Saturday, December 12, 2020

UCG Claims They Have Brought In Over $20 Million Dollars This Year

Those fun boys in Cincinnati are on a roll.  Money is flowing in as over 12 BILLION hits are happening on Google and elsewhere.  But what do they really have to show for it? UCG is still an unknown commodity in almost every community in the United States, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere around the world. Only extremely small pockets of people know anything about them. There is no global identification of UCG like Herbert Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God Ambassador Foundation had.

The Audited Report is the official representation of the Church’s financial condition that is provided to and relied upon by vendors, bankers, donors, members, and others. As such, it is important for the Council to take some time to review the statements and the notes included therein. Mr. Shabi then took the Council through a cursory review of the Report.

He pointed out that the auditors again cited no deficiencies in internal controls and needed to post no adjustments to the Church’s internal financial statements. It was noted that the Church’s financial condition continues to remain strong, with income for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020 exceeding $20 million and total assets increasing by over $1 million, continuing a trend we have seen over the last few years. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, which curtailed travel and other related expenses during the last three months of the fiscal year, expenses came in under budget for the fiscal year, resulting in the net increase in assets.

The complete audit report will be printed in the next issue of the United News.

Next, current year (fiscal year 2021) financial statements, including a Revenue Statement for November and the fiscal year-to-date, a recap of fall Holy Day offerings and attendance, the November balance sheet, departmental expense statements, a “COVID-19” period income statement, and operating statistics were presented and discussed.

It was noted that income for the first five months of the fiscal year, especially in General Contributions and Holy Day offerings, is well above budget. This is a blessing from God as we did not know what to expect during this pandemic time. At the same time that revenue has been strong, operating expenses have been well under budget during this pandemic, which was unforeseen when the budget was prepared, presented and adopted by the Council last February.

Mr. Shabi shared a “COVID-19 income statement” that covered the period of March – Oct. 2020, noting revenue increases and citing those expense areas, such as travel, meetings and conferences, and local church subsidies that are significantly under budget. He commented that the Church will not expend all the funds approved in the current budget due to these unique and unprecedented times and that, at Council and Administration discretion, some of those unused funds may be allocated to other areas of operation during the remainder of the fiscal year as needed.

Mr. Shabi concluded the financial report by discussing upcoming budget planning for the Church and acknowledging God’s blessing on His Church which has been so evident during this time.

Where did this $20 million go to, besides the pockets of the upper elite?

Current statistics include:

  • 397 elders in the United Church of God (UCGIA)
    • 109 outside the U.S.
    • 288 in the U.S.
      • 79 church pastors
      • 10 associate or assistant pastors
  • 1 ministerial trainee
  • 192 churches and Bible study groups in the U.S.
  • 35 U.S. baptisms since the August meetings (93 baptisms so far in 2020)

Peter Eddington went through some of the following statistics as of November 30 this year:

    • United News circulation is currently at 17,941, which is an all-time high and 1.1% more than this time last year.
    • Our coworker count is now at 7,599, our highest ever (and 16.5% higher than the same time last year).
    • Our donor list now includes 9,392 people—28% higher than this time last year (Our all-time high was 9,564 in June of 2016).
    • Donors combined with our coworkers is now 16,991 (22.5% more than same time last year).
    • Total Beyond Today magazine circulation worldwide is at 310,945 for the Jan.-Feb. 2021 issue—which is 5.4% more than the same time last year.
    • U.S. magazine subscribers are at 258,460 for the Jan.-Feb. 2021 issue. This is 7.2% more than the same time last year.
    • Those people on our U.S. file associated with the Church (teens, members, associated) as of October 31 is 12,111.
    • The Church’s Beyond Today YouTube channel at has had 13.25 million video views since November 2006 (a 12.5% increase since last December), has 60,100 subscribers (a 12.5% increase since last December), and hosts 2,323 videos (an 11% increase since last December). This is an average of 2,600 videos being watched every day (an increase of 4.7% since last December).
    • The number of Google, Yahoo and Bing advertising impressions since 2004 stands at 12.4 billion.

  • UCG reports these things as if they are the greatest COG ministry ever to hit the scene in decades. This in spite of the fact Bobaniah Thiel, Dave Pack, and Gerald Flurry all claim they are the fastest-growing COGs in the 21st century. All groups where their leaders lie to them that tithing is a requirement of the New Covenant. 

