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Self Appointed Prophet Bob Thiel Makes Another Feeble Attempt To Legitimize His Self Appointed Prophet Status

If ever there was a prophet without honor in his own country, Bob Thiel is t!  No one pays any attention to his fake prophetic claims.  He is mocked and ridiculed throughout the Churches of God.  Through it all the prophet stands by his claim that he is been doubly blessed with the Holy Spirit and there for is to be looked upon with favor.

Today he has an article up trying to prove his unique position in the Church of God as a prophet and Overseer.

He tries to use three Church of God men as his litmus test.  It is their writings that he claims legitimizes him as a prophet.

...for today’s post, I would mainly like to include the positions of the late Herbert W. Armstrong, as well as L. Leroy Neff and William Ellis,...
He quotes HWA:

In a radio broadcast, with a title listed as Proof of a True Prophet, the late Herbert W. Armstrong taught the following:
True prophet…Watch and see if it {what he says} comes to pass–and you can know that man has been called {by God to be a prophet. (Armstrong HW. Proof of a True Prophet. World Tomorrow Radio program. HA535B.MP3)
Events confirming what the prophet said by one called of God is part of the proof. And that is consistent with Deuteronomy 18.
I have definitely NOT been called to be a PROPHET…Emphatically I am NOT a prophet, in the sense of one to whom God speaks specially and directly, revealing personally a future event to happen or new truth, or new and special instruction direct from God — separate from, and apart from what is contained in the Bible.  And I never have claimed to be. (Armstrong H. Personal from the Editor, The 19 Year Time Cycles. The Good News of Tomorrow’s World. February, 1972, p. 1)
Self appointed prophet Thiel should take HWA's words to heart.  If HWA did not consider himself a prophet he did not consider others in the Church to  be one either!.  He certainly would NOT be recognizing Bob Thiel right now as a prophet. 

Thiel wants you to realize that he does not have the capability to make things happen as a prophet.  Therefore, you need to know that not all prophets make things happen or perform miracles.  Since Bob cannot do so now, nor will he be able to do so in the future, he wants you to know that does not disqualify him from the roll.

It also needs to be understood that prophets do not have to perform public miracles to be genuine. John the Baptist was a prophet according to Jesus (Matthew 11:7-10), but he is not recorded as performing any public miracles. Actually, the Bible records, “John did no miracle” (John 10:41, KJV). Jesus told the Pharisees that an adulterous generation sought signs, beyond prophetic accuracy (Matthew 12:38-40).
Christians are to walk by faith and not be sight (2 Corinthians 5:7), and SEEING miracles is not the final criteria that a Christian is supposed to have. Jesus’ clear requirements for determining a true vs. false prophet was the FRUITS not some sign or miracle (Matthew 7:15-20; 24:24).

Self appointed prophet Thiel next uses Leroy Neff to legitimize his roll as prophet.

But the Scriptures show that God’s servants have sometimes not had these qualities or credentials. They were not graduates of the recognized theological institutions of their day. Moses had trouble speaking in public (Exodus 4: 10). Jeremiah was “too young” (Jeremiah 1 :6). Paul lacked certain speech abilities (I Corinthians 2: 1, II Corinthians 10:10). Even Jesus Himself had no outstanding personal characteristics that set Him apart from others, as the religious leaders had to pay Judas to point Him (Matthew 26:47-49).

Since Thiel has no biblical education from a Church of God institution or a seminary he wants you to know that this should not be a stumbling block for you either.  Just because his PhD is in homeopathic mumbo-jumbo you should not look less of of him for having no theological education.

Jesus said His followers would not be many in number, but would be comparatively few: “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32). (Neff LL. Imposter–or–True Prophet — Which? Good News, January 1986, pp. 10-11)
A true prophet would not need to be from a major theological institution, have the most magnanimous personality, or have a large or impressive Church, but would be the type willing to meet in members’ homes.  He also does not have to have had a ministerial background. God chooses who His prophets are.
Because self appointed prophet Thiel has no church as of yet he is nothing more than a house church that includes immediate family and a few friends.  That however constitutes as Small church in his eyes and therefore legitimizes him again.

