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What was the most destructive doctrine of the church?

Gerald made the following comment in an earlier thread.  This is, in his opinion, the most destructive doctrine the church believed?  Do you agree or is there something else even worse?
I would say HWA's most harmful doctrine was his continued proclamation that the Return of Jesus was just around the corner---at most 2-5 years. And not only that, if I just hang on to HWA's coattails, I will be with him, ruling and reigning (quite a few rungs down on the ladder, of course) over the tribes and nations of the world!  

If you really believe in that kind of a promise/declaration, why would there be any incentive to do anything with your current life?

Why buy a house, or have it painted? Why get an education? Why look for a better job? Why plan for your children's education? Why have a savings account or plan for retirement? Why try to help the poor or feed the starving? Why vote, or become aware of political issues? Why do anything to improve the here and now? 

Very soon, it will all be taken care of for you. All you need do is wait, have faith, and presto, you will be part of the ruling class in the World Tomorrow! You may be an ignorant slob today, but in the World Tomorrow, magic will occur and you will become a decision-making, political genius.

The real problem is that this may be (most probably) the only life you will ever have to live. Please, don't waste it believing in the stupidity of false prophecy. You may be squandering the most precious gift you will ever be given. The magical promise from HWA is a cruel and devastating myth. Many generations since Jesus have wasted their entire lives, waiting on the promises of these liars.

There a ton of hurtful HWA doctrines: God will heal, divorce and remarriage, church government, avoid the world, even your unconverted family members, tithing, abusive child-rearing, Holy Days vs. pagan holidays, ministers standing between you and God. It is all pitiful, but prophecy (if you believe it) will steal your life, the only one you have, and give nothing back in return. 


Christ has been kept out of the loop on when he is to return

In the grand scheme of the biblical story, Jesus Christ has been sitting in heaven eagerly waiting for his dad to tell him it is time to come to earth.  Apparently his dad is not aware yet either, at least according to Dave Pack. Apparently Jesus Christ did not know about church eras, so he has been receiving some schooling in that matter.
The apostles spoke and wrote as they did, and asked the question they did, because they knew nothing of Church eras. But the greater question we never asked, and that is, did Christ?
Christ is still waiting, and has been waiting for thousands of years. Sixty-five years waiting to find out about Church eras is a kind of a short wait. He said 2,000 years ago, He didn’t know when the Kingdom would begin. He’s still waiting. Now, we could suppose, I guess, at some point along the line the Father told Him…if the Father knows.

 What will happen if you rely upon 
Dave Pack, Bob Thiel, Gerald Weston and Gerald Flurry 
to tell you when Jesus is returning.

New Book: Fooled Into Thinking: Dylan, the Sixties, and the End of the World

Buy it here 

Sunday afternoon in the Catskills in August 1969. An irregular column of young people straggled along a road half-blocked by abandoned cars in the tired, haze-filtered sunlight. 
I was one of them, a slender 21-year-old clad in a pale blue chambray shirt and jeans. My eyes, as pale as my shirt, took in the sight through plastic tortoise-shell glasses. My shaggy light brown hair was shorter than that of many ambling alongside. A canvas backpack from an Army-Navy surplus store held a new Nikon camera, which served as my ticket to the event, my reassurance that I was merely there to observe; I was in the midst of what was happening yet not a part of it. In addition to the camera, the pack held a second lens, a few rolls of film, and two steak sandwiches on rye bread. 
My press pass for the festival was good for the entire three-day weekend. Why then was I among the last arrivals, shortly after noon on the last day? 
The day before, I had been in my home state, New Jersey, attending Sabbath worship services of a strict, Bible-believing group living in expectation of the end of the world. A group into which I had been baptized less than four months earlier. 
What was a member of a fundamentalist sect doing at Woodstock? Or, to turn the question on its head, what was a baby boomer rock fan doing in a conservative apocalyptic church? 
To approach an answer to this two-sided question, let’s go back six years, to another event that helped define the young lives of those born in the U.S.A. in the aftermath of World War II.