Friday, December 11, 2020

Davey Pack Is Back And He Is Ready To Deliver His Most Important Sermon In 50 Years!

Davey is back after disappearing for a while in embarrassment that his Christ has not returned to Wadsworth. Not to disappoint any of us, Davey says his sermon on Saturday will be the most important sermon he has ever delivered in 50 years! Will JC finally be returning to Wadsworth?

A comment on another thread about his absence:

When has Davie ever gone this long without giving a message? He has egg on his face for constant looney failed prophecies (but genius too because if you wait long enough after the worst failure, the simple and foolish will forget). That or he is too scared to come out of his glided home to attend services for fear of COVID. Talk is cheap. If there is a sniffle in the congregation he is one of the first to avoid contact and stay away. A man who claims to speak with authority from God has to sneak in amd out through a back door and sit with only vetted, approved people. Give me a break!  

Upcoming Sermon
In last week’s Brethren/Co-Worker letter we saw that every condition prophesied to precede Christ’s return exists right now. These 25 conditions (and even more could be included) powerfully illustrate that the world is now ripe for God’s kingdom to be established.
With this in mind, please note that Mr. Pack plans to deliver a sermon here at Headquarters tomorrow. With the passing of time, he learned exciting details about God’s overall plan and events soon to unfold. Mr. Pack is looking forward to sharing this understanding with the Church.
This message will be made available for download soon after it has been delivered.
Brethren, for many reasons this is the most important sermon Mr. Pack will deliver in his 50 years of preaching. Once you have listened to it you will know why.
You want to be ready, prepared to receive and listen to the message as soon as possible!

sent Today at 5:13 PM

LCG: STOP questioning, criticizing, disrespecting, and ignoring LCG leaders! You must RESPECT Us!


Here we go again. Sigh......  LCG members are doing something wrong AGAIN! Can they ever do ANYTHING to please the leadership of the LCG? Can they ever be praised and be told, "job well done, keep up the good work!" without constantly being raked over the coals for some supposed infraction that the leadership always perceives is against them? It is rather sad to be living a life where everyone is suspect and out to get you all the time. Real men of God never worry about such trite things. The devil truly is the god of the COG, it is more powerful than the God they claim to follow. 

Age of Skeptics: 


The Apostle Peter warned that in the last days, “scoffers will come” who will ridicule biblical ideas such as Jesus’ promise to return (2 Peter 3:3–4). Today, skeptics also claim that God does not exist and that the Bible is just a collection of myths and legends. These ideas have permeated our society and fostered attitudes of disrespect for authority figures such as parents, teachers, government officials, policemen, and even religious leaders. We need to be careful that these critical attitudes do not spill over into the Church of God and affect our views toward the leaders and members of the body of Christ. Peter also warned that false teachers would come who “despise authority” and “speak evil” of those in authority, because they are self-willed and presumptuous and determined to do their own thing (2 Peter 2:1, 10–12). The Apostle Paul urged Christians to respect authority and be subject to governments because God is the Author of structure and organization (Romans 13:1–2). Questioning, criticizing, disrespecting, and ignoring authority only leads to chaos and confusion—and God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). We need to be aware of the fruits that have emerged in the age of skeptics and avoid getting caught up in these ideas and attitudes. 


Have a profitable Sabbath, 

Douglas S. Winnail

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Gerald Weston Pops A Cork On The Amazing Work of LCG in Canada. No COG Is Doing Such An Amazing Work There As LCG! Woo Hoo!


From an LCG source:

Greetings from Charlotte,

Following the breakup of the Worldwide Church about 25 years ago, there were those who said the Work of preaching the Gospel to the world had been completed and that all we needed to do was get the Church ready for Christ’s return. However, in a report out of Canada, we learn some interesting facts. The Living Church of God in that country is now larger than those splinter groups who said the Work was finished. Over the last 25 years we have grown from 493 members up to 874, with attendance increasing 16 percent over the last five years, and nearly two-thirds of Canadian members have been baptized since the year 2000. Similar statistics can be seen in other countries around the world. While our Work is still very small, the evidence is there for anyone with eyes to see—God is still calling people from around the world to be His children. Mr. Armstrong died almost 35 years ago, and I’m sure when the resurrection comes that he will be pleased to know that Dr. Meredith and members of this Body carried on the Work. Perhaps those who made the false claim that the Work was finished need to rethink their decision and join us to continue the commission God has given His Church.Gerald Weston

God's most highly chosen and doubly blessed prophet, Bobiniah Thiel will NOT be pleased with Weston's claim above! I can hear the steam escaping the holy ones head all the way down here!

