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Dear Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry and Rod Meredith...

Calling a Nail a Nail: How NOT To Handle YOUR Problems Caused By Your Bullying, Mentally Ill or Personality Disordered Church of God Leader/Minister

How Sick Can Cal Culpepper and Gerald Flurry Get?

This is an excerpt from a posting on Exit and Support.

Recently, I was surprised to receive a call from a good friend from my PCG days whose name is Cassie Flory. Cassie, who was baptized, was married to Scott Flory.1 I was very fond of Scott and Cassie and when I first came into the PCG I would fellowship with them often. We would have meals after services, and I even stayed at their house from time to time. Scott, as I recall, was a very devoted husband and father. I never saw him mistreat his wife and kids in any way. He worked hard to provide for his family and his wife and his kids never lacked anything. In all actuality, I envied them because at that time I was single and living alone. Cassie told me that her marriage to Scott was, for all practical purposes, dissolved by the Regional Director of the North East PCG--Cal Culpepper. She said they both were cast out ("suspended") from the PCG a few years ago under the direct orders from Cal Culpepper for certain offenses that Culpepper found unacceptable. 
Scott apparently pined away faithfully during all the time of their suspension and was waiting for that special phone call from Culpepper that would allow them to return to the "church." Well, some time ago, he got the green light from Culpepper to return. However Scott was faced with a dilemma. The condition of his return to the PCG was that he had to turn out his wife Cassie and no longer allow her to live with him. When Scott told Cassie that he was allowed back in PCG, she said, "What about me?" He told her to leave his house ASAP. Cassie told me that she had nowhere to go!! She packed some of her belongings and lived for a while with various friends. She finally found her own place and is trying to rebuild her life, but is now living without the man she loved and was married to for over 10 years. All of this on the direct orders from the demonized Cal Culpeper.
This couple has two children, a boy and a girl. They are both grown young people and, from what I understand, do not attend the PCG any longer. So it seems that my once good friend Scott who I always remembered as a loving husband has--at the behest of Culpepper and for the sake of saving his skin from the Tribulation--lost his wife and children. As a consequence of this new policy from Flurry, he will (in his own mind) never see his family again unless they repent under torture from the Beast power and be "martyred for the faith." Then they will all be happily united in HWA's "World Tomorrow." My question is this: What kind of poisonous spiritual Kool Aid is Gerald Flurry forcing his followers to drink that would turn a loving husband and father into something like this?

Scarborough Trial Set for September 6, 2016

Civil Calendars for MECKLENBURG County 
Superior Court:

# 8 _____________________________________________________________________________________

Tuesday, September 06, 2016


S,S                                      CORBY,STEPHEN,MICHAEL
S,I                                      CORBY,STEPHEN,MICHAEL


LIVING CHURCH OF GOD                     PRO,SE
CAPACITY                                 GAROFALO,MEL,J
MCNAIR,ROD                               GAROFALO,MEL,J

CAPACITY                                 WARREN,BRIDGET,V

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Did Doug Winnail Take Another Broadside At Rod Meredith?

Doug Winnail has another Friday posting up on how to be a peacemaker.  Do you think Rod Meredith is listening?

CAD Comments - Friday, August 05, 2016Are You a Peacemaker?
When Jesus Christ returns, He will establish the government of God that will bring peace to the earth (Isaiah 9:6-7). This is why Jesus emphasized a fundamental teaching of Christianity, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9). This is also why the Apostle Paul advised Christians in Rome, “as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men” (Romans 12:17-21). Paul explained that we can promote peace by not seeking revenge, by not mistreating others, and by overcoming evil by doing good. Solomon wisely observed, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” (Proverbs 15:1). Jesus warned that making angry or disparaging comments about a brother or sister is the same as murder because it breaks the spirit of the law (Matthew 5:21-26). David wrote, “Great peace have those who love Your law” (Psalm 119:165). One of the most important lessons we must learn if we want to reign with Christ in the Kingdom of God is that peace comes when we follow and learn to apply the laws of God.
Have a profitable Sabbath,
Douglas S. Winnail

Rod Meredith....did you read this?  "...promote peace by not seeking revenge..." Just think how much better things would have been if you had promoted peace and apologized to the Scarborough's.  Now you are dropping millions to defend yourself, McNair and others for smearing the Scarborough's reputation. A soft answer like, "I'm sorry." would have solved it all, but your disparaging remarks against your brothers and sisters was like sticking a knife in their backs.

Huffington Post: I Was Sexually Harassed by A Christian Fundamentalist Minister (COG)

The Huffington Post has an excellent article up about a woman who was sexually harassed by a WCG minister in Pasadena when she was a student.

