Saturday, October 27, 2012

UCG Money Problems Curtail HQ Travel

UCG took a huge financial hit when COGWA formed.  UCG still is struggling to get back into a solid financial situation.  Despite having 9,000 people attend their Feast this year, they still did not bring in everything they need in tithes and offerings.

Kubik sent this out to the ministers:

We are seriously trying to reduce our financial outgo in Ministerial Services and instituted a number of cost reductions.  The conference following this one was to be in the Los Angeles area. We have postponed this conference until after the one near Portland which is scheduled for April 21-23, 2013.  Also, we have carved out another area in the Mountain states for an eighth conference.  It is cost-prohibitive to fly these elders and wives to the West Coast.  The entire cycle for face to face conferences will then be approximately two years. 

Also, we have greatly curtailed all travel under the supervision of MMS.  I was planning a major international trip in January and canceled it. I have asked all our senior pastors to do the same until our expenditures and revenue come into balance. In the meantime, we are asking our senior pastors who care for churches in the United States and overseas to use Skype, DVDs, and other communication means to stay in contact with their distant congregations.

COGWA Kicks Out Elder Who Said Church Was Too Lax On Sabbath Requirements

I have been sent this by three different people concerning a COGWA minister who was recently disfellowshipped and  decredentialled from COGWA because he thought the church was too lax on it's Sabbath requirements.  As usually in these letters it's all one big "love" fest.  Everything is  done out of love, love , love.

It's also interesting that in just over a year after it formed the most perfect reincarnation of the True Church it is already having dissension in it's ranks.

How dare those members eat in a restaurant or buy things on Saturdays!

 I will begin by saying that I am the elder that was kicked out of COGWA and the purpose of this post is to just clarify a couple of things. First off I want to reiterate what James has said already, and that is that I have never shared with him any of this information that he has posted on this blog. When I came back from the Feast I was given the opportunity to “change” my mind about my convictions and if I had, I am told I would have been allowed to stay. I did not change my mind. When I spoke with Dave Register I asked him where this left us and he informed me that I would be receiving the letter of decredentialing sometime in the near future and that I was not permitted to attend any longer.

To this point the letter of decredentialling has not arrived and I assume since I am not allowed to fellowship I have therefore been disfellowshipped as well, though I have not yet received a letter stating that yet either.

After my conversation with Dave I decided at that time that I needed to put a letter out to our local congregation stating why they would not be seeing me there as I had not been allowed back (except to attend the Feast) since three weeks before the Feast. Many people were not even aware of what was going on as I had not shared any of these beliefs in my messages nor with the congregation in general. As I said, I sent this letter out to our local congregation and also to four or five other close friends. I also included the offer, if they wanted, that I would send them the paper that I had submitted to Dave Register and the doctrinal committee on my current beliefs.

It was never my intention for this to become what it has become, but I understand how some of these things can take on a life of their own. I want to make it VERY clear that I hold no ill will toward the men that have been mentioned on this site or toward COGWA in general. I did not do this for attention; on the contrary I simply wanted to be able to remain while being able to hold to my personal convictions, but when not allowed to I felt it important to at least get a portion of my side of the story to the local congregation which I consider friends and family.

I apologize for any hurt that this has caused, especially within out local congregation. I also appreciate that Mr. Franks allowed me to have an open line of communication with him through this as he did when COGWA started and I am confident that I could pick up the phone and he would be glad to speak to me about whatever was on my mind. Again, I hold nothing against him personally in all of this, but of course am saddened by their decision in not allowing me to stay in attendance even as a decredentialed elder, but that is their decision. I love all in the congregation that I was forced out of, and still consider them all as my brothers and sisters, just as I consider others in many other groups as my brothers and sisters, and I hope to remain friends with them all.