Chapter 6 (excerpt)
On the following Saturday, a married couple with two boys arrived at the dorm to pick me up and were disconcerted to find Sian there as well, intent on accompanying me. They were momentarily flustered, having been told only to bring me, but when she assured them that she had met the ministers as well, they figured it would be all right. The two of us arranged ourselves in the back seat with one of the two small boys, and we set off for the drive to services in Manchester, New Hampshire, an hour away. The church may have been “worldwide” (it had only recently changed its name from Radio Church of God), but their congregations were few, and widely scattered.

We arrived and found that services were held in the Odd Fellows Hall, a name that seemed appropriate as we entered the auditorium. The people we met were friendly, but shabbily-dressed, and seemed, for the most part, ill-educated. It was nearly time to begin services, so we found seats near the back. A mother sat in front of us with her small children; their frequent squirms were answered with sharp swats. Even though I had accepted what I had read in the book on child rearing, I found this disturbing, but it was more upsetting to Sian for the memories it evoked. 

There was a buzz of excitement in the hall. A leading minister, called an “evangelist,” was visiting that day. Raymond C. Cole was there to give the sermon; he pastored congregations in New York and Newark, close to my home, and oversaw the churches throughout the northeast as district superintendent. He occasionally contributed articles to The Plain Truth, and I was impressed that, on the occasion of my first service, I would see such a personality. It took a while, however, to hear from him. First, there were hymns, more like the Baptist hymns I had heard on visits down south than the Lutheran hymns more familiar to me. Many of the melodies were written by an Armstrong; it turned out that Dwight was Herbert’s younger brother. There was no organ. Again, like Sunday morning down south, the accompaniment came from an upright piano in the corner.
After three hymns and a prayer, Platt came to the lectern for what was announced as a sermonette, something I had never heard of before, although it was clear that the word must mean a small sermon. “Small” was a relative term, though; it was certainly shorter than the message that followed but was longer than sermons I was used to. Apparently, he had spotted my uninvited fiancée, and he peppered his message with what seemed to be gratuitous impromptu anti-Catholic remarks. The discomfort level rose. There was another hymn, but still no sermon. Instead, Cole was introduced for what were called announcements. Cole spoke of various events in the news, to which he assigned prophetic significance, and developments in “the Work,” which turned out to be the term used for what the Worldwide Church of God was doing. Although he rambled, the tone of these remarks, as well as the lengthy sermon he eventually gave, was on a more refined level than the first message. More than two hours, and many squirms and swats later, a closing hymn and prayer ended the service. Sian and I were eager to leave, began gathering our things, but the sidekick from Platt’s first visit tapped me on the shoulder and told me that Mr. Platt wanted to see us in the counseling room. We joined a line and waited for our turn. He may have planned to interrogate me about why I had brought Sian, even though only I had been invited. In those days, the church expected persecution, due to be part of the “Great Tribulation,” which at the time they were sure would begin in five years, in 1972. Services were closed to outsiders, the time and location not published; those who were curious were told about the gravity of hearing things they were not spiritually mature enough to understand. If they heard them anyway but failed to act on them, they could be held accountable in the judgment. For this reason, church members and ministers spoke of “dangerous knowledge.” This is what I assumed Platt planned to say, but he never got the chance. Not only had Sian been disturbed by what she heard and saw, but I was agitated as well. We were both ready to burst, and our question was urgent: “Where is the love?” Platt mumbled something about how we express love by keeping the commandments, but the conversation had the feel of a stand-off.

Perhaps the question was provoked in part by the fact that this was summer 1967, the media-acclaimed summer of love, the height of Hippiedom, a movement in equal parts non-stop party and spiritual yearning. But even without this, it was clear that a vital aspect of what we read in the Bible was missing. The protagonist of the Bible, God, is spoken of with many attributes, but only once does it say what he is: love. While it was impressive that the congregation, in addition to being multi-racial, was multi-generational, more so than most worship services we had attended, the display in the row in front of us, as well as the steady stream of parents with a child in tow for a short visit to the “family room,” the room that after services became the counseling room, had seemed hard to reconcile with that definition of God, as was much of what we heard from the lectern.

The interview ended, with both Platt and I convinced that maybe I wasn’t quite ready to attend services. 