This is NOT an isolated case when it comes to the details she tells in her story.  It has long been recorded in the Ambassador Reports, The Painful Truth, and other blogs and web sites about how ministers in Pasadena and Big Sandy would ask men and women, sexually charged questions when called in for counseling.  This kind of behavior was  practiced by many in Pasadena.  Many of these perverts are now in leadership positions in other COG groups where they still do the exact same thing.

Women suffered the brunt of these sick ministers, though many men did too.  Many stories came out of counseling sessions of ministers masturbating while talking about the sexual habits of coeds and men.  Some of these men are now parked in LCG, PCG, RCG, UCG and COGWA.

I Was Sexually Harassed By A Christian Fundamentalist Minister

The author writes:
Today, I read an article by a fellow HuffPost blogger about how cruelly some individuals in her fringe religion treated her when she was date-raped and got pregnant. 
Her words ignited a passion in me to tell my own “church abuse” story publicly for the first time. Maybe her courage and mine will inspire other women with Fundamentalist or other extremist religious backgrounds to speak up, or maybe even escape and find a new spiritual path, one that supports both genders as we seek to love our neighbors as ourselves. 
My parents joined an extreme Fundamentalist Christian fringe group when I was six years old.
While enrolled at Arizona State she got accepted to "God's College."
During the second half of my junior year, a string of unfortunate events led to me be accepted at the last minute after all into “God’s college”. 
My friends threw a going-away party the night before I left. During it, I saw the wife of a junior minister making out with her brother-in-law. His hand was up her shirt! As in most Fundamentalist “religions”, members are encouraged to tattle on one another. I was torn. I didn’t want to get involved. But I didn’t want to sin. So I did my duty and told an elder what I’d seen. He assured me he would handle it.  
As a female transfer student from a “worldly” [read:pagan/heathen/sinful] university, a girl with a budding journalist’s mind and attitude, I was under scrutiny from the minute I arrived on that small campus. The third day, I was called to the dean’s office. He asked me if I had accused a godly woman of inappropriate conduct with her brother-in-law. I said yes and told him accurately what I’d seen. 
He informed me that I had not seen any such thing, that she had denied it, and that I was to never speak about it again. (Probably not blog about it on HuffPost, either!) 
The author then relates how the minister's wife went and lied to the ministry about her, then was called in and was instructed to find a minister to counsel with and this is what happened:
The minister I chose had me sit on a small, hard wooden chair set a good distance from his large wooden desk. He ignored me completely while I fidgeted and cried. I was terrified of him, of God, of the church itself. Of my blood running in the streets when an avenging Jesus came back to slaughter unbelievers. I knew Jesus would be extra vicious with those who had spurned the truth. 
The minister began to ask me horrifying questions.
“Where did he touch you?”
“How did that feel?”
“Did your panties get wet?”
“Did you see his...”
Then she relates the sickening part:
I told him the truth, because I had been taught not to lie. That first day, he just listened to me tearfully confess that my teenage body responded to being around Dave. I was shaking and crying as I told him these deeply intimate, shameful things. He told me to come back the next day.  
The next day, after I waited silently in my little chair for what seemed like an hour, he asked similar questions. But this time, he was so angry at me (I thought) that he was banging the underside of his desk drawer. His face got really red and then he made a sound I’d never heard before. Then, in the middle of my next sentence, he seemed to suddenly relax. He told me to leave.  
I had no idea what was going on. 
He did the same thing the next day. And the next. It was terrifying when his face got so red! And the banging noise! 
This man and the other men who did this same thing over the decades now think they are God's chosen ministers in the various splinter cults.  They have done no wrong in their lifetime.

Read the entire story here: I Was Sexually Harassed By A Christian Fundamentalist Minister

Read her excellent blog here: Wendy Keller Compassion Page

James Malm and Jonathan Bell...Two of Canada's More Questionable Exports

Canada has exported many wonderful things to the States, but unfortunately a few stinkers too.

Remember Jonathan Bell, the screaming public access minister?  No one listened to him.  No one sent him money. No one believed his message.  Women ignored him.

Listening to his comments it reminds us of another Canadian export, James Malm.  The similarities are striking in the things they both say.

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3 Universal Truths That All Church of Gods Agree Upon

This is also applicable to all Church of God's out there today claiming they are the only ones that are right, that all the others are wrong, and that they are better than all the others.

Rod Meredith, Dave Pack, Ron Weinland, Gerald Flurry, Bob Thiel, James Malm, 
Vic Kubik, Gerald Weston, and David Hulme have all said this very thing.

Looking Forward To Modern Day Jezebel's Getting Their Just Rewards

Those fun followers of Jesus James Malm are looking forward to God killing all the Jezebel's in the Church of God as he splatters them on the ground.