I look forward to the time when our merciful Father in heaven will bring His children together, and I am confident that that will be accomplished by bringing His children to Him FIRST AND FOREMOST. We of course must be willing to do our part in allowing God to do that, and what I am learning, is that requires an awful lot of humility and I have a long ways to go, as we all do. Thank you all for your prayers and concern but in the big scheme of things this is small potatoes. Again, I hold no ill will and do not desire that anybody get all bent out of shape over this and hold any bitterness against anyone – that never does anybody any good. There are so many in God’s church going through such incredible trials around the globe that this really doesn’t even compare. And compared to what is to come… well this is nothing and I am nobody. Again, I apologize to my brothers and sisters who I may have offended and to those who feel as if I have betrayed them and COGWA, for holding to these beliefs. I meant to cause no pain, but I do not apologize for my convictions or for standing up for them. I do not judge any of you who do not agree with me and I ask for the same in return. God is the ONE TRUE JUDGE and I am so glad that He is the one in charge and will sort this all out in His time. Again, I love you all!!!


“Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am sure there is much going around as to why I have not been attending services since before the Feast and I just wanted to address that quickly here.  First off, I have truly loved and enjoyed the time we have spent getting to know each other over the past couple of years, and I will always cherish the friendships that we have made.

As Mr. Register made everyone aware of several weeks before the Feast I have come to the understanding that the Church has not been keeping the Holy Days according to the Biblical calendar.  I will not say more than that as this letter is not to try to convince you of my beliefs just as I never tried to do so at services in conversation or through my messages.

When I informed Mr. Register, I believe about two months before Trumpets, he immediately took me off of the speaking schedule and asked me to write a paper outlining my beliefs.  I did just that and submitted it to him and he passed it along to Mr. Horchak and Mr. Franks.   After they read the letter I was asked to give it some more consideration and Mr. Franks asked me to let Mr. Register know my final decision on whether I would change my position before Trumpets and I said I would.  A couple weeks before Trumpets I told him that I had not changed my position but that I still wanted to attend services and be a member of COGWA.  I told them that I understood that I would be decredentialed and that I had no problem with that because my personal convictions and conscience is more important than any title or something written on a piece of paper.  I told them that I was fine sitting quietly in the back and not making an issue out of anything.  I figured once everyone knew why I wasn’t speaking any longer then no big deal.

In the announcement of my suspension before the Feast Mr. Register mentioned that we asked to be able to attend the Feast.  What I actually asked was for us to be able to continue to attend services.  He told me not to come until after the Feast and then depending on the health of the congregation he would make a determination as to whether we would be able to attend.  I asked him what he meant by “health of the congregation” and he said that if even a couple people had a problem with us attending we would not be able to.

It has been a couple of weeks since the Feast and we have not been back even once since I was suspended.   Mr. Register called me this past Thursday to inform me that unless I change my belief I will be decredentialed and am not allowed to come back.  I informed him that I have not changed my beliefs and will not go against my conscience.  Because of this and the fact that at least a couple people would feel it divisive to even be there (even though we have not even had an opportunity to come back to see how the congregation responds) I am to be decredentialed and am not allowed to attend.  I guess since I am not allowed to fellowship that means I have been disfellowshipped as well.  I am expecting to get the paper sometime this week or the next.  I have the right to appeal this but truly do not know what the point in that would be except to just make a messy situation (that didn’t need to be) an even messier one. 

When COGWA formed I told Mr. Register and others that I hate politics.  I hate it in the world and I hate it even more in the Church of God and I am truly baffled by how this has been handled.

I love you all and will continue to count you all as my brother and sisters and I hope you still view me and my family as part of your extended spiritual family.  Believe me we would be with you if we could.  You will all continue to be in our prayers and I ask for you all to keep us in your prayers as well.

Thank you all for your friendship, your care and concern.   For those of you who are interested I would be glad to send you the paper that I gave to Mr. Register.  I would not send this to try to convince any of you but so that you can at least have some basic idea of why we believe what we believe.   I hope this letter has not offended any of you but I felt I needed to send something out, to at the very least, address just some of what has taken place and has been going on.   I hope that you will not judge me harshly for holding to my convictions.

