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Dave Pack: Don't Focus Upon Jesus, He Is Not The Gospel

Dave Pack has a personal letter to the world on his most superfantabulous website, Good News - Just Ahead!

Some of the choice Packism are thus:
In a world of nonstop crises, uncertainty, fear—and ever-worsening bad news—people long for good news. I do have good news—in fact, the very best news you could ever hear! No one is telling you about it, nor could you discover it on your own.
Oh yes, only Dave has the inside track on what his god thinks. No man on this entire earth has this knowledge, not even Bob Thiel and James Malm!  Bummer!
The truth of the gospel—God’s astonishing purpose for man—has been withheld from the world. It explains why you were born. The real gospel involves incredible knowledge that will leave you dumbfounded. This amazing understanding has been revealed—along with the cover-up to suppress it.
Professor Dingleberry fails to realize that the gospel he claims to know so much about has not been suppressed and withheld from the world. Why is it that the god of Armstrongism has been such an epic failure? A weak, impotent god that could never keep its message out in the world?  

We are dumbfounded, but not at the message being lost, as the gospel never has been lost, but we are dumbfounded at the sheer stupidity of Dave!

This is why Dave and so many of the COG's are so incredibly uncomfortable with Jesus:
The message—the centerpiece—of the gospel is not Christ. By focusing on Him—the Messenger—religious deceivers have been able to successfully suppress and cover up the message He brought!
This is why Bob Thiel, Gerald Flurry, Gerald Weston, James Malm and his Wiccan sidekick Constance prefer to prostitute themselves to the law. They do not know the Jesus Christ they claim to follow. Bowing down at the stones of Moses is more important than realizing the complete rest they have in the Jesus Christ they deny. All of the religious fervor, zeal and bullshit rules they promote are worthless dung.
Jesus, at His First Coming, came as a first-century newscaster, bringing advance good news of staggering events to occur just beyond the horizon, and all the bad news occurring throughout today’s world. This climactic news involves you—and eventually every human being on Earth. 
Six new books on religion are published every day in America, and there are over 2,000 separate religions in the United States. Yet there has never been more confusion and disagreement about the answers to humanity’s problems! Troubles, woes, evils and human difficulties of every kind are multiplying. World peace is more elusive than ever. Why?
Never has the Church of God been in such confusion and disagreement with somewhere between 500 - 700 different splinter groups that have come into being since the 1930's. Every single one of them believes that they and they alone have the correct message. They cannot even unite on their theological stances, let alone their common bond.  Peace in the Church of God has never been more elusive!

The Jesus Christ that Pack claims to follow certainly was an important dude, but not the "gospel."
Certainly, Christ plays an extremely important and central role to Christianity, but He is not the gospel. The Bible shows that Jesus is preached in conjunction with the gospel. Again, His role is enormous. But He is not the gospel.
Any Christian with even a glimmer of knowledge about Jesus knows he IS the Kingdom. Everything he personified and taught was a foretaste of that kingdom present on earth through him. A time of rest from the burdens of the law, of never being able to measure up, of feeling unworthy, inadequate and never ever being able to accomplish the dung that COG ministers promote as "truth." 

Christians since the beginning of Christianity have always looked forward to the kingdom to come. When they were being persecuted by the Romans, Greeks, Vikings, Vandals, the papacy, slavery, communism, socialism and any other system out there, they had hope and faith in what was to come which sustained them through the trials and tribulations they endured. That faith came directly through the example and actions of Jesus, no matter how much the bastardizers of the law claim otherwise. Faith cannot come through the law.

Paul was right when he said there were people that pervert the gospel.
“I marvel that you are so soon removed from Him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that you have received, let him be accursed
Judaizers like James Malm and Bob Thiel, to the perverse teachings of "all things in common" by Dave Pack, to the "no contact" perverted policy of Gerald Flurry, this is the filth that masquerades as "truth." The "gospel" that the various COG leaders preach is blatantly not the gospel.

Dave Pack is cursed, since he deceives his followers. Gerald Flurry is cursed since he too deceives his followers.  The few hundred that follow the Chief Pharisee and his Wiccan sidekick Constance are equally cursed. Bob Thiel's followers are deceived by his lies and his fake claims of prophethood.

