Friday, June 17, 2011

The Apostle Tells You How You WILL Observe The Sabbath

The Apostle has laid down the law on how you should be observing the Sabbath.  Epescially for you disgruntled COG members who are disturbed by all the constant upheavals in the COG's.  So you have jumped ship from UCG into COGaWA.  You now realize you made a mistake and don't know what to do.  So feeling sorry for yourself you want to sit at home on your sorry little behind and whine.  But have no fear, the Apostle is here and has specific instructions for you!

Apostle Malm's rules and regulations are:

Rule 1: First the Sabbath is a commanded assembly. Lev 23:3  Six days shall work be done: but the seventh day is the sabbath of rest, an holy convocation; ye shall do no work therein: it is the sabbath of the LORD in all your dwellings.
 Rule 2: This does NOT mean assembling with just anyone!  We are to assemble with like minded persons in a godly manner.
 To assemble with heathen is not a HOLY convocation;
(i.e. you are not to assemble with anyone outside the COG.  Even then they must be strong, firmly rooted believers in HWA's teachings.)
Rule 3:  To be HOLY any convocation must be in their name [by their authority or command] and it must be God centered; Christ centered; and centered on the Father.
(i.e.  Since they do not know Jesus and ignore what he taught they do not know the Father.)
Rule 4: Assembling with those who will not obey the Father and will not accept his instruction and correction through his spirit ARE NOT SONS OF THE FATHER!  They are NOT brothers of those who do love the Father enough to obey him and accept his instruction.
Each brother is to assemble with Christ and the Father.  That IS the PRIORITY; the FOCUS!

(i.e.  Armstrongism always has to label people as 'others'.  It needs a bogeyman to blame and to make themselves feel more special and set apart)

Rule 5:We must assemble with those who we have proved to ourselves are of the same mind and have the same spirit of God.

Who did Adam and Eve assemble with?  Who did Enoch assemble with?  What corporate church did Noah assemble with?  The key is to stand with the Almighty and NOT with men; then those who do likewise will come together.  After that Satan will sow his tares until they rise to the top and take over any corporation and then those faithful to God will leave to be loyal to him and start anew.  That is the history of the New Covenant assembly of the Called Out!

God  is allowing this for a PURPOSE!  To teach those who would govern with him in the Kingdom: Absolute loyalty to HIM ALONE: No matter what anyone else does!  He does NOT want another rebellion with someone going astray and leading others; he want us all to be totally loyal to HIM, so that if by chance anyone does go astray: NO ONE WILL FOLLOW THEM ASTRAY!

To teach us this very important lesson he allows this to happen over and over through each new generation!  This is the VITAL lesson of complete loyalty to God above loyalty to anyone or anything else!
(i.e. Apostle Malm is ignorant about the New Covenant.  It cannot be kept by attaching  any of the 613 laws of the Hebrews)

The Apostle is setting his acolytes up for the formation of his new splinter cult starting sometime around the Feast this year:

I have repeatedly said that people should stay where they are until the fruits of what is going on mature.  Recently I stepped back from that as some fruits are now coming clear and I realize that this is very much a matter of personal understanding and decision.
Let me say this.  At this time the fruits have not yet reached their full maturity.  Things that are obvious to some may be obscure to others.  This is a transitional situation.  I expect that in the near future  [within a year and most likely around or soon after the fall Feast]  much will work out.  At that time the faithful will come out of these various groups and come together into a new, much more godly association.

The End is Here!  God is sifting the COG to weed out the rebellious heinous sinners from it's midst.  Only the true followers of the Apostle will understand.  It's time to scare the sheeple once again!

Brethren, God is sifting his people and the “Hour of  Trial” is at the door for Laodicea and the whole world.
Use the Sabbath and all the other time available to fight the good fight against the evils that are already evident; and to prepare for what lies ahead!


I am introducing a new contributor here.  Welcome to Van Robison.  Van was a former WCG member and WCG employee in Pasadena up until the mid 70's.  Van has been a contributor to numerous web sites over the years: Foresight of Hindsight blog, Batteredsheep blog, The WORD on the Word of Faith blog and others.