Take care.
In Brotherly Love,
Ed Oliver”

Friday, October 26, 2012

Van Robison Asks "Are Splinter Group Heads---Your Mama?"

WCG splinter group heads treat adult church members as if they are the BIG MAMA.   You will get your behind spanked if you do not follow orders from big mama.   The organized church system is really a very childish system, where adult human beings are treated as if they are mere children and they must obey their big mama.   All churches are in that same category, because the head honcho pretends to be big mama and you better watch out.

Spooks might get you if you step out of line and pick up a few sticks on the Sabbath, hand out some Halloween candy to very innocent little children, or forget to tithe your 10%, plus generous offerings (suggested offering is at least another 10% or more).

Your "mama" carries a big switch and will threaten you with a curse if you fail to comply to all the silly rules, customs and traditions of the self-appointed head of your group.   Of course what "big mama" never tells the adult children is that her purse is wide open and she expects $cash, by the bucket loads.   Pay up or go to hell.   Obey or be cursed.   Live by the false rules of big mama or lose your salvation.   Live in fear for the rest of your life or you will be chained to the devil for all eternity.

Silly, silly, silly and that is the stuff of ALL cult church groups of the WCG and all others outside of the WCG splinter groups.   The world is an ocean of false religions and fake churches, who pretend to speak for Jesus Christ, all the while their real motive is $money, $money, $money.

I always say that if you take all the $money away and there is NO $money in the church world, the pastors would ALL disappear into the woodwork and never be seen from or heard of again.   That is proof that in fact $money is the REAL PURPOSE for pastors and churches.

Van Robison

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hellbound? Lake of Fire Bound?

Michael Camp, author of Confessions of a Bible Thumper, has an entry on his Deep Thought Pub blog about an upcoming movie that has been made about the concept of hell.  For COGers that would be the "Lake of Fire."  The COG has loved to throw that phrase at anyone who disagrees with it, it's doctrines or it's ministers.  Disagree with HWA and you are damned to the lake of fire for being in rebellion.  Buy a hamburger on Saturday and you will fry in the lake.  Keep Christmas or Easter and you will be assured to go there.

In Armstrongism the threat of damnation has always been a weapon.  It holds great power over members who are live in constant fear of being separated from their God for even the slightest mistake.  Parents have used this against their children when they do something really stupid.  Flurry uses it against his present members if they dare have contact with lapsed family members who have left the Church.  On and on it goes.

The concept of hell has always been used as weapon.  The difference now, in the 21st century that it is also a marketing tool used to sell books, bibles and other things promoted to help save one's life.

Camp writes:

Miller and co-producers David Rempel and Brad Jersak just didn't lay out a case for rethinking hell but forced viewers to face the conventional dogma of eternal damnation head on. We heard straight from the mouths of conservative pastors and evangelists (from the whole spectrum--right-wing wackos from the infamous Phelps church to hip but hyper-conservative Mark Driscoll to moderate-sounding theologian Kevin DeYoung), without interuption, where the notion of hell leads. They let the doctrine speak for itself, in other words. That's when the emotional disconnect between everlasting punishment for one half to 99.99 percent of the human race (depending on who was defending it) and an unconditionally loving God hit viewers like a ton of bricks, kiln-fired to 2000-degrees Farenheit. Huh?, was the unspoken response, just as Rob Bell had asked.

But Miller and company don't leave you there. Just when you were thinking, there must be a better way, through theologians, scholars, and studied authors,* they piled on the preponderance of evidence that hell is a modern misinterpretation of religious narratives anchored in an ancient history we know little about. Gehenna, erroneously translated as "hell" in the New Testament, is a metaphor for judgment in this life, God's justice is restorative, not retributive, the term "everlasting" is mistranslated, and much of the early church embraced the idea of universal reconciliation. The overall impression the film leaves is inspiring and redemptive. Cries of heresy by convervatives are misplaced as should be a sense of superiority by Universalists. So much of this stuff is a mystery. The question boils down to, what kind of God do we think we serve?