As the various Churches of God gather for their yearly "foretaste" of that kingdom, they are fraught with division, competition, vanity, greed and many other injustices that are unworthy of being part of any kingdom.  They claim to find millennial bliss for 7 days and then hop in their cars and leave it behind in Branson, Missouri.  Instead of reveling in it 365 days out of the year, totally at rest from the vain laws of unbelieving leaders, members continue to swallow their false gospels.

United Church of God vs The Inconvenient Dude

Working so hard


Just being

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Living Church of God: You Will Dress Properly At The Feast!

Church of God members have always been considered too stupid to know how to dress properly.  Year after year, the Churches of God have to reinforce and admonish their wayward members on what proper dress should be. Keep those money-makers under control! 
Appropriate Dress at the Feast 
Basic Principles of Dress and Decorum: As we prepare to be “lights to the world” at the Feast, it’s good to review some basic principles about our outward decorum and dress. When we look to the Scriptures we find definite instructions about dress for both men and women—instructions that our modern liberal societies and also some members of God’s Church seem to forget or ignore, unless they are reminded periodically. Jesus stated in a parable that some invited to the wedding supper will be turned away because they are not dressed appropriately (Matthew 22:8-14). Individuals who feel that God only looks on the heart, and therefore is not concerned about how we dress when we come before Him, are simply missing the point of Scripture. We have taught for decades that when we come to services, we are coming before the God of the universe and we should dress in the best we have, to show proper respect to God. 
In most modern cultures, coats, collared shirts, ties and nice slacks are considered appropriate attire for men on special occasions. Jeans, T-shirts, tennis shoes or other sportswear are simply not in good taste at special occasions or at Church services.  This may vary in tropical climates, yet, in all climates there is a distinction between what is appropriate and what is not. 1 Timothy 2:9-10 explains that ladies should dress “in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation.” This does not condone the trendy and immodest apparel that is commonplace for many women in our society today: short, tight, form-fitting dresses, necklines displaying cleavage, bare shoulders, backless dresses, belly-baring tops, etc.  These are simply not appropriate forms of attire for Church services and many other situations! We come to services to worship God, not to display our bodies. Just because something is comfortable or acceptable in our modern society does not make it appropriate at Church. When people dress in a manner that attracts attention to their bodies, they become a distraction to others from the real reasons for being at services. 
Our challenge as Christian men and women is to come out of this world (2 Corinthians 6:17) and recapture true values (Matthew 17:11) so we can be lights to a world that has lost its way (Matthew 5:14-16).  This is especially true as we gather to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles—picturing Christ’s glorious reign on earth!  (Source: “Example and Bringing Honor to God” by Dr. Douglas Winnail, Ministerial Bulletin, July-August, 2012)

Living Church of God On Appropriate Swimwear At Feast

As usual, church members are apparently tooooooooo stupid to know how to choose appropriate swimwear for Feast of Tabernacles beachwear.

Appropriate Swimwear at the Feast
Appropriate beach attire for men and women is swimwear that is modest and in good taste. We are to be guided by the two great commandments—to love God and love neighbor (Matthew 22:37-39; Mark 12:29-31)—so as not to offend God or neighbor by our dress at the Feast. Fathers and husbands have a responsibility to be leaders in their family to teach and guide regarding what is appropriate and what is not (Ezekiel 22:26).

God Will Protect LCG Members From Bed Bugs At The Feast...Only IF They Pray And Are Vigilant

Living Church of God public service announcement:

Travelers: Beware of Bed Bugs!
In recent years, bed bugs have made a “comeback,” especially in hotels at some popular vacation spots. Therefore, it is prudent to check the beds of your accommodations when you check into your Feast hotels. If you see signs of bed bugs, you should request a different room. Here is a summary from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on how to check your room for bed bugs. Essentially, one should look for “physical signs” of bed bugs, which include:
  • Rusty or reddish stains on the bed sheets or mattresses.  
  • Tiny dark spots (about the size of a “period” on a typed document) on bed sheets or mattresses.
  • The actual bugs themselves, in the seams of mattresses or cushions.
Bed bugs are not only painful and irritating, but can travel back home with you and are expensive to eradicate. God can and will protect His Feast-goers from bed bugs, if we are prayerful and vigilant. We also know that a prudent man foresees danger and hides himself (Proverbs 22:3).

Remember, only vigilant people make it into the kingdom and are protected from bed bugs in the process.