Because prophet Thiel's background is in homeopathic and naturopathic pills and potions he wants you to know that that also is what qualifies him to be a prophet.  He is a prophet with a secular background.

So, a prophet also does not need to come from a ministerial family, but instead can be called if he has a secular work background.

Since self appointed prophet Thiel has made a lot of predictions over the years he wants you to know that just because they have not happened it does not disprove him as a prophet. Thiel quotes Leroy Neff again in order to make himself look knowledgeable:

Then there is the prophet or minister who says something will come to pass and it apparently does not. Such a one would certainly be labeled false by most observers. This is one reason, but not the only reason, why almost all of God’s prophets throughout history have been labeled by many as false!
Consider such men as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel. They sometimes prophesied for many years, and yet what they said would happen did not come to pass immediately. Why didn’t these prophecies come to pass?

The answer was that it was not yet God’s time for their predictions to come to pass. At the proper time, sometimes years or decades later, the prophecies were fulfilled. And in some cases, what they prophesied has not yet come to pass even in our day, but will be fulfilled in God’s time. There is a time, after ample warning, when God will finally say, “None of My words will be postponed any more” (Ezekiel 12:28).

Thiel uses Paul next with one of his prophetic failures as proof that if his predictions are not accurate that is ok.  If Paul can do it, so can Thiel!

It also should be noted that while the Apostle Paul considered himself to be a prophet, not all of his speculative predictions were accurate. He once claimed:
10 I perceive that this voyage will end with disaster and much loss, not only of the cargo and ship, but also our lives (Acts 27:10).

As they rejected Jesus Christ centuries ago, so will they reject Bob Thiel.  You should not be surprised to see that happen!

In short, they would reject Him as a heretic and the leader of a new sect, just as some labeled his servant Paul “a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes” (Acts 24:5) . Undoubtedly some would call His religion a cult, as some label His true religion today. (Ibid, pp. 11-12)

Truly, most people will not listen to a true prophet of God in this age. And, even when God grants power to His two witnesses, most in the world will not only not listen to them, they will be deceived enough to support an army that will fight against the returning Jesus Christ (Revelation 16:13-14; 19:11-19)!

Next Thiel quotes Leroy Neff again. This time it is the "proof" that legitimate prophets of God preach the law.  If you dare to preach grace and let people eat some tasty shrimp then you are a false prophet.  Since Bob Thiel does not let people eat shrimp and preaches the law, and more law an m ore law, he therefore is a legitimate heir to prophet status.

If a prophet or minister does not speak according to God’s Word, according to His law and His testimony, there is no light in him, or, in other words, no truth in him. His message is false. Many claiming to represent God try to “do away” with God’s laws and commandments. They only accept a part of God’s Word and reject the rest…

Then comes Thiel's most pathetic excuse as to why he is a prophet. He has had hands laid upon him and a double portion of the holy spirit dumped into his head.

A true prophet is one called of God, teaches the same gospel that Jesus taught, has had hands laid upon him (cf. 1 Timothy 4:14; 2 Timothy 1:6; Hebrews 6:2), keeps the commandments of God, AND has predictions that come to pass.
He then quotes the 1965 Good News magazine with the following to legitimize himself:

Whenever a man is ordained to an office of greater service in God’s Work hands are laid on him. In the ordination ceremony God’s ministers lay their hands on those being ordained, and ask Almighty God-the Head of this Church-to continue to work in their lives…

The laying on of hands serves the purpose of setting apart anyone or anything in God’s sight, for a SPECIAL USE OR PURPOSE…
Then Thiel lays it on the line as to why he is a true prophet of God.  Take heed folks.  If you mock him now you are mocking the power God that has been doubly poured into his head.

A true prophet is under God’s authority. A true New Testament prophet has had hands laid upon him/her and/or received special anointing. You can not anoint yourself or come up with doctrine that contradicts the Bible (cf. Revelation 22:18-19) like at least three self-declared supposed COG “prophets” (Gerald Flurry, William Dankenbring, and Ronald Weinland) and false predictors (like Harold Camping) have falsely done)–”Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35).