So many have come out of Armstrongism with never having exercised the ability to be able to question what one believes or understands.  I think it is important to be able to question.  It doesn't mean you have to agree, but at least look at things as an opportunity to think about things differently.

Dumping the baggage from our past is a hard thing to do for many. Some have easily dumped all religious pretense, others hold religion out there with a 10 foot pole, others find many aspects of spirituality comforting and enriching, and others have found meaning and grace in new and mysterious ways.  Each person is on their own path that leads them to the point they need to be in the recovery process.

So here's to looking at things in a new way......


Millions of people have been indoctrinated from birth that "the Bible is infallible and inerrant" and "totally inspired by God."   Indoctrination is so powerful and overwhelming in the life of human beings, that people the world over often live and die in the cultural beliefs into which they were born.  It is often next to impossible to penetrate the thinking of others with anything that challenges the status quo or differs with what they are accustomed  to hearing and believing.   Indoctrination is often so deeply embedded in human thinking, that many are rendered incapable of being rational or objective and it not only applies to belief in the infallibility of the Bible, but also other religious beliefs, political beliefs and the indoctrination of "education" in many different disciplines.  Examples might be that those schooled into the orthodox medical system and its foundation for practices, are often rendered unwilling to seek or believe in any alternative practices (labeled "quackery").  Another example is that the medical establishment attempts by all means possible to convince the public that mercury laced vaccines have no health impact on the lives on children, even when the voices crying in the wilderness are numerous and quite vocal, that indeed something is amiss and extremely serious.   The concept of indoctrination applies to many aspects of human life on earth.

As far as what most people believe, the hard fact is that we all primarily believe what others say and we think it is "truth."   We tend to believe that people who lived ages ago were some how "special" and God the Creator "inspired" what they wrote, or He somehow conveyed to them concepts and principles that all others are suppose to adhere to.   In reality, Jesus Christ has not appeared to any of us living on earth today, told us what absolute truth is, taught us one-on-one and caused us to see where what we think "truth" is, is actually not truth.   In fact we have no idea whether the words attributed to Jesus Christ in the four Gospels are "verbatim" quotes or whether the writers put words in the mouth of Jesus that He never spoke.

Facing the facts, we have to admit that there is not one human being on earth today, who is a personal witness to anything from Genesis to Revelation.  We can believe by "faith" that the Bible is infallible and inerrant, but
that does not make the Bible "true" in all that we read.  For those of us who do believe in Jesus Christ, we do so by FAITH and there is no other option or possibility, and we believe that the Holy Spirit is the Source that
makes Christ real to our being.   It seems to my thinking that no human being who ever lived could speak such words as "I Am the Way, I Am the Truth, "I Am the Life", "I Am the Living Waters", "I Am the Bread of Life", "I Am the "Light of the World", "I Am the Vine", "I Am the Door", "I Am the Resurrection", "I Am the Good Shepherd" and "you have ONLY one Master---Christ", unless the person who made such proclamations happened to indeed be Jesus Christ.   Would any human being believe such sayings of another mere human being?  Preposterous!  If Jesus were only a mere human being, would anyone believe such statements?

Many Bible apologists wonder how anyone can think that the Bible contains some truth and a lot of human fabrication.  Bible apologists jump through hoops to defend the indefensible and attempt to cause people to "see" as they see.  There is hardly doubt that many ex-Christians, ex-pastors, atheists and perhaps others have challenged the Bible as being totally "inspired" by God.   Many church goers are not really critical thinkers, but instead they quietly sit in pews as if little children and hear what those who stand in pulpits expound.  The pied pipers in the pulpits all without exception, present themselves as if they have all knowledge, all understanding and all wisdom, when it comes to "the Bible", God and church doctrines supposedly taken from the Bible.  

There is the assumption that to question the Bible is to question God, and yet even the Bible says to "prove all things" and "try the spirits whether they be of God" and that cannot be done without questioning.  Even Jesus
warned repeatedly to BEWARE, because many would come in His name and deceive many and it seems few take the words of Jesus to heart.  Is INK on PAPER an exception to deception?  Is "the Bible" an exception to deception?  Men have always put words in the mouth of God that He never spoke.   Virtually any human writer or speaker throughout history and to this very day, can proclaim "thus saith the Lord", "God commanded", "God spoke", "God said", "God told me", "God anointed", "God inspired", but such words in and of themselves DO NOT and CANNOT prove that indeed God is the author of what the writer or speaker attributes to God.