Run, don't walk, to see this film. It's an important commentary on our religious divide. It fairly lays out a continuum of positions. It opens up a vision for the nonviolent paradigm Jesus espoused.

Why Does The COG HATE Doing Good For Others?

James, on the Painful Truth blog, has a letter up from a reader discussing Mother Teresa accompanied by a great picture which is above.  I have always  been fascinated by Armstrongism's hatred of this woman.  That hatred ran deeper than the fact that she was a Catholic.  I think the problem really was is that the ministry was horrendously embarrassed that here was a little poor woman doing a great work while they, rich and increased with goods were doing nothing for anyone.  I can see why they were embarrassed!

...I was the recipient of a long discourse relating to mother Teresa (MT), where he expounded how FALSE the faith of MT actually was - - Now, this is NOT original, since I remember discussions in world-wide about how MT’s faith would NOT be accepted by God, since she was a daughter of the Babylon Whore, the Catholic church. So, apparently giving up your life for the service of the poor is somehow “not acceptable to God”, even though the bible says “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

Read the letter here.

Living in Fear With the Living Church of God

Living Church of God has an article up by Charles Knowlton that I assume was meant to be encouraging to LCG members, but instead just blatantly exposes the fear based belief system that it is.

It's about Knowlton's family during the great depression and how they were despised by neighbors in the community.  Knowlton says those same times are soon to be upon us. In other words, prepared to live in fear.

The peaceful town we lived in had become a place of fear. The reason: we were the subject of jealously and hatred was because my father had one of the few jobs in town. People were suspicious of each other and there was some violence. The situation called for self-preservation. This was the beginning of the Great Depression, which was to last for nearly a decade and would dramatically change our country. During the ensuing years the U.S. was to take a giant step backward when it came to personal behavior, family unity and an honest interest in self-preservation. The interesting thing is, that piece of history is going to be repeated in many of our lifetimes by troubles on the horizon, described by the Bible as the Great Tribulation and the great Day of the Lord.

In typical COG fashion it is all about wars, famine, pestilence and earthquakes and how they are increasing with rapid pace in this end times. Then it's about our neighbors turning us over to the authorities because we are sabbath keepers. True Christians (i.e. LCG members only) will be despised and hated because of their beliefs.  Because this is going to happen to LCG members, it will also happen to the rest of the world. 

The Bible reveals this in Matthew 24, in what is called the Olivet Prophecy. Christ gave this prophecy to His disciples, and explained it to them in detail. He talked about the events of the end time—wars, famines, pestilences and earthquakes. These will happen over time and become very intense. Jesus states, “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My Name’s sake” (v. 9). He goes on to explain the effect this will have on human relationships: “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of may will grow cold” (v. 12). Now if this is going to happen to future disciples of Christ, it is going to happen to everyone. The Bible has many references to the coming tribulation and what it will be like—and why.

Then it's food shortages, war and the end of the world.  So uplifting!  So grace filled.  It warms my heart! 

In Daniel 12:1 we see one of these references: “At that time shall Michael stand up, The great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people; and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that time. And at that time your people shall be delivered.” There are other references in the Old and New Testaments about a time when everyone is going to experience the hardships of a world in trouble: food shortage, war and ultimately the end of civilization.

Never fear!  Jesus is coming back to spank the world into submission.  Nothing about a loving shepherd coming back for his lost sheep.  Nothing about redemption and unconditional grace. Nope!  Jesus is just some lackey that is a small part of the puzzle that LCGers and COGers have to put up with in order to make their god love them more than others.

However, the Bible also promises a Deliverer (Romans 11:26-27). Jesus Christ will return and not only redeem the remnants of Israel’s descendants (including the English speaking peoples) but will straighten the whole world out (Revelation 19:14-16; Revelation 21:3-5). Jesus Christ and His disciples referred to this time as “the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33; Mark 1:14; Luke 4:43; John 3:5; Acts 14:22).
Be assured though, if you are good COGer and "living in the world though not part of the world," you will be able to see the problems coming upon the world and you will prepare yourself.  You will be doing all kinds of things in order for God to save your sorry ass.