Thus far, none who have ever contacted me and claimed to have been a prophet of some type have had hands laid upon them to give them the type of anointing that a true prophet of God would likely have had in this church age–if God was selecting them. Hence, if the anointing from a true minister has not happened to you, understand that I do not now accept that you are a prophet or one of the two witnesses.  Laying hands upon yourself is not enough.

In my case, in November/December 2011, I prayed that if I truly had a prophetic role from God that He would have something happen during a planned mid-December 2011 trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to confirm it or deny it if that were His will. As it turned out, on 12/15/2011 hands were laid upon me in Charlotte. The minister who did so prayed that I would be granted a “double-portion” of God’s Holy Spirit. The minister told me that he had not ever done this before but he felt that it was reminiscent of the time that the prophetic and ecclesiastical leadership mantle passed from the Prophet Elijah to Elisha (2 Kings 2:9-13). This minister had been unaware that I had prayed that God would have me anointed or somehow identified for a prophetic role on that mid-December 2011 trip if that were His plan for me and I had never discussed my possible prophetic role with him prior to this anointing. This 12/15/11 anointing appears to be the first biblically-appropriate prophetic anointing in the Church of God in many decades, if not many multiple centuries. And the legitimacy of this anointing has been proven by subsequent events–though many do not seem to understand how God works at times. And yes, I will add that I believe that I do have the appropriate prophetic fruits that Jesus discussed (Matthew 7:15-20) and that those truly interested in the truth can see this if they truly wish to prayfully look into this.

Theil then asks the million dollar question:

Will you believe or will you somehow allow yourself or others to talk you out of it (cf. Matthew 13:22)?


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Overseer/prophet Thiel: I Am The World's Best Self-Aggrandizer

Prophet and Overseer Bob Thiel has made the claim again that his little group has accomplished more and reached more people than any other COG has in its history (except for the philanderer GTA.)  Rod Meredith and Davey Pack must be shaking in their shoes right now at prophet/Overseer Thiel's awesomeness!

We of the Continuing Church of God have been answering emails, updating web information, creating and uploading YouTube videos, putting together services, and considering various ways to try to fulfill Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19-20. Based upon statistics on the internet and radio estimates I have received, it appears we in the Continuing Church of God have reached more people with at least portions of Christ’s gospel of the Kingdom in our first few weeks than other non-GTA COG groups were able to do. I plan to publish the statistics and estimates on the numbers of people reached by the end of this month.

I guess that PhD from Union Institute and University might eventually come in handy when his little splinter cult goes belly up.  At least he can have a little income coming in.   To bad its in nutrition instead of Biblical studies because Thiel's theology is totally bankrupt.

We need to take Overseer/prophet Thiel's boasting as what it is, plain old simple bullshit.  He has done the same thing in most of the reviews online that he has written about himself. Not only is he the leader of the worlds best COG he is also the worlds leading healer with homeopathic remedies.  According to himself, he is the number one healer in all the United States!

He writes about himself:

In addition to performing research, Dr. Thiel conducts private holistic counseling in his office in Arroyo Grande, California (805 489-7188) (which is located in the County of San Luis Obispo). This counseling is oriented towards health improvement, health strengthening, nutrition/natural health education, and the prevention of health problems. This counseling normally involves the use and role of diet, herbs, glandulars, homeopathics, vitamins and other nutrients, and sometimes other approaches to natural health. Dr. Thiel's clinical success rates have been nothing short of phenomenal. A summary of eight published studies (involving 700 plus subjects and multiple ailments) revealed that an astonishing 98.42% of those who followed his natural health recommendations reported at least some improvement within 1-90 days! In February 2000, Back to Herbs declared, "Dr. Thiel has the highest overall clinical success rate of any natural health practitioner in the United States." Bio-Sketch
There you have it again, straight for the the Overseer/prophet's mouth.  Overseer/prophet Thiel is the most successful man to grace the human species.  Right after Dave Pack, of course.