The words "all scripture is given by inspiration of God", DO NOT and CANNOT define exactly what "all scripture" is that God is supposed to have "inspired."  There are two books in the Old Testament that do not so much as even mention God, and yet the Bible apologists crowd (including many "scholars"), would have the world believe that God inspired these fictional accounts.   Many proclaim that there are "no contradictions" in the Bible, and that belief is absolute proof that the world is full of people who DO NOT think critically.   Some will say "who are you to question the Bible?"  Well friends, God gave each of us a mind and we are not intended to be robots or clones of those who pretend to be God in the world of churches, religions or human governments.

Does it seem strange that Jesus Christ hand picked primarily FISHERMEN as personal witnesses to His life and teachings, and NOT the religious elite or highly "educated?"  Perhaps what is called "education" is often nothing more than traditions and customs of men, touted as "thus saith the Lord."   The most major contradiction in the entire Bible, is the manner in which God Almighty is portrayed as a mass-murderer, barbaric, the author of genocide, and the author of atrocities to numerous to mention in this article.  The Bible drips with blood and gore that defies any normal human conscience.  It not only includes the "Old" Testament, but even the so called book of "Revelation", which assuredly is NOT authored by Jesus Christ, even though it proclaims Jesus Christ as the one who reveals these mysteries.  The reason Jesus is not the author of "Revelation" is because it defies what Jesus taught, such as "love your enemies", "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", "love your neighbor as you love yourself", "blessed are the peacemakers", "blessed are the merciful", "blessed are the meek" and so forth.    Does God live by His own teachings?  Or because God is sovereign, does He defy His own teachings and initiate deeds that defy everything He ever taught such as love, compassion, mercy, justice, empathy and humility?  Bible apologists would have everyone believe that all the barbarity in the Bible, is an expression of the love and justice of God.  NOT SO!

Does that mean "universal salvation" no matter?  No!  FEAR of religious and secular rulers of men is a theme that runs throughout the Bible, and without question all cults exist on the foundation of FEAR instilled in their people. There is the fear of losing ones salvation.  Fear of not being blessed financially for not tithing (a very false doctrine).  Fear of not submitting to human authority, even though Jesus Christ stated that His followers have only one Master, who is Christ (Matthew 23:8-10).  All governments of men are anti-Christ and for the reason that no government on earth follows Jesus Christ.  Governments of men do not love and have compassion, even though they have the pretense of false charity.   All governments exist by force and compulsion, where God exists by His character, which is LOVE.

Examples in the Bible of instilling fear in the readers of its words, include such stories as Ananias and Sapphira falling down dead at the feet of Peter, over money matters and lying.  This fictional story so contradicts what Jesus taught that it cannot possibly be true, at least it cannot be true that God struck them dead, if indeed they died in the manner told.  In the Old Testament another fear based story is that supposedly and attributed to God, is that the earth opened up ("supernaturally") and swallowed some folks who voiced opinions counter to Moses.  It is pure fiction!  In Romans 13 the reader is led to believe that rulers of men are "not a terror" to good works, but to the evil, and that cannot possibly be true.  If it were true that rulers of men "are not" a terror to good works, then Jesus Christ would never have been crucified, because He was nothing but good.  The elite rulers always live in fear of light and truth and they often attempt to silence, suppress, censor and smash anything and everyone who stands in the way of their power, control and free money (Matthew 23).  Jesus demolished man-made religion.  Men who love power, control and free money always attempt to build empires unto themselves.

Jesus stated that Satan was a murderer from the beginning, and yet "Christians" by the millions and their "pastors" believe that God was a murderer from the beginning, but they don't call it murder, they say there is a difference between murder and killing.  Strange that Jesus never defined such a difference, nor in the Ten Commandments do we read that God defined any difference.  In the Ten Commandments we read that God said "you shall not kill" and "you shall not steal" and "you shall not covet anything that is your neighbors (such as land or anything else)" and yet elsewhere the reader is led to believe that God did the opposite and demanded the opposite of some human beings.  And there are no contradictions in the Bible?