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United Church of God: St Patrick Believed And Taught The Exact Same Things We Do

If you thought UCG could not discredit themselves any more than they already have, get a load of the excerpts below.  UCG is under the belief that St. Patrick was a sabbath keeper, ate kosher (no snakes) and kept all of the same days that UCG does.

Is Saint Patrick’s Day in the Bible?

Saint Patrick’s Day is not a biblical holiday or Holy Day. And, as it is currently celebrated, St. Patrick’s Day actually has nothing to do with the historical man Patrick. Many “Christian” holidays are a mixture of truth and error. Because of this, most people don’t really know the history or purpose of the day. We encourage you to read what God said in the Bible to know which Holy Days He made and who He said are saints. The United Church of God traces its origins to the Church that Jesus founded in the early first century. We follow the same teachings, doctrines and practices established then, and believe our commission is to proclaim the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God to all the world as a witness and teach all nations to observe what Christ commanded.
It appears that Patrick believed these same teachings. We encourage you to read the online Bible study aids, Fundamental Beliefs of the United Church of Godand The Church Jesus Built  to learn more about what individuals like Patrick taught and what we teach from Scripture. From our best historical understanding, the Patrick you didn’t know lived a life according to the Bible, rather than human traditions. You can too.

So how can UCG claim that St. Patrick was a true Church of God member?  They claim he had Celtic roots, and as we all know according to British Israelism mythology, the Celts were sabbath keepers that traveled through Europe and into England, Scotland and Ireland.  This is what they are basing their story upon.

Patrick observed the Saturday Sabbath, Passover and rejected the Trinity doctrine

Patrick also rejected the merging of church and state (a main teaching of Catholicism). He believed and taught the same as Jesus in John 18:36 that God’s Kingdom is not of this world. The Celtic Church had local ecclesiastical councils and kept Saturday as a day of rest , (A.C. Flick, The Rise of Medieval Church, pp. 236-327). In this matter of a Saturday (Sabbath) rest, Dr. James C. Moffatt wrote that, “They [the Celtic churches] obeyed the fourth commandment [the Sabbath commandment] literally upon the seventh day of the week” ( The Church in Scotland , pg. 140).
Patrick (and the Celtic Church) observed the other “festivals of the Eternal” (Leviticus 23), believed human beings were mortal (that is rejected the teaching of an immortal soul and the doctrine of going to heaven or hell), rejected the Trinity doctrine, followed the food laws of Leviticus 11, refused veneration of “saints” or worship of Mary, and believed that only Jesus Christ is our mediator (Leslie Hardinge, The Celtic Church in Britain  ; B.G. Wilkinson, Truth Triumphant ).
The Celtic Church had a long history before the Catholic Church pushed deeper into England, Scotland and Ireland. Celtic writings speak of individuals coming from Asia Minor who brought with them the doctrines they received from John, Paul, Philip and other apostles of Jesus. A Catholic “father,” Bede, (who lived in the mid 700s A.D.) who wrote about the Celtic Church: “They ignorantly refuse to observe our Easter [Pascha, or Passover] on which Christ was sacrificed, arguing that it should be observed with the Hebrew Passover on the fourteenth of the moon” (Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica ).  Who Was "Saint Patrick"? Should a Christian Observe Saint Patrick's Day?
One thing I know for sure is that if St. patrick were alive today there is no way in hell he would ever be part of the United Church of God or any of the other Churches of God. He he had more integrity and morals to do that.  His Christianity was sound and made him who he was. UCG can never aspire to reach that level.

UCG Continues To Pretend They Are Christian By Adding New Feast Site At A "False" Christian Retreat Center

Those fun boys are back once again coddling up to the world around them, trying to get as close as they can to the deceived pagan so-called Christians (as prophet Thiel calls them) to give the appearance that they are just like the regular Christians.  So much for the "coming our of the world" teaching that Herbert loved to tell us all to do.

