Saturday, August 6, 2016

Scarborough Trial Set for September 6, 2016

Civil Calendars for MECKLENBURG County 
Superior Court:

# 8 _____________________________________________________________________________________

Tuesday, September 06, 2016


S,S                                      CORBY,STEPHEN,MICHAEL
S,I                                      CORBY,STEPHEN,MICHAEL


LIVING CHURCH OF GOD                     PRO,SE
CAPACITY                                 GAROFALO,MEL,J
MCNAIR,ROD                               GAROFALO,MEL,J

CAPACITY                                 WARREN,BRIDGET,V


Anonymous said...

Is the trial open to the public? Will the local media be invited? Will LCG invite its members to come and listen to the testimony given in court, or will members be punished for listening to what is going on in the trial?

Rod Meredith cost WCG $750,000 in damages, plus legal fees, for his defamation of Leona McNair. Once that trial was settled, Meredith bolted from WCG and started the Global Church of God, which he bankrupted 5 years later. If Meredith's conduct against the Scarboroughs results in another $750,000 settlement, that should be enough to force LCG into bankruptcy. Will Meredith once again bolt from an organization he has bankrupted, to start yet another new church?

Even if Meredith prevails in the lawsuit, the amount of negative publicity that will become public record should be enough to prevent all but the most gullible new recruits from joining LCG. Of course, just as the moneychangers cried "Persecution!" when Jesus overturned their tables, Meredith will as usual blame his problems on everyone other than himself.

Connie Schmidt said...


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Byker Bob said...

"Are you going to Scarborough Faire? Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme....."

Someone ought to send Rod the CD.


Anonymous said...

There are many who frequent this site who would be well served to be updated on the trial. I am sure that there are many LCG members out there who log-on to this site who would appreciate updates. Keep us informed. Evil flourishes in the darkness of silence.

DennisCDiehl said...

For when "I'm sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me. I love you" just isn't good enough

Byker Bob said...

By the way, did anything special appear on the evening news last Saturday after sunset, or Sunday evening? I mean something huge or humongous that would have propelled LCG into their "proper" place as annointed gatekeepers for the tribulation and Kingdom? Considering the expectations for their fast, something important should have happened that would have sent the Scarboroughs to shaking in their boots. Guess not???


Anonymous said...

Well said, Dennis... sad as it is. Here's a "Must Play" video that I wouldn't mind sticking in the church DVD library some day.

“If We Could See Inside Other’s Hearts” is a video from the Cleveland Clinic that delivers a powerful message without any words being spoken. This video is a nice reminder of why we should take a step back and be more patient and kind to one another. No one is exempt from life’s challenges and struggles; we can do our part in helping them along if we exercise some tolerance and compassion."

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Anonymous said...

If the LCG is innocent, there would be no reason not to invite church members to attend the trial. In fact they could be silently praying for victory. Most likely though, top church leaders might be inclined to flee to "Petra" on September 5, 2016,or would that be Switzerland, Panama, or the Grand Caymans???

Anonymous said...

Someone made some accusations in this thread that i don't believe are true.

I don't know what happened with RCM's previous lawsuit, but the reason he left to start his own church was due to some MAJOR changes in the doctrine by his former church (Worldwide Church of God) affiliation. It basically became an entirely different type of church that didn't preach his lifelong beliefs. You can look that up...just google "changes in Worldwide Church of God". The old church he left tanked not long after he left to start his own church.

Leaving The Global Church of God had nothing to do with bankrupting the church. The board of members led by Larry Salyer (sp?) kicked him out. The majority of the members stuck with RCM while Global basically disolved not much further down the road.

You can't just believe something because someone says something...including myself. "prove all things" as the Bible says. I read that long letter from the Scarborough lady (i was surpisedand boy, it sounded horrible what the representatives of LCG did. But i read it very cautiously because as Prov 18:17 says, "The first one to plead his cause seems right, Until his neighbor comes and examines him." The NIV even translates this verse as "In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines."

Do i believe the church is at zero fault...absoultely not. I'm SURE there was some wrongdoing done on their part. No one is perfect, and i don't believe the church is the best example of a loving church right now. Laodecia is the last era of churches, and according to the Bible are basically a crappy church...which LCG definitely has some characteristics of. So i'm not an apologist for the church by any means, which many are probably thinking at this point. However i am an apologist for the truth, and i've just seen information that is just not true floating about. I don't claim to know the total truth about either side of the story, so i refrain judgement...for NOW.

I work for a Superior Court, and it's very rare for someone to win a libel suit...whether the person being accused really said what is claimed. I personally wouldn't go to court for what the Scrabaroughs are going for...bug off is what i would say...then i would wipe the dust off of my feet as i leave. But it seems a little senstitive to be offended so extremely that they would want to sue. Plus...when i read that letter, the lady said that they were NOT suing "according to what you may have heard". So what's that all about?

Anonymous said...

More misinformation written above in this blog. I guess everyone will get the real information soon enough.

Once again, i'm not an apologist for the LCG organization, but i get made when i see facts being distorted, and even worse, past down to others with zero proof.

1. I found out that this church has libel insurance...something very common amongst churches of ALL denominations. The most they would've have to pay them (or may possibly have to) is $100,000. So they will not get $750,000 as someone noted previously in this blog.

2. The judge has dismissed the claim...the Scarboroughs lost their lawsuit. Yes, a trial date has been set for the beginning of September, but that is just a "placeholder" date. They have to first file AND win an appeal within 30 days. only then will the Trial be heard in September. Based on previous court cases, it is highly unlikely that an Appelate judge will overturn the superior court judge's decision...especially for this type of case and court ruling.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad to see people so hateful that they would twist something good, such as a church seeking God by fasting together, into something that it was never intended to be, such as an attempt to "force" God into doing something (as if anyone could "force" God into doing anything!). There are a lot of things being said on this site that simply aren't true. They appear to be said out of hate, anger, bitterness and ignorance ("ignorance" meaning that they simply don't know the facts, not that they are stupid). If you don't agree with the Living Church of God, move on. Live your life as best you can before God, but move on. Don't let hatred and bitterness eat you up and twist your thinking.