Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dave Pack: Christ will return the first time around to the United States

Below is more "proof" from Dave Pack that his "jesus christ" is returning to Wadsworth, Ohio.  The creature "christ" will come to Wadsworth in order to gather the Israelites together and teach them the truth for 1,000 years.  Then once all of the Israelite nations have been hoodwinked by this creature, he will then fly off to Jerusalem where he will usher in the second kingdom where peace will reign eternal.

I wonder if the Wadsworth Beacon will cover this amazing story? Will they get to interview this creature as he walks around the most beautiful campus ever created in human history?  Imagine the number of papers they would sell!  A Pulitzer Prize is sure to be waiting!

Of course this fake "jesus" would return to American first.  Where else would he go when Herbert Armstrong set into motion the lie of British Israelism?  No real Christians could ever exist in any other country and those that do can only do so if they are following the government of the United States church HQ.  Even evangelical churches believe they have a stranglehold on what true Christianity is.

So just understand. When Jesus Christ comes, He is bringing the Kingdom of God, but He’s starting with Israel, and really, a tiny fraction in Israel. Hence, the fact that He calls it a mustard seed and that it’s concealed. So it is the Kingdom of God, but it is the Kingdom of Israel; or you could say it is the Kingdom of Israel, but it is the Kingdom of God. And let me just say again, one last time, David was an Israelite king. All kings and judges of Israel ruled only to its border. They ruled Israel. If other people wanted to come aboard, thousands or millions, it wouldn’t make any difference, they were welcome. So it isn’t a gospel preached only to Israel. 
The gospel of the Kingdom of God is preached in all nations as a witness unto all people and then shall the end come—but the actual Kingdom is Israel. It’s the Kingdom of God, but its borders are Israel’s. So if Christ wants to set up and restore the Kingdom of Israel, He can come to any Israelite nation…any one. The best one to come to is the most powerful that will be the last one to fall…versus one in Europe, which is close to the king of the north.


Anonymous said...

The Members Of RCG Must Have Sh*t For Brains If They Swallow The Lies That Spew From That Apostate David Pack.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Jesus already come to South America? Oh, I guess that's only a Mormon fact. We have our own Armstrong facts.

Since white Europeans are not remotely related to the Jewish people, I guess this christ fellow won't be visiting The U.S., Europe, or British Commonwealth countries anytime soon. This is a scientifically established fact, rather than a religious "fact."

My guess is, he won't be visiting any "Israelite" nations, such as Israel (is there another "Israelite" nation???) anytime soon either. Because he's been dead for almost 2,000 years. And that's assuming wasn't a fictional character from the get-go.

Black Ops Mikey said...

If things don't work, David Pack should send his resumes to CNN, the New York Times and Comedy Central.

He has a very bright career path ahead of him indeed!

Byker Bob said...

You have to have a very vivid imagination to read this into scripture. There just are not any specifics upon which one could reliably base this.

The basic problem, especially in RCG, is that members are supposed to believe in revealed truth. In the so-called RCG, Dave is supposedly God's conduit for such revealed truth. The substantiation element just is not there, Dave doesn't seem to have a problem with that, and neither do the select members who have what Dave would define as the "right" attitude.

He can't indefinitely have his pronouncements fail to substantiate and retain his members. Every failure brings more doubt. On this latest pronouncement, he would not have to actually produce Jesus until the end time events were already in progress, so it would be difficult to call him on it unless all of his members found themselves in a hypothetical "left behind" scenario.

In view of what he's said in the past about training the two witnesses, I wonder if he thinks he's going to have to train Jesus. LOL! Many of the remarks he has recently made indicate that he fantasizes Jesus as being an extension of the RCG, and of himself. That literally defines megalomania. I can't imagine any Christian allowing him to get away with such presumptuousness. But, nowadays, it isn't so much that there are sheep any more. Many have devolved into frogs.


Hoss said...

Byker Bob wrote: That literally defines megalomania.

Yes, as I concluded some time ago, Dave has pushed the envelope too far, and distanced himself from rational critique. The bloggers of Banned and all the other blogs together couldn't even scratch the surface in troubleshooting this mess.