If a person is alert and not too deeply engaged in this present evil society, they might see that distress and upheaval are coming. Many live in denial, and choose not to acknowledge that hard times will become worse times, but one thing is certain from the Bible: it is going to require more to survive than protecting your money and carrying a shotgun (Matthew 24:22).
Next,  Knowlton eagerly reminds you on how 2/3rds of humanity will be destroyed for their unfaithfulness.  A small remnant will be left after suffering horribly for three and half years from famine, disease, plagues, concentration camps.

In Ezekiel chapter 5, the prophet describes how one third of the modern descendants of ancient Israel will die of the troubles, one third will be affected by war, and one third will be scattered—and that God would bring these calamities as part of His wrath on their disobedience. The Great Depression never came close, but it left us with a glimpse of things to come.

Another Church of God article that discusses nothing about Jesus.  Nothing about what he is supposed to have accomplished.  Nothing about finding ones "rest" in him and not having to live in fear anymore.  Nothing about unconditional out-flowing grace. Nothing about living water. Nope.  Jesus is only used in this article as an inconvenient prop.

Is that the kind of god that appeals to you?  Do you even want to know it?  I've seen it first hand and it left me empty.  Armstrongism's god is a god of fear.

So, until they find Jesus, they want you to know that they and they alone have the only answer you need. Don't worry about that Jesus dude, he is inconsequential to the bigger picture. Salvation is only through the Living Church of God and it alone knows the way.  Order it's books and save your life.

If you would like to know more about how to truly prepare, order our free booklet Armageddon and Beyond and Revelation: the Mystery Unveiled! Do not delay—your future depends on understanding God’s plan for the times just ahead.

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Aaron Dean on "The Sign"

"...we do have a respect for HWA that was often missing by some who have left."
(talk abut taking the knife and sticking it in COGWA's ribs and twisting it!)

You all know that I believe what I was taught by HWA. I helped write his books and was trained in all his schools, 12 years of Imperial, 4 years of Ambassador and 12 years with him. I treasure the time I spent with him and the many lessons in faith. He made me promise to help prepare the bride and continue the work. I have hoped and prayed every day that this world would end and have tried to encourage brethren. My greatest fear is that Christ would tell me that I buried my talent and didn'd contnue to do what he taught me to do. 

While there is no Question that God used HWA powerfully in building the endtime church and reaching the world, he himself told me we should keep on with all the energy and power we can give. If we do not fellowship or help one another, how can we grow spiritually?  If we don't have a cause greater than ourselves to give to, how will God judge us?  I asked HWA in his final weeks if we should stop preaching the Gospel when he died. He said "no" because there was no place in scripture that said when he died that the work was over. (Remember, he picked the telecastor's that would replace him - something he wouldn't have done if it 'was over.)  He knew there would be a falling away. He told me people would quit keeping the Sabbath and quit tithing. He knew there would be men who would seek power and start their own churches if they couldn't be in charge. He knew many things would stop, but he didn't want us to be the cause of stopping it. The spiritual body should go on. Christ is still alive.  We are still judged by what we do with what we have. That doesn't change.

I attend with UCG because God hasn't named a replacement for HWA. We are not to forsake fellowship and I do believe many of God's children are here. Christ is the head of the church and always had been - HWA taught me that in no uncertain terms.  Sadly we have had men who thought they should be in charge to the point that they started their own churches to be in charge. God hates division, and I pray for those who have done this, especially since they lied and caused great damage to the brethren of God on their way out and since. They have taught others to follow them, not Christ.  The splintering has also hurt the power of the Holy people-the spiritual body. I wonder if this is what God fortold through Daniel.  I am happy in UCG, because for the 1st time I feel we have men who are yielding to God for direction and not to themselves. We have few assets and little strength, but we do have a respect for HWA that was often missing by some who have left. I know, because past men asked me not to speak about HWA. They wanted to build their own names. We also try to respect others of like belief who do not attend with us. God knows his sheep.