Some day even if it takes another thousand years or ten thousand years, the church world will have to come to terms with what is called "the Bible."  The Bible has deceived millions of human beings for a long time, and is the primary source of mass religious confusion and division in the world.  If it were not so, and we read that God is not the author of confusion, then there would not be an endless array of different groups espousing very different doctrines, customs, practices and traditions, and all supposedly taken from the Bible.   The clergy/laity system is thought to be an inventionclergy/laity system is thought to be an invention of the "apostle" Paul, but not founded upon anything taught by Jesus Christ as reflected in the four Gospels.

Sorry atheists, you will not agree with this article.  I am not an atheist, but I also do not embrace religious rituals, organizational or institutional bondage, submission to professional clergy, so called "pastors", "senior pastors" or "doctor pastors" or even "elders."  I do not feel compelled to attend a "house church" where no clergy is allowed.  What I see is that Jesus is the LIGHT missing in the world and His entire teachings can be summarized in the words LOVE, COMPASSION, MERCY, EMPATHY and HUMILITY.  None of those attributes have one iota of anything to do with "going to church", "keeping the Saturday Sabbath", Sunday observance or many other traditions of men.  If we read anything in the four Gospels that makes Jesus Christ appear to contradict Himself, then such words are highly questionable as coming from Jesus Christ.   Because Jesus as we read, mentions the names of such people as Noah, Abraham, Moses and others, does that mean that Jesus gave His stamp of approval to all the barbarity in the Old Testament and attributed to God?  How could He contradict Himself?  Was Jesus Christ indeed God of the Old Testament?  Not in anything that defies what Jesus taught, because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  How could anyone have faith in a God that changes in His character? 

Unfortunately the Bible maligns and discredits the TRUE character of the Creator of the universe, in many ways.  It was Jesus Christ who said "IF YOU HAVE SEEN ME, YOU HAVE SEEN THE FATHER" and that tells me that it is Jesus Christ who defines the true character of the Father and NOT the Old Testament, the book of Revelation, a man called Paul or anything or anyone who differs with what He taught.  If Jesus is the LIGHT of the world, does that not imply that the world was steeped in darkness before Christ?  And likewise the world is steeped in darkness today, because men "think" that LIGHT and TRUTH is "going to church", bowing before "pastors", false tithing, building church buildings, and blindly thinking the Bible is the light of the world

The Bible is not God and God is not the Bible.   The reason some people hated Jesus Christ is because He stripped them of false authority, false prestige, the endless flow of money from false teachings, and false power over the naive and gullible.  It is no different today, when many voices are speaking out about CHURCHIANITY and exposing the fraud and deceit in the world of man-made religion.  I suggest that if the Bible were really inspired by God, then it would not cause mass confusion, with endless differences in interpretation of what it means.  Few people really think hard about the Bible, they primarily just believe whatever the pulpit-masters say, which is nothing more than their personal opinions (often wrong).   The Bible is a large subject and cannot possibly be covered in an article such as this.

I contend that God does exist, Jesus Christ is who He said He was, and that His impact on the world is enormous.

Van Robison

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

God Has Personally Given Malm An "Obligation" To Warn The COG's

Apostle Malm is attempting to deepen his standing with COG folk now by proclaiming he has a personal 'obligation from God'.  He is now the COG's new "Watchman' who is crying aloud and lamenting the grievous sins of COG members.

It is not going to be long now till this guy officially starts his own splinter group.  He has  previously told people that he does not have enough money to hold a Feast site and in the meantime they are to attend with their regular fellowship of choice. It will not be long till he starts sending out tapes, then there will be church meeting someplace, money will start flowing in and he will be legitimized.

This guy is not the innocent COG member he appears to be.  There is something deeper going on in his mind and it is NOT good!

Thank you for your concern. I have an obligation from God [as do all godly persons] to: Is 58:1 “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob [Israel and spiritual Israel] their sins.” and again Ez 33:6 “But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” Someone MUST speak up! I lament that so few are! If more people cried out and exposed sin, there would be less of it around! James

PCG: God Wants To Make Your Children Sweat!