LCG: "These are truly momentous times." Momentous News Out Of Canada

I can see Canada from here!

Living Church of God never fails to find all that is wrong in the world.  Beauty and wonder are never part of their equation.  Nothing is more satisfying than a good disaster to keep the sheep in line. Hurricanes, earthquakes and Rocket Man Kim pale in comparison with the amazing news out of Canada.  It is truly momentous! God is powerful!

Greetings from Charlotte,
The Fall (Spring in the Southern hemisphere) Festival season is here. Many members and ministers will be traveling in the coming days to various Festival sites. Slow news days seem to be a thing of the past. As I write, another massive category 5 hurricane is taking aim at Puerto Rico after battering the Islands of Dominica and Guadeloupe. Some islands that will be affected are still trying to recover from Hurricane Irma. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked Mexico City and it is still too early to know how much damage has occurred or lives have been lost. President Donald Trump warned world leaders at the United Nations that “Rocket Man [Kim Jong Un] is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime,” and threatened to totally destroy North Korea if it continues on its current course. Here in Charlotte, we reviewed a telecast by Mr. Ames. A number of productive meetings were held regarding future manpower and how to streamline parts of the Work. Mr. Stuart Wachowicz gave a Tomorrow’s World Presentation in Yorkton, Saskatchewan Canada with 13 guests in attendance.  These are truly momentous times.  Please remember those in harm’s way from hurricanes and earthquakes and that God will protect each of our Festival sites.—Gerald Weston

Former PCG Member Almost Financially Free After Leaving Church

The Great Church of God Lie

For most people who exit the Church of God one of the biggest blessings is not having to tithe on your income to debased false prophets.  Having 30-40% of your income going into the pockets of these spiritual manipulators is financially draining and has ruined many church members lives.

Here is a Philadelphia Church of God member who is almost debt free after leaving the PCG.

Almost Financially Free After Exiting PCG:
September 22, 2017
Ever since I left PCG I am much better off financially. They would say pay your 1st, 2nd and every 3rd year your 3rd tithe and of course the tithe of the tithe before FOT. I was always struggling for money and the "church" was like, well, if you are struggling you are not obeying the tithing law and need to do more. I was at one point considering bankruptcy until I finally left. Now, I am doing much better financially. I have paid down a substantial amount of debt and actually have money in my bank account, unlike when I had to send my tithe money and barely had 2 cents left in the bank. I am getting financially debt free and if I was still paying all those tithes I would likely still be struggling all the time. I could never afford a to buy a home and always rented in part because the PCG seem to frown upon people buying houses due to the "end of days" and all and money should be put towards God's Work and not physical things. Now, I actually believe in a few short months I will be able to buy a home. --Former PCG member  Letters from those impacted by PCG

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See Glynn Washington Live!

Here is your chance to see Glynn Washington live during his Snap Judgement tour.  Glynn is a former  Worldwide Church of God member who shares stories about what life was like growing up in the church.

Tampa newspapers are playing up the angle of his return as a young man compared to the time he was there for the Feast of Tabernacles:

Glynn Washington is the host, creator, and executive producer of the public radio show, Snap Judgement. BY KENYA WOODARD Sentinel Feature Writer Glynn Washington’s last visit to Tampa was more than 30 years ago, as a young member of an eccentric religious cult. Then known as the Worldwide Church of God, the Christian group…  Florida Sentinal 

Snap Judgement

"Many NPR hosts come from NPR-ish families. Not Washington. “I grew up in a cult,” he told me. His parents were members of the Worldwide Church of God, a sect founded by Herbert W. Armstrong, an apocalyptic radio evangelist based in Pasadena. Washington got out—a story he tells with an escapee’s pride—and went on to the University of Michigan and its law school. He studied in Japan, then worked for the State Department, then ended up directing a program at the University of California at Berkeley. Some of the best Snap Judgment segments are drawn from his own life, and you get the feeling he could carry several episodes a year by himself.