It was obvious God used HWA, and following him was to follow Christ as he taught us. I pray the 2 witnesses appear on the scene soon. This country has so forsaken God in every way. We all need each other for encouragement and hope. HWA wanted the members to stay together, as only with a common cause can we provide local churches for fellowship, and feast sites with which to worship God together.  While this HWA film evokes so many fond memories, I pray it doesn't make anyone complacent that they can sit on their talents and expect God to be happy with that. HWA would never condone sitting at home alone if there were members to fellowship with. He even sent the young men on baptizing tours to fellowship with Sardis. It will be a sad day when everyone sits at home by themselves with no one to fellowship and no greater work going on to help educate the world as to God's way of life.

I pray for all of you.  HWA did finish his work God had for him to do, but 26 years later, if all we have done is hold on to our talent, then what will Christ have to say to us. HWA would be mad at me if I stopped trying to do the work of God. I will talk about the Kingdom of God till my last breath, and serve God's people as I am able. It is often discouraging, as I am sure it was for a young John Mark or Timothy, in watching Paul's death, or Policratees and Polycarp who tried to uphold the Apostle John's teaching as apostacy jumped in.  May we all hold to the truth of God and be using what talents and tithes we have, and be judged worthy to escape what his soon to come.  I wish I could fellowship with you all.

With Deepest Respect for all,
Aaron Dean

The Sign: Deifying A Man

There is a new online movie that is getting the uber-conservative Armstrongites all weepy-eyed.  It brings back the glory days of the empire at it's greatest.  A position that not a single one of the 700 some splinter cults has ever been able to achieve.  Flurry has not done it.  His experiment has placed him on the verge of bankruptcy.  Dave Pack has not done it.  Even with his stupendously incredible web site he is not drawing in new members, other than a few here and there that defect from other COG's.  Meredith certainly has not done.  His group is on the verge of a major internal struggle as his health declines.

The people that are still stuck in the 1980's believe that Herbert was the world's most important man.  So much so that your salvation is dependent on what you think of him.  Herbert has been raised to the same level as Jesus.  Herbert's message was just as important as the one Jesus proclaimed, yet has been rejeced just as Jesus was rejected.

The Sign fulfilled prophecy (not the movie of course but the actual preaching the gospel) as did the Voice Crying Out.

The understanding of this is why many cannot see why some believe in the End Time Elijah. Of course think about those that were alive to see Jesus in person, those that saw the miracles, heard His voice and still did not believe.

If they did not believe Jesus was Christ how can we expect even many of those who once were affiliated to believe that Mr. Armstrong was The Elijah to Come.

Think of all those that were alive to see Mr. Armstrong in person, heard him on radio, watched him on television. Those today in the various organizations that scoff at those that are steadfast in their beliefs, those that refuse to return to their first love, those that were never truly converted to begin with.

The Sign is of great import. Understanding that preaching the True Gospel to all nations after it had not been preached for over 1900 years is very important.

For those not Keeping His Commands, it seems impossible for them to grasp the truth.

For those that have fallen away, sadly the end cannot come unless this happens and it has.

A barf bag may be necessary after  viewing this.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is It Wise For Foreign COG Members To Invest In U.S. Properties Before It's Soon Coming Destruction?

Craig White, a long time proponent of British Israelism, and author of hundreds of posts, articles and letters concerning the soon coming destruction of the United States by invading German hoards, is looking to invest in the U.S.

In many of his travels to this country he loves to write how he feels this country is degenerate and depressed and sinking into a moral cesspool.  It's a nation of uncouth slobs who deliberately have turned their back on God and deserve what ever punishments God is getting ready spank us with.  Disease, famine, nuclear blasts, invading Germans who will slaughter most citizens while talking the young women and boys to be slaves in Europe, and much, more.