After hearing Michael Maynard's horror story with his children at Philadelphia Church of God summer camps, and the stories on Exit Support Network, you have to shake your head in disbelief that some so called minister in PCG would make such a statement as follows:

In five weeks, 144 teenagers from around the world will arrive on the campus of Herbert W. Armstrong College for our annual youth camp. Our camp is designed to ensure these young people go home mentally charged and focused, their attitudes and spirits refreshed and renewed.
We also plan to send them home utterly exhausted.

For three weeks, these teens will spend their days mountain biking, canoeing and practicing archery, as well as playing basketball, water polo, soccer, softball, volleyball and flag football. They will walk, and sometimes jog, between activities, as well as to breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the evenings they will engage in other taxing activities, including a track and field event and camp dances. And if all that activity isn’t strenuous enough, much of it will occur in daytime temperatures hovering in the mid 90s.
If you’re like me, simply reading that paragraph is enough to make you sweat. As much as I love sports and the outdoors, the thought of spending six to seven hours a day out in the sizzling Oklahoma weather chasing balls, paddling across lakes and biking through ravines isn’t nearly as appealing as it once was. But to the teens who attend camp, God says this three-week display of physical strength and endurance is glorious and honorable!
 You can read His admiration in Proverbs 20:29: “The glory of young men is their strength.”

Obviously, good physical health is an important and praiseworthy quality that we all should be striving for. But isn’t it interesting that God identifies explicitly physical strength and energy as a defining and glorious quality of youth? In God’s mind, being a physically fit and healthy teenager—a young man (or woman) with strength and agility, someone who is robust and energetic—is a splendid and honorable accomplishment.
Parents, this is a state of being that God wants all children and teens to experience!

This is why, beyond merely seeking to make camp fun, we have our teens engage in so much physically demanding activity. Together with the high-quality meals and energy-replenishing snacks we feed them, the slew of sports and outdoor activities serve to improve the overall physical health and strength of the teens. It works, too. In virtually every case, teens depart camp stronger, fitter and healthier than when they arrived. Beyond the short-term goal of improving their health, though, our goal during the three-week camp is to encourage our teens to embrace healthy and active living as a way of life. (These words of 'wisdom' are by Brad McDonald)
 How could any sane minded parent allow their child to be abused by these fools?  But never fear, PCG will inculcate the 'word of god ' into their little minds so that they can become PCG zombies that turn their backs on parents, brothers and sisters and relatives that have left PCG.  Endless hours of PCG indoctrination of their weird beliefs.  Girls learning how to be proper wives who submit and clean house better than all those lazy laodicean women out there.

Of course, our effort to cultivate strong, healthy teens must be balanced, and must be complemented with similarly strenuous mental and spiritual exercises. This is why, in addition to all the physically demanding activities at our youth camps, teens take Bible classes, and classes on leadership and womanhood. It’s why we teach them public speaking and ballroom dance. It’s the reason we have them perform on stage and encourage them to play music and embrace art. And it’s why, particularly in this technology-ridden age of perpetual distractions, we encourage our teens to develop a love for reading, study and meditation.

This cult just get's sicker by the minute!

Monday, June 13, 2011

We'll Take Care of You, and Pray for You Too!