An Offer To Prophet and Chief Overseer Bob Thiel

Prophet Thiel is not happy that we have been picking on him on this blog.  How dare all of us big bad meanies make fun of him!  Why don't we acknowledge that God has selected him as the new end time prophet to lead the true Philadelphians into the Kingdom of God?  Why do we ridicule his videos so?  When we mock prophet Thiel are we mocking God?

As many of you have commented, it is disappointing and amazing to see the amount of misinformation about me and the Continuing Church of God on the internet.  However, those who tend to have the greatest “love of the truth” should be able to see through this, study, and pray.  As Jesus said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). Member letter Janaury 11, 2013

I offer prophet Bob the opportunity to set things straight here.  Give us the reasons why we should be following you.  Tell us why you are a prophet that is better than Rod Meredith and the rest of COGdom..  I will post your rebuttal to the entries here. Are you up to it?  Set us straight on how things really are!

Why Armstrongism Will Never Grow Again

Scrap the cross and what you have above is a typical Church of God.  
No questions allowed!  
How dare you question!  
There are no gray areas in life.
God has revealed all through through your leader.  
God does not make errors in revealing that truth.  
When you question the Church and it's teachings you are questioning God!

We can't talk too much about effeminate Jesus Christ or anything that he accomplished.
But, we certainly can use his name to make people think we follow him!
We can also use his name to scare people into giving us millions of dollars in tithe money, even though you do not require it.
 The Naked Pastor

Bob Thiel's Latest Superfantabulistic Video! Rod Meredith Is Trembling In Charlotte Right Now!

Here is prophet Bob Thiel's latest superfantabulistic video on The BEAST!  Woo! Scary!  Those pesky Catholics in Europe!  What are we gonna do with them!

The prophet  is delusional if he thinks this video is are going to attract a huge audience and gather in all the lost souls of Armstrongism who have no place to go.  Instead of improving, prophet Thiel's videos just get worse and worse!

Between the flailing hand gestures, stiff posture and wandering eyes down to a lap top and then back up high to the camera it is easily to become distracted.  What's with the sound quality? Is he in a tin can or what?  Work on the sound quality bud! And PLEAAAAAAAAASE don't SHOUT into your microphone!  Also, learn to pronounce the names of the biblical characters before you speak.  That was rather pathetic as you bumbled around trying to think how to pronounce them!  

Whats with the map?  That was sooooooooooooooooooo bad!  Soooooooooooooo bad! 
Holding it in front of your face while you are trying to read the laptop as you look down was really bad!

Rod Meredith and the Living Church of God certainly have NOTHING to fear from you.  You are now the laughing stock of Armstrongism.

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How Don Ward Sexualized Blue Jeans in Big Sandy

Don Ward was college chancellor in Big Sandy for several years.  He was also a minister and held other positions.  Many in the COG think he is God's gift to the world. Others can't stand they guy because they suffered under his abusive power trips at Big Sandy and in Pasadena.

Tonight on Facebook there was a post about Dr. Ward.  Like any top echelon leader in Armstrongism, Ward was all about control and manipulation of the students.

I never knew that Ward had banned jeans on the Big Sandy campus.  That concept alone is totally absurd since Big Sandy is in Texas where a lot of the population wears jeans with their boots!  But I digress, this is Armstrongism after all where NOTHING makes sense!

There is a deeper meaning as to why Ward banned jeans.  Like a true COG leader his decision involved sex.  No, I am not talking about a pair of tight buns in some tight jeans.  It is worse than that!

Ward feared that women and men who would wear jeans would hook their thumbs in the pants pockets which then would cause the rest of the hands fingers to be angled forward and point to  the persons genitals.

I kid you not!  This is the reason jeans were banned in Big Sandy!  How incredibly STUPID can Armstrongism get?