“Losing My Religion,” a 2012 episode, features five stories. Two are Washington’s own (including the tale of an interracial teen romance that incurred his preacher’s wrath); one is the story of an ex-nun; another recounts a road trip the author Ingrid Ricks took with her dad; and the fifth is a profile of the South African peace activist Robert V. Taylor, who found that his religion conflicted with his homosexuality. Behind the stories are hundreds of separate sound clips, from a suitcase zipper to a police siren to a girl’s nighttime prayers. Not to mention dozens of musical excerpts: De La Soul, Willie Nelson, Aarktica."  NPR's Great Black Hope 

Restored Church of God: Wife Has Most Painful Year Of Her 24 Year Marriage After Husband Joins Dave's Cult

Dave Pack's mental breakdown as he continues to ignore the financial burden he has placed on his follower's with the "all things in common" teaching. Dave has absolutely no concern over what happens to members lives, marriages and relationships.  All that matters is that he gets his money.  His "all things in common" is one of the sickest lies that splinter cult leaders have come up with.  Each one has their own unique lies, from Gerald Flurry to Bob Thiel, but Dave has turned out to be the most despicable when it comes to money.

Dave Pack Says Members Either Pay Common or They Have No Salvation:
September 27, 2017 
I am writing this so that maybe it might help another person and tell how this is the way I have been affected by the Restored Church of God and Pack's doctrine of Common. My husband joined last year. It has been the most painful year in the 24 years we have been married. We were married in WWCG in 1993. I think I remember the words, "What God has joined, let no man put asunder" and two become one in the eyes of God. I don't think I am the only one who has had these words spoken in a wedding. My husband has totally bought into the "common" doctrine if you can call it that and has decided he wants to split everything down the middle, in half. We have argued and fought every week, because if this happens, there will be no reserves left for emergencies or contingencies. I have two parents that I have to see to as well who are in their 80's and I need reserves for them as well as they have spent most of their lives following HWA and didn't think there would be any future. So they are at the bottom of the economic scale now. 
On Monday of this week I went to see a lawyer and inquired about what splitting things down the middle would mean for me. I was told that in the eyes of the law, one can't do that and have it binding. In the eyes of the law, a marriage is a single unit and can't be split unless either there is a legal separation or divorce. Marriage includes all assets and debts. We live in a community property state. I went home and told my husband what I was told. I gave him the choice, either we separate legally or divorce. He chose separation. Yesterday was our 24th anniversary. 
How can a "man of God" think it's ok to split a union that God has sanctioned and put together and still think he has the fruits of the Spirit? I liken it to trying to remove half an orange without disturbing the peel, it can't be done. I certainly would not want to be in his shoes or in the shoes of those that enforce these policies. What will their answer be when they have to account for the lives they have ruined? Does my husband have a choice in this? They tell the members, No, they either pay common or they have no salvation. Where is that found in the Bible, I can't find it. 
Thanks for listening. --[name removed]
Comment: It is always best to have separate checking and savings accounts in these situations.  See: Exit and Support Letters

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Living Church of God and Jewish High Holidays

Some in the Living Church of God are all excited over a story about the Jewish High Holy days and how some Christians have appropriated their days for their own unique use. had the following mention of LCG: Christians Celebrate The High Holidays, Too — But Are They Welcome At Synagogue?

Yom Kippur, the holiday during which Jews atone for sins through prayer and repentance, is popular in some Christian circles, where it meshes with their belief that Jesus Christ died for the sins of man. Some are so moved by idea that during the High Holidays they venture beyond their communities into Jewish spaces. Jews have a range of reactions. Some view Christian guests as unwelcome interlopers, while others sound downright happy to have them.
Most Christian observances of the High Holidays are clearly grounded in a separate theology and typically take place in their own distinct, Christian world. 
Members of the Living Church of God, an American denomination of some 10,000 members, headquartered in North Carolina, will gather in churches across the country, for example. Like White, they will fast, reflecting on “the awesome sacrifice of the Lamb of God.”
The source that sent me this from LCG had to chuckle about the story asking whether Christians were welcome at the synagogue.  He said LCG would not be welcome because LCG thinks it is better than the Jews and knows more about the holy days than they do.

Today in the COG's it is more about not eating and drinking than anything else. With Jesus out of the picture 99% of the time, it is hard for members to even know what to think about the day and what it symbolizes in Jewish history.

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Hearing the Voice of God in Their Heads

I always found this tale disturbing even as a child in Sunday School where it was drilled into us as an amazing test of faith. There was no one as great as Abraham for "taking his son, his only son" and of course it ended up being a type of God offering Jesus, which was the point.

But  I always wondered what Isaac's relationship with his father was after this and whether he ever trusted going anywhere again with dad. 