Yep, it is amazing that LCG can only garner 874 members out of 37,000,000 people across Canada. Amazing job there big boy!! Oh, but I forgot, the church is small because few are chosen.

As for Herbert Armstrong being very pleased with Rod Meredith's rebellious attitude that led to two different COG splinter groups which have left a littered trail of broken lives in their wake, I can assure Gerald Weston that HWA would NOT be pleased. What a ridiculous thing to say. 

Which COG is really carrying on the one true work that HWA would even recognize? He most assuredly would not say Dave Pack or Gerald Flurry are doing so. He would kick Bob Thiel off his homeopathic throne so fast that the only double blessing Bob would get would be two swift kicks on his self-righteous dreamy keister. Would HWA be pleased with UCG and COGWA? Not at all! It is sad that these guys all think they are doing the one and only work out there.

A Classic: Kiss Hank's Ass and You Get A Million Dollars

 Perhaps this is where and how the COG Ministry get their cues on control of the members?

Gerald Weston is Tired of LCG Members Complaining About Church Government


Recently we have had several posts here about proper church government practices in the Living Church of God, Restored Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, United Church of God, and many other groups. We have had a long history on this blog over the years with people telling the horror stories of what church government has done to them, their families, and friends. The issue of government in the church has created a nightmare of abusive ministers and horrendous spiritual, mental, and physical abuse down through the decades.

In spite of all of the horror stories by people, Church of God leaders stick to their guns about church government and refuse to correct any of the abuses. To admit they were wrong, even in the slightest degree, would bring discredit to them in unparalleled fashion. The more people speak out the tighter the reigns become with COG leaders and ministers.

Today we have Gerald Weston pitching a fit about LCG members whining about church government. To him, church government is one of the most important doctrines of the church. Not Jesus, redemption, grace, or any of those other weak-kneed pansy gracie things. No sirree! None of that wimpy Jesus crap! What the church needs is true masculine powerful GOVERNMENT! Members need to know WHO is in charge.

“Government” has become a bad word in the minds of some. Different organizations have taken different approaches to this subject, and some who claim to be members of the Church of God do not want even to look at it, as it seems to them to cause division rather than unity. However, is that the right approach? Should someone lay aside one of the most important and easily explained doctrines because, perhaps, he is afraid that the clear biblical truth might not agree with his personal view or the view of the church he attends? Right government, as consistently described in the pages of Scripture, is a means of bringing peace, unity, and love. And how can we neglect a discussion of government when this is the problem that Christ is coming back to settle? It is what the Kingdom of God is all about!

Weston then quickly gets to the myth that COG members will be part of the church hierarchy in the Kingdom of God as they will be given cities to rule long as they have submitted to church government in the past.  That all-important church of God myth of government down from the top is the most important doctrine of the church.

We read that Jesus is going to be King over all the earth (Zechariah 14:9). David is going to rule under Him as king over the twelve tribes of Israel (Jeremiah 30:9; Ezekiel 37:24). Under David, the Twelve Apostles will each rule over one of the tribes of Israel (Matthew 19:27–28). And those who are faithful and grow in grace and knowledge will rule over cities (Luke 19:11–19). Is this not what God revealed to Daniel in a dream and visions? “Then the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people, the saints of the Most High. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey Him” (Daniel 7:27). How can we neglect the magnitude of this subject just because some do not want to face the truth?

Weston then jumps into the usual routine of blaming church members for having bad attitudes and for being filled with so much "hostility" towards government that it is shocking to him.LCG members are carnal!

And we must ask, Why is there hostility regarding this subject? As I have pointed out on several occasions, people naturally believe in government only as long as the decisions of government agree with them. But why is this the case? While few want to admit that this applies to them, Paul gives us the answer: “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be” (Romans 8:7). Even mentioning this as a possible cause of the problem raises some peoples’ hackles! But isn’t this something we were supposed to learn when coming to repentance and baptism—that our nature is hostile to God and that only with the help of God’s Spirit dwelling in us can we overcome this hostility? Do we remember Proverbs 14:12 and Jeremiah 17:9?