Dennis on "Post Theological Stress Disorder"

Post Theological Stress Disorder

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorI would have liked to think I could have blown this all off or chalked it all easily up to just another experience in life, but after way too long, I admit  to the fact that for me, the WCG experience has left me with an ongoing case of P(T)TSD.  And no, I am not being cute or flippant about it.  I will leave posting or not posting this up to the Blogmeister.  He knows me very well and has been a great help through the years aside from inviting me to write on his blog.  It is something I'd like to say but perhaps should not get all that personal about.  We'll see.  I don't want to make this decision at this point and I think I have the freedom to do it with NO2HWA.

There are several reasons why being open and honest about feelings, emotions, perspectives and such can be foolish in most groups.  I have been told that and experienced the truth of it from time to time.  One always runs the risk of the "all you ministers...."  deserve what you get or some kind of scorn when drifting over the boundaries between this is how I feel and this is unique to just me.  I am well aware of how many have suffered in many ways .  The experience is not unique to humans but it is unique to this one. 

A few weeks ago I got a "you have email from Ms SuzyQ" from a dating site.  This dating site thing has not been the greatest experience and I let it go but this one came in just under the wire.   "Hi....I just read your profile.  It was fascinating. Until I got to the part where you 'used' to be a minister.  You must be a jerk."   Lol.  That's the South for you.  So being or not being at this point is a losing proposition no matter which way one goes.  I wrote asking why the hell she would waste her time to send me that message but as yet have not had a response.  

The last ten years have been difficult and I'd have thought it would not take so long to process this .  Divorce, broken relationships with people I love deeply and always will and with those I thought I did but disappeared and apparently were users,  and other "stuff" have taken its toll.  I either have the chemistry from hell, am too sensitive to changes in life or defective.  I chose to go with the first two but leave the door open to other realities.  Depression, which seems to me to be anger turned inward or too expensive to express is there.  Anxiety about how the future can possible work out lurks.  Sometimes I wake up at night, think a thought and it sets off a cascade of thoughts that lead to being up the rest of the night just holding the pillow close because my stomach hurts now. Sometimes I have trouble just breathing or sitting still.  My head runs like a freight train and fixing is not an option for the most part, just acceptance.  

Chewie the Wookie does help  and is about the most loyal creature I have ever encountered. 

It was only this week that I can admit that I have PTSD in the classic and very real sense.  For me, this whole WCG experience, aside from many wonderful experiences along the way, has turned out to be traumatic, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Dark nights of souls and all that.  

All my life in the ministry I was told after speaking or privately when talking about many things over the years that I "ahead of my time," and that "you say things I'm only thinking."  I used to think that was a compliment but it is a formula for eventual Crucifixion or stake burning evidently.  One prominent WCG Executive type told me way back that he didn't understand why I was in the ministry of WCG and didn't need to be because it didn't fit me, whatever that meant.  I think I now know what he meant.  

One minister told me when I left on my first ministerial assignment from college, "for you, the sky is the limit."   That both perplexed and then annoyed me as it honestly would not have crossed my mind that the sky being the limit was a goal of ministry.  It was an odd comment.  

Here is the typical list of the symptoms of PTSD minus the ones I did not feel I experience or maybe too personal even for me to write about.  

Enormous Feelings of Betrayal
Feeling of Spiritual Rape of the SoulComplex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 1
Several of a cluster of symptoms can develop, including spontaneous crying, suicidal thoughts, emotional numbing, phobias, social withdrawal, flashbacks, amnesia, anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, self-loathing, fear of going insane.
Identity Confusion/disorientation
Panic and Anxiety Attacks
Obsessive Thoughts
Alcohol abuse
Problems or Inability in Making Decisions
Fear/General Anxiety Disorder  (GAD)
Grief & Sense of Loss
Grieving loss of innocence, idealism, spirituality, self, pride; sense of purpose, meaning and belonging in life; no support system; friends and family; loss of time, goals and youth
Lack of Trust
Profound Skepticism
Intense Loneliness
Sense of Purposelessness & Disconnection
Missing the peak experiences of the group
Sense of Isolation/Alienation
"No one understands what I am going through."
Overly Critical of Oneself and Others
Problems Having Boundaries
Feelings of Inferiority and Worthlessness
Sleep Disorders
Including nightmares and insomnia
Fear of Intimacy and Commitment
Anger or Rage
Toward the group and leader; towards oneself; suppression of anger in the cult actually contributed to depression and sense of helplessness
Problems with Career or Employment
Family Issues
Spiritual (or philosophical) issues
Impatience with the Recovery Process