 I always wondered in the same way, what Lot's daughter's, not to mention his wife's  relationship with him, was after he offered them to the crowd to be raped instead of his Angelic guests.  Neither Mrs. Lot or Mrs. Abraham seem to have cared what the men did with the children nor questioned their sanity.  Lot was listed as a great hero of faith in Hebrews 11 and Mrs. Lot got turned to salt so I suppose that settles it.  

The Old Testament often seemed to me full of prophets, priests and kings who had no real human emotions. They acted and thought like automatons it seems to me.  The voices said do and they did. They were much more inclined to obey the voices in their heads than think for themselves. And when they were wrong, they weren't really wrong.  It was always the people who were wrong. Those who observed and noted absurdities and  thought for themselves were and are the bad guys to be dismembered and discarded.  

And so it is today. Peter called them "scoffers" for noticing that Jesus did not come back as he said and as Paul had made so clear to the church would be the case soon.   But back in the day they were not scoffers at all.  They were noticers and they were right. 

And while remnant members spend hours every week listening to the voices in the heads of others, the likes of Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry, they would not be wrong to notice that nothing these men, and others, contrive to be so, is actually true.  It is simply more De Ja Moo which is the same BS repeated over and over.  

Perhaps this is a better explanation of Yahweh's Great Test and it certainly would have made me feel better as a child in Sunday School.

The Psychopath Test Gone Awry

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Bob Thiel and James Malm in 10 Years

Almost-ordained Bob Thiel and Chief Pharisee James Malm perceive themselves to be prophets of doom, acting on behalf of their god who is eternally pissed at his creation and is just itching to destroy humanity.  The problem with both of these men is that they both are liars.  Their prophecies have already failed many times in the past and will fail in the future.  God is no more part of the legalistic hell these two men try to enforce on humanity than Harold Camping's god fulfilled his predictions.  The above video will be exactly what will happen to Almost-arrested Thiel and Pharisee Malm a few years from now.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Stephen Flurry: Only Children Inside PCG are Set Apart by Jesus

If you re not a Philadelphia Church of God member your children have no chance in this lifetime.  They are "cut off" from Flurry's god.  Flurry's god is a pissed off god who is eagerly waiting to slaughter the children of non-PCG members.  Of course the parents of "set apart"children MUST be truly converted PCG members.  No slackers allowed or your children's lives will be at stake.
“While other people—not members of the true body of Christ—and all other children are cut offfrom access to God, your children—if you are a truly converted member of God’s Churchcan believe in Christ—are not cut off from God—and much of God’s truth, even though as yet too young to be converted. But they are a special treasure to God!” Mr. Armstrong wrote in a September 1979 Good News article “Your Children—Future Gods?”
Lil'Stevie has an incredible future laid out for the children of PCG members.  Your children will be able to grow up and contribute to the church...financially, of course.
God has an exciting future ahead for His young people—a future of contributing to His Work through their education, their skills, their aptitudes, their interests, their faith and their prayers.
Lil'Stevie, never one to have an original thought in his head  (like his dad), has to continually quote Herbert Armstrong. Herbert Armstrong and Flurry's "god" is an impotent god because it allows the children of the church to be controlled by Satan.  Satan's goal is to take COG kids from their parents so that they never make it into the kingdom of Flurry.
In another sermon, given on Oct. 15, 1981, Mr. Armstrong corrected parents for neglecting their children. They were just sending them off to school and letting the teachers take care of everything. “Let me tell you,” Mr. Armstrong warned, “Satan is not neglecting your children! He goes to work on them when they’re, well, a few days old. By the time they are seven-, eight-, nine months old, they already have been infused with the spirit of selfishness.” 
“Satan isn’t neglecting your children,” he said again. “Are you? Too many of you neglect your little children. You think you don’t need to teach them anything. But Satan is getting into their little minds as fast as their minds develop.”
Armstrong was a strong advocate of corporal punishment for church children.  For decades beating children with a one inch think paddles was the norm.  Children should be heard screaming from bathrooms.  20 swats was the norm.  Of course after a parent beat their kids it was proper to tell the child that you did it because you loved them.