The ministry of the United Church of God has spent decades deriding Christians around them as false and deceived, but now that they want a nice facility to meet at they will slobber all over them pretending to be just like they are.  I know how some of UCG's ministers think.  They think they will be setting the example with what TRUE Christianity looks like and just might convert some of the false Christians at the retreat center.  But with any luck, it just might work the other way around and the deceived UCG members just might find out how much they have been conned  by the false ministers of the UCG.  They just might be intrigued by the examples of real Christians and leave the dark side for grace and freedom.  Lets hope so!

On Exit and Support:

New UCG Feast Site:
March 20, 2017
I wanted to let you know about one of UCG's newest feast sites. It is in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina.  
What gets me is that organizations like UCG continually preach against these so-called "false Christians" and their wrong doctrines. Yet, they meet for services on the Sabbath (at their church halls, and now this feast site). They are the ultimate hypocrites! They'll be telling the membership (at the feast) how "we are to come out of this world" and they are right there with those they adamantly preach against.
UCG posted this note on their site: 
Note: On Lake Junaluska’s informational signs there are small crosses and there is a large cross at the far end of the lake. However, there are no crosses in the hall where services will be held.
--Former member of WCG and RCG

El and the Elohim. Plural Plural or Uni-Plural?

An Edit That Missed the Cut
Deuteronomy 32:8-9 is one of those rare biblical passages that seemingly preserves a vestige of an earlier period in proto-Israelite religion where El and Yahweh were still depicted as separate deities: Yahweh was merely one of the gods of El’s council! This tradition undeniably comes from older Canaanite lore.
When the Most High (’elyôn) gave to the nations their inheritance, when he separated humanity, he fixed the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of divine beings. For Yahweh’s portion is his people, Jacob his allotted heritage.
"There are two points to take away from this passage. First, the passage presents an apparently older mythic theme that describes when the divine beings, that is each deity in the divine counsel, were assigned and allotted their own nation. Israel was the nation that Yahweh received. Second, Yahweh received his divine portion, Israel, through an action initiated by the god El, here identifiable through his epithet “the Most High.” In other words, the passage depicts two gods: one, the Most High (El), is seen as assigning nations to the divine beings or gods (the Hebrew word is elohim, plural “gods”) in his council; the other, Yahweh, is depicted as receiving from the first god, the Most High, his particular allotment, namely the people of Israel. Similarly, in another older tradition now preserved in Numbers 21:29, the god Chemosh is assigned to the people of Moab."

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Are the problems in the COG the result of bad leaders or its theology?

A reader here responded to an earlier post claiming that the theology of the church is sound, once you throw out the majority of the doctrines of the church, and get rid of all the bad leaders. Really?  Of course this might mean they have to acknowledge that inconvenient dude they clam to follow and stop worshipping the law.

Anonymous said...
To all you abused haters of COG churches, the problem is the human leadership, like Pack and Flurry, not the basic theology I learned in WGC. There's no question of the sick leaders that destroy the story of God's loving Plan. If you throw out the stupid rulings on makeup, birthdays, Petra and the early rulings on D&R, you are left with truth not taught in mainstream Christianity. They are as you know, correcting the non-biblical immortal soul, Heaven and Hell, Sunday - Christmas - Easter traditions. I was taught to "worship" Mary, light candles, go to Mass and pray the rosary. Over a billion people think those things are ok with Christ.

Our understanding of the second resurrection is one the most important teachings which sets COG's apart. That fact that there is still hope for the majority of mankind, despite the appearance that humans are so evil and deceived, that only a few are given eternal life. Most of mainstream Christianity believe that most humans are going to burn forever in Hell by a "Loving" God. 

Chief Overseer Irritated At Connie's Comments

One would think that God's most important prophet ever (after Dave Pack, of course) would not be so thin skinned.  But no, the doubly blessed and self appointed false prophet and false teacher did not take too kindly to Connie's comments about his latest radio program.  All of you readers here are just soooooo bad!

Got an invitation Friday to be on the radio this past Monday. This was on The Andy Caldwell Show on 1440 am KUHL, Santa Maria, California. I wrote a post for COGwriter to announce it on Sunday, but it ended up posting on Saturday. This resulted in some anti-Church of God snide comments against me and the station on the internet. It was claimed:
Radio KUHL is a small 5000 watt AM radio station out of thinly populated Santa Maria. The signal only reaches some 20 miles and has no Arbitron Rating, because the market share , even in the San Luis Obispo area is so negligible.
Likely fewer than 50 people will hear the broadcast. In fact, he is getting more attention here at this website than he will get while being on air.
The anti-COG writers overstate their own importance and seem willing to post as ‘facts’ items that are inaccurate.