Weston admits that the church and its members have been tainted by abusive leaders in the past. In other words, blame WCG and Herbert Armstrong for this problem because WE in the Living Church of God have corrected those old ways and now LCG is the church filled with LOVING church government!

We are all tainted by our background. Much of the Western world is based on some form of democratic rule—rule by the people—and this colors the way many view the role of government in the Church. Some of us can still remember that the Second World War and the Korean War influenced some past leaders to administer Church government in a strict, military way. But neither democracy nor a military approach correspond to the model Christ gave us. Yes, the Bible clearly shows there must be order in the Body, but how that order is administered is very different from what we see in the world.

Weston goes on to claim that Rod Meredith was a shining example of what loving servant leadership is all about! Oh, hell no! Herbert Armstrong himself castigated Meredith for his doctoral and unloving abusive manner. Meredith never learned his lessons when exiled and continue into Global and then into LCG where that abusive almighty dictator reigned supreme. Meredith exemplified that true leadership through his godly family structure where love and submission was the rule of the day. That is a big load of bull crap! One thing Weston does have right though is that standard of abuse that Meredith practiced is still the standard for the LCG today!

Most of us remember the emphasis Dr. Meredith gave regarding a loving attitude of servant leadership, as described in Matthew 20:25–28. This kind of leadership is understood through the godly family structure, where both love and submission are found (Ephesians 5:21–25), and this mindset must be the standard for the Living Church of God. Sometimes people hear the word servant and forget the word leadership. Both are necessary, and leadership, among other important responsibilities, requires decisions on controversial matters.

Weston then goes on to claim that the Council of Elders is a shining example of what true government all about. Never mind the fact that COG councils have been rubber stamp machines for decades as they sit there and praise their leaders and enact abusive doctrines in order to keep their paychecks. Most COG councils are filled with men who have been castrated and don't have the wherewithal to stand up and tell their leaders to shut up and sit down and stop abusing members. HWA's council never did so. Meredith's never did in Global and certainly has never done so in LCG.

Weston cannot have democracy in his church. to do so leaders to politics and then to anarchy. WTH? Politics has been the name of the game in COG leadership for 8 decades now.

Consider, dear brethren: When is government needed the most? Is it not when there are differences of opinion, rather than when everyone agrees? What does the Bible instruct us about solving controversial matters? Brethren, this is vital knowledge that we must understand. Harsh dictatorial rule is not the answer, but neither is everyone doing what is right in his own eyes (Deuteronomy 12:8; Judges 21:25; Proverbs 21:2). This ends in anarchy, as we are seeing all too well in society at large. How often God speaks out against this mindset! Democracy leads to politics and imputing motives to those on the other side of an issue while promoting one’s own agenda. 
Neither democracy nor dictatorial rule is how the first-century Church of God solved questions of controversy, and is not solving matters of controversy a big part of leadership? Brethren, let us set aside our personal backgrounds and briefly review what most of us at least assume we understand.

When Moses was overwhelmed by the task of settling differences between individuals, God inspired Jethro’s advice to teach everyone the statutes and judgments. When people know the law of God and understand the intent behind it, as shown in the judgments, many problems are forestalled. But, sadly, as long as we are human, not all solutions are obvious to everyone. That is why capable men must be appointed to judge between individuals when an issue is not clear to both sides (Exodus 18:21–26; Deuteronomy 1:9–18). Once a judgment is made on a controversial issue, it goes without saying that one side is usually pleased with the decision while the other side is not. So, what is one to do if the judgment is not what one hoped? God shows us His mind on the subject and explains how serious a matter it is to violate a judgment that came down from those appointed for this purpose (Deuteronomy 17:8–13). 
We see that Jesus appointed the Apostles and gave them authority to make judgments that He would back up (Matthew 18:18–20). We are not talking here about abandoning the truths of Scripture, but rather administrative decisions that need to be made in all ages as circumstances change. The law does not change, but how it is applied in different circumstances and at different times may change. For example, while physical circumcision is no longer required, spiritual circumcision—of the heart—certainly is (Romans 2:28-29)!

Weston then goes on about how men are in charge of their wives and family. The only problem is that LCG ministers have flat out told the men of the church that they as ministers have the divine right to rule these men and their families in all matters. Jus took at the conversation on this blog about this very thing recently.