Lil'Steveie loves to quote from Herbert's Modern Dating, a sad little book written in 1969.  It is now 2017 and PCG is still stuck in the late 1960's.
“Children who are in the Church of God are in a separate category, and they are not cut off from God, and it means that the parents can—if they will, if they do—they can counteract what Satan is doing,” Mr. Armstrong said in that 1979 youth camp sermon. “And just like the Spirit of God in Jesus counteracted it so that Jesus never committed a sin, parents can teach their children in such a way, and keep so close to them that they can more than outmatch Satan and all that Satan is doing.” 
It is our job to help them come to recognize the harsh reality of Satan’s world. It is our job to help them see the incredible opportunities that come from living God’s way of life. It is our job to help them see that God’s Work needs them! 
The Modern Dating booklet states: “Yes, sadly, too few parents take an active interest in the really tremendous drives and compulsions placed upon their children in early school years. They just don’t talk to their children about their school lives. They don’t make it their business to find outabout their desires, hopes, dreams or emotional entanglements.
The lives of children in PCG are at risk. How many more need to be abused till parents wake up and remove their selves from the madness of the Philadelphia Church of God?

Never Wrong - No One Is Ever Wrong

A blast from the past and still relevant today!

I have met a lot of people who are never wrong. They never take back that which they spoke which proved to be either stupid, inane or simply wrong. They waffle, redefine and deny, but they are never wrong. These people are incapable of saying "oops," much less, "I'm sorry," You find them everywhere. They might be a pastor, a politician, a CEO or a President. They might be your mother- in-law, father-in-law, dad, mom, brother or sister. Of course, it could be you, but you won't notice that. One common thing they share is that they are NEVER wrong. Of course they are wrong, misinformed or just plain stupid in the way they view and filter their world, but they are never wrong in fact. Their inability to say "I am sorry," or "I was wrong," is legendary in the family, the church, the office or the government and the damage inflicted on those that fall victim of these people can be humorous, mildly annoying or catastrophic.
Ministers are not above the inability to say I am sorry or I was wrong either. I pastored in a denomination that was never wrong from the top down, but always wrong from the bottom up. Come to think of it, that sounds like the government too at the moment or maybe all moments. Countless, and I mean countless ministers have predicted the exact time that Jesus would return and have been wrong, oh let's say...100% of the time.  I can't recall one "I was mistaken."   I recall many, "God is giving us more time.  I was right but just had the timing wrong."   
We here on Banned have noted for YEARS the Splits,  Splinters and Slivers, silly and more clever than intelligent  big heads with fantastical ideas about themselves and the ridiculous ideas that they see themselves spoken of in the scripture as Elijahs, Zerubbabels, Apostles, Prophets , Witnesses  and  Joshuas of all sorts.  We have well documented Dave Pack outright blunders in scripture and his ideas of prophecy especially concerning himself and who he thinks he is.  NOTHING the man has said would be true is actually true and never will be true.  Has he had amble time and reason to admit he was mistaken?  Yep.  Ever hear the man say "I was mistaken."?   Nope and you never will.  Will any on the Council of Agreers ever admit that Dave was mistaken and they themselves mistaken for not noting his mistakes?  Nope...Doubt it.   
Will Almost Arrested and Soon to be Probably Be  Martyred Bitter Bob Thiel ever uttered the words, "I was mistaken"?  Nope.  Men like that are never mistaken so why would it cross their weak minds to admit it?  Bob is very mistaken about many things.
Will Rod Meredith suck it up and admit he and his advisers have blundered badly with regards to their current dilemma in public and member relations?  I doubt it.  It is going to be a painful lesson but no real man in LCG will take personal responsibility for the mess.  Satan will get the blame and outsiders will be said to  just want to persecute the True Church. Somehow it will all fit into proof of the end times again.
  Whole denominations have mislead the faithful on a myriad of topics but to say "We're sorry, we were wrong," is just not something even the humble in Jesus can come up with very often. Saying one is sorry is usually something that occurs only after one is caught or trapped. It's has taken over 400 years to absolve the then heretic Galileo from thinking the earth revolved around the sun and that the sun, not the earth, was the center of the solar system, but maybe not the universe. 
Churches hold on to their fables and apologies for  them way beyond what most normal institutions do. How long will it take to apologize when Church officials decide that Limbo is not the place where the unsaved babies go, like they know, when they announce this reality to the faithful? You can bet you will hear things like, "It was never a doctrine," or "It never was an official teaching," but you won't get away with that kind of "we're sorry," with the average person who was either tormented or only mildly comforted by this when they lost a child prior to the arrival of the sprinklers. Too many ministers have the subconscious belief that if they are wrong, God will correct them and, of course, any apologies or admissions of wrongness will be spoke privately to the deity. They will, however, announce to you that they have done this, but you will never really know. Ministers need to apologize to people for it is people they offend at times.
Some of us can't say we are sorry or we were wrong because we falsely believe that somehow it a weakness to admit such things. More than one psychologist has noted that "Fool me once..shame,," is not so much a gaff as the deeply psychological inability to say "shame on me," which is another way of not being able to admit to being wrong or a committing a misstep. To choke on the words expressing shame, sorrow, apology or being mistaken is not a good sign when we are talking about mature leadership. To come across as anything less than human is not going to win points with the not as stupid as one might think average church goer or American.
We lie when we can't admit we are wrong, mistaken or perhaps have another agenda that we do not wish disturbed. I think Americans are beginning to believe that this last reason is more the case with Iraq and perhaps Iran. Even church goers are beginning to question the motives of those that demand too much of their money for the Lord and remind you that you can be "dismembered" when you ask uncomfortable questions about doctrine or the Bible itself. "Just trust me," is no longer going to work among the informed. Lie Snickers, the Internet is a gift from God Himself.
We live in a time where Presidents, Politicians and Pastors who have the inability to say that they have been misguided, unguided, mistaken and plainly wrong is endangering not only our intellectual health, but our lives on the planet. Suck it up guys. Just say it when it dawns on you. Allow it to dawn on you from time to time. "I was wrong, I am sorry."
When was the last time you heard your executive, judicial, senatorial, congressional or pastoral leaders say "I was wrong," "We were wrong," "I am sorry"? From "I did not have sex with that woman," to "those weapons of mass destruction must be around here somewhere," just saying "I'm sorry," seems the hardest thing to do. Give it a try anyway before you kill us all.