One acolyte writes:

I Kings 9 really paints a picture of Jehu, God’s anointed, that makes him look like some organized crime assassin. After seeing Jezebel splattered all over the paving, he walks over her dead and bloody corpse and says, “I’m hungry, let’s eat!”.
This reminds me of Psalm 18:20-28 :
20 The LORD rewarded me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands hath he recompensed me.
21 For I have kept the ways of the LORD, and have not wickedly departed from my God.
22 For all his judgments were before me, and I did not put away his statutes from me.
23 I was also upright before him, and I kept myself from mine iniquity.
24 Therefore hath the LORD recompensed me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in his eyesight.
25 With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright;
26 With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward.
27 For thou wilt save the afflicted people; but wilt bring down high looks.
28 For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.
To any (but especially those within or affiliated with the corporate churches of God)that play fast and loose with the statutes, judgments, and any of the rest of God’s commandments (verse 22) and who act like God has forsaken planet earth (See Ezek 8:12 and 9:9)a time of reckoning is coming.
Those who trust in their slyness, deceitful lying, and double-talk, (verse 26–last part) will get a lesson from whomever God anoints to bring them into their own personal tribulation for such behavior, just like Jezebel got at the hand of Jehu.
God will not be mocked,(Gal 6:7), so we all must govern ourselves accordingly.
Two guesses as to who is "anointed" to bring that personal tribulation as they damn the world around them.

Then a second acolyte writes that even if it is your own family being splattered on the ground, you do not mourn for them.  This is the typical Armstrongite bullshit that has been preached for decades.
It reminds me also of Lev. 10:6, when Aaron was not allowed to mourn the death of his sons, but to leave the mourning to others, as he was under anointing and God Himself had killed them. I know it isn’t a completely parallel situation, but when both were “about our Father’s business”, they were not allowed to mourn what God Himself has done, or a decision He has made, even when it involves our own families.
It has been interesting to watch over the decades how the Church of God loves to bathe itself in blood and guts.  Where would the church be without death and damnation that it gleefully looks forward to? Dangling meathooks, concentration camps, famine, war, violence...on and on the list goes of the things that the COG looks forward to.  Still no Jesus, but plenty of blood and guts.

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PCG Hemorrhaging As They Seek To Control What Remaining Members Are Left

The Philadelphia Church of God continues its downward spiral as it loses members and money.

In spite of all this, they still drop multiple millions of dollars on dancehall for Flurry's kids that the membership are not allowed to use.

They bought a huge estate in the UK so they can be close to the Ark of the Covenant when it is found and to take possession of the Stone of Scone when an idiot fanatic steals it.

They are losing millions on their concert series, just as his idol HWA did.

Flurry wants to drop millions on his own jet so he does not have to sit next to sweaty adults or screaming kids.

They let pedophiles continue to work on the Edmond cult compound.

Families continue to be ripped apart by vile no-contact polices.

The Worldwide Church of God has birthed numerous harlot daughters over the decades, with the PCG and the Restore Church of God have to be the two most illegitimate.

From Exit and Support:

Cut-Off Policy Regarding Non-Baptized Children Can't Stop the Flow of Information:
August 1, 2016
The cut-off policy regarding non-baptized children is just another way for Gerald Flurry and company to believe they are in control. 
This is directed primarily at the non-baptized, underage children who have been able to maintain a relationship with those who have left PCG. 
Does Gerald Flurry and PCG really think that they can stop the flow of information? 
What are they really trying to hide? I thought that PCG was to have a message that would reach the "Laodiceans," and preach the Gospel to the whole world. 
Instead, they have been in existence for nearly 27 years (and still remain paranoid that people are out to get them). 
The facts are that the PCG is hemorrhaging, and they are blaming others for their failures. 
Here is a small list of what is going on there: 
1) By their own admission PCG is currently experiencing a 25% drop in income. How long till the cut backs, and layoffs come?  
2) They "reach out" on their college radio station (that about 300 people, mostly PCG members and co-workers) listen to. 
3) They are seriously considering buying and operating a private jet. 
4) When you consider that, despite their critical financial position, a multi-million dollar dancing facility is being built. Jude Flurry (Stephen's son), is one of the top Irish dancers in the world. 
5) The PCG taught that the WCG (under Joe Tkach, Sr.) made Ambassador College the focus, and not the message, and now PCG, especially Stephen Flurry, is doing just that. 
The majority of the information that I (and several others have found out about PCG) comes from their own websites, members writing to ESN ( and other related sites), and PCG members social media accounts. I remember when Gerald Flurry didn't want to go on the Internet; now he can run and hide, but he can't avoid it. --Former member of PCG [name withheld]

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How It Works at LCG HQ When You Are Disposed Of

This was posted in relation to the John Robinson firing:

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY in the universe that Bowmer quit. He has been Mr. Ames' right-hand-man since the beginning. 
What's far more likely is that he got caught saying something less than flattering about Meredith, McNair or Ceiseilka and a spy turned him in.
They way they do it at LCG HQ's is they sit you down at the executive table and tell you that you are fired but if you agree to sign a series of papers relinquishing your rights and stating that you will remain silent, they will go with whatever reason you prefer (quit, needed to move to take care of mom, had health issues, etc.).
This is how it has always worked at LCG headquarters. 
Bill and John were fired from editorial no matter what lies/spin HQs tries to spew out.
The only question that remains is why?