As mentioned earlier, this authority from the top down is found in the family (Ephesians 5:22–24). What husband is perfect? I think we know that none of us husbands make a perfect decision every time, but if the wife and children disagree and go their own way, what is the point of the God-ordained family structure? It goes without saying that if a husband abandons the truth and commands his wife to do the same, she ought to obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29). However, she must not plead her “conscience” every time she simply disagrees with him on domestic decisions. So many domestic decisions have little to do with direct commands from God. But the overriding principle for husbands is to show love—caring, outgoing concern—to the wife and family (Ephesians 5:25). Husbands must rise above what they want and make decisions that are best for the family.

Weston goes on to mock ministers of "worldly" churches as men who choose their calling unlike the self-righteous men in the COG who did the exact same thing! Most of these leaders had fits of jealousy and anarchy and then hung out their shingles to gather in new members for their own churches that they CHOSE to start on their own. None of these splinter groups were ordained by Go to form.

Ministers in the world often choose a “calling” on their own. They go to seminary and then look for a congregation that is seeking to hire someone, or they “hang out their shingle” and start their own church. That is not the biblical model. The priests of the Old Testament—and, by extension, ministers in the spiritual Israel of God—were not and are not to take this responsibility upon themselves (Hebrews 5:1, 4). Ministers are chosen from the top down by God’s servants who were appointed before them. Authority to appoint is found in Paul’s instructions to Timothy and Titus regarding ordinations (1 Timothy 3:1–13; Titus 1:5–9). It was seen in the appointment of deacons when a controversy broke out over fairness (Acts 6:1–6). In this case, the Apostles appealed to the brethren to bring forth individuals who were well-respected and who exemplified God’s Spirit working in them, but it was the Apostles who made the final decisions and ordained them, not the members (Acts 6).

We also see appointment from the top down in the selection of a replacement for Judas. Peter spelled out the necessary qualifications. Of the 120 who were there, only two men were found who met the criteria. The Apostles cast lots to see whom God chose, since they had not yet received the Holy Spirit. This is the last time we read of lots being cast for a decision, although it is vaguely referred to in Acts 8:21 (the Greek word here can be translated as portion or lot). 
Some individuals think lots were “ballots—votes,” but this is nonsense. Lots were stones, pieces of wood, or other objects by which the names of potential choices were placed in a jar or the lap, and the one pulled out was chosen. See the example of the two goats in Leviticus 16: Clearly, the High Priest was not “voting” on which goat represented the Lord and which represented Azazel! Virtually all scholars agree with this, but in recent decades, to justify a different form of governance, some have tried to stretch the meaning to include balloting or voting. We must ask whether they apply the same principle within the family structure!

We see what happens when authority breaks down and many, even leaders, refuse to follow directions from leaders above them. California refused to follow the federal government regarding illegal immigrants and declared itself a “sanctuary state.” But then some cities and counties turned around and defied the state government, which, of course, the state didn’t like. It would be comical, if it weren’t such a serious matter with equally serious consequences. We see law and order breaking down as all want to be authorities unto themselves. 
The period of the judges was a similar time, when there was no central authority to look to, and we can read the lesson of those times. The last verse of the book sums it up: “In those days there was no king [no central authority] in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). The account of that period shows that it was a terrible time to live in—though there were some bright spots, and the book of Ruth tells the story of one of them. 
Another was at the time when Deborah judged the nation. It was during that time when Israel threw off Jabin, king of Canaan, and Sisera, the commander of his army. Following the decisive battle, “Deborah and Barak the son of Abinoam sang on that day, saying: ‘When leaders lead in Israel, when the people willingly offer themselves, bless the Lord’” (Judges 5:1–2)! Not only must leaders lead, but others must willingly cooperate with their leaders. Does this mean we should follow leadership anywhere? Of course not! Paul makes it plain that we are to follow leaders as they follow Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1) and Peter and the Apostles declared, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). This should be a given, but we should never confuse obedience to God with self-will when we face controversial administrative decisions. 

To reinforce the mantra that even if the minister is wrong it is important to do what he says. The same applies to wives in LCG. Women are not to think their opinion is wiser than their husbands but need to sit there and twiddle their thumbs because they are under government. 