Article Source:

Freed From Herbert W Armstrong's God

Everyone is a blasphemer, except for me

Over the last few months, we have had various idiots on the web  that have been claiming the end was here.  The latest were the ones who claim planet Nibiru was supposed to hit the earth today and kill us all.  As usual with ALL self-appointed false prophets, they were wrong.  The world is filled with these kind of people, with many of them finding a platform in WorldNetDaily, the official news source for many Churches of God.  This is also the news source for Almost-ordained and arrested Bob Thiel.

The almost-ordained one is particularly perturbed that these lying fools are making Christians look stupid. From wayward planets, Obama and Hillary, to the eclipse, it has been one crazy prophecy after another, and Almost-arrested Thiel has to talk about all of them on his blog.  Why he wants to give them credence by the incessant reporting is beyond most peoples comprehension.

The lying false prophet and self-appointed preacher then makes this hypocritical statement:
Because various ones have falsely claimed that God is sending a message through natural phenomena, they are turning people off against Bible prophecy. 
Seriously?  Almost-ordained Thiel claims these people are turning people against Bible prophecy when he has done the exact same thing!  His prophecies are just as bad as the 208 documented lies of Herbert Armstrong, Gerald Waterhouse, Herman Hoeh, Rod Meredith and others.

Elijah Thiel then quotes a scripture that describes when he does precisely:
1 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. 3 By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber. (2 Peter 2:1-3)
Almost-arrested Thiel then writes this:
The false prognosticators cause the Christian way to be blasphemed, even though (in my view) none of those I have specifically named are real Christians.
Can he really be serious?  What about the hundreds, if not thousands of false prognosticators that have littered the Church of God over the last 8 decades?  What about the lies of James Malm, Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack and those he has espoused?  Thiel, Malm, and all of the others are the blasphemers!

He ends with this:
...there are many false and heretical leaders that lead people astray on prophecy. Sometimes they mention the Bible to try to act like God sanctions their nonsense. And it is not just the secular fringe people, but also those who claim to be Christian or even in the Church of God.
What about the false and heretical leaders in the Church of God who have led and continue to lead members astray with one lie after another.  Every single one of these lying fools use their Bible to pretend that their god has validated their teachings.  It's not just the idiots on WorldNetDaiy that say these lies, it is Church of God leaders like Thiel, Malm, Pack, Flurry and others that do this day in and day out. Nothing that Thiel or Malm predicts will ever happen.  That is guaranteed!