A Very Personal and Private Open Letter to the Grace International Fellowship, Formerly Known as Prince, Leadership .
Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorGreetings in the Name of the Triune Jesus who includes most, but obviously not all, in the wonderous works done in His name.
Nearing the traditional retirement age in America and realizing you took me seriously when I joked the Worldwide Church of God retirement program seems to be for the minister to drive into a tree at 65 years old and 65 miles an hour, I wished to make a simple plea.
Crazy me, years ago when I asked in a Refresher Seminar if the WCG was meeting its obligations to full time pastors to prepare for their retirement, Mr. Ron Kelly assured us all, "we will take care of you."  Whew...that really was encouraging.  We had to be patient and trust the Administration, but no problem.  They all knew that the NT said, something about saying, "be warmed and be filled but give not to them what is needed..." , so I relaxed over doubts about what I was hearing  and obviously it was simply my carnal nature getting the best of me. 
When terminated, Mr. Curtis May of the Reconciliation Dept said he's pray for me and wished me luck, which sounded a lot like that scripture, but I realize it was just in the way I was hearing it.  No one would really do that and not have it seem hilarious coming from the "Reconciliation Dept."   That would be crazy!
Now I understand it doesn't matter and Church was never about the money, but I estimated that I (sorry about that) inspired the giving of millions...over 40 million in my own personal journey through "we will take care of you."   My parents and 30+ other family members, mostly ending up as ministers, elders, deacons and deaconesses all over the place gave hundred of thousands I am pretty sure.  They have all gone back to their roots or moved on to happy slappy mega-churches.  I, on the other hand, now rub people the right way by teaching and practicing therapeutic massage.  I get so tempted to declare myself a Prophet, Apostle, Witness or Really Special Jesus Person, but it's just not in me.  Three Hundred Thousand folks have downloaded my articles on things I seemed to have missed in Harmony of the Gospels Class and Epistles of Paul.  Well actually, things I seemed to have missed from Genesis to Revelation in my education by the experts at WCG.  One guy wrote me to tell me words can get you killed and another said I was just bitter, but honest, I just ever wanted to know the truth about life and still am working on that one.  One did say I was just another "High Priest of Marduk," and I thanked him as I have not had a religious title for years now and it feels really good.
Mr. Bernie Schnippert, who was legal counsel for the WCG, told me he was really sorry but he could do nothing for those who didn't get happy slappy over Jesus and were still in the employ of the church through all the transitions. It's nice how he retired, moved to the Pacific Northwest and all I hear about how nice it is to be near his family and grand kids.  I got marooned in South Carolina and everyone is a bit scattered due to Church, Church, Church but that's fine. I never thought I'd get to live in the deep south and in the Bible Belt to boot which serves as a constant reminder of the fear, guilt and shame Jesus uses to keep us all in line.  Trust me, "Pray, Obey, Pay and Stay" is just as bad here as anywhere...Gnome sayin??  I asked a few guys who stayed and still are with WCG now CGI, or even UCG, PCG or RCG, if they believed it all and they said "No, but I want to get to retirement."  Sheesh...I should have pulled that stunt!  Oh well, proof that the children of light are more stupid than the children of Satan at times.
Anyway, at the time, I did what you told me to do with my severance agreement.  I took it to a lawyer friend but it was kinda bad news for me it seemed.  She asked me if this document really came from a church?  I said yes and she said, and I do apologize ahead of time for this but her quote was kinda cool..."You're fucked."   Whew...after fanning myself and telling her to please please not used bad words like that, she said, "Ok, well this is not to your advantage."   "That's a lot better I told her."  Well I mean the way she broke the news to me was better, not the actual news contained therein.
First of all, and let me be clear, I know this letter is just between you and me so I do understand a few things about the attitudes the dear brethren have towards use despicable minister types.  I know they think we deserve to go down in flames and love to mock us as God's chosen ministers.  We know the Bible tells us to expect this.  We know they think we were all insincere bastards just in it for the money, power and control but we know this is not so.  I became somewhat of a bastard sinner nutcase AFTER my Church of God experience, but don't think that should be held against me.  Transitions are messy and like Cher said once, "Life is not easy. Mine has been messy at times, but it is just me doing the best I can."  Somehow that comforts me. 
Anyway...I think you have stashed millions somewhere from the sale of assets my family and hundreds of thousands of others bought for you guys.  I can't imagine that you are using it all up with only five of you actually drawing a real retirement from it.  Can I have some please?  Maybe around $5-600 a month just for rent and groceries.  I'm not asking for medical insurance. While I don't have any and can't get any, I feel pretty good and if I blow a gallbladder or get some dumbass later in life disease, I will just agree to let go and enter the Kingdom. I mean after all, we're all just dying to get to heaven anyway so no biggie.  I can bite on a wooden stick for pain and if reasonably close to the surface, can drink whiskey, like in the old days and just cut it out or off.  Teeth come out pretty well with a well placed blow so again, it's not like there aren't solutions to health challenges.  People with insurance for such things really just lack faith in God's healing and Jesus Grace so really, it puts me in a much more spiritually superior position.  It feels good to act like I know it all.  Know what I'm sayin????
Ok, well lots of thoughts to share.  I promise this will be kept between us.  I anxiously away your proposal to help me get through.  Oh shit.. (oopse sorry, I'd be afraid to give sermons these days for all the new words I've learned since WCG days) ,I forgot you had me sign away Social Security because, well you know, "we will take care of you and we don't have to save it for you on ministerial salaries."  Pretty slick!!!  So if you could include another $50/month, that would help.  
Thanks so much!!! I know you will do the right thing for those who built your buildings, bought your groceries, houses, cars, vacations and funded your Holy Day sacrifices traveling all over the world for Jesus.  The Cruise for Jesus in the Fall was a great idea!  Trash the Festival but then take cruises talking about how evil it all was is brilliant!!!   How do you guys come up with this stuff?
Ok, shhhhhh.  This is just between us.  Bernie did say that if I talked badly about the Church and such, there would truly be no retirement at all.  We'd not want that and I'm sure that's not what YOU meant. I hate it when others speak for me and don't represent me accurately.  Actually I hate it when they do represent me accurately but that's another story I suppose.
Blessings and love to you all.  Let's Surprise God like Ted Johnston likes to do and handle this quickly and as Jesus would.  Since that crazy Jesus tricked me into coming into that nutty Wildworld Church of God, the least He can do is give us a glass of cool water getting over it all.
Thank you so much.  I can't wait to share your response with just a few close friends.
Warm regards in Him
Dennis Diehl
High Priest of Marduk