July 31, 2016 at 5:48 PM 

Apostle Declares That God Has A Physical House In Edmond Oklahoma

Oh those fun boys at the Philadelphia Church of God cult compound!  It's hard to tell what wackiness they will come up with, but they have just dropped another big one.

God apparently has a physical house located in Edmond Oklahoma, on the PCG cult compound of course.  God has an earthly temple which is the Herbert W Armstrong Auditorium.

As usual, Gerald Flurry does not have an original thought in his alcohol riddled brain.  His earthly idol Herbert Armstrong, said the aome thing decades ago.  The Ambassador Auditorium (God's House)  was filed with almost every kind of debauchaery you could imagine.  Sex romps (gay and straight), drugs, alcohol fueled parties, mate swapping, and even stories of demons running rampant.  Word has it that the HWA Auditorium is also getting its share of gay and straight sex, alcohol, and demon problems.  If  the Ambassador Auditorium could do it, why can't they!
In recent years, God has been getting the minds of His people focused on the millennial temple prophesied in Ezekiel 40-48. Today, in the hall of administration at the Philadelphia Church of God headquarters, is a model of the Ezekiel temple. (You can read about this in our booklet Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet.) This temple—like Armstrong Auditorium, God’s physical house today—points us forward to new Jerusalem, and the dazzling future it represents.
Flurry and crew have been writing all kinds of articles to train member all about the Jerusalem temple and all of its accouterments.  Part of that training is talking about the Ark of the Covenant. The Flurry cult are currently under the delusion that they will find it buried in a hill in Ireland.  They then will put it on display for the whole world to marvel at.  Since God currently lives in the HWA Auditorium you can be guarantees that PCG would put it on display under the gold inscription in the lobby.

See  Does Joel Hilliker Dream of Finding the Ark of the Covenant?   
Also see: Bob Thiel's asinine belief that HE will be the discoverer of the Ark of the Covenant.

Continue in verses 21-22. God’s voice emanated from between the cherubim above that seat. Remember: Today, the veil is gone, so when you come to the incense altar, you are right there before the ark and mercy seat, where God’s voice is! God communes with His people from there daily! 
Take another peek into God’s heavenly throne room in Revelation 11:19. There we see the real ark! “This is God’s temple in heaven. There is an ark of the testament or covenant there, in the midst of lightning and thunderings and earthquakes—a very impressive sight. First, there was the ark in heaven. God had Israel build a physical ark patterned after the ark in heaven. It was a symbol of God’s rule on Earth as in heaven. … There were two physical cherubs with outstretched wings over the ark, or God’s throne. That is the way it literally is in heaven” (ibid). 
This verse in Revelation “pictures the ark as playing a key role in Christ’s rule over the nations. This is a prophecy. God is going to administer His law and feed the world with great abundance, physically and spiritually. Almost immediately, the world will be introduced to the ark after Christ returns. God is preparing us now to teach about the ark. We must understand this vital subject. The ark of the covenant is for the whole world” (ibid).
Notice the prophecy in Jeremiah 3:16. This suggests that sometime soon, the ark will be discovered and put on display where people can “visit it.” Even so, not long after that, people will not talk about it anymore, or even remember it. The ark is just a symbol of God’s rule on Earth. But the time is coming when that rule will actually be here! You no longer need the symbol when the real thing manifests on Earth.
Flurry and crew have new commission now.
It is to teach the entire world about the TempleRead about Ezekiel’s temple in Ezekiel 43:10. “God commands us to show the world this temple, and the government it represents—in detail!” Mr. Flurry wrote. “Then the people of Israel and the world will see that the way God manages His government is vastly different from anything in the world today. When they see how Gods government will work and how the problems of this world will be solved, in time they will be ashamed of how they have been defiant toward the living God!” (Jerusalem’s Temples).
Notice our responsibility in verse 11. Our job is to support God’s apostle in showing people all the details about this temple—including all its ordinances and laws. How much do you really know about the ordinances and laws of God’s sanctuary? Mr. Flurry said this is a commission we have to complete before the Tribulation! We have to publicize these details in a way that is vivid and memorable enough for it to make a lasting impression. 
There seems to be no end to the stupidity that comes out of the Church of God anymore. Even worse is that there are gullible people that still believe it is all true!