With all this doom and gloom ready to hit this country within the next 10 years or so, you have to wonder why Craig wants to get in on the action here.

He writes

Purchasing property in the USA - advice requested


For some time I have wanted to purchase property in the USA (went to seminars etc) and have been mulling over this the past few weeks - I feel that now is the time to buy. I really need to add to my portfolio of properties. So, I am wondering if you have any contacts (inc real estate agents) in the USA who could assist in this regard.

I can go through the various companies operating around the world offering their services but really need someone over there who knows the areas that the properties are located in. I don't want to buy a dud! of course, I shall fly over and inspect the property(ies) prior to purchase but need to know beforehand what the areas are like to narrow down my choice.

Please let me know asap if you have any contacts.



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bob Thiel on Judging Others

Dr. Bob Thiel, the "unofficial" Official Spokesman for the Living Church of God, world renown author on prophecy, Catholicism and Mayan gibberish, is all a twitter today about Pope Benedict XVI wanting good conservative Catholics to turn more to Mary.  Bob is upset that they are turning to Mary and not Jesus Christ.

Bob writes:

Today, after declaring 7 others ‘saints,’ the Roman Pontiff Benedict XVI, Bishop of Rome Benedict XVI said following:
…let us turn to her who is the Queen of all the Saints, the Virgin Mary, thinking of Lourdes, stricken by a grave overflowing of the Gave, which has also flooded the grotto of the apparitions of Our Lady. Today we would especially like to entrust missionaries to the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary – priests and laity, who sow the good seed of the Gospel in every part of the world. We also pray for the Synod of Bishops, which, over the course of these weeks, is confronting the challenge of the new evangelization for the transmission of the Christian faith.

I find it hilarious that Bob is mocking the Catholics for giving Mary more air time than Jesus Christ, while he and the Living Church of God only pay Jesus Christ lip service. Most of the Church of God's are in the same boat.  They can talk about Father God 99% of the time but can't even say the name Jesus without adding Christ to it.  Entire sermons are preached in Armstrongism with the name Jesus never mentioned.  There will be 500 scripture references on law keeping but nothing about Jesus or grace.

Bob writes:

Mary is not one to pray to or to entrust oneself to–including Catholics, Hindus, etc.

Jesus is.  And this is something that the Pontiff knows, but did not seem to mention today.

It's also something that Rod Meredith knows, Flurry, Pack, Malm, and all the rest of them.  You never hear them talking about Jesus Christ except when he will be retuning with guns blazing to destroy the wicked.  Armstrongism gets off on that.  The only time COG members hear Jesus discussed the most is at Passover when they beat him to death year after year with the amplified breaking of matzo's.  Then when the service is over they have basically left Jesus Christ hanging on the  cross stake, in the grave, or still in the high school gym till next year. 

The only time you hear Jesus Christ is even mentioned in Armstrongism is in the last 5 minutes of an hour and half sermon on the law, or in the last couple of paragraphs of an article.

Before Bob throws any more stones at the Catholic Church he had better open his eyes to his own church and how it ignores Jesus Christ too.

Why Would Anyone Want to be Part of the COG Millennium?

Preaching the Gospel (COG) has an entry up about the great white throne judgment and the Church of God's part in it.  This guy is a little more gentle in the roll he thinks church members will play.  This is in sharp contrast to the other spiritual deviates out there in COGland  who are looking with relish at the thought of ruling with rods of iron and whipping people into submission.  However, the things he claims COG members will be doing in the millennium is in sharp contrast in how they do these things today.

The billions who will come up in the white throne judgement will need to be fed, clothed, and housed. They will need a multitude of supplies and equipment. There may even be more people raised up than the earth can feed with the farming produce that is produced during the white throne judgement period.

Growing needed food, manufacturing the clothing and other needed items, and building the housing that will be needed can be the work of the people during the millennium, and by so laboring, they will be learning the give way of life, not just by our instruction, but by putting the lesson into action.