Ouch!  All very familiar.  I only find solace in the fact that if millions did not react this way there would not be such a list in the first place.  I mean the reasons Barnes and Noble has isles of self help books and such is because millions are seeking help!    On the other hand, I believe with all my being that had I gone to the Wesleyan  Seminary instead of WCG I would have had a similar crisis of faith as my natural tendencies and questioning nature of all things theological and Bible would have still existed.  I may have had a different story, different players and even different family and kids , but the experience would have played out much the same I believe.  I could be wrong.  The Methodist would have allowed one to hold different views and not endanger the rest of the life's security.   I don't know if I would have had the same personal challenges that I did or come up with new and different ones but I suspect the story would have been similar.

So, why bother writing about this.  I dunno.  I just want to.  It's been one of those weeks I suppose (See above list) and it helps me to share and the beat can go on.  I assume I am not alone in these experiences.  I am not really pleased with myself for the length of time this seems to take.  Maybe I will never get past it or maybe it always will occupy a huge portion of my life experiences.  "Just forget it," doesn't see to work well.  I probably have ADD and touch of LMNOP.  

Member or Minister, I don't think it makes much difference when the world of theology one adopts seems so secure, so safe and so meaningful and then falls apart.  I don't feel safe or secure anymore and while learning is enjoyable for me, meaning still escapes me as I am sure it does for many others.  I tried going to a liberal church but had an anxiety attack and felt I could have given a much better sermon and why he got paid for that. lol.  I've prayed a few time as in days gone by and not much seems to come from that.  I even tried to read the Bible again "for the very first time," and....nope.  Doesn't work for me except some of the more encouraging parts which are also found in many other kinds of books.

At any rate, thanks for listening if you get to read this!  I always defined the WCG experience as "one damned thing after the next."  And this was true.  It helps me a bit to chat and perhaps it can help others not feel so weird or slow in the recovery process as well. 

E.W.King: It's Now Time To Withdraw Your Chidlren From Babylonian Public Schools and Homeschool Them

Poor E. W. King.  Such a world class prophet and no one pays any attention to him!  The world is going to hell and people are not interested in his message.
*We are living in interesting times. Times of stress and great anxiety. Some things we see happening in school’s today…the violence and drug use. Has any pagan noticed that the violence is with children? This means there is something wrong with the parents. If you own guns in your homes with young children, shouldn’t you have the guns locked up in a safe place? Children are a reflection of their parents. Then you have idiots like Piers Morgan on CNN [Communist News Network] attacking the United States Constitution. Indeed, there is only one true REMNANT left of God’s people. It is time to stand up and speak out! For true Christians it is time to speak forth the true Commandments of God. It is time to return to true doctrine. The pagan religious systems are destroying this great nation. [It started with latter-day Rome]
I have warned for three years now and will warn here again: True Christians please Home School your children! Get them out of Babylonian public schools!
Living in the mountains I have learned to take care of myself. Most people today couldn’t survive if the banks shut down or all electricity was shut off. They would panic. Are young men today taught how to kill their own food? Take care of their own families? No! They have no true survival skills. They would panic if they could no longer use their cell phone. They would panic if their ATM card no longer worked. This is the frightening world that we are living in.
Isolating ones self away from civilizations also causes many men to go crazy.  Case in point.....

According to King present society is all on drugs or addicted to their computers:

*People have relied on electronic devices to the point that they no longer have natural skills of survival. These people who write all these ‘New Age’ books sit in front of their computers drinking coffee [or an ‘energy drink’] and come across like they have ‘all the answers’. They would cry like little babies if their computers were taken away from them or even their cell phones. They need drugs and electronic gadgets to live. They know no other life style

Because humanity's too busy drinking their lattes or energy drinks they are failing to see King's extraordinary prophetic warnings and he is NOT happy!