Satan Launches Vile Attack Against The Only True Church

Almost-arrested, Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, Habakkuk, Doubly blessed, Second Witless Witness, Apostle, Prophet, Future Martyr, Chief Overseer, and the disappointing "son" to Roderick C Meredith has experienced a vile attack by Satan against his web site.
Our websites were down for a couple of hours last Sabbath because of some type of, what we think, was a robotic attack that filled up storage space. While we have protection for that in certain places, this particular attack succeeded for a time. But this was noted and corrected. We do not think this was a humanly deliberate attack against us, but Satan was probably more directly behind it. We also upgraded some aspects of the websites Sunday, which also made them temporarily unavailable. But the websites have been functioning fine since.
Whew!  The magical god has answered the prayers! People are dying in Syria, starving in Africa, but Apostate Thiel's god has more pressing things to do, like correct his server problems.  Seriously?

Improperly Named "Continuing" Church of God Struggles to Find Location in Florida for Days of UB

Poor Almost arrested, Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Habakkuk, Joshua, Mayan Authority, Doubly Blessed, Second Witless Witness, Catholicphobe, and the disappointing "son" of Rod Meredith admits in his March 16 letter to his 25 American "members" and 1,975 African "members" that he is struggling to find a venue in Florida for the  Old Covenant Days of Unleavened Bread that invalidate anything Jesus set about to accomplish.

Apparently one of the hotels he contacted was not interested in accommodating him or his improperly named "Continuing" Church of God in any manner whatsoever. Since prophet Thiel is god's mighty mouthpiece, will he call down a curse on this establishment much like WCG did at the Pocono's site in the 1970's?  How dare this establishment REFUSE to allow The Chosen One a platform to speak at!  For shame!
April 17 and 22 in Florida
As mentioned last week, my family and I expect to be in Florida for the Last Day of Unleavened Bread, which will be April 17, 2017. We also plan to be in Florida for Sabbath services on April 22, 2017.
Please pray that we may find an acceptable and reasonably priced location to hold services those two dates. The first facility we contacted in Stuart apparently was not interested, and we have since tried another place there. We are looking for something on the eastern side of that state, probably near West Palm Beach or Boca Raton. If you are in Florida and may wish to attend, please email me: 
The Chosen One also reports that he has to funnel much of his "income" into supporting his African "members" which has resulted in a drop in "viewers" to his Crooked Bookcase series of sermons that cover 10-20 different subjects every time he speaks.  Perhaps his viewers are dropping off because of the inane subjects being preached about that have no meaning whatsoever to his "viewership." As usual for a COG minister, it is the fault of the members in that income is down.  They are not diligent enough nor are proper "doers of the word."
Google reported that our campaign with them reached 3,104,839 computers last month. This is down from the previous month, but that is because a higher percentage of people responded and showed interest.  We could have reached more, but we have limited our budget to continue to provide support for the needs in Africa. We must be doers of the word and not hearers only (cf. James 1:22; 2:14-17) as we are diligently working to fulfill Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19-20.
Perhaps The Chosen One, the apostle, prophet and end time witness, Bob Thiel, should join forces with the one and only TRUE church, the UCG, and share the Edgewater resort in Panama City.  Talk about a double blessing!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

UCG wants members to attend cheaper Feast sites so they can take care of the "vulnerable and disadvantaged" while the elite go to the high end resorts

Those fun and elite boys in Cincninatti are still up to their old tricks in making their followers toe-the-line when it comes to Feast registrations for the "elite" sites.  These are the sites that only the rich in the UCG attend.  God forbid if they had to fellowship with the lower class unwashed masses.