It's interesting how they claim to want to help feed, cloth and house people in their "millennium" yet won't lift a finger in this present age to help the hungry, homeless and the downtrodden.

God has given the Church a great work of love that goes beyond the Church itself - a labor of love of warning Israel about the tribulation to come if they do not repent of their sins and of preaching the gospel to the world as a witness. 

A "work" of "love?"  LOVE?????  Really??????  When so many of the splinter groups rage and spit about the Germans, Chinese, Holy Roman Empire, concentration camps, being sold as sex slaves and being hung up on meat hooks, just WHERE is the love in that?  Trying to scare people shitless is NOT showing love.  Armstrongism's love is totally directed inwards instead of outwards.  Jesus love and concern was directed outwards and upwards, drawing in the rejects of society, while the ministers, evangelists and splinter group leaders of that time were left outside either pissed or wanting in.

Likewise, in the millennium, we will preach to the people of the world the way of love and of give, but also, they will learn that way of life by putting it into practice - by contributing to the buildup of food, clothing, supplies, and physical needs of the billions who will come up in the white throne judgement. They will all be poor - there is no indication their possessions will be resurrected with them, just their bodies (Ezekiel chapter 37).

Does anyone in the world want the "love" that most all of the splinter groups exhibit in 2012?  We have seen that love in action with hundreds of splinter groups formed by angry men who wanted to form their own empire because they, and they alone were right.  Other than Victor Kubik and GCI, none of the larger splinter groups do anything for those around them in the world. They do not care for the hungry, the poor, the homeless, or the stranger at their gates.  If they can't and won't do it now they certainly will not do it in the future.

But the giving will not necessarily all be by compulsion as it was when Joseph ruled Egypt. Rather, we will teach the people to give willingly of their time, labor, and material possessions as their are able, and they will know that by contributing they are helping those who will come up in the white throne judgement, who will need all these things. 

True leaders set the example.  If these people really think they are going to teach people to "...willingly give of their time, labor, and material possessions..." then they need to be setting the example today in the 21st century!  To do otherwise is to do nothing more than blow hot air.

We will be able to teach the people this way of life because that is the way we are learning ourselves when we give to the work of preaching the gospel to the world. We are not just helping our own Church of God group. We are extending ourselves outside of the group we are part of to serve the world - the millions we don't even personally know, people who are sinners and have not yet repented. Yet, just as God loved the world, which was sinning against Him, enough to sacrifice His Son for the world, likewise we are to love the world and give them what they need to repent, that is, the truth.

What a load of bullshit!  What are they learning NOW? Their focus in this day and age is inwards.  They care ONLY for their respective Church of God community.  There is no cooperation between COG's, there is no extending themselves to care for those around them, there is no concern for neighbors, etc.  As for those who have not "repented yet" if you are really a follower of Jesus (who was not mentioned in there article except for one word "son") then you would realize that at that point in time those sins are 100% forgiven.

So just as God has us learn the give way of live by giving to the work of preaching the gospel to the world and the Ezekiel warning to Israel, so also we will teach the people in the millennium the give way of life by leading them and teaching them to contribute what they are able to the physical preparations for the white throne judgement, cheerfully and with a willing heart.

Right now, in this day and age, the "give way" that the Churches of God claim to proclaim is totally worthless and hypocritical.  Most COG's today are all about stealing members from other groups, claiming exclusive leadership that they think are Apostles, claiming right doctrine over all the other groups, damning others for so called "sabbath breaking," etc., etc., etc.

They cannot wake up to the fact that none of them have anything to offer any more.  Look at the hundreds of thousands who have left Armstrongism over the years.  Look at the 700+ splinter groups that are more divided today than Christianity is.  Sadly, their kingdom, their millennium, their world tomorrow, leaves us and the rest of humanity with a bitter taste in our mouths.  Why would we ever want to be part of that again?