out to synagogues all over the world. The entire world is going to watch God deal with these people (Jews) because they are  in every nation of the world. It's the rabbi’s that are the problem.  It's the religious leaders who hated Christ…the scribes, the Pharisees, the elders and the chief priests.   They are despisers and scorners.  They gotta die!  We are going to have to talk to them to give them a chance to change.  I am going to be going into Jerusalem, but I am going to be going into a lot of other western capitals and saying some fairly serious things, with two guys on either side of me. All of those things are EXACTLY as we believe them.  Its been a long time with prophecy to get to this point were I can explain it to 
Some more highlights are these points sent by the anonymous source.

·         I hope it is this spring…
·         Burnt to death by God
·         I am not a fire and brimstone preacher
·         Christ said over and over and over and over again that if you don’t obey me I am going to burn you. Fire. Ashes. Consume. Take your pick. But I am going to burn you to death.
·         You have always believed the lake of fire is the second death
·         Christ said over and over and over he is going to burn people to death he means it. It’s serious. And if you say otherwise, you are calling him a liar
·         You won’t get anywhere with the church if you don’t remove people 
·         Which of these verse are literal and which ones aren’t?
·         Tares and wicked are burned to death
·         What’s coming on the church is serious. 
·         They wait a while, and then they are burnt to death
·         The devil knows what he is doing. The devil burnt Jews
·         It is interesting how the devil perverts things
·         Nobody doubts what this means
·         In this case, they are probably going to be cast in alive. 
·         Burnt them all to death
·         Speculation: Is it possible that God is going to use wind to destroy the splinters headquarters? With literal wind. This is a question, not a statement. 
·         We will be swimming in money
1:32 – Key part
·         Put down your Bibles and just listen
·         Scriptures listed proving people will be cast alive into a fire
·         1:37 – they will be told they are out, and they know they will be burned later
·         “If you don’t believe all these plain verses you cannot claim to be obeying the many other less obviously verses in your bible that define Christianity.”
·         11 people have left. They have rejected this prophecy. They don’t believe the Bible.
·         These verses plain…are impossible to miss. 
·         “It impossible to miss them. It’s impossible to miss that those who reject them will be burnt to death this side, long before, the great tribulation and long before the third resurrection.”
·         Some will be put to death in the first dominion
·         “If you reject all these passages about either death by fire or all of this prophecy you are calling God and Christ liars and you will be burned in a literal oven. All over the world hear God’s servant now. I am telling you. This is serious. The Bible is a real book….
·         “Those who are going to be burned it will be long before the tribulation and they won’t even live to see the First Dominion. It will happen at the beginning. Brethren, obey God. Carry out your word to Him. Carry out his will. Pray, study, fast, grow and overcome, so none of these verses need ever apply.”

Living Church of God Public Bible Study Lectures draws in only 26 People out of 31 Million Americans in three States (UPDATED)

A few days ago I reported that United Church of God failed to draw in significant numbers of people to their public campaigns.   Now it looks like Gerald Weston's leadership has taken its first hit as his reign starts.

Living Church of God recently ran their own series of public appearance campaigns in order to recruit new income sources.  Just like UCG, they failed rather spectacularly!

Church of God News has this up:

Viktor Kubik of UCG was disappointed that a total of only 76 visitors attended the 3 Beyond Today presentations in North Carolina, but LCGs recent attendances have been worse. A Tomorrows World presentation on Sept. 24 in Ohio drew only 13 guests, and only 13 visitors attended 3 Public Bible Studies in Illinois and Missouri.
Imagine how pathetic it is to only be able to draw in 26 people from three states!  That is 26 out of 31 million people!!!!!!!  26!  Thats no witness at all.  Of those 26 it can almost be guaranteed that 0-1 of them will ever return to attend a church service much less become an income stream.

This is the entire comment on the LCG site.  It also confirms what most of us  have always suspected. LCG, like UCG, pads their audiences with members tome it look full.
The Springfield, Illinois, and St. Louis, Columbia and Rolla, Missouri, congregations each recently hosted their first in a series of Bible Study lectures. One of these was held on a Sabbath afternoon and the others were held in late afternoons or early evenings. The topic at each was Armageddon and Beyond. The 13 guests and 90 brethren who attended these lectures saw PowerPoint presentations illustrating end-time prophetic milestones and had a handout to enable them to better follow along. All listened attentively and many took notes. After the presentation, each guest received the booklet Armageddon and Beyond, written by Mr. Richard Ames, and many of them stayed to fellowship with the brethren, who are enthusiastic about hosting more Bible Study lectures beginning in December.—Richard Franz