Husbands and wives must learn to balance these matters if they are to have a harmonious marriage. Wives are not to follow their husbands in rebellion against God, but neither are they to invoke personal “conscience” because they disagree and think their solution to a problem is wiser. Frankly, it may be, but respecting her husband’s decision is what will work out best for the family in the end (Ephesians 5:22–24).

As ministers in the COG, it is either their way or the highway. If you do not follow us then your salvation is at stake. No Kingdom of God for you!

God shows us the way to deal with controversial matters. It is then up to us to choose whether to follow His way or to go our own way. To follow or not to follow is a choice—a critically important choice, because it has a lot to do with our eventual reward and whether we will even be in the Kingdom. As God spoke through Moses in Deuteronomy 30:19, “therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.”

So what do you think about Weston's article?  We know they read this blog. Let him know what you think. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

LCG's Ministers Incessant Need To Be In Control


Several years ago during the LCG summer camp season, some of our teens were told that their ministers were the main authority over them, not their parents. We immediately checked to confirm this and the ministry did confirm it, and then we simply picked up the kids and took them away, and reassured them that it was NOT these LCG ministers' right. Several families from here have not attended LCG since. 

Sheldon Monson, that weakling hireling was aware of it and he himself waffled several times on it. I think he did know better from the Bible, but he had already made some serious compromises to remain in LCG as a fatcat paid minister, so he did not take the position he should have. Let's see how he and his staff handle things. 

I'm sure the LCG ministers will put a church speak spin on it if it comes up, just like they did on the tragic death of the young lady from Australia in the water skiing accident. I've been water skiing countless times, and I say that at the very least criminal negligence was involved. One minister named Dave Campbell who was trained with UCG and was with LCG for a short time now has his own group. Well, his answer, without God and without heart about why the girl was killed was: "Oh, that's a simple answer. Time and chance as the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 9." How vile and cruel!

When pressed, these ministers cannot handle being held to account. Remember, they are either at your throat, or they're at your feet. the worst they can do is to throw you out of their group. Contrary to what they might say, they can never take your name from the lamb's book of life.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Statements made by ministers to enforce their authority

 From an anonymous source:

These are direct statements from ministers, often and routinely claimed by them, from WCG and certainly from LCG.  

Statements 15 through 22 are from lay members and from local non-minister power brokers.  Clearly here, the term "government of God" is synonymous with the ministry, and also for God's divine will; one in the same.  Unconditionally submitting to the ministers is the same as worshipping God.  

Entire biblical essays could be written--should be written--on each point showing how they are so very wrong.  In particular, point 5 comes to mind given the recent and ongoing unbiblical threats coming from Doug Winnail and Gerald Weston of LCG, and how they so wickedly twist the incidents with Moses and the Israelites in order to prove their own authority.  Although I do believe overall what we were shown through Mr. Armstrong (thus appearing something like Messianic Jews and 7th Day Baptists), the spiritual hegemony in which these false ministers engage must be exposed for what it truly is.  Would that LCG members and from other groups study your Bibles, recapture true values as Mr. Armstrong taught, and do not be frightened or intimidated.  To do anything less leads to this present, unacceptable idolatry.

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!"

1.  "If you believe that Christ" (they never say Jesus) "is the head of His church, then you will follow and submit to His ministers.  His government."

2.  "If you can submit to us in the world today, then you will have no trouble submitting to God in tomorrow's world.

3.  "Even if we are wrong, obey us anyway, and God will work it out."

4.  "Even if you think we're wrong, submitting to God's true ministers is a matter of faith in God and that Christ is the head of his church."

5.  "Remember this!  Even if we are wrong, God was angry with the people!  Not Moses!"

6.  "As God's ministers, we sit in the seat of Moses.  We occupy Moses' seat."

7.  "God always backs us up.  God backs up his government."

8.  "Even if we are wrong, God will back us up.  God always backs up his government."

9.  "We have the keys to the Kingdom.  We can shut you out."

10.  "If you believe that Christ is the head of his church, then have faith in God that he is guiding and leading us--his ministers--to make right decisions and judgments."

11.  "As ministers, we are never wrong.  We might have a different interpretation of things, but we are never wrong!"

12.  "Now that I am a minister, I cannot be your friend.  You can be my friend, but I cannot be your friend."
"As ministers, we are not your friends."

13.  "Don't go to the police and the law about this.  Leave it to the ministers."  
"Don't go to the media, and don't say anything about this to them.  Refer them to the ministry."