The telling things from the quote below that is from the Church of God News site is the comment from the boys in Cincinnati and how they do not want members who want to attend the Feast at the Edgewater in Panama City to find accommodations OUTSIDE the selected high rate hotel.  If the lower income members did that then the UCG would have to pay $20,000.00 a day.   Yes, you read that right, they booked a site that could potentially cost them $20,000.00 a day.  One large conference room in a resort hotel, not a large convention center like Tucson or St. Pete.  I am sure this will make Lil'Jimmy Meredith jealous as can be!

Notice how they try to "guilt trip" church members into going to the less desirable sites by making them feel guilty in not assisting the "vulnerable and disadvantaged."  Perhaps the ministry of the church should set the right example for once in their life and do what they expect the members to do.  They should be the ones assisting and working with the "vulnerable and disadvantaged" instead of indulging their privileged posteriors in high end resorts as they isolate themselves in "ministerial hospitality" suites.

The Planning Brochure for the Festival of Tabernacles 2017 is now online.Viktor Kubik writes: “Over the years we have greatly deregulated the assigning of entire churches to a specific Feast site because they were so large and we had to control attendance. But that has not been done in some time, and our current laissez faire system has worked well. 
However, at some of the less popular sites we do have shortages of able people to care for physical needs of the vulnerable and disadvantaged. God does care for them, and so should we. 
One of the most popular sites will be the Edgewater at Panama City, Florida. Charles Melear writes: “Sometimes a person can find a better deal for Feast housing by searching the Internet. But ... 
If every member did that, the rental for the Edgewater Beach Resort would be $162,000 and we wouldn’t be able to have the Feast there.” 
Over $20,000 per day for a meeting venue 
The venue is so expensive because of the lavish facilities provided at the Edgewater (and at many venues used by other corporate Churches of God).Those members who can afford to stay there can probably afford to pay more to enable the Church to pay less. Church of God News

What sets apart the COG from other churches?

What is the distinctive mark of the Church of God that separates it from other Christian churches?  One of the more legalistic web sites is claiming that it is the Bible that sets apart COG's.  The blog is under the belief that the Bible alone sets the beliefs and practices of the COG and not man's interpretations.

I don't know what planet the author is living on but every single COG group, starting with Herbert Armstrong, relies heavily on personal interpretation by the spiritual leader.  All of the hundreds and hundreds of "doctrines" that these men have come up with are directly from their own lips and thinking and NOT from the Bible.  Just look at the insane things coming out of Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry and Bob Thiel lately. Can there possibly be a bigger quagmire of nonsense ever uttered in the church? Not one thing these men utter have anything to do with the "bible" they claim to follow.

There is one thing that separates the Church of God and its doctrines from the false religions of this world. That is the Bible. The Church of God bases its beliefs, doctrines, and practices on the word of God, the Bible. Many or most members have proved what they believe in the Bible, and most who have not proved them have learned them from traditions passed down to us from Mr. Armstrong, and he proved them from the Bible.

We should all follow the example of Mr. Armstrong and prove our beliefs in the Bible. We do this, not by accepting the interpretation of the Bible by men, but by letting the Bible interpret the Bible, getting all the scriptures on a subject and letting clear scriptures interpret difficult ones.

That is basic.

That is what Mr. Armstrong did, and that is what separates us from the false religions of the world. from Preaching the Gospel

Being Disfellowshipped Is a Blessing

On Exit and Support the following letter was posted.  It shows how sick the various splinter groups are in making demands on their members to the point they will willingly divorce spouses in order to remain in the "church."

Those who have been disfellowshipped and marked over the decades will all most agree that being put out was the greatest blessing imaginable.  Freed from the shackles of despotic church leaders people finally experience what true freedom is.  Whether one is led to leave organized religion to those who revel in grace, being free is a tremendous feeling.