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Apostle Malm: "I'm Pouring Myself Out To Establish Credibility"

Armstrongism has a long tradition of men attempting to establish themselves with credible testimony and prophetic words.  So far every single one of them have turned out to be abysmal failures, liars and false prophets.  They came bearing slick words that sounded soothing and credible to some listeners trained in the catch phrases of Armstrongism.

Now, we are being retreated to James Malm who admits that he has been trying to 'establish doctrinal credibility." over the last several months.

I would have covered this before Passover. I just felt that I needed to establish some doctrinal credibility and build up to this with the Passover, Calendar, ULB, etc ariticles that I have been posting for the past two months, building a proper foundation first. I have been working very hard, pouring myself out daily; sometimes some things need a proper foundation before they are presented, to make them easier to understand. James

When you hear COG men saying this you can be guaranteed that soon they will be starting a splinter cult somewhere in the United States.  The US seems to be fertile ground for religious wackos seeking equally wacky followers who agree with their wacky message.

Apostle Malm has slowly been writing paper after paper, article after article, that are filled with COG specific doctrines.  He has been setting himself up as an authority on all things spiritual.  None of the COG's is keeping any of the holy days or sabbath right in his sight.  Therefore, they are all apostate laodicians who no longer hold all truth.  Only Apostle Malm is privy to the real truth on how things should be.

Like HWA. Meredith and other COG ministers, Apostle Malm does not hold information in commentaries or by non-COG writers to be worthy of checking out.  Knowledge cannot be gained by these men or their commentaries.

I do not hold with commentaries writtn by unconverted men as the Mishna. There is no difference between “servile’ and work of any kind. No work is to be done on any High Day or Sabbath: that would include cooking. Food preparation was allowed as Israel came out of Egypt as an “ox in the ditch”. That does not justify food preparation on other Holy Days nor on future ULB High Days. James

Like Ronnie Weinland, Apostle Malm does not like to be mocked.  So far he has not called fire down from heaven to consume his mockers like Weinland and Steven's have.  It's only a matter of time though.

It really seems that you are the sarcastic one; and that is one thing that causes serious and unnecessary offenses. I warn that I have no patience for unwarranted mocking. The 144,000 are sealed AFTER the tribulation [between the 6th and 7th seals]. What about all the other saints from Abel till now? I will be getting to this when I get back into prophecy. The world does NOT revolve around us; God has many others! 1 Ti 5;19 “Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses. 20Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.” One must put all scripture together to see the whole picture. All elders that have a proven sin are to be publicly rebuked before all. James

I love how Armstrongism has produced a legion of men who think they are 'holier than thou.'  They have attained all knowledge that is relevant for salvation.  They know exactly what God wants.  They know who is in and who is out (you and most of the rest of the world). The best thing of all is that they continue to be made out to be fools.