14.  Said to children at the LCG camps: 
"As ministers, we are the main authority over you in your life.  Your parents are under us.  We as ministers are over your parents.  They take care of you and they are your parents, but we are the main authority over you in your life."

Things Wrongly Believed And Said by lay members about ministers, elders, and deacons, And Even by These Same Of Each Other:

15.  "He's ordained by God, so he must be right."

16.  "I'll just do what I'm told, and if the minister is wrong then he'll get in trouble for it; not me."

17.  "I know he's wrong, but I can't go against the government of God."

18.  "I do not believe this teaching.  I do not hold to it, but I won't go against God's government."

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Dave Pack Warns About Feral Cats Roaming The Cities! Oh Noes! Run for your lives!!!!!!


Dave Pack sent out a Co-worker letter to his dwindling faithful on December 5, 2020.

It is the usual long list of horrible things going wrong in the world as proof that this is the end of the age. This kind of list is so typical of Armstrongist groups that you could remove Dave's signature and add Weston, Flurry, or Thiel to it and no one would know the difference. It is apparently from the COG Rule Book on co-worker letter writing:

Greetings from Headquarters! By all accounts, the world has never experienced a year like 2020. In every part of the globe and for countless reasons, this year stands in stark contrast to ALL others. Few would dispute this. But what government leaders, economists, news pundits and journalists completely fail to grasp is why 2020 is so different. Although the world can see what is happening all around them, they are left completely in the dark as to WHY!


The phrase “we live in uncertain times” has become commonplace. This could not be further from the truth! These are actually the most certain times in history because the swirl of chaos the world is now witnessing was prophesied.

My favorite was this part:

The streets of cities across America are largely empty today because dictatorial governors and national leaders have forbidden people to travel, leave their homes, go to church, or work, or gyms, or restaurants, or malls—or even walk or exercise outside in some places. Coyotes, foxes, rats, dogs and feral cats roam the vacant streets of cities, forming an astonishing futurescape that looks like it belongs in a post-apocalyptic world. 

I can see a new booklet coming soon from RCG: Feral Cats In Prophecy 

Adult Sabbath School: "We weren't born of fornication..."

 Have settled into my new life experience here at Earthaven Eco-Village in the Carolina Mountains. Made the long haul this past week across the country from Oregon.  Went through a blizzard and had a coyote take out my travel partner's radiator. Spent a couple days waiting repairs out in Laramie, Wyoming.  Nice town actually!  

Home new home

Gary brought this to my attention so I thought I'd give it a little attention until he can come up with more COG drama and trauma. 

For a genuine historical and theological perspective on the Birth circumstances of Jesus a good read of "Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism by John Spong or "The Birth of the Messiah" by Raymond Brown might be enjoyable this time of year.

Anonymous said...

This post is for that apostate babbler Diehl who blasphemously asserted in his Nov 30th post, under "CCOG, things..." (Nov 29), that God broke the law by committing fornication when He impregnated Mary.


The reason this perspective came up is because when pastoring, a teen came up to me and asked me about why God not being "married" to Mary or she to it/him would be considered to have fornicated by any definition. Kids don't meander around with theological apologetics in my experience. They tend to go by what the church/Bible is plainly telling them not to do. 

Father Raymond Brown was disappointed in WCG's Dr. Ernest Martin for taking the birth narrative of Jesus , the star and such too literally and trying to explain it with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars conjunctions etc.  He thought Dr. Martin should have known better. 

Diehl is playing with danger by implying that Christ was born of fornication, since the Pharisees were put to shame by His resurrection from the dead. Not only that, he asserts that God doesn't exist, which makes him a double fool since the Pharisees at least believed in God's existence, even if they didn't believe in Christ.


Nothing combustible here. That Jesus was born of fornication is a Biblical theme in John 8. So much so that Jesus goes bonkers in the text ending up yelling back at them "Well, oh yeah...well you are of your father the devil, so there!"  My translation.  The story of Jesus forgiving the woman taken in adultery is a later addition to the text and meant to send the message that Mary was forgiven so leave mom alone.  The fact that Matthew places four fallen women in Jesus genealogy,  Rahab the harlot, Ruth the Moabite, Tamar who dressed as a prostitute and seduced her father-in-law in Gen 38, and Jezebel of David fame.  Why?  The message Matthew needed to send was that no matter what you say about Jesus birth circumstances, God can work through any woman of any reputation He wants.  It was not exactly a denial of the circumstances.  Just an apologetic.  