March 20, 2017
I was disfellowshipped from PCG 4 years ago; when I told my wife to leave also, she told me, "Where will I go, what other church shall I go to?" In her mind she had to find another church to go to before she left PCG, or she wouldn't leave. This is what high demand churches do. They instill in the member's mind that without their "church"--in this case PCG--the member is doomed, and will not have God’s favor. My wife was willing to end a 23 year marriage, with two children, so she could remain in PCG.  
At the time I was disfellowshipped, I thought I was lost forever, but I did not know it was a great blessing in disguise, even though my marriage ended (she is still in PCG). I have never regretted how God pulled my out of that cult, and opened my eyes up to the truth of the scriptures, that we are saved by Christ alone, by grace, through faith. 
I guess it is true what people say, you only get rid of poison in your system, when you stop receiving the needles. At first it will be hard to let go, but as time goes on, the truth will come into focus, and you will see all the lies you were led to believe. To those who are thinking about leaving, don’t be afraid, it is God who is guiding you. --S. A., former PCG member

Monday, March 20, 2017

Dave Pack: My god will make all snakes and other mean beasties be good to First Dominion believers

Dave has been working over time in working out his First Dominion.

When people around the world see Jesus walking and working in Wadsworth, they will be so envious that they will want to immigrate so they can share in the First Dominion.  Even though many in the United States and other BI countries will be sorely vexed with God's punishments, Dave's "jesus" will be working with the true Israelites and helping them to be protected from the trials going on around them. Many of these people from around the world (gentles in unconverted nations) will come from countries that have no snakes and will be unfamiliar with water moccasins, rattle snakes and coral snakes.  Because of that, the mean snakes would kill hundreds of thousands of the First Dominion immigrants which would make moot the point of them coming to be trained by Jesus.  No worries though.  Following in the footsteps of COG ministers who claimed God sealed the anuses of the animals on the ark, Dave's god is going to stop all snakes and other beasties from biting people.

Dave's god is superfantabulous!
Every single year—every single year—just in India, 20,000 people die just from cobra bites—just India, just that one snake, in just one year. So when you say I don’t know too many people who die of snake bites in the United States…Well, Israelites live all over the world and people in the Kingdom live all over the world, where the deadliest snakes are. America has four—copperheads; I think, water moccasins; coral snakes, down in Florida…a little, tiny snake, 16 inches long, but deadly if they get you; and various forms of rattlesnakes.
There is the family of rattlesnakes—eastern massasaugas, western diamond backs, and there’re all kinds of rattlesnakes. But the deadliest snakes…you know, the deadliest rattlesnakes, for instance, are in Peru. Most people survive a rattlesnake bite in the United States…a Peruvian rattlesnake get you, you’re dead in five minutes. Nobody survives. But it’s a rattlesnake—they make noise, and five minutes later you don’t hear anything. So these deadly snakes are all over the world.
If God is bringing people into His Kingdom all over the world…I mean, tens of thousands, and thousands and thousands…just hundreds of thousands of people all over the world just die from snake bites. And by the way, God is going to be sending the four sore judgments. He’s actually going to turn animals from the way they are today, to worse, because wild beasts is one of the four sore judgments of Ezekiel 14. So He’s going to take the animals, where God’s people are, and your children can say “Here kitty, kitty” and it’s a 650-pound African lion in the back yard.
On the other hand, you’re anywhere else in the world, and you have access to this Kingdom and you could come…There’s no guarantee that animals will not be a major problem, particularly, for the nations of Israel. So remember, God is going to punish Israel. The four sore judgments are on Israel, so animals are going to turn particularly bad in the nations of Israel, where primarily, they are particularly benign.
The most deadly animals are in Africa and South America…The deadly snakes—7 of the 10 deadliest snakes, in the world, are in Australia. And so God could turn those loose. There are terrible, deadly snakes all through Asia, but you get to Europe and not so bad. And North America, the temperate zones and so forth…Never mind, the wolves and bears, and so forth.
So that promise begins for anybody who responds to God in the Kingdom. Their children can play anywhere. There’d be no problem. You have come into the Kingdom, not into the spirit family of God, but you’ve come into the Kingdom. You’re in God’s holy mountain, and there’s nothing that’s going to hurt you, including accidents.
Now I know there are some martyrdoms…I understand that. There are problems in Judea and other places where certain of God’s people die for purposes I have explained. But it’s critical you understand where God, in His infinite wisdom, chose to tell us about animals’ natures changing. It’s in the middle of a description of That Prophet and Jesus Christ before Christ gets to Jerusalem…I mean, there are a lot of places in the Prophets, Christ could have described that…but right in the middle of it, He says, and also along with this, “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard with the kid; and the calf with the young lion, and so forth. So I just wanted you to understand the timing there has changed…I understand that…from what we saw earlier in the series, and I hope you find that to be very inspiring.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dave Pack: Stone of Scone May Soon Appear In Wadsworth..Where it belongs