A rude awakening is coming to this nation according to the Bible. People who have not been paying attention are in for a great shock! We are approaching the “Great Tribulation”. The Bible warns about what is just around the corner…but nobody is listening!
I warned in my last year predictions for 2013 : “Air wars will happen with military jets & drones involving more than three countries. These wars [air wars] will continue to become a norm. Militaries will try and rule the skies. America will announce a new ‘space program’. We will see navel battles. The ocean has yet to be conquered! All of this will bring new standards and world boundaries along with new naval technology. Big countries will fight for border definitions. World War 3 will be discussed!”

If you have been visiting this BLOG [COGSR] and have been reading EVERY ARTICLE you KNOW what we have been proclaiming is TRUE! You are without excuse! Why not study with us? LOOK, we here at COGSR take very seriously our Great Commission.
Those left in the true Conservative “parties” will be attacked by the liberals to the point that they [the “Controllers” -liberals] will try and take away our right to “free speech”. 
*Be aware, there are people out there that want to kill children [abortion], destroy marriage [with ‘homosexual marriage’], take people’s right to protect their families away from them [take your guns], and want BIG GOVERNEMENT to control what size soda you wish to buy. These are scary people! Adolf Hitler did this and now, some in the American government are trying to do this. True Christians…please do not give up your freedoms! Stand up and fight for what is right!
May God show His mercy upon you.
Yes, you stupid morons, for failing to listen to my warnings may God be merciful as he punishes you.

It's 2013 and UCG Still Cannot Figure Out the Purpose of the Church

While still on Worldwide Church of God payroll various ministers started meeting on the Pasadena campus to begin the formation of a breakaway COG.  Many of these men during the day were actively part of the WCG changes and disfellowshipped all kinds of people for not going along with the changes.  After destroying lives during the day they then would gather in various 360, 380 and 390 apartments to plot their new church. Most knew their jobs were at risk because of plummeting income (tithing was no longer commanded.)  In order to keep their lifestyle intact they needed another avenue of support.  What better way to ensure that than to boldly proclaim you were stepping out on faith in order to preserve the truth.  Gullible members would flock to them with their wallets open.

Once they had apostatized they set about establishing United Church of God.  Articles of incorporation were established, bylaws written and vision statements made.

UCG saw its self as a corporate church as

God’s purpose for His Church is to prepare those willing to live His way of righteousness and self-control to function as His instruments in the administration of salvation to humanity, and to demonstrate His wisdom to His spiritual creation.

Apparently Melvin Rhodes was not happy with this statement and sought to change it.  He could only garner two present council members to support a change causing it to be shelved.

The Council then shifted to the proposed amendment about the purpose statement for the Church (Article 3.1). Several Council members expressed the need for amending its wording. To advance the amendment to the annual conference ballot requires the support of at least four Council members, but it received only two. This amendment will now be sent to the GCE where it will need at least 25 percent support to be placed on the annual conference ballot.

Now, in 2013, Melvin Rhodes has been banished in disgrace and the measure is up for consideration to change again. 

Proposal for Council Response to a Proposed Amendment
In reference to a recently submitted, proposed amendment to Article 3.1 of the Constitution, some on the Council thought that a statement of concern was needed. On behalf of the Roles and Rules Committee Roc Corbett presented for Council’s consideration a proposed “statement of concern” as worded below.

Statement of Concern
Article 3.1 as currently worded does deserve some amending, and the Council agrees with the authors in this regard. We would like to thank the authors for bringing this to the attention of the Council and of the GCE. However, the wording in the proposed amendment is not a solution to the problem in the view of the Council. The proposal mixes concepts that are from the mission of the church rather than concisely defining the purpose for the church, therefore drifting from the intent of the Article as implied in the title.
The Council feels that the “Purpose of the Church” is such an important subject that it should be very well defined, and that the proposed amendment does not add clarity to this understanding.

You would think that with UCG being just a few years away from it's 20 anniversary of apostasy that they would have figured out the reason for their existence by now.