Whether the Pharisees believed in God or not does make someone who does not a "double fool."  But yes, I do assert to myself that I find no evidence save by faith in God or Jesus as presented in the Bible. 

Secondly, Mary was impregnated in a divine supernatural way, not in the typical fleshly manner. It was a divine impregnation, not an act of illicit sexual intercourse. There is a difference here. It wasn't a case of one bearing an evil desire (lust) in order to commit a lawless act (fornication). It was a case of fulfilling a deliberate design (intelligence) in order to redeem mankind from its sins (goodness). God created the law; He doesn't break His own law (which is a higher law, Gal 5:23). Otherwise, you wouldn't exist.


I'm not really concerned with the definition of fornication. I just know that what is wrong for geese in the world of the Bible teaching seems not wrong for the gander who came up with it. You do not really know how "divine supernatural way" works and can't prove anything about it. This is just Bible talk on your part. In reality it never actually happened as advertised but your apologetics as to how it all was and came about are just that, apologetics and you can prove nothing of it. 


When a woman desires a child and goes to a semen bank to produce one, does the doctor commit fornication when he implants her with a fertilized egg, or is he simply a go-between? Does the woman commit fornication when she deliberately accepts the semen of a stranger into her womb? Or is it fornication if the doctor just mechanically inserts the semen alone without preparing a fertilized egg first? So how can it be fornication for the Godhead when all three decided to enter a human body? Who created and owns the soul and body? (1 Cor 6:19-20) Is Dietz saying that the holy Spirit illegally intruded into Mary's womb against her will? If so, why was Mary filled with the joy of the holy Spirit? Where is the sin since Paul says that fornication is a sin against the body? (1 Cor 6:18) Did God injure Himself or Mary by His actions? Is Dietz, like Job, accusing God of sin? Dietz, a former minister, not only doesn't know God, he doesn't know what the holy Spirit is, whether it is a person or if it is good (life-giving) or bad (fornication) for the body?


The priests who actually wrote the Pentateuch  in the 6th Century BCE while on vacation in Babylon were not writing knowing anything about artificial insemination, so your point is moot. Stick with the Bronze age concept.  The name is Diehl.  I doubt God injured himself or Mary herself in the act. Perhaps a chuckle?  

Correct, I do not know God and according to my former dominators, I knew a lot about Jesus but did not know Jesus.  I grew up in the "give your heart to Jesus" and "Know God" etc, so it holds no fascination with me. It has no real meaning and no one has ever actually explained giving hearts and knowing Jesus works in real life. I found over 26 years that people are just people and don't change much internally unless their health is threatened and then not very often either. 

I am pleased that you have all these mysteries understood clearly and solved. 

Even your definition of fornication as an act of intercourse between the unmarried or gods is incorrect. In the infamous example of 1 Cor 5 the woman fornicater is married.


A woman sleeping with the son of her husband is called "sexually immoral" and the text labels it as "incest" though it is not really technically. The woman would be committing adultery, the man would be as well in a rather obtuse way.  Boy is dad going to be pissed.  And too, I doubt it was really such a shock to the pagans as the text makes it out to be.  HWA , it is said, slept with his son's sister, and I also hear they weren't sleeping. 

The other fool who asked if God was married when He impregnated Mary doesn't know who or what God is when he asks that question. God isn't married to anyone. God is the great Husbandman who planted the first seed (Christ) so that the church could be married to His Son.


The other person....   Not "the other fool."  You need, as a Christian to avoid calling other's fools if I read the NT text correctly.  However, I guess the OT gives permission to not be aware of that one yet if those that deny the existence of God are "fools."  They are not.  They are not God haunted, faith restricted and simple folks who need more than "He that comes to God MUST BELIEVE THAT HE IS...."  That is simply not good enough for the critical thinker in this world. For the go along to get along types?  Yes, perfectly understood approach. 

I do understand your rancor but please understand that I am neither faith restricted in my beliefs and observations nor into the apologetics necessary to get around obvious textural, historical and theological problems in the stories. 

And that teen that first asked me what seemed to be an obvious Goose/Gander problem in the story of Mary was not going to let me bullshit him.  I told him that was a very question. 

Anonymous said...