The mental gymnastics of Dave Pack continues to bounce all over the place with one wild theory after another.  Dave is now hinting that the Stone of Scone may make its way to Wadsworth.  This will prove rather interesting since Gerald Flurry claims the stone belongs to him and that he will soon posses it, along with the All of he Covenant.  Will Armageddon actually start because Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry wage war over ownership of he Stone of Scone?

Dave says:
You might want to take time to read Psalm 89. It talks a lot more about…just a lot of detail…it’s a very helpful, fairly long psalm, by the way, about how God would work with David. Take time to read it. It’s 52 verses; just a…It’s an extraordinary look at the specialness of David, in God’s mind, and why he was always going to have someone sitting on his throne, Psalm 89 and verse 4, “Your seed will I establish forever, and build up your throne to all generations.”
I’m pretty sure we all know the Windsors of London, where that throne sits today, are not part of that picture when Christ comes back. It will be interesting to see if the stone is brought here in same way. Wouldn’t that be interesting to find out? Anybody find the stone? The stone’s missing—you know, Jacob’s pillar stone…That would be interesting, wouldn’t it, if it were here? If you hear my sermons on that subject, you’ll understand why I bring it up.

Dave Pack: Christ will return the first time around to the United States

Below is more "proof" from Dave Pack that his "jesus christ" is returning to Wadsworth, Ohio.  The creature "christ" will come to Wadsworth in order to gather the Israelites together and teach them the truth for 1,000 years.  Then once all of the Israelite nations have been hoodwinked by this creature, he will then fly off to Jerusalem where he will usher in the second kingdom where peace will reign eternal.

I wonder if the Wadsworth Beacon will cover this amazing story? Will they get to interview this creature as he walks around the most beautiful campus ever created in human history?  Imagine the number of papers they would sell!  A Pulitzer Prize is sure to be waiting!

Of course this fake "jesus" would return to American first.  Where else would he go when Herbert Armstrong set into motion the lie of British Israelism?  No real Christians could ever exist in any other country and those that do can only do so if they are following the government of the United States church HQ.  Even evangelical churches believe they have a stranglehold on what true Christianity is.

So just understand. When Jesus Christ comes, He is bringing the Kingdom of God, but He’s starting with Israel, and really, a tiny fraction in Israel. Hence, the fact that He calls it a mustard seed and that it’s concealed. So it is the Kingdom of God, but it is the Kingdom of Israel; or you could say it is the Kingdom of Israel, but it is the Kingdom of God. And let me just say again, one last time, David was an Israelite king. All kings and judges of Israel ruled only to its border. They ruled Israel. If other people wanted to come aboard, thousands or millions, it wouldn’t make any difference, they were welcome. So it isn’t a gospel preached only to Israel. 
The gospel of the Kingdom of God is preached in all nations as a witness unto all people and then shall the end come—but the actual Kingdom is Israel. It’s the Kingdom of God, but its borders are Israel’s. So if Christ wants to set up and restore the Kingdom of Israel, He can come to any Israelite nation…any one. The best one to come to is the most powerful that will be the last one to fall…versus one in Europe, which is close to the king of the north.


“Psychobabble attempts to redefine the entire English language just to make a correct statement incorrect. Psychology is the study of why someone would try to do this.”
― Criss JamiKillosophy

Theobabble attempts to redefine the entire Old and New Testaments just to make  Bronze Age or Iron Age observations and ideas  mean today what they never meant then or ever could mean..   Bannedology the study of the Churches of God Restored, Living, United, Continuing and/or whoever doing that."

Examples:  Apostle Pack's sermons are theobabble.
                         Prophet Thiel's books are theobabble.
                         That Prophet, either Pack or Flurry, spew theobabble
                         The Surprising God Blog is theobabble

as if they knew....